About the same time as the settlement of North Holland was settled, Noordeloos was
settled just 1-2 miles east. It didn't acquire the name until after the arrival of Domine Koene
Van denBosch from Noordeloos, in the Province of Zuid-Holland in 1856. Noordeloos
was settled also by people from Groningen and Gelderland, very similar as that of North
Holland, the latter arrivals to "De Kolonie".

The people of Noordeloos, like those of Groningen, had previously worshipped at Zeeland;
but this had proved unsatisfactory on account of the distance and the difficult roads. So a
congregation had been organized at Noordeloos.

The Church was founded in 1855 when people of this community found it too difficult to go
through these woods to the Zeeland Church.

The early Settlers were from the Province of Groningen, Netherlands. They arrived in "De Kolonie"
in 1848 following the Van Raalte group by one year. They stayed in "Old Groningen" just east of
Holland until they purchased land and built their log cabins in what is now the Noordeloos area.

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