The Lost Are Found
          A New Perspective on the Passengers of the Phoenix
                                          by: Mary Risseeuw

     As long as I have known the story of the Phoenix and have been attempting to continue the research
it has been troubling to me that so many on the list had no name. What a fate to be identified only as 'wife'
or 'child.' An accurate account will never be possible, but many of the previously unnamed passengers
who were lost have finally regained their identity. Eighty-eight passengers identified only as wife or child
now have names. Twenty-five others have also been identified as being passengers lost on the Phoenix
when it went down. I think it is important, even 150 years later, that these passengers are given the dignity
of their identity.

    The office of the shipping company in Cleveland had only the list of those who sailed from that port. It
was quite natural in those days to take on more passengers at other ports during the journey. Clerk
Donahue talked of 250 or more as lost. Figures were later obtained from Captain Benjamin Sweet from
the Buffalo office and probably can be viewed as the closest approximation known at that time. While it
was quite possible for the surviving crew to be able to accurately identify those of the crew who were lost
and saved, it is unlikely that all of the cabin and steerage passengers will ever be identified.

    Captain Sweet's estimation of those on board was a total of 209: 186 passengers (25 cabin and 161 in
steerage) and 23 crew. According to these numbers he claimed 15 crew members were lost and 8 crew
saved, 21 cabin passengers lost and 4 saved, and 127 steerage passengers lost and 34 saved. Sweet's list
would give a total of 46 saved and 163 lost.

    Beginning in the 1920s, William O. Van Eyck made a very credible attempt to uncover as much
information as possible on those lost and saved during the burning of the Phoenix. His notes and papers
were fortunately preserved by the Holland Historical Trust and his sources can be examined. I have not
been able to ascertain which of his potential contacts here and abroad never responded to his requests for
information, and one can assume that many of the resources available today would have been difficult for
Van Eyck to access. Through the use of 14 different sources the following corrected list of those lost and
saved has been constucted.

                                              CREW LOST

  D.W. Kellar, Steward, Cleveland
 J.C. Smith, Saloon Keeper, Buffalo
 Newell Merril, Second Mate, Ohio City
 William Owen,, Second Engineer, Toledo
 Hugh Robinson, First Porter, Chicago
 John Nugent, First Fireman, Buffalo
 Thomas Halsey, Deckhand
 George ??, Deckhand
 Thomas Fortui, Deckhand, River St. Clair
 John and August Murdock, Deckhands, Scotchmen from Canada
 Luther Southward, Wheelsman, New Bedford
 Horace Tisdale, Cabin Boy
 Two Colored Cooks
                                                                                             Total - 15

                                            CREW SAVED

  Benjamin G. Sweet, Captain, Cleveland
  T.S. Donahue, Clerk, River St. Clair
  M.W. House, Engineer, Cleveland
  H. Watts, First Mate, Cleveland
  A.G. Kelso, Wheelsman, Ohio City
  John Mann, Deckhand, Cleveland
  E. Watts, Second Porter, Cleveland
  Michael O'Brien, Fireman, Buffalo

                                                                                          Total - 8

                             CABIN AND/OR STEERAGE PASSENGERS LOST

  Mr. West, wife and child, Racine
  Mr. Fink and wife, Southport (Kenosha)
  Mr. Heath and sister, Littleport (Waukegan)
  Mrs. J. Long and child, Milwaukee
  J. Burrows, Chicago
  David Blish, Southport (Kenosha)
  Two Misses Hazelton, Sheboygan (daughters of Hiram Hazelton)

                                                                                                 Total - 13


   Mr. Long, Milwaukee
                                                                                               Total - 1

                                                 HOLLANDERS LOST


 Siebelink, Hendrik Jan b. 23 August 1806 Winterswijk, Reformed Church,
             farmer on De Stroete, Kotten 9

            Wife: Johanna ten Broeke b. 17 May 1803 Winterswijk
            Children: Janna Geertruid b. 7 January 1835 Winterswijk
                          Gerrit Jan b. 17 September 1838 Winterswijk

            Servants: Janna Geertruid Oonk b. 13 May 1828 Winterswijk
                          Gerrit Jan Grevers b. 16 February 1821 Winterswijk

 Janna Geertruid Oonk is listed in the Swierenga ship lists (but as a daughter) and on the passenger
 list of the France (but not as Janna Oonk). This would corroborate Swierenga's immigration
 records listing 4 children. The 2 servants are listed in the article researched by Henk Voges.
                                                                                                    Total - 6 (2 children)

  Koffers, Teunis b. 15 January 1795 Winterswijk, Reformed Church,
             farmer on Aalberink, Kotten 14

            Wife: Berendina Damkot b. 16 June 1793 Winterswijk
            Children: Gerrit Jan b. 18 January 1820 Winterswijk
                           Tobias b. 26 March 1823 Winterswijk
                           Janna Berendina b. 6 February 1826 Winterswijk
                           Jan Willem b. 21 November 1832 Winterswijk
                           Johanna Hendrika b. 25 May 1835 Winterswijk

 The passenger list of the France and Swierenga's ship lists only list 3 children.
                                                                                                   Total - 7 (5 children)

  Wilterdink, Derk Jan b. 2 March 1806 Winterswijk, Reformed Church,
             farmer on Wilterdink, Kotten 11

            Wife: Hanna Theodora Verink b. 11 November 1815 Winterswijk
            Children: Anna Willemina b. 7 May 1842 Winterswijk
                          Gerrit Hendrik b. 24 July 1845 Winterswijk

 The passenger list of the France, Swierenga's ship lists and the emigration records from
Winterswijk include the following: Widow age 70 (Anna Willemina Wilterdink b. 17 May 1778
Winterswijk), Jan Willem b. 14 December 1811 Winterswijk, Berendina age 35, Harman Jan, b.
22 October 1809 Winterswijk

 Servant: Gerrit Jan Bloemers b. 3 December 1830 Winterswij
                                                                                                    Total - 5 (2 children)

 Oonk, Gerrit Jan b. 10 December 1814 Winterswijk, Reformed Church,
            farmer on Wilterdinkhuisjen, Kotten 12

           Wife: Harmina Hesselink b. 22 August 1806 Winterswijk
           Children: Jan Willem b. 26 August 1841 Winterswijk
                         Gerrit Jan b. 9 May 1844 Winterswijk
                                                                                                    Total - 4 (2 children)

 Sikkink, Jan Albert b. 19 November 1811 Winterswijk, Reformed Church,
            farmer on Pelkwijkhuijsen, Dorpbuurt 110

           Wife: Aleida Weenink b. 8 January 1806 Winterswijk
           Children: Tobias b. 24 February 1835 Winterswijk
                          Johanna Hendrika b. 3 July 1837 Winterswijk
                          Jan Derk b. 7 April 1839 Winterswijk
                          Jan Berend b. 17 September 1842 Winterswijk
                          Janna Aleida b. 18 April 1846 Winterswijk
           Maid: Dulmers, Theodora Willemina b. 30 April 1817 Winterswijk

                                                                                                      Total - 8 (5 children)

  Onnink, Hendrik Willem b. 24 February 1818 Winterswijk, Reformed Church,
             farmer on Onnink-huijsen, Ratum 14

            Wife: Hendrika ten Haken b. 3 August 1823 Winterswijk
            Children: Janna Geertruid b. 13 April 1843 Winterswijk
                          Hendrik Jan b. 2 June 1844 Winterswijk
                          Berendina Willemina b. 21 February 1845 Winterswijk
            Servant: Reessink, Jan Hendrik b. 20 January 1828 Winterswijk

 Hendrik and his family are not listed on the passenger list of the France or
in Swierenga's ship lists.
                                                                                                       Total - 5 (3 children)

Guerkink, Gerrit Jan b. 11 May 1805 Winterswijk, Reformed Church,
              farmer on Gribbroek, Huppel 7      Widower (wife died 19 April 1844)

              Children: Janna Willemina b. 19 January 1826 Winterswijk
                             Stijntjen b. 6 December 1827 Winterswijk
                             Janna Berendina b. 3 February 1836 Winterswijk
                             Jan Hendrik b. 16 June 1838 Winterswijk
                             Jan Willem b. 21 February 1841 Winterswijk
                                                                                                        Total - 6 (5 children)

 Kooyers (Koijers), Hendrik Willem b. 6 Februrary 1801 Winterswijk, Reformed Church,
                         from Heemink, Huppel 21

             Wife: Janna Berendina Wilterdink b. 27 January 1800 Winterswijk
             Children: Engelina Johanna b. 25 March 1835 Winterswijk
                            Berend Willem b. 27 July 1836 Winterswijk
                                                                                                       Total - 4 (2 children)

 Nijweide, Hendrik Jan b. 16 March 1811 Winterswijk, Reformed Church,
                        farmer on Vonderhuis, Miste 25

             Wife: Dora Gesiena Voskuil b. 12 November 1811 Winterswijk
                        (sister of Derk Antony Voskuil)
             Children: Janna Hendrika b. 1 August 1837 Winterswijk
                            Jan Willem b. 24 December 1839 Winterswijk
                            Berendina b. 25 February 1842 Winterswijk
                            Engelbarts b. 11 November 1843 Winterswijk
                            Christina b. 18 October 1845 Winterswijk
                                                                                                     Total - 7 (5 children)

  ten Pas, Johanna Berendina b. 9 March 1809 Winterswijk, Reformed Church
             (wife of Jan Berend Esselinkpas b. 28 November 1810 Winterswijk, farmer on
             Lammershuisjen, Woold 84. Jan died on the ocean voyage aboard the France.)

             Children: Steven Jan b. 6 November 1836 Winterswijk
                            Hendrika b. 14 December 1837 Winterswijk
                            Janna Geertruid b. 4 August 1840 Winterswijk
                           Willemina b. 12 February 1842 Winterswijk
                            Jan Hendrik b. 13 March 1844 Winterswijk
                                                                                                       Total - 6 (5 children)

 Meenink, Janna Willemina b. 31 March 1813 Winterswijk, Reformed Church,
             (wife of Hendrik Jan Wilterdink from Smalbraak, Huppel 6)

             Children: Gerrit Jan Wilterdink b. 29 February 1836 Winterswijk
                            Janna Gesiena Wilterdink b. 19 April 1838 Winterswijk
                            Jan Albert Wilterdink b. 4 April 1840 Winterswijk
                            Berend Willem Wilterdink b. 23 December 1844 Winterswijk
                            Jan Hendrik Wilterdink b. 3 May 1846 Winterswijk
                                                                                                           Total - 6 (5 children)

 Damkot, Janna Gesiena b. 19 April 1796 Winterswijk, Reformed Church
              (wife of Jan Willem Oonk from Slotboom-Joosthuis, Kotten 11)

              Children: Jan Willem Oonk b. 10 January 1821 Winterswijk
                             Jan Hendrik b. 28 November 1828 -- was a servant of Hendrik
                             Steven Jan Oonk b. 23 April 1839 Winterswijk

 The passenger list of the France lists 6 children and Swierenga's immigration
 lists indicate 5 children.
                                                                                                              Total - 4 (3 children)

  te Winkel, Tobias Hendrik b. 31 May 1840 Winterswijk
                  Gerrit Jan b. 16 January 1842 Winterswijk
                   Janna Geertruida b. 5 April 1844 Winterswijk
                   Gerrit Willem b. 10 October 1846 Winterswijk

                         Parents: te Winkel, Gerrit b. 23 January 1803 Winterswijk from
                                     Willink-kempe at Ratum 8, Reformed Church
                                     Wife: Jozina ten Haken b. 25 August 1815 Winterswijk

 This family is listed on the France ship list and in Swierenga's ship lists. In the 1860 census Gerrit
and Jozina are listed as living in the Town of Holland, WI with 3 young children - Gezina age 7,
Hannah age 5, and Gerrit age 3. It seemed curious that these parents would have put their 4
young children on board the Phoenix alone, until it was discovered that also travelling with them
were two younger sisters of Jozina ten Haken. Berendina is listed in the immigration records as
being a maid and lived at Willink-kempe with the te Winkel family.

 ten Haken, Berendina b. 11 October 1820 Winterswijk, maid living at
             Willink-kempe, Ratum 8

 ten Haken, Geertruid b. 1 November 1828 Winterswijk from Hijink-pas,
             Woold 11

 This curious story is cooraborated by the diary of J.D. te Winkel, Winterswijk in January 1848:

 Den 8 kregen een brief van mijn broer Gerrit van Buffalo uit Amerika waaruit bleek alle zijne vier
kinderen benevens verscheiden van zijne reisgenoten reeds dood waren Verde dat de stoomboot
waarmede de andere afgescheidenen naar West-Consin wilden varen gesprongen is zoodat er
weinige van zijn geredt.....

 "On the 8th we received a letter from my brother Gerrit from Buffalo in American in which it was
reported that his four children, besides many of his fellow passengers were dead. Also that the
steamboat with which other seceders planned to go to Wisconsin was wrecked and few were
                                                                                                         Total - 6 (4 children)


 Kraayenbrink (Krayenbrink/Krajenbrink), Willem b. 30 September 1810 Dinxperlo
              Woodenshoemaker from Lintelo, Reformed Church

              Wife: Theodora Krienen b. 10 October 1819 Gendringen
               Children: Gerrit Hendrik b. 10 May 1840 Dinxperlo
                              Johanna b. 3 February 1844 Aalten
                              Kaatjen b. 30 November 1845 Aalten

 Willem and his family are not listed on the passenger list of the France or in
 Swierenga's ship lists.
                                                                                                       Total - 5 (3 children)

  Navis, Derk Willem b. 26 July 1801 Aalten, Reformed Church,
              farmer on Navis, Lintelo 47 (now Navisweg 6)

             Wife: Johanna Rexwinkel b. 1 February 1802 Gendringen
              Mother: Janna Lieftink b. 29 November 1767 Aalten
                         (widow of Hendrik Jan Navis)
             Children: Hendrika Johanna b. 18 March 1827 Aalten
                           Gerrit Hendrik b. 22 September 1833 Aalten
                            Hendrik Jan b. 19 March 1836 Aalten
                            Geertruid b. 18 July 1839 Aalten
                            Hendrik Willem b. 1 March 1842 Aalten

 Derk and his family are not listed on the passenger list of the France or in Swierenga's ship lists.
                                                                                                       Total - 8 (5 children)

  Brusse, Jan b. 25 March 1819 Aalten, farmer on Brusse, Lintelo 66
              (now Gendringseweg 44), Reformed Church

 Jan is not listed on the passenger list of the France or in Swierenga's ship lists.
                                                                                                        Total - 1


 Colenbrander, Arend age 32, farmer at Op Vaaghuis, 456 Binnenheurne, Varsseveld
            Seceeder from Christian Reformed Church

            Wife: Christina Gesink age 34
            Children: Grada Aleida 13 years b. 1834 Varsseveld
                           Jan Adolf 10 years b. 1837 Varsseveld
                           Christina 8 years b. 1839 Varsseveld
                           Gerrit Jan 6 years b. 1840 Varsseveld
                           Aaltjen 4 years b. 1843 Varsseveld
                           Baby b. 1847 Varsseveld

 Arend and his family are not listed on the France's passenger list or in
Swierenga's ship lists. Swierenga's immigration lists and Ligterink's book indicate 5
children and Van Eyck's listing says 6. They left Holland on 21 August 1847.
                                                                                                          Total - 8 (6 children)

  Oberink, Lammert b. 8 March 1789, Varsseveld age 49, Christian Reformed,
               farmer/day laborer at 427 Binnenheurne, Varsseveld

               Wife: Willemina Hofs b. 26 February 1792, Gendringen
               Children: Gerrit Jan b. 20 July 1828, Varsseveld
                              Grada b. 19 May 1834, Varsseveld
                              Hendrik Willem b. 13 September 1838, Varsseveld
                              Evert Jan b. 30 January 1823, Varsseveld

 Lammert and his family are not listed on the passenger list of the France or in Swierenga's ship
lists. They were reportedly in a hurry to leave because Evert Jan was about to be forced into
military service.
                                                                                                            Total - 6 (3 children)

  te Kotte, Hendrik Jan age 56, Seceeder from Christian Reformed Church
               farmer/landholder on Op de Profijt at Varsseveld

               Wife: Aaltjen Nagel age 55
                Children: 4

 This information is taken from the Varsseveld immigration records. Hendrik
and his family are not listed in any other records.
                                                                                                             Total - 6 (4 children)

 Wildenbeest, Roelof, Reformed Church

            Wife: Berendina Radstake
             Child: Dina Johanna Wildenbeest b. 20 January 1841 Dinxperlo

 Ligterink lists his age as 36 as a widower with 2 children. In the emigration records of Dinxperlo
it says that Dina emigrated in September 1847.
                                                                                                             Total - 3 (1 child)

  Gielink, Dirk wife and child
                                                                                                              Total - 3 (1 child)

  Nebbelink and family                                                               Approx. Total - 4 (2 children)

  Toebes family                                                                          Approx. Total - 4 (2 children)


 Demkes - Ansink, Catharina from Op den Broekslag
            Child: Gerrit Hendrik age 32
                                                                                                               Total - 2


 Bruijel, Hendrikus

            Wife: Jeneken Bongers
            Children: Dirkje
            Geertruy Willemina
            Dirk Willem
                                                                                                               Total - 6 (4 children)

                                                  HOLTEN, OVERIJSSEL

 Landeweerd, Hendrik Egbert b. 27 September 1796 Holten, farmer, Seceeder from
          Christian Reformed Church. Son of Hendrik Egbert Landeweerd and
          Hendrina Aaftink.

          Wife: Gerritdina Hakkink b. 8 May 1797 Holten. Daughter of Bernardus
          Wilhelmus Hakkink and Teuntje Wibbelink.
          Children: Berend Willem b. 15 October 1830
                         Tonia b. 11 February 1833
                         Egbert b. 10 June 1836
                         Fenneke b. 16 October 1838
                                                                                                               Total - 6 (4 children)

  Beumer, Egbert b. 20 Mar 1809 Holten-Dijkerhoek, Bapt: 26 Mar 1809, tailor, Seceeder from
 Christian Reformed Church, m. 7 Nov 1840 Holten

            Wife: Harmien Stevens b. 24 May 1809 Holten-Dijkerhoek Bapt:
                                28 May 1809, daughter of Barteld Stevens and Jenneken Teunissen
            Child: Janna b. 4 Jan 1844 Holten-Dijkerhoek
            (Another child, Jenneken was b. 1 Oct 1846 and d. 12 Oct 1846)

 On the passenger list for the France and in Swierenga's ship lists there lists a Teunis Beumer
travelling with Egbert and his family. Teunis was a step-brother of Egbert. Their father was Jan
Beumer from Markelo. Jan was Bapt. 1771 Markelo and married 1) Teuntje Janssen who died
1796 in Holten . Jan married 2) Jenneken Janssen Kappers b. Laren to Jan Kappers and Enneken

 Beumer, Teunis b. 23 Feb 1797 Holten-Dijkerjoek, a tailor, Seceeder from Christian
            Reformed Church
                                                                                                           Total - 4 (1 child)

                                        WIERDEN/ENTER, OVERIJSSEL

 Hommers, Gerrit Jan Bapt: 25 Dec 1788 Wierden/Enter, farmer on "de Keijzer"
              (the Emperor), Seceeder from Christian Reformed Church, Widower (m.
              Aleida Zweers in 1818. She was bapt 2 Mar 1789 Wierden/Enter and died 10 June
              1837. Aleida was married first to Berend Jan Hommers and the Jan Hommers
               travelling with Gerrit was his step-child. She was the daughter of Gerrit Zweers
               and Hendrika Lubbers). Gerrit was the son of Wilm Hommers and Jenneken

               Children: Hendrikus, b. 23 May 1835 Wierden/Enter
                              Gerrit, b. 25 Oct 1830 Wierden/Enter
                               Jan, b. 1814 Wierden/Enter

 When Hommers left Holland he sold his farm, which consisted of a house, a barn, approximately
15 acres of farmland an 20 acres of hayland; so he would have been considered well-to-do.
Gerrit's children and step-son are incorrectly identified as Lubbers in France passenger list. Gerrit
and Aleida also had a daughter Berendina b. 6 June 1829 Wierden/Enter who married Jan Hendrik
te Brinke in 1847. A daughter Hendrika was b. 23 Sept 1821 Wierden/Enter and d. 6 Jan 1824.
Willemina was b. 2 Nov 1839 Wierden/Enter and d. 7 Jun 1835
                                                                                                       Total - 4 (3 children)

  Lubbers, Hendrikus b. 17 Sep 1806 Wierden/Enter, Bapt: 21 Sep 1806, shoemaker,
              Seceeder from Christian Reformed Church. Hendrikus was the son of Jan
              Anthonissen Lubbers and Hendrika de Wilde. He married 30 Jan 1840 in

              Wife: Maria (Marijke) Lubbers b. 1801 m. 1840 Maria was
               the daughter of Lucas Lubbertsen Lubbers and Leida Kattelaar.
               Children: Hendrik (Hein) b. 18 May 1841 Wierden/Enter
                              Lucas b. 31 Jan 1843 Wierden/Enter
                                                                                                        Total - 4 (2 children)

  Geerlings, Willem (Wilhelm) b. 10 May 1830

  Geerlings, Hendrikje (Wilhelmina) b. 18 January 1833
                                                                                                        Total - 2 children


                                                    HOLLANDERS SAVED


 Esselinkpas, Hendrik Jan b. 22 December 1812 Winterswijk
            From Maathuis, Kotten 82 d. 13 October 1901

 Willink, Berendina b. 5 April 1811 Winterswijk
             from Haverkamp, Kotten 80

 Wilterdink, Hendrik Jan b. 19 May 1807 Winterswijk
             from Smalbraak, Huppel 6 d. 10 September 1891

 ten Dolle, Willemina b. 25 July 1829 Winterswijk d. 24 May 1914

 Oonk, Jan Willem b. 8 July 1795 Winterswijk d. 1870?
              farmer on Stotboom-Joosthuis, Kotten 10

 Oonk, Johanna b. 1 September 1825 Winterswijk d. 9 July 1853

 Oonk, Harmina b. 19 January 1832 Winterswijk d. 10 June 1904

 Oonk, Janna Hendrika b. 17 February 1835 Winterswijk d. 17 December 1903

 Reuselink, Harmen Jan b. 4 September 1815 Winterswijk d. 10 July 1896
            from Meerdink-Nijhuis, Woold 55

 Voskuil, Dirk Antony b. 11 May 1817 Winterswijk d. 8 February 1901
             from Voskuil, Miste 57

                                                                                                         Total - 10


 Oberink, Geeritje b. 27 May 1825 d. 15 October 1858
                                                                                                        Total - 1

                                                      HOLTEN, OVERIJSEL

 Schuppert, Teunis d. 21 September 1856
            Wife: Gerdina (Hendrina) Landeweerd d. 10 May 1848
            Child: Dena Johanna Schuppert b. 9 August 1845 d. 7 October 1916

 Landeweerd, Hendrika b. 3 December 1827 d. 1884

 Wissink, Berend Jan b. 1813 d. 1886
             Wife: Teuntje Landeweerd b. 1825 d. 10 January 1857

 Landeweerd, Hanna Gerdina b. 1844 d. 3 December 1915
                                                                                                        Total - 7


 Geerlings, Gerrit b. 26 December 1802 Meppel, Drenthe Bapt 1 Jan 1803 Meppel
            d. 12 July 1886 Occ: Miller/baker/shoemaker. He was the son of Albert Geerlings
            & Hendrijke Jacobs Kuijer. They married 10 Mar 1802 in Meppel and Albert died
             before 1825 in Meppel.

            Wife: Aaltje (Eliza) de Vries b. 13 December 1801 Zwolle, Overijssel d. 2 May 1886
            She was the daughter of Willem de Vries and Hendrikje van Eelen
            Children: Henry (Hendrik John) b. 5 December 1836 Hattem
                                  d. 10 December 1901
                           Jacob b. 5 May 1839 Hattem d. 7 June 1906
                           Altje b. 10 December 1842 Apeldoorn d. 11 November 1898
                           Gerritje b. 13 January 1844 Apeldoorn d. 17 February 1893

            Contrary to all previously published reports, Alberta Geerlings was not on the Phoenix.
Her birth records in the Netherlands indicate that she died in June of 1847 and this was also
confirmed in a letter written by John Geerlings of Milwaukee (a grandson of Gerrit and Aaltje) to
William Van Eyck on November 16, 1922.

                                                                                                        Total - 6

                                                      TOTAL SAVED - 24


 Diary of J.D. te Winkel
 Emigratie uit de gemeente Wisch naar Noord-Amerika
 Emigration records for Dinxperlo: 1830-1930
 Emigration records for Winterswijk: 1846-1915
 Emigration records for Varsseveld: 1847
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