"Wilhelm von Wolgast"

The ship the Barque Wilhelm von Wolgast, also known by just the name Wilhelm.  The "Wilhelm von Wolgast" left Antwerp and arrived in New York on June 18, 1847.  The trip was 63 days at sea.  At Zeeland, Michigan these earlier settlers were Dutchmen from the Province of Zeeland in the Netherlands. The ships captain C.D.Schultz, however, listed them as Germans. The original group of Zeelanders was composed of 452 people. Of these, 425 left for the state of Michigan, 26 died before leaving their native land, one cancelled out, and 4 died at sea. Following is part of the total group; and this was one of the 3 ships carried them to our shores. The Wilhelm von Wolgast left first, of the 3 ships.

This original list was done my Ed Prins, Retyped and put on to the internet by Luann DeVries.

Name                            Sex        Age           Occupation

Jan Steketee                            (M)           44                     Farmer
 Maria Franciska Fraanje Steketee  (F)     35
 Cornelis Steketee                   (M)           16
 Paulus Steketee                      (M)           13
 Gillis(George G.)Steketee       (M)           12
 Paulina Steketee                      (F)            11
 Janna Steketee                         (F)             9
 Andries Steketee                     (M)             7
 Peter Steketee                         (M)             2
 Peternella Steketee                   (F)              1
 Jan Steketee                            (M)            14
 Johannes den Herder               (M)            22                   Farmer
 Johanna Dyerhofer                   (F)             46
 Leendert Dyerhofer                 (M)            22                   Farmer
 Catherina Dyerhofer                 (F)            19
 Derk Dyerhofer                       (M)             7
 Elizabeth Dyerhofer                  (F)            12
 Martina Dyerhofer                    (F)            11
 Tobias Dyerhofer                     (M)            15
 Gertrude Dyerhofer                  (F)             20
 Daniel Dietermann                   (M)            39                 Farmer
 Sarah Dietermann                     (F)            25
 Sarah Dietermann                     (F)            11
 Adrian Van Dam                      (M)           36                 Farmer
 Jeanette Van Dam                     (F)           44
 Johannes Van Dam                   (M)           13
 Cornelius Van Dam                  (M)           13
 Philip Wiedenfeldedr                 (M)           26               Farmer
 Dina Wiedednfelder                   (F)            23
 Issak Wiedenfeldder                  (M)             1
 Maria Wiedenfeldder                  (F)          3mos.,
 Peter Koole                               (M)            30            Farmer
 Wilhelm Vanden Burgh               (M)            49            Farmer
 Maria Vanden Burgh                   (F)             46
 Wilhelm Vanden Burgh               (M)             10
 Abraham Vanden Burgh             (M)               7
 Sarah De Kraker                        (F)              56
 Cornelius Verganwijs                  (M)             33              Farmer
 Louis Vanden Bergh                   (M)             36              Farmer
 Sarah Ver Planke                        (F)              29
 Wilhelm Ver Planke                    (M)             11
 Abraham Ver Planke                  (M)                9
 Sarah Ver Planke                        (F)                7
 Leentje Ver Planke                     (F)                 4
Johannes Ver Planke                   (M)             9mos.,
 Adrian De Groote                      (M)               24              Farmer
 Reinhard Kurvink                       (M)               31
 Maria De Groote                        (F)                  4
 Michel De Groote                      (M)                 3
 Boudwijn Eggeboem                  (M)               48              Farmer
 Wilhelmina Eggeboem                 (F)               52
 Boudwign Dinte                          (M)              50              Farmer
 Maria Dinte                                (F?)                2
 Leonard Dinte                            (M)               25              Farmer
 Jacob Schultz                             (M)               23              Farmer
 Henrick Westveer                      (M)               54              Farmer
 Jacobuds Westveer                    (M)               54              Farmer
 Adrian Westveer                        (M)               30              Farmer
 Jacobus Westveer                      (M)               16              Farmer
 Christian den Herder                   (M)               51             Farmer
 Cornelia den Herder                    (F)                53
 Isaac den Herder                        (M)                26
 Neeltje den Herder                      (F)                19
 Jacob den Herder                       (M)                13
 Mariana den Herder                    (F)                 24
 Cornelius de Ruig                        (M)               39             Farmer
 Johanna de Ruig                           (F)                 3
 Jacoba de Ruig                             (F)                 2
 Gerhard de Ruig                          (M)               27            Farmer
 Cornelius Boone                          (M)               28            Farmer
 Gertrude Boone                            (F)            1 &1/2
 Peter? Boone                              (F?)               1/2
 Heinrich Luideweg                       (M)               37            Farmer
 Laltje Luideweg                            (F)               30
 Peter Cornelius Zwemer              (M)               45            Farmer
 Johanna Zwemer                          (F)                40
 Hohann Zwemer                          (M)               14
 Adrian Zwemer                            (M)               11
 Jan Groote                                   (M)               ??            Farmer
 Maria Groote                                (F)                51
 Daniel Groote                              (M)                26           Farmer
 Anna Groote                                (F)                 23
 Peter Groote                                (M)                20          Farmer
 Maria Groote                                (F)                 4
 Jacobus de Spelder                      (M)                31           Farmer
 Jeanette de Spelder                       (F)                33
 Isaac dde Spelder                         (M)                11
 Cornelius de Spelder                     (M)                  8
 Peter de Spelder                            (M)                  7
 Peternella de Spelder                      (F)                   5
 Johanna de Spelder                        (F)                   2
 Cornelis Hieftje                             (M)                 36             Farmer
 Jennette(Neeltje Hasenaar)Hieftje   (F)                 35
 Lowies(Louis)Hieftje                      (M)                  9
 Johannes Hieftje                             (M)                   7
 Wilheml(Willem Cornelis)Hieftje     (M)                   2
 Paulus Hieftje                                 (M)                6mos.,
 Josua Elenbaas                               (M)                  26
 Antoni Elenbaas                             (M)                  25                Farmer
 Jacobus Vinke                               (M)                  32
 Wilhelmina Vinke                            (F)                  32
 Peternella Vinke                              (F)                    5
 Wilhelm Vinke                                (M)                   1
 Reiner de Recht                              (M)                 40                 Farmer
 Jeanette de Recht                            (F)                  29
 Justin de Recht                                (M)                   5
 Peternella de Recht                          (F)                    4
 Josina de Recht                                (F)                   2
 Adrian Parisi                                    (M)                42                Farmer
 Daniel Wiedenfelder                         (M)               20                 Farmer
 Susanna Wiedenfelder                       (F)                29
 Maria Wiedenfelder                          (?)                 ??

 **The Rest Of The Names In This List All Went To The State Of Wisconsin**

 Isaac Eernisse Jr.                             (M)               30                 Farmer
 Maria Eernisse                                  (F)               32
 Isaac Eernisse II                               (M)              10
 Maria Eernisse                                 (M?)               9
 Dina Eernisse                                    (F)                 7
 Laltje Eernisse                                  (F)              3mos.,
 Isaac Eernisse Sr.                            (M)                52                Farmer
 Maria Eernisse                                 (F)                 51
 Jacob Eernisse                                (M)                16
 Johannes Eernisse                           (M)                10
 Laltje Eernisse                                 (F)                 13
 Maria Eernisse(F)8
 Abraham Eernisse                           (M)                20                Farmer
 Johanna Eernisse                             (F)                 21
 Peter Eernisse                                (M)                 25               Farmer
 Maria Eernisse                                (F)                 25
 Maria Eernisse                                (F)                   4
 Catherine Eernisse                           (F)                  3
 Isaac Eernisse                                 (F?)                 2
 Abraham Eernisse                          (M)                 46              Farmer
 Jacob Eernisse                               (M)                 14
 Abraham Eernisse                          (M)                 10
 Elizabeth Eernisse                           (F)                  11
 Laltje Eernisse                                (F)                  16
 Maria Eernisse                               (F)                     4

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