The Sabina was a whaling ship carring Dutch settlers from South Holland and Utrecht. The group settled in “Soetermeer” which later they changed the name to
“Beaverdam”, Michigan.

 The Captain decided to set sail after waiting 10 days for favourable winds. The Ship could not get into the North Sea because the winds from the N.E. were so violent. The Captain the dropped the ships 3 anchors to avoid striking the pier, but the chains snapped and the stern of the ship was tossed over the pier. They had to wait for 4 weeks for new anchors to come from Amsterdam. They put out to sea on August 16, 1847 after close to 5 weeks of waiting at Hellevoetsluis.

They had 21 days of good sailing weather and reached Saag Harbor on October 23, and then to New York City on October 24, 1847 at 9:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning.

 They transferred first to 2 sloops, and then next by steamboat to Albany,New York. Then a 13 day canal boat trip to Buffalo, New York.

The following are passengers known to have been aboard the Sabina, there are many whom are still unknown.

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 Name                         Sex      Age          Occupation             From

 Quirinus Huyser II(M)30,Farmer,South Holland,Netherlands
 Geesje Boerichter Huyser(F)24,South Holland,Netherlands
 Quirinus Q.Huyser III(M)1,South Holland,Netherlands
 Pieter Huyser(M)25,Farmer,South Holland,Netherlands
 Johannes Huyser(M)29,Farmer,South Holland,Netherlands
 Petranella Van Wyk Westhoek Huyser(F)30,South Holland,Netherlands
 Johanna Westhoek(F)5,South Holland,Netherlands
 Willem Westhoek(M)2 & 1/2,South Holland,Netherlands
 Quirinus Huyser(M)1 & 1/2,South Holland,Netherlands
 Lucas Huyser(M)Died at sea September 25,1847;at age 5mos.,
 Johannes George Van Hees(M)38,Baker
 Neeltje DeVries VanHees(F)42
 Albertus Gerrit Van Hees(M)2
 Gerrit De Vries(M)82
 Robbertus Mercellus De Bruyn(M)82
 Dirk Van Wingeren(M)
 Jacob Borgards(M)47,Germany
 Aart Vanden Berg(M)39
 Jakoba Knaap Vanden Berg(F)42

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