"Grote Pier"

Pier Gerlofs, born Ca. 1480 in Kimswrerd, Netherlands; died October 28, 1520 in Sneek, Netherlands; married Rintz or Siersma Sijerx ca. 1495 in Friesland, Netherlands; born ca. 1480 in Friesland, Netherlands.

                 Also known as Grutte Pier, Pierius Magnus. a Friesian folk hero. Fought the Hollander and Burgundians. Allied himself with Karel van Gelre to fight for Friesian freedom. This is "Grote Pier", a farmer from Kimsweerd near Harlingen who after his village was destroyed joined the "vrijbuitersscharen" (a piracy group) and was their leader during the rule of Hertog Karel van Gelre in the beginning of the 16th century. He played a great role fighting the ships who traveled the Zuiderzee ( today it is called het IJsselmeer!) He was very active in 1517 when he attacked ships in the area of the Westfriese coast and put the Gelderse forces on land in Medemblik. On the 11th of August in a fight on the sea near Hoorn he overtook 11 Dutch ships, took possession and plundered Hoorn. He fought with confidence for the freedom of Friesland but left the fight when he realized that the Gelderse government would not bring freedom. He died on the 18th of October 1520 in Sneek as a passive citizen. He had two children: Gerlof, born ca. 1495, died young; and Wobble, born ca. 1500


Statue of Great Pier in his hometown of Kimsweerd


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by J.J. Kalma
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This book is an extended study with many details and figures.