Note:  The author has had no veterinary or medical training. She has merely documented her experience with her dog's health problems. Be sure to check with your veterinarian before acting on any information you see here.

Prednisone (and similar a drug called Prednisolone) is the drug of choice for inhalant allergies. The vet's print-out on ailments said that anti-inflammatory drugs are the best treatment when the allergy cause is not known, but the vet also wrote in that it usually doesn't work. In dogs it will cause an increase in thirst, urination and appetite. Give plenty of water, but feed normally.

Predisone or "Pred" is a glucocorticord or cortisone steroid medication. It causes calcium to be excreted therefore it helps the formation of calcium oxalate stones. It can worsen kidney disease or stones by causing the body to retain more salt and water. The adrenal glands are suppressed by long term use and can create an Addisonian crisis.

It can react with other medications. It can cause eye problems (dry eye?). Cortisones increase blood sugar and blood pressure. It affects memory in humans. When cortisones are used for many months or years, serious side effects are common. It has been associated with diabetes (acidosis), adrenal suppression, severe osteoporosis, nervousness, psychosis, severe muscle pain, and life-threatening situations.

Do not discontinue suddenly.

Eugenia Zuckerman has written a book about her own experience with Pred and how she got off it. Don't know the name.

Saw an article that says Pred can weaken muscles.

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