Holland Center Cemetery, South Dakota
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                    Holland Center is the name of the Christian Reformed Church which sets by itself in the country.
                    The church's address is Lodgepole,SD.
                 "There will be names that will be found in both this Cemetery and the Holland Michigan area."
         NAME                     BIRTH         DEATH     SPOUSE           PARENTS                NOTES
Theresa Alberta Stuit 2 Nov.1920 16 Feb.1921 Peter Stuit, Anna Beld
John Stuit 9 Feb.1895 28 Apr.1939 Albert Stuit,Tietje Berrelkamp b.Woldendorp,Netherlands
John Stuit  5 Nov.1912 24 Feb.1932 Ben Stuit, Eka Klooster
Baby Stuit  Harry Stuit, Mary Worner 
Baby Stuit 1921 1921 Ben Stuit, Eka Klooster
Ben Stuit 19 Aug.1880 12 Jul.1959 Eka Klooster  Albert Stuit, Tietje Berrel Kamp b.Stuutenstreek,Woldendorp,Neth.
Eka Stuit 3 Nov.1884* 11 Sep.1965 Ben Stuit  Engelke Jan-Klooster, Anna Westerman b.Beerta, Groningen, Netherlands
*b.3 Nov.1886, declared wrong age to marry at 16 
Peter Stuit 6 Feb 1887 9 Dec.1977 Anna Beld Albert Stuit, TietjeBerrelkamp b.Stuutenstreek, Woldendorp, Neth.
Anna Stuit 19 Sep 1891 28 Jul.1987 Peter Stuit  John Beld Sr.,
Gertrude Heetderks
b.Zeeland, Michigan
Albert Stuit 3 Jul.1906 5 Mar.1982 Nellie Wieringa Ben & Eka Stuit Albert buried in Hettinger,N.D. b.Kalamazoo, Michigan
Marius VanWyk 1859 1946 Gilia Vos
Gilia VanWyk 1864 1945 Marius
Mary VanWyk Anderson 18 Oct.1894 20 Nov.1981 Ed Anderson Marius,Gilia VanWyk(Vos)
Peter VanWyk 24 Aug.1893 28 Aug.1982 Single Marius,Gilia VanWyk(Vos)
Rodney John VanWyk 5 Apr.1944 9 Apr.1944 Gilbert VanWyk, Marie Stuit b.Perkins Co. S.D.
Gilbert VanWyk 16 Sep.1896 9 Jan.1993 Marie Stuit Marius, Gilia VanWyk(Vos) b.Grant, Michigan
Marie Stuit VanWyk 13 Apr.1901 15 Feb.1985 Gilbert VanWyk Albert Stuit, Tietje Berrelkamp b.Stuutenstreek, Woldendorp, Neth.
Lillian VanDerWal May.1935 1935 Harry VanDerWal
Ted VanSlooten 24 Nov.1914 1 May.1997 Lila Eggebo Frank VanSlooten, Pearl Packard
Bert Bylstra 23 Mar.1904 1 Oct.1930 Anna Stuit Sijtze Bijlstra, 
Pietje Wierstra(died of Typhoid)
b.Friesland, Netherlands
baby VanderVeen 29 Apr.1928 Martin VanderVeen
Donald DeBoer 1926 1932 Peter DeBoer
Edward Stadt 1910 9 Nov.1917 John Stadt
Henry Kok 1883 5 Apr.1943 Single Arend Kok, Harmpje Kruit b.Douglas Co. S.D.
Teunis Kooiman 5 Mar.1892 18 Aug.1974 Libby Kok Antonie Kooiman, Woutrina Hoek b.Douglas Co. S.D.
Libby Kok Kooiman 20 Aug.1889 24 Jul.1975 Teunis Kooiman Arend Kok, Harmpje Kruit b.Douglas Co. S.D.
William Kooiman 2 Jan.1922 15 Jul.1992 Marie Boer Teunis Kooiman, Libby Kok b.Perkins Co. S.D.
Cornelius LeFebre 9 Jul.1902 8 Apr.1989 Ruth Fredlund Dick LeFebre
baby Dykstra 1930 1930
Edzo DeGroot 23 Dec.1887 14 Nov.1976 Single
Sam Dole 15 Nov.1867 23 Dec.1943  Minnie Bonzelaar
Minnie Bonzelaar Dole 21 Mar.1868 29 Dec.1940 Sam Dole
Dick LeFebre 2 Apr.1870 29 Oct.1938 Jennie Bonzelaar
Jennie Bonzelaar-LeFebre 4 Jan.1868 19 Apr.1948 Dick LeFebre
LeRoy LeFebre 26 Nov.1946 28 Nov.1946 Harold D. LeFebre, Greta Wieringa
John D. LeFebre 14 Sep.1900 10 Feb.1968 Single Dick LeFebre
Harold J. LeFebre 11 Dec.1911 11 Sep.1981 Frances Lubbers John LeFebre, Minnie Naber
Frances Lubbers LeFebre 15 Aug.1914 8 Feb.2001 Harold J. LeFebre Gerrit Lubbers, Fannie Vliem
Harold D. LeFebre* 23 Sep.1908 23 Jan.1994 Greta Wieringa Dick LeFebre, Jennie Bonzelaar *buried in Hettinger Cemetery
Greta Wieringa LeFebre* 18 Feb.1912 22 Mar.1985 Harold D. LeFebre Eppe Wieringa, Ettje VanDerVeen  b.Winneweer,Neth.*buried Hettinger Cemetery
Jane(Janje)Beld VanDuine 11 Oct.1872 30 Sep.1922 Martin VanDuine Hendrik Jan Beld, Anje Bos  Martin died 4 Sep.1933, buried in Holland - Zeeland, Michigan area
baby  Axtell 21 Oct.1921 Ray Axtell, Angie VanDuine
baby Vliem 1919 1919 Gerrit Vliem, Jennie Beld b.Perkins Co. S.D.
Grace Stuit Anderson* 18 Jul.1916 21 Dec.2002 Olaf Anderson Ben Stuit, Eka Klooster b.Perkins Co. S.D. *buried in Hettinger, Service at Holland Center
Daniel Kooiman*  5 Jun.1972 30 Jan.1983 Darryl Kooiman, Rose Wright  b.Rapids City,S.D. *buried at Bethany, Service at Holland Center
Ronald Jay Anderson* 27 Sep.1949 18 Nov.1967 Olaf Anderson, Grace Stuit  b.Hettinger,N.D.*buried in Hettinger,Service at Holland Center
Krambeer Twins-boys  15 Feb.1929  Bob Krambeer
Lillian Krambeer 10 Mar.1936
Abram Allart 31 Jan.1856 13 Oct.1947 Jacobus Allart, Susanna Mooks
George Packard 1861 1920 Nora
Nora Packard 1862 1924 George
Vivian Vliem 21 Jan.1959 29 Aug.1966 Albert Vliem, Dorthy Wolters auto accident, b.Adams Co.N.D.
James Vliem 3 Feb.1926 13 May.1991 Gladys VanWyk Gerrit Vliem, Jennie Beld b.Perkins Co. S.D.
Helen LaDue 10 Dec.1881 23 Sep.1969 Betty Vliems Mother
Gerrit Vliem 23 Aug.1888/9 17 Jan.1945 Jennie Beld Aart Vliem, Fennetje Schuiteman b.Allegan County, Michigan
Jennie Vliem  5 May.1893 30 Apr.1928 Gerrit Vliem John Beld Sr., Gertrude Heetderks b.Grand Rapids, Michigan
Harold Vliem 10 Apr.1923 4 Jul.1940  Gerrit Vliem, Jennie Beld b.Perkins Co. S.D.
Wietze Beld 29 Nov.1877 20 Nov.1948 1st. wife - Anna Hesselink Anje Bos
Hendrik Jan Beld
Anna Hesselink buried at Pilgrim Home Cemetery, Hendrik Jan Beld & Anje Bos buried at Zeeland, MI. Cemetery.
Lucy Weidenaar Beld 10 May.1885 10 Apr.1939 Wietze Beld
Elke Beld  3 Sep.1919 7 Aug.1954 Ruby King Wietze Beld, Lucy Weidenaar
Anje VanDuine Axtell 24 Nov.1896 11 Jun.1924 Roy A. Axtell Marten VanDuine, Janje Beld
Cleo Maurice Axtell 4 Feb.1921 8 Jan.1922 Ray Axtell, Angie VanDuine
Henry J. Beld  29 Mar.1897 17 Oct.1918 John Beld Sr., Gertrude Heetderks
John Beld Sr. 25 Jul.1870 20 Aug.1961 Gertrude Heetderks Hendrik Jan Beld, Anje Bos b.Ottawa County, Michigan
Gertrude Heetderks Beld  24 Aug.1868 19 Apr.1944 John Beld Sr. Willem Heetderks, Janna Borgman
Pete Huiner 28 Apr.1885 22 May.1955 Annie Bultje Johannes Huiner, Margaretha Bos b.Buitenstreek, Meeden
Annie Bultje Huiner 16 Apr.1886  1938 Pete Huiner Henry Bultje, Jannie Koert  b.Harrison, S.D.
George Postema  8 Nov.1910 12 Oct.1941 Fannie Huiner
James Huiner 4 May.1913 7 May.1995  Single  Pete Huiner, Annie Bultje

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