(Graveyard, and Church in Ruins)

1) In Memory of/ WILLIAM RYAN/ Who died Augsut 26th 1850/ Aged 52 years/ And of his Wife/ NANNO RYAN/ Youngest Daughter of/ WILLIAM QUIN/ Loughloher Castle/ Who died December 2nd 1878/ Aged 79 years/ Also MARY/ Daughter of the above, and widown of/ THOMAS CAMBRIDGE-GRUBB/ Suir Island, Clonmel/ who died June 13th 1926/ Aged 83 years/ Beloved by All/
I am the resurection and the Life/ sath the Lord/ He that believith in me/ though he were dead/ yet shall he live/ JOHN VE.25/  (Meagher Clonmel)

2) In/ Memory/ Of/ THOMAS WM. RYAN ESQ./ Died May 18th 1881/ (Meagher Clonmel)

3) Sacred to the Me-/ mory of MR JAMES MACKIN of/ Moorstown who Depd. this Life on the/ 8th Day of May 1807 aged 56 years.

4) Erected by MRS. CONNORS in/ Memroy of her Husband/ MAURICE CONNORS of Graigue/ who dept. this life September 12th/ 1830 Aged 72 yrs. May his/ Soul rest in peace Amen/ 
(hogan Cashel-Frcio)

5) Erected/ By THOMAS BOURKE/ of Cahir in Memory of/ his wife BRIDGET BOURKE/ Alias HICKEY who died Arpil/ The 10th 1835 aged 40 years/ and his Daughter CATHERINE died/ Jan 1st. 1825 aged 6 yrs/ Also his son MICHL BOURKE/ died Dec 12th. 1842 aged 29 yrs/ and his Daughter MARY died/ Dec.17th 1844 Aged 27 yrs./
(Lamented by her friends/ she ends this life a tender Mother and a virtaous wife)

6) Here lieth the Body of/ THOMAS NUGENT of M-/ oorstown Kirk who de-/parted this life 16th May/ 1815 aged 68 years/ May his soul rest in peace Amen.

7) In loving memory of/ PATRICK HALLY/ Deid 5th Nov.1891 aged 42 years.

8) Erected/ To the Memory of/ MARY/ The Beloved wife of/ ROBT. MC CRAITH  ESQ./ of Loutghloher/ who departed this life/ on the 15th May 1860/ Aged 70 years/ 
("Note: The above MARY was a Nee QUIN, see Plaque St Pauls Church Cahir.")


10) Here lies ye Body/ of LAURENCE MC GRATH/ and His Wife EALSE/ LONNERGAN/ also his son THOMAS/ MC GRATH of CLEARAHAN/ who died Novber/ 14th 1790 aged 49 yrs./

11) Here lieth the Remains/ of THOMAS HOULAHAN of/ Caher who Departed This/ Life the 13th of Jany 1800/ Aged 60 years also his/ Son EDMD HOULAHAN of/ Cahir who Died Sept.17th 1844/ Aged 68yrs./

12) Here Lieth the body of/ MARY O'BRIEN/ Who depd. this life the 12th of/ Novbr. 1782 aged 15 yrs./ Erected By Her Father JAMES O'BRIEN/ R.I.P.

13) Sacred to the Memory of/ EDMOND MACKIN of Moors-/ town who Depd. this life Dec. 23 1790 Aged 67 years/ Also his Wife MARGARET/ MACKIN alias DUGGAN Depd./ this life Janry. 16th 1798/

14-a) Here Rest The Mortal Remanns of/ THOMAS MC CRAITH ESQ. Who Departed/ This Life The 17th of April 1822/ Aged 59 Years/ He was Youngest Son of ROBERT MC CRAITH ESQE. of Loughloher/ This monument is jErected To Him As/ A Tribute of the Greatest/ By His Wife MARY ANN NOX MC CRAITH/ Here Rested Also the Mortal Remains of/ Councellor GEORGE TOMKINS who Died/ Feb 10th 1837 Aged 77/ MRS. MARY ANN NOX MC CRAITH Relic/ of the above Mentioned THOS. MC CRAITH/ Who Died 30th. Jan 18-9/ Aged 77 Years/ THOS. MC CRAITH ESQ. Youngest Son of/ The Above who died April 10th. 1841/ Aged 43 years/ MRS CATHERINE COCHRANE the Beloved/ Wife of THOS. COCHRANE ESQ./ of Clonmel and Youngest Daughter/ of the Above Mentioned THOS. MC CRAITH ESQ./ Who Died May 10th. 1840/ Aged 44 Years./ 

14-b) Sacred/ To The Memory Of/ ROBERT MC CRAITH/ Of Loughloher/ Co Tipperary/ Who Died October 29th 1869/ Aged 73 Years/ MAJOR THOMAS MC GRAITH/ Who Died March 27th. 1877/ aged 43 years/ Deeply Regretted/ MARY J. MC CRAITH/ Eldest Daughter of/ ROBERT MC CRAITH/ Born December 5th. 1826 Died March 13th. 1900/ Thou wilt keep Him in Perfect Peace/ Whose Mind is Stayed on Thee/ Because He trusted in Thee/ ISAIAH 26th - 3

14-c) In This Vault Also Rest/ The Mortal Remains Of/ HANORIA MC CRAITH/ Died Dec. 31st. 1919/ Aged 90 Years/ ~~~~/ HARRIET/ Wife of WILLIAM KER/ Major 3rd. Regment (The Buffs)/ Died March 27th. 1920/ Aged 86 Years/ SUSANNA MC CRAITH/ Died December 1st. 1923/ Aged 91 Years/ Daughters of/ ROBERT MC CRAITH of Loughloher/ "His Servants Shall Serve Him/ And They Sahll See His Face"/ Revalation XXII - 3

..............THE END of LOUGHLOHER.............................

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