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Before we go any further, let me emphasize, and re-emphasize, and re-emphasize again, that what you are about to read applies only to the state of Michigan.  More than any other body of law, the rules for landlord - tenant proceedings vary from state to state.  If you attempt to evict a tenant in any state other than Michigan using these steps, you will be laughed out of court.


There are two different types of eviction and two different methods of handling them in the Michigan courts.  First, you may have a tenant who is behind in rent.  They have not been bad tenants when all things are considered and you would be willing to keep them as tenants if only they paid the rent.  Second you may have a tenant that has not been a good tenant and you want to get rid of them, even if they pay the rent. 


In the first instance you will want to proceed with what is commonly called the 7 day proceedings.  This type of eviction is what we would call a curable eviction.  If the tenant cures the problem (does what he is supposed to do) then he will not be evicted.  In the second instance you will want to proceed with 30 day proceedings.  This is not a curable eviction.  No matter what action the tenant takes, the judgment will provide that the tenant is evicted.


The differences between the two evictions is primarily which forms you use and what you are required to prove in court.  The actual procedures used by the court are almost identical.