Many of these passengers settled at Filmore, Michigan. The Johan Jacob left Rotterdam and arrived at Baltimore on April 24,1847.

This is the work of Edward Prins. Retyped and put on to the internet by Luann DeVries.

Name                                  Sex        Age         Occupation          From

 Bal.Harm Spinaner                         (M)            24                Butcher                     Hessia
 Nicolaus Kaufman                          (M)            31                Mason                      Hessia
 Heinrich Harfel                               (M)            20                Taylor                      Bavaria
 Pieter Joost Wisteboer                    (M)            41                Farmer                    Netherlands
 Adrianna Wisteboer                        (F)             27                                               Netherlands
 Jacob Pieters Wisteboer                 (M)           16                                                Netherlands
 Jacob Frekose Verhage                 (M)            29                                                Netherlands
 Maria Verhage                               (F)            23                                                 Netherlands
 Neeltje Jacobs Verhage                 (F)              9                                                 Netherlands
 Peter Lawrence Verhage               (M)           61                 Farmer                     Netherlands
 Neeltje Willeboone Verhage          (F)            70                                                 Netherlands
 Maarten Maartens Brausen            (M)           36                                                 Netherlands
 Leentje Jans Honeramel Brausen    (F)            32                                                 Netherlands
 Maarten Maartens Brausen            (M)             4                                                 Netherlands
 Mannes Van Valsen                       (M)           20               Farmer                       Netherlands
 Adrian van Velsen                          (M)            4                                                 Netherlands
 Pietern van Velsen                          (F)             2                                                 Netherlands
 Adriaan Foilles                               (M)          29               Taylor
 Magdalena Foilles                          (F)          24                                                 Netherlands
 Adriaan  Foilles                              (M)            3                                                 Netherlands
 Magdelena Foiles                           (F)             2                                                 Netherlands
 Catharina Rooks                            (F)             ?                                                 Netherlands
 Louis Freiks?                                (M)             ?               Farmer                        Hessia
 Peter R.....?                                  (M)             ?               Farmer                        Baden
 Rosa R.....?                                   (F)              ?                                                  Baden
 Jacob Simon                                 (M)             6 ?             Farmer                       Hessia
 Matthew Meier                             (M)             7 ?             Taylor                        Baden
 Phillip J. Shoemakers                    (M)             3 ?             Farmer                       Baden
 George Bronner                            (M)            24              Cooper                       Bavaria
 Johanna Faber                              (M)            28              Farmer                       Wurtenberg
 Ferinannes Fischer                        (M)            30                                                 Bavaria
 Anna Fischer                                (F)            29                                                 Bavaria
 Barnhard Fischer                         (M)          9mos.                                              Bavaria
 J.A.R.F.Gilde                              (M)            34             Carpenter                     Zeeland,Netherlands
 Johannes Schwartz                      (M)            36              Farmer                         Bavaria
 Franciska Schwartz                     (F)            30                                                   Bavaria
 Anna Schwartz                            (F)         11mos.                                              Bavaria
 Dirk ver Beek                             (M)           37             Farmer                          Netherlands
 Jannetje ver Beek                       (F)           15                                                   Netherlands
 Christina ver Beek                      (F)           13                                                   Netherlands
 Willem ver Beek                         (M)          10                                                   Netherlands
 Aoshania ver Beek                     (F)             8                                                   Netherlands
 Johanna ver Beek                       (F)             6                                                   Netherlands
 Herman Weisma ver Beek          (M)           31           Carpenter                        Netherlands
 Johanna Spocker                       (M)            20           Farmer                            Bavaria
 Heinrik Boeske                          (M)            20           Taylor                             Bavaria
 Andress Grisp                            (M)            31           Farmer                            Bavaria
 Georg Brunner                           (M)            26           Mason                             Baden

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