(Refered to as both names)
                                             Jamestown Township, Section #27.  Copied September 1936
                                                 Updates at Herrick Districk Library in Holland Michigan
                                                          Internet Version by: Luann Hughes DeVries

ARNDT, Charley: son of C. & A., d.June 6,1883. Age 1 yr.
ARNDT, Francis: Son of C.& A., d.May 18,1883. Age 3 yrs., 5 months.
ARNDT, Ricke: sonof C.& A., d.May 22,1883. Age 5 yrs, 19 days.

BENDER, Joseph: d.Feb.7,1881. Age 76-4-22
BENDER, Lydia: d.Jan.25,1889. Age 81-4-15

CHRISTIE, Andrew M.: Dec.1,1842-Nov.8,1902
CHRISTIE, Charles L.: July 15,1808-May8,1893
CHRISTIE, John W.: 1859-1908
CLARK, Emeline: 1840-?
CLARK, Horatio: Apr.16,1814-July 14,1905
CLARK, Luther M.: 1835-1912
CLARK, Mary L.: wife of H., Dec.12,1815-June 7,1894
CLARK, Virgil W.: 1877-1924
COOPER, Alice M.: wife of S., May 12,1860-Nov.25,1890
COOPER, Amanda R.: Apr.17,1829-Jan.10,1904
COOPER, Pauline: wife of Royal C., Mar.22,1859-June 14,1895
CRONKRIGHT, Flavillia C. Bender: Jan.15,1832-Oct.18,1910
CRONKRIGHT, James M.: Oct.26,1824-Apr.24,1912
     (Above were the first Pioneers of Jamestown)

ELLIS, Mary: 1837-1914
ELLIS, William: 1839-1909

HALL, Hobart H.: Aug.16,1834-Oct.17,1888
HALL, Marian R.: baby, 1922-1922
HALL, Nancy M.: Sept.23,1839-Oct.25,1929
HILZEY, Adam: father, 1864-1905
HILZEY, Charlotte, mother, 1824-1908
HILZEY, George, brother, 1867-1905
HILZEY, Henry Sr.: father, 1830-1913
HILZEY, Jennie M.: mother, 1865-1905
HILZEY, Minnie J.: 1866-1934

KESLER, Father: 1854-1911
KESLER, Jacob: Father, Jan.23,1822-Jan.27,1894
KESLER, Mother: 1854-1924
KESLER, Sovena: mother, wife of J., 1823-1902
KOLE, Jennie: d.Oct.18,1934. Age 54-11 days
KOLE, Johanna: mother: 1840-1923
KOLE, William: father, 1832-1916
KRIDLER, Amy J.: Nov.15,1828-Sept.1,1906
KRIDLER, Babe, d.1882
KRIDLER, Benjamin: father, 1839-1918
KRIDLER, Frances A.: wife of Wm., d.Apr.26,1867. Age 36-9-26
KRIDLER, Franklin S.: son of Wm. & F.A., d.Feb.15,1876. Age 23-3-11
KRIDLER, Henry: 1837-1882
KRIDLER, Josephus: 1846-1918
KRIDLER, Mary C.: mother, 1847-1915
KRIDLER, Riensi: 1850-1924
KRIDLER, Samuel: Feb.27,1813-June 13,1898
KRIDLER, Ura M.: 1883-1924
KRIDLER, W.Homer: 1883-1934
KRIDLER, Wm.A.: father,1862-1930

PEMBER, Betsey: mother, wife of F.N., Jan.31,1821-Apr.29,1885
PEPPER, Jacob: d.Mar.8,1885. Age 81-1-16
PEPPER, Susan: d.July 1,1861. Age 58-10-9

SELVIG, Baby: daughter, d.1923
SHAFFER, Malinda: Feb.18,1844-Sept.3,1907
SHAFFER, Thomas: d.Dec.10,1838
SNEDEN, Della M.: daughter of H.W. & J. 1882-1883
SNEDEN, William: baby, 1926-1922  ?
STRICKFADEN, Duane: 1920-1932
SWEET, David: May 23,1832-Nov.14,1901
SWEET, F.L.: 1875-1928
SWEET, Hanna A. Nelson: June 22,1835-Jan.9,1889
SWEET, Monroe T.: 1867-1929
SWEET, Olive P.: 1897-1900

WARNER, Clara May: infant daughter of Ed. B. & Anna Warner
WARNER, Edward B.: infant son of Ed. B. & Anna Warner
WEAVER, Catherine: Nov.20,1842-Mar.16,1904
WEAVER, Charles: father, d.Aug.29,1881. Age 64-2-14
WEAVER, Elizabeth: mother, d.Dec.22,1892. Age 79-9-23
WEAVER, Malinda E.: Sept.30,1866-Mar.28,1887
WEAVER, Nelson: d.Jun.2,1891. Age 41-7-7
WEAVER, Philoma R.: Mar.18,1875-May 15,1895
WELCH, Lucy Bell: wife of John W., 1869-1892
WENZEL, Henry: father, 1827-1904
WINEGAR, Jacob: Nov.2,1819-Sept.12,1893

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