I have updated my links and taken out the ones that no longer are working.  If you find yours is not
here please let me know and give me the current web address.  Thank You.    Luann DeVries

 West Michigan Links

The Joint Archives of Holland - Hope College:

Herrick District Library:  Specializing in "Dutch" Research.  "The center for Dutch
                                           Research in West Michigan."

Christopher Penning:  Much information about the Holland and Zeeland Michigan Areas.

Ottawa County US GEN WEB Page:  Resources and Links for Ottawa County Michigan.
                                                                Many Cemeteries, Genealogies, Free lookups and
                                                                search engines, Obituaries, Biographies, Census information,
                                                                Ships of Early Settlers and names of Passengers. Bible records,
                                                               Deeds, Pensions, Wills, and more.  Continuously updated!

  Western Michigan Genealogical Society:   West Michigan Resources, Queries, Surname exchange,
                                                                                        and Society information.

  Janet Sheeres Home Page:    "The Sjaarda Genealogy", also known as Sjarda, Sharda, Shaarda
                                               and Sherda.  From Friesland, Netherlands to Western Michigan.

  ?????????????????????   Steve Lokker has done a Wonderful and detailed work of the Lokker
                                                                dating back to the mid 1600's.

 Susan Gates Davis Home Page:  Susan has many West Michigan roots, and recently provided
                                                                me with the Grand Haven Township Cemetery to post on my
                                                                web site.

  "Crows Cottage" :  This store sells a lot of items related to historical locations in West Michigan--
                                      photos of the old Macatawa resorts, ships that used to dock on
                                      Lake Macatawa, etc.

   "IRISH IN OTTAWA COUNTY"    Many of us have come to believe that it was only the DUTCH
                                                                           that first settled in West Michigan, here is a page that will focus
                                                                           on the IRISH.


   Other Genealogical Links
I have updated my links and taken out the ones that no longer are working.  If you find yours is not
here please let me know and give me the current web address.  Thank You.  Luann DeVries

Paul Coelingh Home Page:  Specialize in the Province of Drenthe, Paul has several early
                                                marriage records, and links to everything you would need to do
                                                research in Drenthe.

 Rob Koning's Genealogy Home Page:Specialize in Groningen and East Friesland.

Don Kiel's Home Page:  Ancestry of Donald Kiel and Elizabeth Hager.

John DeKleine:  Genealogy for a branch of the DEKLEINE  family from 1764 to the Present.
                                            Also some Genealogy for the Surnames MURIS, ROGERS, and KOMAR.

Yvette Hoitink:   "Dutch" Families-Emigration-Research-Cartography-Links-Questions.

Donna Ristenbatt:Ships' Lists, Cemetery Lists, Muster Rolls, Dutch Research Corner,
                                  Mennonite Research Corner, Finding a Civil War Ancestor and More!

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites:  The largest list of Genealogy web sites.

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild:     A large list of Immigrant Ships.

  Overijssel, Netherlands(Den Ham):  By Dick de Ruiter, about Overijssel Netherland - Connections to
                                                                        Overisel, Ottawa County, Michigan.

   Joop Olminhof Web Site in the Netherlands:By Joop Olminhof.

Are your Ancestors from Goeree - Overflakkee?       This site is for the reunion of descendants from persons
                                                                                      who lived on the Dutch Island of Goeree-Overflakkee,
                                                                                      to be held during one week in August or September, 2001.
                                                                                      Email:  Leo Akershoek

Nijverdal and Hellendoorn    This page by Willem Stolmeijer has information about Nijverdal and Hellendoorn.
                                                 Also information about the Stolmeijer family since 1727.  Willem Stolmeijer

Dutch Heritage Site  This site contains much information about anything "Dutch", and many book,
                                    and publication.   Email =

Overijssel, Netherlands:     A site with Births, Marriages, and many many more records.

International Genealogy Group:Owner/Manager: Els Tveit, many links including translation site.

 "Gereformeerde Kerk of Hellendoorn" (Christian Reformed Church "C.R.C.")
               by: Johan Plaggenmars

  "Appingedam" Many pictures and a lot of History.
                 by: Pim Feijen

   BIBLE FAMILY TREE!   Ever wish you could see the entire genealogy
               of Biblical characters and other ancient  civilizations at a single glance?
                NOW YOU CAN! with... BIBLE FAMILY TREE!  A Bible Genealogy
                and Ancient History study tool.

   Ike Nagelkerke   -   desperately in search for familymembers in the USA.
               So family members can find there Dutch roots and contact Ike.  This is a
               Wonderful website with so much information.

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