Olive Township
                             Ottawa County, Michgian

Name      Section           Occupation        Post Office Address

Achterhof, Peter=Section 21,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Adams, Edward H.=Section 30,Farmer,New Holland.

 Adams, Geo.H.=Section 30,Farmer,West Olive.

 Alger, Alponzo=Section 11,Farmer,West Olive.

 Alkins, Thomas D.& E.=Section 31,Farmers,New Holland.

 Anys, John=Section 22,Farmer,West Olive.

 Arnold, Elic=Section 11,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Arnoldink, F.=Section 20,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Assink, Frederick=Section 19,Farmer,New Holland.

 Austin, Mrs.Annette=Section 12,Farmer,West Olive.

 Avery, Benjamin J.=Section 6,Farmer,West Olive.

 Bacon, R.D.=Section 12,Farmer,West Olive.

 Baily, Orry A.=Section 2,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Baker, A.S.=Section 12,Farmer,West Olive.

 Bakhuis, F.=Section 32,Farmer,New Holland.

 Bakker, John J.=Section 32,Farmer,New Holland.

 Baldewyn, Jan=Section 21,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Bange, Harm=Section 8,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Bange, Jan=Section 16,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Barighorst, Jan=Section 27,Farmer,New Holland.

 Barlon, Geo.O.=Section 8,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Barlow, E.S.=Section 2,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Barry, Franklin=Section 1,Farmer,West Olive.

 Barry, Thomas=Section 12,Farmer,West Olive.

 Bartels, Berend=Section 16,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Bartels, Gerrit=Section 16,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Batema, Jan=Section 25,Farmer,New Holland.

 Bedell, John=Section 6,Farmer,West Olive.

 Bement, Martha=Section 5,Ottawa Station.

 Beskompas, Abe=Section 29,Farmer,New Holland.

 Black, Daniel & Matilda=Section 12,Farmers,West Olive.

 Blackford, George A.=Section 2,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Boerman, Hendrik=Section 25,Farmer,New Holland.

 Boerman, Jake=Section 25,Farmer,New Holland.

 Boers, Jan=Section 9,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Boersien, Manes=Section 36,Farmer,New Holland.

 Boes, Doek=Section 24,Farmer,New Holland.

 Boetsma, Jan=Section 13,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Boreman, Gerrit=Section 25,Farmer,New Holland.

 Bosenkool, Jan=Section 26,Farmer,New Holland.

 Bovendam, Jan=Section 20,Farmer,New Holland.

 Boyer, Abraham=Section 12,Farmer,West Olive.

 Brandsen, Brand=Section 28,Farmer,New Holland.

 Brandsen, Jan=Section 27,Farmer,New Holland.

 Brat, Hero=Section 23,Farmer,New Holland.

 Brecker, August=Section 12,Farmer,West Olive.

 Brewer, Francis B.=Section 3,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Brewer, John=Section 35,Farmer,Ventura.

 Brooks, George=Section 8,Farmer,West Olive.

 Brouwer, Jan K.=Section 27,Farmer,New Holland.

 Brouwer, Jan=Section 34,Farmer,New Holland.

 Brouwer, K.=Section 22,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Brouwer, Klaas=Section 32,Farmer,New Holland.

 Brouwer, Wigger=Section 21,Farmer,New Holland.

 Brouwer, Wm.=Section 33,Farmer,New Holland.

 Brown, Hannah L.=Section 5,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Brown, John=Section 10,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Bult, Jan=Section 32,Farmer,New Holland.

 Burch, Willard=Section 1,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Bush, Harriet C.=Section 4,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Bush, J.T.=Section 4,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Bush, Peter=Section 4,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Cain, James=Section 14,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Carey, Charles D.=Section 3,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Cheseman, Henry=Section 10,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Clans, Julia=Section 6,Farmer,West Olive.

 Cole, Charles=Section 5,Farmer,West Olive.

 Cole, Edward C.=Section 5,West Olive.

 Cole, Mrs. Thomas=Section 5,Farmer,West Olive.

 Cole, Wm.=Section 5,Farmer,West Olive.

 Connel, John=Section 9,Farmer,West Olive.

 Connel, Thomas=Section 4,Farmer,West Olive.

 Cook, Christian B.=Section 22,Farmer,West Olive.

 Cook, Christian J.=Section 22,Farmer,West Olive.

 Dalmyer, Jan=Section 21,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Dalmyer, Mrs.Wm.=Section 21,Farmer,New Holland.

 Dams, Jane=Section 21,Farmer,New Holland.

 Davidson, G.W.=Section 12,Farmer,West Olive.

 Davis, Hiram J.=Section 34, ?, ?,

De Freel, Tunis=Section 14,Farmer,West Olive.

 De Haas, Breein=Section 18,Farmer,West Olive.

 De Vries,Jan=Section 27,Farmer,New Holland.

 De Wit, George=Section 12,Farmer,Olive Center.

 De Wit, Simon=Section 12,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Dick R.C.=Section 33,Farmer,Ventura.

 Diekema, Anna=Section 29,Farmer,New Holland.

 Diekema, Berend=Section 17,Farmer,Borculo.

 Diepenhorst & Hyboar=Section 26,Farmers,New Holland.

 Diepenhorst, H.& L.=Section 35,Farmers,New Holland.

 Diepenhorst, Hermanes=Section 35,Farmer,New Holland.

 Diepenhorst, Leendert=Section 35,Farmer,New Holland.

 Doering, Charles=Section 22,Farmer,West Olive.

 Dogger, Sakom=Section 34,Farmer,New Holland.

 Douma, Gabe P.=Section 27,Farmer,New Holland.

 Douma, Hulba=Section 27,Farmer,New Holland.

 Dreese, Nelson=Section 11,Farmer,West Olive.

 Drinkwater, Margaret=Section 33,Farmer,Ventura.

 Dunham, John=Section 3,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Duyhuys, Arend=Section 28,Farmer,Ventura.

 Dyk, Guoy=Section 11,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Dyk, Jan Jr.=Section 13,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Dyk, Jan=Section 10,Olive Center.

 Eble, Charles=Section 11,Farmer,West Olive.

 Eelman, Aris J.=Section 28,Farmer,New Holland.

 Eelman, Wm.A.=Section 17,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Eilander, S.L.=Section 29,Farmer,New Holland.

 Emery, Wm.J.=Section 10,Farmer,West Olive.

 Esseburg, Ralph=Section 25,Farmer,New Holland.

 Fellows, Joel M.& Levi=Section 2,Farmers,Ottawa Station.

 Fletcher, Hiel=Section 2,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Fletcher, James L.=Section 2,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Fletcher, Wm.J.=Section 1,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Flieman, George H.=Section 8,Farmer,West Olive.

 Fonger, Foscari F.=Section 9,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Garbrecht, Charles=Section 11,Farmer,West Olive.

 Garvelink, Henry=Section 2,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Gebben, J.H.=Section 13,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Genrink, Hendrik=Section 12,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Gillmore, Newel=Section 2,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Gokey, Mrs.H.M.=Section 7,General Store,West Olive.

 Goodwin, Hiram=Section 15,Farmer,West Olive.

 Goodwin, John=Section 15,Farmer,West Olive.

 Goodwin, Wm.=Section 15,Farmer,West Olive.

 Graver, James M.=Section 3,General Store,Ottawa Station.

 Greving, John William=Section 22,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Groenewoud, Aart Jr.=Section 11,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Groenewoud, Aart Sr.=Section 26,Farmer,New Holland.

 Groenewoud, Gerret Sr.=Section 23,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Groenewoud, Gerrit J.=Section 22,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Groenewoud, Henry=Section 11,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Habers, Evert=Section 24,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Hagen, Herman=Section 24,Farmer,Borculo.

 Harrington, Henry W.=Section 30,Farmer,New Holland.

 Harrison, Courtland=Section 14,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Harsevoort, Herman=Section 19,Farmer,New Holland.

 Harsevoort, Mrs.Jane=Section 35,Farmer,New Holland.

 Harsevoort,Hendrik=Section 20,Farmer,New Holland.

 Headley, Baldwin=Section 3,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Headley, F.W.=Section 4,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Heinenga, Jan=Section 24,Farmer,Borculo.

 Hoag, Myric=Section 9,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Hoag, Wm.=Section 9,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Hoet, Jan=Section 27,Farmer,New Holland.

 Hop, Bert=Section 32,Farmer,New Holland.

 Hop, Henry=Section 33,Farmer,New Holland.

 Hop, Jacob=Section 32,Farmer,New Holland.

 Hop, Jan Jr.=Section 29,Farmer,New Holland.

 Hop, Lubbert=Section 28,Farmer,New Holland.

 Hop, Wm.=Section 29,Farmer,New Holland.

 Howard, George=Section 25,Farmer,West Olive.

 Howard, Isaac=Section 25,Farmer,New Holland.

 Huested, Daniel=Section 9,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Hughes, John=Section 14,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Hulst, Hiram=Section 34,Farmer,New Holland.

 Jackson, John=Section 16,Farmer,West Olive.

 Jacobsen, John=Section 26,Farmer,New Holland.

 Jacobsen, Nuy=Section 16,Farmer,New Holland.

 Jacobsen, Peter=Section 21,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Jacobson, Henrietta=Section 28,Farmer,New Holland.

 Jacques, Wm.M.=Section 12,Farmer,West Olive.

 Johnson, J.A.& Son=Section 34,Farmer,Ventura.

 Joscelyn, James=Section 14,Farmer,West Olive.

 Joscelyn, Wm.=Section 13,Farmer,West Olive.

 Kamphuis, Jacob=Section 18,Farmer,West Olive.

 Kante Mense=Section 16,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Kemme, Klaas=Section 36,Farmer,New Holland.

 Kieskamp, Herman=Section 23,Farmer,New Holland.

 King, Joseph=Section 3,Farmer,West Olive.

 Klanderman, Henreka=Section 24,Farmer,New Holland.

 Klanderman, Jacob=Section 25,Farmer,New Holland.

 Klyne, Lendert=Section 22,Farmer,West Olive.

 Knol, Jan=Sectin 16,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Knoonihuizen, Bert=Section 27,Farmer,New Holland.

 Knoonihuizen, Remt=Section 27,Farmer,New Holland.

 Koetsier, Frederic=Section 25,Farmer,Borculo.

 Kol, Harm=Section 22,Farmer,New Holland.

 Kooiker, Hendrik=Section 20,Farmer,New Holland.

 Kooyer, Eldert=Section 14,Farmer,New Holland.

 Kooyer, Jan=Section 14,Farmer,New Holland.

 Kooyer, Wm.=Section 14,Farmer,New Holland.

 Kraai, Frank=Section 23,Farmer,New Holland.

 Kraai, Jacob=Section 22,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Kraai, Klaazzina=Section 22,Farmer,New Holland.

 Kraak, Jan=Section 23,Farmer,New Holland.

 Kraght, Nicholas=Section 20,Farmer,New Holland.

 Kruithof, Wm.=Section 13,Farmer,West Olive.

 Kuizenga, Marcus=Section 23,Farmer,New Holland.

 Kuizers, Berend=Section 23,Farmer,New Holland.

 Lamers, Hendrik=Section 25,Farmer,New Holland.

 Lamers, John=Section 26,Farmer,Ventura.

 Lappenga,Klaas=Section 28,Farmer,Ventura.

 Lappinga, Brothers=Section 28,Farmer,Ventura.

 Lappinga, Johannes=Section 28,Farmer,Ventura.

 Lick, Adam=Section 3,General Store & Postmaster,Ottawa Station.

 Lievense, Jacob=Section 23,Farmer,New Holland.

 Looman, Harm=Section 16,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Looman, Hendrik=Section 23,Farmer,New Holland.

 Luideman, Cornelius=Section 32,Farmer,New Holland.

 Lyon, Fordyce=Section 15,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Maatman, G.J.=Section 25,Farmer.

 Marble, Frederic=Section 1,Farmer,West Olive.

 Marble, Wm.=Section 12,Farmer,West Olive.

 Marehouse, Daniel=Section 12,Farmer,West Olive.

 Mass, John=Section 36,Farmer,New Holland.

 Mayo, Freeman=Section 15,Farmer,West Olive.

 McCall, Samuel=Section 3,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 McCarthy, Catherine=Section 3,Farmer,West Olive.

 McCarthy, Charles=Section 4,Farmer,West Olive.

 McKinley, Calvin=Section 12,Farmer,West Olive.

 Meier, J.H.=Section 25,Farmer,New Holland.

 Meir, Rudolph=Section 2,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Merrit, M.R.=Section 15,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Merritt, John=Section Blacksmith,Olive Center.

 Meuwsen, John=Section ?,Farmer,New Holland.

 Meuwsen, Salmon=Section 3,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Miles, Charles=Section 35,Farmer,Ventura.

 Miles, Francis M.=Section 4,Farmer,West Olive.

 Miles, Lyddia E.=Section 10,Farmer,West Olive.

 Moeke, Gerrit=Section 25,Farmer,Borculo.

 Monjar, Richard S.=Section 1,Farmer,West Olive.

 Moren, John=Section 35,Farmer,New Holland.

 Moren, Wm.=Section 35,Farmer,New Holland.

 Morrisy, Wm.=Section 4,Farmer,West Olive.

 Mountford, Samuel=Section 5,Grocer & Postmaster,West Olive.

 Mulder, A.=Section 16,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Mulder, Johannes=Section 27,Farmer,New Holland.

 Munday, Andrew=Section 3,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Munn, Albert=Section 35,Farmer,Ventura.

 Names, Augustus=Section 4,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Names, Fred=Section 5,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Names, John=Section 6,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Neels, Nelson=Section 3,Farmer,West Olive.

 Neinhouse, Brothers=Section 22,Farmers,New Holland.

 Neinhuis, Able=Section 33,Farmer,New Holland.

 Neinhuis, Eldert J.=Section 35,Farmer,New Holland.

 Nienhuis, Catherine=Section 34,Farmer,New Holland.

 Nienhuis, Eldert & Lubber Hop=Section 21,Farmers,New Holland.

 Nienhuis, Eldert=Section 28,Farmer,New Holland.

 Nienhuis, Peter M.=Section 28,Farmer,New Holland.

 Nivison, Carlos=Section 10,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Nokes, Napoleon B.=Section 34,Farmerd,Ventura.

 Norde, Jan=Section 25,Farmer,Borculo.

 Norrington, John W.=Section 7,Farmer,West Olive.

 Northrop, N.W.=Section 14,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Nuyboor, Roelof=Section 23,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Nyenbrink, Hendrik=Section 32,Farmer,New Holland.

 Nykamp, Henry=Section 13,Farmer,West Olive.

 O’Brien, Dennis=Section 9,Farmer,West Olive.

 O’Brien, Ellen=Section 3,Farmer,West Olive.

 O’Brien, Jerry=Section 4,Farmer,West Olive.

 Oleman, Antone=Section 14,Farmer,West Olive.

 Oleman, John=Section 15,Farmer,West Olive.

 Osterban, Jan=Section 25,Farmer,New Holland.

 Ovens, John=Section 14,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Overbeck, Peter=Section 36,Farmer,New Holland.

 Overbeck, Wm.=Section 36,Farmer,New Holland.

 Peck, Abraham=Section 16,Farmer,West Olive.

 Peck, J.=Section ?, General Merchant,West Olive.

 Peck, John=Section 7,Farmer,West Olive.

 Pelgrim, Henry & George=Section 20,Farmers,New Holland.

 Pelgrim, Hubert=Section 33,Farmer,New Holland.

 Peterson, Peter A.=Section 10,Farmer,West Olive.

 Pierce, P.P.=Section 15,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Pike, E.B.=Section 12,Farmer,West Olive.

 Pixley, F.C.=Section 3,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Porter, Charles H.=Section 3,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Prins, Klaas=Section 21,Farmer,New Holland.

 Purchase, James E.=Section 1,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Purchase, Laban=Section 2,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Purchase, Samuel=Section 2,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Raak, Albert=Section 35,Farmer,New Holland.

 Rawhoorst, Klaas=Section 22,Farmer,New Holland.

 Rawhorst, Klaazzie=Section 22,Farmer,New Holland.

 Redder, Klaas=Section 28,Farmer,New Holland.

 Redderman, Berrend=Section 13,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Rhoades, Elizabeth=Section 4,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Rhoades, Enoch & Sarah J.=Section 3,Farmers,Ottawa Station.

 Riemsma, Derk=Section 27,Farmer,Ventura.

 Risselada, Johan=Section 20,Farmer,New Holland.

 Robart, John C.=Section 24,Farmer,West Olive.

 Roberts, Wm.=Section 4,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Roo, Albert=Section 20,Farmer,New Holland.

 Roo, Klaas=Section 21,Farmer,New Holland.

 Roo, Roelof=Section 21,Farmer,New Holland.

 Rosenberger, John=Section 27,Farmer,Ventura.

 Rozema, Elsje=Section 22,Farmer,New Holland.

 Rozema, John=Section 23,Farmer,New Holland.

 Rozema, Nanning=Section 26,Farmer,New Holland.

 Rues, Lendert=Section 34,Farmer,New Holland.

 Sankey, Eli=Section 1,Farmer,West Olive.

 Sankey, Patterson=Section 1,Farmer,West Olive.

 Sankey, Wm.=Section 2,Farmer,West Olive.

 Schemper, Harm & Charles=Section 16,Farmers,Olive Center.

 Schemper, Harm=Section 21,Farmer,New Holland.

 Schmidt, Julius=Section 3,Farmer,West Olive.

 Schmidt, P.W.=Section 2,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Schoemaker, Albert=Section 24,Farmer,West Olive.

 Schout, Huibricht=Section 24,Farmer,Borculo.

 Schreiber, Hendrik=Section 2,Farmer,West Olive.

 Schroder, John=Section 27,Farmer,Ventura.

 Schumaker,Andres=Section 3,Farmer,West Olive.

 Scott, Jane M.=Section 3,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Sheares, Mrs.Pamie=Section 12,Farmer,West Olive.

 Sheehan, Peter=Section 3,Farmer,West Olive.

 Sheehan, Thomas=Section 3,Farmer,West Olive.

 Sieber, John=Section 16,West Olive.

 Siersma, Henry=Section 34,Farmer,New Holland.

 Siersma, Peter=Section 34,Farmer,New Holland.

 Skudt, Derk=Section 29,Farmer,New Holland.

 Slag, Hiram J.& Anthony=Section 29,Farmers,New Holland.

 Slag, John=Section 28,Farmer,New Holland.

 Smalley, Zehariah=Section 10,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Smeyers, H.M.=Section 15,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Smith, C.A.=Section 29,Farmer,New Holland.

 Smith, C.J.=Section 33,Farmer,New Holland.

 Smith, Conrad=Section 33,Farmer,New Holland.

 Smith, Derk=Section 29,Farmer,New Holland.

 Smith, Henry=Section 32,Farmer,New Holland.

 Smith, Jan=Section 33,Farmer,New Holland.

 Smith, John A.=Section 32,Farmer,New Holland.

 Smith, Richard=Section 27,Farmer,Ventura.

 Soerheid, Henrick=Section 14,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Stegenga, Ale P.=Section 8,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Stegenga, Minnie P.=Section 33,Farmer,New Holland.

 Stegenga, Seibolt=Section 34,Farmer,New Holland.

 Stevens, Charles=Section 3,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Stewart, Krank=Section 1,Farmer,West Olive.

 Stremler, Simon=Section 24,Farmer,Borculo.

 Strutker, John=Section 31,Farmer,New Holland.

 Talen, Jacob=Section 28,Farmer,New Holland.

 Ten Brink, Gerrit J.=Section 17,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Ten Broke, Jan=Section 25,Farmer,Borculo.

 Ten Hagen, John=Section 27,Farmer,Ventura.

 Timmer, Hendrik=Section 28,Farmer,New Holland.

 Timmer, Wm.=Section 32,Farmer,New Holland.

 Timmer, Wm.H.=Section 29,Farmer,New Holland.

 Timmerman, Klaas=Section 11,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Timmerman, Roelof=Section 12,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Tinkink, Doek=Section 31,Farmer,New Holland.

 Tjietjema, C.S.=Section 16,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Tjietjema, Tjietje=Section 28,Farmer,New Holland.

 Troost, Klaas=Section 20,Farmer,New Holland.

 Tuttle, Charles=Section 8,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Van Arendonk, H.=Section 34,Farmer,New Holland.

 Van Beek, Cornelius=Section 13,Farmer,Borculo.

 Van der Berg, Klaas Jr.=Section 32,Farmer,New Holland.

 Van der Haffe, Derk=Section 32,Farmer,New Holland.

 Van der Heide, Menzo=Section 7,Farmer,West Olive.

 Van der Hoek, Derk=Section 27,Farmer,New Holland.

 Van der Kooi, Minnie D.=Section 1,Farmer,Borculo.

 Van der Sluis, Mrs.O.D.=Section 28,Farmer,New Holland.

 Van der Vorst, Jan=Section 17,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Van der Woud, Ed=Section 22,Farmer,Ventura.

 Van der Zwaag, Bertheld=Section 27,Farmer,New Holland.

 Van der Zwaag, Herny=Section 27,Farmer,New Holland.

 Van Dyk, Gerrit O.=Section 15,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Van Dyk, Jacob=Section 33,Farmer,New Holland.

 Van Dyk, Simon=Section 17,Farmer,New Holland.

 Van Gosbeck, A.H.=Section 2,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Van Lente, John=Section 31,Farmer,New Holland.

 Van Raalte, A.R.=Section 16,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Van Raalte, Albert & Ale=Section 7,Farmers,West Olive.

 Van Slooten, M.=Section 13,Farmer,West Olive.

 Van Weenum, Jacob=Section 24,Farmer,Borculo.

 Van Weenum, Wm.=Section 25,Farmer,Borculo.

 Van Wingeren, Derk=Section 35,Farmer,New Holland.

 Vanderberg, Tunis=Section 34,Farmer,Ventura.

 Veldheer, Harm=Section 16,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Vellenga, Frang=Section 29,Farmer,New Holland.

 Veyer, Mrs.Jane=Section 16,Farmer,New Holland.

 Vinkemulder, Cornelius=Section 17,Merchant,Olive Center.

 Vinkemulder, F.=Section 33,Farmer,New Holland.

 Vinkemulder, Wabenus=Section 13,Merchant,Olive Center.

 Visser, Einte=Section 18,Farmer,West Olive.

 Vogle, Cornelius=Section 28,Farmer,Ventura.

 Volkert, Harm=Section 31,Farmer,New Holland.

 Voo, Hendrik=Section 26,Farmer,New Holland.

 Vork, Jan=Section 33,Farmer,New Holland.

 Vreeling, Gerrit B.=Section 23,Farmer,New Holland.

 Wabbel, A.R.=Section 16,Farmer,West Olive.

 Wabeke, Jacob=Section 30,Farmer,New Holland.

 Waffle, Charles L.=Section 4,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Walker, Andrew=Section 35,Farmer,Ventura.

 Wallace, Frank=Section 8,Farmer,West Olive.

 Wallace, Mary E.=Section 7,Farmer,West Olive.

 Walter, Thomas=Section 6,Farmer,West Olive.

 Walters, Jan=Section 36,Farmer,New Holland.

 Walting, Egbert=Section 35,Farmer,New Holland.

 Walting, Geert=Section 35,Farmer,New Holland.

 Walting, Harm=Section 36,Farmer,New Holland.

 Walting, Herman=Section 36,Farmer,New Holland.

 Walting, John Jr.=Section 35,Farmer,New Holland.

 Walting, Wm.=Section 36,Farmer,New Holland.

 Warmelink, B.J.=Section 9,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Wassink, John=Section 36,Farmer,New Holland.

 Watson, E.G.=Section 10,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Watson, Edward=Section 15,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Watson, Thomas=Section 10,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Weener, Kerst=Section 34,Farmer,New Holland.

 Weersing, John=Section 21,Farmer,New Holland.

 Welling, Jacob=Section 27,Farmer,New Holland.

 Welling, Wm.=Section 10,Farmer,Olive Center.

 Wellwert, B.=Section 24,Farmer,Borculo.

 Welton, Burton=Section 2,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Welton, John F.=Section 2,Farmer,Ottawa Station.

 Westmaas, Adam=Section 21,Farmer,New Holland.

 Westrate, C.=Section 34,Farmer,New Holland.

 Wierda, Bourke=Section 36,Farmer,New Holland

 Winters, Charles=Section 4,Farmer,West Olive.

 Wonnink, Herman=Section 24,Farmer,Borculo.

 Wonnink, Jan=Section 24,Farmer,Borculo.

 Wyma, Jan=Section 35,Farmer,Ventura.

 Zuidveld, Johannes=Section 23,Farmer,Olive Center.

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