West Olive Cemetery
                              Olive Township, Ottawa County, Michigan

 Recorded in 1981 by the Holland Genealogical Society:
 President:Ralph Haan.
 Edited by and under the direction of Irene Vander Meulen Reidsma.
 Updated records can be found atHerrick Public Library in Holland, Michigan.
  Internet version by Luann Hughes DeVries.

 Abbreviations used in this Publication:
 bd-burial date
 SR-sexton's record
 BP-burial permit
 NS-no stone
 LU-location of grave unknown
 SBT-stone broken through
 OSSW-on same stone with
 TDR-township death record
 HCDR-Holland City death record
 ZCDR-Zeeland City death record
 OTDR-Olive Township death record
 OCDR-Ottawa County death record
 HTDR-Holland Township death record
 PTDR-Polkton Township death record
 PSTDR-Port Sheldon Township death record

 *Babcock,Charles,father,-husband of Margaret Wabbel:June 16,1882-Sept 12,1960 Son of
   George & Barbara(Walder)OSSW Margaret B18/L3
 *Babcock,Infant Boy-died Sept.8,1904 age 0-0-0 Son of Charles & Maggie(Wabbel) LU/OTDR
 *Babcock,Margaret,mother,-wife of Charles,Jan.27,1883-Jan.4,1959,Daughter of Alfred &
   Mary(Wolder) Wabbel OSSW Charles B18/L4
 *Babcock,Henry G.,son of Charles & Maggie(Wabbel)b.Jan.2,1911,d.Sept.12,1911-LU/OTDR
 *Babcock,Stillborn Son of Charles & Maggie, died Aug.29,1904,LU/OTDR
 *Babcock,William J.,b.1880,d.1920,B19/L8
 *Bedell,Mrs. Claus,b.1837,d.1918,NA/B18/L4
 *Bedell,Urian,died May 3,1905 age 8mos.& 25 days,Son of Lottie Bedell, B51/L1/NS/OTDR
 *Berkompas,baby boy,son of Martin,d.Feb.3,1914-LU/OTDR
 *Berkompas,Clara,daughter of Martin & Clara(Vander Hoek)b.Jul.25,1908,d.Aug.14,1910-LU/OTDR
 *Berkompas,Gerold,Stillborn son of Abel & Hermina(Heerspink)d.Mar.31,1928-LU/OTDR
 *Binns,Charles B.,b.1857,d.1916 (TS B17/L6
 *Binns,Charles B.,b.Mar.3,1859-d.Dec.13,1916,Son of Thomas & Mary(Leslie) Binns-B17/L6/OTDR
 *Binns,Laurence S.,b.1904,d.1905 (TS)B40/L4
 *Binns,Robert Frank,son of John Franklin & Karmmy(Reese) Binns,b.Feb.9,1905,
 *Bowers,Sarah B.,d.Aug.18,1903 in Spring Lake,Michigan,age 72yrs.,4mos.,28days.-LU/BP
 *Breckert,August,b.1841,d.1909 (TS) B50/L1
 *Breckert,August,b.May 29,1843 in Germany,d.Feb.8,1909,-B50/L1/OCDR
 *Christensen,Fred A.,husband of Helen Miller,b.Apr.7,1880 in Denmark,
 *Claus,Cornelius,b.in New York,d.Apr.6,1907 age 75yrs.,B38/L4/(NS)/OTDR
 *Claus,Julia E.,b.Feb.10,1837 in Ohio,d.Apr.20,1918,Daughter of David & Effie(Case)
   Merrit. LU/OTDR
 *Cole,Belle,wife of Charles R. Cole,b.Mar.27,1859 in Branch County,Michigan.d.Apr.3,1933
   in Olive Township,Ottawa County,Michigan. Daughter of Albert & Julia (Merrit) Bedell, NA/B9/L3
 *Cole,Charles R.,b.1869 in Indiana,d.1931,Son of Thomas & Sarah C.(Walker) Cole, NA/B9/L2
 *Cole,Sarah C.,b.Mar.18,1840 in Ohio,d.Oct.6,1913, Daughter of Thomas H. &
   Elizabeth(Guiles) Walker, LU/OTDR
 *Cole,Thomas,b.1834,d.1894 (TS) b.on the Isle of Man,d.Apr.15,1894,age 60yrs.,
   9mons.,11days.,son of Robert & Hannah, OCDR/B10/L1
 *Davis,Clarcie(Clarce),wife of Morris, b.Apr.16,1895, d.Apr.24,1971 in Grand Haven,
   Michigan. Daughter of Charles & Rettie(Mast) Bronson, NA/B7/L2
 *Davis,Morris,husband of Clarce, b.Aug.25,1893 in Hamilton, Michigan.d.Jul.1,1967,
  Son of Oreson Davis. NA/B7/L1 (Morris & Clarce have funeral markers)
 *De Haas,Antje, nee Van Dyk,b.Apr.22,1859, d.May 21,1909. (NS) B45/L4
 *Dell,Barnabas,b.1810, d.1871, B44/L3
 *DeVries, Forest Ruth, wife,b.Dec.25,1918 in Ingham County, Michigan. d.(living),Daughter
   of William John & Ruth Eliza(Hugger) Sankey. B31/L2
 *DeVries,Carl Peter, husband of Forest Ruth, b.Apr.17,1918 in Muskegon, Michigan.
   d.Sep.7,1970 in Shreveport, LA.,Son of George & Cora(Hazewinkel) DeVries. B31/L3
 *Garbrecht, Infant son of Charles & AugustaL1
 *Garbrecht,Augusta Louise Marie, Mother, Wife of Carl, b.Sep.5,1845 in Germany,
   d.Sep.14,1938/ NA/B17/L2.
 *Garbrecht,Carl Ludwig Gottlieb, Father, Husband of Augusta, b.Sep.8,1843, d.Feb.18,1920,
   Son of Carl & Henrietta(Betthoff) NA/B17/L3.
 *Garbrecht,Caroline J., Mother, b.1878, d.1908(TS): b.Jun.23,1877 in Wis., d.Jul.29,1907 in
   Holland, Michigan, age 30 yrs., 1mos., 6days., nee Kulusky, Caroline was known as "Carry",
 *Garbrecht,Charles F., Husband, b.1872, d.1944, NA/B16/L1.
 *Garbrecht,Christine, Mother, b.Dec.19,1882 in Illinois, d.Apr.28,1958, Daughter of Dietrich
   Meierdirk, NA/B17/L7.
 *Garbrecht,Edith, Wife, b.1875, d.1958, NA/B17/L6.
 *Garbrecht,Frank, Father, 1882-1963 (TS) NA/B17/L6.
 *Garbrecht,Frank G., Husband of Christine Meierdirks, b.Apr.1,1882 in Michigan,
   d.Nov.18,1963 in Holland, Michigan. Son of Carl & Augusta (Willie) HCDR.
 *Garbrecht,Henry, b.Jul.13,1884,d.Jul.6,1906, "Ruhe in Frieden" NA/B17/L5.
 *Garbrecht,William A., Father, b.1887, d.1956, NA/B8/L7.
 *Goodin,Orville Richard, Son of Alfred & Vertie(Ross) b.Jul.30,1922, d.Aug.2,1922,
 *Guiles,Harry W., d.May.4,1871, age 21 months, B39/L4.
 *Guiles,Homer, Father, b.1890, d.1914, B39/L1.
 *Guiles,Jesse E., Father, b.1833, d.1910 (TS): b.Aug.22,1832, d.Mar.29,1910,
   Son of Joseph & Hanna(Taylor), B39/L3/OTDR.
 *Hayward,Ernest Nelson, Husband of Signe Holmes, b.Jun.23,1910 in Ortenville,
   Michigan. d.Sep.7,1962, Son of David & Elizabeth(Richards), B18/L2/OCDR.
 *Hopkins,Frederick N., Husband of Susan M., b.Sep.18,1833 in New York, d.Jan.6,1905,
   Son of J.H. & Harriet(Austin), Pvt. Co. B. of First Engineers Mechanic Volunteers of
   Michigan., B6/L4/OCDR.
 *Hopkins,Susan M., Wife of Frederick N., nee Taylor, 1838-1915(TS) b.May.10,1837
   in Penn., d.Mar.6,1915, B6/L3/OTDR.
 *Hughes,Kittie B., b.May.25,1907, d.Jul.27,1907, Daughter James & Lottie(Bedell) Hughes,
 *Hyde,George P., d.Jan.31,1917 in Holland, Michigan, age 77yrs., 8mons., 21days., (he was
   a retired soldier), Son of John Hyde., NS/B25/L8/OCDR/SR.
 *Jones,Fred, b.1841, d.Dec.10,1908, age 67yrs., Son of Benjamin & Emeline(Bratt) Jones,
 *Kemma,Fred, (Single) b.Oct.30,1839, d.Aug.30,1873,(TS): b.Oct.30,1839 in Germany,
   d.Aug.8,1873 in Port Sheldon Township, Ottawa County, Michigan.  Son of Klaas &
   Rebecca, age 33yrs., 11mons., 4days., SBT/OCDR/B*/L4/Kemme.
 *Kisosondi,Eva, Mother, b.May.15,1889, d.Oct.30,1924, Daughter of Andri Jandrasic, B27/L1.
 *Kisosondi,Jacob, Father,b.Jul.25,1886, d.May.16,1955,B27/L2.
 *Knoles,Ada, d.Oct.25,1908 in Cadillac, Michigan, age 33yrs., LU/BP.
 *McKinley,Calvin C., b.Sep.4,1885 in Indiana, d.Apr.28,1912, Son of William & Eliza(Trowbridge)
   McKinley, B51/L4/NS/OTDR.
 *McKinley,Harriet, Wife of Calvin, b.Feb.22,1852 in Wisconsin, d.Apr.29,1944, Daughter of
   Enos & Adelaide(Sweet) Van Gilder, B51/L3/NS/PSTDR.
 *Marble,Jerome, Father, Husband of Lizzie Sankey, b.1862 in Lansing, Michigan, d.1944,
 *Marble,Lizzie, Mother, Wife of Jerome, b.1871, d.1915, B29/L1.
 *Marble,Ray J., b.Feb.19,1890, d.Jul.7,1920, Son of Jerome & Lizzie, B29/L3.
 *Marble,William H., Father, b.Aug.1,1842, d.Mar.11,1908, Son of John P. & Mary(Smith)
   Marble, B7/L5.
 *Middaugh,Ethel Mae, Mother, Wife of Wesley, b.Mar.21,1910, d.Oct.15,1971, Daughter of
   Murray & Pearl(Swezey) Chesebro, B46/L8/OCDR.
 *Miles,Alva Hyacinth, b.Dec.3,1900, d.May.6,1959, Daughter of Ira J. & Georgia
   Alberta(Baker) Miles, (NS)B37/L8.
 *Miles,Cindy Lou, b.Jan.28,1957, d.May.29,1958, Daughter of Lester Jr. & Charlotte
   (Probst) Miles, (NS)NA/B6/L1.
 *Miles,Francis Irwin, b.Sept.18,1910 or Aug.1,1910, d.Jul.,6,1914, Son of Ira & Alberta
   (Baker) Miles, Family & OTDR/(NS)B37/L2.
 *Miles,Hazel Rebecca, b.Feb.25,1908, d.May.4,1912, Daughter of Ira & Georgia(Baker)
   Miles (NS)B37/L4.
 *Miles,Georgia Alberta, b.Aug.8,1875 in Indiana, d.Nov.13,1930, Wife of Ira J. Miles,
   and Daughter of Alfred & Rebecca(Bowers) Baker, NS/B37/
 *Miles, Ira J., husband of Georgia Alberta, b.Apr.5,1869, d.May.28,1912, Son of Francis M.
   & Emergene (Hayward) Miles, NS/B37/L3
 *Miles, Lester Irl, husband of Ethel Wood, b.Nov.23,1902, d.Jul.17,1966 in Grand Haven,
  Michigan, Son of Ira & Alberta (Baker) Miles, NA/B6/L6
 *Miles, Michael, b.Sep.28,1979, d.Dec.2,1979, Son of James & Cherri (Mc Pherson) Miles,
 *Moore, George, b.May.12,1879, d.Apr.9,1880, Son of George W. & Mary OSSW Lula,
 *Moore, Lula, b.Jan.18,1882, d.Oct.6,1882, Daughter of George & Mary OSSW George,
 *Moore, Nelson, d.Sep.21,1883, age 2mons., Son of George & Mary, born & died in Olive
   Township, Ottawa County, Michigan, NS/LU/OCDR
 *Peck, Anna, wife of John, b.Aug.5,1853 in New York, d.Sep.26,1921, Daughter of James &
   Lucina (Averill) Mayo, OTDR/B16/L2
 *Peck, Hattie, mother, b.1853, d.1921, B16/L2, same person as Anna (TS)
 *Peck, Fred J., father, b.Jun.25,1881, d.Sep.22,1915, Son of John & Hattie (Mayo) Peck, B9/L2
 *Peck, John P., father, husband of Hattie L. Mayo, 1845-1919 (TS) b.Oct.2,1835 in Canada,
   d.Dec.16,1919, Son of Ephraim, OTDR/B16/L3(1845 & 1835 dates of births as found)
 *Peck, Rachel, mother; wife of Fred, 1878-1957 (TS); b.Sep.21,1879, d.Mar.13,1957 in Zeeland,
   Michigan, Daughter of Thomas & Sarah (Jocelyn) Kelly, TDR/B9/L1
 *Peck, Sena, wife of Joe, b.Jul.27,1885, d.Nov.19,1920, Daughter of Abe Ten Hagen, LU/OTDR
 *Plockmeyer, Infant son of Martin & Kate (Kouw) d.Apr.17,1914, LU/OTDR
 *Quigley, Marie, NS/SR/B35/L6
 *Resseguie, Anna, mother; wife of Herbert, b.Jun.21,1880 in West Olive, d.Sep.14,1942 in Park
   Township, Ottawa County, Michigan. Daughter of Alfred R. & Mary (Wolter) Wabbel,
 *Resseguie, Herbert, father, b.1887, d.1961, B19/L6
 *Reynolds, Gerte, Daughter of G. & N.L. Reynolds, d.Sep.6,1881, age 8mos., and 4days., B25/L1
 *Reynolds, Lucinda, Daughter of G.& N.L. Reynolds, born in Eastmanville, Michigan, d.Sep.19,1872,
   Olive Township, age 11mos., and 15days., OCDR/B25/L2
 *Roberts, Cloette, wife of Tim, nee Peck, b.Mar.29,1880, d.Feb.28,1920, OTDR/TS/B16/L8
 *Ross, Charles William, husband of Lillie Hamilton, b.Feb.8,1873 in Rockingham County, Virginia,
   d.May.26,1933, Son of David & Julia (Witsell) Ross, PSTDR/TS/NA/B5/L4
 *Ross, Cornelia, wife of William David, b.Sep.21,1920 in Holland Township, d.Jul.14,1976 in
  Grand Haven, Michigan, Daughter of Morris & Clara (Brunson) Davis, NA/B5/L6/NS/SR/OCDR
 *Ross, Lillie May, wife of Charles William, b.Dec.28,1869 in Ohio, d.Oct.14,1942, Daughter of
   David Hamilton, OCDR/NA/B5/L3
 *Ross, William David, husband & father, husband of Cornelia Davis, b.May.12,1902 in Ohio,
   d.Oct.13,1974, Son of Charles W. & Lillian (Hamilton) Ross, OCDR/TS/NA/B5/L5
 *Sankey, Eli Hovis, husband of Fannie, b.Mar.6,1867 in Pleasantville, Penn., d.Sep.10,1931, Son
   of Patterson & Amelia (Hovis) Sankey, B30/L3/or 6
 *Sankey, Fannie, mother; wife of Eli Hovis, 1868-1921 (TS); b.Sep.12,1869 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.,
   d.Jun.11,1921, Daughter of Rinder & Marta (Van Ess) Vander Molen (Sankey family record),
   B30/L4/or 5
 *Sankey, Ruth Eliza, wife of Wm. John, b.Mar.8,1892 at New Hudson, Oakland County, Michigan.,
   d.(living), Daughter of John & Maude L. (Smith) Hugger (Sankey family record), B30/L1/or 8
 *Sankey, William John, husband of Ruth Eliza, b.Feb.15,1893, d.Mar.1,1970, Son of Eli Hovis &
   Fannie (Vander Molen) Sankey, B30/L2/or 7
 *Schofield, Maurice, 1873-1958, NA/B4/L5
 *Siebert, Henry, b.Mar.29,1837 in Germany, d.Jun.4,1909, NA/B4/L4/NS/TDR/ Son of Christ &
  Lena (Osman)
 *Taylor, Anne, mother; wife of William, b.Jun.29,1842 in Ireland, d.May.27,1930 in Polkton Township,
   Ottawa County, Michigan, Daughter of Gregg & Mary (Melannophy) Hill, PTDR; b.1841, d.1930,
   (TS) B32/L2
 *Taylor, Anna, b.1881, d.1919, B32/L1
 *Taylor, William, father, b.1856 in Ireland, d.Apr.7,1933, age 76yrs., 10mons., 3days., Son of James &
   Elizabeth "Betty" Taylor, B32/L3
 *Troost, Stillborn girl, d.Dec.10,1948, Daughter of Horace & Doris J. (Ver Hage) Troost, LU/HCDR
 *Van Raalte, Clarence August, b.Apr.16,1908, d.Jul.28,1908, Son of Albert A. & Marie (Garbrecht)
   Van Raalte, NA/B16/L5/NS/TDR/SR
 *Van Raalte, Frank A., d.Sep.9,1911 in Holland, Michigan, age 30 days., Son of Albert & Marie (Garbrecht)
   Van Raalte, LU/HCDR/NS, Possibly buried on NA/B16/L6
 *Wabbel, Alfred R., b.Mar.11,1852 in Germany, d.Jun.21,1904, LU/TDR
 *Wabbel, Mary, d.Sep.8,1882, age 1yr., & 11mos., B49/L5
 *Wabbel, Mary, b.Oct.25,1855 in New York, d.May.10,1902, Daughter of George Walter, LU/TDR
 *Walker, Elizabeth, b.Feb.5,1817, d.Jun.4,1895 (TS)/B15/L4
 *Walker, Elizabeth, b.in Maryland, d.Jun.4,1895, age 78yrs., 3mos., 30days., Daughter of____ & Sarah (___)
   Guiton,  OCDR/B15/L4
 *Walker, Thomas H., b.Nov.4,1815, d.Apr.18,1892, B15/L3

 The following have no tombstones, markers, or other information. The information is according
 to Sexton's records.

 *Davis,Henry C./NA/B7/L8/(d.Feb.4,1972)
 *Mrs.Barnabas Dell/B41/L1
 *Ross,Paul Jacob/B27/L2/(d.Sep.6,1964)

 Probable burials in the West Olive Cemetery, or they are possibly buried on the farms that the
family occupied at the time of death. The following was obtained from the early Ottawa County,
Michigan death records in Grand Haven, Michigan. In the period of time when the following
persons died, it was the custom to bury the family members in the local cemetery, and these
people all died in the West Olive area.

 *Austin,Daniel B.,d.May.17,1871, age 5yrs., Son of James O. & Antoinette Austin.
 *Austin,Delia, d.Mar.22,1873, age 2yrs.,3mos.,4days., Daughter of James O. & Antoinette Austin
 *Austin,Tryphena W., d.May.16,1871, age 6days., Daughter of James O. & Antoinette Austin
 *Austin,Willard Adelle A., d.Mar.16,1873, age 2yrs., 11mons., 9days., Son of James O. &
   Antoinette Austin.
 *Beaver,Hannah Moriah, b.in Germany, d.Jun.20,1873, age 5yrs.,3mos., 11days., Daughter
  of John & Margaretha Beaver.
 *Beaver,Marcai, b.in Germany, d.Jun.5,1873, age 3yrs., 3mons., 11days., Daughter of John &
  Margaretha Beaver.
 *Kaama,Fred, d.Aug.22,1872, age 5mons., Son of Klaas & Meta Kaama
 *Kaama,John, d.Aug.18,1872, age 2yrs., 5mons., Son of Klaas & Meta Kaama
 *Miles,Ada, b.in Jackson County, Michigan, d.Sep.7,1872, age 5yrs., 9mons., Daughter of
   Francis & Emergina Miles.
 *Moore,Lule, d.Oct.6,1881, age 9mons., Daughter of George & Mary Moore.
 *O'Connell,Margaret, b.in Ireland, Daughter of Thomas & Mary Haley, d.May.29,1873, age
   40yrs., 3mons., 4days.,
 *O'Connell,Dennis, b.in Michigan, d.Mar.15,1873, age 15yrs., 8mos., 4days., Son of John
   & Margaret O'Connell.
 *Pound,Edgar A., d.Feb.13,1873, age 11yrs., 9mons., 18days., Son of James & Mariah E. Pound.
 *Pound,Henry L., d.Feb.17,1873, age 9yrs., 8mons., 6days., Son of James & Mariah E. Pound.
 *Quigley,Kate, d.Feb.18,1873, age 4yrs., 8mons., 18days., Daughter of Patrick & Marie E. Quigley.
 *Quigley, Mary A., d.Mar.7,1873, age 2yrs., 9mons., 3days., Daughter of Patrick & Marie E. Quigley.
 *Reynolds,Carrie, d.Jun.6,1881, age 8mons., Daughter of Gamalia & Nancy L. Reynolds.
 *Reynolds,Lucinda, b.in Eastmanville, Michigan, d.Sep.19,1872, age 11mons., Daughter of Vemeliah
  & Lucinda Reynolds.
 *Walker,George, b.in Indiana, d.Oct.1,1872, age 22yrs., Son of Thomas & Elizabeth Walker.
 *Willis,Freddie A., b.in Wisconsin, d.Apr.18,1873, age 9yrs., 6mons., 9days., Son of William &
   Sarah J. Willis.

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