Jamestown Cemetery

Copied in 1936 by MRS.GRACE KEELER, under the direction of the D.A.R.
Updates at Herrick Library in Holland, Michigan.

Retyped for the internet by: Luann DeVries.

Arnold, Almira=1836-1908
Arnold, C. Wheeler=Husband of Harriet, 1820-1907, Lot with WM
Arnold, Elizabeth=Wife of William, Sep.1,1802-Apr.13,1880
Arnold, Harriet S.= ? - ? , Children: Glen & Charles
Arnold, Luciana=1832-1909, Lot-Richard;OR Lucinda
Arnold, Richard S.=May 8,1826-Apr.30,1878
Ashley, Luella B.Richardson=1858-1903
Avery, Agatha V.=Sep.24,1869, Dau-G/H
Avery, B.Arlly=Nov.16,1872-Dec.16,1901, Lot with Gardner
Avery, C.Irene=Apr.7,1871, Dau-G/H
Avery, E.Irvette=Dec.17,1867-1927, Lot with Gardner
Avery, F.Cecile= b. Oct.23,1888,  Child of G. & H.
Avery, Gardner=Feb.17,1844 in Lenox County, New York, d.Nov.21,1904
Avery, Helen Kern= b.in Lenox County, New York, Nov.2,1843-1926
                               Helen Kern & Gardner Avery were united in marriage in Syracuse, N.Y.,May 3,1866
Avery, J.Arden=Sep.7,1874-1910
Avery, W.Earl=Feb.7,1878-Jan.16,1901;Lot with Gardner
Bronsink, Henrietta De Graff=Wife of Bert, Nov.11,1889;Mar.12,1923
Brown, J. Smith=Sep.11,1873-Jan.26,1877,Lot with George A.
Brown, Josephine=Mother, Dec.28,1846-Apr.1,1922,Lot with George A.
Brown, Mary C.=Jul.10,1888-Jul.17,1888, Lot with George A.
Brown, Susie=Mother, 1880-1922, Ruys Lot
Brown, Thomas, H.=Nov.19,1886-Oct.15,1906, Lot with George A.
Brown, Thomas,W.=Father,Jan.9,1827-Oct.5,1905, Lot with George A.
Buwalda, Katie=Wife of John, 1882-1924
Byers, J.P.= Jul.18,1816-Jul.18,1891
Chamberlain, Ann E.=Wife of W.F., Oct.9,1877, Aged 25 yrs.,7 mos.,
Clark, Albert D.= d. Mar.24,1867 Aged 9yrs. 10mos.
Clark, Perry A.=Oct.23,1867, Aged 8yrs.,2mos.7days., Lot with Albert D.
Crofoot, Infant= Daughter, d.Feb.10,1877, Lot with Louisa
Crofoot, Louisa= Wife of J.R., Nov.18,1879, Aged 24yrs.,8mos.,28days.
Cronkright, Lucretia=Wife of James, Oct.30,1868, Aged 72yrs. 4mos. 6days.
Dean, Datus= 15,Nov.1826-Jan.22,1875
Dean, Harriet N.=Daughter of Philip O. & Mary, d.Dec.9,1879, Aged 11yrs. 2mos. 9days.
                           (caution this looks simular to following)
Dean, Harriet W.= Daughter of Philip & Mary, Dec.28-1879, Aged 1yr. 2mos. 9days.
                            (caution this looks simular to previous)
Dean, Mary=  ? ,  ?
Dean, Norman H.=Son of Herbert C., Dec.28,1922-Mar.6,1923
De Boer, Daniel=Father, 1865-1920 or 1930
De Boer, Edward Louis=1918-1923, Lot with Jessie W.
De Boer, Grace D.=1864-1895, Lot with Wiebe
De Boer, John=1886-1917, Lot with Wiebe  .
De Boer, Virginia Louise=1921-1923, Lot with Jessie W.
De Boer, Wiebe Mrs.= ?  ?  ?
De Groot, Henry=1890-1927, Lot with Nicholas
De Groot, Nicholas=1860-1925
De Jonge, Francis=1916-1924, Lot with Frank
De Jonge, Frank=Father, Husband of Nellie, 1848;1928
De Jonge, John=1890-1913, Lot with Frank
De Jonge, Nellie=Wife of Frank, 1859-1935
De Jonge, Noreen=1923-1925, Lot with Frank
See De Kleine family
De Kleine, Fanny=Mother, Wife of Henry, 1842-1928
De Kleine, Henry=Father, Husband of Fanny, 1841-1911
De Kleine, Jennie=Daughter, 1874-1915, Lot with Henry
De Kleine, Nicholas=Son, 1870-1933, Lot with Henry
De Kleine, Richard=Son, 1867-1929, Lot with Henry
De Kock, Arthur A, Sr.=1865-1936
De Leeuw, Anna= Wife of Daniel,  ? - 1919
De Leeuw, Daniel W.=Father, Husband of Anna, Feb.22, 1826-May 6, 1900
De Leeuw, Mother= 1847-1919  (or De Vries, Mother?)
De Vries, Hattie=Wife of Nicholas, 1873-1922
De Vries, Hiram=1867-1929, Lot with John
De Vries, John=1840-1902
De Vries, Joukje L.=1840-1903, Lot with John
De Vries, Mother=1847-1919,Lot with Nicholas (or De Leeuw, Mother?)
De Vries, Nicholas J.=1870-1906
Faber, Infant= ? ,  ?
Faber, Wiebe T.=1871-1932
Freeman, Alice B.=Daughter of  J. G. & P. Jan.15,1881,Aged, 10yrs.,11mos.,3days.,
Freeman, Charles D.=1885-1918, Lot with Charles
Freeman, George B. M.= Son of J. G. & P., Aug.16,1866, Aged 2yrs. 2mos. 12days.
Freeman, John C.=Father, 1827-1909
Freeman, Prudence=Mother, 1836-1915, Lot with Charles
Furry, Mary E.Richardson=1847-1873
Garret, Infant=Daughter, of E. & M., Dec.12,1876
Garrett, Harley=Son of  R. &  L. A., Sep.5,1872, Aged 4yrs.,1mos., 20days.
Garrett, Lucia=Wife of Riley Garrett, Aug.27,1875, 25yrs.,1mos.,6days,
Gitchel, G.Ann=Child of S. L. & L. C. Jun.15,1840, Aged, 5yrs.,5mos.,25days.died at Havfield, PA.
Gitchel, David M.=Child of S. L. & L. C., Jul.12,1861, Aged 22yrs.,5mos.,23days.died at Camp Blair, VA.
Gitchel, Frank=Son of S. L. & L. C., Mar.20,1865, Aged 1yr.,3mo.,1day,
Gitchel, George W.=1857-1925, Lot with Squire
Gitchel, Louisa C.=1818-1897, Lot with Squire
Gitchel, Squire L.=Father, Feb.11,1811-Jan.31,1892
Gitchel, Winnie L.=Daughter of G. W. & P. L. Mar.29,1886, Aged 2yrs.,5mos.,23days,
Gregory, Doyle=1897-1906, Lot with Philo
Gregory, Father=1816-1895, Lot with Philo
Gregory, Mother=1820-1893, Lot with Philo
Gregory, William=1861-1881, Lot with Philo
Grit, Alberta=1895-1895,
Grit, Infant=Child of  J. & C., 1904
Grit, Cornelius=Son of John & Clara, 1903-1906
Grit, Grace M.=1890-1915, Lot with Henry
Grit, Henry=1858-1931
Grit, Infant=22 Jan 1898-1898, Lot with Henry
Grit, Jochem=1832-1914, Lot with Henry
Grit, Lena=1898, Lot with John
Grit, Lena R.=1894-1920, Lot with Henry
Grit, Margie=Wife of Henry, 1859-1898
Hollis, Ann=Wife of Lafayette, 1841-1920
Hollis, Blanch=Jul.2,1892-Aug.14,1894, Lot with Daniel
Hollis, D.Maxine=Wife of Darl, 1901- ??
Hollis, Daniel Mrs.=Mother, Wife of Daniel, Feb.10,1817-Sep.27,1893
Hollis, Daniel L.=Father, Feb.25,1878, Aged 66yrs.
Hollis, Eudora=Aug.20,1864-Jan.28,1886,  Lot with Daniel
Hollis, Lafayette=1840-1909, Lot with Daniel
Hood, Eliza A.=1848-1878, Whitney Lot
Huizenga, Infant= Daughter of W. M. & L., 1925
Huizenga, Clarice=1903, Lot with Arden .
Huizenga, Henrietta=Daughter of John W. & Jennie H.,Sep.17,1889,  Aged 3yrs.,9mos.,5days.
Huizenga, Infants= ? ? ?
Huizenga, Jennie (V.Z.)=1860-1932, Lot with John
Huizenga, John W.=1857-1933
Huizenga, Jonathan=Son of W. & E., 1922-1927
Hull, Infant=Son of Cyrus N. & Jane S., d.Jan.3,1867, Aged 21days.
Jackson, Edward=Son of John & Amy, d.Sep.4,1877, Aged 17yrs.,2mos.
Jackson, George=Son of John & Amy, d. Feb.7,1879, Aged  20yrs.,8mos.,17days., Lot with Edward
Karsten, Albert=1901-1901
Karsten, Clarence=1917-1921
Karsten, Martin;1908;1909;----
Karsten, W.Eugene=Grandson, 1931-1933
Karsten, Infant= Son, ?  ?
Keeney, Alice=Child of J. H. & J. M., d.Jul.2,1880, Aged 1yr.,3mos.,28days.,
Keeney, Elvin= d.Jul.24,1880, Aged 2yrs.,11mos.,8days.
Kirby, William D.= d. Dec.9,1884, Aged 62yrs.,6mos.,25days.
Knickerbacker, Rebecca=Wife of John, d.Nov.27,1881, Aged  40yrs.26days.
Kramer, Douwina=1884-1927
Kremer, Infant= no dates
Kridler, Catherine=Wife of John, d.Dec.11,1864, Aged  48yrs.,3mos.,23day.
Kridler, John=Feb.24,1866, Aged 49yrs.,10mos.,18days.
Kridler, Julius=1847-1865, Lot with John
Kronemeyer, Dorothy G.=Infant, no dates
Kronemeyer, Walter=Infant, no dates
Kuiper, Bernard=Infants, no dates
Kuiper, Hattie Mrs. Dick=Wife of Dick, d.May 2,1936, Aged 56yrs.,2mos.,16days.
Kuiper, Henry=Infant, no dates
Kunnen, Bernard= no dates
Kunnen, Bernard Mrs.= no dates
Kunnen, Harm= no dates
Kunnen, Harm Mrs.= no dates
Kunnen, Hiram=Jun.24,1903-Jan.3,1921
Kunnen, J.Mrs.= no dates
Lamers, Henry=Father, 1884-1933
Leenheer, John=Husband of Zwaantje, 1865;1930
Leenheer, Zwaantje Mrs.John=1870-Apr.30,1931, Aged 63yrs.,10mos.,9days.,Lot with John .
Lubbinge, Elizabeth=1907-1907
Markham, Betsey=Mother, Wife of Loren, 1818-1884
Markham, LorenG.=Father, Husband of Betsey, 1808-1890
Meyer, Albert J.=Father, 1864-1936
Meyer, Allen M.=Son, 1908-1931, Lot with Albert J.
Meyer, Delia=Mother, 1867-1932, Lot with Albert J.
Monroe, William Curtis=Apr.5,1930-Jun.30,1930, Lot with Otis C.
Nyenhuis, Infant=Son, no dates
Oberholtzer, Louisa S. Dean=Jan.21,1835-Nov.29,1917
Ocobock, Martin D.=1832-1912
Ocobock, Sarah Dewey=1836-1912, Lot with Martin
Park, Henry Harrison=1816- Feb.6,1880, Aged 64yrs.,11mos.,0 days.,
Park, Rachel Gitchel=1843-1884,
Peet, F. H.=Jun.16,1882-Aug.27,1891
Peet, Margaret A.=1842-1912
Peuler, Infant= Child of John & Ida
Peuler, Infant= Child of John & Ida
Phipps, George D.= d.Jun.27,1865, 62yrs.,6mos.,13days.,
Phipps, Jane=Wofe of George D., d.Oct.29,1887, Aged 83yrs.,6mos.,29days.,
Potts, Della C.Gitchel=Wife of R. C., d. Dec.13,1869, Aged 17yrs.,4mos.,
Raterink, Benjamin=1890-1918
Raterink, Elizabeth=Mother, 1870-1928
Raterink, James=Father, 1868-1929
Richardson, Eliza J.=Mother, 1818-1889
Richardson, Frank=Father, 1848-1925
Riepke, Father=1838-1912
Roelofs, John S.=1872-1855
Rooker, Gertie=1912- ? ?
Rooker, Henderikje=Wife of Peter, 1869-1919
Rooker, John= no dates
Rooker, Mary Mrs.= d.Apr.9,1934, Aged 76yrs.,6mos.,13days.,
Rooker, Nelvia J.=1936-1936
Rooker, Susie= no dates
Ruys, John=Father, 1850-1930
Ruys, John Mrs.=1852-1936
Rynbrandt, Reka Den Herder= Mother, Wife of Thos.,1870-1931
Schans, Grietje=Aug.17,1856
Schans, Martin=Jan.12,1853-Dec.7,1924
Schober, Charles=1864-1905
Schober, John G.=1819-1882
Schober, Rosina=Wife of John G., 1828-1896
Schober, William=1862-1935
Skeels, Mary=Wife of Thaddeus, 1813-1885
Skeels, Thaddeus=Husband of Mary, 1812-1898
Skees, George= no dates,  -  ”In Memory Of”
Skees, Jane=Wife of George, d.Sep.13,1889, Aged 90yrs.
Slagter, Bertus= d. Apr.25,1936, Aged 13yrs.,11mos.,21days.,
Smith, Julia M.=Wife of Joel, d.Apr.24,1879, Aged 66yrs.,7mos.,
Snyder, Agatha V.=Wife of Mark, Sep.24,1869-Jul.28,1923
Snyder, Roger A.=Apr.8,1904-Apr.27,1905
Sprik, Peter L.=Husband of Anna, 1877-1917
Standish, Rhoda U.=Daughter of S. & E. B., d.Mar.12,1869, Aged 1yr.7mos.,18days.,
Standish, Roseta A.=Daughter of S. & E. B., d.Aug.29,1866, Aged 1yr.,
Stilwill, Cynthia=2nd Wife of Francis P., d.Aug.23,1886, Aged 71yrs.,3mos.,23days.,
Stilwill, Francis P.=d. Nov.26,1879, Aged 70yrs.,6mos.,2day.,
Stilwill, Gracy B.= 1st. Wife of Francis P., d.Feb.28,1865, Aged 55yrs.,4mos.,4days.,
Stilwill, Roswell B.=1852-1924
Struik, Alice Z.=1838-1912
Syers, Charlotte=1849-1923
Syers, Elnora E.=1870-1872
Syers, Freddie=1873-1881
Syers, George W.=1846-1913
Ter Haar,  John H.=1871-1926
Timmer, Johannes=1880-1897
Tuffs, Almira J.=Mother, Wife of William Tuffs,1829-1910,Daughter of James Cronkight & Lucritia Cook.
Tuffs, Alonzo=Father, 1856-1926, Lot with Cronkright
Tuffs, Blanche A.=Mother, 1897-1926
Tuffs, Cronkright=1796-1868
Tuttle, Henry=Husband of Mary,Jun.25,1797-Sep.25,1879
Tuttle, Mary=Wife of Henry,May.25,1792-Sep.28,1879
Van Noord, Elaine=1927-1927
Van Noord,  Junior=1924-1924
Van Rhee,  John=1863-1932
Vander Kooi, John R.=Husband of Alice, 1867-1921
Vander Kooi, Riepke= ? - 1912
Vander Molen, Infants= no dates
Veenboer, Gerrit=1847-1923
Veenboer, Lena W.Wiering=Wife of Gerrit, 1846-1928
Veltema, Maxine Ruth=Feb.12,1932-May.15,1932
Walkotten, R.=1854-1926
Wells, Frank L.=Son of W. H. H. & E. A., d.Aug.12,1871 Aged 1yr.,1mos.,22 days.
Wells, John= d.May 7,1876, Aged 82yrs.
Wells, John H.=Son of W. H. H. & E. A., d.Apr.12,1867, Aged 1mos.,8days.,
Wells, Prudence=Wife of John, d.Oct.26,1874, Aged 77yrs.,
Whitney, Albert=1844-1916
Whitney, Frank=1883-1885
Whitney, George H.=1811-1867
Whitney, Hannah Mary=1847-1923
Whitney, Ursula=Wife of George H., 1822-1895
Whitney, Wesley=Son of Oscar & Amy, d.Feb.28,1886, Aged 11mos.,16days.
Whitney, William A.=1881-1908
Younge, Charles F.= d.Apr.12,1867, Aged 34yrs.,3mos.,
Zagers, Alice Zanbergen-VanderKooi=1851-1931, married 1st. Riepke VanderKooi, married 2nd to John Zagers,
Zagers, Emma=Wife of John, 1858-1912
Zandbergen, Anna=Wife of Lubbert, 1838-1920
Zandbergen, Dorothy=Daughter of Gerrit, 1908-1930
Zandbergen, Lubbert=Husband of Anna, 1837-1922
Zandbergen, Riepke= 1838-1912