Following two pictures Dates not known:
      John Eiso Kuieck (b.20 June 1870) & Jessie Renzema (b.1 April 1873)
            John was born in Appingedam.  Jessie was born in Barradeel, Friesland.
[My Great-GrandParents]



Below date un known:
      Anna Kuieck:    Daughter of John Eiso Kuieck & Jessie Renzema.
      [My Grandmother]


 Harold Kuieck, Owner of  "Odie's Drug Store"

John E. Kuieck
Picture dated: 1939

Kuieck Women
Delia, Jessie Louise, Anna, Bertha, 'Ma' Kuieck(Jessie), Margaret
Picture dated: 22 December 1947

Kuieck Men
Harold, Dick, Steve, Gerrit Bergsma
Pictured dated: 22 December 1947

Grampa (John) Kuieck, Jay Kuieck, Richard (Dick) Kuieck
Picture dated: 1943

Baby is Ken Kuieck, Bob Hughes, Anna Kueick-Hughes
Picture taken 1942 in South Bend Indiana, home of John & Joan Kuieck.

Martin Patrick Hughes Jr., & John Bergsma
Picture dated: July 1935

Steve Kuieck on horse named "Chief" a '5 gated Horse'
no date on picture

"Odie's Drug Store"
Grama (Jessie)& Grampa (John) Kuieck (Ma & Pa)
no date on picture

Baby is John Ernest Kuieck, Boy is Bob Hughes,
Anna, Nellie, Jessie, Margaret, Clara, Delia
Picture dated: 27 March 1935

Left to Right: Bertha, Clara, Grama "Ma"(Jessie), Margaret, Bob Hughes, Anna, Baby John Ernest Kuieck, Delia.
Picture dated: 27 March 1935
The above two pictures were taken on the weekly Thursday morning coffee's, then in the afternoon they went to "Pa & Ma's" house on McDonald Street in the afternoons.

"Ma" Grama (Jessie) Kuieck, baby ?
Picture dated: 1947

Back row Left to Right:  John Bergsma, Jessie Louise (Babe),
Middle row Left to Right: John Gordon Schippers,  Bob Hughes
Bottom row Left to Right: John Ernest Kuieck, Dick Kuieck
no date on picture

Small boy is Bob Hughes, Taller boy is John Bergsma,
Others in picture that are identified are: 3rd from Left Anna Kuieck-Hughes, then Martin Patrick Hughes Jr.
On far Right is John Kuieck Jr.
If any one can identify the others please email me.
Picture is dated: July 1935

Kuieck family men:
Back row: 1st- Gerrit Bergsma,  2nd- from Left is Sy Schippers, 3rd- Martin Hughes, 4th- Ernie Kuieck,
5th- John E. Kuieck Jr., 6th- ?(Jay Kuieck?), 7th- Steve Kuieck
Boy in from of Matin Hughes is John Gordon Schippers;
Small boy is Dick Kuieck, next John Ernest Kuieck, then Bob Hughes.
Bottom left is Dick Kuieck, John Bergsma
Seated on far Right is John "Pa" (Grandpa) Kuieck
If any one can identify the others please email me.
Picture has no date on it.

    30th wedding anniversary on June 26, 1964
Steve Kuieck and wife Nellie Blok
Nellie died 2 months later
Above picture from Randy Beemer, son of Donna Kuieck-Beemer

  Above picture from Randy Beemer, son of Donna Kuieck-Beemer
Rosemary Kuieck-DeRidder & Father Steve Kuieck
 no date on picture

Mystery Picture ??  Who is this Lady?

Can any one identify this Lovely Lady?

Pa Kuieck in front of his dry cleaning business in June of 1940

Ma and Pa Kuieck

Marge, Valerie Dave and Harold Kuieck, 1949.

Ernie, Dick and John at Ernie's 90th birthday party, January 1991

Ernie, Harold and Dee at Dee's 93rd birthday party, October 2, 1989

Dick Ernie and Bev, Oct. 2, 1989

Family Kuieck:
Back Row:  Uncle Jake, Aunt Rose, Uncle Rix, Aunt Mary, Uncle Fred, Uncle John, Aunt Kate, Uncle Pete
2nd Row :  Aunt Kate, Aunt Tina, Aunt Hannah, Aunte Katie
Seated:  Uncle Ike Uncle Bill

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