"Kroonprinz von Hanover"

CAPTAIN: William Mennen;
The “Kroonprinz von Hanover” left Antwerp 29 April 1847, On 1 May 1847 the ship passed Lillo Baarland at Vlissingen, On 3 May 1847 the ship passed the chalk cliffs of Albion. After a month at sea entered New York harbor on 5 Jun 1847. They anchored in the Hudson River on - 6 June 1847, and the next day left at noon by steamboat to Albany, New York. They left Albany and traveled about two weeks on a canal boat, pulled by horse. They arrived at Buffalo, New York on 18 June. Traveling through the Great Lakes they arived at Detroit, then went on down Lake Michigan and to Macatawa Lake (Black Lake), near the Colony on 27 June 1847. They finally settled at Zeeland, Michigan.

 Original work  done by Edward Prins:  Internet version by Luann DeVries:


NAME:                        SEX:                         AGE:      OCCUPATION:           FROM:

 Johannes van de Luyster          (M)                                    58                 Laborer                          Netherlands
 Dena(Nacije)van de Luyster    (F)                                    55                                                       Netherlands
 Jannes van de Luyster             (M)                                   29                  Laborer                         Netherlands
 Dena van de Luyster               (F)                                    23                                                       Netherlands
 Elizabeth van de Luyster         (F)                                    18                                                       Netherlands
 Janna van de Luyster              (F)                                    14                                                       Netherlands
 Maatje van de Luyster           (M)                                   11                                                        Netherlands
 Johannes Albrecht                 (M)                                   28                    Laborer                        Netherlands
 Cornelius Van Malsen           (M)                                   28                    Laborer                        Netherlands
 Johannes Van Hees               (M)                                   32                    Laborer                        Netherlands
 William van de Luyster          (M)                                   42                    Laborer                        Netherlands
 Maatje(Danne) van de Luyster (F)                                 34                                                        Netherlands
 Marinnus van de Luyster         (M)                                  6                                                         Netherlands
 Dina van de Luyster                (F)                                   4                                                         Netherlands
 Janette van de Luyster            (F)                                    2                                                        Netherlands
 Petronella van de Luyster       (F)                                 Infant                                                     Netherlands
 Jan den Herder                     (M)                                    37                   Laborer                        Netherlands
 Jeanette(van de Luyster) den Herder     (F)                     25                                                       Netherlands
 Johannes den Herder             (M)                                     8                                                       Netherlands
 Dena den Herder                    (F)                                     3                                                       Netherlands
 Michel Eernisse                     (M)                                   19                   Laborer                        Netherlands
 Gilles Dok                             (M)                                   43                  Laborer                         Netherlands
 Jeanette(Bogaard) Dok          (F)                                    37                                                       Netherlands
 Peter Dok                             (M)                                 Infant                                                     Netherlands
 Anna Dok                             (F)                                    12                                                        Netherlands
 Gilles Dok                            (M)                                   10                                                        Netherlands
 Cornelia Dok                        (F)                                      9                                                        Netherlands
 Janna Dok                            (F)                                      6                                                        Netherlands
 Johannes Dok                      (M)                                      3                                                       Netherlands
 Johann Jonkheer                  (M)                                     37                  Laborer                        Netherlands
 Diena (Leenhouts) Jonkheer   (F)                                    39                                                      Netherlands
 Jacobus Jonkheer                  (M)                                   14                                                      Netherlands
 Cornelia Jonkheer                  (F)                                    11                                                     Netherlands
 Lamra Jonkheer                    (M)                                    10                                                     Netherlands
 Alexander Jonkheer              (M)                                      8                                                     Netherlands
 Dina Jonkheer                       (F)                                       7                                                     Netherlands
 Peter Jonkheer                     (M)                                       3                                                     Netherlands
 Cornelis Bowman                 (M)                                     44                   Laborer                     Netherlands
 Adrianna (Geluk) Bowman    (F)                                     47                                                     Netherlands
 Jeanette Bowman                  (F)                                     11                                                     Netherlands
 Marinnus Verberg                 (M)                                    26                                                     Netherlands
 Jeanette (Mulder) Verburg     (F)                                     27                                                    Netherlands
 *Maria(Vande Luyster Walholut)Van Laare   (F)             57     (died 12 June on the Canal)      Netherlands
 Abraham Walhout                (M)                                   31                                                     Netherlands
 Adrian Walhout                     (M)                                   25                 Laborer                        Netherlands
 Jacob Walhout                      (M)                                   17                 Laborer                        Netherlands
 Peternella Walhout                 (F)                                    16                                                    Netherlands
 Cornelia Walhout                   (F)                                    22                                                    Netherlands
 Hendrik Walhout                   (M)                                   14                                                     Netherlands
 Cornelius Walhout                 (M)                                   11                                                     Netherlands
 Wilhelm Walhout                   (M)                                   24                                                     Netherlands
 Marinnus Van Dyke              (M)                                   42                   Laborer                       Netherlands
 Maria Van Dyke                    (F)                                   46                                                       Netherlands
 Peter Van Dyke                    (M)                                  14                                                       Netherlands
 Adrianna Van Dyke               (F)                                  13                                                       Netherlands
 Hagen? Van Dyke                 (M)                                 10                                                       Netherlands
 Ann Rademaker                     (F)                                 40                                                        Netherlands
 Tobias(Thomas) Potter          (M)                                 26                    Laborer                        Netherlands
 Jan Steendyck                       (M)                                 30                    Laborer                        Netherlands
 Adrian Depuyt                       (M)                                 40                    Laborer                        Netherlands
 Wilhelmina(De Jonge) Depuyt     (F)                             40                                                        Netherlands
 Michael Depuyt                      (M)                                15                                                        Netherlands
 Jean Depuyt                           (M)                                13                                                        Netherlands
 Agatha Depuyt                        (F)                                  2                                                        Netherlands
 Cornelis De Jonge                  (M)                                29                    Laborer                       Netherlands
 Peternella(Steketee) De Jonge    (F)                             27                                                        Netherlands
 Cornelius De Jonge                 (M)                                 9                                                        Netherlands
 Jan De Jonge                           (M)                                 6                                                       Netherlands
 Peter De Jonge                        (M)                                 3                                                       Netherlands
 Cornelis De Nijs                      (M)                               33                      Laborer                     Netherlands
 Wilhelmina De Nijs                   (F)                               65                                                        Netherlands
 Adrianna Hackmann                 (F)                               32                                                        Netherlands
 Wilhelm Houtkamp                  (M)                              33                      Laborer                      Netherlands
 Cornelia Houtkamp                  (F)                               30                                                        Netherlands
 Jacobus Houtkamp                  (M)                                7                                                        Netherlands
 Hendrica Houtkamp                 (F)                                 6                                                        Netherlands
 Susanna Houtkamp                  (F)                                 5                                                        Netherlands
 Wilhelm Houtkamp                  (M)                                3                                                        Netherlands
 Jacob Kommers                      (M)                               30                       Laborer                    Netherlands
 Susanna Kommers                   (F)                                26                                                       Netherlands
 Abraham Kommers                 (M)                                 6                                                       Netherlands
 Isaac Kommers                       (M)                                 5                                                       Netherlands
 Jacob Kommers                      (M)                                 4                                                       Netherlands
 Izaak Cappon                          (M)                               17                                                       Netherlands
 Johannes Verhorst                    (M)                               29                    Laborer                      Netherlands
 Johanna Verhorst                      (F)                                26                                                      Netherlands
 Jeanette Verhorst                      (F)                                  4                                                      Netherlands
 Marinus De Putter                    (M)                                50                   Laborer                      Netherlands
 Margaretta De Putter                 (F)                                46                                                      Netherlands
 Cornelius De Putter                   (M)                               26                  Laborer                        Netherlands
 Peter Alemyska?                       (M)                               42                  Laborer                        Netherlands
 Geertje Alemyska                      (F)                                41                                                       Netherlands
 Cornelius Alemyska                   (M)                               20                  Laborer                         Netherlands
 Peter Alemyska                         (M)                               18                  Laborer                         Netherlands
 Marinus Alemyska                     (M)                               17                                                       Netherlands
 Hendrika Alemyska                    (F)                                10                                                      Netherlands
 Maria Alemyska                         (F)                                  7                                                      Netherlands
 Jan Alemyska                             (M)                                 4                                                      Netherlands
 Catherina Alemyska                    (F)                                 5                                                      Netherlands
 Anna Alemyska                           (F)                             Infant                                                   Netherlands
 Johann Hogesteger                      (M)                               40                     Laborer                   Netherlands
 Jeanette(Schreir) Hogesteger        (F)                               47                                                     Netherlands
 Marinus Hogesteger                     (M)                              11                                                     Netherlands
 Johannes Hogesteger                    (M)                               3                                                      Netherlands
 Martinus Hogesteger                     (M)                             35                   Laborer                      Netherlands
 Jan Frederick Van Anroy             (M)                              48                   Laborer                      Netherlands
 Wilhelmina(Steghart)Van Anroy    (F)                               46                                                     Netherlands
 Catherina Van Anroy                    (F)                               18                                                     Netherlands
 Nalye Van Anroy                         (M)                              17                  Laborer                      Netherlands
 Peter Van Anroy                          (M)                              16                  Laborer                      Netherlands
 Jan Van Anroy                             (M)                              11                                                     Netherlands
 Wilhelmina Van Anroy                  (F)                                 7                                                     Netherlands
 Peter Verlee                                 (M)                              31                  Laborer                       Netherlands
 Jeanette Verlee                             (F)                               26                                                     Netherlands
 Jamekin Verlee                            (M)                                5                                                      Netherlands
 Susanna Verlee                            (F)                                 3                                                      Netherlands
 Jacob Verlee                               (M)                                 1                                                      Netherlands
 Daniel Smits                                (M)                               51                 Laborer                         Netherlands
 Carolina Smits                             (F)                                49                                                      Netherlands
 Jan Smits                                     (M)                               25                Laborer                         Netherlands
 Jeanette Smits                              (F)                                27                                                     Netherlands
 Cornelius Smits                            (M)                                 6                                                     Netherlands
 Johannes Gronawout                    (M)                              35                Laborer                          Netherlands
 Cornelia Gronawout                     (F)                               31                                                       Netherlands
 Marinus Gronawout                     (M)                                8                                                       Netherlands
 Cornelius Gronawout                   (M)                                6                                                       Netherlands
 Frederic Gronawout                     (M)                                2                                                      Netherlands
 Hoogesteger                                (M)                               40               Laborer                          Netherlands
 Susanna Hoogesteger                   (F)                                41                                                     Netherlands
 Abraham Hoogesteger                 (M)                               21               Laborer                          Netherlands
 Carolina Hoogesteger                   (F)                               22                                                      Netherlands
 Peter Daane                                (M)                               32               Laborer                           Netherlands
 Maatje Daane                              (F)                                31                                                      Netherlands
 Elizabeth Daane                           (F)                                  4                                                      Netherlands
 Maria Daane                               (F)                               Infant         Died at Sea 17 May.
 Peter De Witte                           (M)                                 58               Laborer                           Netherlands
 Johanna De Witte                       (F)                                  34                                                       Netherlands
 Dirk De Witte                           (M)                                  17               Laborer                           Netherlands
 Rosina De Witte                        (F)                                   11                                                      Netherlands
 Jeanette De Witte                      (F)                                     7                                                      Netherlands
 Janna De Witte                          (F)                                     4                                                      Netherlands
 Abraham Zomer                       (M)                                   56                                                      Netherlands
 Rosina Zomer                           (F)                                    55                    Died at Sea                 Netherlands
 Reimer Schillemann                  (M)                                    33                   Laborer                       Netherlands
 Catherina Schillemann               (F)                                     39                                                      Netherlands
 Hanna Schillemann                    (F)                                      7                                                       Netherlands
 Agatha Schillemann                   (F)                                      6                                                       Netherlands
 Maria Schillemann                     (F)                                      3                                                       Netherlands
 Jacob Van Anroy                     (M)                                    25                   Laborer                        Netherlands
 Maria Van Anroy                     (F)                                     23                                                        Netherlands
 Marias Van Anroy                    (F)                                      2                                                         Netherlands
 Cornelis Van Anroy                 (M)                                    20                   Laborer                          Netherlands
 Jacob Steketee                        (M)                                    41                   Laborer                          Netherlands
 Cornelia(Rottier) Steketee        (F)                                     40                                                         Netherlands
 Jannes Van Malin                    (M)                                     57                   Laborer                          Netherlands
 Peternella Van Malin                (F)                                      29                                                         Netherlands
 Elizabeth Van Malin                 (F)                                        5                                                         Netherlands
 Jannes Van Malin                    (M)                                       3                                                         Netherlands
 Jacob Van Malin                     (M)                                       2                                                         Netherlands
 Peter Bractendorf                   (M)                                      36                   Laborer                          Germany
 Anna Bractendorf                    (F)                                      35                                                          Germany
 Hendrick Bractendorf             (M)                                        7                                                          Germany
 Johann Bractendorf                 (M)                                       5                                                          Germany
 Anton Bractendorf                  (M)                                        3                                                          Germany
 Johann Michsichen                 (M)                                       31                   Laborer                           Germany
 Margretta Michsichen             (F)                                        30                                                          Germany
 Peter Michsichen                   (M)                                       22                   Laborer                            Germany
 Yetts Michsichen                   (M)                                         3                                                           Germany
 Johann Michsichen                (M)                                      Infant                                                        Germany
 Johann Gilles                         (M)                                        31                  Laborer                            Germany
 Ann Gilles                              (F)                                         29                                                          Germany
 Barbara Gilles                        (F)                                           7                                                          Germany
 George Gilles                        (M)                                         11                                                          Germany
 Sebastian Gilles                     (M)                                           3                                                          Germany
 Johann Gilles                         (M)                                       Infant                                                        Germany
 George Kleesmann               (M)                                          26                Laborer                              Germany
 Henrich Dorr                        (M)                                          26                Laborer                              Germany
 George Brumichenshen         (M)                                          30                Laborer                              Germany
 Jewlling Brumichenshen        (M)                                          32                Laborer                               Germany

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