One of the Groups that eventually came to settle in Zeeland Michigan in 1847 came aboard the barque “Princess Sophia”. They left Goes, Province Zeeland, Netherlands for Rotterdam and then went to sea from Hellevoetsluis on May 11, 1847. Arrived at New York on the Hudson river on July 6, 1847. The group is all listed as coming from Germany, but they were all from the Province of Zeeland.

This original work was done by Ed Prins, Retyped and put on to the internet by Luann DeVries.


NAME                         SEX       AGE                 OCCUPATION

Cornelius Vander Meulen       (M)            46                                 Minister
 Elizabeth Van Den Rouvaard Vander Meulen  (F)  42
 Jacob Vander Meulen           (M)            13
 Elizabeth Vander Meulen       (F)             11
 Johannes Vander Meulen      (M)               9
 Anna Vander Meulen            (F)                7
 Maria Vander Meulen            (F)               4
 Sarah Vander Meulen            (F)               2
 S.Klaasedn                           (M)             62                              Farmer
 Johannes Kaboort                 (M)             36                             Farmer
 Cornelia Van Loo Kaboort    (F)              37
 Jakomina De Boe                  (F)              16
 Cornelia De Boe                   (F)              14
 Catarina De Boe                   (F)              11
 Apalonia De Boe                  (F)              12
 Marinus De Boe                   (M)             10
 Jakob De Boe                      (M)               9
 Dina De Boe                         (F)                6
 Jan Wabeke                         (M)             24                           Farmer
 P.Nieuwendordp                  (M)             22                           Farmer
 E.Nieuwendorp                     (F)             28
 B.Schmitz                             (M)            41                           Farmer
 M.Schmitz                            (F)             28
 J.Schmitz                              (?)                8
 W.Heide                               (?)              40
 Isaac Van Koeveringen         (M)             32
 Adrianna Sonke Van Koeveringen   (F)    37
 Johanna Van Koeveringen      (F)             13
 Stoffel Van Koeveringen       (M)                9
 Antonie Johannes Van Koeveringen   (M)    6
 J.Mijaard                              (M)               48                      Farmer
 G.Mijaard                              (F)               46
 Cornelia Mijaard                    (F)               21
 Joris Mijaard                         (M)               18
 Maria Mijaard                        (F)                13
 H.Mijaard                             (M)                  8
 Sent Stroonsnijder                 (M)                35                   Farmer
 Johanna Lampe Stoosnijder    (F)                 33
 Neeltje Stroosnijdedr              (F)                 11
 Aarent Stroosnijder                (M)                   4
 Philip Phillipsen                       (M)                 25                Farmer
 Jakobusd De Hond                 (M)                 40               Mechanic
 Neeltje Schoolmeister De Hond  (F)               52
 C.Everse                                 (M)                 53              Mechanic
 J.Everse                                   (F)                 53
 Huibrecht Van Noorden           (M)                31              Mechanic
 Gertrui Schout Van Noorden     (F)                20
 Maria Van Noorden                  (F)                   7
 J.Van Noorden                         (F)               1mos.,
 Peter? Westveer                       (M)               25              Mechanic
 Jan or Johannes Westveer         (M)               26              Mechnic
 Willem Ossewaarde                  (M)               32              Farmer
 Adrianna Klop Ossewaarde       (F)               30
 Antje Ossewaarde                     (F)                 2
 W.Ossewaarde                         (M)              56              Farmer
 J.Ossewaarde                           (M)              27              Farmer
 Pieter Ossewaarde                    (M)              23              Farmer
 Susanna Ossewaarde                 (F)               21
 Josina Ossewaarde                     (F)              19
 Jacobus Ossewaarde                 (M)              17             Farmer
 Hendrikus or Rykus Ossewaarde   (M)          17             Farmer
 Helena or Lena Ossewaarde       (F)              14
 Commer Adriaanse                    (M)              34             Farmer
 Catharina Adriaanse                    (F)              30
 A.Adriaanse                                (F)                3
 Maria Adriaanse                          (F)                2
 Arnoud Barendse                        (M)             28            Farmer
 Martina Barendse                        (F)              26
 Susanna Barendse                       (F)                 3
 Marinus Westrate                       (M)              41           Farmer
 Johanna Soutewelle Westrate       (F)              36
 M.Westrate                                 (F)               20
 Nelltje Westrate                           (F)              18
 Joost Westrate                             (M)             14
 Willemina Westrate                       (F)              11
 Jannetje Westrate                         (M)                9
 Willem Westrate                           (M)                7
 Cornelius Westrate                       (M)                5
 H.De Pree                                    (M)              40            Mechanic
 F.Glerum                                       (M)             25            Mechanic
 Martina? Glerum                            (F)              20
 Pieter Meeuwsen                           (M)             32            Mechanic
 Maatje Veer Hoek Meeuwsen        (F)             31
 Pieternella Meeuwsen                     (F)             13
 Aaltje Meeuwsen                           (F)                8
 Jantje Meeuwsen                            (F)                5
 Jan Joseas Meeuwsen                     (M)               2
 Jacobus Meeuwsen                         (M)               1
 A.Versdcheuren?                            (F)                63
 Pieter Nagelkerken                         (M)              33              Farmer
 M.Nagelkerken                               (F)               31
 J.Nagelkerken                                 (F)                 7
 A.Nagelkerken                               (M)                 3
 P.Nagelkerken                               (M)              4mos.,
 J.Schmitz                                       (M)                35              Farmer
 Jacob De Feyter                            (M)                29
 Maatje Elenbaas De Feyter             (F)                29
 Arnout De Feyter                           (M)                  4
 Pieter De Feyter                             (M)                  2
 Jan Trimpe                                     (M)                40             Farmer
 Willemina Trimpe                            (F)                 40
 A.De Kok                                      (M)                26            Farmer
 Adrian Glerum                                (M)                31
 Neeltje De Koeijer Glerum              (F)                 30
 Jacob Glerum                                  (F)              1mos.,
 Willem Kakerbeeke                        (M)                35             Mechanic
 Maria Lukasse Kakerbeeke             (F)                35
 Pieter Kakerbeeke                          (M)                  6
 P.A.Kakerbeeke                              (F)                  2
 L.Kakerbeeke                                 (M)              11mos.,
 Johannes Visser                                (M)                 53            Mechanic
 Jacoba Visdser                                  (F)                 55
 L.Dick (Leendert Dick) Visser           (M)                16            Mechanic
 J.J.V.Brune                                       (M)                 25            Mechanic
 J.Brune                                              (F)                  26
 M.Bailole?                                        (M)                  40           Mechanic
 J.B.Eberling?                                     (M)                 27            Mechanic
 Jan Hielman                                       (M)                 27            Mechanic

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