Recorded by, and Burial research by Irene VanderMeulen Reidsma
Internet version by Luann Hughes DeVries
   Updates at Herrick Districk Library in Holland Michigan

The Church had been founded in 1855, when the people of this community found it too difficult to go through the woods to the Zeeland Church.  These early settlers were from the Province of Groningen in the Netherlands.  They arrived here in the Dutch colony (De Kolonie) in 1848 following the Van Raalte group by one year.  They stayed at Old Groningen just east of Holland until they purchased land and built their log cabins in what is now the Noordeloos area.  These are some of the early settlers:  Pieter A. VanDyk (35) and his wife Anja (26), Meuwes Hulsebus (27) and his wife Aaltje (29), J. de Slachter and we assume his mother Aafke (60) and Pieter Bos.  The latter bought 40 acres in the northeast corner of Section 15 about ½ mile south of the present cemetery and built a log house on his acreage.  Pieter VanDyk purchased 80 acres across the section line from Bos in Section 14 and another 40 acres just north in Section 11.  J. de Slachter located on a 40 acres north of Bos and east of the Van Dyks in the southwest corner of Section 10.  Others who joined them a few years later were Teunis Bos, Kornelis or Klaasje Winneger or Weninger and his wife Johanna.  Then a Liesveld Blankenezee and also a G.J. Rebsken were listed as early settlers, but their names do not appear on the 1850 census and neither does Willem Vanden Berge.  In 1852 Anne and Jantje Vanden Bosch joined the group in Noordeloos and so did Manus Willink (46) a widower and his son, Henry (13) in 1853.  Then Hermanus Diepenhorst (31) and his wife, Maaike (33) came in 1855 and along with them a Pieter Verduin, a bachelor who later found a wife here.
It was this group of a dozen or so families, that petitioned the First Reformed Church of Zeeland to organize a congregation of Noordeloos.  The petition was approved by the Classis in Holland on April 2,1856 and they organized a church.  The congregation called a Rev. Koene VandenBosch who was still in the Netherlands, as their pastor.  They had hoped that he would bring some of his congregation with him.

Abbreviations Used In This Publication:
L U = Location Unknown
( )= Not Certain
D S = Double Stone
O S S W = On Same Stone With
S U = Stone Unreadable
S B T = Stone Broken Through
N S = No Stone
U N K = Unknown
Block = Group of Lots
Lot = Individual Grave
PK = Kerkhof
h = Husband
w = Wife
f = Father
m = Mother
so = Son
da = Daughter
br = Brother
s = Sister
gr = Grandfather
gm = Grandmother
gda = Granddaughter
gso = Grandson
b = Born
c = Child
d = Died
bd = Burial Date
bp = Birthplace
TS = Tombstone Inscriptions
SR = Sexton's Records
NCR = Noordeloos Church Records
OTDR = Olive Township Death Registers
HTDR = Holland Township Death Registers
ZDR = Zeeland City Death Records
NHCR = Horth Holland Church Records
HCDR = Holland City Death Record
OCDR = Ottawa County Death Records

Alofs,Henry: Apr.18,1908-Apr.22,1908 son of Gerrit & Maggie(Bisschop) TDR.
Alting,Elsie: See Elsie Rosema.
Anys,Grada Woordes: b.1810 in Wenterswyk, Netherlands. d.Jan.30,1885.
Bischop,Geertje: w of Herman, May 19,1851-Apr.24,1924 or 1926. dau of John & Wyneena(Drost) DeWeerd.
Bischop,Harm: h of Geertje 1836-1894 SR & NCR.
Bischop,Henry Sr.: (could be Hendrik?) Mar.13,1838-Feb.24,1921 SR & ZDR.
Bischop,Hermina: died 1891 SR.
Bischop,Marigje: (Harm?) w of Hendrik, nee VanSpyker, Oct.19,1815-Oct.or Sep.19,1900. SR & TDR.
Bischop,Maaike: d.Jan.22,1890 age 33yrs.(OCDR) dau of Hermanus & Maaike (Diepenhorst).
Bischop,Marie: Feb.22,1869-(   )  1886 SR & NCR dau of Harm & Geertje.
Bischop,Marine: Mich Pvt 160 Field Artillery 85th Div died Apr.11,1919.
Bischop,Mary: d.1944,SR.
Bischop,Niesje: 1851-1907 ( SR & NCR) dau of Hendrik & Marigje (VanSpyker)
Bischop,Oude: (or maybe Hendrik?) 1810-1892 SR & NCR.
Bisschop,Klaas: (single) 1847-Feb.12,1902  s of Hendrik & Marigje (VanSpyker) TDR.
Bos,? : c of Tony, no dates.
Bos,Doeke: Aug.14,1835-Jan.16,1935.
Bos,Martha M.: w of Doeke, b.Sep.23,1858 d.May 15,1904 dau of M. & Atje P.(Beukema) Nienhuis.
Bos,Grietje(Slagter): w of Tonnis, b.Apr.2,1819 at Spyk,Groningen, Netherlands, d.Dec.2,1889.
Bos,Jennetta: dau.of Tony, b.July 31,1907 d.Sep.10,1908. TDR.
Bos,Martin D.: Aug.23,1881-Mar.25,1897 age 15yrs.
Bos,Nellie: w of Teunis, Dec.17,1878-Apr.23,1926 dau of Arend & Janna(Pyl) VanDyk. TDR.
Bos,Peter: single, Aug.23,1881-May 22,1930 son of Doeke & Martha(Nienhuis).
Bos,Pieter D.: b.Dec.6,1822 at Spyk,Groningen, Netherlands, d.Jun.22,1881. "Came to America in 1847".
Bos,Teunis D.: July 6,1877-Dec.31,1953.
Bosch,Adrianna: w of Walter, m, Aug.31,1873-Oct.12,1906 dau of Cornelius & Sara(Heyboer) DeJongh. TDR.
Bosch,Albert: Dec.25,1834-Jun.22,1903 s of Jan Peter & C.(VandenBrink) TDR.
Bosch,Marietje: w of Albert, Nov.24,1836-Aug.26,1917 dau of Walter & Gebbertje(Benthere) VerHoef. TDR.
Bosch,Sarah H.: Mar.9,1904-Nov.30,1906 dau of Walter & Jane (DeJong).
Bosch,Walter A.: f/b Sep.17,1864-Jan.18,1931 son of Albert & Martha(VerHoef) TDR.
Braamse,Cornelis: f/b Nov.22,1836-d.Feb.17,1907 son of Peter & Josina (Oranje) TDR.
Braamse,Edward Adriann: "Spanish War 1898-1902" b.May 18,1873 d.Oct.2,1902 son of Cornelius & Elizabeth(Vette).
Braamse,Elizabeth(Vette): m/b Feb.4,1838 d.Jun.14,1913.
Braamse,Homer: d.1939 SR.
Brant,Johanna: See Johanna Jongekrijge.
Brouwer,John: son of J.& B., d.Feb.3,1883 age 9mon.
Brummel,Maaike: dau of Henry & Autje Diepenhorst d.Sep.25,1885 age 3mon. OCDR.
Bultema,?: dau of Herman & Jennie(Meyering) d.Dec.27,1917 SR & TDR.
Bultema,Herman: f/ 1875-1950.
Bultema,Janna or Johanna (Helder): w of Reindert, May 22,1836 at Ulrum Groningen, Neth., d.Mar.8,1901 TDR.
Bultema,Jay Nelson "Sonnie": Dec.27,1917-Feb.2,1926 son of Herman & Jennie(Meyering) HCDR.
Bultema,Jennie: w of Herman, Feb.7,1881-May 24,1927 dau of John & Nellie(Pikaart) Meyering TDR.
Bultema,Reindert: h of Johanna(Helder) Apr.25,1846-Oct.19,1927 TDR.
Corbeyn,Erkenraadge: See Erkenraadge Rosbach.
DeFouw,Cornelius: Dec.26,1812-Sep.4,1889 bp Zeeland, Netherlands.
DeFouw,Neeltje: nee Hoekman, w of Cornelius May 4,1813-Sep.3,1889 bp Zeeland, Netherlands.
DeFouw,Pieternella: w of Wm. Oct.19,1847-Apr.18,1930 dau of W.& Johanna(VanHoven) VanDenBerg HCDR.
DeFouw,William Lambert: s/ Feb.7,1868-Aug.7,1939 NHCR.
DeFouw,William Sr.: f/ GAR on tombstone, Feb.12,1837-Nov.25,1921 s of Cornelius & Nellie(Hoeksema) TDR.
DeGroot,?: See Mrs. Peter Heyboer.
DeGroot,Maaike: See Maaike Diepenhorst.
DeKraker,Peter: Oct.31,1837-June 24,1902 s of Kreen & Prina(Maart) SR & TDR.
DeVries,Anna: See Anna VanDyk.
DeWeerd,Geertje: See Geertje Bischop.
Diepenhorst,Anna: w of Charles,b.Feb.3,1878 Illinois. d.Oct.10,1944 dau of Henry & Rensing(Kemper) Muller/TDR.
Diepenhorst,Arie: f/Nov.30,1848-Apr.2,1930 son of Herman & Maaike(DeGroot) TDR.
Diepenhorst,Bert: 1893-1935.
Diepenhorst,Charles: 1878-1953.
Diepenhorst,?: c of Bert & Jennie(VandenBerg), died May 23,1920 TDR.
Diepenhorst,?: c of H/ no date- SR.
Diepenhorst,Arthur: Sep.7,1902-Jan.23,1977 s of John & Gertrude(Willink).
Diepenhorst,?: c of Leendert/ no date - SR.
Diepenhorst,?: c of Peter/ no date - SR.
Diepenhorst,Frances or Francina: m/ w of Arie, Jan.15,1851-May 11,1884.
Diepenhorst,Gertrude: m/ 1878-1957.
Diepenhorst,Gertrude(Rosbach): sec w of Arie, 1859-1929.
Diepenhorst,Harold: Dec.9,1903-May 16,1927, son of John & Gertrude(Willink) TDR.
Diepenhorst,Hermanes: FEb.27,1824-Feb.1,1881 age 56yrs.11mon.26day. - SR & NCR.
Diepenhorst,Hermanes: Aug.30,1875-Sep.?,1882 son of Arie & Francina(DeKoeyer) - Sr.& NCR.
Diepenhorst,John: h of Gertrude(Willink), b.1879 or Dec.3,1880 d.May 1,1939 son of
                           Arie & Frances(DeKoeyer) ZDR.
Diepenhorst,Leendert: h of Wilmina(Rosema), Jun.13,1851-Apr.19,1934 son of Herman & Maaike(DeGroot).
Deipenhorst,Maaike: nee DeGroot, w of Hermanus, b.Dec.20,1821 d.Mar.29,1906/ bp Zuid Holland, Neth.
Diepenhorst,Martin: h of Reka(Hop), b.1886 d.Oct.8,1941 age 55yrs.4mon.20day.
                               s of Leonard & Welmje(Rozema) TDR.
Diepenhorst,Reka: w of Arthur, b.Mar.8,1903 d.Jan.17,1978 1st.hus - Phillip Willink, dau of Gerrit &
                             Dean(Westveld) Sterken.
Diepenhorst,Rena: b.1888 d.1970.
Diepenhorst,Wilhelmina: m/w of Leendert, b.1857 d.Dec.8,1921 age 65yrs.11mon.8days.
                                     dau of Klaas & Elsie Rozema TDR.
Donker,Greta: no date - SR.
Donker,John: d.1898 - SR.
Dryfhout,Jeremy: s of Cornelius Jan.13,1977-Oct.17,1977.
Geerts,Harvey Jason: July 25,1920-Aug.14,1920. s of Henry & Allie(Kooyers).
Gosselaar,Hattie: d.Apr.11,1892 age 1yr.3mon. c of Henry & Tryntje.
Gosselaar,Hendrika: d.Feb.7,1889 age 30days. c of Henry & Tryntje.
Gosselaar,?: b.& d. July 9,1887  c of Henry W.& Tryntje.
Hamer,Theodore: Feb.3,1955-Feb.24,1955 s of George & Kathryn.
Hartgerink,A.: no date Co C 4 Ohio Inf Mex War.
Hartgerink,Johannes: 1851-1871.
Hartgerink,Jozina D.K.: 1813-1869.
Heijboer,Willemptje: b.Feb.21,1815 d.Apr.7,1882 age 67yrs. NCR.
Helder,Henry J.: b.1915 d.??
Helder,Irene: nee Bos b.1916 d.??
Helder,Johanna: See Johanna Bultema.
Heyboer,Fannie: Aug.3,1863-May 16,1931.
Heyboer,Marie: Oct.6,1838-Nov.18,1904 dau of Mat & Elizabeth(Sanford) Whitvliet.
Heyboer,Mrs.Peter(DeGroot?): Dec.20,1821-Mar.29,1906.
Heyboer,Peter: h of Fannie Deur Dec.18,1862-Dec.21,1947 s of Philip & Marie(Witvliet).
Heyboer,Peter: s of Peter July 24,1817-Jun.10,1906.
Heyboer,Philip: Apr.30,1898-May 25,1924 s of Peter & Fanny(Deur).
Heyboer,Philip Sr.: Oct.2,1840-Jun.24,1928 s of Peter & Willimpje(DeBoer) TDR.
Heyboer,Sidney Marvin: July 25,1928-Oct.27,1947 s of Matthew & Emma(Bystra).
Hoekman,Neeltje: See Neeltje DeFouw.
Jongekrijg,Dingeman: 1825-Jun.19,1898 age 72yrs.2mon.23days. s of Adriaanis & Maatje(Koetsoeld) TDR.
Jongedrijg,Jacob: 1829-1913.
Jongekrijg,Johanna: nee Brant/ b.Mar.4,1825/ d. ? NHCR.
Johnson,Frances: See Frances Mayo.
Johnson,John W.: f / 1890-1966.
Johnson,Mary: m/ 1895-1971.
Kooyers,Berend: Oct.25,1810-Feb.22,1896 SR & NHCR.
Kooyers,Berendina: See Berendina Meyer.
Kooyers, ?: c of Wm. no dates SR.
Kooyers, ?: c of Wm. d.1902 SR.
Kooyers,Flippens: s of B.W. & G.R. Meengs Feb.5,1901-Feb.22,1901 SR & TDR.
Kooyers,Henry: 1882-1950.
Kooyers,Jan Hendrik: h of Jenie Slenk, Dec.25,1840-Nov.4,1920
                                  son of Berend W. & Johannah(Woeders) or (Wolters?).
Kooyers,Jennie: d.Dec.7,1899 age 3mon. dau of B.W.& Geretje Bishop SR & TDR.
Kooyers,Jennie"Jane": m/ w of John H/ Jul.22,1852-Nov.8,1923 John H.& Altje(Slgter) Slenk TDR.
Kooyers,Johanna: d.1891- SR.
Kooyers,John H.: f/ 1839-1920.
Kraak,Janke: second w of John H./ 1847-1895
Kraak,John: d.1908 SR.
Kraak,John H or Jan Petru: hof Sybrig Gazeveld Feb.26,1837-Aug.20,1917 son of Peter & Gertruida.
Kraak,Sibreg: w of John H. 1837-1885.
Kramer,Lambert: Aug.16,1820-Oct.20,1905 TDR.
Kuyers,Jantje: m/ Sep.2,1837-1883 SR & NHCR.
Kuyers,Peter: f/ Jul.27,14-Oct.8,1906 SR & NHCR.
Lammers, ?: d.1890 SR.
Maderom,Fennigje"Fennie": w of PeterApr.27,1820-Apr.27,1906 dau of Jan Kryn &Hendrikje(VanWijke)
                                           Vinke SR & TDR.
Madderom,Peter: Sep.24,1812-d.1885 or 1886 SR & TDR.
Mass,Mary: w of Henry H. Sep.3,1835-July 1,1924dau of Baastan & Gertrde(Boener) Korbyn HCDR.
Mayo,Frances: nee Johnson w of Frank Dc.5,1918-Aug.12,1976.
Mayo,Frank: 1907-1978.
Meeuwsen,Gezina: w of Jan/ Feb.19,1864-Mar.30,1905 dau of Jan H. & Jantje(Oonk) Willink SR & TDR.
Meyer, ? : c of Jan no date SR.
Meyer, ? : c of Jan no date SR.
Meyer,Berendina: m nee Kooyers Aug.24,1825-May 31,1897 NHCR.
Meyer,Mrs.John: no date SR.
Molendyk,Cathy Joy: da Oct.12,1963-Aug.4,1971.
Molhoek,John: Oct.8,1842-Dec.28,1906 Lay Minister in Noordeloos.
Molhoek,Jan: marker on 5-30-5.
Nienhuis, ? : c of Abel no date SR.
Nienhuis,Martha M.: See Martha M. Bos.
Nienhus,Nanci Faye: da Jun.3,1966-Dec 24,1970.
Reimsma,Luegie: w of Tedde, nee VanSchuilen, died 1882 SR & NCR.
Rosbach,Erkenraadge: nee Corbeyn b.1832 d.Aug.6,1888 NCR.
Rosbach,Gabriel: died Apr.29,1896 age 75yrs.6mon. son of Adan & Katrina SR & OCDR.
Rosbach,Gabriel A.A.: .Oct.2,1820 in Netherlands, d.Apr.29,1891.
Rosbach,Jacoba: single Nov.30,1872-Sep.7,1909 da of Gabriel & Crysyntje(Korbyn) TDR.
Rosbach,Gertrude: See Gertrude Diepenhorst.
Rosbach,Katherine: 1864-1943 Missionary to Rehoboth, New Mexico.
Rosema or Rozema,Elsie: w of Klaas nee Alting 1820-1897 SR & NCR.
Rosema or Rozema,Klaas: 1817-1890 NCR.
Rozema,Wlhelmina: See Wilhelmina Diepenhorst da of Klaas.
Schilleman,Annae: da of C.D. & A.Schilleman d.Apr.9,1883 age 7yrs.8mon.
Schuurman,John: h of Maggie Heyboer b.Feb.4,1878 d.Jan.26,1903 son of John & M.J.(Allof) SR & TDR.
Slagter,Grietje: See Grietje Bischop.
Slenke,Jennie: See Jennie Kooyers.
Stegenga, ? : s of Siebolt no dates SR.
Stegenga, ? : c of Siebolt d.1893 SR.
Stegenga,Peter S.: May 9,1874-April 21,1892 SR & NHCR.
Stegenga,Sieblot: h of Yke Douma Ag.5,1836-Feb.20,1924 son of Peter & Aaltje(VanderHeide) TDR & NHCR.
Stegenga,Yke: w of Siebolt Jul.17,1849-Mar.4,1916 dau of Foldic & Jeltje(VanderHeide) TDR.
Timmerman, ? : Infant sonof Klaas  Jennie(Gebben) d.Jun.4,1905 TDR.
VandenBerg,Gezina: m/ nee Willink Apr.19,1865-Mar.30,1905.
VandenBerg,Pieternella: See Pieternella Diepenhorst.
VandenBerg,Jacobus: f/ Jul.8,1852-Mar.13,1898 son of William & Johanna E.(VanHoven) TDR.
VandenBosch, ? : c of John T. no dates.
VandenBosch, ? : c of John T. no dates.
VandenBosch, ? : son of John T. & Dina(Willink) b.& d. July.15,1907 TDR.
VandenBosch, ? : dau of John T.& Dina(Willink) d.Jan.3,1909 TDR.
VandenBosch, ? : son of John & Dina, d.Oct.9,1909 TDR.
VandenBosch, ? : son of John & Dina, d.May 9,1910 TDR.
VandenBosch, ? : son of John & Dina, d.Oct.16,1916 TDR.
VandenBosch,Corie: dau of John & Dina, b.Feb.8,1912 d.Apr.6,1912 TDR.
VandenBosch,Dena: w of John T. Nov.20,1880-Apr.18,1929 dau of John Hendrik & Jantje(Oonk) Willink ZDR.
VandenBosch,Jenette: dau of John T.& Dina b.Apr.13,1911 d.Apr.29,1911 TDR.
VandenBosch,Jenette T.: dau of John T.& Dina b.Feb.6,1913-d.Apr.15,915 TDR.
VandenBosch,Jeanette: dau of John T.& Dina b.Feb.9,1919-d.Feb.12,1919 TDR.
VandenBosch,John T.: Apr.1,1877-Apr.29,1940 son of Tomme & Dena(DeWeerd).
VandenBosch,Peter: May 17,1925-Feb.12,1964 son of John T.& Dena(Willink) HCDR.
VanderVeer,Effie: w 1900-????
VanderVeer,Gerrit: h of Effie Heyboer, b.Mar.4,1897-d.Apr.29,1978 son of Cornelius & Grace(Essenburg).
VanderWerp, ? : son of Peter d.1882 SR.
VanderWerp,Peter: d.1883 SR.
VanDyk,Anna: nee DeVries b.Sep.6,1820 d.Nov.21,1915 TDR.
VanDyk,Arend: d.1933 SR.
VanDyk,Mrs.Arend: d.1932 SR.
VanDyk,Gezienna: dau of P.VanDyk Aug.4,1858-Jul.131879.
VanDyk,Henry: 1882-1956.
VanDyk,Jennie: Sep.22,1902-Dec.2,1904 dau of Hilke & Jantje(Grasmeyer) TDR.
VanDyk,Peter H.:Jan.14,1887-Jun.28,1917 son of Hieltje & Jennie(Grasmeyer) TDR.
VanDyk,Pieter A.: b.Aug.31,1811 at TenBoer,Groningen, Netherlands. d.May 26,1897.
VanDyk,Rosalia: b.1833-d.Nov.17,1949.
VanDyke,Janna A.: d.Dec.17,1894 age 9mon. dau of Arend & Janna OCDR.
VanDyke,Mrs.Peter A.: no dates SR.
VanDyke,Peter H.: Jan.14,1887-Jun.28,1917 TDR.
VanHoeven,Benjamin: b.Aug.12,1807 date SBT.
VanHova,Johanna: m of Jacobus & Pieternella VandenBerg d.Aug.13,1887 age 65yrs.
VerBeek,Aart: no dates SR.
Vette,Elizabeth: See Elizabeth Braamse.
Vinke,Fennie: See Fennie Madderom.
Vinke,Martha: d.Aug.7,1887 age 75yrs. dau of Jan & Henderika OCDR.
Vinkemulder, ? : son of Harry & Nellie(Kooyers) d.Apr.1,1906 SR & TDR.
Visser,Randall Jay: b.Apr.19,1978-d.Apr.20,1978 in Grand Rapids,MI. son of Marvin K.& Lavonne(Helder).
Vogel,Ari: Jul.30,1836-Sep.19,1900 son of Gysbert & Pieternella(VanOord) TDR.
Vogel,Cornelius: c of Philip b.Oct.22,1915-d.Dec.18,1916 son of Philip & Mary(Diepenhorst) SR & TDR.
Vogel,Cornelia"Kate": July.3,1838-Feb.1,1916 dau of Peter & Willemtje(DeBlock) Heyboer SR & TDR.
Vogel,Gilbert: f/h of Katie Diepenhorst b.Mar.9,1869-d.Oct.13,1940 son of Arie & Cornelia(Heyboer) TDR.
Vogel,Gysbert: b.1802-d.Jun.4,1883.
Vogel,Katie: m/ b.1874-d.1962.
Vogel,Mary: m/ b.1877-d.1957.
Vogel,Philip: f/ b.1871-d.1946.
Westrate,Cornelius: f/ b.Jun.3 1847 or 1849 d.Nov.5,1923 son of Marinus & Johanna(Zoudendam) TS & TDR.
Westrate,Hendrika: d.1884 SR.
Westrate,Henrietta: m/ b.1855-d.1914.
Westrate,Mary C.: d.1914 SR.
Westrate,Minnie or Wilhelmina: b.Mar.24,1876-d.Oct.3,1910 SR & TDR.
Willink, ? : c of G. d.1901 SR.
Willink, ? : c of H. d.1890 SR.
Willink,Dena: See Dena VandenBosch dau of Hendrik & Jantje(Oonk).
Willink,Elizabeth: m/w of John b.Dec.30,1872-d.Jul.23,1945 dau of Philip & Marie(Witvliet) Heyboer TDR.
Willink,Geziena: See Geziena VandenBerg.
Willink,Henry: d.Oct.21,1897 age 23yrs.9mon. son of Jan H. TDR.
Willink,Henry Jr.: no dates SR.
Willink,Henry Sr.: Nov.15,1837-Apr.?,1903 SR & NHCR.
Willink,Jan H.: Oct.15,1838-Apr.2,1903 TDR.
Willink,Janna Wilhelmina: nee Oonk Oct.20,1844-May 12,1896 SR & NHCR.
Willink,John H.: f/h of Elizabeth Heyboer b.Apr.26,1866-d.Oct.4,1946 son of Henry & Jennie(Oonk) TDR.
Willink,Katie: d.Jun.3,1895 age 11yrs.6mon. dau of Jan H. & Janna W.(Oonk) OCDR.
Willink,Philip J.: f/h of Reka Sterken b.Jul.21,1899-d.Mar.7,1948 son of John H. & Elizabeth(Heyboer) ZDR.
Willink,William: Apr.91942-Jun.14,1942 son of Henry & Jennie(Oonk) TDR.
Whitvliet,Matthew: d.1883 SR.
Wolting,Egbert: s/ 1851-1916.
Wolting,Geert: s/1860-1946.
Wolting,Harm: s/ 1857-1937.
Wolting,Herman: s/ 1866-1892.
Wolting,Jantje: m/ 1822-1876 nee Lanting.
Wolting,John: f/ 1821-1903.
Wolting,John: s/ 1847-1922.
Wolting,William: s/ 1854-1916.
Zwagerman,Harold D.: h & f/ 1945-1971.

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