The 350 ton "ISABELLA BATH" came into New York on December 19, 1846; Captain J. Francis Kelly; Some of this group, including Jan Rabbers and Willem Kremers, left the others in Buffalo, and walked to the "Kolonie", over ice floats at Niagara Falls, arriving in Michigan in early March of 1847. The were all from the Netherlands on their way to the United States of America, leaving Rotterdam through the Hellevoetsluis; The trip took 65 days; Following is a list of the ships manifest:

Transcribed to the internet by; Luann DeVries.

NAME                AGE     SEX     OCCUPATION           FROM (Municipality,Province)

J.F. Nouhuijs, 42, M, Farmer

M.M.Nouhuijs, 42, F

Joh G.C.Nouhuijs, 20, F

Joh A.P. Nouhuijs, 18, F

M.C. Nouhuijs, 13, M

Joh G. Houhuijs, 11, M

Gos J. Nouhuijs, 3, M

Gos Nouhuijs, 1, M

Johannes Nouhuijs, 6 mos.,

Pelgrim, 36,M, Farmer

H. Pelgrim, 50, M

Jantje Pelgrim, 45, F

Hend. Pelgrim, 18, M,Farmer

Elizabeth Pelgrim, 20, F

Jantje Pelgrim, 17, F

Frans Pelgrim, 11, M

Crisje Pelgrim, 5, F

Geertruda Pelgrim, 2, F

Van Sandwijk ,46 ,M, Farmer

Dirkje Van Sandwijk, 34, F

Govert Van Sandwijk ,10, M

Maria Van Sandwijk, 6 ,F

Sander Van Sandwijk ,5 ,M

Hendrijus Van Sandwijk, 3, M

Dirk Van Sandwijk ,11 mos.,

Herbert Van Balgooyen, 28, M ,Farmer

Jan Frederiks ,22, M, Carpenter

Hendrik Hensing ,58 ,M, Farmer

Hermina (Fokkert) Hensing ,54 ,F

Hensing ,27, M

G.J. Hensing, 22 ,M

Berend Hensing,16, M

Jan Hendrik Hensing, 11, M

Fanna Hensing, 28, F

Berendina Hensing, 14, F

Plaggemars, 60, M, Farmer

Jennigje (Horstjans) Plaggemars, 60, F

Jan Plaggemars, 24, M, Farmer

Harm Plaggemars, 9, M

Johannes Plaggemars, 23, M, Miller

 H. (Hendrick) Kleinheksel, 37, M, Farmer

Dirkje Marie Kleinheksel, 40, F

G.(Hendrick) Kleinheksel, 11, M

John Kleinheksel, 9, M

Jan (John Hendrick)Kleinheksel, 3, M

G.J.(Gerrit Jan)Kleinheksel, 6 mos., M

G.J.Wolterink,  22, M, Farmer

H.Beltman, 25, M

Klaas Kubans, 57, M, Tailor

J.Wintjes, 40, M, Farmer

Hendrika (Rate) Wintjes, 34 ,F

J.Wintjes, 8, M

A.Wintjes,6, M

M. Wintjes, 4 ,M

J. Wintjes, 2, F

C. Wintjes 10 mo. M, Died at sea Oct. 31

Jan Stegeman ,55, M, Farmer

Gerrit Jan Stegeman, 14, M

Marten Stegeman, 10, M

Klaas Jans de Vree, 51, M, Carpenter

Jeltje Piones, 31, F

A.P. Dijkstra, 43, M, Farmer

Douwe F. de Vree, 20, M

L. de Vree, 24, F

Jeltje de Vree, 11, F

Anne de Vree, 7, M

Folkertje de Vree, 4, F

 Jannetje de Vree, 9, F

Jan de Vree, 2, M

Jannes Hoffman, 46, M, Farmer

Berendina (Klaas) Hoffman, 45, F

Jennigje Hoffman, 9 mo., F

Lambert Hoffman ,23, M, Farmer

Janne (Kooi) Hoffman, 25, F

G.J.Hoffman ,21, M

J.H. Hoffman ,16 ,F

Roelof Hoffman ,8, M

Janna Hoffman ,5, F

Jannes Hoffman ,2 mo. ,M

Abraham Slaghuis, 24, M ,Weaver

Jante ter Vree ,57, F

Johannes Lambertus Kolvoord, 31, M, Farmer

Jan Kolvoord, 29, M

Cornelia Kolvoord ,24, F

Maria Kolvoord, 22, F

Hein Venninke, 27, M, Baker

Frederika (Kleinheksel)Venninke, 19, F

Dangremond ,36, M ,Blacksmith

Hermina (lankamp) Dangremond ,36, F

Gezina Dangremond, 11, F

Johanna Dangremond, 9,F

Gerrit Dangremond, 7, M

Hermannus Dangremond, 5, M

Hendrika Dangremond, 6, F

Roelof Brinks, 25, M, Farmer helper Emmen, Drenthe, Netherlands

Hendrik Jekels, 21, M, Farmer helper Emmen, Drenthe, Netherlands

Hendrikus Huypers, 32, M ,Laborer Odorn, Drenthe, Netherlands

Jan Rabbers ,35, M, Carpenter Emmen, Drenthe, Netherlands

Grietje (Zwiers) Rabbers ,33 ,F ,Emmen, Drenthe, Netherlands

Jannetje Rabbers ,7 ,F, Emmen, Drenthe, Netherlands

Geert Rabbers, 2, M ,Emmen, Drenthe, Netherlands

Willem Kremers ,25, M, Farmer helper- Noordbarge,Emmen, Drenthe, Netherlands

Hendrik Hidding, 44 ,M, Laborer Dalen, Drenthe, Netherlands

Jannetje (Wellink) Hidding, 31, F, Dalen, Drenthe, Netherlands

Fenna Hidding, 9 ,F, Dalen, Drenthe, Netherlands

Hendrik Hidding, 6, M, Dalen, Drenthe, Netherlands

Hendrika Hidding ,2, F, Dalen, Drenthe, Netherlands

Jan Strabbing ,39, M ,Farmer Sleen, Drenthe, Netherlands

Aaltje (Gearing) Strabbing, 47 ,F ,Sleen, Drenthe, Netherlands

Jannetje Strabbing ,10, F, Sleen, Drenthe, Netherlands

Geesje Strabbing ,3, F, Died at sea December 8, Sleen, Drenthe, Netherlands

Harm Wassink ,32, F, Tailor Emmen, Drenthe, Netherlands

Aaltje (Jekels) Wassink, 23,F, Emmen, Drenthe, Netherlands

Lammigje Wassink, 1, F, Emmen, Drenthe, Netherlands

Jan H. Stegink, 34, M, Merchant Borger, Drenthe, Netherlands

Jopkien (Joosten) Stegink, 38, F, Borger, Drenthe, Netherlands

Jan Snoek, 29, M, Laborer, Odorn, Drenthe, Netherlands

Trijntje L. Eibema, 21, F, Odorn, Drenthe, Netherlands

Van Gumster, 55, M, Gunmaker

M. Van Gumster, 48, F

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