In the Netherlands and America

                                    GENERATION NO. #1

Greate Pierborn in 1480, d.1520, married to Rintsje Syrtsema who was murdered  in 1515.
                     (Another source says: born Ca. 1470 in Kimswerd, Netherlands;
                       died October 28, 1520 in Sneek, Netherlands;
                       married Rintz or Siersma Sijerx ca. 1495 in Friesland, Netherlands;
                       born ca. 1480 in Friesland, Netherlands.)

Children of Greate Pier and Rintsje Syrtsema are:
                i.  Gerlof Piers, b.1506, name of his wife is unknown,
(Another source says:Gerlof, born ca. 1495, died young)
                ii.  Wobble, born ca. 1500
                                   GENERATION NO. #2

Gerlof Piers was born in 1506, The name of his wife is unknown.

Children of Gerlof Piers and Unknown are:
                i.  Pier Gerlofs, he married Ann Takes

                                            GENERATION NO. #3

Pier Gerlofs birth date unknown, married Ann Takes.

Children of Pier Gerlofs and Ann Takes are:
                i.  Gerlof Piers b.1580.

                                   GENERATION NO. #4

Gerlof Piers b.1580 had 5 children, 3 daughters and 2 sons.

Children of Gerlof Piers are:
                i.  Pier Gerlofs b.1611
               ii.  Johan Gerlofs b.1613, name of wife unknown.

                                             GENERATION NO. #5

Johan Gerlofs born 1613, name of his wife is unknow.

Children of Johan Gerlofs are:
                i.  Gerlof Johannis,

                                     GENERATION NO. #6

Gerlof Johannis had 2 children, 1 daughter and 1 son.

Children of Gerlof Johannis are:
                i.  Daughter b.1672
               ii.  Jan Gerlofs b.1674, the name of his wife is unknown.

                                   GENERATION NO. #7

Jan Gerlofs born 1674, name of his wife is unknown.

Children of Jan Gerlofs are:
                i.  Gerlof Jans b.1704.

                                   GENERATION NO. #8

Gerlof Jans was born 1704. He married Aaltien Pieters 14 November 1728 in Midwolda, Groningen, Netherlands.
Aaltien Pieters was born 1707.  Gerlof Jans was a Timmerman by profession.

Children of Gerlof Jans and Aaltien Pieters are:
                i.  Jan Gerlofs, b.4 Aug.1743, Midwolda, Groningen, Netherlands; d.10 Mar.1807
               ii.  Heike Gerlofs b.20 Jul.1732, Midwolda, Groningen, Netherlands.
              iii.  Jan Gerlofs b.30 Sep.1736, Midwolda, Groningen, Netherlands.
              iv.  Swaantie Gerlofs b.1 Jan.1737/38, Midwolda, Groningen, Netherlands, d.2 Mar.1824, Scheemda;
                    married 16 Jul.1758 Gerhardus Jacobus Molema b.5 Apr.1722, Nieuwolda, d.14 Sep.1805,
                    Midwolda, Groningen Netherlands.
               v.  ? Gerlofs b.6 Nov.1740, Midwolda, Groningen, Netherlands
              vi.  Geesien Gerlofs b.8 Apr.1746, Midwolda, Groningen, Netherlands.

                                   GENERATION NO. #9

Jan Gerlofs b.4 Aug.1743 in Midwolds, Groningen, Netherlands; d.10 Mar.1807; He was married to
Stijntie Pieters 31 Jan 1768 in Midwolda, Groningen, Netherlands.  She was a daughter of Pieter Aisses
and Swaantje Matthijs.  She was born 29 Jan.1740/41 in Midwolds, Groningen, Netherlands.

Children of Jan Gerlofs and Stijntie Pieters are:
                i.  Pieter Jans Gerlofs b.12 Sep.1785, Oostwold, Groningen, Netherlands. d.17 Nov.1836.
               ii.  Zwaantje jans Gerlofs, b.12 Apr.1772, Oostwold, Groningen, Netherlands.
              iii.  Aaltjen Jans Gerlofs b.15 May 1774, Oostwold, Groningen, Netherlands.
              iv.  Geesijn Jans Gerlofs b.8 Sep.1776, Oostwold, Groningen, Netherlands.
               v.  Gerlof Jans Gerlofs b.20 Dec.1778, Oostwold, Groningen, Netherlands.
              vi.  Wobbigjen Jans Gerlofs b.13 Apr.1781, Oostwold, Groningen, Netherlands.
                      (baptised 22 Apr.1781, Oostwold, Groningen, Netherlands)
              vii. Gerlof Jans Gerlofs b.1 May 1768, Midwolda, Groningen, Netherlands.
             viii.  Gerfof Jans Gerlofs b.21 Oct.1770, Midwolda, Groningen, Netherlands.

                                   GENERATION NO. #10

Pieter Jans Gerlofs b.12 Sep.1785, Oostwold,Groningen,Netherlands; d.17 Nov.1836, d.17 Nov.1836.
He married Aaltien Jans, she died 7 Jul 1815.

Children of Pieter Jans Gerlofs and Aaltien Jans are:
                i.  Johannes Pieter Gerlofs b.3 Feb.1819, Scheemda, Groningen, Netherlands.

                                   GENERATION NO. #11

Johannes Pieter Gerlofs was born 3 Feb.1819 in Groningen, Netherlands. He married Engeltje Nap 17 Nov.1848
in Scheemda, Midwolda, Groningen, Netherlands.  She was born 6 Feb.1827, daughter of Jurjen Nap and Aafko Bodde.

Children of Johannes Pieter Gerlofs and Engeltje Nap are:
                i. Pieter Gerlofs,b.27 Feb.1857,in Midwold,Groningen,Netherlands;d.25 Jul.1939.
               ii. Stijntje Gerlofs, b.1863, d.1939.

                                  GENERATIONS NO. #12

Pieter Gerlofs(Johannes Pieter)was born 27 Feb.1857 in Midwold,Groningen,Netherlands,d.25 Jul.1939.
He married Sanna Bamberg on 9 Feb.1880 in Groningen,Netherlands.  Sanna is the daughter of Hilko
Bamberg and Fennechien Didel.

Notes for Pieter Gerlofs:
While in the Netherlands he was a laborer for a wealthy farmer. He married Sanna Bamberg, daughter
of Hilko Bamberg and Fennekein Didel.  Sanna was born January 24,1860 in Oostwolde, Groningen,
Netherlands. She worked as a maid to a wealthy farmer in Meerland, Groningen.  (Possibly the same
farmer Pieter worked for?)  According to interviews with their children, Pieter and Sanna were married
after their first child was born. Pieter, Sanna and all their children except Fennekein, Johannes and Hilko
came to the U.S. aboard the "S.S.NOORDAM" in April 1904.  Johannes and Hilko had arrived in
Kalamazoo in early Spring of 1902 and stayed with a family named Klepper.  When they had earned
enough money they sent for the rest of the family.  Fennekein, their oldest daughter had probably
married by this time and remained in the "Old Country" with her husband and children. It was told to
me that there was seen a photograph of her with her Grand Daughter taken perhaps in the 1940's.
We know of nothing further about her.  The Bamberg family is of Jewish origin:

Children of Pieter Gerlofs and Sanna Bamberg are:
                i. Jergen Gerlofs,b.4 Nov.1887,Oostwold,Groningen,Netherlands; d.14 Jan.1963,Kalamazoo,
                   Kalamazoo County, Michigan, USA.
               ii. Jan(John) Gerlofs,b.13 Oct.1889;d.29 Nov.1975.
              iii. Pieter Gerlofs,b.12 Nov.1891;d.4 Apr.1981.
              iv. Johannes(Hans) Gerlofs,b.5 May.1880;d.9 Dec.1959.
               v. Afko Gerlofs,b.Unknown.
              vi. Garrett Gerlofs,b.3 May.1903;d.14 Feb.1972.
             vii. Sinnie Gerlofs,b.19 May.1895;d.24 Oct.1968.
            viii. Geertruide Gerlofs,b.28 Sep.1885;d.13 Aug.1951.
              ix. Engeltje Anna Gerlofs,b.23 Jun.1893;d.26 Jan.1964,Burried in Wyoming Cemetery,Kent
               x. Aaltje(Alice) Gerlofs,b.7 Nov.1898.
              xi. Fennekein Gerlofs,b.Unknown in the Netherlands,d.Unknown in the Netherlands; Married
           Steve Werkman.
              xii. Hilko(Joe) Gerlofs,b.24 Apr.1882;d.16 Jun.1957.
             xiii. Aafko(Coe) Gerlofs,b.6 Nov.1900;d.13 Sep.1977.

Stijntje Gerlofs was born 1863, died 1939.
She married Roelf Koning who was born 1864, died 1956.

Children of Stijntje Gerlofs and Roelf Koning are:
                 i. Anna Koning, b.1891; d.1976; Married Gijsbertus Leijssenaar.
                ii. Arend Koning, Married Titia.

                                  GENERATION NO. #13

Jergen Gerlofs(Pieter,Johannes Pieter) was born 4 Nov.1887 in Oostwold, Groningen,Netherlands, and
died 14 Jan.1963 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, Mighigan. He married Mary Vermeulen on 6 Jan.1910
in ?, Mary is the daughter of William Vermeulen and Sarah.

Children of Jergen Gerlofs and Mary Vermeulen are:
                i. Marian Louise Gerlofs,Married Joe DeVries.
               ii. Sarah Gerlofs,Married Jim VerMulen.
              iii. Suzette Gerlofs,Married ? Warren.

Jan (John) Gerlofs(Pieter,Johannes Pieter) was born 13 Oct.1889, died 29 Nov.1975. He Married
(1)Maggie Mejeur 1913, daughter of Uko Mejeur and Trena. He married (2)Aaltje(Alice) Doorlag
11 Nov.1923, daughter of Elzo Doorlag and Harnke Kuiper.

Children of Jan Gerlofs and Maggie Mejeur are:
                i. Peter Gerlofs,b.14 Jul.1914.
               ii. Uko Gerlofs,b.20 Jul.1916.

Children of Jan Gerlofs and Aaltje Doorlag are:
                iii. Sanna Gerlofs,b.28 Jul.1924.
               iv. Elzo Gerlogs,b.20 Jan.1927.
                v. Harriet Gerlofs,8 Jun.1930.
               vi. Esther Gerlofs,b.26 Oct.1931.

Pieter Gerlofs (Pieter,Johannes Pieter) was born 12 Nov.1891, d.4 Apr.1981. He married Grace
Yonker 19 Dec.1918.

Children of Pieter Gerlofs and Grace Yonker are:
                i. Celia Gerlofs, married DeVries.
               ii. John Gerlofs.
              iii. Barbara Gerlofs.
              iv. Grace Gerlofs,d.6 Aug.1982.

Johannes(Hans) Gerlofs (Pieter,Johannes Pieter) was born 5 May.1880, d.9 Dec.1959. He
married (1)Roelfine Veld.  married (2)Agnes Veld. Notes:Both of Johannes's wives were
sisters-in-law Johannes(Hans) was in the Cement Business. When he first came to Kalamazoo
he and two other relatives ("Uncle John" and another John) owned a gravel pit and cement
contracting business.  They lost the business during hare times.

Children of Johannes(Hans) Gerlofs and Roelfine Veld are:
                i. Peter Gerlofs.
               ii. Jenny Gerlofs, married Ver Hagen.
              iii. Donald Gerlofs.

Garrett Gerlofs (Pieter,Johannes Pieter), was born 3 May.1903, and died 14 Feb.1972. He
married Sinnie Van Der Woude 6 Jan.1926.

Children of Garrett Gerlofs and Sinnie Van Der Woude Are:
                i. Dorothy Gerlofs, married Hoeksema.
               ii. Betty Gerlofs, married Klepper.
              iii. Clarence Gerlofs.

Sinnie Gerlofs (Pieter,Johannes Pieter) was born 19 May.1895, d.24 Oct.1968. She married
Garret Diephuis in 1916.

Children of Sinnie Gerlofs and Garret Diephuis are:
                i. Suzanne Diephuis, married DeHaan.
               ii. Raymond Diephuis, d.8 Mar.1985.
              iii. Peter Diephuis.
              iv. Floyd Diephuis.

Geertruide Gerlofs (Pieter,Johannes Pieter) was born 28 Sep.1885, died 13 Aug.1951. She
married Jerry Kampen 1905.

Children of Geertruide Gerlofs and Jerry Kampen are:
                i. Daughter Kampen,b.25 Feb.1906; d.3 Nov.1908, Burried at Riverside Cemetery,
                   next to Jerry & Gertrude...also on the same plot as Hemmo Kampen(1914-1922)
               ii. Peter Kampen.
              iii. William Kampen.
              iv. Henrietta Kampen.
               v. Sue Kampen, married Warner.
              vi. Jim Kampen.
             vii. Emerson Kampen.

Engeltje Anna Gerlofs (Pieter,Johannes Pieter) was born 23 Jun.1893, died 26 Jan.1964,
Burried in Wyoming Cemetery, Kent County, Michigan.  Married Albert Vredevoogd 1915.

Children of Engeltje Gerlofs and Albert Vredevoogd are:
                i. Thressa Vredevoogd , b.19 Jun.1918; d.12 Jul.1984; married Louwenaar.
               ii. Robert Vredevoogd.
              iii. Donald Vredevoogd.

Aaltje(Alice) Gerlofs (Pieter,Johannes Pieter) was born 7 Nov.1898. Married Peter Drenth
20 Jun.1919.

Children of Aaltje Gerlofs and Peter Drenth are:
                i. Catherine Drenth, married Harold Van Hoe.
               ii. Sandra Drenth, married Pope.
              iii. Harold Drenth.

Hilko(Joe) Gerlofs (Pieter,Johannes Pieter) was born 24 Apr.1882, died 16 Jun.1957. He
married Susie DeWolf.

Children of Hilko(Joe) Gerlofs and Susie DeWolf are:
                i. Peter Gerlofs.
               ii. Susetta Gerlofs.

Aafko(Coe) Gerlofs (Pieter,Johannes Pieter) was born 6 Nov.1900, died 13 Sep.1977. He
married Ida DeBoer 9 May.1922.

Children of Aafko Gerlofs and Ida DeBoer are:
                i. Clayton K.(Kenneth/Bud) Gerlofs.
               ii. Dale Gerlofs.
              iii. Norman Gerlofs.

Anna Koning, b.1891, d.1976, Married Gijsbertus Leijssenaar, b.1880, d.1969.

Children of Anna Koning and Gijsbertus Leijssenaar are:
                 i. Annigje Leijssenaar, b.1910, d.1997, Married Hendrik Mulder, b.1905, d.1983.
                ii. Christina Leijssenaar, b.1913, d.1985.
               iii. Johanna Roelfina Leijssenaar, b.1919, d.1987. Married Jan Sleurink, b.1917, d.1999.
               iv. Roelof Johannes Leijssenaar, b.1922, d.1984.
                v. Johannes Leijssenaar, b.1928.

Arend Koning, Married Titia.

Children of Arend Koning and Titia are:
                 i. Roelof Koning.

                                  GENERATION NO.#14

Marian Louise Gerlofs (Jergen,Pieter,Johannes Pieter) married Joe DeVries son of Jan DeVries
and Trientje Schreuder.

Children of Marian Louise Gerlofs and Joe DeVries are:
                i. Russell John DeVries, married Linda Deaver.
               ii. Ronald Allen DeVries, married Luann Hughes.
              iii. Debra Jo DeVries, married Steven Little.
              iv. Gerald(Jerry) Richard DeVries, b.10 Aug.1965. died two years later.

                                    GENERATION NO.#15

Russel John DeVries (Marian,Jergen,Pieter,Johannes Pieter) married Linda Deaver.

Children of Russel John DeVries and Linda Deaver are:
                i. Robb Anthony DeVries.
               ii. Bradley John DeVries.
              iii. Todd DeVries.

Ronald Allen DeVries (Marian,Jergen,Pieter,Johannes Pieter) married Luann Beth Hughes.

Children of Ronald Allen DeVries and Luann Beth Hughes are:
               i. Amy Beth DeVries.
              ii. Jill Marie DeVries.

Debra Jo DeVries (Marian,Jergen,Pieter,Johannes Pieter) married Steven Little.

Children of Debra Jo DeVries and Steven Little are:
               (No children of this Marriage)

"Great Pier"-"Grote Pier"
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