Recorded by: Irene VanderMeulen Reisma, along with: Vera Mulder Flight, Beulah Peck Pakke.
Edited by:  Adrian Trimpe.
Done for: "Holland Genealogical Society" in 1976.  Updates at "Herrick Districk Library" in Holland Michigan.
Internet Version by:  Luann Hughes DeVries.

This Cemetery has its origin with the North Holland Reformed Church on June 20 1868, when the Church bought two acres of Land from Joshua and Lucy Myrick for $40.00.  The land was located three and one half miles south of the Church on the so-called North Holland road which is now known as the Beeline.

NORTH HOLLAND REFORMED CHURCH: "At a meeting of the Classis of Holland, held on April 28,1852, in the village of  Zeeland, a written application was presented by a portion of the membership of the Church of Holland, a couple of families of the Zeeland Church, living in what is called North Holland, to be themselves formed into a separate congregation."

L U = Location Unknown
O Sec= Old Section
(  ) = Not Certain
D S = Double Stone
O S S W = On Same Stone With
S U = Stone Unreadable
S B T = Stone Broken Through
N S = No Stone
U N K = Unknown
Block = Refers to a Group of 10 Lots
Lot = Refers to an Individual Grave
H = Husband
W = Wife
F = Father
M = Mother
So = Son
Da = Daughter
Br = Brother
S = Sister
G F = Grandfather
G M = Grandmother
B = Born
D = Died
A = Age


Altena, ? : baby/ d.Jan.1938.
Altena, ? : baby/ d.Jan.2,1936.
Altena,Bertha: mother/b.1870/d.1926.
Altena,Egbert: father/b.1867/d.1936.
Arnoldink,F.: d.Nov.11,1898.
Arnoldink,Fanny: mother/b.1882/d.1964.
Arnoldink,Harm: father/b.1870/d.1952.
Arnoldink,Henry: d.July 29,1930.
Arnoldink,J.: d.Sep.15,1928.
Assink,Frederick: d.Sep.6,1901.
Bakker,Albert F.: d.Jan.19,1976/ age 73yrs.
Bakker,Annegien: mother/ b.1848/ d.1920.
Bakker,?: baby/ d.Aug.16,1919.
Bakker,Fred: father/ b.1876/ d.1956.
Bakker,Jan: father/ b.1841/ d.1903.
Bakker,Jeanette: baby/ b.Aug.11,1938/ d.Aug.14,1938.
Bakker,?: child/ d.Aug.23,1919.
Bakker,Louis: d.Dec.24,1924.
Bakker,Nellie: mother/ b.1878/ d.1922.
Bakker,Nelson Lee: d.Sep.30,1975/ age 30yrs.1mon.
Balgooyen,Mrs.?: mother of Mrs. B. VanDyke/ d.May 31,1900.
Bange,Geetien: mother/ b.1836/ d.1922.
Bange,Jan: father/ b.1823/ d.1905.
Banger,: 2 infants of J.J./ baby girl/ d.1955/ Donnie/ d.1956.
Banger,Mrs.Jan: d.Oct.23,1922.
Banger,John: Mich. Pvt., Co. A. 120th Machine Gun Bn. WW I / Dec.11,1893/ d.Sep.18,1961.
Barber,Debra Lynne: d.July 13,1955.
Barta,Hu: Da of A. & A. Smit, unable to read dates.
Bartels,Child: child of B.Bartels/ d.May 27,1898.
Bartels,Gerrit: d.July 7,1936.
Bartels,Gerrit: d.Nov.7 1959.
Bartels,Gerrit: d.Nov.10,1925.
Bartels,Mrs.Gerrit: d.July 7,1935.
Bartels,Harold: b.Feb.12,1889/ d.Nov.7,1959.
Bartels,Hermanes: husband/ b.1849/ d.1929.
Bartels,Martha: wife/ b.1859/ d.1937.
Bartels,Mrs.Mannes: d.Apr.5,1937.
Bass,Ralph: d.Sep.13,1935.
Bauwman,?: baby/d.July 10,1940.
Beekhuis, ?: elderly lady/ d.Jan.3,1899.
Berghorst,Elizabeth: mother/ b.1855/ d.1928.
Berghorst,John: father/ b.1852/ d.1902.
Berghorst,John J.: b.1878/ d.1954.
Berkompas,Abe: b.Dec.22,1838/ d.Oct.21,1907.
Berkompas, ?: child of John/ d.Jan.1907, on Lot of A.Berkompas.
Berkompas, ?: father/ no date.
Berkompas,Mrs.?: d.June 1917.
?? : mother (on Berkomps,Abe Lot) no date.
Bleeker,Jacob: b.1869/ d.1941.
Bleeker,Whilmina: mother/ b.1873/ d.1954.
Bosman,Arend J.:6/ d.1916.
Bosman,Benjamin: d.July 26,1900.
Bosman,Berend: d.Aug.25,1914.
Bosman,Mrs.?: d.Mar.1918.
Bosman,Mrs.A.J.: d.Aug.14,1932.
Bosman,Berlin B.: father/ b.1907.
Bosman,Derk H.: b.Feb.28,1828 in Gendringen,Netherlands./ d.Sep.15,1888.
Bosman,Henrika: wife/ b.Aug.26,1833/ d.Mar.27,1904.
Bosman,E.: mother/ b.1869/ d.1956.
Bosman,Henrietta: mother/ b.1910/ d.1971.
Bosman,Henry D.: b.1870/ d.1917.
Bosman,Hilda M.: b.1905/ d.1931.
Bosman,John B.: b.1901/ d.1948.
Bosman,J.W.: father/ b.1871/ d.1952.
Bosman,Kate: mother/ b.1884/ d.1954.
Bosman,Lena: b.1865/ d.1923.
Bosman,Theodore: father/ b.1882/ d.1921.
Boyenga,Gertie: mother/ b.1871/ d.1958.
Boyenga,Peter: son/ b.1895/ d.1967.
Brandsen,Aalt: b.May 18,1848 in Hierden, Netherlands./ d.Apr.6,1909.
Brandsen,Brand: b.Oct.22,1819 in Hierden, Netherlands./ d.Mar.24,1896.
Brandsen,Alice: mother/ b.1868/ d.1928.
Brandsen,Peter: father/ b.1862/ d.1949.
Brandsen,Ben J.: father/ b.1895/ d.1963.
Brandsen,Martha: mother/ b.1896/ d.1971.
Brandsen,John: b.1895/ d.1968.
Brandsen,John: father/ b.1855/ d.1920.
Brandsen,John J.: father/ b.1889/ d.1951.
Brandsen,Mildred E.: baby of B.& R. Brandsen/ b.1922/ d.1924.
Brandsen,Susan: mother/ b.1857/ d.1927.
Brandsen,Rodger Wayne: son/ b.1938/ d.1970.
Brat,Albertha: daughter/ b.1891/ d.1953.
Brat,Albertha Holmer: mother/ b.Dec.29,1850/d.May 8,1908.
Brat,Alice(or Aaltje): da of H.A.Brat/ b.May 18,1878/ d.Oct.13,1895.
Brat,Hero: father/ b.Dec.12,1837/ d.Feb.8,1896.
Brat,Jennie: Da of H.& A.Brat/ b.Apr.16,1881/ d.Nov.8,1941.
Brat,Steven: So of D.H. & H. Brat/ b.Jan.11,d.Apr.11,1914.
Brat,Dickson: So of D.H.& H.Brat/ d.June 9,1915 (in same grave as jSteven Brat).
Brat,William: son/ b.1882/ d.1970.
Brinkman,John: father/ b.1876/ d.1965.
Brinkman,Etta: mother/ b.1879/ d.1970.
Bronkema,Jennie: mother/b.1870/d.1962.
Bronkema,Peter: father/b.1869/d.1942.
Brouwer,Aaltje W.: b.Aug.13,1880/d.Aug.22,1882.
Brouwer,Albert: b.May 26,1901/d.Sept.19,1903.
Brouwer,Anna J.: b.1870/d.1931.
Brouwer,Arend: b.1867/d.1943.
Brouwer,Arend R.: b.Aug.25,1838/d.Apr.11,1908.
Brouwer,Arnold R.: father/ b.1897/d.1966.
Brouwer,Helen: b.1899-
Brouwer,? : baby girl/ d.1959.
Brouwer, ? : baby of Charley/ d.1928.
Brouwer, ? : baby of Carlton/ d.Nov.16,1959.
Brouwer,Catherine : b.Apr.13,1840/ d.May 12,1924.
Brouwer,Charles: b.1881/ d.1918.
Brouwer,Christina: b.1866/ d.1932.
Brouwer,Christine: b.1868/ d.1932.
Brouwer,Cornelius W.: d.Apr.14,1956.
Brouwer,Flora: b.1875/d.1948.
Brouwer,Gerrit: b.1827/ d.1906.
Brouwer,Gerrit H.: father/ b.1878/ d.1957.
Brouwer,Henrietta: mother/b.1886/d.1912.
Brouwer,Genzina: b.1838/ d.1923.
Brouwer,Grace M.: d.July 10,1908.
Brouwer,Henrietta: wife of Albert/ Feb.1976, age 83yrs.
Brouwer,Helle: d.June.20,1904.
Brouwer,Jacoba(Frantzen): mother/ born in Velsen,1842/ d.1910.
Brouwer,James J.: b.1869/d.1930.
Brouwer,Jan R.: father/ b.Sept.25,1846/ d.Oct.18,1911.
Brouwer,Aartje: mother/ b.Oct.29,1847/ d.Aug.23,1927.
Brouwer,Jan: father/ unable to read birth date/ d.Feb.4,1889/ age 66yrs.3mons.13days.
Brouwer,Janna: mother/ b.1849/ d.1925.
Brouwer,Janna P.: daughter/ d.Mar.16,1882/ age 10yrs. 8mons. 6days.
Brouwer,Jantje: mother/ b.1856/ d.1938.
Brouwer,John J.: b.1875/ D.1943.
Brouwer,John K.: d.July 10,1927 (?).
Brouwer,?: child of John K./ d.Nov.30,1898.
Brouwer,Klaas: father/b.1840/ d.1917.
Brouwer,Mary: b.1875/ d.1877.
Brouwer,Mrs.C: d.Oct.1927.
Brouwer,Mrs.Ralph K.: d.Jan.3,1946-.
Brouwer,Mrs.Nellie R.: d.Sept.30,1939.
Brouwer,Nettie G.: b.1873/ d.1908.
Brouwer,Peter b.1875/ d.1905.
Brouwer,Roelof: So of J.& A.Brouwer/ b.July 5,1886/ d.Oct.5,1886.
Brouwer,Roelof: b.Jan.13,1802/ d.Aug.1,1877.
Brouwer,Aaltje Kok: b.Nov.15,1815/ d.Apr.1,1871.
Brouwer,Wicher: father/ b.1855/ d.1924.
Brouwer,Wynand: b.1885/ d.1914.
Brouwer,W.K.: b.June 5,1879/ d.Aug.17,1906.
Brower,Benjamin: father/ b.1895/ d.1954.
Brower,Claude: d.June 14,1919.
Brower,George F.: father/ b.1879/ d.1945.
Brower,Maggie: mother/ b.1880/ d.1956.
Brower,Jennie: b.1882/ d.1972.
Brower,John S.: b.1870/ d.1929.
Brower,Klaas: d.Mar.1917.
Brower,Willem: b.1844/ d.1901.
Brower,Derkje: wife/ b.1853/ d.1926.
Brown,Carrie Donelle:
Bult,Jan: b.1850/ d.1933.
Bult,Trintje: b.1851/ d.1933.
Bultema,Lizzie(Vinkemulder): b.1858/ d.1924.
Caalez,Mrs.Comeepion: d.Aug.30,1947.
Canfield,Anna(Wagenaar): b.1876/ d.1971.
Catlett,Gordon M.: b.1898/ d.1971.
Catlett,Katherine L.: b.1900/ d.?.
Childress,Beecher and Donna: d.Feb.2,1973.
Cobb,Child: d.Mar.1913.
Dalman,Baby: baby of Preston Dalman/ d.Sept.2,1947.
Dalmeyer,Antje: Da of J.& K.Dalmeyer/ b.May 31,1901/ date of death unreadable.
Dalmeyer,Child: child of Jan/ d.July 18,1905.
Dalmeyer,Engeltje(Plavier): wife of Wm.Dalmeyer/ b.Feb.18,1825/ d.Feb.9,1901.
Dalmeyer,John: b.1849/ d.1929.
Dalmeyer,Kate: wife/ b.1859/ d.1931.
Dalmeyer,Wm.: Dec.14,1818/ d.Dec.12,1884.
Dams,Hattie: mother/ b.1868/ d.1926.
Dams,Dick Sr.: father/ b.1863/ d.1939.
DeBoer,Klaas: d.Apr.3,1923.
DeBoer,Mrs.Klaas: d.July 1915.
DeFouw,C.: Feb.18,1920.
DeFrell,Baby: d.Apr.22,1952.
DeHaas,? : grandfather/ on VanderZwaag lot/ b.1810/ d.1891.
DeKam, ? : Child of C., D./ d.June 6,1899.
Dekker,Neeltje: wife of William Morren/ b.Sept.30,1830.
DeRidder,Albert: father/ b.1889/ d.1962.
DeRidder,Hattie: mother/ b.1892/ d.1962.
DeVries,Henry: 1891-1911.
DeVries,John: 1886-1910.
DeVries,John: b.1847/ d.1930.
DeVries,Minnie: b.1861/ d.1936.
DeWeert,Mrs.J.Smith: d.Oct.26,1901.
Diekema, ? : Child of Cor./ d.Nov.14,1914.
Diekema,Mrs.C.D.: d.May 4,1904.
Diekema,John: father/ b.1861/d.1937.
Diekema,Sena: mother/ b.1867/ d.1935.
Dirks,wife: wife of W.H.Timmer/ b.Feb.8,1808 at Hierden, by Harderwijk,Gelderland,
                 Netherlands./ d.Dec.14,1882 in North Holland.
Dogger,Feitje: b.1822/ d.1899.
Dogger,Sakom: b.1824/ d.1906.
Dogger,Peter S.: b.1852/ d.1896.
Douma,Mrs.H.(Aaltje): d.May 20,1923.
Douma,Foeke: b.Jan.18,1817/ d.1885.
Douma,Halbe: born in Vriesland, Netherlands, Sept.8,1849/ d.Apr.23,1898.
Douma,Henrietta(TenHave): b.1866/ d.1953.
Douma,Peter H.: b.1875/ d.1954.
Douma,Wietse: b.1858/ d.1899.
Ebels,Jacob: d.Apr.26,1944.
Ebels,Mrs.Jacob: b.1858/ d.1930.
Eelman,Aris J.: b.1837/ d.1905.
Eelman,Hendrika W.: mother/ b.1857/ d.1943.
Eelman,Tettje: wife of Aris J./ b.1836/ d.1910.
Eelman,Wm.A.: father/ b.1860/ d.1931.
Eilander, ? : d.Mar.1905.
Eilander,Steven: d.Jan.14,1933.
Eilander,Teunis: d.Feb.16,1933.
Eilander,Tientje: d.Dec.27,1949.
Elfers,John H.: father/ b.1913/ d.1970.
Elfers,John H.: father/ b.1831/ d.1910.
Elfers,Mrs.J.: d.Jan.7,1926.
Elfers,Reka: b.1881/ d.1965.
Elfers,William: b.1873/ d.1936.
Elfers,Twins: Twins of John Henry/ d.Apr.29,1939.
Essenburg, ? : Baby of H./ d.Jan.5,1923.
Essenburg, ? : Da of J./ d.1906.
Essenburg,Henrietta: d.Feb.18,1976/ age 72.
Essenburg,Mrs.John: d.Feb.28,1915.
Essenburg,Johannes: d.Nov.5,1940.
Exo,Gerrit: b.1815/ d.1901.
Exo,Gerrit Jr.: b.1861/ d.1921.
Exo,Johanna H.: b.1828/ d.1892.
Farwell,Agnes Christine: b.Dec.3,1909/ d.Jan.1,1960.
Farwell, ? : Baby boy/ d.Oct.5,1948.
Farwell, ? : Baby girl/ d.Feb.21,1950.
Fisher,Leon G.: d.Feb.28,1975/ age 39yrs.,7mons.,15days.
Fisher,Mrs.George: d.Nov.21,1960.
Forry,Maggie: mother/ b.1875/ d.1963.
Foss,Chester: d.Apr.8,1972/ age 67yrs.,8mons., 3days.
Francis,Jenny Joanna: b.1899/ d.1974.
Frik,Anna Elizabeth: wife of Jan G.Frik/ b.Feb.8,1814.
Frik,Paul: b.Feb.20,1809/ d.Apr.27,1871.
Geertman, ? : child of M./ d.July 1915.
Geertman, ? : child of M./ d.Aug.1916.
Gonzales,Nora: baby/ d.Nov.23,1956.
Gort,Mrs.Geesje: d.Sept.27,1924.
Groenewoud,Aart: father/ b.1823/ d.1914.
Groenewoud,Geerit: father/ b.Feb.25,1821/ d.Feb.15,1908.
Groenewoud,Jakie: b.1903/ d.1912.
Groenewoud,Janetje: wife of G.Groenewoud/ b.Dec.10,1821/ d.Jan.15,1908.
Groenewoud,Martha: mother/ b.1821/ d.1894.
Groenewoud,Pieter: b.Jan.21,1889/ d.Feb.27,1889.
Gunn,Bessie: b.Mar.28,1901/ d.Jan.15,1976.
Gunn,Norman: b.Feb.1,1898/ d.July 23,1974.
Gunn,Susan Lynn: d.June 3,1969.
Hacklander, M.: d.Sep.24,1899.
Hacklander,Mrs.Martin: d.Jan.1919.
Hacklander,William: b.1864/d.1936.
Halbertsma,Jacob: b.1875/d.1961.
Halbertsma,Kate: b.1883/ d.1957.
Hallock,Bertha C.: mother/b.1899/d.1969.
Harsevoort, ? : child/ d.Jan.26,1910.
Harsevoort, ? : child of Harm/ d.Jan.6,1899.
Harsevoort, ? : child of Harm/ d.Oct.19,1899.
Harsevoort,Mrs.Harm: d.Sep.16,1899.
Harsevoort,Hendrik: d.Dec.31,1902.
Harsevoort,Jane: d.Jan.2,1927.
Harsevoort,Johanes: b.Dec.18,1862/ d.Sep.1,1897.
Harsevoort,John: 1886/ 1946.
Hartgerink,Anna: 1885/ 1937.
Hemmeke,Anna: b.Jan.25,1885/ d.Sep.9,1932.
Hemmeke,Herman: b.Oct.10,1880/ d.Nov.19,1945.
Hemmeke, ? : child of George/ d.Mar.4,1932.
Hemmeke,Edward: father/ b.1872/ d.1957.
Hemmeke,George: father/ b.1900/ d.1964.
Hemmeke,Myrtle: mother/ b.1904/ d. ?
Hemmeke,Joe: d.Dec.12,1925 ?
Hemmeke,Johanna: sister/ b.1907/ d.1923.
Hemmeke,Maggie: mother/ b.1880/ d.1950.
Hidrogo,Elvira: baby/ d.Apr.21,1956.
Hidrogro,Isidra: b.1924/ d. ?
Hidrogro,Martin: b.1921/d.1975.
Hill,George: d.May 16,1946.
Hoet,John: d.Jul.10,1932/ age 77 yrs. 22 days.
Hoet,Martha: wife of John/ d.Jun.29,1926/ 67 yrs.
Hoffman,Arie: father/ b.1873/ d.1949.
Hoffman,Jeanie: mother/ b.1879/ d.1914.
Hoffman,Armina: wife & mother/ b.1921/ d.1975.
Hoffman, ? : baby of Arie/ d.Sep.1917.
Hoffman, ? : child of Arie/ d. Jun.15,1915.
Hoffman, ? : child of Dick Hoffman; 1916.
Hoffman, ? : child of Dirk/ d.Jul.17,1903.
Hoffman,Dick: d.Apr.3,1941.
Hoffman,Mrs.Dick: d.Jul.17,1945.
Hoffman,John D.: b.Jan.23,1828/ d.Feb.1,1891/ 10th.Mich.Inf.
Hoffman,Louis: b.1868/ d.1943.
Hoffman,Robert D.: son/ b.1941/d.1957.
Holmes,Mrs.? : d.1903.
Hop,Alice: b.1871/ d.1946.
Hop,Lubert: b.1860/d.1944.
Hop,Anna: b.1870/ d.1918.
Hop,Bert: b.1898/ d.?
Hop, ? : child of H.L./ d.Mar.1,1900.
Hop,Edward: b.1897/ d.1948.
Hop,Henrietta: b.1898/ d.1975.
Hop,Gertie: mother/ b.1867/ d.1931.
Hop,Gillof: b.Apr.13,1876/ d.Apr.30,1907.
Hop,Henry: b.1858/ d.1943.
Hop,Jacob L.: father/ b.1872/ d.1950.
Hop,Magie: mother/ b.1874/ d.1958.
Hop,Jan Sr.: b.1850/ d.1930.
Hop,John: b.1886/ d.1972.
Hop,John: Michigan, Pvt. Co.C.103 Engineers/ WWI/ b.Nov.29,1887/ d.Mar.1,1967.
Hop,John Jr.: father/ b.1863/ d.1944.
Hop,Lubbert: father/ b.1842/ d.1924.
Hop,Martha: mother/ b.1841/ d.1918.
Hop,Willem: father/ b.1856/ d.1897.
Hovenga,Henry: father/ b.1883/ d.1972.
Hovenga,Ruth: mother/ b.1887/ d.1925.
Hovenga,Mrs.Henry: d.Dec.16,1968.
Hovenga,Lyda: d.Mar.11,1920.
Hughes,Henrietta: d.Dec.1,1972/ age 53yrs. 7mons. 26days.
Jabaai,Cortiaan: d.May 1877.
Jackson,Roy E.: b.1889/ d.1962.
Jacobsen,N.: b.1848/ d.1919.
Jacobsen,Fittje Plakke: b.Nov.1846/ d.Apr.6,1901.
Jacobusse, ? : baby of Peter/ d.Dec.12,1947.
Johnson,Josie: b.1900/ d. ?
Jones,Haywood: d.Jan.3,1972.
Jongekrijg,Annie: mother/ b.1876/ d.1953.
Jongekrijg,Martin: father/ b.1869/ d.1946.
Kamerman,Geziena: wife of Hermanes/ b.1847/ d.1910.
Kamerman,Hermanes: b.1838/ d.1909.
Kamerman,John B.: husband & father/ b.Jan.20,1914/ d.Jan.24,1975.
Kammeraad, ? : baby/ d.Dec.23,1953.
Kleiterp,Alice: mother/ b.1840/ d.1927.
Kol,Harm: father/ b.Apr.5,1829/ d.May 5,1897.
Kol,Annegie(Bazuin): mother/ b.Jan.10,1823/ d.Jun.8,1895.
Knooihuizen,Annie: mother/ 1863/ 1926.
Knooihuizen,Bert: father/ b.1862/ d.1926.
Knooihuizen,Grietje,B.: b.Jun.14,1836/ d.Jan.7,1915.
Knooihuizen, ? : d.1871.
Knooihuizen,Remt.: b.Jan.9,1836/ d.Jul.16,1906.
Knoll,Dick: b.1897/ d.1963.
Knoll,Elizabeth: b.1898/ d. ?
Koster,Jacob: b.Sep.9,1825 in Armelo,Gelderland,Netherlands/ d.Nov.3,1890.
Kraai,Catriena M.: b.Oct.14,1891/ d.May.1,1907.
Kraai,Eliezabet: mother/ wife of Frans Kraai/ b.May 16,1851/ d.Feb.2,1902.
Kraai,Frans: father/ b.May 3,1848/ d.Nov.1,1913.
Kraai,Gerrit: d.Jul.11,1929.
Kraai,Jacob: father/ b.1843/ d.1930.
Kraai,Julia: mother/ b.1849/ d.1902.
Kraai,Klaaszina: mother/ b.1818/ d.1899.
Kraai,Thomas: father/ b.1816/ d.1874.
Kraai,Mary: d.1942.
Kraai,Thomas: d.May 20,1893/ age 24yrs. 2mons. 15days.
Kraai,Peter F.: b.1879/ d.1909.
Kridiet,John: d.Mar.8,1903.
Kruythof, ? : child of Arrie/ d.Oct.8,1900.
Kuyers,Attie: mother/ b.1878/ d.1954.
Kuyers,Peter: father/ b.1872/ d.1954.
Kuyers,Pieter & Ebel: 2 infants/ b.Jun.17,1906/ d.Jan.4,1907.
Laarman,Craig Wayne: d.Aug.20,1951.
Laarman,Jeanete C.: b.1918/ d.1974.
Laarman,Henry J.: b.1919/ d. ?
Laarman,Sandra Jean: d.Feb.1,1949.
Lawrence,Clara: d.Aug.8,1966.
Lievense,Cenie: Daaughter of J.& J. Lievense/ b.Mar.25,1884/ d.Sep.16,1892.
Lievense,Cornelia: Daughter of J.& J. Lievense/ b.Mar.3,1887/ d.Apr.3,1887.
Lievense,Gertie: wife of Wm.Lievense/ born at Prinsland,Netherlands. Aug.24,1815/ d.Apr.28,1899.
Lievense,Gertrude: b.1866/ d.1944.
Lievense,Miss Gertie: 1943.
Lievense,Mrs.Jacob(Luidens): b.Jun.22,1842/ d.Mar.19,1917.
Lievense,Jacob: father/ b.Mar.10,1841/ d.Jun.23,1919.
Lievense,Janie(TenHagen): wife of Jacob Lievense/ b.Aug.22,1848/ d.Feb.10,1899.
Lievense,John: father/ b.1873/ d.1918.
Lievense,Mary: mother/ b.1876/ d.1944.
Lievense,Wm.: b.Sep.28,1813/ d.Oct.13,1880.
Luidens,Anje: born in Andel, Netherlands. Feb.6,1829/ d.Apr.6,1895.
Luidens, ? : baby/ d. ?
Luidens, Evert: b. ?/ d. ?
Luidens,Gertie: b. ?/ d.?
Luidens,Jan: father/ b.Jan.6,1826 in the Netherlands. d.Aug.4,1900.
Luidens,Mr.Jan: d.Dec.1918.
Luidens,Janneke: daughter of Jan A.Luidens/ b.& d. Mar.14,1873.
Luidens,Jacob: father/ b.Nov.22,1832/ d.Jan.14,1898.
Lievense,Mrs.Jacob: formerly Mrs. Jacob Luidens/ b.Jun.22,1842/ d.Mar.19,1917.
Luidens,Martin: b.Jul.14,1885/ d.Jan.7,1915.
Luidens,Minnie: b.1876/ d.1961.
Luidens,Maurice: b.1870/ d.1954.
Loggins,Beth Ann: b.May 26,1975/ d.Jun.20,1975.
Long,Anthem(Andrew): d.May 23,1957.
Long,Frances: (unable to read - could be same person as below).
Long,Mrs.Francis C.: d.Mar.9,1952.
Looman, ? : child of Harm/ d.Mar.1,1900.
Looman,Gerrit H.: b.1884/ d.1923.
Looman,George: baby/ b.1900/ d.1900.
Looman,Hanna: mother/ b.1860/ d.1890.
Looman,Harm: father/ b.1853/ d.1938.
Looman,Clara: mother/ b.1866/ d.1957.
Maatman,Benjamin G.: husband b.1883/ d.1969.
Maatman,Kate: wife/ b.1889/ d.1941.
Madderom,Clara: b.1887/ d.1969.
Madderom,Peter: b.1886/ d.1949.
Maneschyn,Hendrikus: b.1867/ d.1952.
Marshall,John: b.Mar.10,1909/ d.May 23,1969.
Martinez,Ignicius: d.May 27,1947.
Martinez,Jesus P.: father/ b.1892/ d.1974.
Martinez,Mrs.Betsey: d.Aug.8,1947.
May,Lawrence H.: d.Oct.28,1969.
Meeuwsen,John: b.1859/ d.1927.
Meeuwsen,Kathryn: b.1869/ d.1950.
Meulenbelt,Bert: father/ b.1865/ d.1947.
Meulenbelt,Elizabeth: mother/ b.1864/ d.1911.
Meulenbelt,William: son/ b.1905/ d.1935.
Meulenbelt,John: Mich.Pvt.Co.C.78th Inf. WWI/ b.Jul.25,1896/ d.Apr.26,1962.
Molensteen,Mr.John Sr.: d.Nov.1917.
Moore,Grace: mother/ b.1900/ d. ?
Moore,Harold F.: father/ b.1898/ d.1965.
Moore,Judy & Jill: d.Jun.7,1959.
Morren,Aaltje Douma: b.Nov.30,1854/ d.May.20,1923.
Morren,Willem: born in H-shorst,Netherlands. Jul.31,1829/ d.Feb.10,1908.
Morris,Edward A.: d.May 25,1962.
Morris, ? : child of H.G./ d.Oct.22,1915.
Mulder, ? : child of Jacob? d.Jul.21,1902.
Mulder,Gertie: mother/ b.1888/ d.1963.
Mulder,Gerrit: father/ b.1887/ d.1965.
Mulder,Jacob: b.1859/ d.1916.
Mulder,Johannes: born in Pullen,Netherlands./ d.Aug.13,1894.
Mulder,Mary: b.1866/ d.1949.
Mulder,Masalena: d.Mar.7,1892.
Mullegan,Mr.D.: 1942.
Nienhuis,Aafke: b.Orenbos,Dec.11,1859/ d.Feb.24,1894.
Nienhuis,Abel B.: d.May 22,1891/ age 35yrs. 2mons. 22days.
Nienhuis,Abel P.: father/ b.1890/ d.1969.
Nienhuis,Gertrude: mother/ b.1897/ d.1962.
Nienhuis,Anna: mother/ b.1881/ d.1968.
Nienhuis,Harm J.: father/ b.1877/ d.1946.
Nienhuis,Attje (Pieters Beukema?): wife of Martines/ b.Sep.11,1820/ age 51yrs. 7mons. 16days.
Nienhuis, ? : baby/ no dates.
Nienhuis, ? : baby/ no dates.
Nienhuis, ? : baby of Marvin/ d.Nov.27,1937/ buried on Peter M.Meulenbelt lot.
Nienhuis,Bartha: mother/ b.1863/ d.1940.
Nienhuis,Bernice G.: daughter of G.& H. Nienhuis/ b.Oct.21,1917/ d.Mar.2,1918.
Nienhuis,Catharina: mother/ b.1820/ d.1896.
Nienhuis, ? : child of Conrad W./ d.Nov.4,1906.
Nienhuis,Dorothy: d.Oct.10,1921.
Nienhuis,Eildert J.: father/ b.1848/ d.1923.
Nienhuis,Eildert M.: father/ b.1849/ d.1921.
Nienhuis,Eildert M.: b.1858/ d.1946.
Nienhuis,Elizabet: wife of Peter/ b.1852/ d.1914.
Nienhuis,Elizabeth: d.Oct.5-16,1917.
Nienhuis,Emma: mother/ b.1853/ d.1941.
Nienhuis,Emma: daughter of C.& D.Nienhuis/ b.Aug.20/ d.Nov.5,1906.
Nienhuis,Geisje: mother/ b.1856/ d.1939.
Nienhuis,George: Mich.Cpl.Post Arty.Corps.WWI/ b.Aug.10,1888/ d.Aug.25,1973.
Nienhuis,Gerard: no dates, appears to be grave of small children.
Nienhuis,Mrs.Grace: d.Jun.13,1939.
Nienhuis,Grace: no dates.
Nienhuis,Henry: no dates.
Nienhuis,Henry: brother/ b.1887/ d.1921.
Nienhuis,Jean: b.1887/ d.1975.
Nienhuis,John E.: father/ b.1879/ d.1965.
Nienhuis,Julia: mother/ b.1883/ d.1915.
Nienhuis,Lena: daughter/ b.1884/ d.1954.
Nienhuis,Markers: father/ b.1813/ d.1885.
Nienhuis,Martines: b.Jun.18,1820/ d.Aug.26,1896.
Nienhuis,Martines: son of P.& E. Nienhuis/ d.May 11,1872.
Nienhuis,Peter: b.1852/ d.1933.
Nienhuis,Mrs.Peter M.: d.Aug.3,1931.
Nienhuis,Richard: d.Apr.4,1922.
Nienhuis,William: d.Sep.23,1948.
Nienhuis,Mrs.Wm.: d.Jun.9,1925.
Nienhuis,Wybe: father/ b.1858/ d.1919.
Nienhuis,Mrs.Wybe: (Bertha)/ d.Jul.24,1940.
Nienhuis,Pvt.Wybe: b.1892/ d.1921/ 80th Spruce Squad.
Noor, ? : child of C.(Baldewin)/ d.Jun.30,1899.
Olund,Beulah: b.1910/ d. ?
Olund,Samuel: b.1898/ d.1973.
Overbeek, ? : baby/ d.Aug.21,1920.
Overbeek, ? : baby of Charley/ d. Feb.20,1947.
Overbeek, ? : baby of Wm./ d.Oct.30,1929 ?
Overbeek,Forest: b.1928/ d.1928.
Overbeek,Glenn Allen: no dates.
Overbeek,John W.: b.1888/ d.1952.
Overbeek,Marvin: Mich.Tech.Sgt.2011 Ord.Maint.Co.Abn.WWII/ b.Dec.26,1912/ d.Dec.1,1960.
Overbeek,Maggie: mother/ b.1880/ d.1950.
Overbeek,William: father/ b.1893/ d.1948.
Peffers,Gordon Everett: b.1922/ d.1974.
Pelgrim,Adrian: b.1879/ d.1965.
Pelgrim,Bertha: b.1886/ d.1960.
Pelgrim,George B.: b.sep.29,1857/ d.Feb.3,1898.
Pelgrim,Henry D.: b.1890/ d.1918/ 42nd Field Artillery Barttery B.
Pelgrim,Jacob A.: b.1895/ d.1971.
Pelgrim,John: b.Sep.11,1876/ d.Sep.28,1885.
Pelgrim,Tryntje Johanna: daughter of Henry & Hannah Pelgrim/ b.Sep.6,1887/ underground.
Pena,Yolanda: d.Oct.28,1972.
Pitcher,Alan Charles: d.Aug.3,1962.
Pitcher,Peter: d.May 9,1964.
Plagermars, ?: baby of Herman/ d.Nov.28,1929.
Plaggemars,Jennie: Mrs.George/mother/ b.1877/d.1955.
Plavier,Engeltje: wife of Wm.Dalmeyer/b.Feb.18,1825/ d.Feb.9,1901.
Ploegsma,Mrs.: dated unknown/ year 1901.
Poll,William J.: b.1917/ d.1918.
Poll,Walter: b.1886/ d.1954.
Priem, ? : baby/ d.May 18,1954.
Priem, ? : baby of Lawrence/ 1943.
Priem,Cornelius: d.Jun.9,1960.
Priem,Lawrence: d.Jan.2,1955.
Prins,Anna: daughter/ b.1878/ d.1918.
Prins,Anna: mother/ b.1883/ d.1950.
Prins,Ralph: father/ b.1887/ d.1960.
Prins,Charley: father/ b.1879/ d.1956.
Prins,Grace: mother/ b.1884/ d.1969.
Prins,Gerrit: brother/ b.1871/ d.1948.
Prins,Gordon: b.Nov.5,1911/ d.Oct.29,1932.
Prins,Grietje: mother/ b.1842/ d.1930.
Prins,Hattie: mother/ b.1884/ d.1945.
Prins,John: father/ b.1884/ d.1970.
Prins,Klaas: father/ b.1836/ d.1913.
Raak,Albert: d.Oct.1934.
Raak,Albert: father/ b.1819/ d.1907.
Raak,Alice: mother/ b.1865/ d.1935.
Raak,Anna: wife of George Raak/ b.1855/ d.1916.
Raak,Arend: d.1902.
Raak,Arend: father/ b.1849/ d.1921.
Raak, ? : baby of Chester/ 1946.
Raak,Charley A.: father/ b.1868/ d.1934.
Raak,Geert: father/ b.1844/ d.1921.
Raak,George: b.1857/ d.1932.
Raak,Klaasje: mother/ b.1825/ d.1910.
Raak,Lambert: father/ b.1863/ d.1948.
Raak,Minnie: mother/ b.1869/ d.1915.
Raak,Roelofje: mother/ b.1859/ d.1921.
Redder,Albert: b.1882/ d.1960.
Redder,Helen: b.1888/ d.1937.
Redder,Egbert: father/ b.1877/ d.1957.
Redder,Mrs.Egbert: d.Dec.24,1903.
Riemersma,Helen: d.Jun.15,1925.
Redder,Jennie: daughter of K.Redder/ d.Aug.24,1900.
Redder,John: b.1871/ d.1929.
Redder,Klaas: father/ b.1846/ d.1931.
Redder,Margje: mother/ b.1851/ d.1932.
Redder,Sena: b.1875/ d.1938.
Redder,Sena: mother/ b.1882/ d.1940.
Redder,Peter: b.1904/ d.1931.
Reed,Garlin: husband/ b.1912/ d.1963.
Rhoda, ? : baby boy/ d.Apr.17,1963.
Riphagen,Rienhardus: b.Oct.3,1894/ d.Jun.18,1916.
Risselada,Boukje Bouwma: mother/ b.1857/ d.1931.
Risselade,Mr.: d.Nov.1917.
Ritsema,Martje: b.1872/ d.1952.
Ritsema,Cornelius: b.1867/ d.1948.
Rivera,Aurelia: Double stone/ south side blank, on north side reads Rivera,Aurelia/
                       b.Oct.8,1927/ d.May 21,1974/ middle inscription - married Sep.5,1944.
Rivera,Domingo: son & brother/ b.1957/ d.1963.
Rivera,Geronimo: father/ b.1880/ d.1965.
Rivera,Gilberto: b.Mar.20,1926/ d.Feb.19,1959.
Rivera,Soledad: mother/ b.1882/ d.1962.
Robart,Carl: d.Aug.1,1947.
Robart,Mrs.Carl: d.Sep.24,1931.
Rolfs,Ellsworth: b.1910/ d.1971.
Rolfs,Lucile: b.1910/ d. ? :
Roo,Mrs.? : d.Oct.16,1901.
Rounds,Kenneth R.: husband/ b.1919/ d.1972.
Rouwhorst,Claudie: son of J.& G.Rouwhorst/ b.1918/ d.1924.
Rouwhorst,Henrietta: mother/ b.1863/ d.1923.
Rouwhorst,Jay: b.1924/ d.1974/ married Apr.26,1946.
Rouwhorst,Thelma M.: b.1926.
Rouwhorst,Klaas: d.Jul.7,1921.
Rouwhorst,Klaas: father/ b.1855/ d.1929.
Rowhorst,Ralph K.: b.1892/ d.1918/ Co.A.168th Inf., killed in action in France.
Rutkowski, ? : very difficult to read/ could be Mrs.Wally Rutkowski/ d.Feb.13,1968.
Sanders, ? : baby of Wm.Sanders/ d.Jul.30,1970.
Schamper,Esther A.: baby/ b.1916/ d.1918.
Schamper,Mrs.Klaas: 1943.
Schemper, ? : child of Klaus/ d.Jul.21,1902.
Schemper,Charles: father/ b.1866/ d.1945.
Schemper,Maggie: mother/ b.1871/ d.1944.
Schemper,Tryntje: mother/ b.1838/ d.1916.
Schilleman,Agatha P.: b.Dec.24,1811/ d.Mar.13,1883.
Schilleman,Katrina DeRoo: b.Aug.27,1808/ d.Oct.25,1901.
Schilleman,Reinier: b.Jan.13,1813/ d.Jun.6,1897.
Schut,Nellie: wife of Egbert Schut/ b.1872/ d.1910.
Schut,Derk: b.1864/ d.1930.
Schutt,Egbert: b.1870/ d.1966.
Scott,Claude: d.Nov.28,1960.
Senters,Donna M.: b.Dec.20,1965/ d.May 25,1972.
Siersema,Albert: b.1883/ d.1964.
Siersema,Albert: father/ born in Ulrum,Provence Groningen, Netherlands on Jun.1,1815/
                New Holland, Michigan, Mar.12,1888.
Siersema,Tryntje: mother/ wife of Albert A./ b.Jan.19,1822/ d.Dec.28,1893.
Siersema,Bertha: mother/ b.1862/ d.1935.
Siersema,Henry: father/ b.1859/ d.1943.
Simonson,Christine Ruth: baby/ d.Apr.12,1956.
Slagh,Ada M.: mother/ b.1904/ d.1967.
Slagh,Tony J.: father/ b.1898/ d.1972.
Slag,Alice: b.1881/ d.1965.
Slag,John J.: b.1872/ d.1958.
Slag,Anthony: d.Feb.29,1932.
Slag, ? : baby of Tony J./ d.Apr.1,1931.
Slag,Barteld: father/ b.1826/ d.1910.
Slag,Bert: father/ b.1879/ d.1969.
Slag,Sena: mother/ b.1880/ d.1952.
Slagh,Conrad J.: father/ b.Dec.14,1892/ d.Oct.15,197?
Slagh,Martha: mother/ b.Aug.16,1897/ d.Jul.24,197?
Slag,Harm: d.Feb.1935.
Slag,Harm J.: d.Feb.26,1936.
Slag,Henderika Smit: mother/ b.1833/ d.1910/ wife of Barteld.
Slag,Henrietta: wife of Albert J.Slagh/ b.Jan.13,190?/ d.Aug.13,1965.
Slag,Jan: b.Aug.2,1826/ d.Dec.11,1907.
Slag,Pieternella VanDerStel: b.Apr.23,1839/ d.Oct.5,1882.
Slagh,Jane: mother/ b.1859/ death not on stone.
Slagh,John: father/ b.1853/ d.1938.
Slagh,Jane: d.Jan.24,1944.
Slagh,Mrs.J.B.: 1943.
Slagh,Johanna: b.Nov.10,1896/ d.Apr.27,1973.
Slagh,Timen: Pvt.U.S.Army,WWI/ b.Apr.8,1896/ d.Mar.20,1971.
Sloan,Robert O.: b.1892/ d.1963.
Smedenga,Jan: born in the Netherlands/ ? 22,1828/ d.1881.
Smedenga,Anje: born in Houersiel ? Groningen, Netherlands/ d.Feb.22,1892/ age 65 yrs.
Smit,Arent: born in Zwolle,Overijsel,Netherlands/ d.Jan.11,1892/ age 61yrs. 10mons. 20days.
Smit,Coenraad: father/ b.1836/ d.1910.
Smith,Grietje: mother/ b.1842/ d.1908.
Smit,Hendrik: b.? 21,1870/ d.Feb.7,1884.
Smith,Mrs.Anna J.: 1942.
Smith,Arend: b.1881/ d.1883.
Smith, ? : child of Henry/ d.May 16,1902.
Smith, ? : child of Henry J./ d.Sep.4,1900.
Smith,Coenraad A.: b.1856/ d.1918.
Smith,Derk J.: b.1862/ d.1921.
Smith,Helen: b.1859/ d.1941.
Smith,Henry: father/ b.1862/ d.1937.
Smith,Jane: mother/ b.1875/ d.1956.
Smith,Peter,J.: father/ b.1864/ d.1939.
Smith,Jennie H.: b.1890/ d.1914.
Smith,Mr.John J.: d.Feb.5,19?6.
Smith,Mrs.J.J.: d.Mar.7,1901.
Smith,Reka: b.1867/ d.1954.
Smith,Ruth: mother/ b.1868/ d.1926.
Smith,Willie: b.1883/ d.1883.
Sosa, ? : baby/ d.Nov.28,1961.
Spykerman,Jan: born Heino,Netherlands/ Mar.29,1817/ d.Jun.20,1891.
Spykerman,Jentje Brouwer: born Emmen,Netherlands Dec.23,1817/ d.Apr.18,1894.
Stegenga,Ale: father/ b.Jun.28,1843/ d.Feb.14,1933.
Stegenga,Ale A.: b.1877/ d.1879.
Stegenga,Cornelius A.: b.Oct.29,1871/ d.1872.
Stegenga, Benjamin: d.Oct.17,1947.
Stegenga,Diena: mother/ b.1866/ d.1920.
Stegenga,Hannah: aunt/ b.1873/ d.1957.
Stegenga,Johannes: father/ b.1863/ d.1938.
Stegenga,Martha A.: mother/ b.Dec.1,1846/ d.Jul.7,1904.
Stegenga,M.P.: d.Jun.6,1914.
Steward,Archie: d.May.1,1951.
Sutterfield,Mrs.Charles: d.Mar.2,1953.
Sylvester,Esther: b.1890/ d.1968.
Sylvester,Judith G.: wife & mother/ b.Jan.1,1922/ d.Jul.13,1975.
Talen,Jantje Klooster: mother/ b.Apr.4,1846/ d.May 4,1909.
Talen,Jacob: 1830 - 1914.
TenHagen,Janie: wife of Jacob Lievense/ b.Aug.22,1848/ d.Feb.10,1899.
TenHave,Christina: b.1860/ d.1933.
TenHave,Edward: b.1885/ d.1941.
TenHave,Harm: father/ b.Feb.13,1823 in Drenthe, Netherlands/ d.Sep.4,1900.
TenHave,Henry: b.1855/ d.1935.
? , John: (father)/ b.1830/ d.1909/ on John TenHave lot.
TenHave,Margue Brouwer: mother/ b.Apr.13,1830/ d.Sep.27,1914.
? , Tryntje: (mother)/ b.1836/ d.1912/ on John TenHave lot.
? , Willem: b.May 20,1860/ d.May 10,1870/ both in G12 on Harm TenHave lot.
? , Willemina: b.1862/ d.Aug.21,1869/ both in G12 on Harm TenHave lot.
Thoman,Ruth: d.May 11,1972.
Timmer,Aart: d.Aug.1917.
Timmer,Jan: d.Sep.1917.
Timmer,L.Dirks: wife of W.H.Timmer/ born Feb.8,1808 at Hierden by Harderwijk, Gelderland, Netherlands/
                          d.Dec.14,1882/ in North Holland, Michigan.
Timmer,Gerrit: born in Hierden, by Harderwijk, Netherlands, Nov.15,1848/ d.Dec.23,1883.
Timmer,Gertie: mother/ b.1863/ d.1929.
Timmer,Hendrik: father/ b.1839/ d.1920.
Timmer,Jannetje: mother/ b.1834/ d.1913.
Timmer,Jacob: b.1867/ d.1918.
Timmer,Minnie: b.1876/ d.1945.
Timmer,Martin: b.1897/ d.1967.
Timmer,Rena: b.1902.
Timmer,Siben J.: b.1898/ d.1973.
Timmer,William: b.1845/ d.1909.
Timmer,W.H.: born at Hierden, Netherlands May 20,1807/ d.Oct.8,1880 at Olive, Michigan.
Timmer,William H.: father/ b.1863/ d.1939.
Tjietjema, Tjietje: b.Jan.2,1821/ d.Nov.10,1911.
Tjietjema,Willaim: b.Jul.24,1861/ d.May 19,1900.
Troost,Jan: d.Jun.16,1920.
Troost,Johanna: d.1896.
Troost,Klaas: d.Nov.14,1925.
Troost,Klaas: d.Oct.16,1914.
VanArendonk,Hendrik: father/ born in Henoman, Netherlands, Jul.10,1826/ d.Jul.17,1900.
VanArendonk,Magdelena: mother & wife/ born in Hornnuizen, Netherlands, on Jun.15,1824/ d.Dec.9,1908.
VandenBosch,Thomas J.: son/ b.Jan.15,1962/ d.May 13,1965.
VandenBrand,Clarence: Cpl.U.S.Army/ b.Jul.19,1922/ d.Jun.10,1975.
VandenBrand,Elsie: mother/ b.1890.
VandenBrand,John: father/ b.1889/ d.1965.
VandenBrink,A.: d.Apr.7,1899.
VandenBrink,Tys: d.Aug.13,1924.
VandenBrink,Tys: d.Nov.24,1930.
VandePoel,Heintje: b.Jul.4,1841/ d.Aug.12,1895.
VandePoel,Pieter: b.Sep.22,1832/ d.May 25,1905.
VandePoel,Johannes: b.Aug.9,1882/ d.Oct.11,1886.
VandePoel,Maria: b.Feb.15,1877/ d.Jan.7,1879.
VanDerBerg,May: d.Aug.15,1935.
VanderWolde,Claude: d.May 22,1952.
VanderWolde,Hiram: b.Dec.6,1869/ d.May 19,1952.
VanderWolde,Lena: mother/ b.1875/ d.1911.
VanderZwaag,Alice: mother/ b.1874/ d.1949.
VanderZwaag,Dick: father/ b.1870/ d.1945.
VanderZwaag,Anna: mother/ b.1879/ d.1960.
VanderZwaag,B(?): b.Sep.18,1826/ d.Mar.11,1887.
VanDerZwaag,Mrs.B.: d.Sep.10,1902.
VanderZwaag,Elizabeth: b.Dec.5,1873/ d.Oct.7,1888.
VanderZwaag,Geertje: mother/ b.1844/ d.1911.
VanderZwaag,Gerry L.: son of Mr.& Mrs.G.VanderZwaag/ b.1914/ d.1941.
VanderZwaag,Gracie: b.1867/ d.1901.
VanderZwaag,Hendrik: father/ b.1841/ d.1913.
VanderZwaag,Jacob: brother/ b.1866/ d.1931.
VanderZwaag,Janet: daughter of Mr.& Mrs.J.VanderZwaag/ b.1912/ d.1924.
VanderZwaag,John: father/ b.1877/ d.1969.
VanderZwaag,Mildred: daughter of Mr.& Mrs.J.VanderZwaag/ b.1920/ d.1934.
VanderZwaag,Reina B.: born Vork/ dates unreadable.
VanderZwaag,Riena D.: Feb.20,1895/ d.Aug.11,1898.
VanDommelen,Frederick J.: d.Dec.19,1975, age 62.
VanDyke, ? : b.Feb.3,1854/ d.Jul.26,1886.
VanDyke,Aaltje: mother/ b.1843/ d.1909.
VanDyk,Albert G.: b.Jul.16,1834/ d.Sep.13,1882.
VanDyk,Elizabeth: daughter of A.Pelgrim/ b.Oct.11,1852/ d.Mar.6,1884.
VanDyk,Elizabeth G.Pasma: mother/ b.May 19,1801/ d.May 15,1886.
VanDyk,Gerrit J.: father/ b.Aug.8,1799/ d.Feb.20,1877.
VanDyk,Hilkje S.: mother/ b.Aug.5,1832 Friesland, Netherlands/ d.Sep.28,1923 New Holland, Michigan.
VanDyk,Jacob G.: fahter/ b.Jun.20,1826 Friesland, Netherlands/ d.Feb.16,1892 at New Holland, Michigan.
VanDyk,Lucy(Mrs.Jan): mother/ b.Mar.31,1822/ d.Feb.10,1904.
VanDyk,Tonia: d.Jan.24,1913.
VanDyk,Anthony: Pvt.37th.Inf./ d.Jul.10,1926.
VanDyke, ? : baby of John/ d. in 1942.
VanDyke,Broer: father: b.1843/ d.1890/
VanDyke,Broer,Co.1. 13th.Mich.Inf./ b.Sep.28,1842 in Verwoude, Province of Vriesland, Netherlands/
                                                          d.May 9,1890.
VanDyke,Clara: mother/ b.1896/ d.1942.
VanDyke,Edward: father/ b.1892/ d.1965.
VanDyke,Dena: wife/ b.1894/ d.1954.
VanDyke,Douwe: father/ b.1877/ d.1948.
VanDyke,Gerrit: d.Nov.1917.
VanDyke,Henrietta: b.1903.
VanDyke,Jacob: b.1900/ d.1965.
VanDyke,Jacob F.: husband/ b.1890/ d.1971.
VanDyke,Jacob: b.1862/ d.1933.
VanDyke,Mary: b.1870/ d.1955.
VanDyke,Melvin J.: d.Jan.20,1976/ age 44yrs.
VanDyke,Minnie: mother/ b.1873/ d.1915.
VanDyke,Russel W.: Mighigan Corpl.Co.K.23rd.Inf.Korea/ b.May 20,1929/ d.Jan.30,1972.
Vaneyck,Jacob: b.1862/ d.1923.
VanGelderen,Grace: daughter of G./ d.Nov.29,1910.
VanLente,Mrs.Bert(Exo): mother/ b.1867/ d.1940.
VanRaalte,Albert: b.1856/ b.1940.
VanRaalte,Mary: b.1865/ b.1940.
VanRaalte,Minnie: b.1881/ d.1886.
VanTil,Anna G.: b.1911/ d.1963.
VanTil,Wesley: b.1910.
VanTil,R.Charles: b.1935/ d.1941.
VanTongeren,Geertruid: mother/ b.1836/ d.1926.
VanTongeren, ? : daughter of Peter/ d.Feb.4,1907.
VanTongeren,Mrs.P.G.: d.Dec.1909.
VanZalk: Henrietta: d.Aug.11,1975/ 53yrs.5mons.0days.
Vedder,Laura Jean: wife of Lloyd Nelson/ b.Sep.27,1923.
Vedder,Lloyd Nelson: Mich.Tec.3. 15 armed b.Dec.30,1920/d.Jan.27,1963.
Vedder,Sadie: wife/ b.1895/ d.1974.
Vedder,Verne: husband, b.1897/ d.1964.
Vega,Maria: d.Aug.7,1955.
Veldheer,Antje: mother/ b.1842/ d.1925.
Veldheer,Charly: d.Sep.27,1901.
Veldheer,Clara: daughter/ b.1867/ d.1957.
Veldheer,George: b.1903.
Veldheer,Jeanette: b.1903/ d.1974/ married Jul.18,1923.
Veldheer,Grace: mother/ b.1871/ d.1947.
Veldheer,John J.: father/ b.1870/ d.1952.
Veldheer,Henderik: b.Sep.12,1881/ d.Nov.9,1898.
Veldheer,Henry: father/ b.1834/ d.1920.
Veldheer,John: b.May 20,1840/ d.Apr.27,1882.
Veldheer,John: b.1900/ d.1958.
Veldheer,Kate: b.1881/ d.1962.
Veldheer,Leonard: b.1877/ d.1933.
Veldheer,Klaas,B.: b.Sep.9,1875/ d.Sep.27,1901.
Veldheer,Nellie: b.1901.
Veldheer,Wayne: b.1934/ d.1935.
Veneberg,Mrs.Gerrit: d.Nov.16,1945.
Vinkemulder,Albert: father/ b.1853/ d.1936.
Vinkemulder,Baredina VanRaalte: b.Mar.10,1823/ d.Apr.20,1887.
Vinkemulder,Filippus: father/ b.Sep.28,1823/ d.Sep.8,1903.
Vinkemulder,Beradine: b.1894/ d.1970.
Vinkemulder,Catherine: b.1900/ d.1927.
Vinkemulder,Mary: mother/ b.1858/ d.1942.
Vinkemulder,Walterdina: b.1863/ d.1949.
Vinkemulder,Wobbenuis: b.1861/ d.1929.
Vork,Dick: d.Apr.14,1950.
Vork,John D.: Co.I.,25th.Mich.Inf./ d.Sep.19,1910/ age 69yrs.
Vork,Mrs.J.: d.Apr.11,1899.
Wabeke,Henry: d.Mar.10,1901.
Wabeke,Jacob: d.Feb.9,1926.
Wabeke,Mrs.Jacob: 1934.
?????(unable to read - on Wabeke lot): d.Mar.13,1890/
???(unable to read - on Wabeke lot): mother/ d.Spt.16,1891/ age 64yrs.7mons.1day.
???(unabel to read - on Wabeke lot): sister/ d.Sep.2,1832/ age 27yrs.9mons.
Jabaai,Cortiaan: North Holland, May.? 1877/ son. (on Wabeke lot).
Wabeke,Johannes: d.Mar.29,1877.
Wabeke,Rev.Cornelius: born in Zeeland,Michigan Jun.2,1854/ d.In New Holland, Michigan Feb.22,1880.
???(unable to read on Wabeke lot):  Child marker.
Wagenaar,A.D.: d.Apr.3,1925.
Wagenaar,Adrian: Co.D.8th.Mich.Inf./ no dates.
Wagenaar,Francis Bosch: b.1877/ d.1954.
Wagenaar,Johnnie: b.Jul.31,1870/ d.Sep.27,1872.
Wagenaar,Richard C.: b.1873/ d.1962.
Weener,Aartje:daughter of M.& K.Weener/ b.May 23,1898/ d.Sep.11,1898.
Weener,Cenie: b.1874/ d.1964.
Weener,Kerst: b.1869/ d.Nov.17,1930.
Weener,Child(Harold): child of K./ d.Dec.7,1902.
Weener,Elizabeth: daughter of K.& C.Weener/ b.May 2,1898/ d.Oct.2,1898.
Weener,Harm: Zwolle,Netherlands/ b.Feb.1,1841/ d.Nov.30,1874.
Weener,Hermanes: father/ b.1873/ d.1958.
Weener,Kate: mother/ b.1877/ d.1957.
Weersing,Estelle K.: b.1900/ d.?
Weersing,Ira W.: b.1903/ d.1963.
Weersing,Garret J.: b.1901/ d.1951.
Weersing,Gerrit: brother/ b.1891/ d.1893.
Weersing,Ida L.: mother/ b.1868/ d.1923.
Weersing,John: father/ b.1862/ d.1923.
Welling, ? : child of Wm.Welling Jr./ d.Dec.1914.
Welling,Mrs.C.J.VanDerZwaag: d.Oct.17,1901.
Welling,Harold: son of Mr.& Mrs.W.Welling/ b.1913/ d.1914.
West,Jack: b.1882/ d.1968.
West,Katie: b.1897/ d.?
Westmaas,Leendert: b.Jul.30,1864/ d.Jun.? 1898?
Westrate, ? : baby of P./ d.Jun.3,1923.
Westrate, ? : child of P./ d.Feb.1910.
Westrate,Joe: father/ b.1877/ d.1962.
Westrate,Johanna: mother/ b.1885/ d.1963.
Westrate,Kate: mother/ b.1887/ d.1922.
Westrate,Peter: father/ b.1885/ d.1962.
Wierda,Louis: d.Mar.2,1971.
Wiersma,Ida: mother/ b.1867/ d.1942.
Wiersma,Rev.F.M.: b.1866/ d.1961.
Wiersma, ? : baby/ d.Jan.18,1952.
Wigger,Becky Lynn: d.Apr.28,1957.
Wolters,Julia: b.1875/ d.1966.
Wolters,George: b.1861/ d.1950.
Young, ? : baby/ d.Sep.27,1956.
Zuidvelt,Grietje: wife of Johannes/ b.1835/ d.1908.
Zuidveld,Jerry: d.Dec.17,1931.
Zuidvelt,Johannes: b.1835/ d.1903.
Zwemer,Jennie: wife of A.P.Zwemer/ d.Feb.11,1885/ age 20yrs. 5mons.

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