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Holland Township, Ottawa County & Laketown Township, Allegan County.

Compiled by Mrs. R.F.Keeler
Internet version by Luann Hughes DeVries
Updates available at Herrick Districk Library.

The older section of this cemetery is on Section 31, Holland Twp. Ottawa County, Michigan. The newer portion on Section 6 Laketown Twp., Allegan County, Michigan.

Alofs,Geziena: wife,1845-1924.
Alofs,Jennie: 1888-1891.
Alofs,Waander,Sr.: Aug.7,1850-July 30,1932.
Anderson,John: d.March 4,1935, age 65years.
Badgrow,N.H: d.Aug.24,1890 age 19years.
Baker,Jane: wife J. d.Aug.4,1881, age 37years.
Balgoyne,Alexander: d.April 8,1931, age 83years, 10months, 24days,
Balgoyne,Jane: wife of A. 1849-1913.
Bekman,Herman,Mrs: died July 31,1933, age 72years, 3months, 6days,
Bekman,Father: 1848-1905.
Bekman,G.D.: 1813-1899, Father.
Bekman,G.D.: 1811-1881, Mother.
Bekman,Mother: 1855-1922.
Bekman,Marinus: 1886-1895.
Benedict,Jennie,Mrs.: died Dec.3,1933, age 48years, 2months, 13days.
Berghorst,Jennie: later Jennie Veneberg, 1878-1918.
Boers,Aaltje(Joldersma): Dec.31,1823-Jan.24,1892.
Boeve,Adriana(DeFrell): wife of Gerrit, 1837-1911, Mother.
Boeve,Gerrit: 1834-1917, Father.
Bonzelaar,B,Mrs.(Grace): died March 23,1937, age 77years, 10months,13days.
Bonzelaar,Benj.:d.Jan.27,1936,age 68yrs,5months,3days.
Bonzelaar,Berend: July 8,1873,age 72yrs.
Bonzelaar,Geertien: wife of H.,d.Nov.8,1873, age 32yrs,1mon., 14days.
Bonzelaar,H.Mrs.: July 4,1852-May 30,1926.
Bonzelaar,Harm,: Oct.7,1836-June 17,1904, Father.
Borgers,Hattie: wife of Rev.H., d.Mar.21,1876 age 21yrs, 10months.
Bos,Cornelia: d.May 22,1877 age 46yrs,3mons,2days.
Bouws,Fenna: wife of Harm,1864-1932, Mother.
Bouws,Harm: Jan.1,1801-Oct.21,1860.
Bouws,Harm: 1861-1932, Father.
Bouws,Hendrik: son of J.& J., d.Apr.8,1876, age 1yr,1mon,17days.
Bouws,Jan: July 9,1835-Mar.1,1880.
Bouws,Jentje: wife of Jan, Jan.2,1840-Apr.7,1908.
Bouws,Rienus: May 21,1832 – Feb.23,1909.
Bouws,Zwaantje: July 12,1846-May 26,1923.
Boven,Hanna: daughter of P.& S., d.Jan.25,1870, age 5yrs, 6mon.
Boven,Henry:1851-1924, Father.
Boven,Mary: daughter of Henry & Sarah, (later married a Cramer) 1876-1928.
Boven,Minnie: wife of Peter, June 6,1878-Mar.18,1904.
Boven,Peter: d.May 26,1882, age 4 weeks.
Boven,Pieter: Nov.30,1819 in Netherlands, d.Dec.4,1888.
Boven,Sarah: wife of Henry, 1856-1927, Mother.
Boven,Thomas: son of Henry & Sarah, 1892-1906.
Boven,Zwaantje(Ensing): wife of Pieter, Jan.31,1822-Nov.9,1890.
Breen,Kryn: 1833-1925, Father.
Breen,Neeltje: 1826-1916, Mother.
Breuker,Henry:1860-1935, Father.
Breuker,Jane: wife of Henry, 1861-1934, Mother.
Breuker,Annie: 1866-1929, Mother.
Breuker,Jan: May 8,1826-Aug.29,1896, Father.
Breuker,Fennigien: May 23,1836-Feb.8,1915.
Breuker,Johanna: June.20,1867-Sep.27,1867.
Brink,Abel,H.: 1837-1909.
Brink,Harmina(Mrs.H.Jipping): Mar.2,1828-Dec.18,1893
Brink,Hendrik,A., age 6wks,
Brink,Hendrik,A., age 17mon., 4day,
Brink,Hendrik,A., July 28,1799-Apr.2,1878
Brink,Lyda, 1842-1921
Brinkman,Aaltien, wife of B.J., Feb.11,1877, age 68yrs,11mon,11day,
Brinkman,Albert, Jan.25,1865-Feb.8,1865
Brinkman,Alfred Walter, July 27,1899-Sep.5,1900
Brinkman,Berend Jan, July 11,1810-Nov.26,1868
Brinkman,Henry, Feb.28,1838-June 1,1909
Brinkman,H.Mrs. Nov.29,1840-Jan.25,1924
Brower,Geesje, d.Apr.30,1888, age 82yrs.2mon.10day.
Brower,Klaas, d.June 2,1869 age 69yrs.
Brown,Parley, 1888-1936, Father
Brummeler,Willemina, wife of J.D., 1802-1887
Brummeler,J.D. 1804-1865
Cramer,Jerry, d.Feb.2,1891 age 21yrs.
Cramer,Mary(Boven) baughter of Henry & Sarah Boven, 1876-1926
Defrell,Adriana, wife of Gerrit Boeve, 1837-1911, Mother
Defrell,Effie, 1890-1897
Defrell,Jakob, 1825-1895
Defrell,Jennigje, 1821-1902
Dieders,Jan, d.Oct.18,1870 age 38yrs.
DenUyl,Johanna, wife of J., July 31,1861-Oct.6,1912
DenUyl,John,May 19,1841-Oct.22,1905
DenUyl,Martha,July 25,1876-Oct.6,1892
DenUyl,Simon, 1836-1909, Father
DenUyl,Teunis, June 2,1881-Mar.27,1888
DeRider,Henry J., 1903-1922
DeRider,John, 1875-1923
DeVries,Baby, Apr.13,1894-May 25,1895
DeVries,Elsje, wife of M. Dec.10,1835-Nov.14,1915
DeVries,George, July 13,1863-Sep.29,1894
DeVries,Grace, July 9,1869-Dec.23,1893
DeVries,Grietje,Mrs. 1815-1899
DeVries,Neile, May 21,1836-Oct.29,1903
Dobben,Geert, 1833-1876
Douma,Henderikje, 1846-1924, Mother
Douma,Johanna Makma, Jan.31,1816-Nov.3,1897, Mother
Douma,Romke W., Apr.3,1809-Feb.15,1862, Father
Douma,Wopke, 1844-1930, Father
Drake,Theo,Mrs., d.Aug.19,1931 age 89yrs, 4mon, 27days.
DuMez,Andries, 1831-1885
DuMez,Benjamin, 1870-1872
DuMez,Berendina, wife of A., 1839-1917
Dunnewind,Aaltje, 1841-1911, Mother
Dunnewind,Dena, 1882-1924
Dunnewind,Effie, 1880-1907
Dunnewind,Evert, Oct.23,1886 age 48yrs, 3mon.
Dunnewind,Gerrit, Dec.1,1835-May 1,1880
Dunnewind,Henry, 1835-1898, Father
Dunnewind,Johanna(Schuurman) wife of E., Apr.28,1876 age 24yrs.10mon.
Dunnewind,Minna, daughter of Gerrit, May 6,1875-May 3,1876
Boven,Minnie(Dunnewind) wife of Peter, June 6,1878-Mar.18,1904
DuPree,Anna(Volkers) 1841-1912
Dykstra,Anna, wife of Rev. L., d.Apr.29,1879 age 24yrs, 3mon, 9day,
Eaegle,Francis M., daughter of E.J.& M.Harrington, d.Sep.9,1878 age 22yr,4m.26days.
Eiewaard,H.C.Dr., d.Dec.5,1933 age 57yr.6m.10day.
Elenbaas,Abraham, May 5,1890 age 31yr.2mon.2day.
Elenbaas,Gerritdina, wife of Johannes, Mar.30,1827-Jan.3,1901,Mother
Elenbaas,Henry, eldest son of John & G., d.May 21,1876 age 21yr.7mon.12day.
Elenbaas,Infant son of A.& S. d.Feb.8,1890 age 4mo.15day.
Elenbaas,Johannes, Jan.28,1818-June 10,1891,Father
Ensing,Gexiena, June 16,1879-Dec.3,1881
Ensing,Hermannes, Dec.21,1863-July 17,1893
Ensing,Lucas, May 5,1833-Aug.26,1905
Ensing,Lucas,Mrs., d.Aug.21,1931 age 39yr.13day.
Eppink,Beerend, Dec.12,1809-Feb.26,1866
Eppink,Geesje, 1811-1893, Grandmother
Eppink,John M., 1848-1909, Father
Eppink,Tannetje, 1851-1923, Mother
Essenburg,Walter,Mrs., d.Feb.17,1936 age 83yr.3mo.17day.
Fairbanks,Albert S., Feb.28,1845-Sep.3,1914,Father
Fairbanks,Earnest J., son of A.S.&M.E. d.Nov.28,1866 age 1yr.11mon.
Fairbanks,G.& E. ???
Fairbanks,Mary E., May 4,1846-Feb.1,1907,Mother
Fairbanks,Sarah Ann, wife of S.S. d.Apr.30,1888 age 54yrs.
Fairbanks,Stephen S., d.Jan.21,1865 age 34yr.
Fredriks,Egbert, 1815-1888
Fredriks,Helen, wife of Egbert, 1814-1893, Mother
Fredriks,Ter Stege, Aug.28,1841-Jan.28,1870
Frundt,Baby, 1903
Garvelink,Austin H., 1893-1907
Garvelink,Evertien, Oct.7,1839-Dec.2,1929,Mother
Garvelink,Gerhardus, 1861-1936
Garvelink,Jan W., Dec.5,1833-Oct.29,1910, Father
Garvelink,Johannes, 1869-Mar.19,1902
Garvelink,Johnnie J., son of Mr.& Mrs. Johannes, Jan.28,1895-Mar.19,1902
Gebben,Hendrik, Feb.20,1914, Father
Gebben,Tryntje, 1859-1922, Mother
Gerdinge,Lubbera Sr., Mrs. July 14,1909, age 87yr.8mo.12day
Geurink, Gradus, 1854-1925
Geurink,Tena(DenBleyker), 1869-1918
Glupker,Geesje, wife of Jan, 1839-1916, Mother
Glupker,Jan, 1818-1899, Father
Grissen,Johanna Hendrika, July 19,1859-June 25,1936
Hagen,Gerriet, b.Europe 1823-Dec.7,1
Hagen,Geze, b.Europe 1812-Jan.28,1888
Harrington,Alice, daughter of G.S.& M. d.Sept.8,1869, age 2yr.1mo.3day.
Harrington,Arthur G., son of E.J.& M. d.Aug.31,1864, age 2yr.7mo.11day.
Harrington,Belle, Jan.11,1933, age 68yr.5mo.4day.
Harrington,Bernardus L., son of E.J.& M. d.May 28,1883, age 15yr.9mo.20day.
Harrington,George, d.Dec.12,1881, age 74yr.24day
Harrington,George S., Feb.1,1836-May 10,1921
Harrington,Geria D., wife of M., d.Sep.12,1870, age 31yr.3mo.16day.
Harrington,Henry,Mrs., d.Sept.4,1931, age 61yr.11mo.25day.
Harrington,James A., son of E.J.& M., d.July 25,1865, age 7yr.8day.
Harrington,Lucy A., wife of Wilson, d.Jan.9,1892, age 48yr.3mo.3day.
Harrington,Margaret A., daughter of E.J.& M., d.Aug.23,1864, age 1yr.8mo.
Harrington,Margaret V., wife of George, d.Mar.11,1886, age 75yr.9mo.18day.
Harrington,Martha, Sep.7,1839-Dec.28,1922
Harrington,Sarah, wife of G.S., Apr.6,1842-Jan.21,1859
Hartger,Anna, d.Feb.23,1877, age 20yrs.
Hartger,Baby child of G.& G., b.& d.May 30,1890
Hartger,J.H., Mrs., June 10,1815-Dec.14,1900
Hartger,Jan Harm, d.Sep.30,1873 age 62yr.
Hartger,Johanna, May 14,1897-Feb.21,1901
Hartger,Susy, Child of G.& G. Apr.5,1895-Aug.17,1896
Hartger,Ziena, Apr.13,1861-Sep.27,1861
Heersema,Antje(Kuiper), Apr.22,1828-Jan.30,1919
Heerspink,Fenniggien, 1820-1882
Heerspink,Geert, 1816-1882
Heerspink,George, 1881-1931, Father
Heerspink,George, 1876-1890
Heerspink,Johannes, 1850-1926
Hekhuis,Jno., Co.I 13 Michigan Inf.
Helmink,William, d.Jan.12,1934, age 67yr.4mo.8day.
Heneveld,E., Oct.8,1855-Nov.14,1885
Heneveld,Evertje, Nov.15,1860-Nov.29,1881
Heneveld,George, May 12,1858-Jun.4,1883
Heneveld,Geert, d.Jun.14,1888, age 62yr.5mo.
Heneveld,Gerriet, son of Egbert, July 26,1882-Aug.30,1882
Heneveld,Henerik, July 16,1863-July 21,1885
Heneveld,Jennighjen(Dunnewind), wife of Geert, d.Jan.31,1835(1870?), age 43yr.4mo.[have doubts this is correct]
Heneveld,Jennighjen(Dunnewind), wife of Geert, b.17 Oct.1827, d.31 Jan.1875, m.5 Apr.1851 to Geert Heneveld.
Hilbink,Geezien, 1836-1916, Mother
Hilbink,Johannes, 1838-1888, Father
Hoffman,John Rev., Feb.28,1849-Apr.20,1930
Holtgeerts,Geertje, wife of Lucas, 1845-1915
Holtgeerts,Lucas, 1812-1900
Hou(t)man,Elsie Mae, June 17,1924, age.17yr.10day.
Hovenga,Johannes,Mrs., d.Feb.20,1937, age 82yrs.2mo.2day.
Husted,D.F., 1866-1929,Father
Il(i)chan,Antje, 1855-1930, on Postma plot
Il(i)chan,Hendrik, 1842-1926, on Postma plot
Jansen,Albert,Mrs., d.Jun.2,1930, age 79yr.8mo.20day.
Jaurink,H., 1807-1873
Jipping,George, 1857-1920, Father
Jipping,Harmina(Brink), Mar.2,1828-Dec.18,1893,Mother
Jipping,Jan Trip, Mar.27,1821-1895
Jipping,Maria, daughter of Jan Trip,
Joldersma,Aaltje(Boers), Dec.31,1823-Jan.24,1892
Joldersma,Ebelina, Sept.17,1860-Jan.9,1869
Joldersma,Ebelina M., d.Mar.7,1893, age 12yr.6mo.23day.
Joldersma,Johnnie, d.Sep.7,1877, age 10mo.3day.
Kamps,Berend, 1835-1909, Father
Kamps,Geesje(Reimink), 1794-1867, Grandmother (Allegan County deaths,1:7 d.Jan.4,1868 Laketown, age
           72yrs.10mo.21day. b.Hanover)
Kamps,Gertie, 1864-1883
Karelse,Johannis, b.Zuil Kraaijer Apr.13,1803-May 18,1884, age 81yr.1mo.5day.
Karelse,Maria(Steketee) te Berselem,Province Zeeland,Netherlands, Nov.30,1805 to Graafschap,
           Michigan, Jan.4,1885, 79yr.1mo.5day.
Kealy,Alberts, d.Jan.17,1932 age 3yr.22day.
Keddink,Gesina, Oct.28,1848-Jan.8,1867
Kleis, ??, wife of Willem, Oct.1820-Feb.9,1893, Mother
Kleis,John, Jan.6,1866, age 26yrs.
Kleis,John W., 1861-1920
Kleis,Pieter W., d.Feb.24,1878, age 44yr.1mo.
Kleis,Willem, Oct.1809-July 18,1883, Father
Klifman,Jan H., 1842-1915, Father
Klomparens,Arent Jan., Feb.17,1818-Sept.22,1875
Klomparens,Jenngeziene, wife of Arent Jan, May 19,1824-Apr.29,1907
Knoll,Clara(Mulder), 1886-1926
Knoll,George, son of M.& M., Apr.30,1887-Feb.21,1908
Knoll,Grace, baby daughter of M.& M., Jun.16,1879-Dec.14,1879
Knoll,Henderinka Christina, Oct.5,1816-Nov.4,1884, Mother
Knoll,John, May 27,1812-Apr.2,1895
Kool,John, 1866-1914
Koenraad,Jannje, Sep.28,1864-May 3,1881
Koenraad,Willem, Spr.12,1869-Mar.18,1876
Koster,Annegien, b.Netherlands Feb.19,1842, d.Jun.3,1924, Mother
Koster,Harm K., b.Netherlands Sept.24,1823, d.July 25,1901, Father
Kuiper,R.T. Rev., b.Netherlands May 2,1826, d.Dec.31,1894
Lamb,Mary(Eppink), 1871-1929
Lambers,Gezena, Mar.14,1840-Nov.1,1910
Lambers,Jan Harm, July 9,1875, age 63yr.2mo.,
Lamberts,Anna(Brown), 1873-1925
Lampink,Hendrik Ludolf, Apr.3,1812-Oct.30,1881
Lemmen,B.J., 1823-1916
Lemmen,Fennigje, July 1,1796-May 16,1870, Mother
Lemmen,Jennegien(Schoemaker), May 23,1824-Mar.12,1899, Mother
Lemmen,Henry, 1867-1903
Lemmen,J.H. Mrs., 1836-1924, Mother
Lemmen,Jan H., 1826-1911, Father
Lenters,Derk, Mar.2,1833-Oct.26,1904, Father
Brink,Effie(Lenters), wife of Lucas, d.Feb.15,1905, age 20yrs.3mon.
Lenters,Gezenna, d.Dec.8,1869, age 15yr.8mo.,
Lenters,Weeltje, July 1,1836-Apr.6,1903, Mother
Lokker,Cornelis, b.Netherlands Jan.7,1821, d.Mar.25,1901
Lokker,Cornelis,Jr., d.July 9,1884, age 37yrs.10mon.
Lokker,Geesje, wife of Cornelis Jr., July 12,1852-Feb.7,1881
Lokker,Johnny, son of J., Mar.6,1886-Aug.22,1889
Lokker,Maria Naije, wife of C., d.Apr.26,1879 age 55yr.1mon.15days.
Lubbers,Aaltje(Bouws) wife of Willem, Aug.14,1860-Feb.1,1907
Lubbers,Baby, Oct.10,1887
Lubbers,Bert, 1881-1935
Lubbers,Geert, child of G.H.& L. Sep.5,1864
Lubbers,Gerriet, child of G.H.& L., May 8,1861 age 1yr.6mon.4day.
Lubbers,Gerriet Hendrik, Jan.1,1877 age 53yrs.3mon.
Lubbers,H. Sr., Mar.16,1904 age 80yrs.5mon., Father
Lubbers,Heindrick, Dec.30,1837-Feb.4,1919, Father
Lubbers,Henry, d.Feb.12,1937 age 62yr.7mon.29day.
Lubbers,Lyda(Rutgers), wife of G.H., Aug.2,1913 age 86yrs.1mon.21day.
Lubbers,Wilbur, Feb.21-Mar.24,1911
Lubbers,Zwaantje H. Schrotenboer, Oct.10,1847-Feb.17,1904, Mother
Lubber,Gerriet, child of G.H.& L., Sep.5,1864 age 2yr.8mon.22day.
Lucas,Diena, daughter of Harm & Neelje, d.Oct.25,1868 age 1yr.6mon.
Lucas,Ellen, daughter of J.& G. d.Oct.9,1865 age 2yr.6mon.
Lucas,Gesien, wife of Jan., d.Sep.1,1878 age 49yrs.
Lucas,Mrs.H., d.Sep.12,1903 age 72yr., Mother
Lucas,John, 1828-1907
Lucas,Harm, Mar.23,1830-Apr.18,1910
Lucas,Hendrik, d.Feb.27,1903 age 77yrs.
Lucas,???, Jan.15,1834-Apr.3,1915, Mother
Lucas,Steven, Mar.39,1794-July 28,1863
Lugers,Berend, Oct.20,1820-Jan.9,1897
Lugers,Geertien, wife of Ben.J.Jr., d.Oct.27,1897 age 29yrs.
Lugers,Hindrikje Brinkman, b.Netherlands, d.Jan.28,1894
Manting,Georgei, son of Dr.A.G., July 27,1880-Jan.18,1888
Mantingh,A.G.Dr., 1858-1897
Mantingh,G.Mrs., 1835-1911
Mantingh,G.Dr., July 16,1913 Netherlands, Dec.28,1891 age 78yrs.
Mantingh,Hendrik, Jan.22,1825-Jan.29,1900
Mantingh,Willemina(Stegeman), Jan.26,1824-June.24,1894, Mother
Meeboer,Martin, d.Dec.28,1936 age 76yrs.
Meinema,J.Mrs., d.Oct.17,1936 age 72yrs.
Mepjans,Beerend, son of J.H.& G., d.Mar.14,1866 age 19yrs.7mon.3day.
Mepjans,Jan Harm, d.Apr.5,1876 age 70yrs.
Mepjans,John, d.Nov.14,1872 age 61yrs.5mon.12day.
Mepjans,Gesina, wife of J.H., Apr.9,1812-Feb.26,1873, daughter of G.Keddink
Meyer,Johannes, July 20,1855-July 21,1884
Meyer,John H., 1852-1927, Father
Meyering,Dena A.(Zaalmink), wife of A. d.June.18,1881, age 27yrs.
Meyering,Kind(child) van(of) A., d.July 2,1880 age 4mon.
Mokma,Afie, 1849-1914, Mother
Mokma,Derk, 1844-1928, Father
Mokma,Derkje, 1850-1856
Mokma,Kate, 1872-1891
Mokma,Richard, 1889-1917
Mokma,Wiebe, 1870-1872
Mulder,Aafke, Jan.27,1875-May 9,1891
Mulder,Hilje, May 20,1802-Dec.8,1893
Mulder,John, 1898-1924, Son
Mulder,Minnie, wife of Peter, 1879-1921
Mulder,Peter, 1848-1924, Father
Mulder,Russel, 1908-1910
Mulder,Ruth, 1856-1917, Mother
Mulder,W.J., b.Netherlands Jan.31,1806-Jan.19,1883
Schipper,Aafke P., b.Oct.12 to Baff den Province Groningen Netherlands, d.Mar.12,1877 in Graafschap Mich.
Neerken,Arend Jan, 1817-1911, Father
Neerken,B.J., Nov.8,1820-July 7,1895
Neerken,Jacobalena, wife of Nicholas, Sep.20,1852-May 17,1881
Arens,Geesje(Neerken), wife of G., Feb.1,1809-Nov.26,1871
Neerken,Theodora, daughter of Rev.N.& Mrs.J.L., d.Apr.25,1881 age 4yr.1day.
Neerken,Truida, wife of A.J., 1826-1910, Mother
Neerken,Zwaantje, Jan.14,1826-Jan.27,1896
Newman,Madison, d.June 27,1868 age 38yr.8mon.
Notier,Johannes, son of M.& G., d.July 22,1883 age 9yr.10mon.2day.
Notier,Nellie, ??
Nusbaum,Clara, 1862-1929
Nyland,Derk J., 1840-1922, Father
Nyland,Egbert, Feb.12,1811-Nov.11,1872
Nyland,Gerret J., July 1,1848-Dec.18,1887
Nyland,Gertrude, 1914-1929
Nyland,Henrietta, Aug.5-Oct.5,1907
Nyland,Henrietta, 1843-1918, Mother
Nyland,Jan, July 11,1857-Dec.27,1873
Olthuis,Beeren Diena, May 8,1848-Dec.16,1865
Ortman,J.H., 1837-1923
Pearson,Bertha, wife of J., Sep.16,1836-June 28,1895
Pearson,Jacob, U.S. Navy, 1839-1930
Peeks,Arent, 1835-1896
Peeks,Iebeltje,Mrs., 1842-1913
Peeks,Johannes, 1837-1919
Peeks,Willem, Aug.4-Oct.30,1869
Peterson,Abraham, 1872-1891
Peterson,Hannah, 1863-1901
Piers,Beeren Diena, Apr.17,1881-May 6,1882
Piers,Diena, Jan.5,1867-Aug.28,1869
Piers,Diena(Lukas), wife of G., July 4,1820-Jan.28,1866
Piers,Geert, Apr.14,1821-Mar.6,1901
Piers,Hanna, Oct.5,1873-Sept.8,1873
Piers,Zwaantje(Wolters)(Walsh?), Aug.13,1841-Aug.27,1897
Plasman,Anna, daughter of Frederick & Henrietta, d.Aug.25,1875 age 5yr.3mon.12day.
Plasman,Annie, 1874-1907
Plasman,Bennie, son of Frederick & Henrietta, d.July 15,1873 age 1yr.9mo.4day.
Plasman,Frederick, 1835-1913
Postma,Dirk, b.Netherlands, Mar.22,1816, d.Mar.29,1870
Postma,Jan, Jan.29,1857-Oct.6,1879
Postma,Jantje(Hoekstra), b.Netherlands Sept.10,1823, d.Aug.24,1899 age 76yrs.
Postma,Maria Madalena, Nov.21,1864-Dec.27(?),1870
Reimink,Evert: 1863-1917
Reimink,Herman: 1857-1929, Father
Reimink,Teuntje: 1859-1895, Mother
Rotman,Jan Hendrik: 1811-May 10,1881 age 67yrs.
Rotman,John: 1859-1923, Father
Rowhorst,Henry: d.Sep.26,1931 age 3mon.18day.
Rutgers,Dena: 1880-1914.
Rutgers,Geesje: 1801-1887, Mother.
Rutgers,Gerrit: 1828-1920, Father
Rutgers,Gerrit: 1878-1935.
Rutgers,Gerrit J.: 1864-1867
Rutgers,Harold: 1912-1913.
Rutgers,Helen: wife of J.H., 1884-1930, Mother.
Rutgers,Hendrik: 1873-1887.
Rutgers,Hermtien: 1841-1928, Mother.
Rutgers,Infant: son of J.H.& H.
Rutgers,Janneke: wife of Johannes J., d.May 12,1889 age 23yr.6mon.17day.
Rutgers,Jannes: 1792-1865, Father
Rutgers,John: son of J.H.& H., 1906-1925
Rutgers,J.R.: Father.
Rutgers,Johannes: 1878-1904
Rutgers,Leon Elenbaas: 1888-1913
Saggers,Jennegien: daughter of A.& J. Sep.21,1867 age 1yr.7mon.
Saggers,Johnnie: son of A.& J., July 28,1878-June 14,1881
Sandy(?),Christine: wife of Henry C., 1899-1935
Sandy,Egbert: Jan.1,1862-Aug.24,1862
Sandy,Egbert: Aug.17,1863-Aug.16,1864
Sandy,Ethel: 1905-1906
Sandy,Evelyn: 1911-1912
Schipper: see Mulder
Schmid, de Wed TerVree Dec.3,1796-Jan.27,1865
Scholten,B.H.: d.Nov.12,1894, age 77yrs.5mon.18day., Father.
Scholten,Fannie: daughter of B.H.& Hendrikje, d.Feb.20,1893, age 20yrs.11mon.19day.
Scholten,Geliefde: wife of B.H., d.Aug.4,1892 age 58yr.9mon.1day., Mother.
Scholten,Henderika: Jan.25,1878-Sep.8,1899
Scholten,John Mrs.: 1857-1899, Mother
Scholten,John: 1851-1928, Father
VanHeulen,Susie(Scholten): wife of J.C., d.Apr.21,1883 age 29yr.6mon.22day.
Schroetenboer: Daughter of John & Jennie.
Schroetenboer,Albert Mrs.: d.Sep.28,1936 age 59yr.1mon.1day.
Schroetenboer,Anna: 1880-1922.
Schroetenboer,Berend J.: d.Jan.27,1891 age 24yr.1mon.19day.
Schroetenboer,Gerrit H.: 1869-1935, Father.
Schroetenboer,Gerrit Jan.: Feb.25,1834-Aug.1,1908, Father.
Schroetenboer,Geziena: July 23,1895 age 57yrs., Mother.
Schroetenboer,Hendrik: Oct.7,1901 age 70yr.2mon.21day, Father.
Schroetenboer,Jennie: Feb.14,1894-Sep.30,1911
Schroetenboer,Johannes: 1805-Oct.12,1872
Schroetenboer,John G.: 1864-1921
Schroetenboer,Peter: Nov.28,1870-Oct.3,1872
Schroetenboer,Tannetje: Aug.30,1842-July 23,1913, Mother
Schroetenboer,Zwaantje(Dueseman?): wife of Johannes, 1808-May 18,1869
Schroetenboer,Zwaantje: May 3,1869-Jan.20,1873
Schurman,Fenna: 1844-1921 ‘Zijn Vrouw’
Schuurman,Fredrik: 1833-1909.
Siebelink,Geziena(Alofs): 1845-1924
Siebelink,Jan: d.Jan.27,1874 age 39yrs.
Slenk,Geertje: 1833-1917, Mother
Slenk,Henderik: May 28,1872-Feb.16,1888
Slenk,Jan H.: 1828-1907, Father
Slenk,John H.: d.Sep.22,1934 age 45yrs.1mon.9day.
Smeenge,Hanna: d.Nov.15,1929 age 62yrs.5mon.17day.
Smit,Harm J.: b.1790 in Drenthe, d.1872
Smit,Henderika: wife of J.A., May 9,1861-Feb.2,1890, daughter Slenk.
Speet,Albert: 1861-1923, Father
Speet,Grace: 1866-1934, Mother
Speet,Fenna: Jan.6,1852-Aug.5,1870
Speet,G.J.: 1856-1918
Speet,Gerrit J.: d.Feb.18,1867 age 42yrs.16day., Father
Speet,Helen: 1826-1868
Speet,Jantje W.: wife of G.J., 1850-1915
Speet,Steven: 1818-1892
Stegeman,Hendriekje: d.Sep.17,1860, age ?, Mother
Stegeman,John: d.Oct.18,1871, age ?, Father
Stegink,Berend: 1811-1891, Father
Stegink,Jan H.: 1854-1922
Stegink,Zwaantje(Kamps): 1831-1870, Mother
Stevens,H.J.: May 24,1841-Apr.25,1874
Steevens,Jan H.: d.Apr.17,1874 Fillmore, age 32yr.3mon.5day. mar. b.Prussia, son of
               Willem & Geertje, Allegan Co.deaths 1:105
Stevens,Hendrik: son of W.& G., d.Sept.26,1874 age 48yr.8mon.29day.
Stevens,J.: Oct.20,1832-Dec.3,1865
Strabbing,James Edward: son of John & Anna, July 22,1881-Feb.28,1887
Strabbing,J.H.: 1858-1920
Strabbing,Margaret: daughter of Mr.& Mrs. H., May 4,1906-Jan.11,1909
Strabbing,Minnie: wife of H., Sep.30,1871-July 17,1909
Strabbing,Geertje(Klomparens): wife of H. d.July 22,1891 age 58yrs.2mon.22day.
Streicher,Ronald Jay: Sep.26,1933, age 3days.
Sweemer(Zweemer?),Mary(Mantingh): wife of Dr., d.Feb.5,1886 age 25 yr.9mon.
Tammes(Timmer?)Gezina: 1865-1867
Teerman,Albert: Nov.10,1833-Oct.27,1902
Teerman,Eltje(Hoovn): Sep.19,1834-Apr.21,1887
Teerman,Frederik: Oct.23,1801-July 16,1881
TerStege,Derk: 1833-1921
TerStege,Zwaantje: Mar.1,1891 age 68yr.
Tibbe,H.: 1859-1909
Tibbe,Hendrieka: Jan.4,1857-Dec.2,1906, Mother
Tinholt,Donald L.: Dec.9,1916-Jan.21,1917
Tinholt,Geert: June 23,1830-May 7,1910
Tinholt,Geziena: wife of Geert, Oct.2,1839-Nov.12,1927
Tinholt,Infant: son of L.& S., Oct.6,1905
Tinholt,James T.: Aug.25,1921
Tinholt,Lucas: d.June 23,1884, age 66yrs.
Trip,Freukien(Hilbrands): wife of E., May 19,1829-Feb.21,1873
Trip,Johanna Aleida(Zating): wife of Egbert, July 28, 1818-July 2,1888,
               ‘Vroeger vrouw van Hendrick Lampink’.
Tulp,John: 1851-1936, Father
Tulp,Stella: 1861-1901, Mother
Tuuling,Hendrik: Jan.24,1870, age 68yrs.
Turling,Hendrik, d.Jan.24,1870, Holland, age 68yr. mar.b.Netherlands. thrown
                 from a log sleigh, Allegan Co. deaths 1:35
Tuurling,Hendrick: 1841-1925
Tuurling,Lena: d.Feb.27,1897 age 85yrs.
Tijink(Tyink)George: 1875-1924
Tijink,H.: d.Dec.5,1897 age 75yrs.
Tijink,J.: Apr.28,1897 age 78yrs.
Tijink,Leida(Keerfman?): Mar.10,1841-Apr.7,1905
VanAnrooy,Ben J.: Mar.26,1861-Jan.13,1902
VanAnrooy,Johan F.: d.Sep.16,1864 age 64yrs.9mon.6day.
VanAnrooy,Mary(Mantingh): 1859-1926
VanAnrooy,Pieter: Nov.29,1832-Aug.2,1903
VanAnrooy,Wilhemina R.: wife of Johan F., d.Mar.21,1873 age 75yrs.4mon.14day.
VanAnrooy,Zwaantje(Vos): Dec.16,1836-June 4,1902,Mother
VanDenBerg,Evert: d.May 26,1871 age 25yrs., Allegan Co.deaths 1:46 d.Fillmore
                age 25yrs.1mon.8day., single, son of Hendrik & Hendrikje of Fillmore
VanDenBerg,Henderika: wife of E., d.May 3,1896
Vanderbie,Adrian Mrs.: nee Por, 1824-1888
Vanderbie,Cornelia: 1817-1902, Mother
Vanderbie,Cornelia: daughter of Jan & Janne, d.June 1,1879 age 12yr.12day.
Bos,Cornelia: wife of Cornelius Bos, d.May 22,1877 age 46yr.3mo.2day.
(Vander B—on stone, Last 2 letters not chiseled)
Vanderbie,Jan: d.Nov.6,1876 age 48yr.
Vanderbie,Marinus: 1823-1876, Father
VanderKley,Wm.Rev.: Oct.23,1820-Dec.20,1875
Vanderwerp,Albertje: J.D.’s daughter, 1870-1870
Vanderwerp,Cornelia: wife of J.H.: Aug.14,1817-Dec.30,1888
Vanderwerp,Douwe J.Rev.: 1811-1876
Vanderwerp,Geeritdina: wife of D.J.,(also married C.Lokker), 1830-1911
Vanderwerp,J.H.: Mar.24,1815-Nov.15,1875, age 60yr.7mon.22day.
Vanderwerp,Jacoba(VanZanten): 1852-1873
VanDyke,Mary(Schrotenboer): wife of Martin and daughter of Gerrit Jan &
                      Tannetje Schrotenboer, July 4,1884-Sep.14,1909
VanHellen,Joseph: d.Mar.28,1891 age 83yrs.
VanLeeuwen,Alice T.Mrs.: June 2,1889-Aug.4,1910
VanLeeuwen,Cornelia: wife of M., d.Sep.19,1875 age 60yr.5mon.
VanLeeuwen,Jan: d.July 26,1874 age 25yr
VanLeeuwen,Martinus: d.Feb.11,1875, age 64yr.3mon.
VanMunster,Grietje Mrs.: 1804-1888
VanMunster,Jasper Z.: 1811-1871
VanTubbergen,Fina(Haverkate): d.July 7,1890 age 60yrs.2mon.20day.
VanTubbergen,Martinus: Aug.12,1822-Sep.26,1902
VanVulpen,Albert Paul: 1851-1929, Father
VanVulpen,A.P.Mrs.Nellie: d.May 12,1936 age 82yr.9mon.28day.
VanVulpen,John: 1840-1913, ½ brother of A.P.
VanVullpen,Paul: Father.
VanVullpen,P.Mrs.: Mother.
Family Records: Albert Paul VanVulpen, b.Apr.14,1851-d.Apr.18,1929
          " " " Nellie Siersma, Mrs.A.P. VanVulpen, b.July 14,1853
          " " " Mr.P.VanVulpen’s Christian name was Paul b.Jan.14,1877-1939
          " " " John was a son by 1st.mar., A.P. was a son by 2nd mar., P.mar.2nd Myske(?) Klein
VanZanten,Abraham: 1854-1924, Father
VanZanten,Gertrude: 1857-1924, Father
VanZanten,Henrietta: wife of Wm., July 18,1868-Aug.29,1897
VanZanten,John W.: son of W.& H., Jan.17,1895-Sep.12,1896
VanZanten,Klaas: Aug.2,1817-Mar.27,1897
VanZanten,Maria J.(Schmid): Aug.29,1831-Jan.5,1891
VanZanten,Nicholas: 1861-1915
VanZanten,Nicholas: 1879-1923
Velthuis,Jennigje: 1847-1922, Mother
Veneberg,Jennie(Berghorst): 1878-1918
VerLee,Reka(Mantingh): 1854-1930
Vinkemulder,Hindrik: Dec.29,1888, age 89yr.7mon.2day., Father
Vinkemulder,Katherine: Dec.191839-Aug.1,1921
Vinkemulder,W.: Dec.15,1829-May 29,1897
Vos,Henry: 1866-1929, Father
Vos,Lukas: Apr.27,1850-Feb.24,1926, Father
Vredeveld,Gerrit: 1836-1919, Father
Weaver,William: son of G.J.& G., d.Nov.3,1872, age 19yr.3mon.12day.
Wiegmink,Hindrikka: daughter of J.H., d.Jun.4,1866, age 6yr.6mon.22day.
Wiggers,John: d.Feb.15,1936, age 78yr.10mon.27day.
Wiggers,John Mrs.: d.July 7,1936, age 84yr.6mon.13day.
Wolbert,Ben J.: 1876-1928, Father
Wolma,Albert J.: 1846-1921, Father
Wolma,Antje(Kooi): 1832-1904
Wolma,Henrietta: 1879-1901.
Wolma,Hilje: 1843-1873, Mother
Wolma,Johanna: 1809-1891, Grandmother
Wolma,Siemons: 1872-1873
Wolters,Baby: Of Mr.& Mrs. Donald, d.Oct.24,1936
Wolters,Evert: May 1,1838-Dec.4,1927, Father
Wolters,Jennie(Tebbe): b.Merbeck Graafschap Bentheim, Deutschland Sep.18,1837- Sep.10,1904
Wolters,Wm.: Nov.15,1824-Mar.27,1915, Father
Wolters,Henderika(Slotman): wife of Willem, b.Sep.22,1835 Prov.Overysel Neth.,
                   d.June 2,1893, Mother
Woodruff,Sarah: daughter of J.H.& H.S. d.Mar.26,1879 age 6mon.
Zaalmink,Adelia: 1840-1912, Mother
Zaalmink,Derk: d.Nov.16,1887 age 74yrs.
Zaalmink,Jane(Harmsen): wife of G., d.Apr.9,1885 age 75yrs.
Zaalmink,G.: d.Sep.2,1847 age 35yrs.
Zaalmink,George: son of Gerrit & Adelia, Aug.24,1868-Sep.21,1889
Zaalmink,Gerrit: 1836-1911, Father
Zaalmink,Hendrik: d.Sep.13,1870, age 64yrs.
Bakker,Jane(Zaalmink): wife of J., d.Aug.4,1881 age 37yrs.
Zaalmink,Johanna: daughter of Gerrit & Adelia, June. 10,1866-Oct.4,1867
Zaalmink,Johnnie: son of Gerrit & Adelia, May 19,1871-July 6,1886
Zagers,Baby: of L.& G., b.& d. July 4,1891
Zagers,Evert: July 25,1814-May 10,1884
Zagers,Hillegien: d.June 21,1890 age 66yrs.
Zagers,Lucas: Dec.7,1863-May 8,1928
Zoerhoff,Anton Jr.: d.Sep.12,1933 age 1day.
Zoerman,Henry: Co. I 5 Mich. Cav.
Zoerman,Jan: son of J.H.& H., d.Jan.28,1868 age 7weeks.
Zoerman,John: d.May 24,1935 age 65yrs.5mon.11days.

***Following are some additional Allegan County Death Records:***
Hekhuis,Jan: d.May 22,1878 Fillmore age 31 from a bullet wound in the late war mar.b.Europe.1:160
Joldersma,Ebelina: d.Jan.9,1869 Laketown age 8yrs.3mon.22day. daughter of Hendrik & Aaltien.1:24
Jeurink,Hendrik: d.Aug.20,1873 Fillmore age 75yrs.1mon.2day. mar.b.Germany. 1:90
Kamps,Geesje: d.Jan.4,1868 Laketown age 72yrs.10mon.21day. wid. b.Hanover. 1:7
Klomparens,Arend Jan: d.Sep.22,1873 Laketown age 54yrs.7mon.5day. b.Hanover, son of
                         Hendrick & Geertien of Laketown. 1:87
Knol,Geesje: d.Dec.14,1879 Laketown, age 5mon.28day.b.Mich. daughter of Herman & Dina. 1:179
Lokker,Johannes: d.Nov.17,1867 Fillmore age 1yr.5mon. son of Cornelius & Maria. 1:6
Lokker,Swaantje: d.June 28,1874 Fillmore age 1yr.1mon.22day.b.Laketown. daughter of
                         Cornelius & Geesje of Fillmore 1:106
Notier,Neeltje: d.July 25,1873 Fillmore age 10mon. daughter of Matheus & Gersetje. 1:91
Mulder,Aafke: d.Mar.12,1877 Laketown age 57yrs.5mon. b.Netherlands. 1:152
Geryink,Jantje: d.Feb.2,1933 Fillmore age 77yrs.4mon.4day. wid.b.Germany, daughter of Gerrt Locks 5:648
Harkema,Roelfien: d.Dec.27,1905 Fillmore age 66yrs.6mon.24day.mar. b.Netherlands.
                         daughter of Franz (Meldema?) & Johana (Haapink) 3:106
Kuypers,Rokkettje Mrs.: d.Dec.27,1919 Overisel age 69yrs.6mon.8day. wid.b.Netherlands daughter of
                         Harring Kragt & Ritje (Vander Meer) 4:155
Zoerman,Jan Hendrik: d.Dec.22,1905 Fillmore age 68yrs.23day.b.Germany, son of
                         Jan & Dina (Kaptein) 3:35
Vanderbie,Jennigien: d.Sep.19,1888 Fillmore age 65yrs.11mon.wid.b.Europe 2:88
Kuiper,Bessie: d.Dec.23,1946 Laketown age 64yrs.10mon.7day.b.Mich.Feb.16,1882 daughter of Wm.
                         Flanders b.Can.& Lizzie (Robbeller) b.Ohio. HusbandAlbert Kuiper 10:630
Stibbs,Henry H.: d.Nov.21,1953 Laketown age 86yrs.wife Bertha Hemingway b.Iowa Sept.30,1867
                         son John H.& Carrie (Stratton)

This part of Graafschap Cemetery is newer than that in Holland Township.  The 3rd part in Laketown Township,
Allegan County is still newer.  Many of the persons buried in Parts I & II were residents of Allegan County, MI.
This 2nd portion is on Section 36 Part Township.

Aalderink,Nena Ann: d.Apr.15,1933, age 15days.
Alofs,Gertrude: wife of John Jacobs, 1904-1934
Amsink,Carrie(Tien): wife of Harry, 1905-1935
Archibald,Helen: July 16,1934, age 30yrs.
Ash,Alva E.: 1864-1922, Father
Ash,Gene A.: 1930-Aug.15,1935
Ash,Gertrude: 1871-1930, Mother
Beckman,Harmina(Kars): 1875-1919, Mother
Bluker,Herdenicus: June 4,1834-May 18,1900
Bischop,H.: Feb.26,1812-Aug.6,1899, Father
Bischop,Maartje J.(Pool): wife of H., Nov.1,1821-Oct.27,1902
Boere,Mabel I.: 1892-1930, Daughter
Boeve,Baby: of J.G., age 13mon.
Boeve,Etta(Blauw): wife of Andrew, 1909-1936
Boeve,Johanna: 1867-1934, Mother
Boeve,John G.: 1860-1929, Father
Bomers,Albert: 1895-1916, Son
Bomers,Geert: 1851-1930, Father
Bomers,Hendrikje: 1853-1896, Mother
Bonzelaar,Anna: 1885-1916
Bonzelaar,William: 1878-1920, Father
Bos,Cornelius: d.Aug.15,1891, age 64yrs.10mon.
Botzen,Dora Frances: Dec.21,1887-May 22,1904
Botzen,Helen: daughter of W.& A., Sep.30,1877-Nov.14,1900
Botzen,Walter: Nov.20,1852-Mar.14,1904, Father
Bouwman,George: 1884-1914, Son
Bouwman,Gordon Wayne: d.Sep.20,1934, age 2mon. Son
Bouwman,Hendrickus: d.Apr.17,1933, age 92yrs.2mon.6days.
Bouwman,John: 1887-1889, Son
Brat,Hero: 1909, Baby
Brat,Lyda: 1887-1930
Bremer,Eberdene: 1854-1935, remarried to R. Tibbe
Bremer,Roelof: 1850-1923
Bremer,Harold: Feb.25,1929 age 19yrs.5mon.27days.
Bridger,Charles E.: d.Mar.26,1899, age 88yrs.7mon.10days.
Bridger,Maria Louisa: d.Dec.1,1892, age 47yrs.8mon.2days.
Brill,Hiram: 1854-1921, Father
Brill,Sarah Alice: 1881-1890
Brill,Sarah Alice: 1890-1892
Brink,Henry Mrs.: Dec.15,1876-July 15,1926
Brinkman,Geziena(Heneveld): Feb.16,1852-Oct.13,1926
Brinkman,Grietje: Lenthorst,Netherlands, 1816-1899
Brinkman,Henry: Apr.18,1851-Feb.28,1927
Brinkman,Winnie: wife of Albert, 1896-1926
Brinks,Taal: d.May 13,1932, age 77yrs.5mon.3days
Bronkhorst,Henderika: Aug.31,1898, age 50yrs.
Bronkhorst,Herman: 1839-1926, Father
Bruizeman,James: Oct.15,1844-Apr.2,1925
Bush,Amy E.: wife of Orry, 1867-July 6,1933, Mother
Bush,Cornelius: Aug.7,1936, age 74yrs.7mon.1day
Bush,Martin A.: 1890-1918
Bush,Orry: 1865-May 12,1932, Father
Busscher,John Mrs.: July 13,1932, age 67yrs.5day.
Buters,Anna: 1813-1898, Mother
Buters,Dick: 1816-1895, Father
Clark,Albert: 1859-1894
Clark,: 1833-1894, Father
Clark: 1834-1886, Mother
Cook,Gertie: late wife of J.VanOss, 1857-1901
Dagger,Gerrit: d.Nov.22,1932, age 72yrs.1mon.22days.
DeFrel,Cornelis: d.1904, age 83yrs., Father
DeFrel,Hanna: 1857-1921, Mother
DeFrel,Hendricka: 1913, age 74yrs.
DeLoof,Baby: d.July 9,1934
DenBleyker,Grada: 1861-1923, Mother
DenBleyker,Olivert: 1858-1929, Father
DeJonge,Rodney Blaine: d.Feb.3,1935, age 8mon.1day.
DenUyl,Anna Ruth: 1919-1921
DenUyl,John A.: 1878-1927, Father
DenUyl,Thelma Jean: May 8,1936 age 3mon.6days,
DePree,Fred: 1899-1930, Father
DePree,Henry: 1872-1924, Father
DePree,Jacob Mrs.: d.May 1933, age 55yrs.9mon.12days.
Derks,Gerrit: d.Jan.28,1897 age 23yrs.3mon.
Derks,H.J.Mrs.: Nov.28,1848-Apr.2,1889, Mother
DeWeerd,John: 1854-1920, Father
DeWeerd,John H.: 1859-1931
DeVries,G.J.C.: 1848-1910, Father
Dogger,John J.: 1884-1907, Brother
Dogger,Jacob S.: 1857-1917, Father
Drukker,Hattie: 1867-1904
Drukker,D.R.Rev.: 1868-1928
DuMez: see Rutgers
Egbers,Jan: Feb.10?,(sic),1830-Sep.16,1901
Elders,Abel Mrs.: d.Jan.24,1936, age 65yrs.9mon.17days.
Elders,John: 1905-1922, Son
Elders,John Mrs.: age 82yrs.
Elders,Frances: 1884-1926, Mother
Essenburg,Mike: Sep.24,1873-Apr.1,1902
Felts,E.E.: d.Dec.16,1934 age 63yrs.4mon.9days.
Frankena,Gertie: wife of N., 1881-1917, Mother
Garvelink,Grace: 1876-1921
Genzink,Albert,Mrs.: d.Feb.27,1933
Hall,Robert: d.June 6,1936, age 85yrs.1mon.22days.
Hall,Robert Mrs.: d.Oct.13,1932 age 75yrs.9mon.12days.
Holtgeerts,Earl: son of G., Jan.5,1935, age 1day.
Holtgeerts,Louis: 1902-1923
Hansen,Christina M.Mrs.: d.Apr.13,1935, age 68yrs.6days.
Hansen,Emma: 1860-1924, Mother
Hansen,: Father
Hansen,Johanna: wife of N., b.June 5,1830 Norway, d.June 3,1905
Hansen,Olef J.: 1854-1932, Father
Harkema,D.Mrs.: June 3,1839-Dec.27,1905
Harkema,Derk: d.Mar.19,1932, age 95yrs.6mon.23days.
Harkema,Mildred R.: 1903-1908, Daughter
Harkema,Richard H.: 1902-1932, Son
Harrington,Bessie L.: wife of Clifford, 1884-1923
Harrington,Norma: 1914-1914
Heerspink,Inf.: daughter of G.J. & O.
Heetderks,Hendrik Jan: Nov.23,1835-Aug.28,1914
Heetderks,Hendrikus: 1842-June 6,1904
Heetderks,Janna: 1844-1920, Mother
Heetderks,Jantje: Apr.20,1832-July 3,1902
Heetderks,Jennie: 1875-1916, Daughter
Heetderks,William: 1885-1912, Son
Heetderks,Willaim: 1830-1916, Father
Heitshrends,John: 1864-1932
Hempel,Henrietta: 1827-1917, Mother (on Miller lot)
Hensen,Zwenne(Beckman): 1848-1926, Mother
Hoek,Hendricka: 1831-1914, Mother
Hoek,Henry: 1901-1916
Hoek,Herbert: 1904-1926
Hoek,Jennie: 1905-1920
Hoek,John: 1824-1889, Father
Hofmeyer,Jerry: son of G.& J., July 11,1905-Jan.22,1906
Holtgeerts,Louis: 1883-1923
Hoogenhorst,Jakob: Jan.28,1813-Dec.29,1889, age 76yrs.11mon.
Hoogenhorst,Jennigjen: 1818-Sep.14,1888, age 78yrs.
Hoyer,G.J.: 1819-1899,Father
Hoyer,G.J.,Mrs.,Nee Mrs.Wm.Plasman, Mother
Huiskan,Beertjen(VanDerSchuur): wife of A. Aug.12,1844-Oct.4,1900.
Huiskan,Albert: b.Graafschap,Prussia, Dec.7,1843-Oct.23,1918
Jacobs,Anna: 1871-1934, Mother
Jacobs,Barbara F.: Apr.29,1932 age 14days.
Jacobs,Gertie: wife of H.J., 1845-1920
Jacobs,Henry: 1843-1915
Jacobs,Gertrude(Alofs): wife of John, 1904-1934
Jacobs,John H.: 1867-1934, Father
Jacobs,Vernon Dale: Aug.4,1934, age 9mon.19days.
Jipping,Dena: wife of John, 1870-1911
Kamp,Klaas: b.Mar.27,1833 Netherlands, d.Oct.11,1892
Keizer,: 1857-1935, Father
Keizer,: 1857-1904, Mother
Kelly,Ellen M.: 1867-1929, Sister
Kleis,Hendrika: wife of Wm. 1877-1917
Kleis,Albert,Mrs.: d.July 23,1933, age 69yrs.7mon.8days.
Kleis,Jerry: 1907-1913<
Klomparens,Geesje: wife of J., 1829-Mar.15,1903, Mother
Klomparens,Grace: 1889-1890
Klomparens,Henry J.: 1859-1923, Father
Klomparens,Jan: June 25,1821-Nov.28,1902, Father
Klomparens,Kate: 1868-1923, Mother
Klomparens,Truida: wife of G.A.,
Knoll,Geesije: wife of H., 1850-1921
Knoll,Hendrick: 1850-1920
Knoll,John: Jan.4,1892-Sep.21,1908
Knoll,John: 1846-1921
Knoll,Kate: 1848-1928
Knoll,Luke: Mar.29,1932, age 73yrs.2mon.29days.
Knoper,Herman: 1849-1921
Knoper,Hinderkien: wife of H., 1850-1915
Knutson,Charles A.: 1854-1930, Husband
Knutson,Gunhild C.: 1829-1916, Mother
Knutson,Hans C.: 1830-1905, Father
Knutson,Hans P.: 1858-1923, Father
Knutson,Helen: 1913-1914, Daughter
Knutson,Isaac H.: 1857-1920, Brother
Knutson,Jacob: 1867-1930, Father
Knutson,Jessie: 1879-1935, Mother
Knutson,Mabel: 1892-1917, Daughter
Koeman,Anna A.: wife of I., 1848-1910, Mother
Koeman,Imen: 1847-1907, Father
Koers,Gerrit: 1824-1922
Koers,Gertie: 1879-1896, Sister
Koers,Hermina(Helms): 1835-1913,Mother
Kragt,Henry: 1861-1936
Kramer,Bessie: J.M.E., 1894-1925
Kramer,Richard: Mich. Pvt. 55 Engrs. May 31,1936.
Kuipers,H.J.,Mrs.: 1888-1930
Kuipers,Jan Jr.: b.Erm.Prov., Drenthe, Neth., Nov.16,1868, d.Feb.17,1890
Kuipers,Jan: b.Geesden, Prov., Drenthe, Neth., Feb.11,1833, d.July 22,1893
Kuypers,Henrietta: 1882-1920
Kuypers: Mother.
Kuypers,Willie: July 16,1884-July 27,1889
Lambers,Mary(Lucas): wife of John, Apr.28,1866-July 13,1905, Mother
L------,C,Mrs. Rev.: d.Oct.28,1906
Leman,Claude: Nov.26,1930, age 38yrs.7mon.5days.
Lemman,Gerrit J.: Apr.5,1936, age 80yrs.7mon.10days.
Lemman,Hermannes: Mar.12,1854-June 28,1907
Lemmen,John: Dec.27,1933, age 53yrs.9mon.19days.
Lemmen,Susan: wife of H.M., Apr.8,1858-May 2,1909.
Lenderink,Aaltje(Nijland): Apr.30,1853-Feb.1901 age 49yrs.
Lenderink,Bernard: b.Uelsen Bentheim, Prussia, May 10,1837-Sep.12,1914
Lenters,Gerrit: 1865-1916
Lenters,Jennie: 1866-1919
Lucas,Hattie: wife of S.H., 1866-1907, Mother
Lugers,Cornelia: wife of Henry Sr., 1856-1927, Mother
Lugers,Hendrikje: Baby,
Lugers,Lucretia: 1856-1935, Mother
Lugers,Luke: 1853-1927, Father
Lugers,William: 1856-1925, Father
Markus,T.Mrs.,: Aug.20,1934, age 54yrs.8mon.21days.
Masselink,H.: 1829-1907
Menken,Fenna: 1905, Our Darling.
Menken: 1849-1914, Father
Menken: 1854-1919, Mother
Meppelink,Reney: 1868-1931, Mother
Meppelink,William: 1895-1916
Meyering,Grace: Jan.2,1872-Dec.10,1887
Meyering,Hattie: Sep.10,1878-Feb.21,1896
Meyering,Jantje: Sep.2,1845-Feb.13,1913, Mother
Meyering,Klaas: Jan.18,1843-Sep.2,1912, Father
Michielsen: Baby, d.Sep.27,1927, age 2days.
Miller,Henry: 1866-1928
Miller,Laura: wife of H., 1860-1928
Mulder,Angeline: daughter of Wm.,1905-1916
Mulder: Baby son of C.& M., 1914
Mulder,Effie: 1891-1912
Mulder,Gertie: 1883 or 8-1918
Mulder,Henry: 1885-1886
Mulder,James: 1889-1901
Mulder,Johannes: 1857-1923, Father
Mulder,John E.: Apr.15,1875-July 5,1907
Mulder,Lamm: 1861-1932, Mother
Neerken,David Lee: Feb.2,1935, age 4yrs.3mon.14days.
Neerken,Rthel Mae: Mar.23,1925-June 1,1925
Neerken,Julius,Mrs.: Feb.2,1905-June 28,1926
Nijland: see Lenderink
Nykamp,Willard: Apr.27,1903-Apr.23,1907
Nyland,Johnny: son of J.& A., Nov.27,1895-Jan.9,1897
Nyland,Roger Earl: Dec.18,1931 age 19days.
Ortman,Henrietta: Baby, 1920
Ortman,Henery J.: 1891-1920, Father
Oudenolen,Gerrit: 1837-1917, Father
Oudenolen,Lubbertje: wife of G., 1838-1907, Mother
Pauels,J.H.: 1840-1912, Father
Pauels,Geesje: 1840-1927, Mother
Petleson,Josephine: 1877-1911
Petleson,Ole: 1832-1920
Petleson,Oletta: 1837-1906
Piers,Fanny(Brueker): 1864-Nov.13,1924, Mother
Piers,John: 1886-1887
Piers,John: 1888-1888
Plasman,Benjamin: 1878-1916
Plasman,Walter J.: Dec.9,-July 16,1915
Plasman,William, Mrs.: 1837-1903 (later Mrs.G.J.Hoyer)
Pool: see Bischop
Postma,Minnie: 1854-1921, Sister
Postma,Edwin: 1852-1916, Brother
Reimink,Dina: wife of Fred R., 1858-1921
Reimink,Fred: 1851-1908
Rutgers,Anna: 1895-1896
Rutgers: Baby, 1912
Rutgers,James W.: 1899-1907
Rutgers,Johanna: 1871-1912, Mother
Rutgers,John G.: 1860-1936
Rutgers,Lavina J.(DuMez): 1861-1934
Rutgers,Margaret(Redder): 1901-1920
Saggers,Henry, Mrs.: d.Oct.5,1932, age 55yrs.6mon.1days.
Scholten: Baby, 1916
Scholten,B.H.Mrs.: 1870-1916, Mother
Scholten,Edward: 1897-1925, Son
Scholten,Gezina: 1865-1923, Mother
Scholten,Hattie: 1885-1902, Daughter
Scholten,Justin G.: son of A.& J., 1923
Scholten,Martha(Meppelink): 1889-1928, Mother
Schrotenboer,Peter: 1877-1931, Father
Schuiteman,Albert: Dec.6,1828-Dec.2,1907, Father
Schuiteman,Clara: 1885-1930, Mother
Schuiteman,Fennetje: d.Nov.8,1883 age 55yrs.7mon.13days.
Schuiteman,Jannetje: Feb.22,1840-Apr.9,1928
Schuurman,Jennie: wife of John, 1866-1921
Shank,George: d.Jan.31,1935, age 83yrs.7mon.29days.
Slenk,Minnie S.Mrs.: 1888-1925
Speet,Anna: wife of Bartel, Mar.13,1887-July 9,1907
Speet,Benjamin: Sep.8,1886-July 28,1887
Speet,Frederic: 1893-1914
Speet,George: 1854-1914, Father
Speet,Gerrit John: son of George, Apr.8,1879-Mar.22,1897
Speet,Maxine: Apr.29,1934, age 1yr.9mon.2days.
Spyker,Jacob: Oct.12,1871-Mar.8,1896
Stegink,Jantje(Witteveen): wife of J.,Aug.18,1818-Oct.27,1903
Strabbing,John: b.Prov. Drenthe, Neth., June 17,1893
Streur: Baby, 1906
Streur,Sena: 1879-1928, Mother
Stroeve,H.J.: 1yr.2mon.
Stroeve,Harm: age 30
Stroeve,Hendrickus: 1854-1925, Father
Stroeve,Johanna(Lugers): age 34.
Strur,John H.: Oct.27,1840-Dec.5,1902
Strur: Mother.
Teerman,Fred: 1857-1935, Father
Teerman,Henrietta: wife of H.J., 1890-1920
Teerman,Gertje: 1858-191(8?), Mother
TenBrink,Gertie: 1864-1932, Mother
TenBrink,John H.: 1846-1914
Teusink,Gezena: 1874-1913, Mother
Tibbe,Eberdene(Bremer): wife of R., 1854-1935
Tibbe,Jantje: 1825-1906
Tibbe,Ralph: d.May 8,1934 age 77yrs.4mon.22days.
Tibbe,Roelof: Dec.15,1856
Tibbe,Tennig Jen: Oct.3,1852-Jan.4,1919
Tibbe,Zwantje(Hofmeyer): Jan.4,1818-June 12,1886
Tien,Allie: daughter of H.H.& C., Feb.20,1893-Feb.2,1895
Tien,Allie: wife of Herman, 1828-1919, Mother
Tien,Henry H.: 1861-1929
Tien,Herman: 1824-1910, Father
Tien,Mary J.: wife of Herman, 1872-Sep.5,1934
Timmer,Henry A.: 1861-1935, Father
Tinholt,Gerrit L.: d.Nov.19,1935 age 78yrs.5mon.20days.
Tinholt,Helena: 1901-1924
Tinholt,John: d.Mar.1,1935, age 84yrs.4mon.19days.
Tinholt,Lewis S.: 1892-1920, Father
Tinholt,Lyda: 1857-1924, Mother
Tinholt,Reka: wife of G.L., 1868-1923, Mother
Tripp,John H.Mrs.: d.Jan.26,1937 age 75yrs.11mon.12days.
Tripp,Marie: 1893-1908
Tubbergen,John Jr.: 1902-1930
Tyink,Dick Mrs.: d.Mar.25,1934 age 54yrs.7mon.26days.
Tyink,Herman Mrs.: d.Feb.5,1933 age 26yrs.1mon.15days.
Tymes,Albert: b.Drenthe, Neth., Apr.11,1827, d.Aug.1,1903, Father
Tymes,Hattie: 1872-1935
VanDenBeldt,Gerrit J.: 1859-1925
VanDenBrenk,Maria: Apr.30,1877-June 29,1908
VanderBie,Adrian: 1889-1918
VanderBie,Cornelius: 1874-1932
VanderBie,Geesje: 1842-1924, Mother
VanderBie,Hendrik: 1827-1891, Father
VanderBie,Henry M.: 1816-1916
VanderBie,Hien: 1858-1914, Father
VanderBie,Jacob: 1906-1906
VanderBie,Jan: 1894-1895
VanderBie,Ruth: 1911-1911
VanderSchuur,Beertjan: wife of A.Huisken, Aug.12,1844-Oct.4,1900
VanderVelden,Abraham: 1867-Apr.10,1931, Father
VanDyke,Jacob: 1855-1924, Father
VanDyke,Johanna: 1857-1932, Mother
VanHouw,Thomas: Apr.27,1862-Jan.20,1916, Father
VanHuis,Henry: son of H.& H. 1913-1916
VanHuis,Tourt H.: 1851-1931
VanKersen,Abie(Arie) M.: Mar.12,1838-Jan.27,1900, Father
VanKersen,Henrietta: 1879-1915, Mother
VanKersen,Mary: 1912-1915
VanKersen,Mary: July 23,1842-Mar.6,1923, Mother
VanLeeuwen,Cornelius: 1832-1914, Father
VanLeeuwen,Gerritje: 1846-1915, Mother
VanLente,Frederick J.: son of H.& J. July 21,1869-May 7,1889
VanOmmen,Betty: d.July 11,1934 age 12(?)yrs.3mon.4days.
VanOss,Gertie(Cook): wife of H.J., 1857-1901
VanSchure,Metye: 1837-1915, Mother
VanSchure,Peter: 1837-1922, Father
VanSlooten,Jane: 1848-1929, Mother
VanSlooten,Louis J.: 1884-1929, Son
VanSlooten,Louis: 1843-1899, Father
VanSpyker,Harm: 1840-1925, Father
VanSpyker,Femmege: 1847-1905, Mother
VanVessem,Johanna Hendrika: Mar.8,1901-Dec.9,1901
VanVessem,John: 1910-1911
VanZanten,Albert Jr.: Baby, Dec.19,1920
Veen,John Mrs.: Feb.12,1933 age 35yrs.4days.
Verhoef,Martha(Tinholt): 1893-1925, Mother
VerLee,Hattie: wife of A., 1860-1917
VerLee,Jenneke: Aug.14,1821-Feb.18,1905, Mother
VerLee,Pieter: Aug.15,1816-Mar.21,1895, Father
Vliem,Aart: Nov.3,1846-Feb.17,1936 age 89yrs.
Vliem,Alice: 1857-1936, Mother
Vliem,Hettje M.: Aug.4,1896-Oct.30,1897
Vliem,Fenntje: Feb.6,1854-Dec.29,1921 age 67yrs. Mother
Vliem,Hendrika: 1850-1924
Vliem,Herman Mrs.: Aug.7,1935 age 51yrs.
Vliem,Jantje(Witteveen): "echtgenote" van H. Aug.18,1818-Oct.27,1903
Vliem,John: 1862-1926, Father
Vos,Aaltje: 1830-1913, Mother
Vos,Hendrik Jan: 1827-1913, Father
Vos,Lambert: 1866-1932, Father
Wagenveld,Nellie: wife of R., 1870-1934
Wiegmink,Hiram: Dec.29,1902-Oct.22,1907
Wiersma,Bernie: Sonny, 1918-1924
Witte,Antje(Mokma): wife of J., Mar.22,1904 age 94yrs.3mon.
Wolbert,E.: Jan.21,1905 age 71yrs.mon.
Wolters,Albert: b.Prov.Drenthe, Neth., May 22,1828-June 25,1893
Wolters,Grietje(deJong): Jan.18,1829-Sep.26,1900
Zeedyk,Phyllis Jean: d.Mar.3,1931
Zeldenrust,Anje: wife of L., 1845-1932
Zeldenrust,Hielke: Aug.17,1810-July 20,1899
Zeldenrust,L.Mrs.: Aug.24,1932 age 86yrs.10mon.14days.
Zeldenrust,Lutje: 1845-1919
DeNeut,Herman: 1884-1955
Beckman,Marinus: 1895-1955
Frelander,Allen: 1892-19--, Father
Frelander,Helen: 1900-1959, Mother
Peeks,William: d.Sep.3,1961 age 90yrs.1mon.26days.
Knutson,Jenerus O.: d.Sep.14,1885-May 23,1948
Streur,Henry J.: 1913-1954
Streur,Henry: 1887-1951, Father
Streur,Mary A.: 18-- - 19--,
Streur,Joseph: 1911-1954, Father
Dannenberg,Thomas Lyn: Dec.27,1958-May 29,1961
Arnoldink,Jacquilyn Fern: Baby, Aug.19,1948
Ash,Gene A.: 1930-1935
Piers,Johannes: 1876-1959, Father
Piers,Gertie: 1881-1948, Mother
Piers,Marian: 1917-1946, Mother
Wolters,Louise: June 3,1922-July 6,1952, Mother
Wolters,Henry J.: 1890-1959, Father
Wolters,Gordon D.: June 5,1924-Nov.24,1944, Mich.PFC 175 Inf. W.W. II.
Bouws,Josephine: 1918-1942, Mother
Bouws,Grace: 1891-1945, Mother
Wolters,Alfred: 1919-1941, Father
Wolters,Mary L.: 1920-1941
Mulder,Mary Ann: 1910-1942
Aalderink,Joe: Son, 1899-1952
Aalderink,Johanna: 1870-1942, Mother
Aalderink,John K.: 1868-1950, Father
Jongkrijg,Peter: 1866-1941, Father
Jongkrijg,Sena: 1872-1959
Koeman,Hilda: 1911-1942, Mother
Morley,Jeanette: 1903-1942, Mother
Stegink,Johanna: 1871-1948, Mother
Stegink,Luke: 1866-1943, Father
Zelden?ust,Peter: 1880-1954
Zelden?ust,Andena: 1869-1944
VanLieme,Ronald: 1944-1945
VanLieme,Sheryl: 1952-1953
Schrotenboer,Jesie(Zoerhoff): 1905-1944
Schrotenboer,Michael G.: Oct.9,1956-Oct.10,1956, Baby.
Schrotenboer,Susan Jean: Feb.4,1956-Feb.5,1956, Baby.
Walters,Maurice Dale: 1941-1945
Schierbeek,John: 1884-1945, Father
Schierbeek,Henrietta: 1888-1956, Mother
Genzink,George: 1889-1945, Father
Zoerman,Harry Carl: 1931-1947
Zoerman,Henry C.: 1896-1950, Father
Boeve,Gerrit J.: 1888-1958, Father
Spykerman,Wilhelmina: 1901-1960, Mother (Mrs.Nick: d.Mar.12,1960 age 58yrs.4mon.27days)
Teason,Edward: 1879-1949, Father,
Teason,Lottie Mrs.: d.Sep.11,1959 age 73yrs.11mon.25days.
Nyland,Benjamin: d.Sep.3,1961, age 63yrs.9mon.25days.
Nyland,Wayne O.: 1929-1950
Driscall,Harold: 1908-1960, Father
Schipper,Anna: 1878-1959, Mother
Schipper,Herman: 1871-1953, Father
Harkema,William R.: d.Nov.14,1958 age 83yrs.9mon.7days.
Harkema,Susan Ann: d.—26,1949, age -?yrs.6mon.6days.
VanLeeuwen,Frances G.: 1921-1921, Baby
VanLeeuwen,Frances G.: 1892-19--, Mother
VanLeeuwen,Cornelius: 1882-1950, Father
DeVries,Gabe W.: Nov.29,1895-Apr.2,1961 Iowa Cook Hq Co.337 F.A.
Alibee,Renald: 1909-1961
Reimink,Benj: 1891-1960, Father
Reimink,Kate: 1893-19--, Mother
Diepenhorst,Herman: 1884-1961
Boergman,Gerrit: 1902-1960
Fuder,Edwin E.: 1883-1960, Father
Fuder,Henrietta: 1895-19--, Mother
VanBruggen,Jerry: 1939-1959, Son
Castor,Clifford H.: 1898-1959
Stoel,Thos.A.: 1939-1960, Son
Kramer,Henry: 1899-1959
Teusink: Baby, Feb.21,1951
Wold,Albert: d.June 13,1961
Wold,Mary: 1891-1950
Goenan,Janice Faye: 1951 age 2mon.
Weller,Glenn J.: 1928-1950
Prince,Richard: Mar.16,1923-June 15,1945 Mich.PFC 136 Inf. 53 Div. WWII.
Weerstra,Samuel: 1942-1956, Son
Boeve,Lee Wesley: 1947-1949
Hoffmeyer,Hellen: 1886-1951
VanOss,Herman: 1891-1949
Muller,Preston: 1899-1958
DeFrell,Lee David: Baby of Mr.& Mrs. Elmer
DeFrell,Jacob: 1888-1955
Boeve,Wayne Terrance: Nov.17,1958
Meyering,Adrian: 1908-1955
Meyer,Ray H.: 1909-1955
Becksford,John: 1882-1955
Becksford,Lyda: 1884-1955
Salisbury,Harry Rev.: 1889-1953
Bekken,Robert D.: 1953-1955, Son
Brinkman,Helen: 1885-1949, Wife,
Kleinheksel,John: 1865-1953
Meyering,Effie: June 21,1902-Feb.5,1948
Rabbers,Steven Dale: d.June 10,1958 age 4days.
Brink,Michael D.: d.Feb.4,1954 age 1day.
Grosman,Anne: 1906-1959(d.June 29,1959 age 53yrs.2mon.26days.)
Hoodeman,Richard: 1874-1951, Husband
Nichols,Clarence: d.Sep.14,1956 age 1yr.4mon.
Ba—us,Edwin E.: May 8,1889-July 26,1957 Mich.Cpl.Sup.Co.37 F A 13 Div.WWII.
Harthorn,John: 1891-1966, Father
Harthorn,Jennie: 1893-1960, Mother
Weighmink,Barbara Kay: Jan.22,1956-Feb.26,1957, Baby.
Aalderink,Jerry: Apr.23,1952-Nov.3,1960, Son
Kole,Dale: May 13,1898-Sep.30,1949, Mich PFC 5 Inf.17 Div.WWI.
Kleis,Reka: wife of Ernest, 1892-1950
Heneveld,Gerrit: 1866-1950, Father
Heneveld,Anna: 1871-1951, Mother
DeWeerd,Alle D.: 1879-1958, Husband
DeWeerd,Marie M.: 1881-1950, Wife
Cobb,Jennie B.: 1880-1959, Mother
Lamar,Peter J.: 1945-1957, Son
Plaasman,Donald: Aug.2,1957-Oct.29,1957, Baby
VanderArk,Gary: Feb.8,1961, Baby
Quist,James D.: 1912-1950
Fleeman,Anna: 1890-1957, Mother
Young,Linda Rae: May 10,1957-July 2,1957
Robbert,Henry J.: 1887-1956
Hossink,James: (Twin of John C.) 1955
Hossink,John C.: (Twin of James) 1955
Bultema,Sandra: 1936-1951, Daughter
Brandon,Carl E.: 1883-1961
Regenerds,Eliza Mrs.: d.Feb.11,1959 age 67yrs.11mon.9days.
Brinkman,George: 1878-1957, Father
Brinkman,Dora J.: 1881-1959, Mother
Koorks,John: 1874-1948, Father
Koorks,Mary: 1890-1950, Mother
Prins,Arie: 1874-1954, Father
Buttner,Albert Mrs.: d.Mar.27,1951
Stibbs,H.H.: 1867-1953, of "Castle Park".
Kuiper,Albert Mrs.: June 22,1947 age 72yrs.1mon.5day.
Kuiper,Bessie: 1882-1947
Droger,Patricia L.: 1934-1958, Mother
Droger, Gordon L.: 1931-1958
Volkers,Harry: june 20,193- d.Dec.7,1958, Father
Schrotenboer,Robert: b.1891, d.Mar.7,1960 age 68yrs.3mon.10days.
Geurink,Douglas Lee: d.Dec.10,1958 age 4days.
Anderson,Gurena M.: 1886-1958, Mother
Anderson,Andrew B.: 1888-1953
Westerhof,Gary Lee: d.Apr.29,1953 age 9yrs.1day.


Brink,Helen: d.Jan.10,1926 Fillmore age 63yrs.2mon.23day. mar.b.Neth., daughter of Ybran Huisenga
& Gertrude(Dykema) 5:285

DeVries,Gustav John: d.July 6,1910 Fillmore age 65yrs.5mon.20days., mar.b.Neth., son of T.& Catherine(VanDyk) 3:227

Jansen,Dena: d.June 2,1930 Laketown age 79yrs.8mon.21days., mar.b.Neth.,
                     daughter of Albert Jansen & Anna(Bovenkamp) 5:498

Kleis,Maggie: d.July 23,1933 Fillmore age 69yrs.7mon.8days. wid. b.Mich.daughter of
                      Albert Saggers & Jantje(Bischop) 5:649

Lemmen,Benj.J.: d.Nov.2,1916 Fillmore age 92yrs.11mon.23days. mar.4:76 b.Mich. son of Arend b.Neth.& Jennie(Shoemaker) b.Ger.

Lucas,Fennigje: d.Sep.12,1903 Laketown age 72yrs.9mon.13days. wid. b.Ger. daughter of Jan Koert. 3:50

Lugers,Hindrikje: d.Jan.28,1894 Laketown age 66yrs. Mar.b.Prussia, daughter of Hendrik Brinkman & Hansa. 2:196

Menken,Gertie: d.Apr.10,1919 Laketown age 65yrs.8mon.26days. wid. b.Mich. Daughter of
                         H.Klomparens & Fannies(Wavers). 4:146

Menken,John: d.Apr.20,1914 Laketown age 65yrs.28days. mar.b.Neth. son of Herman & Helen. 4:13

Mulder,William J.: d.Jan.19,1883 Laketown age 73yrs.12days.wid. b.Europe son of John & Clara. 2:12

Neerken,Berend J.: d.July 7,1895 Laketown age 74yrs. mar.b.Neth. 2:214

Pauels,Jan Hendrik: d.Dec.16,1912 Laketown age 72yrs.11mon. mar. b. Emmelkamp,Mich. Son of Jan. 3:290

Rutgers,John R.: d.Feb.2,1916 Laketown age 81yrs.11mon.2days. mar.b.Neth. son of Johannes & Grace(Wolters) 4:52

Scholten,Berend H.: d.Nov.14,1894 Laketown age 77yrs. wid.b.Prussia 4:52

Scholten,Kate: d.Feb.4,1916 Fillmore age 45yrs.11mon.21days. mar.b.Mich.daughter of John Osting & Altje(Diekhuis) 4:51

Scholten,Eglina: d.Aug.6,1899 Fillmore age 41yrs.8mon. mar.b.Neth. daughter of Klaas Bultje & Geesje(Fillesies) 2:304

Tibbe,Hendrika: d.Jan.16,1908 Laketown age 52yrs.10mon.5days. mar.b.Neth. daughter of Gerrit Bosik. 3:167

Busscher,Minnie: (Mrs.John) d.July 13,1932 Laketown age 67yrs.6days. mar.b.Mich. daughter of Herman
                          Wolters b.Mich.& Susie(Gebben) b.Neth. 5:603

DePree,Anna: (Mrs.Jacob) d.Mar.6,1933 Laketown age ? mar. 5:655, daughter of Bernard VanOss &
                          Gerturde(Boss) both b.Neth.

Hartger,Hilligien: (Mrs.J.H.) d.Dec.14,1900 Laketown age 85yrs.6mon.4days. mar.b.Ger. daughter of Geert Tinholt. 2:323

Heneveld,Egbert: d.Nov.14,1885 Laketown age 30yrs.1mon.7days. mar.b.Mich. son of Gerret & Jane of Laketown. 2:43

Meinema,Jessie: d.Oct.17,1936 Laketown age 72yrs.5mon.14days. mar.b.May 3,1864 Neth. Daughter of
                           Sape Veldema & Jantje(Schoonstra) b.Neth.

Wiggers,Jan: d.Feb.17,1936 Laketown age 78yrs.11mon.5days. mar.b.Ger. son of Henry J. b.Neth. &
                           Grace(Neerken) 9:504

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