Georgetown Township, Ottawa County, Michigan.
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ALEXANDER, Jean: wife of Chester Horton, Aug.12,1871-Mar.16,1897; m. May 22, 1892
ARNOLD, Elsie: dau. of H. and M. Arnold, 1904 -1905
ARNOLD, Flora: wife of Dwight, d. Oct.6,1877; age 18 yrs 10 mos.
ARNOLD, Libbie Barclay: wife of H.Arnold, Aug.20,1872-Aug.18,1892
ATKINS, Harmon: Nov.13,1805-Oct.8,1883
AUSTIN, Ezekiel: b. Nov.1,1807; d. Sept.5,1890. Age 82-10-4
AUSTIN, Mariah:  mother, wife of Ezekiel, d. Feb.1,1888; age 81 yrs.
AUSTIN, Sophronia: Jan.23,1850-Oct.1,1907
AVERY, Lindia A.: wife of R. Avery, 1876-1906

BARCLAY, Elsie: died July 7,1929
BARCLAY, Hattie J.: Dau. of N.and L. Barclay, d. July 10,1881, age 13-10-23
BARCLAY, Libbie: wife of H. Arnold, Aug. 20,1872-Aug.18,1892
BARCLAY, Lydia: wife of W.H. Barclay, Sept.20,1846-Feb.25,1895
BARCLAY, W.H.: born June 20,1831
BESTEMAN, Mrs. Cornelius: died May 15,1935, age 59-2-24
BOGARDUS, Ella A.: Mother, 1857-1923
BRINK, Fannie: 1850-1923
BROOKS, Eliza:
BROOKS, Francis:
BROOKS, J.O.:  Oct.25,1861-Oct.10,1891
BROOKS, Mary A.: mother, wife of W.A. Brooks, Feb.8,1824-Sept.14,1898
BROOKS, W.A.: father Oct.18,1821-May 20,1891
BROWN, Caroline E.:  wife July 14,1823-Mar.8,1904
BROWN, Ella Selora: baby
BROWN, Emma: Feb.10,1851-June 6,1926
BROWN, Frances:  1802-1875
BROWN, George: father, 1847-1933
BROWN, John M.: died Dec.24,1879; Age 64-2-12
BROWN, Lena: Dau. of T.A. and E. Brown, died Sept.4,1875; Age 51 yrs
BROWN, Lucius E.: husband Jan.23,1822-Aug.14,1887
BROWN, Thoma A.:  Apr.22,1841-Feb.1,1901
BROWN, Thomas A.: Co. C. 2 Mich. Cav.

CARPENTER, Mary: 1850-1887
CLARK, Albert: father 1822-1889
CLARK, Azubah C.: wife of Wood, mother 1845-1913
CLARK, Cordelia: Apr.16,1827-Apr.15,1909
CLARK, I. J.: 1848-1909
CLARK, James: 1852-1929
CLARK, Mary A.: Mar.2,1825-Apr.22,1904
CLARK, O.R.: July 1861-Oct.1877
CLARK, William: 1852-1933
CLARK, William M.: Apr.30,1815-Aug.16,1871
COOK, Walter E.: father, 1854-1933
COOPER, Eugene:  father, Mar.5,1823-Jan.3,1901
COOPER, Maria: mother, Oct.20,1830-Dec.26,1896
COOPER, Nancy: wife of Herbert Farr,d. Mar.13,1885; Age 20 yrs. 7 mos.
COURSON, Abba L.: May 15,1882-Feb.19,1891
COURSON, Carey: died June 10,1936; Age 77 yrs.
COURSON, Ella M.: Oct.6,1880-Dec.2,1885
CRAMER, Milton D.: Oct.29,1854-Dec.31,1889
CURTIS, Gertrude:
CUTLER, R.T.: son of Wm. R. and A., d. Dec.11,1876; 3 mos. 9 days
CUTTER, Clara M.: Dau. of Wm.R. and A. Cutter, d. Apr.2,1876; Age 10 mos. 17 days
CUTTER, Cora:  Dau. of Ed H. and Mary C. Cutter, d. Dec.12,1872; Age 5 mos. 26 days

DAILEY, Henry A.: born May 9,1831
DAILEY, Rosannah: wife of Every, Feb.28,1833-Mar.11,1896
DEAN, Chester H.: 1841-1902
DEAN,: Father, 1814-1888
DONNELLY, Anna: 1832-1907
DONNELLY, Augustus: 1823-1900
DONNELLY, Charles O.: 1857-1926
DONNELLY, Cylvester C.: son of A. and A. Donnelly, d. Aug.22,1872; Age 2 yrs. 20 days
DONNELLY, Eliza J.: dau. of G.G. and P., d. May 2,1850; 19 yrs. 11 mos. 17 days
DONNELLY, Frank L.:  son of A. and A., died Jan.21,1882; Age 9-7-10
DONNELLY, G. G.: died Feb.15,1887, Age 95-3-2, (War of 1812)
DONNELLY, Pina: wife of G.G., died Feb.8,1869; Age 78
DUFFY, Rosanna: wife of Charles Duggy, died May 26,1882; 89 yrs.
DUFFY, Rosanna: (on Thompson Stone)1793 - 1882

EDWARDS: Father 1847-1914
EDWARDS, Hiram: 1875-1924
EDWARDS: Mother, 1852.
ELLIOTT, Albert A.: father, Apr.15,1864-Sept.16,1919
ELLIOTT, Bernice: dau. of A.A. and M.E., Sept.5,1903-Dec.24,1903
ELLIOTT, Bert: 1893-1917
ELLIOTT, Elsie Barclay:  mother, died July 7,1929
ELLIOTT, Emerila: dau. of James and Maria 1869-1872
ELLIOTT, Emily: 1852-1923
ELLIOTT, Frankie L.: son of Jane and Wm. 1869-1872
ELLIOTT, George: 1835-1901
ELLIOTT, Ina: 1888-1889
ELLIOTT, James: father, 1833-1908
ELLIOTT, James M.: 1854-1933
ELLIOTT, Jane: wife of Wm. 1832-1894
ELLIOTT, John: 1861-1881
ELLIOTT, Mary A.: wife of James, 1843-1913
ELLIOTT, Miranda: wife of A.A., mother, Oct.11,1870-Nov.29,1905
ELLIOTT,: Mother, 1862-1915
ELLIOTT, William: father, 1831-1902

FARR, Herbert F.: died October 26,1885, Age 26-2-26
FARR, Nancy (Cooper), Mrs. Herbert Farr: died Mar.13,1885; Age 20-7-0
FEY , Nettie: June 27,1876-Dec.9,1934
FOX, Eunice: 1817-1904
FOX, George: 1816-1899

GARFIELD, Alexander:
GARFIELD, Amelia: wife of J.A. 1848-1919
GARFIELD, James A.: 1850-1926
GARFIELD, Mary J.: wife of Thomas, mother 1828-1900
GARFIELD, Thomas: father, 1822-1910
GOLDEN, Addie V.: 1864-1922
GOLDEN, Laura: 1836-1920
GOLDEN, Rodney M.: 1837-1928

HAIGHT, Fannie E.: mother, Feb.23,1837-Aug.17,1899
HAIGHT, Hiram:  father, July 26,1932-Aug.10,1903
HAIGHT, Rebecca: died March 3,1877; Age 75 yrs. 6 mos. 7 days.
HALE, Ardelia: mother, 1857-1917
HALE, Caroline L.: wife of E.G. Jan.23,1824-Sept.17,1873
HALE.E.G.:  Mar.31,1820
HALE, Samuel H.: son of D.G. and G.L., May 31,1844-Apr.22,1856
HAMMOND, R., father, June 10,1826-Mar.28,1893
HAMMOND, Roxanna: wife of R., born Feb.26,1833
HAMMOND, Stephen: died June 10,1868, Age 55 yrs. 6 mos.
HANSEN, Albert: May 3,1817-Aug.23,1907
HANSEN, Catherine:  Mar.5,1824-Oct.28,1903
HANSEN, Gilbert B.: son of ___and H.L.,died Aug.15,1885, Age 7-10-10
HANSEN, Hannah L.:  mother, 1856-1931
HANSEN, Ira J.: 1855-1917
HARKNESS, Bloomy E.: b. June 24,1837; d. Jan.27,1916
HARKNESS, Charles:  Mar.30,1826-Jan.16,1895
HARKNESS, Robbie H.: Sept.18,1861-Mar.13,1863
HILL, Catherine:  wife of J. Apr.29,1787-Sept.14,1868
HILL, Josiah:  Mar.10,1799-Jan.14,1843, (War of 1812)
HINES, Harley:  son of Githe Hines, 1894-1903
HOLDEN, Leah:  wife of Josiah June 23,1777-Oct.22,1866
HORTON, Angie N.:  child of Chester W., d. Jan.11,1905, Age 7 mos.
HORTON, Chester W.: father, Nov.28,1865-Mar.31,1911
HORTON, Jean Alexander, Mrs. Chester Norton: married May 22,1892,  Aug.12,1871-Mar.16,1897
HORTON, Lillian: child of Chester, died. Apr.4,1911, Age 1-2-13
HORTON, Hattie: dau. of Charles H., 1860-1931
HOUCK, Delbert: 1892-1918
HOUCK, Laura: mother, 1869-1918

JEAN, Minnie F.: wife of Elmer Minion, d. May 17,1887, Age 17-3-4
JOHNSON, Fern: 1882-1883
JOHNSON, Hattie A.: 1850-1882
JOHNSON, John J.: died Oct.21,1866, Age 50-8-4
JOHNSON, Lorenzo J.: 1845-1915
JOHNSON, Mary A.: dau. of L.J.and H.A.,died Aug.11,1874, Age 1 yr. 9 mos.
JOHNSON, Mary E.: wife of John J., d. June 22,1873, Age  57-11-5

KELLOGG, Abigail: wife of John W.K., July 25,1812-June 12,1897
KELLOGG, Arminathea: 1836-1906
KELLOGG, Edward; father, 1834-1922
KELLOGG, Leona: dau. of C.H. and M.A., Oct.31,1902-Apr.24,1910
KELLOGG, Maria: wife of C. Putt, 1872-1893

LANE, George D.: 1840-1912
LANE, Barrie B.: 1862-1887
LANE, Loyd: on same stone as Mary A.
LANE, Mary A.: on same stone as Loyd.
LANE, Mary A.: wife of S.H., 1844-1892
LOCKE, Eldorah:  married . . . . Newcomb, Mother 1864 - 1926

MARSHALL, Wm.: father, Aug.30,1833
MARSHALL, Susan:  wife of Wm., mother, Apr.26,1830-May 8,1907
MARSHALL, Hattie A.: wife of Herbert, Apr.8,1865-July 10,1890, Age 25-3-2
MARSHALL, Florence: 1868-1902
MARSHALL, Eliza: grandma, died Mar.3,1881
MC DUFFEE, Daniel:  father 1832-1912
MC DUFFEE, Danniel:  son of D. and S., Jan.15,1908-Mar.1,1911
MC DUFFEE, Hannah M.: wife of Daniel, died May 6,1872, Age 36 yrs.
MC DUFFEE, Harriet: 1848.
MC DUFFEE, Lewis: Dec.31,1882-Feb.2,1883
MC DUFFEE, Vinson: son of Daniel and Harriet, Sept.16,1884-Aug.3,1896
MC EACHRON, Grant: son of W.H. and L.A., b.Sep.30,1872, died Aug.26,1884, Age 11-10-26
MC EACHRON, Lucy Ann: mother, wife of Wm. H., June 17,1841-Feb.14,1910
MC EACHRON, Wm. H.: father, Jan.11,1834-Dec.24,1902
MC KINNEY, Sarah S.: wife of Alonzo Wolf, born in Kent Co., Mich. 1847, died Apr.5,1887
MINDERHOUT, Albert: 1863-1920
MINDERHOUT, Children of M. and M.: no dates
MINDERHOUT, Father 1825-1914
MINDERHOUT, Infant sons born Oct.12,1886
MINDERHOUT, John A.: born Jan.8,1891
MINDERHOUT, Maggie: 1865-1885
MINDERHOUT, Mina: 1860-1928
MINDERHOUT, Mother 1836-1910
MINDERHOUT, Nettie: dau. of A. and J., May 21,1891-Nov 9,1891
MINION, Benjamin F.: May 15,1849-Sept.7,1879, Age 30-2-23
MINION, Mrs. Elmer, nee Minnie F. Jean: died May 17,1887, Age 17-3-4

NEWCOMB, Eldorah Locke: wife of . . . . Newcomb, mother, 1864 - 1926
NORTON, Anna B.: 1869-1925
NORTON, Elmer E.: 1863-1912
NORTON, Mabele: dau. of E.E. and A.E., Jan.18,1901-Mar.16,1901

ODELL, Florence E.: wife of G.A.,1855-1887
OLMSTEAD, Anson: 1840-1924
OLMSTEAD, Lavina: wife of A.C., Feb.17,1846-Aug.9,1885
OLMSTEAD, Olaver: son of A. and L., born Jan.1, died Feb.6,1877
OLMSTEAD, William: died Oct.17,1880, born 1817, age 63 yrs. 7 mos.

PARK, Imogene: 1851-1910
PARK, James K.: 1845-1927
PEASE, Marietta: 1830-1874
PERSONS, William Eugene: died Aug.31,1887, Age 26-8-19
PHILLIPS, James A.: father, 1831-1902
PHILLIPS, Ruth J.: mother, 1840-1928
PLANTS, Fannie A.: 1866-1930
PLANTS, Phebe A.: wife of Peter B. Taylor, died Jan.8,1903
PUTT, Mrs. C., nee Marie Kellogg: 1872-1893

RANDOLPH, John F.: 1794-1885
RANDOLPH, Polly: 1803-1884
RANKIN, George D.: 1870-1923
REED, Burwell: son of Githie (Hines) Reed, 1896-1912
RICHMOND, Blanche: dau. of Wm. and N., d. Nov.7,1909, Age 2-3-24
RICHMOND, Louisa M.: mother, 1838-1894
RICHMOND, Martin M.: father, 1837-1914
ROBERTS, Emma S.: 1838-1920
ROBERTS, John L.: 1835-1911
ROBINSON, Nancy: wife of Nathan, July 3,1798-May 26,1873
RUMMELT, Henrietta: dau. of C.W. and R. Rummelt, Mar.21,1895-Nov.17,1900
RUMMELT, Alfred C.: son of C.W. and R. Rummelt, Oct.20,1902-Dec.22,1902
RUST, Barbara:  Aug.12,1809-July 16,1882
RUST, John: (Co. C., 2 Mich. Cav.)

SADLER, Catherine: died Dec.3,1875, Age 44 yrs. 5 mos.
SADLER, Christopher, died April 2,1875, Age 75 yrs.
SADLER, Franklin: 1851-1914
SADLER, Harriet: 1851-1925
SADLER, Mary A.: wife of Christopher, died Nov.12,1893, Age 72 yrs.
SADLER, Nathan B.: died April 7,1896, Father. Age 54-11-5
SADLER, Sarah: mother, 1852-1934
SIEFERT, Elizabeth: 1859-1927
SIEFERT, Hermann: 1851-1921
SLAGHTER, John T.: Nov.11,1867-Jan.8,1919
SNEDEN, Mary L.: 1891-1912
SOPER, Dora: mother, 1861-1904
SPITZER, Amelia: 1869-1915
SPITZER, William: 1855-1916
STEWART, Elizabeth: 1844-1934
STEWART, Sheldon: 1836-1911
STRABBING, Hermanes: died Mar.26,1908, Aged 83-11-26  (Father)

TAYLOR, Etta: born Nov.18,1855, died Feb.14,1862, Dau. of S. and S. Taylor, Aged 6-2-14
TAYLOR, Etta May:  June 28,1887, Age 4 yrs. 4 mos.
TAYLOR, Mother, wife of Sam A. Taylor, April 7,1833-July 10,1899, Age 66-3-12
TAYLOR, Peter B.: 1859-1929
TAYLOR, Phebe A.: wife of Peter B., died Jan.8,1903
TAYLOR, Samuel A.: May 12,1830-Mar.16,1888, 58 yrs.
THOMPSON, Ellen: 1826-1912
THOMPSON, Ellsworth: died Nov.5,1870, 41 yrs. 13 days.
THOMPSON, Elsworth: 1829-1870
THOMPSON, George:  Sept.12,1824-July7,1897
THOMPSON, Laura J.:  July 27,1828-Dec.11,1917
THOMPSON, Wallace D.: 1850-1921
THRASHER, Aggie: on same stone as Will
THRASHER, Will: on same stone as Aggie.
THRASHER, Agnes R.: June 26,1850-Nov.24,1919
THRASHER, Calla M.: dau. of Wm. H. and Agnes, d.Aug.1,1885, 1-11-12
THRASHER, John B.: died June 21,1886, 77 yrs. 16 days.
THRASHER, Matilda: 1832-1912
THRASHER, Miras: dau. of Wm. H. and Agnes J., d. July 2,1880, Age 1-8-18
THRASHER, William H.: Mar.30,1851-Nov.16,1904
TIBBET, Frances A.: Jan.11,1852-July 7,1916
TIBBET, Hiram:  '61 U.S. Vol  '65. Father
TIBBET, Lucinda: Mar.9,1846-July 17,1924, Mother.
TIBBETS, Delia: 1853-1916
TIBBETS, Henry: 1879-1886
TIBBETS, James G.: 1850-1892

VAITE, Franhd: son of J.N. and J.L. Vaite, died Nov.26,1873, 9 mos. 3 days.

WATSON, Anna D.:  Aug.7,1804-Nov.27,1876
WATSON, Thomas E.: Feb.19,1806-July 15,1883
WELLER, Abigail: his wife, 1817-1897
WELTON, Adelia Ann: wife of W. Welton, July 1,1838-Mar.3,1880
WELTON, Washington: Serg't Co. C., 1 Mich. E. and M.
WILBER, Mrs. Asa: died Mar.30,1875, Age 84 yrs.
WOLF, Alonzo:  born in Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, 1824, died Apr.13,1886.
WOLF, Emma:
WOLF, George W.:  July 7,1861-Nov.25,1894
WOLF, Volney:
WOLF, Zellah:
WOLFE, William F.: father, 1871-1930, F.L.T.    I.O.O.F.
WOOD, Ardelia F.: wife of Nathan T. Wood, July 16,1823-Mar.13,1890
WOOD, Azubah C.(Clarke): 1845-1913
WOOD, Benjamin E.: 1901-1903
WOOD, Emory J.: son of N. and A.F., Jan.10,1846-Feb.1,1864;  Member of Elgin Battery.
WOOD, Jennie L.: 1863-1920
WOOD, Nathan J.: 1878-1926
WOOD, Nathan T.: Aug.1,1818-Jan.28,1865, Buried in Belvedere.
WOOD, Steven H.:  son of N. and A.F., died Oct.29,1880, 19-1-4
WORDEN, Frank: 1890-1933
WORDEN, Kathryn A.: 1892-1920

YEMMENS, W.H.:  Co. C., 10th. Mich. Cav.
YEMMONS, Clark:  father, 1827-1908
YEMMONS, Elizabeth: mother, second of Sylvannus Y.,died May 6,1873, Age 57.
YEMMONS, Joanna: wife of S.Y., died July 18,1865, Age 52 yrs.
YEMMONS, Laura M.: mother, 1833-1917
YEMMONS, S.: died Sept.7,1888, Age 75
YEOMANS, Edward F.:  son of Elliott and Orpha N. Yeomans, died Nov.13,1873, Aged 1 yr. 5 mos. 20 days.
YEOMANS, Eli: 1811-1886
YEOMANS, Elliott M.: 1841-1911
YEOMANS, Emma: 1853-1924
YEOMANS, Erastus J.: 1851-1917
YEOMANS, Hannah M.: dau. of Elliott and Orpha, died Jan.21,1880, 1-9-23
YEOMANS, Bradley: son of E.H. Yeomans, died Oct.29,1875,  Aged 14 days.
YEOMANS, Henrietta: 1852-1929
YEOMANS, Laura: 1812-1892
YEOMANS, Lewis: 1831
YEOMANS, Orpha N.: 1838
YEOMANS, Phebe J.: 1828-1910
YEOMANS, Walthal: wife of Sylvanus, Jan.3,1806-Apr.10,1894

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