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      "The Isabella Society"

Purpose:  To recognize and honor the heritage of our forefathers who came to America aboard the vessel Isabella;  Who suffered hardships at sea;  Who were joined together through this most trying experience so that we, as their descendants, might realize the benefits of their pursuit of opportunities in this new world.
Goals:  1) To share experiences which are known about that voyage and about those passengers who make that difficult trip from Rotterdam in October of 1846 to New York on December 19, 1846.
             2) To research the history of the vessel and its Captain, J. Francis Kelly.
             3) That succeeding generations might bond together and be identified in a commonality of purpose as was fostered on that ocean voyage by our ancestors.
Idea, and Written by Don Brinks.     Thank you Don, Great idea!

                                           The following is from Don Brinks!

The above information was given to me on January 16, 2001 by Don Brinks.  What a wealth of information!     Thank you again!

 ISABELLA (December 19 1846)

  Don Brinks =    "Don Descends from Roelof Brinks"

 Wendy Klager =  "Wendy Descends from Hendrik Kleinheksel"
 Robert "Robert Descends from Frederika Kleinheksel"
 Larry Kolvoord =   "Larry Descends from Jan Kolvoord"
 Luann Hughes DeVries  =   "Luann Descends from Willem Kremers"
 Lynn McManus  =   "Lynn Descends from Jan Strabbing"
 Elaine Cameron =   "Elaine Descends from Willem Kremers"
 Marguerite Kiegerl =   "Marguerite Descends from Lucas Dangremond"
 Suzanne Tiejema Carpenter =   "Suzanne Descends from "Klaas Jans deVree
                                                & his daughter Folkertje"
Cherie Klein Wilson =  "Cherie Klein Wilson Descends from Hendrick Kleinheksel"
Larry P. Cornwell =  "Larry Descends from Hein Vennink (Gerrit Hendrik Vennink)"
Carl Dangremond = "Carl Descends from Lucas Dangremond"
Rich Cook =  "Rich Descends from Hendrik Hidding"
Bev Ruger ="Bev Descends from Hendrik Kleinheksel"
Ruth Snoek Taber =  "Ruth Descends from Jan Snoek"
                                                                             Jan is Ruths Great Grandfather.
Tricia VanZantwick O'Neal"Tricia Descends from Govert and Dirkje Van Sandwijk
                                                                                         (it’s VanZantwick now)"
Robert L. DeBruin =   “Bob Descends from Harm Wassen and Aaltje Jekel”
                                " Harm and Aaltje are my great-great grandparents, who died in the Holland MI area in 1873
                                  and 1870, respectively. They had six children, the first born in Noordbarge, Emmen, Drenthe,
                                  Netherlands and a one-year old immigrant with her parents. I am the descendant of their youngest,
                                  Annigje, who married my great-grandfather Cornelis de Bruijn in New Holland SD in 1885.
                                  The six children all moved from Holland to Iowa and South Dakota in the mid-to-late 1870s after
                                  their parents died. The family of one son later moved to Hanford CA, where he died. Another
                                  daughter moved back to Holland MI following the death of her husband. Three children died in Iowa."

Cheryl Wabeke  =  Cheryl Descends from Hendrick and Dirkje (Maris) Kleinheksel.
                             "They were my great-great grandparents who came over to Michigan with their family of 4 children
                             including my great grandfather, Jan Hendrick Kleinheksel who was 3 years old.
                             Hendrick was the architect of the Overisel (Michigan) Reformed Church (1864) but he died
                             before the building was completed.  Hendrick died in 1865 and Derkje in 1879."

 Carolyn Pfeffer Easley =  I am a descendant of Klaas Van de Vree and his daughter Angetje de Vree,
                                       born after the immigration, Angetje is my great, great grandmother.

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