Olive Township Cemetery:
                                                          Ottawa County, Michigan

 This cemetery information was gathered, and compiled by a committee under the leadership of
 Irene Vander Meulen Reidsma.
 Retyped and entered on to the internet by Luann Hughes DeVries.
 Updates at Herrick Districk Library.

 Abbreviations used:
 bd,bu d,bur d,=burial date
 TS =tombstone
 SR =Sexton's records
 BP =burial permit
 NS =no stone
 LU =location of grave unknown
 TDR =township death record
 SBT =stone broken through
 HCDR =Holland City death record
 ZCDR =Zeeland City death record
 OCDR =Ottawa County death record
 OTDR =Olive Township death record
 HTDR =Holland Township death record
 PTDR =Polkton Township death record
 PSTDR =Port Sheldon Township death record
 OSSW =On Same Stone With

Following is the Alphabetical listings with the basic information. Addtional information and
updates can be found at Herrick Districk Library in Holland, Michigan.

 *Allyn(Allen),George Arthur, d.July 16,1914 age 52yrs,/ A-32-1/ NS/ BP
 *Arnoldink,baby,d.Jan.6,1911 child of Harm & Fanny(Rolfink)/Block D.
 *Arnoldink,Albert,father,b.Nov.4,1868/d.May 11,1951 Holland, Ottawa County, MI.,
   son of Frederick & Clara(Kiefte)/B-81-2/ HCDR
 *Arnoldink,Elizabeth,mother, wife of Albert, b.Oct.18,1873, d.Aug.6,1947 Holland,
   Ottawa County, MI., dau.of Peter VanLangevelde/B-81-3/ HCDR
 *Bakker,Howard G.,Mich.PFC 18 AF Maint. Sup. G.P. WW II, b.Jan.7,1927,
   d.Nov.14,1949/ B-20-2
 *Bakker,John F.,father, b.1898, d.July 1,1938, age 39yrs, 9mo, 14days, son of Fred &
   Nellie(Berkompas) Bakker/ B-20-4/ HCDR
 *Bakker,Sena C., mother, 1897-1971/ B-20-3
 *Balgooyen,Alexander, son of Thomas W. & Jennie(Moon) *Balgooyen, b.Aug.28,1906,
   d.Aug.31,1910/ B-25-2
 *Balogooyen,Bernard, d.Jul.1,1913 in Allegan County, Michigan., age 1yr./ B-25-3/SR-BP
 *Balogooyen,James, son of Thomas W. & Jennie(Moon) *Balgooyen, b.Sep.13,1908,
   d.Aug.28,1910/ B-25-1/SR-TDR
 *Banger,Alice, wife of Harm Banger, daughter of John Maneschyn, b.Jan.8,1865, Netherlands,
   d.Dec.21,1939/ B-83-2
 *Banger(Bange), Gerrit, son of Herman & Alice(Maneschyn) *Bange, b.Dec.16,1892,
   d.Nov.3,1919/ B-83-3
 *Banger,Harm, b.1855-d.1937/ B-83-4
 *Barlow,Ben, bu d Dec.17,1903/ A-45-4/SR
 *Barlow,Ben, (no dates) /B-55-2/ SR
 *Barlow,Elexus, bu d Nov.1,1952/ B-76-4/ SR
 *Barlow,E.S., 1849-1906/ A-45-2/ (TS)
 *Barlow,Elisha S., son of George C.& Johanna(Williams) Barlow, b.May.18,1848 in Mass., d.Feb.8,1906/TDR
 *Barlow,George Obed., son of Peleg & Margaret Barlow, b.in New York, d.Mar.22,1898, age 84yrs., 5mos.,/ LU
 *Barlow,Len (no dates) /B-55-1/ SR
 *Barlow,Lex (no dates) /B-55-3/ SR
 *Barlow,Lyndon M., unmarried son of E.S.& Sarah(Fletcher) Barlow, b.May.14,1880,
   d.Jul.3,1905/ A-45-3
 *Barlow,Nina Fletcher, 1876-1938/ B-6-3
 *Barlow,Sarah, 1850-1901/ A-45-1
 *Barlow,William, d.Jul.29,1932, age 61yrs., /B-6-4/ BP-SR
 *Barry,Amanda, 1850-1892/ A-92-5
 *Barry,baby (no dates) /A-1-1
 *Barry,Elva Florence, daughter of Frank & Viola(Sankey) Barry, b.Dec.10,1890, d.Dec.28,1906/ A-92-2
 *Barry,Frank, b.July 6,1869, d.Jan.2,1910, Son of Thomas & Amanda(Brown) Barry/ A-92-4
 *Barry,Pearl, d.Dec.11,1889 in Olive Township, age 3mo, 22days, dau.of Franklin &
   Viola Barry/ A-92-1/ OCDR/ SR
 *Barry,Susie M., daughter of C.B.& Ida S.(Nichols) Ingersoll, b.Dec.11,1884, d.Apr.15,1912 /A-1-4
 *Barry,Viola, d.Mar.5,1937 in Coleman, Ottawa County, Michigan., age 63yrs.,/ A-92-6/SR/BP
 *Bartels,infant daughter of Herman & Johanna(DeHaan) Bartels, d.Mar.15,1918/ B-85-1
 *Bartels,Berend, father, 1861-1953, OSSW Lena Bartels/ B-96-5
 *Bartels,Berend Preston, son of Herman & Johanna(DeHaan) Bartels, b.Jan.25,1922, d.Feb.2,1922/ B-85/1
 *Bartels,Charles, husband of Henrietta Harsevoort, b.Feb.24,1896 Olive Township, d.Oct.21,1981
   West Olive,MI., son of John & Clara(Troost) Bartelry S., Daughter of Frederick & Anna (Bankman)
   Maar, b.Feb.17,1873 in Chicago,ILL., d.May.4,1962/ B-27-4/ TS
 *Bartels,Herman, hus.of Johanna, b.June 25,1889, d.Apr.19,1967, son of Berend & Lena(Busscher)
   Bartels/ B-85-3/ OCDR
 *Bartels,John, hus.of Clara Troost, b.Jan.7,1866, d.Nov.25,1939, son of Hermanus Bartels/
    B-97-4/ ZCDR
 *Bartels,Lena, mother, b.Jun.8,1866, d.Oct.11,1941, dau.of Lucas & Lena(Busscher) Brink,
   OSSW Berend Bartels/ B-96-4/ OCDR
 *Bartels,Nettie, wife of Live, b.May.20,1895 in Muskegon, Muskegon County, MI., d.June.8,1971
   in Zeeland,MI., dau. of Jacob & Nellie(Bouwkamp) Workman/ B-96-3
 Bartels,Roger C., son of Charles & Henrietta(Hassevoort) Bartels and spouse of Esther Veldheer,
   b.May.11,1935, d.Nov.3,1959/ C-65-1
 *Bartels,Bonita, dau.of Chester & Iona(Iverson) Bartels, b.Dec.1,1965, d.Jul.29,1976/ C-56-3
 *Bartels,Clara, mother, 1873-1974, OSSW John Bartels/ B-97-3
 *Bartels,Herman, Pvt.Co.D. 126th Inf., 1894-1918/ B-97-1
 *Bartels,Janet Clara, dau.of John & Clara(Troost) Bartels, b.1917, d.1918(TS), b.Jan.6,1918,
   d.May.29,1918(TDR)/ B-97-2
 *Bartels,Johanna, wife of Herman, dau.of Peter & Susan(DeBarnes) DeHaan, b.Nov.25,1888,
   d.Jul.29,1956/ B-85-2
 *Bartels,John, father, spouse of Clara Troost, b.Jan.7,1866 in Netherlands, d.Nov.25,1939,
   son of Hermanus Bartels/ OSSW Clara/ B-97-4/ ZCDR/
 *Bartels,Julius, son of Charles & Henrietta(Hassevoort) Bartels, spouse of Tena VanderKooi,
   b.Jun.24,1919, d.Jul.25,1976/ C-56-1
 *Bartels,Lena, mother, b.Jun.8,1866, d.Oct.11,1941, dau.of Lucas & Lena(Busscher) Brink,
   OSSW Berend Bartels/ B-96-4/ OCDR
 *Bartels,Levi, Sgt.WWI, 1918-1919, b.1892, d.___OSSW Nettie Bartels/ B-96-2
 *Bartels,Nettie, wife of Levi, b.May.20,1895 in Muskegon, Muskegon County, MI.,
   d.June.8,1971 in Zeeland, Ottawa County, MI., dau.of Jacob & Nellie(Bouwkamp)
   Workman/ OSSW Levi Bartels/ B-96-3
 *Bartels,Richard Dale, b.Nov.17,1956, d.Nov.22,1956/ C-56-4
 *Baumann,Jennie, mother, nee Mulder, b.Jan.8,1877, d.Aug.4,1918, OSSW John Baumann/ B-98-1
 *Baumann, John S., father, son of Johannes & Marie(TenOuden) Baumann, b.Dec.3,1870,
   d.Jul.6,1943, OSSW Jennie Baumann/ B98-2
 *Baumann,Margaret, b.1910, d.1929/ B-98-3
 *Baxter,Charles R., husband, b.1857, d.1898/ B-30-2
 *Baxter,James M., d.in Ohio, Nov.18,1878, age 13yrs, 8mos, 7day, Son of R.& L.L./ B-30-3
 *Baxter,Lilla L., dau.of R.Baxter, d.Apr.4,1875, age 2yrs, 11mos, 11days, dau.of R.& L.L./B-30-4
 *Baxter,Lydia Louise, d.Nov.18,1911 in Kent County, Michigan, age 81yrs,/ B-30-5/ SR/ BP
 *Baxter,Reuben, b.Mar.31,1826, d.Sep.4,1904/ B-30-1
 *Berkompas,Bennie, son of John & Lena(DeHaas) Berkompas, d.Jan.11,1912, age 7day,/ A-35-1/ SR/TDR
 *Berkompas,infant, son of John, d.Sept.5,1925/ LU
 *Bishop,infant son of John & Maude(Ovens) Bishop, b.Aug.28,1916, d.Aug.30,1916/ LU/ TDR
 *Blackford,Gertrude B., dau.of George & Mary L.Blackford, b.Sep.2,1886, d.Feb.14,1887,
    age 5mos, 14day,/ A-90-1
 *Boers,baby boy, stillborn son of Martin & Hannah,(no dates)/ A-26-1/ OCDR
 *Boers,Anna, b.1879, d.1959, OSSW Henry Boers/ C-46-3
 *Boers,Edwin H., b.Sep.26,1953, d.Sep.23,1972/ C-63-1
 *Boers,Henry, father, b.1876, d.1962, OSSW Anna Boers/ C-46-4
 *Boers,Jan, son of Henry, b.May.25,1834, d.Jan.27,1928/ A-16-1
 *Boers,Jannigje,"Jennie", wife of Jan, b.Jun.10,1842, d.Oct.16,1928, dau.of Martin &
   Swantje(Bolks) Schutmaat/ A-16-2
 *Boers,Johanna, b.1873, d.1964/ A-26-3
 *Boers,John H. Spouse of Hattie Zeldenrust, Son of Henry & Anna(Redder) Boers, b.Jul.9,1909
   d.Jul.8,1978/ C-79-5
 *Boers,Martin, hus.of Johanna Bange, b.Oct.3,1871, d.Aug.3,1939, son of John & Jennie(Schutmaat)
   Boers/ A-26-2
 *Brady,Eva A., Mother, b.1885, d.1947/ C-51-4
 *Brandsen,Baby, infant dau.of Jacob J.& Gertrude(Wedeveen) Brandsen, b.d.1925/
    B-63-1/ SR/ TDR
 *Brandsen,Jacob J., b.1891, d.1971/ B-63-4
 *Briggs,F.F., Co.B., 73rd.Ind. Inf., (no dates)/ A-48-4
 *Briggs,F.W., b.Jan.6,1826, d.Dec.23,1892, OSSW Sarah Briggs/ A-48-2
 *Briggs,Sarah M., Wife, b.Nov.26,1829, d.(no dates) OSSW F.W. Briggs/ A-48-1
 *Brooks,Emma A., wife of Har.d.Mar.27,1939, age 78yrs.,/ LU/BP
 *Brooks,George M., husband of Emma Bush, b.Mar.9,1857, d.Feb.24,1953, son of
   Charles Brooks/ A-89-2/ HCDR
 *Brouwer,Anna, Mother, Daughter of Albert & Alice(Mulder) Mulder, b.Aug.1,1879, d.Sep.18,1939./
   OSSW Ralph/ B-99-3
 *Brouwer,Donald Lee, Michigan Spec. 4 Co., C., 16th Inf. Div. Vietnam, b.Mar.20,1946, d.Jul.15,1972/ B-99-1
 *Brouwer,John, Spouse of Henrietta Michmerhuizen, Son of Ralph & Anna(Mulder) Brouwer, b.Aug.8,1902,
   d.Sep.3,1978/ B-99-3/ age 76yrs.,
 *Brouwer,Ralph W., Father, b.Feb.14,1878, d.Aug.22,1929, OSSW Annie Brouwer/ B-99-4
 *Brower,Derk, Father, b.1866, d.1940, OSSW Minnie/ C-48-3
 *Brower,Minnie, Mother, b.1865, d.1947, OSSW Derk/ C-48-2
 *Brown,Agnes, Wife, b.1909, d.___OSSW John Wm./ C-8-2
 *Brown,Arm, b.d.1935/ B-54-3/ SR
 *Brown,George H., Husband, b.Aug.14,1900, d.Aug.17,1970/ C-6-1
 *Brown,George,T. b.Feb.19,1905 in New York,N.Y., age 38yrs.,/ LU/BP
 *Brown,Hannah L., d.Mar.4,1901 in Montcalm County, age 82yrs.,/ A-49-1/ SR/BP
 *Brown,Harriet, Wife of John, b.1854, d.1935/ B-6-2
 *Brown,Henrietta, d.Nov.12,1910, age 53yrs.,/ LU/BP
 *Brown,John, b.May.19,1819 in PA., d.Oct.2,1906, son of Christopher/ LU/ TDR
 *Brown,John, b.1848, d.1922/ B-6-1
 *Brown,John Wm., Husband, b.1893, d.1972, OSSW Agnes/ C-8-1
 *Brown,Newton C., d.Sep.20,1905, age 71yrs.,/ B-46-3/ SR/BP
 *Brown,Norma L., Wife, b.Jun.2,1911, d.___/ C-6-2
 *Burch,Infant Daughter of Harry & Etta Burch, d.May.10,1904/ B-47-1/ TDR/SR
 *Burch,Ella, d.Jun.5,1898 in Kalamazoo,Michigan, age 41yrs.,/ B-47-2/ SR/BP
 *Burch,Ellen, d.Feb.15,1904, age 64yrs., 6mos.,/ B-47-4/ SR/BP
 *Burch,William(Willard), d.Apr.5,1940 in Calhoun County, Michigan, age 88yrs.,/ B-47-3/ SR/BP
 *Burchfield,Paul Quincy, husband of Donna Brooks, A-2C U.S. Air Force, b.Jun.2,1935 in California,
   d.May.22,1961 in Port Sheldon Township, son of Quincy & Helen(O'Brien) Burchfield/ D-16-1/ OCDR
 *Bush,Fannie H., Daughter of J.C.& A.Bush, b.Nov.6,1904, d.Feb.12,1906/ A-9-3
 *Bush,Harriet A., Daughter of J.C.& A.Bush, b.Apr.9,1903, d.Mar.3,1906/ A-9-4
 *Bush,Harriet C., dau.of James Bentley, Mother, Wife of J.F.Bush, b.Jul.8,1830 in Orleans County,
   New York, d.Oct.5,1893, age 63yrs, 2mos, 27day,/ A-12-4 /OCDR
 *Bush,James J., b.Feb.2,1864, d.Feb.16,1908/ A-7-1
 *Bush,John Chris, b.June 25,1853, d.May 23,1928/ son of John & Harriet(Bentley) Bush/ A-9-1/ OCDR
 *Bush,John F., b.Oct.3,1817, d.Nov.11,1908/ A-12-3
 *Bush,Peter, b.Nov.2,1856 in MI., d.Jan.19,1932 in Laketown Township, Allegan County, Michigan,
   age 75yrs., son of John & Henretta(Bentley) Bush/ A-7-4/ SR/BP ACDR
 *Cain,James, b.in New York, d.Oct.15,1899, age 79yrs.,/ A-78-4/ SR/TDR
 *Carrier,Elmyra, nee Walled, b.Feb.9,1842 in Ohio, d.Mar.9,1901/ LU/TDR
 *Carrier,Lyman E., d.Jan.17,1936 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, age 82yrs.,/ A-61-2/ SR/BP
 *Carroll,Pascal T., b.1918, d.1971, OSSW Zelda/ C-78-4
 *Carroll,Zelda N., b.1920, d.____OSSW Pascal T./ C-78-3
 *Chatfield,Maude, Daughter of H.G.& N.M.Chatfield, no dates, age 1yr., 11wks.,/ A-77-3
 *Chatfield,Maud, dau.of Horace L.& Nellie Chatfield, died Sept.7,1887 age 2mo, 10days,/LU/ OCDR
 *Chatfield,Minnie, Daughter of H.G.& N.M.Chatfield, age 1yr., 11wks.,/ A-77-4
 *Chatfield,Minnie, dau.of Horace L.& Nellie Chatfield, d.Sept.15,1887 age 2mo, 18day,/ LU/ OCDR
 *Chapel,Kenneth P., Son of Mr.& Mrs.S.R.Chapel, b.Jan.12,1909, d.Feb.27,1909/ B-45-1
 *Cheeseman,Clarence, d.Sep.26,1910, age 2mons., 14days.,/ B-37-1/ BP
 *Cheeseman,Elsie, dau.of Lyman & Anna Welton, born in New York, d.Aug.8,1876, age 24yrs.,
    2mons., 15days.,/ A-63-1/ OCDR
 *Cheeseman,Henry K., Father, b.Jul.13,1850 in New York,N.Y., d.Mar.19,1916/ A-63-2
 *Cheeseman,Hendrik, son of Hendrik & Elsie Cheeseman, d.Aug.24,1877 age 6mos, 17day,/ LU/ OCDR
 *Cole,Arthur F., Son of Tom & Lauretta(Sankey) Cole, b.Jul.15,1906, d.Jan.21,1907/ A-4-2/ TDR
 *Cole,Jesse Guy, Son of Thomas H.& Nettie F.(Sankey) Cole, d.Nov.19,1905, age 1yr., 5mons.,/ A-4-1/ TDR
 *Cole,Lauretta, Mother, b.1873, b.d.Apr.4,1953/ A-4-3/ SR
 *Cole,Thomas H., b.1873, b.d.Feb.12,1952/ A-4-4/ SR
 *Colter,Maude, b.d.1898/ B-53-4/ SR
 *Conklin,Garfield, d.May.5,1911, age 29yrs.,/ LU/BP
 *Conklin,Isaac, Co.E,29th Ohio Infantry/ A-76-1
 *Cook,Christian, d.Sep.18,1897, age 67yrs., 3mons., 18days.,/ LU/TDR
 *Cook,Doris Marie, b.1919, d.1979, b.d.Jul.21,1979/ C-3-2
 *Cook,Infant Son of C.B.& Louise(Bourton) Cook, d.Nov.12,1897, age 20days.,/ LU/TDR
 *Cook,Mary Ann, b.in England, d.May 8,1887 age 54yrs, dau.of Wm.& Anne Bourton/ LU/ OCDR
 *Cook,Wm.Henry, d.Apr.14,1895 age 1yr, 7mos, 30day, Son of Christian B.& Louisa Cook/ LU/ OCDR
 *Crow,Infant Daughter of Louis A.& Kattie J.(Mayo) Crow, d.Nov.12,1917/ LU/TDR
 *Crow,Katie J., wife of Lewis W., b.Jan.21,1883, d.May.16,1948 dau.of Freeman & Mary(Goodin)
   Mayo/ B-73-3/ SR HCDR
 *Crow,Lewis W., d.Mar.8,1958, age 80yrs.,/ B-73-2/ Sr/BP
 *Crow,Infant Dau.of L.W.& Katie J.(Mayo) Crow, d.Oct.5,1915/ LU/ TDR
 *Crowe,Infant Son of Lewis & Katie(Mayo) Crowe, d.May.13,1904/ LU/TDR
 *De Jongh,Dirk C., b.1869,d.Sept.24,1943, husband of Christina Vanden Brink, son of Cornelius &
   Sarah(Heyboer) DeJongh/ B-24-2
 *De Jongh,Cornelius, Son of Dick & Lendrina(Smallheer) De Jongh, b.Feb.20,1838, d.Jul.3,1923/ B-17-1
 *De Jongh,Gertie D., Daughter of Dirk C. & Christina (Vanden Brink) De Jongh, b.Aug.15,1906,
   d.Apr.28,1911/ B-24-1(could be) LU
 *De Jongh,Gerty D., Sister, b.1905, d.1911/ B-24-1
 *De Jongh,Jacob, Father, Son of Cornelius, B.Jun.17,1875, d.Dec.26, 1950 TDR, b.1875, d.1951 TS/ B-4-3
 *De Jongh,Lena Augusta, Mother, Daughter of Thomas & Rebecca (Watson) Dresler, b.May 11,1883,
   d.Jun.22,1926/ B-4-4 TDR
 *De Jongh,Phyllis A., d.Dec.26,1937 in Grand Rapids, Kent County, MI., age 2yrs.,/ LU BP
 *De Jongh,Sarah, Wife of Cornelius, nee Heyboer, b.1840, d.1912 (TS), b.Dec.21,1839,
   d.Jun.14,1912 (TDR)/ B-17-2
 *Dennis,Anna, Mother, b.1892, d.1962, OSSW Hugh/ B-91-2
 *Dennis,Blanche, b.1895, d.1947/ B-91-1
 *Dennis,Carl, b.1913, d.1915, OSSW Hugh/ B-91-4
 *Dennis,Edith M., Wife of C. Dennis, b.1886, d.1966/ B-90/3
 *Dennis,Grace, Wife of C. Dennis, Daughter of John & Nellie (Houseman) Fish, b.Nov.9,1890,
   d.Jan.1,1915/ B-90-4
 *Dennis,Grace B., Wife of C. Dennis, b.1896, d.1950/ B-90-2
 *Dennis,Hugh, Father, b.1891, d.1975, OSSW Anna/ B-91-3
 *Dennis,J.Clifton, b.1889, d.Feb.5,1976, age 87yrs., 5day.,/ B-90-1
 *Dennis,Maria, Mother, b.1856, d.1930/ B-71-3
 *Dennis,Nada, b.1892, d.1925/ B-71-2
 *Dennis,Vernon(Vinson), d.Nov.7,1900/ B-71-4/ SR/ BP
 *Dennis,Vinson E., Mich. Pfc Co. F, 7 Ammunition WWI, b.Jun.21,1887, d.Jul.6,1954/ C-91-4
 *De Vries,Allie Knoll, Mother, b.1899, d.1962/ B-100-1
 *De Witte,Infant Son of Simon & Carrie(Colman) De Witte, d.Mar.1,1907/ A-20-1 SR/ TDR
 *Douma,Gerson, hus.of Albertha VanderHulst, b.Nov.24,1914 Holland, Ottawa County,MI.
   d.May 9,1981 Grand Haven, Ottawa County, MI., Son of John & Jennie(VanDyk) Douma/ C-80-4/ OCDR
 *Dreese,Nelson J., Father, b.1867, d.1920/ C-32-1
 *Dreese,William Douglas, Mich. Pvt. 55 Field Arty, 19th Div., d.Jul.5,1937, Grand Haven, MI.,
   age 36yrs.,/ C-32-3/ BP
 *Drenth,Jantje Woltjer, Mother, b.Aug.21,1863, d.Jan.14,1927/ B-19-2
 *Driesenga,John Kenneth, Son of Gerrit & Martha(Maat) Driesenga, d.Oct.12,1930, age
   1 day./ C-50-1/ TDR/ ST
 *Driesenga,Mary Ann, Infant Daughter of Gerald P. & Harriet (Hassevoort), b.d.Nov.2,1960/ C-34-1/ SR
 *Dunham,Andrew, b.1817, d.1893/ A-96-3
 *Dunham,Eden, b.1838, d.1884/ A-96-1
 *Dunham,Electa, Wife of A.Dunham, b.1816 in New York, d.Apr.23,1889 age 73yrs, 13days,
   Her mother's name was Sarah Ackley/ A-96-2/ OCDR
 *Dunn,Mary Estelle, Aunt, b.1843 in Ashland,Ohio, d.Sep.1,1897, age 54yrs., 3mons., 26 days./ A-14-3/ TDR
 *Durkie,baby girl, b.d.July 3,1981/ C-81-1/ SR
 *Dyer,B. (no dates) /A-74-4/ SR
 *Dyer,Randal, Father, (Deacon) b.Dec.12,1803 in Mass., d.Mar.2,1879/ A-74-3
 *Dyk,Henry,/ A-25-1/ SR
 *Dyk,John H., b.Feb.19,1839, d.Apr.20,1926, age 87yrs., 2mon., 1day./ A-25-4/ SR/ TDR/ BP
 *Dyk,Maartje, Wife of Jan, nee Van Kampen, b.Jan.11,1839, d.Jun.5,1924/ A-25-3/ TDR
 *Dyk,Riner, b.1882, d.1947/ A-25-2
 *Dyk,Sarah G., b.1869, d.Aug.20,1895 age 27yrs, dau.of Jan & Jennie Boers/ A-16-4/ SR/ OCDR
 *Eastway, Carrie M. Ovens, b.1881,d.Feb.8,1916 in Grand Rapids,Kent County,MI./A-53-2 BP
 *Eastway,Elias,d.Mar.17,1901,age 81 yrs./ B-71-1 SR BP
 *Eastway,Fredie,OSSW William,(badly worn small stone, apears to be small children) /B-51-1
 *Eastway,Helen Amelia,mother, b.1862, d.Sept.6,1920 in Grand Rapids, Kent County MI./ A-30-2 BP
 *Eastway,J.B.,father, b.1792, d.1886, OSSW Patty Dale/ B-70-1
 *Eastway,Lionel Earl, b.1893, d.Dec.28,1899 Grand Rapids, Kent County,MI.,age 6yrs, 10mos., 18day.,/ A-30-1 BP
 *Eastway,Luman A., father, b.1879, d.Jan.2,1934 in Grand Rapids, Kent County, MI., age 52yrs./ A-31-2 BP
 *Eastway,Patty Dale, wife of J.B., mother, b.1802, d.1871 OSSW J.B./ B-70-2
 *Eastway,Rena (no dates) /B-70-3 SR
 *Eastway,Reuben, father, b.1859, d.1945/ A-30-3
 *Eastway,William,Hartley, d.Feb.19,1874 age 1yr, 4mos, 19days, Son of Egbert & Angeline Eastway/
   OSSW Fredie/ B-51-2/ OCDR
 *Eding,Arthur, b.1916, d.1961/ C-25-1
 *Eding,Bert, hus.of Minnie Harsevoort, b.Aug.26,1887, d.Nov.12,1966 in Zeeland, Ottawa County,
   MI., Son of John Eding/ OSSW Minnie/ C-12-4
 *Eding,Minnie, b.1901, d.1972,OSSW Bert/ C-12-3
 *Estelle,Harry F., d.Mar.3,1940 in Muskegon, MI., age 74yrs.,/ A-14-1 BP SR
 *Estelle,John B., father, b.Jan.21,1839 in Ohio, d.Jun.16,1910/ A-14-2
 *Estelle,Rebecka A., mother, b.1814, d.1896/ A-14-4
 *Fellows,Edith R., d.Aug.15,1912/ B-48-4
 *Fellows,Edwin D., spouse of Mary; son of Joel M. and Marie C.(Eastway) Fellows,
   b.Aug.26,1850, Odisco Center,N.Y., d.Sept.19,1932/ B-45-3
 *Fellows,Eugene D., b.Jan.3,1853, d.Nov.28,1932/ A-40-4
 *Fellows,Joel Madison, father, b.Dec.29,1827, d.Apr.28,1909/ A-55-2
 *Fellows,Laura R., daughter of E.D. & S.A. Fellows, d.Feb.25,1897, age 5yrs., 1mos., 11days.,/ A-40-3
 *Fellows,Leon, son of Levi J.& Nora Fellows, d.Feb.7,1897 age 1mo,& 25days,/ LU/ OCDR
 *Fellows,Leon, son of Levi J.& Nora Fellows, b.Dec.12,1895, d.Feb.7,1896 age 1mo,& 26days,/ A-55-4/ OCDR
 *Fellows,Maria C., mother; wife of J.M.Fellows, b.Mar.30,1826, d.Jul.19,1900/ A-55-3
 *Fellows,Mary, daughter of J.M.Fellows, b.Jul.20,1857, d.Oct.13,1865, OSSW Sylvester/ A-55-1
 *Fellows,Mary M.,Wife of Edwin D.,Fellows, nee Blackford, b.Dec.21,1848 Ohio, d.Dec.18,1926,
   dau.of Martin & Temperance(Bogue) Blackford/ B-45-4
 *Fellows,Ruford Stephen, d.Jan.8,1911, age 1mos., & 21 days., BP LU
 *Fellows,Sarah A., wife of Eugene D.Fellows, b.Feb.8,1853, d.Oct.30,1909,/ A-40-5
 *Fellows,Sylvester E., son of J.M.& M.C.Fellows, b.Apr.1855, d.Oct.11,1856, OSSW Mary/ A-55-1
 *Fletcher, ? (no dates or name) /B-44-4 SR
 *Fletcher,Anna, d.Nov.12,1933 in Muskegon Hts., Muskegon County, MI., age 53yrs.,/ LU BP
 *Fletcher,baby daughter of John P.& Mary(Bement) Fletcher, d.Mar.10,1910/ LU
 *Fletcher,Carrie Mabeth, nee Rhoades, b.Mar.13,1872 in Newaygo, MI., d.Oct.26,1908,
   dau.of Enoch L.& Jennie S.(Comner) Rhoades/ OSSW Hiram J./ B-56-1
 *Fletcher,Catherine A., mother, nee Cox, b.Nov.24,1839 in Ohio, d.Apr.9,1907/ A-98-4
 *Fletcher,Cecil D., b.1894, d.1961, OSSW Rose/ C-93-3
 *Fletcher,Erne, b.1871, d.1942, OSSW Cecil/ C-93-4
 *Fletcher,Evert, husband of Nina, b.Apr.18,1871, d.Jan.2,1942 in Polkton Township,MI.
   Son of H.A.& Mary(Cox) Fletcher/ LU/ BP PTDR
 *Fletcher,Fred, b.d.June 5,1952/ B-47-5 SR
 *Fletcher,Georgie Abe, b.July 31,1893, d.Sep.12,1893/ A-98-2
 *Fletcher,Hazel, daughter of J.O. & May Bement Fletcher, d.Feb.14, 1911, age 14yrs.,
   & 6mos.,/ BP SR/ B-44-3
 *Fletcher,Hiel A., father, b.Dec.23,1827 in Canada, d.Sep. 21, 1907/ A-98-3
 *Fletcher,Hiram J., b.Jan.3,1865, d.Nov.4,1932, Son of James & Jane(Ostrauser) Fletcher/
    OSSW Carrie/ B-56-2
 *Fletcher,Ione, nee Hoag, b.1875, d.1938/ A-73-2
 *Fletcher,James L., father, b.June 2,1824 in Canada, d.Dec. 22, 1899/ B-54-1
 *Fletcher,Jane, d.Mar.4,1910, age 78 yrs./ B-54-2 BP SR
 *Fletcher,John Otto, b.1862, d.1937/ B-44-1
 *Fletcher,Mae, b.1872, d.1920/ B-44-2
 *Fletcher,Manly M., son, b.Apr.30, 1860, d.Mar.31,1879/ A-98-1
 *Fletcher,Nina R., d.July 15,1938 Grand Haven, MI., age 62yrs./ LU BP
 *Fletcher,Rosa, b.Jan.6,1884, d.May 2,1921 Grand Rapids, Kent County, MI.,/ B-2-1
 *Fletcher,Rose, b.1895, d.1970 OSSW Cecil/ C-93-2
 *Fletcher,William J., b.Oct.14,1859, d.Mar.24,1913 Son of James L.& Rebecca(Osstrauser)
   Fletcher/ B-46-1
 *Fletcher,William,L., b.1869, d.1922, b.d.Dec.8,1922/ B-2-2 SR
 *Fletcher,Willington, b.d.Jan.3,1935/ B-54-4 SR
 *Folkenrath,Grace D., wife, b.Oct.3,1903, d.Feb.24,1975/ C-6-4
 *Folkenrath,Ralph H., Michigan Pvt. 902 OM SVC AVN WWII, b.Dec.27, 1902, d.Oct.26, 1969/ C-6-5
 *Fonger,Lattice(Letty), mother, b.1822 in Canada, d.Apr.30,1894 age 73yrs, 2mos, 7days,/
   OSSW Peter/ A-62-2/OCDR
 *Fonger,Peter, father, b.1821 in Canada, d.Apr.20,1887 age 65yrs, 6mos,/ OSSW Letty/ A-62-1/ OCDR
 *Fortney,Andrew, father, b.June 12, 1846, d.Feb.10, 1906/ TS b.Jan.12, 1848 in Ohio,
   d.Feb.10,1906/ OTDR/ A-13-5
 *Fortney, infant daughter of Andrew & Irene (Lynch) Fortney, d.Sep.23,1897, Buried on the farm (OTDR)
 *Fortney,Charles W., b.Jan.10,1910, d.Mar.24, 1910/ A-13-2
 *Fortney,Charles Guy, b.Oct.12,1893, d.Nov.6,1894 age 1yr, 4mos, son of Andrew &
    Irene Fortney/ (2 babies here - SR)/ A-13-1/ OCDR
 *Fortney,Irene, mother, b.Feb.2,1855, d.May 20,1924/ A-13-4
 *Foss (or Vandeross? No name) b.d.Nov.23, 1893/ D-23-1
 *Frost,John father, b.1849, d.1932/ C-71-4
 *Fuller,Mary Edith, daughter of Alonson and Isa(Stafford) Fuller, b.July 9,1888,
   d.Nov.19,1907 in Zeeland, Ottawa County, MI.,/ B-48-3/ ZCDR
 *Fuller,Mildred L. b.Nov.14, 1879, d.Feb.17,1897/ B-48-5
 *Fuller,Minnie B., wife of M.C. Fuller, b.Mar.21, 1875, d.Feb.6,1913/ A-68-3
 *Geertman,infant son of Albert and Margaret(Brouwer) Geertman, d.Jun.9, 1918/ B-82-1 SR TDR
 *Geertman,Albert, b.1895, d.1957 OSSW Margaret/ B-82-3
 *Geertman,Bertha, b.1923, d.__OSSW Gerald/ C-64-3
 *Geertman,Gerald H., spouse of Bertha Styf, son of Albert and Margaret (Brower) Geertman,
    b.Apr.4,1922, d.May 24, 1964 OSSW Bertha/ C-64-4
 *Geertman,Margaret, daughter of Dirk and Minnie (Japink) Brower, b.Jan.3, 1899 Hamilton,
    d.May 20, 1979 OSSW Albert/ B-82-2
 *Geertman,Mary Welling, wife of M.Geertman, b.Apr.26,1884, d.Apr.25,1910,
    Dau.of William & Helen(Koenen) Welling/ (TS) (OTDR)/ A-23-1
 *Gibbs,Caroline, mother, d.June 5,1880, age 95 yrs, 5 mos., 24days.,/ A-60-1
 *Gibbs,Jennie E., wife of C.Gibbs, d.June 5, 1879, age 19yrs./ A-47-4
 *Gleason,Belle, d.Jan.27,1911, age 34yrs.,/ LU BP
 *Goodin,Alma L., daughter of William and Rudy (Harron) Goodin, b.Mar.14, 1934,
    d.Nov.30, 1935/ C-72-1 SR TDR
 *Greving,Abel, d.Sept.24,1887 age 2yrs, 1mos, 7days, Son of Jan W.& Annie Greving/ LU/ OCDR
 *Greving,baby boy, d.Mar.16,1883 age 2mos, 27days, Son of Jan W.& Anna Greving/ LU/ OCDR
 *Greving,John W., father, b.Sept.12,1855, d.Dec.8,1938 Son of Gerrit Hannah(Kooyers)
    Greving/ B-78-3
 *Gristwood,Martha, daughter of John E.and L.(Vosberg, or Hosberg) Davis, b.July 25,1844,
    d.Aug.21,1910/ LU/ BP/ HCDR
 *Groenewoud,Alice, mother, b.July 27,1863, d.Oct.9,1945 Dau.of John Henry & Heertje(Harmsen)
   Wedeveen/ A-29-4/ HCDR
 *Groenewoud,Arthur, father, spouse of Alice Wedeven, b.Nov.28,1860, d.Nov.28,1927
    Son of Gerrit & Jantje(Bouma) Groenewoud/ A-29-3/ HCDR
 *Groenewoud,baby son of Arthur and Alice (Wedeven) Groenewoud, d.Dec.11,1897,
    age 1 day/ A-29-1 SR TDR
 *Groenewoud,Benjamin, son of Peter and Emma (DeHaan) Groenewoud, d.May 11,1934, age
    5 days/ C-89-1 BP SR
 *Groenewoud,Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Peter and Emma (DeHaan), d.Mar.31,1936, age 1mos.,
    & 22days.,/ C-89-2 BP SR
 *Groenewoud,Emma Lynn, b.Jul.3,1948, d.Oct.23,1948/ C-88-1
 *Groenewoud,Helen Walling, b.1860, d.1931/ B-5-2
 *Groenewoud,Peter, d.Oct.4,1974, age 76 yrs, 11mos., 18day.,/ C-89-4
 *Groenewoud,Walter, spouse of Cornelia, b.Oct.14,1886, d.Dec.9,1918 Son of Gerrit &
    Maggie(Smedinga) Groenewoud/ B-43-4/ OCDR
 *Groves,Mary, daughter of Baldwin & Julia Headley, b.in Indiana, d.Feb.20,1899, age 57yrs.,/ LU TDR
 *Gutierrez,Daniel Oliva, b.Apr.10,1926 in Somerville, Texas, d.Dec.31,1949/ C-73-1 SR TDR
 *Hacklander,Anna May, nee Tuttle, b.Mar.5,1879, d.Nov.18,1906/ LU TDR
 *Hacklander,Charley, b.Jun.23,1899, d.Sep.22,1900/ A-27-1
 *Hacklander,Emma S., b.1877, d.1905/ A-27-2
 *Hall,Eliza,nee Trowbridge, b.Mar.14,1835 in Indiana, d.Dec.6,1910 Dau.of Walter &
    Dorcas(Burch) Trowbridge/ LU TDR
 *Hall,Jeremiah, b.Oct.29,1828 in New York, d.Aug.23,1907 Son of William/ LU TDR
 *Hamstra,Anne, father,spouse of Grietje Vellema, b.Jul.23,1867, d.Apr.16,1948 Son of Jocke
    & Juntje(Heslinga) Hamstra/ B-3-3/ HCDR
 *Hamstra,Frank,b.1894,d.1921/ B-3-2
 *Hamstra,Fred A., b.1938,d.1939/ B-3-5
 *Hamstra,Fred Arthur, b.1938, d.1938/ B-18-1
 *Hamstra,Grietje, mother,nee Vellema, b.Jan.12,1867, d.Nov.23,1934 Dau.of Frans &
    Agnes(Hamstra) Vellema/ B-3-4/ OCDR
 *Harrington,Agnes, wife of James, daughter of John & Katherine (Pouwels) Vander Ploeg,
    b.Apr.23,1895, d.Oct.16,1978 OSSW James/ C-24-3
 *Harrington,James Henry, d.Dec.25,1975, age 82yrs., 10mos., 3days., son of Henry &
    Lila Mariah(Dutton) Harrington/ OSSW Agnes/ C-24-4
 *Harrison,infant son of Del and Nellie (Fortney) Harrison, d.May.15,1907/ LU TDR
 *Harrison,Gortland, d.Mar.16,1905, age 78yrs.,/ LU BP
 *Harrison,Lyle E., b.Mar.29,1906, d.Sep.6,1906/ A-13-1
 *Harsevoort,Antonia, mother, nee Kammerman, b.1875, d.1928(TS) OSSW John, b.Aug.31,1874,
    d.May.19,1928(TDR)/ B-20-1
 *Harsevoort,Edward J., father,b.1904,d.1953/ C-10-1
 *Harsevoort,George J., b.1893, d.1971, b.d.Aug.3,1971(SR)/ B-1-3
 *Harsevoort,Infant girl, Stillborn, d.July 16,1896 Dau.of Jan & Tonia Harsevoort/ LU/ OCDR
 *Harsevoort,Jenntje, spouse of Hendrik, nee Jansen, b.Mar.25,1828, d.Mar.11,1920/ LU TDR
 *Harsevoort,John, father, b.1860, d.1955, b.d.Sep.16,1955(SR) OSSW Antonia/ B-1-4
    (note-T.S. is on L-20-1)
 *Harsevoort,John, Michigan Pvt.82 Spruce Sq., WWI, son of John and Tonie (Kammerman)
    Harsevoort/ C-35-4 b.Feb.13,1895, d.Jul.28,1962
 *Harvey,Daniel, father, b.1800, d.1882/ A-67-5
 *Harvey,Edna D., b.d.Apr.20,1879/ A-67-1 SR
 *Harvey,Francis M., father, Co.G,1st. Michigan, Voll A., b.1837 N.Y., d.Feb.12,1903 in Filmore Twp.,
   Allegan County, MI., age 65-4-13/ A-67-4
 *Harvey,Helen Louisa Thompson, mother, b.Feb.7,1842, d.Jan.18,1914 in Allegan County, MI.,
    Dau.of Horace Thompson/ A-67-3
 *Harvey,Wynna E., dau.of Francis M. & Helen L. Harvey, d.July 11,1882, age 11mos., 2day.,/ A-67-2
 *Hassevoort,Etta, b.1892, d.1959 OSSW Henry/ C-47-4
 *Hassevoort,George, father, spouse of Sarah, b.Aug.23,1893, d.June.17,1945 Son of
    Herman & Hattie(Deur) Hassevoort/ C-30-4
 *Hassevoort,Henry, hus.of Etta Raak, b.Apr.19,1892, d.Dec.8,1966 Son of Herman &
    Hattie(Deur) Hassevoort/ OSSW Etta/C-47-3/ OCDR
 *Hassevoort,Herman, father, b.May 20,1868, d.Dec.16,1950 Son of Henry Hassevoort/ B-34/2
 *Hassevoort,Infant dau. Of Herman and Ulke(Dykstra) Hassevoort, d.Feb.16,1902/LU TDR
 *Hassevoort,Ulke, nee Dykstra, b.May 1,1884, d.Feb.16,1902 /LU TDR
 *Hassevoort,Winnie, wife of Herman Hassevoort, b.May 26,1895, d.Sept.21,1955, Dau.of
    Jacob & Mary(Baarman) Riemsma/ B-34-1/ HCDR/ SR
 *Headley,Baldwin, d.Oct.28,1898, age 80yrs. /LU/ BP/OCDR
 *Headley,Baldwin Fletcher, d.June.1,1867 age 19yrs, 1mos, 29days, Son of
    Baldwin & Julia Headley/ LU/ OCDR
 *Herrington,Helena Ruth, dau.of Nicholas and Irene(Elshuis) Redder, b.June 1,1930,
    d.Jan.24,1979 in Kalamazoo/ C-66-3
 *Heerspink,baby, b.d.June 28,1954 OSSW Delbert Ray/ C-7-4
 *Heerspink,Delbert Ray, b.Nov.30,1946, d.Dec.4,1946 Son of Herman & Theressa(Harsevoort)
    Heerspink/ C-7-4/ HCDR
 *Heerspink,Herman,father, b.May 19,1909, d.May 7,1956 Son of Henry & Reka(Steketee) Heerspink/
   C-7-3 OCDR
 *Herman,Lillie, d.July ? 1907 in Illinois/ LU BP
 *Herrington,Helena Ruth, b.June 1,1930, d.Jan.24,1979 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, MI.,
    Dau.of Nicholas & Irene(Elshuis) Redder/ C-66-3
 *Hiemstra,Ethel Grace, spouse of John, nee Fellows, b.May 4,1876, d.Apr.8,1947,
    Dau.of Edwin D.& Mary(Blackbird) Fellows/ OSSW John/ B-36-2/ OCDR
 *Hiemstra,Howard, inf.son of John S. and Ethel Hiemstra, b.1914,d.1914 OSSW Winifred/ B-36-5
 *Hiemstra,infant of John and Edith(Fellow) Hiemstra, d.Sept.1,1915/ LU T DR
 *Hiemstra,John S., father, b.1882, d.1947 OSSW Ethel/ B-36-1
 *Hiemstra,Ruthford Stephen, ch. Of J.S.& E.Hiemstra, b.1910, d.1910(TS) b.Nov.18,1910,
    d.Jan.8,1911(TDR) OSSW Winifred/ B-36-4
 *Hiemstra,Steven J., father, spouse of Wietsche Annema, b.1854, d.1943(TS) b.Sept.15,1852,
    d.Mar.28,1943(TDR) Son of Jan & Maria A.(Howkins) Hiemstra/ B-40-4
 *Hiemstra,Wietsche, mother, b.Nov.28,1858, d.Dec.8,1923 Dau.of Anke Annema/ B-40-3
 *Hiemstra,Winifred, infant of John S. and Ethel Hiemstra, b.1909, d.1910, OSSW Ruthford/ B-36-3
 *Hoag,baby girl, died at birth, b.Dec.15,1891, d.Dec.15,1891 Dau.of William & Jennie Hoag/
    could be A-82-1/ OCDR
 *Hoag,Dortha, b.1896, d.Nov.26,1896 age 1day, Dau.of William & Jennie Hoag/ A-82-1/ OCDR
 *Hop,Rodney Dean, b.May 10,1969, d.June 13,1969/ C-98-1
 *Hughes,John R., d.June 24,1927 in Pullman, Allegan County,MI.,/ A-28-3 BP SR
 *Hughes,Zara, d.Mar.3,1936 in Keeler, VanBuren County,MI.,/ A-28-2 BP SR
 *Husted,Daniel F., b.Mar.28,1836 in New York, d.Dec.8,1911 Son of Samson & Lydia(Blendon)
   Husted/ A-97-3/ TDR/ SR
 *Husted,Emilene, nee Harrison, b.Mar.6,1821 in New York, d.Jan.15,1904 Dau.of Elias &
    Sarah Harrison/ LU/ TDR
 *Husted,Gladys R., nee Stillwell, b.Oct.5,1828 in Ohio, d.Dec.25,1911/ A-97-2 SR TDR
 *Hyet,Hannah H., nee Allyn, b.Apr.17,1846 in Mich., d.Oct.25,1933 in Fort Wayne,
   Allen County,Ind. Dau.of Isaac & Mary L.(Burlingame) Allyn/ A-69-4/ SR/ TDR/ BP
 *Jacobsen,Ben, b.1883, d.1971/ B-22-4
 *Jacobsen,Benjamin, son of Ben and Lyda(Bartels) Jacobsen, b.May 7,1913, d.Jan.26,1930/ B-22-1
 *Jacobsen,Corneles, father, spouse of Minnie Kamphuis, b.Aug.30,1875, d.Dec.20,1932
    Son of Peter & Hattie(Schoolmeester) Jacobsen/ B-39-4
 *Jacobsen,Harry, son of Ben and Lyda(Bartels) Jacobsen, b.July 13,1928, d.Oct.20,1952/ B-22-2
 *Jacobsen,Heintje, mother, wife of Peter, nee Schipper, b.Sept.12,1850, d.Sept.9,1933
    Dau.of Cor.& Berintje(DeVries) Schipper/ B-42-3
 *Jacobsen,Jacob, son of Peter and Jantje(Schipper) Jacobsen, b.Aug.14,1873, d.Sept.26,1941/ B-42-2
 *Jacobsen,Leroy, son of Peter and Hazel(Zeldenrust) Jacobsen, d.Sept.17,1941, age 1 day/ C-69-1 SR TDR
 *Jacobsen,Lyda, wife of Ben, b.July 27,1890, d.June 28,1980, Dau.of Berend
   & Lena(Busscher) Bartels/ B-22-3/ OCDR
 *Jacobsen,Minnie, mother, b.1883, d.1954/ B-39-3
 *Jacobsen,Peter, father, b.1851, d.1925/ B-42-4
 *Jacobsen,Peter C., son of Cornelius & Minnie(Kamphuis)Jacobsen, b.1909, d.1922(TS),
    b.Oct.11,1909, d.Feb.2,1923(TDR)/ B-39-1
 *Jacobsen,Richard, b.Dec.22,1881, d.Aug.7,1933/ A-97-4
 *Jensen,Svendage, b.d.Apr.29,1959/ C-5-1 SR
 *Joldersma, baby, d.Sept.8,1902/ LU BP
 *Kammeraad,Jennie Alice, b.June.14,1913, d.Dec.3,1914/ A-8-4
 *Kerr,William, b.1845, d.1921 (b.d.Aug.14,1921-SR)/ A-70-1
 *Knol,Hannah, d.Feb.15,1895 age 8mos, 25days, Dau.of John & Gezina Knol/ LU/ OCDR
 *Knoll,Ethel L., B.1889, d.Sept.1978, Detroit,MI., OSSW Jack/ C-95-4
 *Knoll,Jack, husband, b.1890, d.1959 OSSW Ethel L./ C-95-3
 *Knoll,James, father, spouse of Alice Overbeek, b.Mar.24,1882, d.June 15,1937 Son of
    John & Gesena(Fikkert) Knoll/ B-100-2/ OCDR
 *Knoll,Jan(John), father, spouse of Gesena Fikkert, b.Mar.5,1853, d.Aug.11,1945 Son of
    Jan & Jennie(Dikkers) Knoll/ B-100-4
 *Knoll,Jennie, wife of Klaas, b.May 28,1863, d.Apr.13,1943/ A-81-2
 *Knoll,Jezina, mother, spouse of John Sr., nee Fikkert, b.Mar.25,1851, d.Feb.16,1931
    Dau.of Johannes & Aaltje(Meulenbelt) Fikkert/ B-100-3/ OCDR
 *Knoll,Klaas, b.Nov.14,1858, d.Oct.2,1915/ A-81-1
 *Knoll,Peter, d.Dec.26,1893 age 10days, Son of Klaas & Janna Knoll/ LU/ OCDR
 *Knowlton,Augustus S., d.July.5,1890, age 57yrs, 11mo., 18days/ A-31-1
 *Konjer,Ella, wife of Melvin, dau.of Henry & Etta(Raak) Hassevoort, b.Feb.24,1930, d.Oct.20,1977/ C-47-2
 *Kooiker,baby, son of Kenneth Dale and Josephine Ann (DeHaan), d.Mar.30,1961/ C-97-1 SR
 *Kooiker,Eva, wife of Peter, b.May 15,1913, d.Dec.7,1979, Dau.of John & Hattie(VanDragt)
    Prins, age 66yr, 6mo, 22days/ C-22-1/OCDR
 *Kooiker,Gertie, nee Achterhof, b.Aug.20,1881, d.Oct.4,1950, Dau.of Peter & Hendrika Achterhof/
    B-95-3/ SR/ TDR
 *Kooiker,Hendrik, b.Nov.16,1836, d.Feb.17,1923 Son of Egbert & Alice(Tibbe) Kooiker/
    B-95-2/ SR/ TDR
 *Kooiker,John, b.May 20,1876, d.Jan.2,1917, Son of Hendrik & Rensje(Boeskool) Kooiker/
    B-95-4/ SR/ TDR
 *Kooiker,Margaret, d.Apr.14,1956/ B-93-1
 *Kooiker,Rientje, nee Boeskool, b.Apr.16,1837, d.Mar.1,1917, Dau.of John &
   Hendrikje(VanderHaar) Boeskool/ B-95-1/ SR/ TDR
 *Kooyers,Gertie R., mother, wife of Wm.Kooyers, b.1861, d.1924/ (TS)/ b.Apr.1,1862,
   d.Jan.28,1924, Dau.of Anthony & Gezena(Zalsma) Meengs/ TDR/ B-59-1
 *Kooyers,Gerritje, wife of William, nee Meengs, b.Apr.1,1862, d.Jan.28,1924/ B-59-1 TDR
 *Kooyers,William, father, b.1863, d.1940/ B-59-2 TS
 *Kooyers,Ben William, spouse of Gertie Meengs, b.July 26,1863, d.Nov.22,1940, Son of Jan &
   Petertje(Vork) Kooyers/ B-59-2/ TDR
 *Kronemeyer,Johanna Aaltje, wife of Herman, dau.of Hendrikus & Sena(Rensink) Bijkerk,
    b.Feb.21,1910, d.Aug.14,1978/ C-2-4
 *Kruithoff,Elizabeth Woldinga, b.1847, d.Mar.22,1940 in Laketown Township, Allegan County,MI.,/B-15-1
 *Kruithof,Infant Son of Arie & Maude)Bauman) Kruithof, d.Apr.30,1907/ LU
 *Kruithoff,Maude, nee Bauman, b.Sept.28,1880, d.May.17,1915, Dau.of John &
   Maria(Cuden) Bauman/ B-86-4/ SR
 *Kruithoff,William, b.Dec.17,1849,d.Mar.23,1916, Son of Walter & Neeltje Kruithoff/ B-88-1/ SR/ TDR
 *Kuite,Anna, mother,b.1886,d.1961/ C-17-2
 *Kuite,Ben, father,b.1888, d.1963/ C-17-1
 *Kuite,Harm, b.1884, d.1960 OSSW Henrietta/ C-33-1
 *Kuite,Henrietta, wife of Harm, dau.of John K. and Johanna (Kronemeyer) Aalderink,
    b.Nov.15,1896, Grand Rapids,Kent County,MI., d.Sept.25,1978, OSSW Harm/ C-33-2
 *Kuyers,infant child of Henry, d.Sept.13,1914/ LU
 *Kuyers,Jennie, mother, b.1881, d.1962/ B-38-3
 *Kuyers,Richard, father, son of Peter & Jennie (Bovendam), b.Aug.8,1873, d.Sept.19,1951/ B-38-4
 *Lamb,E.Alice, wife of Stewart A., nee Roby, b.May 21,1866 in Ohio, d.Sept.4,1921,
   Dau.of Leonard & Sarah(Davidson) Roby/ B-57-2
 *Lamb,Stewart Alonzo, spouse of Alice, b.Oct.24,1865 in Ohio, d.June.13,1914, Son of
    Lawrence & Emma(Lynn) Lamb/ B-57-1
 *Lemmen,Ruth Elaine, dau.og Arie and Esther(Veldheer) b.July 12,1964, d.July 17,1964/ C-77-1
 *Lick,Adam, b.1825 in Germany, d.Feb.26,1902, Son of Daniel Lick/ OSSW Sarah/ A-39-1
 *Lick,Frank, d.Sept.19,1872 age 2mos, Son of Adam & Sarah Lick/ LU/ OCDR
 *Lick,Jenny, d.Sept.1,1971 age 1yr, & 1mo, Dau.of Adam & Sarah Lick/ LU/ OCDR
 *Lick,J.R.(Ray), son of Adam & Sarah(Fox) Lick, b.June 17,1875, d.Nov.23,1915/ B-65-1
 *Lick,Sarah, mother, nee Fox, b.Nov.20,1833 in New York, d.Feb.11,1915, Dau.of Daniel &
   Sarah(Simms) Fox/ OSSW Adam/ A-39-2/ OCDR
 *Lievense,Janna, dau. Of Wm.& Mary(Dyk) Lievense, d.June.27,1898/ LU TDR
 *Lievense,William, b.Dec.15,1870, d.May.2,1916, Son of Jacovb & Jane(TenHagen) Lievense/ LU/ TDR
 *Lindemier,John H., father, Co.1,Third Mich.Inf., b.Oct.16,1884, d.Mar.25,1910/ A-12-1
 *Lindemier,Mary Sophronia, wife of John H., b.Sept.30,1860, d.July.3,1905 in Montcalm
   County,MI./ A-12-2
 *Looman,Abraham, spouse of Jeanette, son of Gerrit & Dena (Stegeman), b.Nov.13,1890,
   d.Sept.12,1979/ C-22-4
 *Looman,Diena, mother, dau. Of Mannes & Cornelia(Van de Laar) Stegeman, b.1863,
   d.June.2,1928, age 64yr, 9mo, 8days,/ B-58-3
 *Looman,Gerrit, father, b.July 24,1860, d.June 7,1951, Son of Hendrik & Gertrude(Harnsen) Looman/
   B-58-2/ OCDR
 *Looman,Gertrude, b.July 11,1888, d.Nov.8,1918, Dau.of Gerrit & Dina(Stegeman) Looman/ B-58-1
 *Looman,Henry G., hus.of Jennie Troost, Son of Gerrit & Dena(Stegeman) Looman, Mich.Pfc.Co.103,
   Field Signal Bn.,WWI, b.Dec.5,1892, d.Feb.26,1967 in Zeeland, Ottawa County, MI./ OCDR/ C-24-2
 *Looman,Jeanette, wife of Abraham, dau. Of John & Mary(Meengs) Lievense, b.Mar.5,1898,
   d.Feb.25,1979/ C-22-3
 *Looman,Jennie, wife of Henry G., b.Aug.24,1893, d.Nov.29,1980, Dau.of Henry J.&
   Gertie(VanArendonk) Troost/ C-24-1
 *Luis,Jesus Aguelo, b.d.Aug.1963/ b.C-3-4 SR
 *Maat,Henry, father, b.May 10,1881, d.Jan.25,1952/ C-31-2
 *Maat,Jennie, mother, b.1886, d.1954/ C-31-3
 *MacDonald,Elizabeth Woldinga, b.1905, d.1933/ B-15-2
 *Marble,Barbara, d.May 28,1912, age 60yrs.,/ LU BP
 *Marble,Frederis(Fred), b.1850 in Putnam,MI., d.Mar.10,1898, age 47yr, 6mo.,
   Son of John P.& Mary A.(Smith)Marble/ A-91-4
 *Marble,George W.,Sr., father, b.1843, d.Nov.25,1910 in Wise Township, Isabella County,MI.,/ A-91-2
 *Marble,Sarah, mother, nee Bowen, b.Mar.15,1852, d.Nov.28,1907/ A-91-1
 *Mask,J.D., son, b.1937, d.1960, b.d.Aug.22,1960/ C-5-2
 *Mayo,Charles, d.Feb.2,1955/ Block D/ SR
 *Mayo,Charlotte E., b.Apr.30,1905,d.May.20,1905, Dau.of Frank M.& Tillie(Smith)
   Mayo/ B-73-4/ SR/ TDR
 *Mayo,Frank, 1944-1945 (only dates,SR)/ B-75-4
*Mayo,Freeman H., b.Apr.2,1849, d.June 22,1906, Son of David & Catherine(Redding)
   Mayo/ B-75-1/ SR/ TDR
*Mayo,Hiram, son of H.& L.Mayo, d.Oct.2,1908, age 9mo.,/ B-72-3 BP SR
*Mayo,Hiram, b.d.Sept.27,1951/ D-21-1 SR
*Mayo,James A., d.Sept.3,1883, age 64yr, 5mo, 1day,/ A-33-4
*Mayo,Sarah S., b.d.Sept.6,1883/ A-33-3 SR
*Mayo,Sarah,L., Aug.9,1909 Pentwater, Oceana County,MI., age 87yr./ LU
*McCarrick,Howard L., b.Dec.27,1894, d.Mar.25,1956, hus.of Adele Gerhart/ A-11-1/ SR
*McClure,Julia H., b.1886, d.1968 OSSW William E./ B-65-2
 *McClure,William Enoch, b.Aug.23,1876 in Champaign, ILL., d.Dec.26,1950, Son of
   William Percival & Eliza Frances(Bair) McClure/ OSSW Julia H./ B-65-3/ HCDR
 *McCue,Henry Harrison, b.1851, d.May 25, 1928 in Ravenna, Muskegon County, MI.,
    age 76yrs. OSSW Julia Ann/ A-93-4
 *McCue,Julia Ann, b.1849, d.July 6,1934 in Muskegon, Muskegon County,MI., age 83yrs.,
   OSSW Henry Harrison/ A-93-3
 *Meengs,Derk, father, b.1850, d.1920/ B-60-1
 *Meengs,George D., father, b.1885, d.1957/ B-60-3
 *Meengs,Geraldine, mother, spouse of G.D., b.Apr.22,1887 in Netherlands, d.June 24,1961/ B-60-4
 *Meengs,Joseph, father, b.1884, d.1968 OSSW Sena/ B-61-1
 *Meengs,Sena, mother, b.1883, d.1973/ B-61-2
 *Meengs,Trientje, mother, b.1850, d.1936/ B-60-2
 *Meier,Anna M., b.1845, d.1932/ A-58-2
 *Meier,Bertie N., d.June 30,1885, age 2mo, 11days,/ A-58-4
 *Meier,Rudolph, spouse of Anna, son of Johannes and Loretta(Worley), b.Feb.7,1848
    in Switzerland, d.May 13,1922/ A-58-1
 *Merritt, ? baby, no dates/ A-87-1
 *Micall, ? baby,/ A-38-1 SR
 *Miles,Francis A., son, b.1871, d.1898/ B-28-1
 *Miles,Francis M., father, b.Oct.25,1839, d.July 1,1909/ B-28-2
 *Miles,Frank A., d.July 3,1898, age 25yrs,/ LU TDR
 *Miles,Joel, b.1883, d.1957, b.d.May 18,1957/ C-8-4
 *Miles,Lewis W., d.Dec.3,1903 in Grand Rapids,Kent County,MI., age 29yrs,/ B-72-2 SR BP
 *Miles,Mammie Catherine, d.Aug.9,1901 in Grand Haven,MI., age 4yrs,/ LU BP
 *Millman,Mary, d.Mar.9,1910, age 72yrs,/ B-7-4 SR TDR
 *Monday, ? Mrs.,/ A-22-3 SR
 *Monday,Albert,(see Andrew), d.Dec.10,1899, age 86yrs,/ A-22-4
 *Monday,Andrew, b.in PA., d.Dec.10,1899,age 85yr, 9mo,/ LU
 *Monday,Mary Susanna, d.Dec.11,1867 age 7yrs, 11mos, 2days, Dau.of Andrew &
   Rebecca Monday/ LU/ OCDR
 *Moore,Mary Ellen, mother, b.1861, d.Jan.3,1913 in Detroit,MI./ A-36-3
 *Morren,James Allen, inf.son of Jerald & Pearl(Ten Brink), d.Jan.10,1942 in Zeeland,MI./ LU
 *Morren,Richard, son of Jesus & Francisca(Lopez) Morren, d.Aug.23,1940 age 5days./
    D-Potters Field SR BP TDR
 *Mountford,Eliza, d.Dec.28,1897 in Chicago,ILL., age 61yr, 10mo, 7days,/ LU BP
 *Mulder,Aaltje(Alice), spouse of Albert, nee Bonte, b.Aug.23,1854, d.Jan.16,1933/ A-24-4/
   OSSW Albert,father
 *Mulder,Albert, father, b.May 28,1849, d.July 7,1937/ A-24-5
 *Mulder,Albert, son of Albert & Alice(Bonte) Mulder, b.June 19,1888, d.Feb.12,1907/ A-24-3
 *Mulder,Albert, son of Albert & Alice(Bonte) Mulder, d.Mar.17,1898, age 1yr,& 7mo,/
   LU (see Henry Mulder) TDR
 *Mulder,Grietje, d.Sept.15,1895 age 5mos, 22days, Dau.of Albert & Aaltje Mulder/
   LU/ OCDR/ could be same as Maggie Mulder
 *Mulder,Hannah, sister, b.1892, d.1967/ C-28-3
 *Mulder,Egbert, brother, b.1890, d.1966/ C-28-2
 *Mulder,Henry(see Albert Mulder), d.Mar.17,1898, age 1yr, 7mo,/ A-24-2
 *Mulder,Maggie, d.Sept.15,1895, age 6mo./ A-24-1
 *Mulder,Reka, b.Sept.26,1886, d.July 14,1936/ C-28-1
 *Murray,Thomas H., b.Feb.16,1871 in Canada, d.May 1,1933/ C-51-2
 *Names,Adolphus E., b.1855 in Ohio, d.May 23,1875, age 20yrs, 3mos, Son of Augustus &
    Elizabeth Names/ A-44-2/ OCDR
 *Names,Augustus, father, b.1828 in Germany, d.Apr.10,1894, age 66yrs, 8mos, 6days,/ A-44-4
 *Names,Benjamin J., b.1866, d.1940/ A-37-1
 *Names,Frederick A., b.1861, d.1897/ A-44-1
 *Names,John Theodore, b.Dec.15,1858, d.Dec.30,1938/ A-37-2
 *Names,M.Elizabeth, mother, b.1827 in Switzerland, d.Dec.24,1876, age 49yrs, 3mos,/ A-44-3/ OCDR
 *Names,Sarah J., b.Aug.15,1869, d.Apr.1,1932, Dau.of Augustus Names/ A-37-3
 *Nichols,Ina Bell, dau. Of E.& S.Fellows, and wife of J.W.Nichols, d.Apr.2,1898, age 22yr,
   11mo, 17days,/ A-40-2
 *Nichols,James W., b.1865, d.1945/ A-40-1
 *Nieboer,Jacob(Jack), hus.of Johanna Knol, b.Mar.31,1898, d.Mar.16,1968, Son of Jacob &
   Grace(Vrieswyk) Nieboer, Cpl.Co.L, 126th Inf. 32nd. Div.WWI/ C-96-4
 *Nieboer,Johanna, wife of Jack, b.Apr.24,1894, d.Jan.4,1981, Dau.of Jan & Jesina(Fikkert) Knoll/ C-96-3
 *Nienhuis,Hattie, dau., b.1884,d.1959/ B-40-2
 *Nivison,Cora Belle, wife of Fred L., nee Strong, b.July 26,1867 in Fillmore Township, Allegan County, MI.,
   d.Mar.31,1948, Dau.of Luther LeRoy & Lena Jane(Hall) Strong/ OSSW Fred/ A-80-4/ HCDR
 *Nivison,Fred L., hus.of Cora B.Strong, b.June 19,1865, d.June 17,1945, Son of Carl & Charlotte(Tripp)
   Nivison/ OSSW Cora/ A-80-3/ HCDR
 *Nivison,Infant child of Fred & Cora(Strong) Nivison, d.Nov.9,1901/ LU TDR
 *Nivison,Milo E., b.Aug.5,1890, d.June 7,1916/ A-80-2 SR TDR
 *Northrope,Alvin,b.?, d.Oct.5,1894, age 5mos, 14days, Son of Clarence D.& Mary Northrup/ A-46-1/ SR/ OCDR
 *Northrope,Calvin,b.?, d.Oct.29,1894, age 6mos,& 8days, Son of Clarence D.& Mary Northrup/ A-46-1/ SR/ OCDR
 *Northrope(Northrup),Clarence D., b.1866, d.May 16,1935 in Algoma Township, Kent County,MI./ A-46-4
 *Northrope,Mary, b.?, d.Oct.22,1894, age 20yrs, 11mos, 27days, Dau.of F.L.& Clara Cane/ A-46-3/ SR/ OCDR
 *Northrope,O., b.d.Feb.10,1883/ D-24-1 SR
 *Northrope,Sarah, b.d.1894/ A-46-2 SR
 *Norton,Hattie T., nee Tomkinson, b.1847, New York, d.Dec.21,1933, age 86yr, 3mo, 22days,/ B-13-2
 *Norton,Joel W., b.1816 New York, d.Mar.23,1899, age 82yr, 9mo, 21day,/ B-13-4
 *Norton,Phoebe A., nee Lewis, b.1818, d.1908(TS), b.Dec.12,1819, New York,
   d.Aug.30,1908(TDR)/ B-13-3
 *Norton,Thomas Lester, b.Mar.27,1847,New York, d.Oct.27,1920/ B-13-1
 *Nykamp,infant child of Richard & Cena(Knoll) Nykamp, d.July 9,1917/ A-65-1
 *Nykamp,Anna, mother, b.1866, d.1946 OSSW Henry/ A-65-3
 *Nykamp,Henry, father, b.1861, d.1927/ A-65-4/ OSSW Anna
 *Nykamp,infant son of Henry & Anna(Timmer) Nykamp, d.Apr.14,1901/ LU TDR
 *Nykamp,Larry Hugh -only date 1942, b.d.Dec.2,1942/ C-90-1 SR
 *Nykamp,Marguriet E., b.July 13,1922, d.Mar.3,1923/ A-65-1 SR TDR
 *Nykamp,Richard, spouse of Sena Knol, b.Nov.27,1890, d.Dec.5,1918/ A-65-2
 *Nykamp,Richard, d.Oct.24,1888, age 18days, Son of Henry & Anna Nykamp/ LU/ OCDR
 *Ostrosser,Catherine, b.in Penn., d.Dec.22,1899, age 108yrs,/ LU/ TDR
 *Otting,James Alan, hus.of Betty Bartels, b.July 8,1940, d.July 30,1980, Son of John &
    Lenore(Wabeke) Otting/ C-41-4/ OCDR
 *Ovens,Caroline, mother, spouse of John, nee Eding, b.1855, d.1921(TS) b.Mar.20,1855,
   d.Oct.29,1922(TDR)/ A-53-3
 *Ovens,Freddie, b.1879, d.Sept.6,1882, age 3yrs, 6mos, 3days, Son of John & Carolina Ovens/ A-53-1/ OCDR
 *Ovens,John, father, b.May 13,1847 in Canada, d.July 29,1922/ A-53-4
 *Ovens,Maggie, wife of William, b.Nov.19,1899, d.Aug.24,1981, Dau.of John & Ida(Zeerip)
   VanderMeulen/ OSSW William/ A-57-3/ OCDR
 *Ovens,William, b.1887, d.1968 OSSW Maggie/ A-57-4
 *Pals,Geertje, d.Aug.1,1879, age 7yrs, 10mos, Dau.of Jan & Tryntje Pals/ LU/ OCDR
 *Parks,John, b.in Penn., d.Feb.25,1875, age 63yrs, Son of William & Susan Parks/ LU/ OCDR
 *Parks,May, b.1864, d.1883/ B-12-3
 *Pattengell,Roxana, wife,d.Mar.26,1887, age 54yr, 3mo, 27days,/ B-11-1
 *Paul,John, b.d.Nov.29,1895/ D-22-1 SR
 *Paxon,Jannie, nee Klein, b.in ILL., d.Apr.4,1898, age 21yr, 10mo,/ LU TDR
 *Peck,Carl, son of Bert & Asenath(Shearer) Peck, d.Apr.17,1907, age 1day,/ LU TDR
 *Peck,Earl, d.Apr.17,1907, age 1&1/2 days,/ LU BP
 *Peck,Ethel, dau.of Joseph & Nelvana(Davis) Peck, d.May 4,1900, age 11yrs, 7mo,/ B-67-1 SR TDR
 *Peck,Franklin De Forest, hus.of Nola Barlow, b.Apr.25,1883, d.June 20,1956, Son of Joseph &
   Malvina(Dennis) Peck/ C-94-1/ TDR
 *Peck,Infant girl, Stillborn, Dau.of Joseph & Melvina Peck, d.Feb.9,1886/ LU/ OCDR
 *Peck,Joseph, d.Apr.3,1926 in Grand Rapids, Kent County,MI., age 70yrs,/ F-67-2 BP
 *Peterson,Louis, son of Louis & Carrie M.(Oleson) Peterson, d.Apr.24,1898, age 9mo, 5days,/ LU TDR
 *Pierce,baby(no dates)/ A-84-4 SR
 *Pierce,Norman, d.Aug.22,1876, age 2yrs, Son of William & Fanny B.Pierce/ A-84-4/ SR/ OCDR
 *Pike,Elias B., b.May 11,1817 in Mercer County,PA., d.Feb.10,1899/ A-5-4
 *Pike,Eliza, d.July 6,1902, age 83yrs./ A-5-3 SR BP
 *Pixley,Addie V., dau. Of Adam Lick and Sarah Fox, b.Sept.23,1856, d.Aug.31,1922/ A-10-3
 *Pixley,Elizabeth A., wife of F.C.Pixley, d.July 3,1887, age 37yr, 11mos, 8days,/ A-10-5
 *Pixley,Ferdinand C., b.Apr.4,1836, d.Dec.1,1906/ A-10-4
 *Pixley,Hiram, age 2yrs,& 2mo./ A-10-1
 *Plaggemars,infant child of George & Emma(Schutter) Plaggemars, d.Mar.16,1911, age 1day,/
   D(Pottersfield) SR TDR
 *Plaggemars,infant of George & Emma(Schutters) Plaggemers, d.Aug.21,1912,/ D(Pottersfield) SR TDR
 *Porter,Charles H., b.Feb.14,1825 in Conn., d.May 16,1899/ B-50-2
 *Porter,Mary D., wife of Charles H., d.Oct.28,1875, age 50yrs, 5mos, 24days,/ B-50-3/ OCDR
 *Porter,Ozetta A., nee Wickham, b.June 15,1832, d.Mar.1,1901(TS) b.June 15,1836 in Ohio,
   d.Mar.3,1901(TDR)/ B-50-1
 *Purchase,Bessie, d.Feb.11,1884/ A-42-1
 *Purchase,infant of Delos and Clara(Conger) Purchase, d.Feb.21,1912/ LU TDR
 *Purchase,Laban T., b.1857, d.1907(TS), b.Sept.23,1856, d.Mar.10,1907(TDR)/ A-42-4
 *Purchase,Leo Arthur, son of Laban & Alice(Parker) Purchase, b.Oct.25,1891, d.Feb.28,1907/ A-42-3
 *Purchase,Martha, b.1832, d.1905/ A-59-2
 *Purchase,Mary, b.1860, d.Dec.10,1901 in White Cloud, Newaygo County,MI./ A-42-2
 *Purchase,Samuel, b.1825, d.1893/ A-59-1
 *Purchase,Victor, d.Mar.1,1891, age 9yrs, Son of Laban & Mary Purchase/ A-42-1/ OCDR
 *Purdy,Clara, b.1882, d.1946 OSSW Elmer/ B-28-4
 *Purdy,Elmer, b.1876, d.1937 OSSW Clare/ B-28-3
 *Purdy,Elmer, d.Sept.20,1912, age 2yrs,/ LU BP
 *Redder,Henry, father, b.1876, d.1946/ A-6-3
 *Redder,John, spouse of Joanna Klinge, son of Henry & Reka (Boers) Redder, b.June 9,1906,
   d.Oct.13,1965/ A-6-1
 *Redder,Martha, sister, b.1921,d.1974/ C-90-2
 *Redder,Nicholas, father, b.1903, d.1955/ C-66-1
 *Redder,Reka, nee Boers, b.June 26,1883, d.Aug.9,1909/ A-6-4
 *Redder,Sena, mother, b.1892, d.1958/ A-6-2
 *Reel,infant boy, d.Aug.4,1916/ LU BP
 *Rhoades,Elizabeth A., nee Andrews, b.July 19,1826 in New York, d.July 26,1901/ LU TDR
 *Rhoades,Enoch L., d.Mar.18,1902, age 5yrs,/ LU BP
 *Rhoades(Rhodes), Enoch L., b.Sept.20,1832 in New York, d.Apr.18,1902/ A-43-1 SR TDR
 *Rhodes,Rev.L.D. (no dates)/ A-43-4 SR
 *Rhoades,Mrs.S.J., d.Nov.3,1903, age 55yrs./ LU BP
 *Rice,infant son of Casper & Lizzie(Miles) Rice, d.Aug.4,1916/ LU
 *Rice,Edwin, son of William & Florence(Potts) Rice, d.Dec.14,1897, age 26yrs, 3mo, 14days,/
   LU Polkton Township, DR
 *Rice,Phoebe E., wife of Ernest, nee Dexter, b.May 4,1877, New Boston,MI. d.Sept.20,1946/
    LU Polkton Township,MI. DR
 *Riemsma,Chris, b.May 8,1878, d.Apr.27,1953/ C-29-2
 *Riemsma,Jacob M., b.Oct.2,1889, d.Mar.20,1963/ C-29-3
 *Riemsma,Joe, son of Jacob & Mary(Baarman) Riemsma, b.May 17,1880, d.May 21,1943/ C-29-1
 *Riemsma,John, son of Jacob & Maria(Bareman) Riemsma, d.June 3,1898, age 12yrs./ LU TDR
 *Riemsma,Leendert, b.Feb.18,1897, d.Feb.13,1972/ C-29-4
 *Roberts,Carlos Miner, d.May 1,1867, age 11mos, 15days, Son of William & Lucina Roberts/
   could be same as A-72-1/ OCDR
 *Roberts,Charles M., son of Wm.Roberts, d.Apr.26,1867, age 11mo,/ A-72-1
 *Roberts,Darlene Joy, infant, d.Jan.30,1941/ A-29-2 SR BP
 *Roberts,Elizabeth, wife, b.1877, d.1958 OSSW William A./ A-8-2
 *Roberts,James R.(TS), James Theland(BP), b.Jan.26,1878, d.Apr.26,1939 at Fife Lake,
   Grand Traverse County,MI./ A-72-4
 *Roberts,Lucina, spouse of William, nee Brown, b.Nov.2,1841, d.Jan.27,1927/ A-72-3 SR TDR
 *Roberts,Verna Joan, infant dau. Of George & Aletta May (Groenewoud) Roberts
   d.Dec.24,1941/ A-29-2 SR TDR
 *Roberts,William, b.1835, d.1910(TS), b.Mar.31,1835 in New York, d.Mar.2,1911(OTDR)/ A-72-2
 *Roberts,William A., husband, b.1880, d.1955 OSSW Elizabeth/ A-8-1
 *Roberts,William S., hus.of Mary Fisher, b.Nov.28,1908 in Chicago ILL., d.Nov.23,1981,
    Son of William A.& Elizabeth(Stander) Roberts/ A-8-3
 *Roelofs,Hendrikje, b.1818, d.June 8,1901, age 83yrs,/ LU TDR
 *Rozema,Carrie, mother, b.1891, d.1968/ C-54-2
 *Rozema,Leon, father, spouse of Carrie Knoper, b.Mar.2,1882, d.July 2,1947/ C-54-1
 *Sankey,Amelia P., mother, b.1836, d.Mar.24,1913, wife of Patterson Sankey/ A-36-1
 *Sankey,Caroline H., b.1845, b.d.Jan.16,1926/ A-17-3
 *Sankey,Patterson, father, hus.of Amelia, Pvt. Co. K, 4th Regiment of Penn., b.1838, d.May 31,1920
    in Wise Township, Isabella County, MI. age 82yrs, 2mo, 27days,/ A-36-2/ BP/ OCR
 *Sankey,Robert S., b.1870, b.d.June 14,1944/ A-17-2
 *Sankey,William, 59th ILL. Inf., Co.B., d.1896/ A-17-4
 *Sawyer,Harry E., b.d.1878/ A-83-4 SR
 *Schoe(n)maker,Albert, b.1849, d.1909(TS), b.May 29,1848, d.Mar.11,1909(TDR)/ B-26-3
 *Schoe(n)maker,Hendrika, b.1857, d.1905(TS), b.1858, d.Apr.8,1905(TDR)/ B-26-4
 *Schoemaker,Violet (Johnson), b.9 Sep.1924, d.20 Apr.1977, Dau.of Henry Schoemaker &
                       Elizabeth (VanSlothen).
 *Schoenmaker,Elizabeth A., d.Jan.21,1973, age 81yr, 6mo, 4day,/ C-15-3
 *Schoenmaker,Ervin E., b.Apr.12,1913, d.July 26,1958/ C-15-1
 *Schoenmaker,Grace L., b.26 Jul.1917, d.10 May.1993.
 *Schoenmaker,Henry, d.Mar.23,1971, age 83yr, 1mo, 28day,/ C-15-4
 *Schout,Herbert, b.1907, d.1975/ C-27-4
 *Scott,Jane, d.Dec.23,1898, age 84yrs,/ LU PSTDR
 *Sherman,William J., b.1938, d.1974/ C-19-4
 *Shumaker,Herman, b.1885, d.1971 OSSW Jennie/ B-29-3
 *Shumaker,Jane, infant dau. Of Herman & Jennie(Bosma) Shumaker, d.May 5,1928/ LU
 *Shumaker,Jennie, wife of Herman, dau. Of Okko & Christina (Turling) Bosma, b.Oct.16,1892,
    d.Sept.17,1961 OSSW Herman/ B-29-4
 *Siems, Clara, b.1917, d.1918/ B-3-1
 *Sjoerdsma, Andrew, spouse of Lucy, b.Jan.23,1858, d.Mar.24,1923/ A-100-3
 *Sjoerdsma,Ben,son of Andrew & Lucy(Wassenaar) Sjoerdsma, b.June 18,1895, d.June 9,1916/ A-100-4 SR TDR
 *Sjoerdsma,Lucy, b.d.Jan.10,1929/ A-100-2 SR
 *Sjoerdsma,Jennie, wife of Andrew, Dau.of John Wassenaar, b.Oct.9,1856, d.Jan.7,1929, age 72yrs,
   (Note- could be same as Lucy Sjoerdsma of A-100-2)/ LU/ BP/ HCDR
 *Slagh,Cornelius, b.1885, d.1961 OSSW Zena/ C-87-4
 *Slagh,Zena, b.1885, d.1970 OSSW Cornelius/ C-87-3
 *Smith,Bertha R., b.1892, d.1897/ A-99-1
 *Smith,Clara, d.Jan.27,1939 in Grand Rapids, Kent County, MI./ C-92-2 SR BP
 *Smith,Elizabeth J., b.1832 in Germany, d.May 19,1902/ LU PTDR
 *Smith,Frank L., father, b.1857, d.1936/ A-99-4
 *Smith,Georgie,son, b.d.July 22,1912, age 4&1/2yrs,/ A-99-3 SR
 *Smith,Jay Heil, b.d.Apr.17,1957/ C-92-1 SR
 *Smith,John H., b.Dec.6,1849, d.May 1,1940(TS), b.Dec.5,1849 in Clinton County, MI.
   d.Apr.30,1940(TDR)/ B-14-2
 *Smith,Martha S., nee Eastway, b.Feb.7,1835 in Erie County, New York, d.June 1,1905/ LU TDR
 *Smith,William A., b.1896, d.1898/ A-99-2
 *Smith,William Alden, son of Alfred & Maggie(Paul) Smith, b.Apr.24,1905, d.June 4,1905/ LU TDR
 *Smith,Worthy M., mother, b.1862, d.1942/ A-99-5
 *Snyder,Lillian B., mother, b.Aug.6,1893 in Wisconsin, d.Mar.29,1967, Dau.of Louis & Joan(Baker)
    Rockburn/ C-23-1/ TS/ OCDR
 *Soerheide,Myrtle Alice, d.Aug.27,1896, age 10mos, 11days, Dau.of John & Nevade Soerheide
   (Stone says Zoerhyde)/ B-69-1/ OCDR
 *Southfield,Arlie L., Mich.Pvt.1st Class, 128th Inf. 32nd Div., d.June 27,1938, age 43yrs,/ A-15-3
 *Southfield,Jennie Loretta, d.Mar.12,1898, age 23yrs,/ A-15-4 SR BP
 *Stevens,Charles, father, b.May 15,1838, d.Mar.31,1915/ B-12-2
 *Stevens,Elmer, b.1873, d.1952 OSSW Kaziah/ B-68-3
 *Stevens,infant dau. Of Myron F.& Rocepha L.(Meiers) Stevens, d.Nov.6,1906, age 1day,/ LU
 *Stevens,Infant girl, d.Apr.20,1882, age 13days, Dau.of Charles & Jane Stevens/ LU/ OCDR
 *Stevens,Jane, nother, b.Oct.17,1843, d.Mar.23,1926, Dau.of F.T. Tubbs/ B-12-1/ OCDR
 *Stevens,Kaziah, b.1877, d.May 31,1931 in Grand Rapids, Kent County, MI., age 54yrs, OSSW Elmer/ B-68-2
 *Stevens,Oda, infant son of Elmer & Kaziah(Headly) Stevens, b.1896, d.Sept.14,1898, age 1yr,
   10mo, 15days,/ B-68-1
 *Stewart,Alfred E., b.Jan.19,1848 in Mercer County, PA., d.Apr.19,1895/ A-36-4
 *Sweet,Cecil, son of Riley & Hortense, d.Jan.2,1893, age 1yr, 6mo,/ B-49-4
 *Sweet,Hortense, wife of Riley, b.Oct.8,1868, d.Feb.9,1942/ B-49-2
 *Sweet,Riley, spouse of Hortense, b.Dec.26,1859 in New York, d.May 19,1921/ B-49-1
 *Tackaberry,Abigail, wife of John Tackaberry, d.Jan.26,1898, age 67yrs,/ A-70-4
 *Tackaberry,Ida, wife of George, d.Sept.11,1904, age 47yrs./ A-95-1
 *Tackaberry,John, died Oct.25,1894, age 73yrs, OSSW Abigail/ A-70-5
 *Tackaberry,Minnie, b.d.1894/ A-70-3 SR
 *Tackaberry,R., d.Feb.11,1906, age 35yrs,/ A-70-2
 *Tackelberry,Robert, d.Feb.12,1906 in Kalamazoo,MI., age 32yrs,/ LU BP (Note - could be A-70-2?)
 *TenBrink,Erma, infant dau. Of Henry & Florence(Brouwer) TenBrink, d.Dec.6,1930/ C-49-1 SR TDR
 *TenBrink,Florence V., b.1894, d.__OSSW Henry/ C-49-2
 *TenBrink,Henry, b.1889, d.___OSSW Florence V./ C-49-3
 *TenBrink,James Allen, b.d.Jan.10,1942/ C-49-1
 *Tenckink,infant dau.of Henry & Mary(Brouwer) Tenckink, d.Aug.15,1909/ LU
 *Thorman,Howard, husband, b.1888, d.___OSSW Jeanette/ C-53-1
 *Thorman,Jeanette, wife, b.1895, d.1955 OSSW Howard/ C-53-2
 *Troost,baby, b.d.Dec.11,1948/ C-52-5 SR
 *Troost,Charles,Jr., infant, Stillborn, b.& d. Apr.19,1943, son of Charles & Josena(DeHaan)
   Troost/ LU/ HCDR
 *Troost,Charles Jr., b.1901, d.___OSSW Josena/ C-52-1
 *Troost,Josena, mother, wife of Charles, b.Nov.21,1898, d.Apr.15,1966,
    Dau.of Richard & Dora(Machiele) DeHaan/ C-52-2/ OCDR
 *Trowbridge,Dorcas, b.May 6,1817, d.Apr.27,1901/ LU TDR
 *Trowbridge,Frank, d.Feb.20,1890/ B-31-2
 *Trumbull,Myron, son of H.& G., d.Aug.1,1864, age 2yrs, 8mo, 4days,/ B-70-4
 *Tubbs,Hellen, mother, b.Aug.28,1840, d.Feb.15,1904/ B-10-3
 *Tubbs,Milo, son, b.Mar.13,1861, d.Oct.16,1887/ B-10-4
 *Tubbs,Ozias, father, b.Nov.23,1830, d.June 7,1904/ B-10-2
 *Tuttle,Charles, father, spouse of Lucina, Co.C,21st Regt. H.A., b.Mar.25,1828 in Ohio,
   d.Oct.15,1923/ A-34-4
 *Tuttle,James, b.1875, d.1891/ A-34-1
 *Tuttle,James, d.Oct.10,1893, age 18yrs, Son of Charles & Lucina Tuttle/ A-31-1/ OCDR
 *Tuttle,Lucina, mother, wife of Charles, b.1848, d.1932 in Burdell Township, Osceola County, MI.,/ A-34-3
 *Tuttle,Vern, b.Nov.14,1885, Son of Charles & Lucina(Sagebier) Tuttle, Mich.Pvt.Ord.Dept.,
   d.July 12,1941, age 55yr,/ A-34-2/ HCDR
 *Tyler,Sarah Dunham, wife of L.N.Tyler, b.1844, d.1844, d.1909/ A-96-4
 *Tyler,Sarah F., d.July 18,1909 in Grand Rapids,MI., age 61yrs, 9mo, 26day,/ LU BP
    (could be Block A-L96-G4?)
 *Vanden Bosch,Helena, spouse of Peter P., nee DeJonge, b.Mar.7,1883 in Zeeland,MI.,
   d.Sept.4,1937 OSSW Peter P./ A-54-2
 *Vanden Bosch,Peter P., b.Aug.29,1883, d.June 7,1957 in Zeeland, Ottawa County, MI.,
   Son of Peter VandenBosch/ OSSW Helena/ (at the time of his death, he was the Hus.of
   Agnes Schilstra/ A-54-1/ ZCDR
 *VandenBosch,William, son, b.1908, d.1959/ A-54-3
 *Vander Kooi,James A., husband and father, b.1944, d.1972/ C-58-1
 *Vander Veen,infant dau. Of Jacob E.& Elnora(Watson) Vander Veen, d.Aug.9,1899/ LU TDR
 *Vander Veen,infant son of Joe & Lena(Watson) Vander Veen, d.Oct.19,1900/ LU TDR
 *Vander Zwaag,Bert H., spouse of Jennie Rouwhorst, b.Apr.16,1884, d.Sept.6,1936 OSSW Jennie/ B-94-4
 *Vander Zwaag,Jennie, wife of Bert, dau.of Klaas & Henrietta(Prins) Rouwhorst, b.Feb.4,1888,
   d.Sept.11,1976 in Lamont,MI.,/ B-94-3
 *VanGasbeck,Abraham, father,b.Mar.1,1816 in New York, d.Feb.9,1899/ A-21-2
 *VanGasbeck,Emorsen A., b.in New York, d.Feb.7,1877 in New York, Son of Abraham A
  .& Ziutha VanGasbeck, age 25yrs, 6mos,/ LU/ OCDR
 *VanGasbeck,Mary, mother,nee Waring, b.Nov.28,1819 in Conn., d.Jan.6,1899/ A-21-1
 *VanRaalte,infant dau.of Albert & Marie(Garbrecht) VanRaalte, d.May 29,1902, age 7days,/ B-27-1
 *Veldheer,Fannie, wife of Franklin, dau.of Albert & Elizabeth(VanLangeveld) Arnoldink,
    b.Aug.12,1904, d.Mar.20,1978/ B-80-3
 *Veldheer,infant son of Frank & Fanny(Arnoldink) Veldheer, d.Jan.15,1924/ B-80-1 SR TDR
 *Veldheer,infant dau.of Franklin & Fanny(Arnoldink) Veldheer, d.Feb.7,1925/ B-80-1 SR TDR
 *Veldheer,infant dau.of Franklin & Fanny(Arnoldink) Veldheer, d.Nov.16,1926/ B-80-2 SR TDR
 *Veldheer,Franklin, b.1903, d.1968 OSSW Fannie/ B-80-4
 *Veldheer,Jeanette, dau.of Joe & Sadie(Haas) Veldheer, b.May 7,1915, d.Apr.14,1919/ B-64-1
 *Veldheer,Joe, father, b.1873, d.1941 OSSW Sadie/ B-64-3
 *Veldheer,Sadie, mother, spouse of Johannes, dau. Of Henry & Antje(VanderWoude) DeHaas,
    b.May 30,1884 in Netherlands, d.June 14,1948 OSSW Joe/ B-64-2
 *Veldheer,Johannes, d.June 22,1971, age 67yrs,/ LU BP
 *Velderman,Eric Leslie, b.Aug.20,1980, d.Dec.7,1980, Son of Casey & Pamela(Kloosterman) Velderman/ C-40-1
 *Vickers,Richard Allan, Hus.of Linda Hayes, b.Dec.14,1950, d.Oct.18,1981, Son of Jack &
   Hazel Lucille(Wheeler) Vickers/ C-21-2
 *Wait,Armon, son of Monton, b.Aug.22,1828 in Canada, d.Feb.16,1901/ LU TDR
 *Waite,Edward U., father, b.1866, d.Sept.11,1916 in Grand Rapids, Kent County,MI., age 49yrs,/ B-76-1
 *Wallace,Jennie E., dau.of Frank E.& Elizabeth Wallace, b.June 28,1885, d.July 28,1885,
   age 1day,/ A-91-1/ OCDR
 *Warren,Charlotte Edna, nee Cheeseman, b.Jan.19,1879, d.July 3,1912/ LU
 *Watkins,Harry L., father, b.1869, d.1944/ C-51-1
 *Watkins,Mae C., wife of Harry L., nee Murray, b.July 12,1869 in Canada, d.June 1,1929/ C-51-3
 *Watson,Edward G., father,b.in Scotland, d.Nov.19,1899, age 81yrs, 1mos, 19days,/ A-41-4
 *Watson,Rebecca, wife of E.G.Watson, b.d.Jan.24,1889/ A-41-3 SR
 *Wedeven,George, father, b.1866, d.1936 OSSW Susan/ B-41-3
 *Wedeven,Susan, mother, dau.of John Hendrik & Jantje(Brummel) Maat, b.Mar.17,1873,
   d.May 9,1950 OSSW George/ B-41-4
 *Welch,Daniel, b.Aug.3,1852 in New York, d.July 12,1945/ LU/ HCDR
 *Welsh,Daniel, b.Aug.3,1852 in New York, d.July 12,1945/ A-13-3/(could be the same as
   Daniel Welch - previous)/ SR
 *Welling,infant son of William, d.May 28,1904, age 5days, OSSW Nellie Welling/ A-23-3
 *Welling,Cornelius, b.1885, d.Dec.11,1889, age 7yrs, Son of William & Hellen Welling/ A-23-5/ OCDR
 *Welling,Henry John, d.Mar.29,1909, age 2days,/ A-23-2 SR BP
 *Welling,Jacob, b.1883, d.Dec.18,1889, age 5yrs, Son of William & Hellen Welling/ A-23-4/ OCDR
 *Welling,Jacob, father, b.June 4,1832, d.Apr.24,1914/ B-16-4
 *Welling,Jennie, dau.of William and Helen(Cona) Welling, b.Mar.11,1895, d.July 30,1914/ B-16-1
 *Welling,Mary, mother, nee Snyder, b.Aug.12,1834 in Netherlands, d.Nov.18,1911/ B-16-3
 *Welling,Nellie, b.1889, d.1890 OSSW Baby Welling/ Z-23-3
 *Welling,William(Willem), son of Jacob & Mary(Snyder) Welling, B.1858, d.1917(TS),
    b.Oct.20,1857 in Netherlands, d.Dec.7,1916 TDR/ B-5-1
 *Welling,William, b.1858, d.1917(TS), son of Jacob & Mary(Snyder) Welling,
   b.Oct.20,1857, d.Dec.7,1916(TDR)/ B-5-1
 *Wells,Harold H., b.d.Jan.23,1968/ C-5-3 SR
 *Welsh,Daniel, b.d.July 14,1945/ A-13-3 SR
 *Welton,Arthur D., son of John T.& Martha D.Welton, d.July 24,1877, age 5yrs, 6mos,/ A-50-1/ OCDR
 *Welton,Bertha, wife of C.S.Welton, b.Dec.24,1878, d.Mar.26,1907/ B-8-3
 *Welton,Burton W., father, hus.of Eliza, b.Aug.19,1868 in New York, d.Mar.10,1949
   Son of John & Martha(Cheeseman) Welton,/ OSSW Eliza/ B-52-4/ HCDR
 *Welton,Clyde, father, b.1878, d.1961 OSSW Hilma/ B-8-2
 *Welton,Eliza A., mother, b.1874, d.June 13,1959 in Galena, ILL. OSSW Burton/ B-52-3
 *Welton,Elmer E., son of John Thomas & Martha A.Welton, b.1874, d.May 21,1874, age 2mos,
   13days/ A-50-1/ OCDR
 *Welton,Hilma, mother,b.1880, d.1960 OSSW Clyde/ B-8-1
 *Welton,John T., b.1836, d.Mar.9,1920/ A-50-3
 *Welton,Mabel Frances, dau.of Burton W.& Eliza Welton, d.July 18,1895, age 10mos, 22days,/ B-52-1/ OCDR
 *Welton,Martha A., wife of John T.Welton, d.Apr.14,1883, age 39yrs, 6mos, 20days,/ A-50-2
 *Welton,Myrtle Beatrice, dau.of Burton & Eliza(Ovens) Welton, d.June 12,1898, age 10mos, 27days,/ B-52-2
 *Welton,Sarah A., wife of Millard E.Welton, d.Aug.18,1880, age 31yrs, 4mos, 6days, b.in New York,
   Dau.of M. & Mary Dekker/ A-64-4/ OCDR
 *Werner,Adah L., b.1885, d.1957 OSSW Joseph J./ C-94-3
 *Werner,Joseph J., b.1875, d.1955 OSSW Adah L./ C-94-4
 *West,Alice A., spouse of Henry G., nee Headley, b.Apr.7,1861 in IND., d.Dec.25,1925/ B-66-2
 *West,Demetrius, father, b.1890, d.1963/ C-84-4
 *West,Edith, wife of Harold E.West, b.June 25,1907, d.___/ C-85-3
 *West,Eli J., b.1892, d.Nov.11,1960 OSSW Gladys G./ C-26-1
 *West,Elizabeth E., wife of Riley West, mother, dau.of James & Anna(Hartsough) Gallagher
   West, b.Sept.19,1901 in ILL., d.Oct.13,1959, in Zeeland, Ottawa County, MI.,/ OSSW Riley/ C-26-4/ZDCR
 *West,Gladys G., b.1907, d.1971 OSSW Eli J./ C-26-2 (note - separate metal marker
   above stone says Gladys Vanderven 1907-1971)
 *West,Florence, wife of Demetrius, b.Sept.10,1901, d.May 8,1981 in Grand Haven,
   Ottawa County, MI., Dau.of Charles Martindale/ C-84-3/ OCDR
 *West,Harold E., Mich.Pvt., 64 Inf., 7th Div., WWI, b.June 23,1895, d.Mar.22,1970/ C-85-4
 *West,Hartley Gilbert, son of John, b.Jan.4,1880, d.May 8,1936/ B-66-4
 *West,Henry Gottlieb, hus.of Alice Headley, father, b.Apr.29,1846, d.Sept.29,1930,
   Son of Henry & Harriet(Cook) West/ B-66-3
 *West,infant of Riley & Elizabeth(Gallagher) West, d.May 27,1932/ LU TDR
 *West,infant of Riley & Elizabeth(Gallagher) West, d.Nov.21,1936/ LU


 *West,Riley, father, b.1897, d.1960 OSSW Elizabeth/ C-26-4
 *West,Viola O., dau.of Henry & Alice(Headley) West, b.Feb.17,1901, d.Oct.5,1912/ B-66-1
 *Wickham,Ozetta A., d.Mar.1,1901, age 68yrs,/ LU
 *Wilmarth,Claude (unm.), son of Galen & Eliza Jane(Tucker) Wilmarth, b.Apr.19,1886
   Montgomery,MI., d.Feb.18,1945/ B-21-2
 *Wilmarth,Floyd, AEF 32nd Div., b.1893, d.Mar.25,1928 in Broadview, ILL./ B-21-1
 *Wilmarth,Galen, b.1853, d.1946/ B-21-3
 *Woldinga,Gerret J., son of John & Grace(Shoemaker) Woldinga, b.May 31,1906, d.Sept.11,1906/ LU TDR
 *Woldinga,Grace, b.1883, d.Oct.19,1931 in Hopkins Township, Allegan County, MI. OSSW John/ B-15-4
 *Woldinga,Henreate, dau.of John & Grace(Shoemaker) Woldinga, b.Nov.13,1901, d.Mar.1,1902/ LU TDR
 *Woldinga,John, b.1881, d.Mar.4,1964 in North Platte, Nebraska, OSSW Grace,/ B-15-3
 *Wolters,Agatha, wife of Barney, b.1891, d.1975/ B-92-2
 *Wolters,Barney, b.1878, d.1961/ B-92-3
 *Wolters,Jane(Jennie) nee VanderZwaag, wife of Barney, b.Feb.3,1880, d.July 2,1916/ B-92-4
 *Wood,Sarah Merritt, wife of Herman Wood, b.July 6,1839, d.May 21,1903,/ A-71-4
 *Woodruff,Cora M., wife of Marion, nee Mundy, b.Oct.22,1866, d.Apr.7,1931/ LU TDR
 *Wyman,Edgar P., b.Nov.11,1888, d.Mar.9,1955 in Grand Haven, Ottawa County, MI.,
   Son of Charles R.& May(Perkins) Wyman/ OSSW Sarah E./ C-53-4
 *Wyman,Sarah Ellen, b.Sept.18,1886 in Tiverton, Ontario, Canada, d.May 5,1952, Dau.of
   Thomas & Elizabeth(Bernard) Murray/ OSSW Edgar P./ C-53-3/ OCDR
 *Wyrick,Almon D., b.Dec.1,1911, d.Apr.12,1952, Son of Ira & Lena(Kieft) Wyrick/(TS)/ OCDR/ (TDR)/ C-27-2
 *Wyrick,Carla Sue, b.Mar.31,1955, d.Apr.1,1955, Dau.of Walter & Jessie(Brust) Wyrick/ C-14-4/ SR/ HCDR
 *Wyrick,Ronald Leon, son of Walter & Jessie(Brust) Wyrick, b.Feb.18,1937, d.Feb.24,1952/ C-14-3
 *Wyrick,Walter N., b.1910, d.1969/ C-14-1
 *Young,Mary Mayo, d.Dec.8,1939 in Grand Rapids, Kent County, MI., age 83yrs,/ B-75-2
 *Zeldenrust,Katie, mother, wife of Peter, b.Aug.7,1880, d.Sept.3,1959, Dau.of John &
   Harmke(Albada) Baaima/ C-70-2
 *Zeldenrust,Peter, father, b.1872, d.Mar.18,1938, age 65yrs,/ C-70-1
 *Zoerhyde,Myrtle Alice, age 10mos, and 11days,/ B-69-1/ (Ottawa County record of her
   death lists her name as being spelled Soerheide. Look under the name of Soerheide for
   her information)
 *Zoerhyde,Nevada P., wife of John Zoerhyde, b.1876, d.Apr.28,1903 in Muskegon Hights,
   Muskegon County, MI./ B-69-2
 *Zuverink,Gerrit, son of Berend & Aaltje(Roelofs) Zuverink, b.May 7,1898, d.Apr.19,1901/ LU/ TDR
 *Zuverink,Herman, d.Dec.5,1894 age 13days, Son of Berend & Aaltien Zuverink/ LU/ OCDR
 *Zwiers,baby, no dates/ C-91-1
 *Zwiers,Maude, mother, b.1885, d.Jan.21,1936 in Grand Rapids, Kent County, MI., age 50yrs,/ C-91-2
 *Zwiers,Martin, father, b.1883, d.1947/ C-91-3
 *Zwiers,Carl M., d.Mar.20,1926 in Grand Rapids, Kent County, MI., age 23days,/ C-91-1/ BP
 *Zwiers,Moore, d.July 29,1914 in Wyoming Township, Kent County, MI./ LU/ BP
 *Zwiers,Nelson J., b.Mar.2,1928, d.Mar.5,1928, Son of Henry & Minnie(Bartels)
   Zwiers/ B-96-1/ SR/ OCDR

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