Michael Stapleton is said to have been in Ottawa County in the early 1850's.  At this point we do not know where he came from in Ireland.  Below listed are some Stapleton's who are buried in the St.Mary's Cemetery in Berlin/Marne.

STAPLETON     . . . . . ., father,     1848 - 1908 (Michael?)
                            . . . . . ., mother,    1849 - 1894 (Catherine Garihy/Geraghty?)
                           Joseph William,    1879 - 1928

STAPLETON:  Gerard G.;  b. 4 June 1918;  d. 2 November 1984 (Gerard was in WWII)
                          Nora E.;  b. 1881; d, 1958 (Mother)

STAPLETON: Joseph William; 1879-1928. Buried St.Mary's Cemetery Marne/Berlin, Ottawa County,MI. married Nora Golden, daughter of Patrick Golden & Bridget Hughes.

The following is from Mary Jane (Stapleton) Link
Michael Stapleton b.1848 in Ireland, married  Catherine Garihy/Geraghty, d.1908, buried in St.Mary's Cemetery in Marne, Ottawa County, Michigan, US.

Michael's fmaily is not from W. Michigan, however he has done a lot of research on the Stapleton name.
Michael Patrick Joseph Stapleton

I see on your website that you would like to hear  from anyone researching Stapleton in County Tipperary.

My g.g.g.grandfather David Stapleton married (3 Sep 1795) in Templemore, Co. Tipperary according to his army record. He was born in about 1769 and his wife's name was Lucinda and/or possibly Paulina Carlotta.
His children were:-
1. Richard Kyffin Carden  b.1796  Portsmouth, Hampshire
2. Sarah                              b. 1798  Co.Tipperary
3. Paul                                 b. 1800
4. John                                b. 1803
5. David                              b. 1807 (my g.g.grandfather)
6. William                           b. 1809  Dublin
7. Mary Ann                       b. 1814  Cadiz, Spain
8. Lucy                               b. 1816  at sea off Portsmouth, Hampshire

David Senior and all his sons served in either the Army, Navy or Coastguard.

I'd very interested in hearing from anyone else with Stapletons from Templemore