The following information is contributed by Heidi Grosse:

Dutch Background and History, Sailing, Settling in Michigan, and Family Genealogy of the Plasman Family.

Dedicated to Frederick Plasman and Henrietta Brinkman Plasman and Their Descendants

Compiled by Fannie Plasman Van Dyk Age:84 Fall of 1974 Prepared by Loraine Teninga Plasman
Handwritten on inside cover page it says: “Love Best Wishes Aunt Fannie”

Frederick Plasman 1835-1913  Henrietta Brinkman Plasman 1846-1926
The Homestead of the Plasmans Central Park, Michigan

Table of Contents
Part I
Legends of the Dutch by Adrian Van Koevering
Causes and Charactoer of the New Immigration to America
Immigration from Overisel, Netherlands to Holland, Michigan
Moving of Passengers Aboard the Southenor by Captain Tully
The Early Settlement of Holland, Michigan
Remedies Dr. Van Raalte Brought from the Apothecary
Other Purchases needed by theColonists
A Passenger List of the Colonists on the Southenor
The Genealogy of the Dirk Plasman Family (Chart I)
The Migration of the People Emelichheim, Graafshap, Bentheim Hanover
Causes for Migration which were Similar to those of the Van Raalte Colonists
Immigration from Graafschap, Hanover, To Graafschap, Michigan
Moving of Passengers Aboard the Marie Antoinette to New York
Passenger List of the Marie Antoinette
Moving of Passengers from Rotterdam to New York
Graafschap and Surrounding Area which Became the Home of the Colonists
The Genealogy of the Brinkman Family (Mother & Father’s Relative – CHART II & IIA)
The Genalogy of the Speets Family (My Mother’s Relatives – CHART III)
The Marker in Graafschap Where Early Settlers were Buried
A Replica of the First Log Church in Graafschap where Mother’s People Worshipped God
A List of our Immediate Relatives Who Served their Country in the Civil War,
World War I, World War II, Korean and Vietnam Wars.
A Copy of the Plasman Crest


      The crossing of the French Revolutionary Forces, January 1, 1795 onto Dutch soil signaled the fall of the Dutch Republic.  It also set in motion the forces that led our forefathers to emigrate to America and to establish a new people in the new world.
      The Netherlands, at the close of the eighteenth century, was a decadent nation, politically bankrupt as well as economically bankrupt.  The government lacked leadership.  Fertile fields for revolutionary ideas found ready converts to the principle of overthrowing the existing government welcoming a new era of “liberty, equality and fraternity by the new masters.”
      Trouble had been brewing in the Netherlands for a long time, but the government was indolent, unwilling or unable to do anything about it.  So the proud, rich little country, which at its heyday had ruled the seas as well as the financial world, now sat impotently by while the Revolutionary Party rejoiced over its impending downfall.
      On February 3, 193 nearly two year before the Republic fell, the Revolutionary French Government declared war on William the V of Nassau, Prince of Orange, Late in December 1794, the French armies crossed the frozen waters of the Maas and Waal Rivers.  Two weeks later on January 16, 1795 they occupied the city of Utrecht without firing a gun.  The next day, January 17, the Estates General, the National Council, met and decided that resistance useless, so Holland was occupied without loss of life or destruction of property.  The Dutch Republic, which had been established through generations of war, unnumbered deaths, unmeasured suffering, to become a leading nation in the world, died ignominiously after nearly two years of independence.
      Although the majority of the Hollanders were still loyal to the House of Orange, there was little left for them to cling to or that was of value to them.  There were many who renounce the existing government and were ready to turn it out.  Stadholder William II sensed the dissatisfaction within his own realm as well as the dangers that threatened himself and his family.  So on midnight of January 17, 1795 he deserted his native land, taking with him his family and portable possessions and fled in a fishing boat to hospitable England.  A large number of men and women of nobility and wealth followed his example, leaving millions of unfortunates to carry the burden of suffering with which their “liberators” were about to inflict on them.
      About four months after its occupation, May 16, 1795, Holland was organized as the Bavarian Republic.  They remained subservient to the French until it was changed into the Kingdom of Holland under Louis Bonaparte on June 8, 1806 when it became a part of the Napoleonic Empire.
      So far as the Netherlands was concerned, there was essentially no civilization during the Middle Ages.  There was no education, no art; it was considered a backward country until well into the fifteenth century.  Only in the South were there Flemish Schools where ambitious young men could receive an education.  The Dutch people had a serious interest in religion of a somber character which had already gone out of fashion in the civilized world.  During the Middle Ages, these northern little states had simply gone their own way unmindful of the other similar states all over outlying Europe.
       During the Middle Ages seven of the provinces now composing the Netherlands were situated in the far confines of the German Empire, thus not becoming much involved in the struggle between the German and Roman Empires.  Their remoteness from the Central scenes of political strife, their many large rivers and canals and their bordering on the seas gave their people a sense of independence.  Absence of raw materials and scarcity of farm occupation led them to other vocations.  They turned to the sea, to the carrying of goods for other peoples and to fishing which flourished in their waters.
      The lack of emphasis on agriculture, the increase of fisheries and the production of other necessities of life in the cities all encourage industry, which brought prosperity to the country.  Such industry, together with shipping undermined the feudal system.  The feudal system was brought up on crop productions, from the feudal lands and when crop production failed or decreased, the feudal lords suffered a decrease in prosperity and actually began to want.
      Gradually, the feudal lords began to sell certain considerations for cash, including the rights and privileges the dweller in the cities might be willing to buy.  In this way, they sold more and more privileges by written agreements, until they finally became impotent lords.  But the people gained much in freedom, independence, and self-reliance, Germanic traits which had always been very much alive.
       Seven of the duchies or provinces were officially under the present kingdom of Holland, were officially under the Holy Roman Empire, but these states took little interest in it after the eleventh century and during the twelfth century, each feudal lord worked out the vesting of his own little estate, independently of all others, in harmony with his subjects so that each state developed its own distinct dialect independently of its neighbors.
      Geographical position of the country did not favor petty tyrants, which probably dispirited the local overlord and it instilled liberty and self-reliance in the common people.
       The people of the low countries had always been strict Roman Catholics, but the church in its political struggles with the German Empire had become more and more worldly, losing its former character.  To the average man it had become a general club where religious rites were administered and family records kept.  It did not interfere with ones personal rights, so long as one went through a certain set of formulas.
       But the low countries’ religion had always been taken seriously, especially when there was distress of economic disasters.  There was never anything passed over lightly whether religious or economic.  This was an inbred characteristic.  This attitude made for respect for law and authority.  There was no need for and no incentive for interstate warfare, since they all belonged to one Master.
      The Duke of Burgundy had become the head of most of the seven little states in the middle of the fifteenth century by buying, usurping, and marrying into the royal family, thus replacing the former duke, count or lord and he ruled over the states through their appointed representatives, their governors or stadtholders.  After a rule of one hundred years, the House of Burgundy died out, and its rule came to an end.  Its inheritance went to the House of Hapsburg, one member of which was the King of Spain.  During the first half of the 16th century, the House of Hapsburg was in strong hands of strong characters who might have built a strong kingdom out of the states that now comprise the kingdom of Holland and Belgium.  But the Reformation interfered with this.
      Under the permanent peace and cooperation that existed between the several states, there resulted better economic conditions and more leisure.  The invention of printing from individual type provided more books for the well-to-do.  Reading of theology became more general and young men of exceptional ability became more interested in education.
      The interest and desired led the people to a deep interest in theological subjects and discussions of that day.
      Thus they began to feel the urge for spiritual revolution because they felt there was something radically wrong with the religious conditions of the world.  Repeated attempts were made to reform the Church, without success.  Some reformers left their established churches to set up independent churches of their own, but with no greater success.
      There were many breaks with Catholicism which is held to be the first movement in the Reformation.  The Reformation did not happen precipitately.  It was a gradually growing religious awakening over a hundred years that finally found permanent expression in the leadership of Martin Luther, Philip Melanchthon, John Calvin, John Knox and many others during the first half of the 16th century.
       The Low Countries had been largely consolidated under the Duke of Burgundy when they passed to the House of Hapsburg and in the 16th century when they descended to Philip II, King of Spain.  Philip’s stupidity resolved this spiritual awakening into a political rebellion which ended in the collapse of the Spanish succession.


      The causes and character of the new immigration to North America which began in 1846, were partly social and economic, but predominantly religious.  It was the religious motive that gave form and character to the movement.  The religious causes lay deep in the history of the Dutch people.  They concerned themselves not only with the questions of dogma, discipline and practical spirituality, but also of the character of church government, a question which came into existence after William I ascended the thrown in 1815.
      At that time there was a great indifference in religion, so great that there was no opposition when the king decided that the church, then independent, should be subject to him.  The “Gereformede Kerk” became the “herformede Kerk,” a state church with the King himself the supreme authority upon all church matters.
      The new organization of the Reformed Church was now called the “Herformede Kerk.”  The commission retained the old divisions of government, parish and consistory, classes, provincial boards and synod.  The Crown was granted wide powers in the management of these bodies.  The National Synod was formed of representatives from each of the provinces;  its presiding officers, however, was named by the Crown.  Thus constituted, the Church legislated for herself, but her law required royal approval, and her government was aristocratic, composed of a small number of clergymen and elders chosen by the Crown.  The Synod met annually.
      The Spirit of Enlightenment permeated religious life, especially among the upper and middle classes.  The Deist doctrine of the function of the clergy held that Christ was simply an ethical teacher and that religion was essentially a matter of inculcating good morals.  The Reformed teaching of man’s inability to do any good that would merit salvation in God’s sight was misunderstood and ignored.  Sermons were often moral discourses. Discipline was lax and doctrinal standards neglected.  In most places, catechetical instruction was abandoned.  In 1816 the Synod drew up a new formula which candidates for the ministry were forced to accept.  Formerly they had been asked to subscribe to doctrinal standards contained in the Belgic Confession, Heidelburg Catechism and the Cannons of Dordrecht because they agree with God’s Word.
      It was also provided that the commission would purchase land in the United States for the use of the colonists.  In June, four men left for the United States to buy land for the families.  In this way the settlers would be able to obtain their share from the commission.
      There was also the successive failure of crops especially of potatoes.  One year, of 79,177 bunders of potatoes planted – 65,516 were diseased.  Predictions of famine were common.  Lack of work meant no food.
      The beginning of Dutch immigration to Western Michigan was led by Dr. Van Raalte in October, 1846.
      All persons twenty years of age and who possessed 100 florins could become members and emigrate and vote.  Passage from Rotterdam to New York was 35 florins for those above twelve, below that age – 30 florins.  No charge was made for infants of one year.  The price included fuel, fresh water, room for preparing the meals in the kitchen and sleeping space.  Beds and strawticks were to be provided by the passengers.  Food could also be purchased on shipboard.


      Arriving at Rotterdam, they found their ship, the Southener, awaiting them.  On the second of September, 1846, they weighed anchor and moved through the Doorn Canal to the Ocean.  In mid-November, they docked at New York Harbor where Rev. DeVitt met them.  He explained how Rev. Wychof of Albany had received a letter telling of their expected arrival.  He had the letter published in the Intelligencer, a Reformed Church publication.  Through the, “the Protestant Evangelical Holland Immigration Society” was organized for the purpose of welcoming and aiding the immigrants.  With the help of Rev. DeVitte, Dr. Van Raalte transferred his flock to a steamship that would take them up the Hudson River to Albany.  While aboard the steamship, Great Western, as they lay in Buffalo Harbor, in a letter Dr. Van Raalte told about the German and Dutch crooks while they were in New York Harbor.  The language barrier was a great handicap to the immigrants.  They left Buffalo November 27.  They had three meals a day.  Dr. Van Raalte thought the people ate unbelievably fast.  They had beef steak, bread, coffee or tea and unpeeled potatoes, small helpings of vegetables and many other unfamiliar dishes.  They arrived in Detroit, December 16, 1846.  The fare per person was $6.50 for crossing Lake Erie.  This included food.  Dr. Van Raalte found lodging for his family for $2.25 per day.
      Fellow travelers were given shelter in a warehouse by a good natured Scotsman.  The steamships were unable to travel up the lakes because the Mackinac Straits would be frozen over.  Journey by land was too expensive with all their baggage, so they decided to remain in Detroit for the winter.  Some of the men worked at St. Clair shipyards, 50 miles northeast of Detroit.  Mr. Ward, a shipbuilder, offered the men work in the shipyard.  He agreed to let them work for him and to provide them and their families, food, shelter and shoes.
      In January, Dr. Van Raalte boarded the train for Kalamazoo, then on to Allegan.  Here he met with Rev. Hoyt and Judge Kellogg who gave him valuable information and advice regarding an area for their settlement.
      Michigan proved excellent as a healthful climate.  It had older settlements, offered more cultural advantages than other areas.  Its railroads were better developed.  Its geographic location, amid the Great Lakes and other waterways were favorable for travel and shipping.  A most appealing site was an area between the Kalamazoo and Grand Rivers, bordering on Black Lake which linked with Lake Michigan by a channel, seemed to offer excellent possibilities for a harbor.  This area was unoccupied except for a band of Ottawa Indians who proved to be a friendly tribe.  They taught the settlers how to plant corn.  The area was heavily wooded, the tree trunks so large that three men together could not embrace them.  The trees could be used for fuel, homes, barns, fences and manufacturing.  There were twenty-five miles of unbroken forest.
      Judge Kellogg outfitted Dr. Van Raalte in woodsman’s clothes.  George Harrington drove up with a team of oxen and they then proceeded to the site, now Holland Michigan.
      There were two white men living in the area.  Rev. Smith who worked among the Indians, and Mr. Fairbanks, a government agent.  Rev. Smith offered to guide Dr. Van Raalte on a tour of investigation.  The snow was two feet deep and sorely taxed the strength of Dr. Van Raalte.
      Before reaching a final decision, Dr. Van Raalte consulted with Rev. Taylor, Rev. Hoytland and Judge Kellogg.  Early arrival for inspection of Old Wing Mission was January 1, 1847.  Later Mr. and Mrs. Grotenhuis, Evert Zaggers, Jan Laarman, Hermanus Lankheet, Egbert Frederiks & Mr. and Mrs. Notting made the trip from St. Clair.  The trip from Allegan was made by sleigh drawn by oxen.  The oxen traveled at a rate of two miles per hour over the trail to the home of Isaac Fairbanks.  Thus, February 9, 1847 was the beginning of the Dutch colonial settlement in Western Michigan.  They lodged with Mr. Fairbands for three weeks.  They had their meals with Mr. Smith.
      “The pallets were somewhat hard, but there was nothing better to be had.  With one quilt under and one quilt over and only our coats and boots removed, we did sometime get a good night’s rest.  To protect against the cold, we stoked the stove throughout the night.”
      The area around the two homes was a howling wilderness, everything in its primitive condition.  The only visible things were skies above and soil under their feet, the oak and cedar, maple and beech, standing shoulder to shoulder, as an army in battle array.  This was the home of the Indian, the deer, the bear and the wolf.
      They found the unhealthful swamps and stagnant pools of water, the sandy hill tops, giving feeble existence to half grown crooked trees, shrubbery and brush, sufficient to discourage the bravest of the brave.  In a word, it was a majestic wilderness.
      The only path was the Indian trail.  The way from on house to another was shown by blazed trees.


      When Dr. Van Raalte chose Holland, Michigan as the place for the settlement, there were only two houses in the area.  One was the home of Mr. Fairbanks, the government agent; the other home that Mr. Smith who worked among the Indians as their missionary.  Homes being a necessity a few of the colonists came to erect log cabins.  My grandfather was among the second group to erect cabins.
      Work was doubly hard for the colonists.  They lacked experience in felling trees, lacked the proper tools and also skills.  There were no means of moving the logs except manual labor.  The cabins were covered with branches used as roofs.  Not being waterproof, the colonists found that the roofs leaked and made living uncomfortable.
      My grandfather ought a farm southeast of Holland.  Here my father grew to manhood.  He left home to work in a sawmill at Singapore, near Saugatuck on the Kalamazoo River.  He often helped to float the rafts down the river.  He did not swim but he never lost his footing and fell into the river.  He was agile and fleet of foot.  He was fifty-five years old when I was born.  Yet at a Sunday School picnic, he outraced men much younger than he.  I am told that he could split rails faster than President Lincoln.
      When he was in his late twenties, he purchased the property (132+ acres) where the children were born and received their education.  Several members of the family attended Hope College.  My oldest brother, Derk, was among the first students enrolled there.  Dr. Van Raalte called it the Anchor of Hope.  On the lawn facing College Avenue, is a large anchor – a symbol of hope.
      Because the land in all directions was heavily forested, my father decided to build a large dock on his property on Black Lake, now Lake Macatawa.  The bark of the forest trees was used in tanning Leather.  This, the men in the area loaded on their wagons and brought to the dock.  Here the Norwegian and Swedish vessels were loaded with the bark.  My father continued shipping bark until the land was cleared by the settlers.  He then turned to farming and also did some landscaping.  We had a large apple orchard, apples of every variety.  Some of these were shipped to Chicago.  For our use during the winter months, long trenches were dug.  These were lined with straw on all sides.  Then the apples were placed in the trench, covered with straw over which was spread a layer of sand.  Thus we had lovely firm apples till late in the spring.
      Having no refrigeration, whenever hogs or cows were “butchered”, mother put the pork and beef into large crocks and poured brine over the pork and beef.  This was freshened before we used it.  It seems eggs were plentiful.  Every Easter, Mother cooked dozens of eggs.  My brothers vied with one another to see how many eggs each one could eat.  Not being very fond of eggs, I usually settled for one!  Mother also made liver sausage.  Oh my!  But it was good!
      When my father reached his latter sixties, he decided to plat a part of the farm and sold the lots.  This gave my parents an income as they grew older.  When I was married, we bought the four acres on the corner of Graafschap road and south Shore Drive where we still live.  The remainder of the property was platted and sold.
      Father purchased this property in 1863.  So you see the homestead has been in our family for over one century.  The door is always open to those who wish to come.
      In the fire of 1871, a very devastating fire, our home was threatened.  Graafschap had an area that was cleared so my father drove my mother and four little children through the fire to a place of safety.  He then returned to save his home, which fortunately was not destroyed.  My mother’s parents’ home was destroyed as were many other homes.  Many of the people buried their valuable and some were placed in the wells.  The city of Holland suffered huge losses, places of business, homes, factories, churches, etc.  The church which we now attend was burned down.  One of the men of the church saved the large Bible.  A loss of $900,000 for Holland resulted.
      In the early days of the settlement, dysentery was prevalent.  People who died of it were buried immediately.  The American Indians came forth with a remedy.  The root of the vine of the blackberry was boiled into a tea.  Tried many years later, it again proved effective.


Quinine                        Powders                                             Calomel
Gentian root                 Ointment                                             Alum
Orange peel                 Alcohol                                                Blister plaster
Sulphur                        Spriits of camphor                                Hollman drops
Citrate iron                   Fresh mass                                          Sweet oil
White magnesia            Senna leaves (used as a laxative)          Castor oil
Althea root                   Tararinde
Worm powders            Sal ammonia                                        Pulverized myrrh
Chamomile flowers       Arnica                                                 Cream of tartar
Elderberry blossoms

5¢ Brown sugar      5¢ Spirits of lavender        Rain water – Make right consistency
5¢ Vitriol                5¢ Charcoal

PRESERVE EGGS & FRUIT:  Coat with shellac-varnish

FEBRUARY 1847Purchased from Judge Kellogg
1 tub     2 pails     1 churn
2 cows – 5 yrs, 1 brown
    & 1 yellow brindle                            $18.00
7 cows,  18 cows,  2 yoke of oxen      $251.00
Expense for driving                                $51.00

2 shoats (small pigs)                                $8.00

1 liter measure                     2 wood bowls            1 ladle
1 rolling pin                         2 broom brushes         1 pk onion tops & 5 paper seeds

2 English Walnut                          $ .50                   6 Apple & 2 Peach                    2.30
2 Spanish  “                                    .50                  8 Dwarf Pears                            4.00
Early Walnut grafted                     1.00                  1 Concord Grape & 1 Catawba   .40
4 Dwarf Pears                              2.00                 1 Delaware & 1 Diana                 1.00
6 Raspberries                                 .75                 1 Hartford & 1 Isabella                  .50
2 Quince                                        .50                  10 Osage Orange                          .10
3000 2nd size Apple Seedlings     4.50


The Descendants of the DERK PLASMAN Family

I. DERK PLASMAN                          AALTJE ARENDSEN
   b.1798                                             b.1800 (?)
   m.Before 1826
   d.1854(no later)                               d.1854(?)

   A. WILLIAM PLASMAN               MARY SMIT (2nd marriage to Mr. Heyer)
        b.1828                                         b.1837
        d.                                                 d.1903

         1. DICK PLASMAN                  REKA LEUTERS
             b.1865                                     b.
             m.Before 1893                         m.? (2nd time, moved to Montana)

             a. MARY PLASMAN

         2. FRANK PLASMAN

         3. DELIA PLASMAN

          4. JANE PLASMAN

          5. ALICE PLASMAN                  MR. LUBBERS

              a. MARIAN LUBBERS

              b. ARTHUR

          6.  ALBERT PLASMAN
               b.1867, Aug.6

* The records of the Graafschap cemetery were destroyed in the fire which destroyed the sexton's home.

       b.1835, Feb.28                                    b.1846, Jun.27
       m.1863,May 9                                     m.
       d.1913, Jan.18                                     d.1926,Aug.16

         1. DERK PLASMAN JR.                  MARY VAN HAITSMA
             b.1863, Nov.1                                b.1865,Sep.12
             m.                                                   m.
             d.1926, Feb.14                              d.1951,Apr.15

             a. HENRIETTA PLASMAN          JOHN SEVEN
                 b.1894, Sep.26                           b.1893, May
                 m.1919                                       m.
                 d.1975, Feb.16                           d.1963,Apr.27

                  1.) PHYLLIS SEVEN
                      b.1921, Dec.
                      d.1965, Nov.29

                        a)BRIAN SEVEN
                        b)TOM LOREN SEVEN

                 b.1896, Aug. 15

            c. TWIN PLASMAN
                d.At birth

            d. FRED PLASMAN                         ALBERTA BOITON
                b.1898, Jul. 2                                  b.?
                m.1929, Jun.15                               m.

                1) TOM BOITON PLASMAN        SUSAN RICHARDS
                     a) BETH PLASMAN
                     b) AMY ANNETTE PLASMAN

                  2) SUZANNE PLASMAN              TRENTON DEYOUNG
                                                                           (2nd husband STEPHEN EASTWOOD)
                      a) CHRISTOPHER DEYOUNG
                      b) BRADLEY EASTWOOD


            f. CHARLES PLASMAN                       BERTHA POHLMAN
               b.1902, Mar. 9
               m.1929, Jul.28
               d.1973, Jun.30

                   1) PAUL BRUCE PLASMAN            PHYLLIS ELAINE RADLEY
                        a) DEBRA ANN PLASMAN

                    2) MARY MARGARET PLASMAN             MARK PLEUNE
                         a) JEFFREY MARK PLEUNE
                         b) ANDREW PAUL PLEUNE

    2. ALICE PLASMAN                                             EDWARD DEVRIES
        b.1865, Nov.18                                                   b.1863, Oct 23
        m.1885, Dec.20                                                   m.
        d.1963, Oct.23                                                    d.1918, Jan.10

            b.1887, Jun.8
            d.1942, Mar.16

         b.FRED DEVRIES                                              REKA HOEK
            b.1890,May 25                                                 b.1888, Nov.6
            m.1919,Oct.11                                                  m.
            d.                                                                      d.

             1) DORIS MAE DEVRIES                              HENRY BRANDSMA

                   a) JAMES EDWARD BRANDSMA             LYNNE BROWER
                        i. JAMES RANDALL BRANDSMA
                       ii. MEREDITH ANNE BRANDSMA

                   b) DAVID KENNETH BRANDSMA                HOLLY LOUISE RICHARDSON
                   c) DEBRA SUE BRANDSMA                           ARNOLD GENE WERKEMA
                        i. JENNIFER LYNNE WERKEMA

              2) CAROL DEVRIES                                              BERT WAALKES
                    a) KATHERINE WAALKES                             DAVID VEREEKE
                        i. MICHELE LYNN VEREEKE

                     b) RICHARD WAALKES
                     c) HOLLY WAALKES
                     d) JULIE WAALKES

          c. EDWIN DEVRIES                                            EDITH GERTRUDE FARLEY
              b.1892, Jun.6                                                     b.1898, Mar.18
              m.1917,Sep.27                                                  m.
              d.1968,Jan.16                                                    d.1969,Nov.28

               1) RUTH DEVRIES                                         DR. LESTER DEKOSTER
                    a) LESLIE ANN DEKOSTER                      CHARLES C. DENNIS (Div.)
                        i.CHRISTOPHER DENNIS

                    b) PAUL DEKOSTER                                SUSAN HAMSTRA
                    c) MARK EDWARD DEKOSTER             BARBARA ANN BREUKER
                    d) STEPHEN JAMES DEKOSTER

                 2) DOROTHY MAE DEVRIES                      DR. BERNARD SIEBERS
                      a) BERNARD HERMAN SIEBERS
                      b) CAROLYN ANN SIEBERS
                      c) DAVID BRUCE SIEBERS
                      d) CARL EDWIN SIEBERS

           d. HENRIETTA (TWIN) DEVRIES                       LEWIS YOUNG
               b.1895,May.28                                                   b.1882,Jun 18
               m.?                                                                     m.
               d.?                                                                      d.

               b.1895,mAY 28
               d.1910, Aug.16

            f. PEARL DEVRIES                                             JOHN OTTO HENDRIKSEN
               b.1897. Oct 2                                                     b.1899, Oct.21
               m.1923                                                               m.1923
               d.                                                                        d.

               1) HARRIET HENDRIKSEN                            EARL DESCHAU
                    a) DANNY WALTER DESCHAU (TWIN)
                    b) DIANE LYNN DESCHAU (TWIN)
                    c) SUZANNE DESCHAU

               2) ALICE JEAN HENDRIKSEN                        HUGH BUTLER
                     a) MICHAEL JOHN BUTLER
                     b) JUDITH BUTLER

        b.1865, May 13
        d.1873, Jul 25

        b.1871, Sep.23
        m. No
        d.1873, Jul. 15

        b.1874, Apr. 5
        m. No
        d.1909, Oct. 7

    6. BENJAMIN PLASMAN                                           CORDELIA BOTZEN
        b.1876, Dec.4                                                             b.1881, Feb.17
        m.1904, Dec.28                                                          m.
        d.1916, May 2                                                            d.

         a. ALICE PLASMAN                                                PETER KOLEAN
             b.1906, Feb.15                                                       b.17 Apr 1907
             m.1937, Mar.27                                                      d.died 29 Apr. 1988
             divorced: probably in the 1950's
             d.died 13 Apr 1996

          b. HELEN PLASMAN                                              REV. MARINUS SCHIPPER

               1) JAMES MARINUS SCHIPPER                       CHARLOTTE PLAS
                    a) GORDON JAMES SCHIPPER
                    b) LINDA JOY SCHIPPER
                    c) JULIE KAY SCHIPPER
                    d) JILL ANN SCHIPPER

                2) PAUL SCHIPPER                                         CAROLYN LUBBERS
                     a) TAMELA SUE SCIPPER
                     b) TODD ALAN SCHIPPER
                    c) BARBARA JO SCHIPPER
                     d) TIMOTHY PAUL SCHIPPER
                     e) PAULA FAY SCHIPPER
                     f) BRET SCHIPPER

                 3) KENNETH JOHN SCHIPPER                             MARILYN POLL
                     a) RANDAL KERT SCHIPPER
                     b) DEBRA LYNN SCHIPPER
                     c) RONALD JAY SCHIPPPER

                 4) LOIS CAROLYN SCHIPPER                              DR. EDWARD A. LANGERAK

            c. BENJAMIN FREDERICK PLASMAN                      ELIZABETH VAN RYE
                  1) BRUCE ALLEN PLASMAN
                  2) BETH ANN PLASMAN                                     RONALD PAS

             d. WALTER JOHN PLASMAN
                  b. Died in infancy (1918?)

    7. WILLIAM PLASMAN                                                     MARGARET SLENK
         b.1879, Apr. 14                                                                b.1877, Aug.8
         m.1902, Apr.1                                                                  m.
         d.1969, Sep.22                                                                 d.1960, May

           a. HAZEL PLASMAN                                                   THOMAS PETERSON
               b.1903, Oct.31                                                            b.1902, Jan.8
               m.1960                                                                        m.
               d.                                                                                 d.

            b. JOHN PLASMAN                                                    MARJORY SCOTT
                1) DUNCAN PLASMAN                                         ONEITA SUE PITNEY
                2) BARBARA PLASMAN

            c. FLOYD PLASMAN                                                 FRANCES SYBIL JOHNSON (FAY)
                1) LESLIE FAY PLASMAN                                    JOHN CHARLES LECHLEITER
                2) TERRY PLASMAN

                 1) DIANE PLASMAN                                            FOREST JAMES ROGERS, JR.
                      a) BRUCE EDWARD ROGERS
                      b) GLENN ELLIOT ROGERS
                      c) JENNIFER LYNN ROGERS

                  2) DANE HENRICHSEN

                  3) VAL LANA HENRICHSEN                             RICHARD PETER CREAM
                       a) MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER CREAM

              e) WILLIAM PLASMAN JR.                                   MARY LINDSLEY

                   1) RICHARD KENNETH PLASMAN                NANCY DIEMER
                       a) SCOT RICHARD PLASMAN
                       b) CYNTHIA MARIE PLASMAN
                       c) JAY RICHARD PLASMAN

                   2) SUSAN MARGARET PLASMAN                  RONALD GLENN COOPER

    8. HENRY PLASMAN                                                       LOIS KENNEDY
        b.1881, Sep.17                                                                b.1888, May 23
        m.1918, Aug.13                                                               m.
        d.1940, Oct. 14                                                               d.1968, Oct.24

        a. STEPHEN KENNEDY PLASMAN                           LORAINE TENINGA
            1) JAMES HENRY PLASMAN
            2) BARBARA PLASMAN
            3) MARGARET PLASMAN

        b. CAROLYN BOYD PLASMAN                                  ALEXIS THIELENS MILLER
            1) SCOTT MILLER
            2) ROSS MILLER


             1) CHARLES ROUDLEY COOK                             JUDITH EVELYN TUCKER
                  a) KARYN ELIZABETH COOK

             2) STEPHEN KENNEDY COOK                             MARY ETTA MEYER
             4) CAROLYN MARIE COOK

    9. JOHN PLASMAN                                                          LUCY HAYES
        b.1885, Jan.22                                                                 b.1891 Dec.19
        m.1918                                                                            m.
        d.1964, Jul 25                                                                  d.1986, Jun.12

         a. LUCILLE PLASMAN                                                PAUL GROSSE

             1) PAULA ELIZABETH GROSSE                             DON DILLINGER
                 a) MATTHEW DILLINGER
                 b) MARA DILLINGER

             2) CHRISTINE ANN GROSSE
             3) HEIDI JEAN GROSSE                                         CHRISTOPHER A. HAFNER (divorced)
                 a) CHRISTOPHER A HAFNER JR.
                 b) MICHAEL A. HAFNER

          b. JOHN RUSSEL PLASMAN                                    EVELYN RAY
              1) LISA KIM PLASMAN
              2) JOHN JOSEPH PLASMAN
              3) RUDUL DAVID PLASMAN

   10. HENRIETTA PLASMAN                                            DR. MARION GERARD GOSSELINK, DD
         b.1888, Feb. 20                                                            b.1890, Mar. 2
         m.1918, Jun.26                                                             m.
         d.1960, Jun.11                                                              d.

          a. MARION GERARD GOSSELINK                          GERALDINE MARIA STOMPS
              1) PAUL  FERARD GOSSELINK
              2) HOLLY SUE GOSSELINK

          b. FREDERICK PLASMAN GOSSELING                  MARY KOZAK

   11. FANNIE PLASMAN                                                   ALBERT BEREND VAN DYK
         b.1889, Dec.27                                                             b.1893, Mar.11
         m.1919, Aug.25                                                            m.
         d.1975                                                                          d.1975

          a. MARY ELIZABETH VAN DYK                            HENRY GERARD GROTE, SR.

              1) HENRY GERARD GROTE JR.                          ROSE MARY MATYCICH
                  a) JODIE ANN GROTE
                  b) DOUGLAS ALLEN GROTE

              2) ELIZABETH ANN GROTE                               FLOYD EDWARD WAGNER
                  a) SHAWNA MARIE WAGNER

              3) JOHN ALLEN GROTE

           b. HELEN ALICAI VAN DYK                                GILBERT HOLKEBOER
               1) MIRIAM RUTH HOLKEBOER
               2) GRANT VAN DYK HOLKEBOER

   C. JANE PLASMAN                                                       ALBERT VAN DYKE
        b.1838                                                                         b.1834, Jul.16
        m.?                                                                               m.
        d.                                                                                 d.1882, Sep.13
        m.2nd time after 1882                                                   TOBIAL KOFFERS

     1. GERRIT VAN DYKE                                                 JAN VAN TONEGERAN

          a. JENNIE VAN DYKE

          b. JOHANNA VAN DYKE                                       JOHN WIEGHMINK
              1) RUBY WIEGHMINK
              2) EDNA WIEGHMINK                                       MR. VAN HUIS
              3) MABELLE WIEGHMINK                                MR. BRUUSENG
              4) HARVEY WIEGHMINK
              5) GORDON WIEGHMINK

           c. ALBERTA VAN DYKE                                        MR. GRAHAM
           d. TONIA VAN DYKE
           e. ALBERT VAN DYKE
               b.(died at age 3)

     2. ALICE VAN DYKE                                                  SIMON DEKOOYER
          a. CLARA DEKOOYER                                          MR. VANDENBOSCH
          b. JENNIE DEKOOYER                                          MR. VANDENBOSCH
          c. SOLOMON DEKOOYER                                   MISS ZAALZMAN
          d. ELIZABETH DEKOOYER                                   MR. KLEINHEKSEL


    The home in the "Fatherland' of the early Graafschap (Dutch spelling), Michigan founders was Grafschaft (German spelling), in Bentheim, in Hanover Province of Prussia.  Henrietta Brinkman was born there.  Grafschaft, Bentheim derives its name from "Heim" or house of the Old Tubanton.  These became subject to the Romans by Drusus.  To keep these Tubanton under firmer control, he erected on a rocky hill of the Old Tubanton land, a solid castle which to this day still bears the name of "The Castle of Bentheim."
    "Old inscriptions permit the interpretation that the Castle of Bentheim had been built as early as seven years before the birth of Christ.  It was built of huge boulders.  Round about the castle, and in part upon the same rocky hill, the city of Bentheim was also built, and because of the age old castle, the well know Bentheim Forest, together with the wholesome sulphur springs, as well as the famous stone quarries, it has become curiously attractive to te traveler or tourist."
    Grafschaft was from way back a fief, in turn of the Romans, Germans and French emperors.  In area it covers no more than a 14 or 15 hour walk in length and 4 or 5 hours in width.  On the north in borders Drenthe, on the east Munsterland, ont he south Westphalia, and Overisel on the west.  The Vecht and the Dunkel are the cheif rivers.  The Vecht flows westward from Grafschaft, Bentheim into the Netherlands which was just across the border.  Some of the Graafschappers lived in Emelkamp, Graafschap.  Since the Reformation, the inhabitants for the most part had been Protestants in faith.  They were Calvinists.  They spoke the Holland language and their culture was that of Holland.  They were of teutonic origin.
     Religious developments were the principal reasons for te immigration to America.  They wished to educate their children in Christian schools.  There was also a scarcity of food and means of making a livelihood was almost impossible.
     At this time a new Reformed Church group (Gereformede) separated from the "Herformde-Kerk", was being formed in the Netherlands.  This "Afscheiding" or separation beginning in 1834 soon affected the Grafschaft, Bentheim area.  Stephen Lucas had made cofession of faith in 1817.  The government found him guilty of holding religiou meetings in his home and he was sentenced to seven days in jail because these meetings were unauthorized.  But on May 20, 1845 under the leadership of Rev. J. Suntag of the Our Gereformde Gemeente (congregation) at Emelkamp was organized in S. Lucas' home.  Elders were elected and confirmed in the Coervordon in Drenthe, a province in the Netherlands, just across the border.  Rev. DeKok, Dr. Van Raalte and other ministers came across the border to preach to the new congregation.  Rev. Shoemaker was also a leader in this area.
     Hearing of a new colony to be founded by Dr. VanRaalte in America, Mr. Lucas' family and other people of the area decided to follow Dr. VanRaalte to America.  Before leaving they need to sell their property etc.  They traveled from Coervordon by wagon to the Hasselt Canal (Zwarte water - black water) where a ship lay ready to take them to Rotterdam.  They traveled with people from the Netherland provinces who were under the leadership of Rev. Bolks.  On reaching Rotterdam, they found the Antoinette Marie (Maria) waiting for them to take them to America.
     They took their provisions, prescribed by the shipping company aboard and left for Hellevoetsluis. Unable to leave because of lack of wind they lay at anchor and sailed away to sea on April 4, 1847.  Forty-nine days passed by during which all they saw was sky, water and an occasional ship.  They reached New York on May 23, 1847.  They went from New York up the Hudson River to Troy, from Troy through the Erie Canal by canal boat to Buffalo.  From Buffalo they crossed Lake Erie to Detroit, from Detroit to Lake Huron to Mackinaw City down Lake Michigan to Holland.
     Finally, on June 27, 1847, after many privations and sufferings they reached their destination.  They were happy and thankful for the Lord's providence in allowing them to reach the place for which they had so eagerly longed.  Imagine their surprise on seeing the froest, trees one hundred feet high and six feet in diameter.  The housing facilities were poor.  There were no houses - only log cabins.
     If our pioneers had not been persons of noble and firm convictions, and if their trust in God and their calling had not been able to undergird them, they would have perished amidst the privations, disappontments and later their struggles for a bare existence.  But they trusted God and knew that he had led them thus far and would care for them in the future.  They had started with God, in the midst of their suffering.  He had not deserted them.  In their hearts was the prayer:  "O Lord, grant us they blessing.  O Lord, give us thy salvation."
     The lovely hill situated southwest of Holland was to be the area where they would settle and make their homes.  They called the settlement Graafschap.  A half mile south and one-fourth mile west was the place where Henrietta Brinkman's parents built their home.  The soil of the farm was well-suited for agriculture.
     At first they worshipped with Dr. VanRaalte and his followers in Holland.  The distance being too great and means of travel difficult, they held their meetings in the home of William Notting.  The first service was led by Egbert Dunnewind, and elder and teacher, from the Netherlands.  In 1848, the people decided to build their own log church in which they could meet together to worship their Lord.  Their first pastor was Adrian Zwemer.


     Centrally located as it was with reference to the farming community and on the diagonal road from Holland to Manlius, New Richmond, Saugatuck and Singapore, Graafschap flourished.  In the beginning, the pioneers carried their supplies on their backs from Singapore or Saugatuck.  For years Saugatuck remained vitally important to the people of Graafschap.  There they sold their timber and hemlock bark, marketed surplus farm products, and bought some farming equipment.  Their credit with the merchants was excellent.  In 1849, Matthias Naaye opened a store in Graafschap.  It lasted one year.  Later H. Brink began a business which prospered.  A post office was established in 1867 and continued until the rural delivery was established.  Later merchants were Simon DeNuil, G.W. Mokma, Gerrit Rutgers, Hendrik Tien, Jan Epping and then William Mulder.  Wagon shops and smithies were opened.  Homes were built.  Dr. Manting began his practice as the doctor.
     Graafschap's prosperity was evident in many ways.  The woods were cut down by the farmer's ax.  Well-kept farms and spacious barns covered the country.  Bricks brought from Gronnigen were used to build many of the homes.
     During the Civil War the crude log church was superceded with an imposing structure.  From its steeple, the peal of the church bell called the people to church.  On weekdays, the bell was rung at 7:00 am, at 12:00 noon and at 6:00 pm.
     Graafschap exhibited a unique personality.  For two generations people spoke the dialect of Bentheim which was often varied by an occasional German word.  Business transactions were carried on in Dutch.  Graafschap was a successful, hard working community.  The Dutch or Holland language was used in the church services.  In the early 1900's English services were used.


     The Ship Agents at Rotterdam are to provide fit ship accomodations or conditions to place of destination; on board the accepoted ship, the passengers will have room to sleep between decks, the necessary fresh water for use during the voyage, besides fuel and stove to serve them.  Unknown and poor will leave the ship last.
     The passengers must take care of the stove and cooking utensils as well as the necessary provisions, prepare and exist on:

25  Netherlands lbs  Ship bread                5 Netherland lbs  Flour
50             "            Potatoes (a must)      15         "             Rice
12&1/2     "             Peas & beans            10        "              Smoked or salted meat
Also butter, vinegar & salt

     In case the trip is to New Orleans, people must (inorder to survive longer) pack 15 more kilos of durable food.
     Stated conditions come under the care of the Captain who will daily distribute them to the families or persons aboard.  In case of overage, it will be disposed of by the passengers.
     The Baggage allowed each one on the voyage is 100 kilos and that needed for daily use may be kept between decks and the remaining is to be in the hold.
     In case merchants goods are brought aboard, payment will be agreed upon as decided by the group.
     The passage money agreed upon must be paid partly while on board under the contract, and the rest upon embarking.  Received from A. Kloomparens the sum of 500 Guilders for Passage from here to New York between ship decks of the Antoinette Maria through Captain:

                                                                                             2 April 1846
                                                                                             III Pieters


Gerrit Rutgers                                             Gerrit Freeriks
Stephen Lucas                                            Arend John Neerken
Jan Hendriklemmen                                     A. Arends
Hendrik Jan Brinkman                                 Gerrit Arends
Jan Harm Wieghmink                                  W. Kroenemeyer
Hillegje Poppen                                           T. Kropschut
Albert Klomparens & Family                       Jan Rutgers
Hendrik Klomparens                                    F. Semeyn
Jan Klomparens                                           Jan Bouws
Derk Zaalmink                                             Rieks Bouws
Geert Zaalmink                                            Herman Strabbing
Jennige Meyer                                             Hedrikus Strabbing
Lambert Tinhold & Family                           Hendrik Zaalmink
Lucas Tinholt                                               *BENJAMIN BRINKMAN WIFE & 3 CHILDREN
Lambert Kropschaf & Family                      Kasper Lahuis
Gerrit Bouws & Family

* Grandfather of Fanny Plasman VanDyk

For a more complete list and additional information see:

The Descendents of the HENDRIK JAN BRINKMAN Family

HENDRIK JAN BRINKMAN (Lake Township)                                 ANSA(HANSA) ___? (first wife)
b.1783, Apr.16                                                                                    JANE BOER (second wife)about 1783(JANNA)?

I. BENJAMIN (BEREND JAN) BRINKMAN                                    AALTIEN SPEET
   b.1810, Jul 11                                                                                    b.1811, Feb. 1
   m.                                                                                                      m.
   d.1868,Nov.26                                                                                  d.1819,Feb.28

   A. HENRY BRINKMAN                                                                 JANE KLOMPARENS
        b.1838,Feb.26                                                                              b.1840,Nov.29
        m.                                                                                                 m.
        d.1909, Jun.1                                                                                d.1924, Jan.25

         b.died at sea on trip to America

  *C. HENRIETTA BRINKMAN                                                        FREDERICK PLASMAN(See Plasman Genealogy)
         b.1846,Jun.27                                                                              b.1835,Feb.28
         m.1863, May 9                                                                            m. 1863
         d.1926, Aug.16                                                                            d.1913,Jan.18

II. HENDRIKJE BRINKMAN                                                             BEREND LUGERS
     b.1827, Sep.10                                                                                 b.1820,Oct.27
     m.                                                                                                     m.
     d.1894, Oct.27                                                                                 d.1897,Jan.9

     A. FANNIE LUGERS                                                                      SIMON DENUIL

     B. HENRY LUGERS                                                                        ? ____
          1. BENJAMIN LUGERS                                                             SENA LUBBERS
          2. ALBERT LUGERS                                                                  ANNA VAN DYK
          3. FANNIE LUGERS                                                                  EDWARD BRAKESMA
          4. HENRY LUGERS                                                                   KATE DUNNEWIND
          5. HATTIE LUGERS                                                                   VINCENT CLEMENTS
          6. EDWARD LUGERS                                                                JENNIE DENUIL
          7. ANNA LUGERS                                                                     FRED DEVRIEW

     C. LUKE LUGERS                                                                          LUCRETIA ELANBAAS
          1. BENJAMIN LUGERS                                                            ? ___
          2. GEORGIANA LUGERS                                                         Single
          3. ETTA LUGERS                                                                       REV. GEORGE HENEVELD
              a. DR. R. HENEVELD
              b. LOWELL HENEVELD
              c. HELEN ADELE HENEVELD

      D. JENNIE LUGERS                                                                      JOHN VAN ZANTEN

      E.  BENJAMIN LUGERS                                                               GRACE LUBBERS (First wife)
                                                                                                              ALICE HILBINK (Second wife)
           1. GERTRUDE LUGERS                                                           ARNOLD HOFFMEYER

      F. JOHANNA LUGERS                                                                 WILLIAM STROEVE
          1. JOHANNA LUGERS                                                              HENRY SCHROETENBOER

III. FENNE BRINKMAN                                                                      Single

IV. JOHN BRINKMAN                                                                        Died in Civil War

V.  HERMINA BRINKMAN                                                                 WILLIAM DERKS (Lake Township)
      b.1829, May 15

      A. HENRY DERKS                                                                         NELLIE LOKERSE
      B. JOHN DERKS                                                                            KATE STIELSTRA
      C. HERMAN DERKS                                                                     MAGGIE MEEUSEN
      D. GERTRUDE DERKS                                                                  GERRIT BUTER
           1. JOHANNA BUTER                                                                N. DANHOF
           2. MINNIE BUTER                                                                     MAURICE BENNET
           3. GERRIT BUTER                                                                      ? __ RADFIELD
       E. HEINE DERKS                                                                           JENNIE VANDER PELT

VI. JAN HARM BRINKMAN                                                               ? ___

      B.  HEIN BRINKMAN                                                                    JANE BOUWER
           1. HORACE BRINKMAN
           2. JULIA BRINKMAN                                                               EDWARD BARKEL
           3. HAZEL BRINKMAN                                                             LEWIS BRIEVE

VII. ? ____ BRINKMAN (Male)                                                           ?  _____
        A.  HENRY BRINKMAN                                                             GEZINA HENEVELD
              1. GRACE BRINKMAN                                                         JOHN KLEINHEXSEL
              2. GEORGE BRINKMAN                                                       ?
              3. JOHN BRINKMAN                                                            ?
              4. ALBERT BRINKMAN                                                        WINNIE VAN HOUW
              5. JENNIE BRINKMAN                                                         Single - Missionary
              6. HATTIE BRINKMAN                                                         Single - Missionary
              7. EFFIE BRINKMAN                                                            GERM MOKMA


A.  HENRY BRINKMAN (Henrietta's Brother)                                      JANE KLOMPARENS
      b.1838, Feb.26                                                                                  b.1840
      m. c 1862                                                                                           m.
      d. 1909, Jun.1                                                                                    d.1924, Jan.25

      1. BENJAMIN BRINKMAN (Rev.)                                                 GERTRUDE (Kate) ZAALMINK
          b.1865                                                                                           b. 1867
          m.1885, May 17                                                                            m.
          d.                                                                                                   d.

         a. HENRY BRINKMAN                                                              FANNIE VANDE BUNTE
               b.1887, Jul.14                                                                           b.1886, Apr.28
               m.1907, Apr. 4                                                                         m. 1907
               d.                                                                                              d.

          b.  GERALD BRINKMAN                                                            MARGARET HOVEN (First wife)
               b.                                                                                               VIRGINIA ? _____ (second wife)

               1) GERALD BRINKMAN Jr.
               2) FAITH BRINKMAN
               3) DONNA BRINKMAN

       2. FANNIE BRINKMAN                                                                JOHN SPYKER
           b.1867                                                                                          b.1867
           m.1889, May 3                                                                             m.1889
           d.                                                                                                  d.

            a.  FRANCES SPYKER                                                              EVART CHAPMAN
                 b.1890                                                                                     b.
                 m.                                                                                            m.

               1)  JUANITA CHAPMAN
               2)  LLOYD GEORGE CHAPMAN                                           LOIS MARGARET DEPREE
                     b.1911, Jun.1                                                                        b.1911, Sep.15 (Foochow, China)

                     a)  ROBERT LLOYD CHAPMAN
                     b)  MARILYN KAY CHAPMAN
                     c)  REX CHAPMAN

            b.  JEANETTE SPYKER                                                              WILLIAM G. WILSON
                  b.1894, Feb. 1                                                                         b.1888
                  m.                                                                                            m.
                  d.1928, Apr. 13                                                                       d.

                 1)  DOROTHY WILSON                                                       NATHAN F. GOLDSMITH
                      b.1911, Apr.20                                                                   b.1894, Dec.24

                 2)  STANLEY SPYKER                                                         LOIS KASHL (First wife)
                       m.                                                                                      WIFE #2

                       a) LINDA KAY WILSON
                       b) GARTH STANLEY WILSON

                  3)  FRANCES MARIAN WILSON                                      MARVIN B. FINK

                        a)  JOYCE B. FINK
                        b)  JANICE FINK

                  4)  ROBERT EUGENE WILSON                                          LAURETTE ? _____
                  5)  HELEN MAE WILSON                                                   MAURICE RYPSTRA
                         a)  GAYLE FAY RYPSTRA                                           THOMAS PEDDIE
                                i.  JONATHAN THOMAS PEDDIE

             b. 1868, Aug. 20

       4.  AALTIEN (ALICE) BRINKMAN                                               GERRIT DU MEZ
            b.1869, Jan. 28                                                                             b.1866, Feb.8
            m.1893, Nov. 29                                                                          m.1893

            a.  BERTHA DU MEZ
                 b.1894, Dec.4

            b. HENRY DU MEZ                                                                    THERESA BOWMASTER
                 b.1896, Nov. 25                                                                       b.1896, Jun.10
                 m.1921                                                                                     m.1921
                 d.                                                                                              d.1974

            c. MABEL DU MEZ                                                                     WALTER FRY

     5.   ALBERT BRINKMAN                                                                 MAGGIE VAN VULPERN
            b.1872, May 18                                                                             b.1875, Jul.29

             a.  ALFRED BRINKMAN
                  b. (Died in infancy)

             b. JEANETTE BRINKMAN                                                        RAY KNOORHUIZEN
                  b.1897, Jun.                                                                              b.1897, Dec.10

                  1)  LOIS KNOORHUIZEN                                                    REV. WILLIAM COONS, SR.
                        a)  WILLIAM COONS                                                     VIRGINIA YOUNG
                        b)  DAVID COONS
                        c)  MARY COONS

                  2)  ERWIN KNOORHUIZEN

             c.  NELLIE BRINKMAN                                                            ALFRED HATCH (First Husband)
                                                                                                                  GARDNER JOYCE (Second Husband)

             d.  FREDERICK (ALFRED HENRY) BRINKMAN                    MARJORIE REDDER

                   1)  ALLEN JOHN BRINKMAN                                            NANCY GAGNON
                         a)  ANGELINE BRINKMAN
                         b)  JEFFREY ALAN BRINKMAN

                    2)  PATRICIA ANN BRINKMAN                                       MARVIN MARCUSSE
                         a)  DEBRA KAY MARCUSSE
                         b)  JULIE ANN MARCUSSE

      6.  ANNA BRINKMAN                                                                    REV. JACOB VANDER MEULEN
           b.1874, Feb. 14                                                                             b.1874, Nov.7 (Noord Holland, Netherlands)
           m.                                                                                                  m.

      7.  JOHANNES BRINKMAN                                                           ETTA MENHUIS
           b.1876, Feb. 14                                                                             b.1879, Jun.12


            b.  PAUL ABEL BRINKMAN                                                    HENRIETTA DEVOS
                 1)  JANE LOUISE BRINKMAN

       8.  GERTJE (GERTRUDE) BRINKMAN                                        JAN KROENEMEYER
            b.1881, Feb.4                                                                              b.1878
            m.1906, Jun.27                                                                             m.

             a.  RAYMOND KROENEMEYER                                            TENA BAKER

                  1)  ROBERT JAN KROENEMEYER                                   GAIL HAMM

                        a)  JULIA ANN KROENEMEYER
                        b)  DOUGLAS JON KROENEMEYER
                        c)  DIANE LYN KROENEMEYER


             c.  HOWARD CHESTER KROENEMEYER                              WILMA KAY FILLMORE

                   1)  WILLIAM HOWARD KROENEMEYER
                   2)  DAVID JOHN KROENEMEYER                                    JUDY BROWN
                   3)  SANDRA KAY DROENEMEYER


             e.  MORRIS EDWIN JAY KROENEMEYER                             VIVIAN PARKER

                   1)  DALE JAY KROENEMEYER                                          MARBARA E. DYKSTRA
                         a)  DEBORAH ELLEN KROENEMEYER
                         b)  TAMMY KROENEMEYER
                         d)  KEVIN KROENEMEYER

                    2)  TERRY LYN KROENEMEYER

                    3)  KATHY KROENEMEYER

                    4)  TIMOTHY R. KROENEMEYER

              f.  HARVEY GLENN KROENEMEYER                                     MARGARETTA SCHIPPERS

                     1)  JUDITH ANN KROENEMEYER                                    LANDRO PZYLMAN
                           a)  LANETTE SUE PZYLMAN
                           b)  STEPHEN PAUL PZYLMAN

                     2)  DONALD LEE KROENEMEYER


              h.  VIOLA RUTH KROENEMEYER                                          BENJAMIN VAN FAROWE

                      1)  BARBARA VAN FAROWE
                      2)  ROBERT ALAN VAN FAROWE
                      3)  BRIAN VAN FAROWE

       9.  JEANETTE BRINKMAN                                                             ABE KOEMAN
            b.1884, Nov. 5                                                                               b.1883, Jul.12
            m. c  1904

             a.  ANNE KOEMAN                                                                    REV. JACOB JUST

                  1)  JOHN JACOB JUST(Adopted)                                           CAROL ENDERSON

             b.  HENRY EUGENE KOEMAN                                                  WILHELMINA (Minnie) PRINS

                  1)  ELEANOR RUTH KOEMAN

                  2)  LOIS JEAN KOEMAN                                                        HAROLD HILL
                        a)  PATRICIA HILL
                        b)  PAMELA JEAN HILL
                        c)  MARY SUE HILL
                        d)  AMY JO HILL

                   3)  JANICE ARLENE KOEMAN                                             ALFRED SMITH
                         a)  CHRYSTAL DAWN SMITH
                         b)  ELIZABETH ANN SMITH
                         c)  WENDY FAWN SMITH

                   4)  MARY LOU KOEMAN

                   5)  KAREN SUE KOEMAN

              c.  JEANETTE KOEMAN                                                              STANLEY MARINUS HENEVELD

                    1)  GARY ALLYN HENEVELD (Rev.)                                    JANET IRENE VER MEULEN

                    2)  JOAN MARIE HENEVELD

                    3)  JAMES LEE HENEVELD (Rev.)                                         SHARON A. VANDER POL
                         a)  KEVIN LEE HENEVELD
                         b)  BRENDA SUE HENEVELD

                    4)  HARVEY EUGENE HENEVELD (Rev.)                             ELAINE ROSE FOLKERT

              d.  IRENE KOEMAN                                                                     HAROLD BREUKER

                    1)  RUTH ANN BREUKER                                                      JERRY WYMA
                          a)  MICHELE IRENE WYMA
                          b)  DEBRA LYN WYMA
                          c)  KEITH ALLEN WYMA
                          d)  KEVIN LEE WYMA

                   HAROLD BREUKER married 2nd AGATHA VANDEN ELSE
                     1)  DAVID LEE BREUKER
                     2)  LARRY BREUKER                                                             MARY KARASS
                           a)  DAWN LEE BREUKER

              e.  FRANCES KOEMAN R.N.                                                        VERNON WEBSTER
                    1)  GRETA JOAN WEBSTER
                    2)  STEPHEN CRAIG WEBSTER
                    3)  CATHRYN ANN WEBSTER
                    4)  GLENNA JOY WEBSTER

               f.  ELSIE KOEMAN                                                                        WILLARD OOSTING

                    1)  YVONNE JEAN OOSTING                                                 DONALD DEWEERD
                           a)  DENISE YVONNE DEWEERD
                           b)  RICHARD DEAN DEWEERD

                     2)  WILLIAM PAUL OOSTING

               g.  NELSON KOEMAN                                                                 MARJORIE SCHOTTEN
                     1)  FRANCES JEAN KOEMAN
                     2)  ALAN JOHN KOEMAN
                     3)  BRIAN LEE KOEMAN
                     4)  CRAIG ARLAN KOEMAN
                     5)  DENNIS A. KOEMAN
                     6)  EVAN j. KOEMAN
                     7)  GERRY NELSON KOEMAN

               h.  BEATRICE KOEMAN                                                              WILLIAM MORALES
                     1)  MARK WILLIAM MORALES
                     2)  MATTHEW ALAN MORALES
                     3)  MARTIN BRIAN MORALES

                i.  RUSSEL KOEMAN                                                                   ELIZABETH CHARLOTTE MUELLER
                      1)  RUSSEL A. KOEMAN
                      2)  JANE ELLEN KOEMAN
                      3)  DAVID j. KOEMAN
                      4)  JERRY LEE KOEMAN

                 j.  MARVIN KOEMAN                                                                MATHABEL TUESINK
                      1)  MARILYN JEAN KOEMAN                                             GLENN MENLUUS
                      2)  MARK ALAN KOEMAN
                      3)  RICHARD PAUL KOEMAN
                      4)  THOMAS JAY KOEMAN
                      5)  KRISTI LYNN KOEMAN

                 k.  ESTHER KOEMAN                                                                HARRY NELSON
                       1)  NANCY NELSON

Descendents of the SPEET* Clan

I.  STEPHEN SPEET (Lake Township MI. 1860 Index to Head of Household Allegan County MI.

     A.  GERRIT JOHN SPEET                                                                        JANE VISSER
            1.  HELEN SPEET                                                                              JOHN H. RUTGERS
            2.  DENA SPEET                                                                                Single
            3.  STEVE SPEET

     B.  ANNIE SPEET                                                                                     BENJAMIN WALTERS
           1.  STEPHEN S. WALTERS                                                                RENA TEERMAN
                 a.  BENJAMIN WALTERS                                                            KATHERINE VANDER HEIDE

           2.  PROF. EDWARD WALTERS                                                        LAURA LEMMEN
                 a.  DALE WALTERS                                                                     GLADYS HAMBURG
                 b.  ANN WALTERS                                                                      PHILIP FREDERIKSEN
                 c.  LLOYD WALTERS
                 d.  JUNE WALTERS                                                                      ABRAHAM VAN HOVEN
                 e.  MARY WALTERS                                                                    DON DAMSTRA

     C.  GRACE SPEET (Died in her teens)

II.  GERRIT JOHN SPEET (First Husband                                                     ZWANTJE KROPSCHOT

       AAREN NEERKEN (Second Husband)

        A.  GEORGE SPEET                                                                               ANNA UREDEVELD

              1.  JOHN SPEET                                                                               Single
              2.  BERT SPEET                                                                                ANNA VAN HUIS
              3.  DELIA SPEET                                                                              JOHN DENUIL
              4.  BENJAMIN SPEET                                                                     HATTIE BOMERS
              5.  SUSAN SPEET                                                                            GERM MOKMA
              6.  ALBERT SPEET                                                                           JOSIE TIEN
              7.  FRED SPEET                                                                                NONA VAN ORDER

        B.  ALBERT SPEET                                                                                 GRACE LUBBERS

              1.  JOHN SPEET                                                                                ANNA VAN OSS
              2.  LIZZIE SPEET                                                                               SIMON DENUIL
              3.  SUSAN SPEET                                                                              ED PLAGGERMARS
              4.  HENRIETTA SPEET                                                                      NICK PRINS
              5.  GEORGIANA SPEET                                                                    LOUIS GARVELINK

        C.  WILLIAM SPEET                                                                               Remained in Hanover (now Germany)

        D.  GRIETJE SPEET                                                                                 HENRY KOOIKER

               1.  REV. GERRIT KOOIKER                                                            JEAN OLTMANS
               2.  DENA KOOIKER                                                                        GEORGE HUIZENGA
                    a.  GLADYS HUIZENGA                                                             BERNARD DEPREE
                    b.  RUTHERFORD HUIZENGA
                    c.  EVELYN HUIZENGA                                                             JOHN WESTERVELT

               3.  JOHN KOOIKER                                                                       MAUD JANSEN
                    a.  CHARLOTTE KOOIKER                                                      MARVIN DRUIZENGA
                    b.  VIRGINIA KOOIKER                                                           PRESTON LUIDENS
                    c.  THELMA KOOIKER                                                             JACK LEENHOUTS
                    d.  ELLEN JAN KOOIKER                                                         ROBERT BARKEMA
                    e.  GWENDOLYN KOOIKER                                                    PAUL VAN ECK

                4.  SENA KOOIKER                                                                       BENJAMIN DU MEZ

                5.  JOSEPH KOOIKER                                                                  GRACE SPRIETSEMA
                     a.  MAXINE KOOIKER                                                            ROBERT WILSON
                     b.  ADELAIDE KOOIKER                                                        ERNEST TIRREL
                     c.  HOWARD KOOIKER                                                          WINIFRED WESTERHOF
                     d.  PAUL KOOIKER                                                                 ANN ? ____
                     e.  KENNETH KOOIKER                                                         MARILYN SHISHLER

                6.  FANNIE KOOIKER                                                                  HENRY COLENBRANDER

                7.  BENJAMIN KOOIKER                                                            DORA AUSCHER

        E.  DENA SPEET                                                                                   GEORGE KLOMPARENS
               1.  SUSAN KLOMPARENS                                                          HERMAN VAN OSS
               2.  GEORGE KLOMPARENS                                                       JOHANNA TONEKRIG
               3.  GRACE KLOMPARENS                                                         HENRY HOEKSEMA
               4.  FLORENCE KLOMPARENS                                                  HENRY NEWHOUSE
               5.  JAMES KLOMPARENS                                                          CATHRYN DEGRAAF

        F.  LEA SPEET                                                                                     HENRY BROWER
               1.  JOHN BROWER
               2.  GERRIT BROWER
               3.  BEN BROWER
               4.  LAWRENCE BROWER
               5.  MARY BROWER
               6.  FANNY BROWER                                                                   ? _____ NYKERK
                    a.  Dr. GERALD NYKERK    (Missionary in Arabia)
               7.  MINNIE BROWER                                                                GERRIT NEVENSEL
               8.  HATTIE BROWER                                                                 PAUL VAN DYKE
               9.  GRACE GROWER  (Died when she was a young girl)

A small granite monument across from the
Christian Reformed Church
Memorializes the Thirteen Pioneers
who died and were Buried There.


?___?  LUCAS



In 1856 Adrian Zwemer became the first Dutch Pastor of the early colonists of the Graafschap Reformed Church.


John Brinkman                                                                                                           Civil War - Died in Battle
David Brandsma                          Army Infantry                                                       Vietnman
Henry Brandsma                          297th Army Ordinance                                          World War II
James Brandsma                          Army Military Police                                            Vietnman
Hugh Butler                                 A.F. Airman First Class                                         World War II
Dr. Lester DeKoster                    Naval Air Trasport Service                                   World War II
Edwin DeVries                            Army Engineer                                                       World War I
Fred DeVries                               Army                                                                      World War I
Dr. Marion G. Gosselink             Army Chaplain, endorsed by Reformed Church     War ended before commission
Shirley Eloise Gosselink             U.S. Nurse Corp,Grad,Hospital-U.of Penn;Died Oct. before spring to go overseas
Mary Gosselink                           WAC (Fred G's wife) Master Sergeant                  World War II
Lucille Plasman Grosse               2nd Lieutenant, Navy                                              World War II
Fred Grote                                   U.S. Navy on Carrier Independence                       Vietnam
Henry Gerard Grote, Sr.              National Guard
Henry Gerard Grote, Jr.               Military Police, US A.F., Sergeant                        Vietnam
John Allen Grote                          Army Military Police, S.P.4                                  Vitetnam
Dan Henricksen                           Air Force                                                                World War II
Floyd Plasman                             Aircraft Sergeant                                                    World War II
Fred Plasman                               ROTC
John Plasman                               Army                                                                       World War II
Paul Bruce Plasman                     US Navy Engineer on a tanker                                Korean War
John Russel Plasman                    Navy Electronics, AT 3                                         Navy 138-9001735 Fleet
Terry Plasman                              Army                                                                      Vietnam
William Plasman Jr.                     U.S. Air Force                                                       World War II
Paul Schipper                               Army, Security Agency                                          NATO
Albert Berend Van Dyk                329 Field Artillery                                                World War I
Bert Waalkes                                Army Medical Corpp                                            World War II
Edward Wagner                            Air Force                                                              Vietnam
Arnold Gene Werkman                 U.S. Air Force, Code Work                                   NATO
David Verkerke                            Army, Infantry                                                        NATO


A. Printed Sources
     Netherlands Information Service, Holland, Michigan
     Graafschap Cemetery
     Herrick Public Library
     Christian Reformed Church
B.  Books
     Bible of Frederick Plasman
     Legends of the Dutch - Adrian Van Koevering
     Netherlands in America - Henry Lucas
     Early Memoirs of Saugatuck, Michigan, - May Frances Heath
     Ottawa County - Mr. Van Schelven
     The Beginning of the Dutch Immigration to Western Michigan
     Several Books by Dr. Albert Hyma, Prof. of History at the U. of Michigan
C.  Other Sources
     Mrs. John Harger who formerly lived in Graafschap, Hanover, Prussia
     Mr. E. Prins, The Passenger List
     Holland Evening Sentinel
     Obituary Files
     From Relatives and Friends Living in this Area
     Genealogies in the Herrick Public Library
     Ottawa County Cemetery Records, - Mrs. Keeler
     Deed of the Plasman Family Homestead
     Lecture by Dr. Albert Hyma (on microfilm)

Standing Left to Right: Janet & Theresa Kolean(sister of Peter):
Sitting: Alice Plasman-Kolean, Johanna, Peter Kolean(husband of Alice)
Picture provided by: Theron Wierenga

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