Includes:  OLD DRENTHE Cemetery, Zeeland Township, Section #34,
               copied October 1936,under direction of MRS.GRACE C.KEELER,
               and the D.A.R.
               EAST DRENTHE Cemetery,Zeeland Township, Section #35,
               copied November 1936,under direction of MRS.GRACE C.KEELER,
               and the D.A.R.
               WEST DRENTHE Cemetery,Zeeland Township, Section #28,
               copied November 1936, under direction of MRS.GRACE C.KEELER,
               and the D.A.R.
Updates at Herrick Library in Holland, Michigan.

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Bossenkool,Grietje J.=Sept.10,1816 - Aug.22,1885
Broekman,Angeniety Van Regemorter,wife of Dirk
Broedman, b.Oudorp Province. Netherlands.mNarcg 20,1795 d.Apr.25,1882
Broekman, Jacemientje,Wife of J.Hunderman,Born in Ouderp,Neth.,Oct.7,1838 Died Aug.17,1872
Broekman, Jannetje,Wife of Martinus Joppe,Feb.19,1833-May 15,1874
Broekman, Lena,Wife of Martin Grinwis,Born Oct.18,1822 in Oudderp,Neth. Died Jan.18,1874
Brouwer, Grietje J.,Wife of Gerrit G. Worters,Born June 11,1878, Died May 11,1895
Brower, Clara S.,Mother 1849-1922
Brower, John,Father 1843-1922
Grinwis,Maarten,Born in Oudderp,Neth.,1827-May 7,1902,Father
Grinwis,Lena Borekman,Wife of Martin Grinwis,Born Ouddorp,Neth.,Oct.18,1822 Died Jan.18,1874 Haasjes,Hendrikje,Wife of Jan Tippe,March 28,1849-Dec.27,1890
Habe,Liefhebbende,Daughter of Klaasje and Aaltje,Died Dec.12,1890 in Ouderdam, Eighty years old.
Hoeve, Engbert,Father Jan.2,1802-July 29,1880
Hoeve,Janna,Wife of Peter, 1847-1926
Hoeve,Jacobje Visscher,Wife of Engbert Hoeve, Mother,Aug.23,1809- Dec.24,1882
Hunderman,Alice, Oct.11,1863-Aug.11,1887
Hunderman, Jacomientje borekman,Wife of H. Hunderman,Born Ouddorp,Neth., Oct.7,1838, Died Aug.17,1872 Hunderman,Jan, Father Apr.25,1832-Oct.30,1905
Joppe, Dirk, Born Dec.17,1868,Died March 29,1871
Joppe,Jannetje Broekman, Wife of Martinus Joppe, Feb.19,1833-May 15,1874
Joppe,Martinus,Father, Born Oct.4,1821, Died July 2,1904
Kruijthof, Geesje,Born Dec.30,1879(Jamestown),Died Nov.24,1882
Kruythof,Fenna, Nov.24,1848-Feb.27,1885
Kruythof, Gerrit, July 28,1835-Mar.17,1919
Kruythof,Pieter,Born in Dirksland Island,Neth.,Oct.11,1814-Died May 10,1896
Mast, Gredie, Feb.22,1826-Aug.22,1900
Mast,Hilbert and his wife. He was born Feb.14,1871 in Ouderden,61yrs.old
Mast, Ralph, Aug.5,1824-Jan.24,1905
Smit, Rev.R.H. July 22,1815-May 27,1886
Stegink, Geesje, Mother Oct.13,1853-Sept.9,1895
Tippe,Albert, Apr.11,1836-Dec.23,1906
Tippe, Hendrikje Haasjes,Wife of Jan Tippe,Mar.28,1849-Dec.27,1890
Tippe, Jan, Husband of Hendrikje Tippe,Jan.11,1834-June 12,1880
Tippe, Roelof, March 23,1803-Aug.8,1875
Tippe, Roelof, Sept.30,1868-Nov.2,1913
Van Regemorter, Angeniety, Wife of Dirk Broekman,Born in Oudorp Prov.,Neth., March 20,1795, Died April 25,1882
Van Spyker, Jan, Born in Neth. 1847, Died Nov. 1881
Visscher, Jacobje, Wife of Engbert Hoeve, Mother,Aug.23,1809-Dec.24,1882
Visscher, Klaas, 1825-1914
Visscher, Klassje, Wife of Klaas 1833-1879
Worters, Grietje Brouwer, Wife of Gerrit G. Worters,Born June 11,1878, Died May 11, 1895



Beyer, Jay, Dec.8,1855-June 6,1927
Boer, Jan, Mar.11,1830-July 27,1871
Boer, Jentje, mother,Wife of Klaas Boer,1805-1893
Boer, Klaas, father, 1798-1867
Boer, Klaas, father, 1839-1915
Boer, Mary Tanis, wife of K. Boer, mother, 1849-1912
Bos, Dena, b. Riddering, mother, 1836-1926
Bos, Jan, Apr.12,1819-Aug.20,1895
Bos, John, father, 1819-1895
Brandt, Gertie, mother, 1872-1923
Brandt, Sons of M. and G. Brandt
Bredeweg, Aart, 1841-1922
Bredeweg, Fannie, Dau. of G. and G. 1913-1914
Bredeweg, Neeltje, 1841-1906
Brinks, Clara, wife of Albert, 1902-1926
Broekman, Maartje,wife of Roelof Van Dam, mother, 1836-1911
Buis, Jantje, 1798-1879
Daining, Aagie, mother(Formerly Grinwis) Jan.10,1848-Apr.29,1928
Daining, Albert, father, July 29,1843-June 4,1927
Daining, Nick, 1890-1918. Battery C.,42nd Field Artillary.
DeKleine, Alice M., mother,1880-1933
DeKleine, Baby, 1910
DeKleine, Derk, Sept.1,1798-Aug.31,1874
DeKleine, Dirk, father, 1861-1929
DeKleine, Dirk, father, Sept.10,1825-Jan.27,1883
DeKleine, Geertje, mother, 1834-1911
DeKleine, Geesje, wife of D. DeKleine, mother,1838-1908
DeKleine, Hendrike, child of Aart and Geesje,Feb.24,1874-Sept.12,1874
DeKleine, Jan, born Feb.1858-Died Feb.27,1868
DeKleine, Jan, Sept.1839-Sept.12,1872
DeKleine, Johanna, Feb.24,1874-Oct.12,1874
DeKleine, John, father, 1839-1872
DeKleine, Louise, 1876-1895
DeKleine, Lucas, child of Derk and Geesje DeKleine,Aug.19,1857-Mar.24,1859
DeKleine, Lucas, father, 1828-1887
DeKleine, Marje, Mar.13,1855-Mar.4,1863
DeKleine, Nellie,mother, 1868-1922
Dening, Jennie, Dau. of Geo. and M. Dening,Nov.8,1908-apr.27,1909
DeVries, Beertje,wife of Gerrit Timmer, Dec.31,1841-mar.19,1908
DeWitte, Johanna (?)
DeWitte, Mrs. L., mother, Feb.18,1866-Mar.31,1896
Doren, Hendrik, father,1818-1885
Dozeman, Hattie,Dau. of H.J. and C.Dozeman,1899-1908
Dozeman, Infant Dau. of Henry and Lean Dozeman, 1923
Eskes, Geerje, 1797-Apr.3,1868
Essenburg, Ketje, mother, Feb.25,1838-Sept.25,1911
Essenburg, John T., 1874-1934
Essenburg, Teunis, father, Dec.14,1835-June 3,1912
Essing, Geebje, Dau.of ----- Essing
Essing, Mrs. H., Dec.7,1888-Apr.9,1896
Euving, Grace, 1841-1925
Euving, Roelof, died Nov.25,1873, Age 24-10-11
Gortemaker, Jantje, died Feb.5,1899, Age 84 yrs.
Grinwis, Aagie, wife of -----Daining,mother,Jan.10,1848-Apr.29,1928
Huizenga, Geeske, wife of Klaas Lanning, Sept.12,1832-May 4,1868, Dau.of Inimine (Tamme?)Huizenga.
Joling, Annegien, wife of Jan Wiggers,Aug.8,1810-Sept.8,1882
Kamps, Hendrik, Apr.1,1824(Netherlands)-Sept.24,1902
Kamps, Hiram H.,1872-1912
Kamps, Jacobje H., Nov.4,1864-Apr.20,1866
Kamps, Jakob, 1858-1877
Kamps, Jan H.,Feb.16,1859-Feb.7,1907
Kamps, Maria, mother, 1859-1925
Kamps, Minnie, Jan.1,1905-Feb.7,1905
Kamps, Nellie,Dau. of R. and M.Kamps,1887-1892
Kamps, Roelof, father,1855-1922
Kamps, Roelof H., July 19,1879-Mar.11,1880
Kamps, Baby Kamps (?)
Kamps, Sena Renting, wife of B. Stremler, wife of J.Kamps,1819-1902
Karsten, Wieger, died Jan.1,1931, Age 70-3-12
Klingenberg, Geertje, mother,1848-1916
Kremers, Anna, 1828-1914
Kremers, Jane,Dau. of W.G.Kremers, June 7,1838-1862
Kremers, Willem, 1820-1878
Kruythof, Cornelius, father, Oct.7,1905, Age 73 yrs, 8 mos.
Kruythof, Grietje, mother, died Feb.11,1913, Age 62 yrs, 9 mos.
Kruithof, Neeltje, wife of C.Vandersted,Jan.10,1888, Age 64-3-4
Lanning, Albert, father, Nov.16,1823-Jan.10,1907
Lanning, Edward,died May 25,1934, Age 25 yrs, 6 mos.
Lanning, Geeske Huizenga, wife of Klaas Lanning,Dau. of Inimine(Tamme A.) Huizenga, Sep.12,1832-May 4,1868
Lanning, Geesje, wife of Jan Ridering,1801-1865 (Sept.12,1832-May 4,1868)
Lanning, Hendrik, 1847-1878
Lanning, Hendrikje Lubbers, wife of Albert Lanning,July 20,1828-Aug.23,1873
Lanning, Mrs.H.G., 1898-1933
Lanning, John K., father, 1880-1932
Lanning, Klaas, father, b.Dec.4,1825;d.Apr.1,1894, Came over in 1847
Lanning, Mildred C.,Dau. of J. and E. Lanning, Nov.15,1911-Mar.6,1912
Lanting, Hilligien, mother, Feb.26,1836-June 14,1901
Lanting, Roelof, father, Nov.23,1833-Apr.4,1908
Lubbers, Albert, June.25,1794-July 13,1857
Lubbers, Albert, 1870-1871
Lubbers, Albert, July 13,1874-May 9,1875
Lubbers, Bertie,son of G. and G.Lubbers,June 14,1889-Aug.27,1889
Lubbers, Dietje, Sept.14,1903, Age 75 yrs, 2 mos.
Lubbers, Geert, Aug.5,1810-Jan.29,1873
Lubbers, Grace, 1868-1899
Lubbers, Gradus, father, 1862-1932
Lubbers, Grietje,wife of Wm.Padding,mother, b.Aug.18,1820 to Gemeente Sleen in Prov.Drenthe,Neth.,Died Dec.13,1893 Lubbers, Harm, Jan.6,1831-Jan.21,1913
Lubbers, Harm,Sept.5,1869,same stone as Optholt Trynteje
Lubbers, Optholt Trynteje, Sept.5,1869,same stone as Lubbers,Harm
Lubbers, Hendrik, Mar.22,1833-Aug.4,1901
Lubbers, Hendrikje,wife of Albert Lanning, July 20,1828-Aug.23,1873
Lubbers, Lammegje, Nov.8,1835-Apr.4,1865
Lubbers, Maria, Nov.9,1824-Feb.16,1902
Lubbers, Tenie, Sept.22,1892-Aug.26,1893
Lubbers, Tryntje Optholt,wife of Harm Lubbers,June 26,1834-Mar.23,1908
Niers, Albert, 1844-1935
Niers, Baby of H. and L., Died June 6,1913
Niers, Tryntje, 1851-1909
Nyenhuis, Jag, father, 1785-1878
Optholt, Henry, Oct.28,1889, Age 19 yrs.
Optholt, Johannes, 1796-Sept.29,1862
Optholt, Johannes, died Jan.29,1931, Age 72-2-18
Optholt, Sietse, died Aug.23,1888, Age 63 yrs.
Optholt, Tryntje, wife of Harm Lubbers, June 26,1834-Mar.23,1908
Padding, Grietje Lubbers,wife of Wm.Padding,Born Aug.1820 to Gemeente Sleen in Prov.Drenthe,Neth.,Died Dec.13,1893 Padding, Jan,born in Neth.June 27,1847-Apr.15,1900 (father)
Padding, Margje,wife of Jan Padding,mother,Nov.11,1855-Sept.28,1935
Padding, Sietse, ch.of Jan and Margje Padding,May 11,1881-Apr.3,1883
Padding, Willem,father,born Prov.Drenthe,Neth.,Nov.22,1816,died Mar.9,1902
Palmbos, Albert,Dec.5,1889-Dec.12,1907
Palmbos, Betje, mother, 1861-1934
Palmbos, Teunis, father, 1859-1934
Renting, Sena, wife of B. Stremler, wife of J.Kamps,1819-1902
Riddering, Albert, Feb.11,1841-Apr.3,1895
Riddering, Dena,Dau. of J. and C.Riddering,Aug.20,1886-June 5,1908
Riddering, Dena, wife of ----Bos, mother, 1836-1926
Riddering, Gerrit, Jan.24,1876-Apr.15,1887
Riddering, Mrs.A., June 14,1842-Feb.12,1887
Rynbrand, Children of K. and J.Rynbrand, Oct.1 and Oct.8,1870
Rynbrand, Eevit, died Oct.8,1870, Age 4 yrs., 6 mos.,
Rynbrand, Jientje,died Oct.1,1870, Age 5 yrs., 6 mos.,
Schepers, Hilligje, wife of Hendrik Kamps, mother,Apr.25,1833-Jan.16,1904
Schreur, Berend(Mrs.) died Dec.11,1933, Age 76-5-10
Schreur, Johanna, wife of George Schreur, mother,1887-1923
Sprik, Harmen, Dec.5,1821-Dec.2,1882
Staal, Hermina,wife of Peter J.Staal, born 1856; died June 1,1936
Staal, Peter, husband, 1853-1923
Strabbing, John R., Sept.5,1859-Apr.27,1892
Stremler, B., 1815-1900
Stremler, H. 1865-1914
Stremler, Sena Renting, Wife of B.Stremler,Wife of J.Kamps, 1819-1902
Strick, Hendrikje,wife of Jan Wever,Oct.10,1817-Feb.7,1900
Tanis, Mary,wife of K. Boer, mother 1849-1912
Timmer, Beertje DeVries,wife of Gerrit Timmer, b.Dec.31,1841, d.Mar.19,1908
Timmer, Gerrit J., Mar.13,1838-Aug.2,1912
Timmer, Hattie,baby, 1898-1898 Timmer, Jacob, Mar.26,1864-Oct.6,1914
Timmer, Wm.H., father, 1862-1933
Truin, Geesje, Mar.10,1796-June 2,1843
Van Dam, Anna, Dau. of E.and C.Van Dam, Jan.11,1894-Feb.23,1910
Van Dam, Dick, 1859-1936
Van Dam, Egbert, Dec.6,1833-July 1,1882
Van Dam, Jan, Sept.12,1839-Jan.1,1904
Van Dam, Klazina,wife of E. Van Dam, Feb.13,1836-Oct.16,1908
Van Dam, Jantje Visscher, wife of J.Van Dam, Feb.2,1840-Oct.21,1918
Van Dam, Maartje Broekman, wife of Roelof Van Dam, 1836-1911 (Mother)
Van Dam, Roelof, father, 1830-1912
Vandenberg, Father, 1829-1911
Vandenberg, Gertie, 11854-1931
Vandenberg, Jennie, 1872-1901
Vandenberg, Mother, 1832-1916
Vanderstad, C. father, Dec.31,1822-Dec.13,1901
Vanderstad, Neeltje Kruithof,wife of C. Vanderstad,Jan.10,1888, Age 64-3-4
Van Essen, K.M., 1842-1906
Van Keppel, Albert, Mar.8,1834-Aug.17,1834
Van Zwaluwenburg, Sibia, Dau. of R. Van Zwaluwenburg, 1866-1868
Visscher, Jantje, wife of J. Van Dam, Feb.2,1840-Oct.21,1918
Vredeveld, Bernard, Feb.7,1922-Feb.8,1922
Vredeveld, Grace, 1893-1922
Wever, Alice, 1863-1934
Wever, Bertha, 1857-1929
Wever, Henry, 1856-1925
Wever, Hendrikje Strick, wife of Jan Wever,Oct.10,1817-Feb.7,1900
Wever, John, 1858-1916
Wiegmink, Jessie, wife of John, 1852-1913
Wiegmink, John H., 1853-1913
Wiggers, Aaltje, wife of John R.Van Keppel, Mar.27,1850, Age 24 yrs,.3day,
Wiggers, Annegien Joling, wife of Jan Wiggers, Aug.8,1810-Sept.8,1882
Wiggers, Fanna, mother, 1848-1927
Wiggers, Grietje, mother, 1854-1927
Wiggers, Hendriekus, father, 1847-1917
Wiggers, Henry, father, 1844-1922
Wiggers, Jan, 1809- ?
Wiggers, Nicholas, brother, 1891-1906
Yntema, Elizabeth, 1834-1914
Yntema, Johanna S., 1879-May 30,1935, Age 61-7-15
Yntema, Otte H., 1834-1908



Beyer, Gertie, Apr.25,1842-Jan.27,1927
Beyer, Hilda, Died Apr.10,1931 Age 60-11-20
Beyer, Nancy, 1909-1911
Beyer, Nancy, 1913-Jun.1,1926 Age 12-11-26
Beyer, Teunis, Sep.18,1831-Aug.18,1920
Bos, Jan N. 1822-1886
Branderhorst, Arend, Died Oct.6,1935-Aged 74-9-5
Branderhorst, Mrs. Arend, Died July 24,1936 Aged 67-4mos.,18 days
Bredeweg, Egbert, Father, 1848-1923
Bredeweg, Roelofjan, wife of Egbert 1853-1904
Broekman, Adriaantje, wife of G. Hunderman 1828-1877
Brower, Baby Child of H. and K. Brower Mar.26,-Mar.28,1909
Brower, Dina (Hidding),Wife of Gerrit Brower Feb.10,1829-Apr.7,1885
Brouwer, E. L. 1875-1916
Brouwer, Gerrit, Feb.10,1822-Dec.22,1903
Brower, Harm L., Father 1871-1924
Brower, Harris, Son of B. H. Brower Feb.19,1925-Mar.28,1928
Brower, Hattie, Dau. of H. and F. Brower Nov.30,1895-Dec.8,1895
Brower, Hendrikje, wife of Lambert 1839-1915
Brower, Infant of Nick Brower (Mr. and Mrs.), May 21,1932
Brower, Nicholas, Son of H. and K. Brower
Brower, Lambert, 1834-1928
Brower, Nicolaes, Son of H. and K. Brower July 12,1892-Nov.12,1897
Burns, Jane, wife of John B. 1880-1912
Cook, Alice Hulst, Mother, July 13,1865-June 13,1923
Cook, Mrs. Derk, Sept.28,1934, Aged 66-7-22
Cort, Henry, Father
De Haan, Arend, Son of Wm. and G. De Haan, Sept.22,1893-Oct.9,1896
De Haan, Eddie, Son of Wm. and G. De Haan, Dec.9,1900-Mar.16,1901
De Haan, Geert, Father, Mar.10,1820-June 6,1909
De Haan, Jentje Kok,Wife of G. De Haan, Mother, Jan.15,1825-Sep.19,1873
De Haan, Peter, 1856-1909
De Haan, Mrs. Peter, Died Jan.25,1933, Aged 74-11-3
De Haan, Zwantje, 1858-1933
Dunning, John Died Oct.27,1934, Aged 78-9-18
Dunning, Mrs. John, Died Oct. 24,1936, Aged 72-11-29
Dunnink, Arend, Mar.15,1823-Jan.30,1898
Dunnink, Jentje, Wife of Arend, Aug.9,1823-May 11,1904
Dunnink, Hendrik, Nov.20,,1850-Aug.23,1880
Dunnink, Johanna, Dau. of J. and M. Apr.7,1897-June 14,1903
Haan, Mrs.
Hazekamp, Harriet, Wife of G.R. Hunderman, 1902-1930
Heyboer, Cornelia, Wife of G. Kruithof, May 9,1834-May 8,1875
Heyboer, Pieter, Born Drenthe, Michigan, Jan.18,1866,-d.Jan.24,1885
Hidding, Dina, Wife of Gerrit Brower, Feb.10,1829-Apr.7,1885
Hoeve, Clara, Dau. of G.J. and L. Hoeve 1892-1901
Hoeve, Henrietta, Mother, 1842-1928
Hoeve, John G., Father, 1830-1913
Hulst, Alice, Wife of ----Cook, Mother, July 13,1865-June 13,1923
Hulst, Arend, Apr.27,1863-Apr.15,1910
Hulst, Clara, Dec.13,1858-Dec.23,1902
Hulst, Hendrik, Aug.15,1856-Apr.15,1879
Hulst, Jan J., Father, Jan.11,1830-Mar.5,1894
Hulst, Janna, Mother, Jan.25,1829-Nov.29,1901
Hunderman, Adriaantje Broekman, Wife of G. Hunderman, 1828-1877
Hunderman, Albertje, Wife of G. Hunderman, Feb.15,1823-Mar.12,1906
Hunderman, Baby, Apr.3 - Apr.15,1895
Hunderman, Cornelia, Wife of G. Hunderman, 1822-1882
Hunderman, Gerrit, 1820-1909
Hunderman, Harriet, Hazekamp, Wife of G.R.Hunderman, 1902-1930
Hunderman, Hattie, Mar.26,1900-Dec.8,1920
Hunderman, Richard, Mar.16,1863-Feb.29,1916
Hunderman, Wm.G. Oct.10,1865-Sept.26,1932
Kiekover, Aart, 1833-1913
Kiekover, Jennie, Dau. of A. and J. Aug.4,1891-Sept.11,1893
Kiekover, Mrs. Jantje, Died Oct.2,1929, Aged 76-5-26
Kiel, Dora, Mother, 1860-1936
Kiel, Dorothy Evelyn, Age 8 mos., 1 day
Kiel, Edward, 1894-1920
Kiel, Peter, Father, 1857-1934
Klomp, Anna, Wife of John Klomp, 1880-1933, Died Apr.4,1933, Aged 52-10-9 Buried in Ter Haar lot.
Kok, Derk, Father, b.1866 d.Apr.16,1929, Aged 62-10-29
Kok, Mrs. Jantje, Oct.1843-May 1928
Kok, Jentje, Wife of G. De Haan, Mother, Jan.15,1825-Sept.19,1873
Kok, Peter, Father, Jan.6,1838-Jun.22,1901
Kraai, Henry, Father, 1874-1917
Kruithof, Cornelia (Heyboer), Wife of G. Kruithof, May 9,1834-May 8,1875
Kruythof, Teunis, 1791-1871
Louwsma, Jessie, Mother, Wife of Sipke L. 1863-1928
Louwsma, Sipke, Father, 1861-1935, Died Aug.26,1935, Aged 74-4-2
Mast, Hendrik, May 25,1850-Jun.10,1903
Mast, Jan, 1815-1899
Mast, Jennie, March 19-Oct.11,1890
Mast, Jantje Smith, Wife of Jan Mast, Jan.19,1812-Sept.28,1872
Mast, Klaas, 1847-1924
Mast, Roelof, Father, 1852-1930
Molewyk, Herman, 1855-1933
Molewyk, Klaasje, Wife of H. Molewyk, 1853-1924
Mulder, Jacob, 1802-1883
Nagelkerke, Adrian, Father, 1857-1931
Nagelkerke, Lucy, Mother, Wife of Adrian Nagelkerke, 1859-1930 Aged 70-6
Nykamp, Aaltje, Mother, Born 1820- 66 yrs.,
Nykamp, Arend, Father, Jan.1,1844-Sept.16,1914
Nykamp, Berend, 1855-1916
Nykamp, Father, Died(Overl.), Oct.21,1883
Nykamp, Jan Wm., Father, Born 1818, Aged 69,
Nykamp, Margje, Mother, Wife of Arend, May 25,1850-Nov.19,1926
Nykamp, Mother, Died(Overl.),June 2,1886
Nyland, Minnie, Mother, Aug.4,1868-Nov.11,1928
Poppen, Jan, Father, Sept.26,1828-Nov.4,1902
Poppen, Trijntje, Mother, Feb.22,1833- Feb.16,1917
Roelofs, Albert, Father, 1845-1920
Roelofs, Cora, Wife of John D. Roelofs, Aug.9,1893-Jun.15,1921
Roelofs, Derk, Father, Jan.6,1835-Aug.1,1909
Roelofs, Geertje, Wife of John Roelofs, Mother, Jul.13,1841-Nov.25,1911
Roelofs, Jantje, Mother, Wife of Albert Roelofs, 1849-1920
Roelofs, Jantje, Mother, Wife of Derk Roelofs, Apr.20,1844-Sept.4,1918
Roelofs, Jennie, Wife of G. Roelofs, 1889-1917
Roelofs, John, Father, Oct.26,1838-Mar.23,1918
Roelofs, John J., Father, July.29,1877 - Feb.23,1930
Seinen, Arend, 1850-1914
Seinen, Geertje, VanDerKolk,Wife of H. Seinen, Oct.10,1894-Aged 67yr.18days
Seinen, Hendrik, Oct.1816-Aug.17,1898
Seinen, Hendrik H. Aug.23,1887-Aged 17-1-8
Seinen, Hendrikje, July 26,1856-Dec.28,1890
Seinen, Jan H. Aug.9,1877- Aged 9 yrs., 6 mos.,
Seinen, Jennie H. 1860-1896
Seinen, Klaasje H. Dec.26,1876-22 yrs., 5 mos.,
Seinen, Levert H., Father, 1857-1927
Seinen, Maggie, Wife of B. Tanis, 1899-1911
Smalligan, Katie (VanDerSlik), Wife of Henry S. 1885-1921
Smith, Jantje, Wife of Jan Mast, Jan.19,1812-Sept.28,1872
Smits, Hendrina E., Wife of Jan W. Bos 1807-1895
Steen, Peter, July 7,1936, Aged 78-1-13
Stokken, Geesje, Wife of Stokken, H. July 6,1814-Aug.10,1894
Stokken, Hendrik, Apr.15,1810-June 26,1882
Tanis, Maggie (Seinen), Wife of B. Tanis, 1889-1911
Ter Haar, Inf. Dau. of Mr. and Mrs. F. TerHaar, 1898-1899
Ter Haar, Inf. Son of Mr. and Mrs. F. TerHaar, 1906-1906
Ter Haar, Angenietje, Mother, Wife of Henry Ter Haar, 1851-1926
Ter Haar, Annie, Mother, 1858-1924
Ter Haar, Berend, Father, 1826-1901
Ter Haar, Dick, 1892-Aug.25,1935, Aged 43-5-10
Ter Haar, Fanny, Dau. of B. and A. Ter Haar, Sept.23,1883-Feb.18,1902
Ter Haar, Fennigje, Died Jan.13,1911, 79 yrs., 5 mos.,
Ter Haar, Henry, Father, 1849-1918
Ter Haar, Mary, Mother, Wife of F. Ter Haar, 1866-1926
Timmer, Gladys, 1923-1925
Van Der Kolk, Geertje, Wife of H. Seinen, Oct.10,1894, 67yrs. 18days.,
Van Der Kolk, Hendrikje, Mother, 1825-1901
Van Der Kolk, Hendrik, Father, 1830-1913
Van Der Kolk, Johanna A. (Van Der Slik),Wife of Teunis Van Der Kolk, Mother, 1847-1914
Van Der Slik, Altje, T., 1872-1892
Van Der Slik, Amilia (C.or O.?),Wife of John P.Van Der Slik, Mother, 1872-1920
Van Der Slik, Cornelia, Mother, Oct.11,1830-Mar.1910
Van Der Slik, Egbert H.T. 1880-1882
Van Der Slik, Hendrik T. 1876-1886
Van Der Slik, Jannetje 1813-1891
Van Der Slik, Jantje, Mother, 1853-1917
Van Der Slik, Johanna A., Wife of Teunis Van Der Kolk,Mother 1847-1914
Van Der Slik, Johannes, 1795-1887
Van Der Slik, Katie, Wife of Henry Smalligan 1885-1921
Van Der Slik, Pieter, Father, Dec.20,1847-Oct.24,1907
Van Der Slik, Pieter T. 1884-1884
Van Der Slik, Baby T. 1870
Van Der Slik, Teunis, Father, 1837-1921
Van Rhee, Jennie, Daughter 1902-1931
Van Spyker, Egbert, Father 1839-1920
Van Spyker, Gertie, Mother 1843-1896
Van Spyker, Hendrik E. May 28,1811-Jan.12,1880
Van Spyker, Hendrik, Apr.7,1855-Feb.22,1910
Van Spyker, Henry, Brother, 1865-1924
Veenboer, Mrs. P., Mother 1861-1928
Veenstra, Antje, Wife of Sietse Veenstra 1853-1929
Veenstra, Sietse, 1851-1920
Vis, Father, 1846-1922
Vis, Harry, 1884-1904
Walcott, Gerrit, Father, 1862-1896
Walcott, Klaas, Died Aug.3,1893 23-8-10
Walcotte, Albert, Father, 1823-1912
Walcotte, Jantje, Zijn Vrouw (his wife), Mother, 1835-1899
Winter, Margje, Mar.13,1926, Aged 82-2-22

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