Rusk Cemetery
                                                          Section 31, Allendale Township
                                    By: John J. Mikula, Mrs. Merrick Hanchett and Mrs. R.F. Keeler,
                                                          Copied, 1942, Updates thru 1994
                                              Recent updates at Herrick Districk Library in Holland Michigan

APPELHOF, Theodore Frank, d.7 Oct.1910, Age 5 months.
BERGHORST, Bernard, d.14 July 1968, Age 88 years.
                         Minnie, d.1 Jan 1954, Age 68 years.
                         Child of Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Berghorst, d.Sep.1906,
BEUKEMA, Alice, d. 23 Mar.1907; Age 8-11-11
                       Berend, d.25,Oct.1942, Age 81 years
                       Catherine, d.18,Dec.1953, Age 86 years
BOERSMA, Cornelius, d.31,Dec.1975, Age 72 years
                     Grace, d.25,Sep.1985, Age 99 years
                     Jacob, d.16,Oct.1932, Age 76 years
                     Jennie, d.4 Feb.1913, Age 27 years
                     John M., d.9 Sep.1978, Age 82 years
                     Lois Jean   b. & d. Apr. 24, 1939
                     Rachel, d.22 Mar.1936, Age 72 years
                     Ronald Lee, d.17 Dec.1977, Age 21 years
                     Child of Mr.& Mrs.Martin Boersema, d.15 Apr.1936,
                     Child of Mr.& Mrs. P.Boersema, d.19 Oct.1915,
                     Child of Mr.& Mrs. P. Boersema,d.20 Oct.1915, 1 day old
BOURKE, Veenstra, d.12 Feb.1918, Age 80 years
BOUWMAN, Ralph, d.29,May 1975,Age 81 years
                        Raymond   d. 29 Mar.1936; Age 8-0-22
                        Child of Mr.&Mrs. Ralph Bouwman,d.16 Dec.1922,
                        Winnie,d.6 Jan.1978,Age 82 years
BREUKER, Fred,d.19 May 1974, Age 56 years
BRUMMEL, Derek J., d.13 Mar.1983, Age 3 months
COELINGH, Henry, d.4 Jan.1943, Age 86 years
                       Margeurite, d.17 May 1920, Age 61 years
COWELL, George W., d.8 Aug.1917, Age 73
                   Johannes, d.25 Dec.1913, Age 2 months
                   Maudy, d.3 Jan.1914, Age 17 years
                   Sarah Rebekka, d.18,Feb.1914, Age 55 years
DE JONGE,  Agnes, d.12,Feb.1944, Age 80 years
                       Hattie, d.27,Dec.1946, Age 53 years
                       Jennie or Jane, wife of . . . . VanWeesem b.1866 d.24 Dec.1905
                       John, d.1 Jan.1975, Age 84 years
                       Louis H., d.25 Apr.1993,
                       Louis     1861 1936
                       Louwerus, b.1845,d.28 Jan.1924
                       Louwerus, Jr., b.1885 d.5 Oct.1927
                       Louw, d.15 Apr.1936, Age 75 years
                       Lyntje, d.20 Feb.1907, Age 1 year
                       Nell, d.9 Jan.1970, Age 67 years
                       Peter J. Geerts, d.25 Mar.1908, AGe 83 years
DE YONGE,  Roelfien(Rolofse), his wife, b.1850,13 Sep.1914, Age 64 years
                       Child of Mr.& Mrs. C. DeYonge, d.8 Apr.1910
DRIESENGA, Frances, d.22 Jul.1990, Age 48
                         Steven J., d.29 May 1990, Age 24 years
DRIEZENGA, Child of Mr.& Mrs. Jan Driezenga, d.21 Sep.1908
ELENBAAS,  Mrs. Joseph (Alice), d. Nov. 30, 1939; Age 62-6-28
                        Joshua (Joshua?), d.30 Dec.1944, Age 69 years
                        Child of Mr.& Mrs. Elenbaas,b.2 May 1904, d.4 May 1904, Age 2 days
ELLENS, Minard John, d.Feb 1946, Age 3 years
                 Roger, d.22 Feb.1964, Age 7 years
                 Baby Girl, d.Sep.1945, 1 day old
FEENSTRA,  Edward, d. 31 Aug. 1935, Age 69 years, 12 days
                        Gertrude, d.9 Jun.1958, Age 92 years
FLIESTRA, C. William, d.28 Oct.1991, Age 69 years
FULLER, Scott Eugene, d.31 Jul.1988, Age 50 years
GLASS, Verna, d.12 Apr.1986, Age 62 years
GRASSMID, Florence, d.2 Feb.1985, Age 77 years
                        Joe, d.10 Oct.1990, Age 89 years
GROENEVELT, Henry, d.3 Oct.1921, Age 32 years
                             Johnnie, d.8 May 1918, Age 6 years
GROOTE, Diena, d.28 Oct.1948, Age 87 years
                  Gerrit, d.7 Aug.1957, Age 62 years
                   John, d.18 Dec. 1933, Age 84-5-7
HASSEVOORT, Ada, d.6 Aug.1979, Age 83 years
                             Evelyn, d. Jan. 11, 1934 or 1932 (found 2 different years given) Age 1-8-12
                             Child of Mr.& Mrs. Ed Hassevoort, d.2 May 1942
                             Ed Sr., d.31 Oct. 1976, Age 81 years
HELDER,  Dick, 1865 - 1910
                   Dirk, d.18 Sep.1910, Age 25 years
                   Janna, 1867 1913
                   Jennie, d.16 Sep.1913, Age 56 years
                   (not sure if Dick - Dirk, and Janna - Jennie are suposed to be the same persons?)
HIRDES,  Adrian, d.14,Aug.1944, Age 72 years
                   Cornelia, d.18 Oct.1908, Age 5 months
                   Cornelius, d.3 Jan.1983, Age 78 years
                   Gerald Dale, d.28,Apr.1944
                   Gordon Wayne, d.14 Feb.1943
                   Henrietta, d.3 Feb.1985, Age 70 years
                   Jennie,Mrs., b.1878, d.25 Apr.1939, Age 61 years
                   Johanna, d.26,Oct.1994, Age 87 years
                   Nelson, d.14 Jun.1920, Age 13 years
HOLSTEGE, Agnes, d.21 Feb.1980, AGe 96 years
                        Altje, d.20 Mar.1928, Age 75 years
                        Douglas, d.12 Jun.1984, Age 16 years
                        Evert, d.18 Jul.1943, Age 60 years
                        Henry, 14 Feb.1962, Age 73 years
                        Henry, d.22 May 1920
                        Mrs. Henry, d.16 Mar.1954, Age 61 years
                        Child of Mr.& Mrs. Henry, d.29 Mar.1924
                        Jan, vader, b.31 Dec.1851, d.9 Feb.1914, Age 62 years
                        moeder, b.18 Jun.1853, d.20 Mar.1928
                        John E., d.3 Jan.1981, Age 69 years
                        John H., d.29 Nov.1985
                        Baby of Mr.& Mrs.H. b. & d.29 Mar.1924
                        Lambert, d.26 Apr.1949, Age 70 years
                        Margaret, d.27,Feb.1969, Age 54 years
                        Minno, d.13 Sep.1931, Age 16 years
                        Sena, d.8 Aug.1973, Age 89 years
                        Stillborn Infant of Mr.& Mrs. Jerry Holstege, d.22 Apr.1973
HUIZENGA, Gerrit E., d.26,Nov.1967, Age 61 years
HUYSER, Fannie Mae Overweg, wife of Louis, b.1919, d.28 May 1941, 22 years
JAGER, Garrey, d.18 Mar.1994, Age 80 years
JELSMA, Frederick, d.20 Feb.1991, Age 78 years
JONGETJES, Bernise, d.14 Aug.1994, Age 47 years
KAMPS, Effie, d.15 Jul.1982
                Jacob, d.12,Jan.1968, Age 75 years
KARS, Child, d.1 Jul.1923
             Child, d.14 Nov.1921
KLEINJANS,  E.    Apr. 1, 1846 Nov. 27, 1904
                       Mrs. E., mother   1855 1928
KLINGE, Child, d.11 Mar.1915
KLOOSTERMAN, Jacob, d.21 Dec.1933, Age 76 years
                                Jan, d.9 Mar.1917, Age 87 years
KRAGT, Rebecca, d.31 Dec.1979, Age 2 months
KUYERS, Aalt, d.6 Oct.1961, Age 86 years
                  Bertha, mother   1875 1918
                  Herman, d.Sep.1905
                  Son of Mr.& Mrs. Jerold Kuyers, d.25 Aug.1969
                 Wilbertha Levina, d.15 May 1918, Age 43 years
LEDEZMA, Joe, d.Aug.1937
LUTKE, Jacqueline Ruth, d.10 Mar.1950
MARTINIE, Alice, d.27 Dec.1985, Age 77 years
                       Ben, d.28 Nov.1981, Age 77 years
                       Dena, d.18 Sep.1945, Age 61 years
                       Gerrit, d.13 Aug 1957, Age 80 years
                       Henry, d.29 Jul.1959, Age 45 years
                       Jennie, d.19 Jan.1990, Age 82 years
                       Richard, d.17 Jan.1980, Age 71 years
                       Child of Mr.& Mrs. Richard Martinie, d.4 Jun.1936
MEENGS, Gerald Jr., d.2 Jan.1943, Age 4 days
MEEUWSEN, John D., d.6 Sep.1974, Age 73 years
                         Josie, d.18 Sep.1990, Age 86 years
                         Ronald, d.20 Sep.1952, Age 20 years
                         Stillborn child of Mr.& Mrs. Donald Meeuwsen, d.27 Nov.1916
MEYERS, Bertha, d.23 Jul.1966, Age 71 years
                  George, d.19 Nov.1973, Age 85 years
                  Ralph, d.Oct.1993
MIRANDA, Julia, d.21 Aug.1949, Age 1 year
MULDER, Boulje, d.17 Jan.1937, Age 74 years
                  Grace Overweg   Feb. 7, 1889 Apr. 10, 1914
                  Hendrick, d.26 Mar.1945, Age 45 years
                  Martin, d.26 Jun.1927, Age 63 years
MYERS, Ben James Henry, d.23 Jan.1923, Age 2 months
NIEMEYER, Cornellia, d.18 May 1973, Age 78 years
                       Geestje, d.16 Mar.1913, Age 54 years
                       Henry, d.31 Dec.1971, Age 75 years
                       Louise, d.4 Jun.1981, Age 60 years
                       Teunis, d.27 Feb.1946, Age 81 years
OTTENS, Afke, d.7 Jan.1913, Age 80 years
OVERWEG, Berdina, d.5 Mar.1986, Age 65 years
                      Bert, d.30 Nov.1984, Age 68 years
                      Clara, d.26 Jun.1986, Age 70 years
                      Edith, d.30 Sep.1958, Age 37 years
                      Effie, wife of . . . . Mulder, b.7, Feb.1889, d.10, Apr.1914, Age 25 years
                      Egbert, b.1850, d.9 May 1937, Age 87 years
                      Fannie Mae, wife of Louis Huyser 1919 1941
                      Grace, wife of John, b.25, Jan.1891, d.28 or 29 Aug.1941, Age 50 years
                      Hendrika, wife, b.1860, d.10 Feb.1926, Age 66 years
                      Child of Mr.& Mrs.Yan Overweg, d.10Apr.1914
                      Jacob, d.6 Mar.1974, Age 81 years
                      Joe, b.1890, d.8 Nov.1929, Age 39 years
                      John E., d.4 Jan.1962, Age 76 years
                      Kate, d.29 Jul.1984, Age 91 years
                      Maggie, wife of Jacob, b.1895, d.8 Feb.1927, Age 32 years
                      Roland Dale, d.17 Nov.1944, Age 1 year
PLANT, Doris, d.6 Oct.1986, Age 83 years
PRYS, Eugene, d.30 Dec.1977, Age 49 years
            Florence R., d.5 Jul.1980, Age 75 years
            Grietje, d.26 Oct.1945, Age 78 years
            Henry, d.Oct.1991
            Johannes, d.30 Sep.1917, Age 22 years
            John, d.30 Jan.1953, Age 63 years
            Koop, d.2 Sep.1930, Age 65 years
RENA, Sall, d.24 Oct.1994, Age 82 years
RIBBENS, Henrietta, d.8 Feb.1974, Age 80 years
                   Herbert, d.8 Jul.1970, Age 77 years
                   Johan Karel, b.1868, d.11 Nov.1938, Age 70 years
                   Mrs. Johan Karel, d.2 Jan.1947, Age 75 years
ROON, Dena, d.15 Sep.1994, Age 99 years
              Doris Mae, d.7 Nov.1930, Age 26 days
              Edria, d.14,Sep.1934, Age 7 years
              Maggie, mother, b.1866, d.9 May 1930, Age 63 years
              Peter, father, b.1863, d.30 Sep.1938
              Ralph, d.15 Aug.1959, Age 64 years
              Rhine, husband, father, b.1904, d.25 Aug.1936
              William, d.10 Jul.1974, Age 66 years
SALL, Albert, d.29 Nov.1991, Age 85 years
            Alice, wife   1874 - . . . .
            Alice, d.24 Dec.1962, Age 89 years
            Angeline, d.12 Jun.1948, Age 23 years
            Gertrude, d.2 Aug.1943, Age 48 years
            Harm, d.12 Jun.1928, Age 78 years
            Henry, d.21 May 1983, Age 85 years
            Herman, d.9 Nov.1981, Age 85 years
            Jennie, d.27 Jun.1966, Age 63 years
            John, b.1859, d.19 Aug.1940, Age 81 years
            Stillborn child of Mr.& Mrs. Herman Sall, d.7 Jan.1927
SCHIPPER, Jacob, d.16 Dec.1960, Age 75 years
                     Jennie, d.22 Jan.1985, Age 99 years
SCHIPPERS, Bertha, d.26 Oct.1965, Age 77 years
                        Ida, b.8 Aug. 1861, d.24  Feb.1919
                        James J., d.14 Oct.1995, Age 73 years
                        William, b.11 Feb.1864, d.1 Sept.1932(another sorce says d.6 Sep.1931 at age 68yrs)
SCHREUR, Geertje, d.15 Mar.1939, Age 82 years
SCHROTENBOER, Evert, father, b.1838, d.2 Jan.1909, age 71 years
                                   Gradus, d.15 Feb.1922, Age 79 years
                                    John, d.3 Aug.1969, Age 73 years
                                    Katherine Kuyers (Kate), b.1883, d.17 Feb.1942, Age 58 years
                                    Manus(Hermanus), b.1875, d.9 Mar.1927, Age 51 years
                                    Mrs.G., Susan, d. Oct. 8, 1933; Age 80-9-1
                                    Child, d.7 Mar.1909,
                                    Child, d.2 Dec.
                                    Child, Aug. 1920
                                    Geertje, mother   1856 1938
SIMPSON, Leon L., d.15 Mar.1994
SMITH, Tracy Lynn, d.28 Mar.1987
SMYERS, Jennie, 30 Aug.1971, Age 93 years
STANDART, Anna, d.17 Jul.1916, Age 37 years
                        Jamgie, d.27 Aug.1915, Age 76 years
                        John, d.6 Apr.1916, Age 1 year
                        John, b.1868, d.11 May 1940, Age 71 years
                        Peter, d.6 Apr.1907, Age 62 years
STANDER, Peter, d. 6 Apr.1907
STAP, Arnold, d.22 Feb.1965, Age 56 years
            Marlyn, d.2 Dec.1954, Age 38  years
            Tim A., d.4 Jan.1957, Age 75 years
STEENWYKE, Hentrietta (Martinie), d.28 Nov.1983, Age 65 years
STEGENGA, Child of Mr. & Mrs. Stegenga, d.1906
STYF, Alice, d.29 Dec.1931, Age 40 years
            Alyda, d.11 May 1970, Age 75 years
            Arent, d.5 Jun.1971, Age 85 years
            Edward, d.29 Dec.1970, Age 77 years
            Child of Mr.& Mrs. Henry Styf, No dates...
            Edward, d.9 Aug.1970, Age 37 years
STYFE, Child of Mr.& Mrs. Gerrit Styfe, No dates......
TALSMA, Stillborn Infant, d.21 Feb.1917
TAYLOR, Bethany Autum, d.10 Mar.1986, Age 4 months
TEN BRINK, Gerrit Jan, d.6 Sep.1909, Age 33 years
                       Etta,Daughter, b.14 May 1892, d. May 30, 1892
                       Etta, d.31 May 1905, Age 14 years
TIMMERMAN, Ben, d.12 Aug.1946, Age 78 years
                             Dena, d.29 Jul.1939, Age 73 years
                             Herman, d.22 Aug.1977, Age 75
                             Irene, d.11 Apr.1988, Age 85 years
                             Jennie, d.13 Dec.1912, Age 15 years
TOLSMA, Bigtge, d.29 Nov.1919, Age 73 years
                   Jennie, d.17 Aug.1946, Age 76 years
                   Thomas, d.8 Oct.1939, Age 69 years
VAN BEEK, Agnes, d.4 Aug.1988, Age 93 years
                      Gerrit, 22 Aprl1985, Age 69 years
VAN DAYKE or VAN DYKE,  Hiltjie, wife, b.1864, d.23 Dec.1938
                                                    Take, b.1863, d.22 May 1960, Age 97 years
VANDEN BOSCH, Gerald, d.5 May 1990, Age 77 years
                                  Tina, d.5 Apr.1985, Age 67 years
VANDERMULDER,  Maude, 5 Oct.1905, d.19 Sept.1905  ??
VAN DER KOOI, Bernard J., d.1 Apr.1991, Age 78 years
                               Bertha, d.19 Dec.1960, Age 80 years
                               George J., d.9 Jun.1928, Age 16 years
                               Johannes J., d.29 Jan.1962, Age 80 years
                               Rebecca Lynn, d.10 Aug.1977, Age 4 years
                               Child of Mr.& Mrs. J. VanDerKooi, d.2 Jun.1915
VANDER TOOK, Augusta, d.20 Jul.1994, Age 88 years
VAN PUTTEN, Ekke, d.23 Mar.1924, Age 76 years
VAN SLUIS, Cornelius, d.Apr.1905, Age 51 years
                       Tannat, d.6 Apr.1935, Age 84 years
VAN STRATT, Mary Hatty, d.22 Apr.1923, Age 7 years
                           Nellie, d.2 May 1952, Age 75 years
VAN WESSEM, Jennie DeJonge, b.1866, d.1905
VELTHUIS, Egbert, d.8 Sep.1988, Age 72 years
VUGTEVEEN,  Dora, mother, b.1879, d.1 Apr.1968, Age 88 years
                           Henry, father, b.1876, d.15 Dec.1935
                           Melvin, d.1 Dec.1972, Age 63 years
                           Nellie, d.1 Apr.1981, Age 72 years
WASSENAAR, Anna, d.17 Feb.1969, Age 71 years
                           Peter F., d.12 Jan.1970, Age 84 years
WENSING, Engbert, d.10 Nov.1936, Age 78 years
WENSINK, Catherine Johana, d.13 Feb.1907, Age 48 years
                     Kathriena   Nov. 25, 1859 Dec. 12, 1909
                     Henry P., d.17 Jul.1970, Age 79 years
                     Minnie, d.15 Jun.1977, Age 85 years
                     Robert Paul, d.5 May 1982, Age 63 years
WIELSMA, Dickie, d.27 Oct.1909, Age 1 month
                     Martie(Mientje), b.1909, d.6 Feb.1910, Age 5 months
WIERDA, Andrew, d.2 Feb.1964, Age 73 years
                  Frank, d.4 Jan.1917, Age 3 years
                  Katherine, d.3 Sep.1961, Age 79 years
                  Leo Alvin, d.3 Jan.1932
                  Child of Mr.& Mrs. Andrew Wierda, d.27 Aug.1929
                  Child of Mr.& Mrs. Andrew Wierda, d.23 Jul.1923
                  Child of Mr.& Mrs. Andrew Wierda, d.22 Apr.1922
WIERSMA, Benjamine Seth, d.17 Aug.1988, Age 1 day
                     Clara, d.17 Mar.1978, Agte 69 years
                     Dennis Gordon, d.2 Jul.1931, Age 17 days
                     Dirk, d.13 Jun.1941, Age 78 years
                     Effie, b.1872, d.23 Apr.1938, Age 66 years
                     Henry, d.24 Sep.1946, Age 46 years
                     Herman, d.18 Feb.1994, Age 80 years
                     Jouke, d.26 Mar. .....
                     Louise Elaine, d.9 Apr.1945
                     Samuel, d.17 Oct.1906
                     . . . . .     1862 1941
WINDEMULDER, Anna, d.2 Aug.1953, Age 76 years
                               Bert, 22 Sep.1913, Age 3 years
                               Fred, d.17 Mar.1958, Age 82 years
                               Minie, 19 Sep.1906, Age 11 years
WOLF, Marion Ella, d.29 Jun.1966, Age 49 years
ZEINSTRA, William, d.25 Mar.1987, Age 87 years


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