Compiled by: Mrs. Keeler in 1936
Updates by Irene Reidsma
More information at HerrickLibrary in Holland, Michigan.
Retyped and put on the internet by Luann DeVries

This Cemetery was started on November 1, 1858, when Anneus J. Hillebrands, Jan Heeringan and Albert Borgers sought permission to organize a cemetery association from Hendrik van Eyk, the then Justice of the Peace in Holland Township.

**Abbreviations Used:

(Originally owned and operated by the Groningen Churchyard Association)
List of the persons known to be buried here; because their names appear on a scattering of tombstones.
Boone, Miena
Borgers, Albert =*all Borgers appear on the same stone
Borgers, Albertus
Janna Huizenga, ? A. =* both Huizengas appear on a stone broken through and top part missing
Huizenga, ?
Kamps, Geert =
*all four Kamps appear on the same stone but in addition there are 5 small stones with these inscriptions: father,mother,Herman,Jacob, and father.

 Kamps, Mrs. G.
Kamps, Herman
Kamps, Jacob
Kamps, Hilligje = *wife of Hendrik van Eyk appears on a separate stone
Krommendyk, Jan Jr.
Parsons, Dr. N.P.
Stegeman, maria
Van Dragt, Willimpje
Van Eyk, Hendrik
Van Liere, Adrian
Van Liere, Cornelia
Van Liere, Pieter C.



Alting, Albert=father/son of Jan/born 19 Dec.1863/died 27 May.1923
Alting, Dena=mother/wife of Albert/nee Schuitema)born 4 Mar.1866/died 21 Sep.1934
Arends=widow/died during 1883-84
Baker, John J=father/born 1873/died 1951
Baker, Minnie=mother/born 1879/died 1912
Bakker, Mrs. J.=record shows money received for her burial,burial on March 9, 1913
Boelens, Mrs. Gerrit(Eke)=born 1858/died Jan. 1937/ 78yrs. 2mo. 7days
Boelens, G.H.=wife of E. Jansen/born Nov.11,1851(Oranjewoud, Netherlands)/died Sept.29,1912
Boelens, J.=record shows money received for burial on Nov.25, 1912
Boes, ?=record shows child died during year 1886-87
Boes, Henderika=record shows grave for in 1902/ no other dates.
Boes, ?=record shows an adult grave for in year of 1888-89/money received from J.K.Boes/no other dates.
Boes,J.K.=record shows an adult grave for in 1904/no other dates.
Boes, Mrs.=record shows in year of 1886-87/no other dates
Boes, W.=record shows adult grave for in year of 1890-91/ no other dates.
Bolman, Bertha =daughter/single/ born 7 Feb.1908/ died 13 Sep.1926
Bolman, Christina=mother/ born 21 Apr.1872/ died 17 May.1941
Bolman, Egbert=father(son of Hendrik)/ born 1860/ died 1926
Bolman, Hendrik=father/ no other information
Boone, Cornelia A.=born 1868/ died 1951
Boone, Egbert=born 7 Oct.1871/ died 28 Nov.1939
Boone, G.J.=father/ born Feb. 28, 1832/ died Jan. 9, 1907
Boone, Grietje=mother/ born 1840/ died 1918
Boone, Harriet=died Jan. 26,1975/ 68yrs. 30 days
Boone, Harry=born Apr.24,1874/ died Aug.7,1906
Boone, Hattie=See Hattie Hartgerink
Boone, Herman=son of John Henry and Grietje Vander Bosch/ born July 24,1885/ died June 11,1901
Boone, ?=infant son/ J.H. Boone lot
Boone, Jennie B.=born Nov.3,1884/ born May 30,1948
Boone, J.H.=father/ born 1837/ died 1914
Boone, Johanna=born Jan.8,1862/ died Nov.29,1918
Boone, Miena=grandchild of J.H. and G. Boone/ born Nov.4,1868/ died March 15,1879
Boone, Minnie=born Nov.18,1869/ died Sept.16,1912
Boone, Minnie=daughter of J.H. and G. Boone/ died Dec.10,1889/ 18yrs.9mo.
Boone, ?=mother/ born Nov.18,1839/ died Aug.31,1902
Boone, Tillie=daughter of J.H. and G. Boone/ died Dec.10,1889/ 8yrs.9mo.
Boonstra, Betsey=mother/ born 6 Oct.1859/ died 15 Aug.1927
Boonstra, ?=child of R. Boonstra/ record shows money received for burial on May 7, 1896/
Boonstra, Mrs. D=record shows money received for burial on Dec.8,1897
Boonstra, Rense=father/born 1856/died 1935
Borgers, ?=record shows an adult grave in year of 1888-89
Borgers, Albert=died Oct.17,1876/67 years
Borgers, Albertus=youngest son of Albert and Janna Borgers/6 yrs.(date unreadable)
Borgers, Janna=wife of Albert Borgers/ died Nov.21,1885/ 77 yrs.
Borgers, J.=record shows digging a grave for on Oct.18,1916
Borgers, Mrs. J.=record shows a grave for during 1918/ J. stands for John Borgers, John A.=No dates
Borgers, John Jr.=No dates
Borgers, Mary=No dates
Borgers, Mary K.=No dates
Bos, Maria L. Coyan=wife of Peter T. Bos/died Apr.28,1890/ 28 yrs. 26 days. (Copeyan)
Bos, Peter T.=died Sep.16,1888/ 80 yrs. 10 mos.
Bos, Mrs. Teunis=mother/ Vliek/ born 1845/ died 1916
Bos, Teunis=father/ born 1844/ died 1922
Brand, ?=probably a child of L. Brand/ died during 1889-90
Brinks, Henry G.=born 1876/ died 1935
Brinks, Mrs. Henry=born 1880/ died 1936
Brummel (Brumel), ?=child of F. Brumel/ record shows grave for on Nov.30,1900
Brummel, Hendrikus=born June.13,1864/ died Jul. 4,1909
Brummel, ?=infant/ died Jun.19,1894
Brummel, ?=infant/ born Jul.27,1888/ died Jul.28,1888
Brummel, Klassina=(Bos) born Feb.10,1869/ died Jun.9,1941
Burch, Mrs.Hattie=father George Gommers/mother Reka Brink
                               record shows money received for burial on Dec.13,1915
Buter, ?=record indicates and adult in year of 1885-86
Buter, ?=child of H.J. Buter/ a grave for on Oct.1,1900
Buter, Gerrit=record shows buried on May.13,1941/ no tombstone
Buter, Mrs. G.=record shows money for burial on Nov.28,1913
Buter, Mrs. Willemtje=record shows money for burial during 1914/ no dates
Copjan, Catherina B.=born Jan.3,1841 in Netherlands/ died Feb.28,1892 in Holland, MI.
Copjan, Peter=son of Pieter and Catherina Buter/ died Sep.13,1893/ 3 yrs. 3 mos.
Copjan, Pieter B.=born Mar.14,1825 in Netherlands/ died Jul.3,1895 in Holland,MI.
?, ?=record shows receiving money from J. Copyan for digging an adult grave 1892
Dalman, ?=child of Peter Dalman/ record shows receiving money for burial on Feb.1,1921
DeBoer, Katie(Kathryn/Cornelia)nee Ten Have=born 1882/ died 1943
DeBoer, Nicholas=born 2 July 1884/ died 27 Nov. 1954
DeFeyter, Hattie=mother/ born 1875/ died 1918
DeGroot, Henry=record shows either buried or received money for digging grave on Aug.1,1895
DeGroot, Mary(Miss Maggie)=record shows money was received for digging
                                                  and adult grave on Aug.24,1894
DeGroot, Miss Ida=record shows a grave for on Aug.11,1899
Dekker, D.=record shows money received for an adult burial on about 1914
Dekker,?=record shows received money for burial from D.Dekker for an adult grave during 1892 or before
Dekker ?=record shows received money for burial from D.Dekker for an adult grave during 1893 or before
Dekker, F=record shows money received from F.Dekker for an adult grave during 1893 or before
Dekker, Geertje=(Geerts) wife of D.M.Dekker/ born 27 Nov. 1841 died 7 Dec.1930/
                           daughter of John & Alice Gro??? Grootjans
Dekker, Mrs. ?=record shows money received for digging grave on Mar.16,1895
Dekker, ?=record shows grave for child of T.Dekker in year of 1887-88
Dekker, Mrs. ?=record shows money received for grave his wife from T. Dekker during 1892 or before
Derks, Gerrit=father/ born 1817/ died 1890
Derks, Gerrit=born 1890/ died 1893
Derks, John=born 1854/ died 1931
Derks, Kate(nee Schuitema)=born 16 Apr. 1864/ died 25 Oct. 1946
Derks, ?=child of J.Derks/ record shows money received for digging grave on Jan.28,1896
Derks, ?=record shows money received from J.Derks for an adult grave during 1898 or before
Derks, Hermina Brinkman=mother/ born 4 Sep. 1829/ died 15 Oct. 1909
DeRoos, Rike=born 1875/ died 1890
DeSein, Jasper=born 23 May. 1848/ died 25 Oct. 1926/ record shows received for
                          burial on Nov.17,1927
DeSein, Mrs. J.=record shows received money for opening on May.23,1933
DeSein, John=born 1844/ died 1929
DeSeyn, ?=record shows an adult grave during year of 1887-88
DeSeyn, L.=record shows received money from heirs during year of 1892 or before
Deur, Cornelia=born 1885/ died 1956
DeVries, B.=record shows received money for digging grave on Mar.19,1894
DeVries, Mrs. ?=record shows received money for digging grave on Apr.20,1894
DeVries, Mrs.J.=record shows grave dug on May.31,1895
DeVries, Marjorie Ann=baby/ died Jan.18,1934
DeWeert, Hermina=(Van Nuil) born May.21,1868/ died Dec.17,1901/ 33yrs.6mos.
Dragt, ?=child of H. Dragt/ record shows received money for digging grave on Mar.10,1898
Driesenga, ?=record shows a child’s grave during year of 1883-84
Driesenga, ?=record shows a child of J. Driesenga during year of 1889-90
Driesenga, Mrs.=record shows received money for digging grave on Jul.16,1897
Frens, Bessel=father/ in Pul lot record shows during year of 1891-92
Frens, Gerritje=mother/ in Pul lot/ record shows no dates
Folkers, ?=child of H.Folkers record shows 1904
Geerts, AnnaL.(nee Looman)=mother/ born 4 Aug. 1858/ died 10 Jan. 1910
Geerts, Geertje=(see Gertje Dekker)
Geerts, Geertje=grandma/ born 15 Jul. 1815/ died 2 Feb. 1904
Geerts, Gertrude=sister/ born 21 Nov. 1899/ died 19 Jul. 1921
Geerts, Henry=father/ born 7 Mar. 1848/ died 26 Jan. 1919
Geerts, Jan=grandpa/born 1810/ died 1886
Geerts, Jay Russel=son of John Geerts/ born 1919/ died 1922
Geerts, John=born 30 Nov. 1880/ died 29 May. 1955
Geerts, Minnie Rookus=born 1884/ died 1967
Gommers, Geraldine=record shows received money for opening grave on Aug.27,1931
Gommers, George=father/ born 1 Jan. 1863/ died 1 May. 1936
Gommers, Hattie=(see Hattie McBurch)
Gommers, Henry B.=born Nov.27,1890/ died Mar.8,1973/ Mich.pvt.U.S. Army WWI.
Gommers, Reka=mother/ wife of George/ born 25 May. 1872/ died 16 Jul. 1940/
                            record shows buried Jul.16,1940; 68 yrs. 1 mol 21 days.
Grasmeijer, J.=record shows grave dug for on Apr.2,1895
Grasmeyer, ?=record shows received money for digging an adult grave during year of 1893 or 94
Grasmeyer, Bert=record shows a grave for on Apr.18,1903
Grasmeyer, Egbert=born 18 Jan. 1857/ died 16 Aug. 1903/record shows no dates/ 47 yrs.
Grasmeyer, Henry=father/ born 1871/ died 1943
Grasmeyer, Jacob=died Mar.30,1895/ 66 yrs. 5 mos. 8 days
Grasmeyer, Mrs. ?=record shows received money for digging grave on Mar.14,1913
Grasmeyer, Mrs. Jacob=died 1934/ 80 yrs. 2 mos. 0 days
Grasmeyer, Tamme=no dates/ 37 yrs.
Graveling, ?=record shows received money for digging and adult grave during year of 1893-94
Groeneveld, Libbie=mother/ born 1882/ died 1954
Groeneveld, Herman=father/ born 1886/ died Jul.8,1936/ 50 yrs. 20 days
Hartgerink, Hattie=(Boone) wife of John Hartgerink/ born Mar.30,1877/ died Apr.25,1918
Heemstra, Mr. ?=record shows received money for digging grave for on Dec.6,1894
Heemstra, Mr.=record shows received money for digging grave for on Nov.24,1894
Hillebrands, Anneus J.=born 1822/ died 1896
Hillebrands, Johanna=born 1820/ died 1894
Hillebrands, Myrtle Jean=daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.M.Hillebrands/ died 1928
Huizenga,? A.=stone broken/ middle initial A. Huizenga born Oct.7,1808/ died May.7,1858/ other side/ --------------------name missing/ died Aug.20,1886
Huizenga, Albert=born 1858/ died 191?
Huizenga, Antje(nee Spoelstra)=mother/ born 3 May. 1850/ died 19 Oct. 1928
Huizenga, ?(Baby Girl)=died 13 Nov. 1901/age 0-0-19/child of G.J. Huizenga/
                                       record shows grave for in 1901
Huizenga, Cornelius=son of William or Willem/born 14 Dec. 1859/ died 9 Nov. 1923
Huizenga, Derk=born 1867/ died 1954/ on lot next to William Huizenga
Huizenga, Gerrit J.=father/ born 1862/ died Mar.1932/ 70 yrs.
Huizenga, Gezina(nee Kragt)=mother/ born 6 Oct. 1869/ died 23 Sep. 1942
Huizenga, Herman=born Oct.21,1896/ died Jun.15,1914
Huizenga, Janna Gerreson=wife of William Huizenga/ died May.15,1891/ 79 yrs. 1 mo. 15 days
Huizenga, Hillegonda Maria=(Wierenga) wife of Tamme Huizenga/ born Oct.7,1868/ died 7 May. 1858
Huizenga, Tamme A.=record shows an adult grave during year of 1885-86
Huizenga, Tobias =father/ born 1846/ died 1922
Huizenga, Willem=died Apr.5,1889/ 77 yrs. 11 mos. 22 days
Huizenga, Y.=record shows an adult grave during 1905
Hulst, Mrs. J.=record shows grave for on Jul.7,1899
Hyma, Anna=(Kooling) born Aug.2,1823/ died Feb.7,1904
Hyma,=record shows received $0.50 must have been a child/ during year of 1878-79
Jansen,G.H.=(Boelin)wife of E.Jansen/ born Nov.1851/Oranjewoud, Netherlands/ died Sep.29,1912
Jekel, Anna=born Jun.21,1877/ died Dec.29,1878
Jekel, Gerald J.=son of Henry & Nellie/husband of Johanna(hanna) Bartels/father/
                           born 16 Apr. 1903/ died 7 Oct. 1961
Jekel, Gertrud=(Van Dyk) wife of Jan Jekel, born Feb.2,1855/ Mar.6,1898
Jekel, Glenn Allen=born 1937/ died 1938
Jekel, Hendrik=father/ grandfather/ born Nov.11,1825/ Netherlands/ died Apr.2,1901
Jekel, Henry=born 1875/ died 1954
Jekel, Jantje=born Jul.25,1819/ Netherlands/ died Feb.22,1902
Jekel, ?=record shows money received from John Jekel for digging an adult grave during year of 1892-93
Jekel, Nellie(nee Pyle)=born 1878/ died 1962
Johnson, Jennie(Ver Plank)=father Cornelius Ver Plank/mother Frances Hoffman/
                                             born May.7,1893/died Jun.5,1969
Johnson, John=born Mar.10,1880/ died Dec.21,1954
Jonker, ?=record shows money received from L.Jonker for digging an adult grave during year 1891-92
Jonker, L.=record shows an adult grave Dec.3,1909
Jonker, Lukas=record shows buried Oct.4,1909
Jonker, Mrs. L.=record shows buried Feb.25,1910
Kamps, AlbertG.=born 1859/ died 23 Mar. 1932/age 73-3-26
Kamps, Cornelius(single)=father Albert/ mother Elizabeth De Koster/born 14 Jan. 1889/
                                          died 14 Jun. 1969/Polkton Twp.
Kamps, Elizabeth=born 1863/ died 1947
Kamps, Mrs. G.=born Apr.8,1831/ died Jun.24,1897
Kamps, ?=son of Mrs. Kamps/ record shows possible burial during year of 1885-86
Kamps, Gerrt=born Apr.28,1814/ died Dec.4,1878
Kamps, Herman B.=died Apr.18,1875/ 11 yrs.
Kamps, Hilligje=(see Van Eyk)
Kamps, Jacob=record shows grave dug on Feb.15,1899/died 12 Feb./age 28-11-6
Kamps, Jacob=died Mar.6,1869/ 30 yrs.
Kamps, Jennie=born 1895/ died 1896
Katte, G.=record shows died in 1877 or 78
Keppel, ?=record shows money received from H. Keppel for adult grave during year of 1889-90
Kopjan, ?=record shows digging a childs’ grave during year of 1893-94
Kragt, Albert=father/ born 1880/ died 1936
Kragt, Arthur W.=born 1899/ died 1949
Kragt, ?=5 baby graves on same lot/ no dates
Kragt, ?=child of A. Kragt/ record shows money received for burial on Feb.11,1916
Kragt, ?=child of A. Kragt/ record shows burial of during 1922 or 23/ no date
Kragt, ?=child of H. Kragt/ record shows grave dug during year of 1904-05/ no date
Kragt, ?=child of H. Dragt/ record shows money received for digging grave on Nov.16,1912
Kragt, ?=child of Harold Kragt & Nella(Mouw), record shows burial on Oct.5,1928
Kragt, Christina=mother/ born 1886/ died 1959 Kragt, Gerald=born 1908/ died 1926 Kragt, George=born 1908/ died 1926 Kragt, Gerrit H.=father/ born 1874/ died 1949
Kragt, Harm=father Klaas/mother Hilligge/father/ born Oct.18,1839/ died Jul.2,1915
Kragt, Hattie=mother/ born 1879/ died 19??
Kragt, Herman=born 1906/ died 1928
Kragt, Henry=father/ born Apr.15,1878/ died Dec.28,1967
Kragt, H. John=father/ born Mar.3,1872/ died Jan.26,1949
Kragt, Ivan=infant/ no stone/ record shows buried on Mar.8,1945
Kragt, Katherine=born Oct.15,1880/ died Feb.19,1955
Kragt, Lydia=mother/ born 19 Nov. 1877/ died 21 May. 1956
Kragt, Margaret=mother/born Nov.18,1873/ died Jul.28,1948
Kragt, Margje(nee Visser)=mother/ born 23 Nov.1840/ died 14 Jan.1918
Kramer, Andrew=record shows a grave for on Dec.6,1899
Kramer, ?=child of Mrs. Kramer/ record shows a grave for on Jan.17,1901
Krommendyk, Jan Jr.=son of Jan T. Krommendyk// born Jul.6,1873 in Wierden, Overijsel, Netherlands/ -----------------------------died Nov.20,1892
Kromendyk, Jan Hendrik=record shows an adult grave in the year of 1904-05/ no dates
Krommendyk, Mrs. J.(Tryntje)=record shows a grave for in year of 1902-03/ no dates
Kuipers, ?=record shows an adult died in year of 1885-86
Lucas, A.J.=record shows a grave for or a burial on Mar.20,1931
Lucas, Abraham=spouse of Anna Sterken/ father/ born 26 Apr. 1889/ died 13 Mar.1930
Lucas, Thomas=child of Abe Lucas/ record shows either buried in 1922 or 23
Lucas, Hattie=mother/ born 1891/ died 1949
Lubbers, ?=record shows R. Lubbers bought a child’s grave during year of 1878-79
Mass, Gertrude=born 1870/ died 1924
Mass, Heinrich H.=father/ born Nov.3,1820 Schleswig Holstein, Germany/ died May.5,1902
Mass, John=born 24 Nov. 1861/ died 16 Mar. 1950(ZDR)
Mass, ?=mother/ born 1834/ died 1924
Mass, Sophia=born 1871/ died Jul.9,1940/ 68 yrs. 7 mos. 6 days.
McBurch, Hattie=(Gommers) wife of ? McBurch born 1895/ died 1915
Meeusen, ?=child of Jacob Meeusen (could be Meeuwsen) record shows burial on Sept.12,1923
Naber, Johannes=born 1881/ died 1955
Nagelhoud, ?=record shows a child’s grave during year of 1904-05 no dates
Nagelhoud, ?=child of J.W. Nagehoud/ record shows buried Sep.27,1912
Nagelhout, ?=record shows an adult grave during year of 1888-89
Nagelhout, ?=infant of J. Nagelhout record shows buried May.10,1905/ died May.9,1905
Nagelhout, ?=child of J.W. Nagelhout/ record shows buried Mar.15,1905
Nagelhout, J.W.=record shows an adult grave Apr.24,1909
Nagelhout, Mrs.=record shows buried Mar.29,1905
Oosterbaan, Dick=born Nov.21,1893/ died Apr.17,1974/ Pvt. U.S. Army - WWI
Oosterbaan, J.=record shows an adult grave/ burial Feb.11,1911
Oosterbaan, Jannetje=mother/ born 5 Dec. 1857/ died 3 Jan. 1926
Oosterbaan, Johannes=father/ born 3 Dec. 1858/ died 16 Nov. 1916
(Van)Otterloo, Jan=died 12 Feb. 1899/age 90-4-27/record shows grave for on Feb.16, 1899
Parsons, Dr. N.R.=born Aug.28,1819/ died Mar.5,1860
Posma, Jeanette=born 1902/ died 1929/ on Soer Lot body removed from 40-7
------------------on Apr.28,1930 (name then was Janet Postma)
Posma, Marvin=baby/ died 1904
Posma, Mr. John=father/ born 7 Oct. 1864/ died 28 Mar. 1947
Posma, Mrs. John(nee Lena Soer)=mother/ born 1863/ died 1933
Pouwels, Albertje=wife of Jakob Pouwels/ born May.28,1844/ died Nov.18,1911
Pouwels, Jacob=born Sep.26,1844/ died Nov.8,1926
Pouwels, Mrs. ?=record shows an adult grave during year of 1885-86
Powels, ?=baby/ a grave during year of 1888-89
Powels, Derk=father/ born 1926/ died 1892/ pioneer of 1847
Powels, Neeltje=mother/ born 1822/ died 1886
Prince, H.=record shows an adult burial on Mar.13,1911
Prince, Johannes K.=born 1868/ died 1939
Prince, Klaas=born 21 Jan. 1831/ buried 7 Aug. 1909
Prins, Mrs. K.(Aaltje)=born 2 Nov. 1831/ died 4 Apr. 1906/grave for on Apr.6,1906
Pul, Anna(nee Katte)=wife of Timon/born 30 Aug. 1868/ died 25 Apr. 1857
Pul, Dirkje=wife of Hendrik/mother/ born 1 Sep. 1829/ died 1 Dec. 1904
Pul, H.=record shows an adult grave year 1905
Pul, Hendrik=spouse of Dirkje/father/ born 1828/ died 29 Arp.1899/age 70-5-0
Pul, Jane=born 1874/ died 1897
Pul, Timon=son of Henry/born 5 Aug.1867/ died 3 Apr. 1948
Schilstra, Elberta(nee Berghorst)=mother/ born 11 Feb. 1890/ died 24 Arp. 1963
Schilstra, Elmer=record shows burial during year of 1922-23/ no dates
Schilstra, Mrs.W.(nee Jane Dykstra)=record shows grave dug for on Apr.29,1899
Schilstra, William=father/ born 7 Feb. 1885/ died 31 Jan. 1929
Schipper, J.=record shows grave for or burial of on Mar.10,1916
Schuitema, E.=record shows received money for an adult burial for on Nov.6,1920
Schuitema, ?=child of E. Schitema/ record shows burial on Jul.26,1895
Schuitema, Mrs.Geestje(nee Otterloo)=record shows a grave for during year of 1918
Schuitema, S.=record shows burial on May.30,1919
Skipper, ?=child of Nicholas Skipper/ record shows a burial on Sep.22,1911
Schuiteman, Albertje=mother/ born 1840/ died 1888
Schuiteman, Lamert=born 1840/ died 1919
Soer, Johannes(James)=father/ born 16 Jul. 1842/ died 20 Aug. 1901
Soer, Emily Jean(De Vries)=mother/ born 1843/ died 1926
Soer, Sadie=born Nov.10,1882/ died May.24,1937
Stegeman, Rev. Abraham=born 4 May. 1857/ died 19 Feb. 1899
Stegeman, ?=baby son of Mr. & Mrs. J. Stegeman/ died Mar.24,1901
Stegeman, Bertha=wife of Rev. Abraham Stegeman/ born 1856/ died 1935
Stegeman, Cornelia=(Van de Laare) wife of Mannes Stegeman/ born Feb.23,1826/ Zeeland, Netherlands/ --------------------------died Apr.5,1895 in Groningen, Michigan
Stegeman, Johanna=mother/ born 1861/ died 1928
Stegeman, John=father/ born 1859/ died 1926
Stegeman, Mannes=father/ born Jan.29,1819/ died May.9,1889/ Pioneer of 1847/died in Groningen, --------------------Michigan Stegeman, Maria=born Sep.19,1861/ died May.23,1865
Sterken, Andrew=born 1839/ died 1920
Sterken, Anna(Van Dyk)/spouse of Henry/daughter of Arend/ born 11 Jul.1886/died 18 Oct.1929
Sterken, Arie=son/ born 1879/ died 1965
Sterken, Berend=born 27 Oct.1844/ died 8 Sep.1920
Sterken, B.=record shows an adult grave for during year of 1887-88
Sterken, ?=child of B. Sterken/ record shows grave dug for on Mar. ?,1900
Sterken, ?=child of B. Sterken/ record shows received money for digging grave on Mar.24,1897
Sterken, ?=Child of A. Sterken/ record shows burial 1922 or 23
Sterken, Dena=mother/ born 16 Nov.1880/ died 26 Jan.1949
Sterken, Frances=daughter of Gerrit & Dena W./born 18 Aug.1909/ died 6 May.1919
Sterken, Gerrit=father/ born 1875/ died 1965
Sterken, Henry B.=born 1877/ died 1971
Sterken, Loentje=died Dec.10,1890/ 11 yrs.
Sterken, Marvin=son of Mr. & Mrs. H.B.Sterken/born 25 Aug.1916/died 12 Jul.1920
Sterken/ born 1916/ died 1920
Sterken, Mrs. A.=record shows burial about 1923
Sterken, Nicholas=son of Martin/born & died 5 Mar. 1922/record shows received money for
                               burial on Mar.10,1922/received money for removing body on Apr.5,1930
                               to Holland Memorial Park
Sterken, Willemina=wife of Andrew Sterken/ born 1843/ died 1923
Sterken, Wilson H.=born 1910/ died 1919
Sterken, Zwaantje=wife of Berend Sterken/ born 1860/ died Jun.27,1935/ yrs. 9 mos. 17 days
Stout, Cornelius=record shows a grave for on Sep.19,1930
Stout, John C.=born 1846/ died 1930
Telgenhof, Antje=born 1829/ died 1913
Telgenhof, Fannie=mother/ born 1859/ died 1941
Telgenhof, Herman=father/ born 1855/ died 1939
Ten Have, Evangelina=mother/ born 1 Apr.1856/ died 12 Oct.1920/ on DeBoer lot
Ten Have, Hendrick=born Dec.17,1816 in Beden, Netherlands/ died Jun.14,1890/tombstone in tool house
Ter Beek, Hendrika=born Aug.20,1870/ died Oct.1,1892
Ter Beek, Jan=born Nov.20,1837/ died Oct.9,1895
Ter Beek, Jantje=(See Veneklaasen)
Ter Beek, Roelof=born Feb.7,1863/ died Feb.19,1893
Ter Beek, ?=record shows a grave for 50 cents probably a child during year of 1878
Timmink, ?=record show an adult grave during year of 1886-87
Timmers, Mrs. ?=record shows an adult grave during year of 1886-87
Troost, ?=child of J. Troost/ during year of 1889-90
Van de Pels, A.=record shows a burial of an adult Mar.6,1911
Van de Pels, Aalt=born 1857/ died 30 Jan. 1928/age 70-7-9
Van de Pels, Hanna=born 1855/ died 1910
Van de Pels, Jannetje=born 1820/ died 1896
Van de Pels, Teunis=born 20 Aug.1818/ died 28 Sep.1900
Van den Berg, C.=also check name of
Van der Burgt, Gerrit/ record shows a grave for Mar.8,1899
Van der Burgt, Gerrit=born Dec.25,1875 in Amsterdam, Netherlands/ died Mar.6,1899
                                    24 yrs. 2 mos./ on Van Nuil lot
Van der Kolk, Engbert=died May 3,1893/ 41 yrs. 2 mos. 2 days
Van der Meulen, Mrs. P.=record shows received money for digging grave on Jun.28,1897
Van der Ploeg, ?=child/ record shows a grave for in 1901/ no dates
Van der Ploeg, Herman=child/son of Jan & Tryntje(Pouwels)/record shows a grave for in 1902/ no dates
Van der Ploeg, James=born Feb.24,1894/ died Oct.8,1918
Van der Ploeg, John=father/ born 1865/ died 1931
Van der Ploeg, Tryntje=mother and wife of John Van der Ploeg/ born 1869/ died 1930
Van der Schraaff, Ella=born 1888/ died 1968
Van der Schraaf, H.=record shows money received for burial on Oct.8,1920
Van der Schraaf, Mrs.Pietertje=died 22 Oct./age 52/5/12/record shows a grave for in 1901/ no dates
Van der Schraaf, H.=record shows an adult grave for during year of 1905-06/
                                  no dates/
Van der Schraaf, Peter= born 16 Feb.1891/ died 24 Mar. 1904
Van Dragt, ?=child/ record shows money received for digging grave on Jan.23,1896
Van Dragt, Miss ?=record shows money received for digging grave on Ju.17,1897
Van Dragt, Hendrik=record shows a grave for on Sep.18,1899/age 53-1-28
Van Dragt, Willempje=mother/ born 1858/ died 1935
Van Eyk, Hendrik=born Jan.22,1820 in Oldebroek, Netherlands/ died Aug.7,1894
------------------------in North Holland, Michigan
Van Eyk, Hilligje=(Kamps) wife of Hendrik Van Eyk/ born Mar.12,1829 in Drenthe,
-----------------------Netherlands/ died Sep.29,1884
Van Liere, Adrian=born 1845/ died 1915
Van Liere, Cornelia=wife of P.C. Van Liere/ died Mar.10, ?
Van Liere, Pieter C.=born in Kroiningen, Zeeland, Netherlands/ died Feb.3,1910/
--------------------------95 yrs. 7 mos. 2 days
Van Nieuwland, Johannes=husband/ born 1872/ died 1953
Van Niewland, Mary=wife/ born 1886/ died 1942
Van Norden, ?=record shows an adult grave on or before 1892
Van Nuil, H.=record shows an adult burial on Mar.23,1910
Van Nuil, Ludina=born Dec.10,1871/ died Jan.5,1888
Van Nuil, Lutje=(Van der Bult) born Nov.20,1830 in te Beilen, Drenthe, Netherlands/died Mar.5,1902
Van Voorst, Mrs.Jacob=father Roelof Weinding/mother unknows/ born in the Netherlands/
                                      died 8 May. 1918/record shows money received for during year 1918/
                                       age 74-5-13
Van Zoren, Minnie A.=wife of A. Van Zoren/ born Dec.9,1852/ died Feb.28,1885
Veneklasen, ?=child of P. Veneklasen/ record shows received money for grave on Aug.28,1894
Veneklasen, Jantje=(Ter Beek) wife of Pieter Veneklasen/ born Nov.20,1836/ died Jul.7,1879
Ver Planke, Cornelius=father/ born 15 Aug.1849/ died 16 Dec.1923/ record shows a Cornelius Ver Planke/
Ver Planke, Cornelia=born 15 Jul.188/ died 16 Feb.1928
Ver Planke, Francis=mother/ born 30 Nov.1852/ died 16 Jun.1918
Vliek, W.=record shows a child’s grave during year of 1887-88
Volker, ?=child of ____/ record shows received money for digging grave on Jun.29,1896
Volkers, ?=child of John Vokers & Anna(Smith)/ record shows received money for the burial
                  of on May.13,1920
Vredeveld, Harm=born Feb.29,1822 in Hyken, Netherlands/ died Jun.21,1911/ Pioneer of 1848/ top of
                              tombstone in tool house
Vredeveld, Jantje=(Kamps) wife of Harm Vredeveld/ born Apr.22,1821 in Meppen
                              Drenthe, Netherlands/ died Aug.2,1896
Vrieling, Francis J.=born 1927/ died 1930
Westenbroek, ?=record shows an adult grave during year 1887-88
Westerveld, Minnie A.=(see Minnie A. Van Zoren)
Westveld, ?=child of F. Westveld/ record shows money received for grave on Sep.2,1894
Westveld, Jacob=father/ born 1874/ died 1945
Westveld, Minnie A.=mother/ born 1874/ died 1927
Westveld, Mrs. R.=first name is Dena/ born Dec.10,1830/ died Dec.1,1918/ 88yrs.
Westveld, Rutgert=born Oct.9,1824/ died Jun.5,1882
Westveld, ?=record shows an adult during year of 1889-90
Weusdry, Mrs. ?=record shows a grave for during year of 1883-84
Wierenga, Hillegonda Maria=(see Hillegonda Marie Huizenga)
Wissink, Gerrit Jan=born Mar.4,1816/ died Nov.16,1898/ 82 yrs. 8 mos.
Wissink, Jenneke=(Drezes) born Nov.25,1822/ died May.6,1895/ 72 yrs. 6 mos.
Wissink, J.W.=born Jun.5,1844/ died Aug.22,1884/ 40 yrs.
Woudstra, John=born 1908/ died 1914/ on Telgenhof lot
Zwiers, Alice=born 1867/ died 1903/ her gravestone is similar to Albert Huizenga (39-1) and
                        Cornelius Huizenga (39-2)/ she is buried in the Huizenga plot.

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