Marriage records that I have collected over the years while searching for my own family members.
I have no others records at this time in my collection.
Denis Duggan to Margaret Kennedy 21 April 1855 
Witnesses:  David Doolan & Catherien Brien
Parish:       Cahir
Priest:       M. Maxey

John Duggan to Mary Giery 18 February 1811
Witnesses:  William Duggan & Catherine Hickey
Parish:         Cahir

Denis Duggan to Mary Duggan of Kilcommon 20 February 1844
Witnesses:  Edmund Lonergan & Alice Heelan
Parish:        Cahir
Priest:        Stephen M. Lonergan

Denis Duggan to Johanna Cleary 27 November 1847
Witnesses:  Richard Dillon & Mary Cleary
Address:     Cloheennafishoge
Parish:        Ballylooby
Priest:        Thomas Qualy

Michael Halfpenney to Ellen Morrowny 21 April 1830
Witnesses:  Patrick Cavanah & James Guiery
Parish:        Cahir
Priest:        Patrick McGrath

Denis/Demetris/Dermot/ Duggan to Ann Ryan alias Jackson of Cahir 8 September 1779
Witnesses:  Elizabeth Keating & Mary Hanglin
Parish:        Cahir

Edmund Ryan to Helen Brenner of Cahir 2 August 1779
Witnesses:  Paul Breannock & Elizabeth Keating  Married in Golden.

Cornelilus O'Brien to Mary Barrett alias Smith of Mortlestown 24 February 1840
Witnesses:  Jacob Shortis & Catherine Griffith

Edmund Morony of Cahir to Hellen Hally of (Castlelampson) Coolcampor? 7 March 1871

William Jackson to Mary Ryan of Cahir 30 November 1782
Witnesses:  Timothy Ryan & Mary Anglin

Patrick Luddy of Knockgraffen to Mary Morony of Laughlona?  17 February 1840
Witnesses:  Jacob Luddy & Maria O'Dwyer

William Duggan to Margaret Heffernan 1 March 1840
Witnesses:  Patrick Duggan & Maria Carew

Michael Duggan to Alice Guiry 14 February 1884
Witnesses:  Daniel Guiry & ? Rierdon
Parish:        Cahir

John Duggan to Bridget Slattery 30 April 1927
Parish:       Cahir