East Saugatuck Cemetery (up to 1987)
Fillmore Township, Allegan County, Michigan
Located in Section 20 of Fillmore Township, Allegan County, MI,
on the Blue Star Highway, south of 142nd Avenue on the east side of the road.
The original work was done by: Irene Reidsma,
Internet version by: Luann Hughes DeVries


TS = Tomb Stone
ACDR = Allegan County Death Records
OSSW = On Same Stone With
HCDR = Holland City Death Record
OCDR = Ottawa County Death Record
OTDR = Overijsel Township Death Records
FTDR = Fillmore Township Death Records
Neth. = Netherlands
dau = Daughter
hus = husband
MI = Michigan
yrs = years
mo = months

Aalderink, Alyda b., Mother, 1845-1875(TS); Alyda Berendina Aalderink, b.1845 in the Neth.,d.June 2,1874 in Fillmore Twp. age 33-2-4 daughter of
                   Gradus & June (   ) Heneveld(ACDR);
Adlerink, Gerrit, Father,1842-1926
Aalderink, Tillie, Mother, 1849-1928
Alofs, Henrietta, wife of Johannes, born in Germany, d.Mar.10,1943, age 86-6-22, dau of Everett Shoemaker; LU(FTDR)
Alofs, Johannes, hus of Hendrika, b.Mar.16,1861 in the Neth. d.Oct.4,1942(?); LU(FTDR)
Alofs, Tillie,Mother,1890-1979; L280 - G3/OSSW William
Alofs, Warner, (child), b.&d. Nov.7,1909,son of William & Bertha (Brinks); L238 - G1
Alofs, William, Father, 1885-1925 (TS), b.in Mich., d.Jan.17,1925 in Fillmore Twp. age 40-5-9, dau of Harm & Martha (ACDR);L280-G2 OSSW
Alofs, Willis, Son,1924-1925/ d.Jul.8,1925 in Fillmore Twp. age 0-6-8, son of William & Tillie (Dykstra); (ACDR); L280-G1
Ashbaugh, Daniel G., Pennsylvania Pfc 310 General Hospital, WWII; Apr.21,1917-Oct.27,1963; Sec BB
Baker, Rev.Andrew, 1906-1970; Sec BB;OLW Gertrude
Baker, Gertrude, 1908-___?; OLW Rev. Andrew; Sec BB
Bakker,Berend,Father,1874-1942; OSSW Stientje; L278-G3/Benjamin Bakker, hus.of Steenja,Aug.5,1874-Feb.7,1942,son of Henry & Anna(Weaver);
Bakker, Bernice, 1915-____?; OSSW Rudolph, L202-G2
Bakker, Marlene R.,1946-1959; L202-G4/Marlene Rose Bakker Mar.25,1946 Holland - Feb.19,1959 Holland, dau of Rudolph & Bernice
               (Schrotenboer); (HCDR)
Bakker, Marvin R.' 1932-1940; L278-G5
Bakker, Ronald J.; 1950-1954; L202-G1/ Ronald Jay Bakker, Mar.21,1950-Feb.11,1954 son of Rudolph & Bernice (Schrotenboer); (HCDR)
Bakker, Rudolph, 1911-1975; OSSW Bernice; L202-G3/ wife of Bernice Schrotenboer, Dec.27,1911-Nov.27,1975; son of Benjamin & Stenjie
                (VanderWal); (OCDR)
Bakker,Stienje, Mother; 1879-1959; OSSW Berend; L278-G2/ Stientje Bakker, wife of Berend, Sept.12,1879-Dec.4,1959 (HCDR)
Balder, Jane, Mother, 1865-1895; L186-G2/ d.Jan.20,1895 in Manlius Twp., age 30-5-0; dau of Berend & Alice ( ??) Bergman (ACDR)
Balder,Janna, Mother, 1838-1906; L186-G1/ d.Jul.23,1906 age 68 yrs. & 9 mo. (ACDR)
Balder,Jane, Mother, 1864-1919; L186-G6/ d.Apr.10,1919 in Manlius Twp., age 54 yrs. & 10 da; dau of A.C. & Dena (Haencaet) Beltman. (ACDR)
Balder,Baby, 1912 (only date); L241-G8/ Baby Johanna died Nov.17,1912 age 11 days, dau of Henry & Lena (Overbeek); (ACDR)
Balder,Hendrick, Father, 1831-1925; L186-G4/ b.in Neth., d.in Manlius Twp. Jan.25,1925 age 94 yrs. & 25 da. (ACDR)
Balder,Henry, Father,1889-1946; OSSW Lena; L241-G3/hus of Lena, Jul.29,1889-Dec.22,1946 in Manlius Twp.,son of John & Jane (Bergman);
Balder,John, Father, 1869-1945; L186-G3/ hus of Jan, b.Apr.12,1869 in the Neth., d.May 19,1945 in Holland, son of Henry; (ACDR)
Balder, Julius, 1916-1974; OSSW Nella; L241-G4/ hus of Nella DeKleine, b.May 29,1916 d.Dec.13,1974 in Grand Rapids, MI., son of Henry &
              Lena (Overbeek); (ACDR)
Balder, Lena, Mother, 1890-1961; OSSW Henry; L241-G2/ Sept.4,1890-Jul.26,1961; dau of James & Anna (Wedeven) Overbeek; (ACDR)
Balder, Nella, 1920-__??; OSSW Julius; L241-G1
Balder,Willis, Son, 1904-1930; L186-G5/ d.Apr.6,1930 age 25 yrs. 3mo. 11da., son of John & Jane (Bettman); (ACDR)
Balders, Baby (no name or dates); L87-G8
Balders, Harm, Nov.2,1837-Apr.25,1923; L87-G6/ d.in Fillmore Twp. age 85 yrs. 5 mo. 23 da. born in Germany; (ACDR)
Balders, Harmtje; Jan.15,1849-Oct.11,1883; L87-G7
Bartels, Aaltje; 1853-1896; OSSW Roelof Jan; L119-G3/ d.Jan.26, 1896 age 42-9-20, dau of Arend J. & Siena ( ? ) Bordewyk (ACDR)
Bartels, Arend Jan, 1879-1883; L119-G1/ d.Apr.23,1883 age 3 yrs. & 9 mo. son of Roelof & Aaltje; (ACDR)
Bartels, Herman, Grandfather, 1812-1884; L119-G8
Bartels,Hermanus, 1881-1883; L119-G4/ d.May 5,1883 son of Roelof & Aaltje; (ACDR)
Bartels, Roelof Jan, 1840-1927; OSSW Aaltje; L119-G2/ hus of Alice, Oct.9,1840 Neth. - Jul.29,1927 son of Hermanus & Alice (Bos); (HTDR)
Bartels, Simon, 1891-1896; L119-G7/ d.Mar.26,1896 age 4 yrs. & 9 mo., son of Roelof & Aaltje; (ACDR)
Barton, John W., Pvt U.S. Army WWI, Jul.26,1892-Jun.10,1978 OLW Martha A. ; Sec BB
Barton, Martha A., Mother, b.Jan.2,1898 in Kentucky, d.Apr.25,1969 in Holland; OLW John W.; Sec BB; (TS & OCDR)
Becksvoort, Father, 1846-1913; L113-G4
Becksvoort, Gertie, Mother, 1896-1970; OSSW Harry; L55-G6/ wife of Harry; Mar.9,1896-Jun.12,1970 dau of John Harm & Alyda (Bakker) Pieper;
Becksvoort, Grace, 1886-1905; L113-G6/ Geesje Becksvoort d.Jun.15,1905, age 19-4-26, dau of Geert & Hilligje (Laarman); (ACDR)
Becksvoort, Grandfather, 1811-1899; L113-G5/ Jan Becksvoort, b.in Germany, d.Dec.17,1899 age 88 yrs. & 2 mo., son of Geert & Geesje (ACDR)
Becksvoort, Grandmother, 1819-1893; L113-G8/ Henriette Becksvoort d.Nov.24,1893 age 73-2-4 (ACDR)
Becksvoort, Harm, 1853-1930; OSSW Maggie; L55-G2/ hus of Maggie Brinks, b.Feb.13,1853 in Noordhorn, Graafschap, Germany, d.Dec.4,1930 son
                     of John & Hendrikjen (Sluiters)
Becksvoort, Harry, Father, 1891-1982; L55-G7/ hus of Gertie, b.May 10,1891 in East Saugatuck, d.Dec.13,1982 in Holland, son of Harm & maggie
                     (Brinks); (FHR)
Becksvoort, Henry, Father, 1874-1955; OSSW Stenie; L114-G3/ b.Sep.15,1874 d.Jun.24,1955 in Fillmore Twp., son of George (ACDR)
Becksvoort, Jan, 1872-1878; L113-G7
Becksvoort, Jasper; unmarried; b.Oct.14,1939 in East Saugatuck; d.Sep.12,1986 in Holland; son of Herman & Gladys (Klein); (OCDR) & (FHR)
Becksvoort, Maggie, Mother, 1861-1934; OSSW Harm; L55-G3/ hus of Harm, b.Apr.17,1860 d.Jul.30,1934 dau of Berend & Helen (Ottens)
                      Brinks (FTDR)
Becksvoort, Mother, 1852-1890; L113-G1/ Hilligien Becksvoort d.Oct.10,1890 in Kalamazoo, MI; age 39-1-5, dau of Hendrick & Diena Laarman;
Becksvoort, Stenie, Mother, 1875-1951; OSSW Henry; L114-G2/ Stiena Becksvoort; Mar.21,1875-Jun.3,1951 dau of Evert Scolte; (FTDR)
Becksvoort, Infant girl, b. & d.Sep.25,1922 in Fillmore Twp., dau of Harry & Gertie (Pieper); (FTDR) LU
Becksvoort, Zwaantje; Jul.9,1853-May 7,1910 dau of Harm & Hendrika Brinks; (FTDR) LU
Beerbower, Earl D., 1882-1962; OSSW Minnie; L238-G7/ b.Feb.10,1882 in scott, Ind., d.May 29,1962 son of William & Margarette (Dunker)
                     (HCDR) his wife's name was Josie VanZanten, possibly wife #2
Beerbower, Minnie, 1881-1952; OSSW Earl D.; L238-G6/ b.May 10,1881 in Allegan Co., d.Jan.25,1952 wife of Earl D., dau of John & Fannie
                    (Kalmink) Zuverink (HCDR)
Bekken, Evert, 1850-1921; OSSW Geziena; L209-G2/ b.in the Neth. d.Nov.14,1921 in saugatuck Twp., age 71 yrs. & 5 mo., son of Jan (ACDR)
Bekken, Geziena, wife of Evert, 1860-1895; OSSW Evert; L209-G3
Bekken, Herman M., 1885-1963; OSSW Jennie; L252-G7/ hus of Jennie Lugten, b.Aug.4,1885 d.Jul.4,1963 in Douglas, Allegan Co., MI, son of
                Everett; (ACDR)
Bekken, Howard James, 1922-1925; L252 G8/ d.Jan.21,1925 in Douglas, Allegan Co., MI, age 2-5-19; son of Herman & Jennie (Lugten);(ACDR)
Bekken, Jennie, 1896-1985; OSSW Herman; L252-G6/Jennie L.Bekken, b.Feb.16,1896 in Hamilton, Allegan Co., d.Dec.21,1985 in Holland,MI.
                dau of Herman & Minnie (Hoving) Lugten;(FHR)
Benedict, Monica Joy, b.& d. Nov.26,1980 in Holland,MI.; dau of Dennis & Joyce (Love); Sec BB; (FHR)
Bennink, Fannie, wife of H.Wassink; Jul.3,1849-Dec.31,1913; L162-G7
Bergman, Berend, 1868-1932; L123-G5/ b.in Germany, d.Dec.24,1932 in Manlius Twp., age 64-4-29; son of Berend & Henderika (Rederik)
Bergman, Christine, Mother, 1915-1975; OSSW Henry; L148-G2/ Feb.16,1915-Feb.24,1975 in Holland,MI.; dau of Henry & Jennie (Jacobs)Bos;
Bergman, Henry, Father, 1911-1968; OSSW Christine; L148-G3/ b.Oct.23,1911 d.Sep.17,1968 in Grand Rapids,MI., son of Berend & Hannah
                 (Prins); (ACDR)
Bergman, Mary, unmarried, b.Nov.7,1948 in Holland, d.Feb.4,1987 in Zeeland, dau of Henry & Christine (Bos) Bergman
Betz, Georgianna, Mother, b.Oct.19,1915 in Penn., d.May 28,1974 in Holland wife of Harold R. Betz; dau of Edward & Jessie E.(Klause) Miller.
          (TS & OCDR); Sec BB
Betz, Harold Richard, Father, hus of Georgianna Miller, b.Feb.19,1914 in Penn., d.Feb.2,1972 in Holland,MI., son of Harry; OLW Georgianna;
          Sec BB; (TS & OCDR)
Boerighter, Jennie, Mother, 1897-1966; OSSW John; L159-G2/ wife of John, b.Jul.17,1897 in East Saugatuck, d.May 9,1966 in Manlius Twp. dau of
                    John & Sena (Hoffmeyer) Keen (ACDR)
Boerighter, John, Father, 1895-1957; OSSW Jennie; L159-G3/ hus of Jennie Keen, b.Dec.16,1896 d.Feb.1,1957 son of George & Dena (Bouwman)
Boerigter, Albert, 1901-1981; OSSW Harriet; L267-G7/ hus of Harriet Zoerhoff, b.Apr.2,1901 in Hamilton, MI., d.Feb.22,1981 in Grand Rapids,
                   MI., son of George & Dena (Bouman);(FHR)
Boerigter, Baby, 1918 (only date in center); L182/ Baby Boy, b.& d. Oct.2,1918 in Manlius Twp., Allegan Co., son of John & Jennie (Keen) (ACDR)
Boerigter, Dena, Mother, 1870-1944; OSSW George; L275-G3/ wife of George, b.May 4,1870 in Germany, d.Mar.24,1944 in Holland; (ACDR)
Boerigter, George, Father, 1865-1922; OSSW Dena; L275-G2
Boerigter, Gerrit, Father, 1908-1967; OSSW Margaret; L14-G6/ b.Jan.16,1908 d.Nov.14,1967 in East Saugatuck, Allegan Co., MI. son of George &
                  Dena (Bouwman); (ACDR)
Boerigter, Gertrude, 1896-1967; OSSW Henry; L275-G6/ Anna Gertrude Boerigter, wife of Henry, b.Oct.7,1896 d.Nov.17,1967 dau of Albert &
                  Sena (Wolters) Boeve; (OCDR)
Boerigter, Harriet, 1903-__; OSSW Albert; L267-G6
Boerigter, Henry, 1899-1980; OSSW Gertrude: L275-G7/ hus of Gertrude Boeve, b.Feb.16,1899 in East Saugatuck, d.Oct.20,1980 in Zeeland, MI.
                  son of George & Dena (Bouman); (OCDR)
Boerigter, Margaret, Mother, 1909-1954; OSSW Gerrit; L14-G3/ wife of Gerrit, b.Feb.19,1909 d.Nov.20,1954; dau of Teunis & Susie (DeJong)
                  Dykstra; (HCDR)
Boerman, Hattie, 1862-1917; OSSW Jacob; L189-G1/ b.in Germany, d.Aug.26,1917 in Manlius Twp., age 55-4-14; dau of Warre & Geesje
                  Haverdink; (ACDR)
Boerman, Jacob, 1846-1919; OSSW Hattie; L189-G4
Bonzelaar, Alice, Mother; 1885-1949; OSSW Herman, L169-G1/ May 3,1885 Fillmore Twp.-Apr.27,1949 Fillmore Twp. dau of Geert & Feifje
                   (Hilbrink) Kempker; (FTDR)
Bonzelaar, Angeline; 1925-1929; L169-G5 (TS)/ Sep.28,1926-Jul.1,1929 dau of Harry & Alice (Kempker) Bonzelaar; (FTDR)
Bonzelaar, "Darling"; b.& d.Feb.2,1879; L169-G8
Bonzelaar, "Darling"; b.& d.Dec.25,1879; L169-G8
Bonzelaar, Herman, Father, 1885-1961; OSSW Alice; L169-G4/ Herman B. Bonzelaar, Feb.28,1885-Mar.4,1961; hus of Alice Kempkers, son of
                   Benjamin & Grace (Kamps); (HCDR)
Borgman, Alijdus; Jan.19,1880-Nov.4,1897/  L200-G4/ Alydus Borgman d.Nov.4,1897 age 19-9-16; child of Johannes & Mary (Evers); (FTDR)
Borgman, Christina Leigh; Aug.29,1971-May 27,1974 Holland; dau of Robert & Linda (VandenBelt); Sec BB; (OCDR)
Borgman, Henry; b.& d.Aug.30,1897; son of John & Maima (Evers) (FTDR);LU
Borgman, Johannes; May 24,1856-Jul.25,1918 in Olive Twp., Ottawa Co. son of Jacob & Ida (DeWit); (OTDR) LU
Bos, J.; Jul.5,1833-Apr.12,1908; L28-G2
Bos, Mary L., daughter; 1882-1969; L76-G1
Bosch, Baby (no name or dates); L86-G1
Bosch, Calvin; b.& d.Jan.25,1924 son of George & Tillie (Schutt); (FTDR); LU
Bosch, Child (no name or dates); L86-G7
Bosch, Geert, Sr.; Feb.17,1927 (only date); L86-G5/ Gerrit Bosch, age 88 yrs., b.Jun. of Jul. 1838 in Germany -d.Feb.18,1927(FTDR)
Bosch, George; 1883-1939; L86-G3/ hus of Tillie; Mar.17,1883-Oct.2,1939 son of George; (FTDR); OSSW George
Bosch, Hendrikje; Jan.26,1895 (only date); L86-G8
Bosch, Hendrikje; wife of Samuel; May 2,1864 Neth.-Dec.31,1925; dau of Gerrit Jan & Jennigen (Baterink) Schutte; (FTDR)
Bosch, Josephine; 1912-__; OSSW Peter P.; L32-G6
Bosch, Tillie; 1888-1935; OSSW George; L86-G2/ wife of george, May 29, 1888 in Overisel, MI.,- Jan.18,1935 dau of Peter & Catherine (Wierenga)
            Schutt; (HCDR)
Bosch, Peter P.; 1912-1971; OSSW Josephine; L32-G7/ hus of Josephine Walters; Aug.24,1912-Dec.17,1971 son of George & Tillie (Schutt);
Botma, Wietske, Mother; 1841-1924; nee Henstra; L261-G1/ wife of Fieke; Oct.11,1841 Neth-Sept.9,1924; dau of Henso & Teyntje (Tamminga)
              Henstra; (FTDR)
Botzens, Thedorns (male); b.in the Neth., d.Feb.10,1901 in Holland City, age 84-5-13; (HCDR)LU
Bouman, Anna, Mother; 1889-1970, OSSW Frank; L268-G6/ Sept.5,1889-Nov.19,1970 Holland, dau of William & Cornelia (Lucas) Fredricks;
Bouman, Baby; 1909-1909; L268-G4/May 21,1909-May 22,1909; dau of Frank & Anna (Fredriks); (ACDR)
Bouman, Bastian Dick; May 15,1908-Nov.11,1970; L268-G8/ hus of Roberta Hayward; son of Frank & Anna (Fredericks); (OCDR)
Bouman, Bastian N., Father; 1848-1923; L208-G2
Bouman, Clara, Mother, nee DeWeerd; 1856-1938; L208-G3/ wife of Bastian; Mar.3,1856 in Neth.-Oct.1,1938 dau of John & Adriana (VerSluis)
                DeWeerd; (HCDR)
Bouman, Cornie; 1915-1921; L268-G4
Bouman, Dirk; May 14,1882-Mar.10,1908; L208-G4
Bouman, Elsie (appears to be a child) (no dates); L208-G1
Bouman, Frank, Father; 1887-1966, OSSW Anna; L268-G7/ hus of Anne Fredricks; Mar.17,1887 Neth.-Oct.5,1966 Holland City; son of Bastian &
                Clara (DeWeerd); (OCDR)
Bouman, James, son; 1938-1938; L268-G5/July 9,1938-Jul.11,1938 son of Clarence & Lois (VanFaasen); (HCDR)
Bouman, Julius, son; 1916-1917; L268-G1/ Julius J. Bouwman; Jun.12,1916-Apr.29,1917 son of Frank & Anna(Fredricks); (HCDR)
Bouwman, Alyda, Mother; 1870-1963; L244-G2/ wife of Gerrit; Dec.15,1870 Germany- Nov.12,1963 Manlius Twp., dau of ___ and Hermina
                  (Kamerhuis) Juries; (ACDR)
Bouwman, Antonie; Mar.9,1873-Oct.8,1888; L9-G7
Bouwman, Antonie; Jun.11,1889-Jun.21,1899; L9-G8/ son of Frederik & Hendrika (Troost); (FTDR)
Bouwman, Edwin H., Father; 1922-___; OSSW Faye Lucy, Guyla and Mack E.; L260-G6
Bouwman, Faye Lucy, daughter; 1951-__; OSSW Guyla, Edwin H. and Mack E.; L260-G2
Bouwman, Baby boy; b.& d.Jul.11,1917 in Holland City; son of Fred & Sena(Brunnink); (HCDR) LU
Bouwman, baby boy; b.& d.Apr.9,1928 son of Henry F. & Lucy (Thomas); (FTDR) LU
Bouwman, baby girl; b.& d. May 16,1921; dau of Henry F. & Lucy (Thomas); (FTDR); LU
Bouwman, Fredrick, Father; 1844-1928; L9-G3/ hus of Hendrika (Troost); Nov.24,1843-Aug.23,1928; son of William; (HCDR)
Bouwman, Gerrit, Father; 1864-1945; L244-G3/ Dec.2,1864 Neth-May 7,1945 Manlius Twp.; son of Lambert; (ACDR)
Bouwman, Guyla, Mother; 1929-__; OSSW Faye Lucy, Edwin H., and Mack E.; L260-G3
Bouwman, Harmen; Mar.29,1838-Apr.17,1884; OSSW Hendrik; L108-G7
Bouwman, Hendrieka, Mother; nee Troost, wife of F.Bouwman; Nov.22,1850-Jul.29,1909; L9-G6/ dau of Tonie & Beredina (Voerknecht)
                  Troost (FTDR)
Bouwman, Hendrik; Jun.17,1827-Oct.7,1908; OSSW Harmen; L108-G6/ d.in Manlius Twp., Allegan Co., son of Jan; (ACDR)
Bouwman, Henry F., Father; "Sexton of this cemetery 1916-1966"; 1885-1966; L134-G3/ hus of Dena; Dec.24,1885-Sep.13,1966 Holland City,
                  son of Frederick; (OCDR)
Bouwman, Infant brothers and sisters (4 graves, no names or dates) L108-G5 & 8
Bouwman, Lawrence D., Father; 1879-1953; OSSW Maggie; L107-G7/ hus of Maggie Brummel; Oct.10,1879-Jun.26,1953; son of Fredrick &
                  Hendrika (Troost); (HCDR)
Bouwman, Lucy, Mother; 1889-1932; OSSW Henry F.; L134-G2/ wife of Henry; Mar.17,1889 Holland, MI., -Aug.301932; dau of arend &
                  Jennie(Jansen) Thomas; (FTDR)
Bouwman, Mack E., son; 1953-1970; OSSW Faye Lucy, Guyla & Edwin H.; L260-G7
Bouwman, Maggie, Mother; 1885-1966; OSSW Lawrence D.; L107-G6/ aug.1,1886-Jan.6,1966; dau of Henry & Anna (Diepenhorst) Brummel
Bouwman, Minnie; 1899-1920; L244-G8
Bouwman, Shirley; 1931-1935; L134-G1/ Shirley Mae Bouwman; May 12,1931-Feb.12,1935; dau of Henry & Lucy (Thomas); (HCDR)
Bradford, Brenda May; May 24,1971-Aug.9,1971 (b.& d.in Holland) dau of Donald H. & Barbara (Lacy); Sec BB; (TS & OCDR)
Bradford, James Gordon; b.May 21,1911 in Huntsville,Ala, d.Jul.21,1980 son of Ben & Anna (ashley); Sec BB; (TS & FHR)
Bremer, Andries; 1853-1912; OSSW Katie; L191-G7
Bremer, Gerrit; 1897-1977; L191-G8/ (unmarried); Sep.21,1897-Aug.20,1977 Zeeland; son of Andries & Katie(Alofs); (OCDR)
Bremer, Katie; 1860-1928; OSSW Andries; L191-G6/ Oct.8,1860 in Neth. Oct.31,1928; dau of William Olive; (BTDR)
Bremmer, Alice, wife of William; Dec.28,1888-Jan.28,1928; dau of Henry & Hendricka (Shoemaker)Meiste; (HCDR) LU
Brink, Albert; Nov.17,1882-Nov.9,1884; L100-G8/ son of Berend H. & Mina; (ACDR)
Brink, Albert, Father; 1885-1962; OSSW Dena; L100-G3/ hus of Dena Postma; sep.25,1885 Allegan Co.-Feb.6,1962 Holland; son of Ben  Henry
            & Minnie (Ketteman); (HCDR)
Brink, Art; 1848-1927; L69-G8/ b.in Neth., d.Oct.22,1927 in Manlius Twp., age 79-2-16; son of Leonard & Carrie (Mower); (ACDR)
Brink, Annie, wife of A.Brink; 1860-1941; L69-G5
Brink, Baby; 1925 (only date); L259-G1/ d.Jul.18,1925 age 4 hours. in Fillmore Twp., child of Ralph & Mary (Hagelskamp); (ACDR)
Brink, Berend; d.Sep.2,1871 age 74 yrs.; L100-G7
Brink, Berend H., Father; d.May 3,1928 age 88 yrs; L100-G4/ Berendt H., hus of Minnie; d.May 3,1928 age 88-3-7; son of Berendt & Hattie
            (Eppink); (HCDR)
Brink, Bert; 1917-1975; OSSW Donna J.; L129-G7/ hus of Donna Oonk; Dec.6,1917-Sep.9,1975; son of Leonard & Tena (Meulenbelt); (ACDR)
Brink, Bert E.; 1896-1986; L266-G7/ hus of Mary Beld; May 4,1896 in Fillmore Twp.-Feb.8,1986 in Holland; son of Evert & Helen (Huizenga)(FHR)
Brink, Clara R., wife of Donald; May 10, 1932 Holland - Mar.19,1986 Grand Rapids; dau of James & Lavina (Prillwitz) Rabbers; L290-G?; (FHR)
Brink, Dena, Mother; 1884-1975; OSSW Albert; L100-G2/ Mar.21,1884-Aug.22,1975 Holland; dau of __ & Jantje (DeWeerd) Postma;(OCDR)
Brink, Donna J.; 1919- __; OSSW Bert; L129-G6
Brink, Edith; 1909-1917; L266-G8/ Mar.31,1909-Apr.1,1917; dau of Evert R.& Helen (Huizenga); (FTDR)
Brink, Mrs. E.R., Mother; nee Huizenga; 1863-1926; L266-G3/ Helen, wife of Evert; Oct.18,1862 Neth - Jan.10,1926; dau of Ybrand & Gertrude
            (Dykema) Huizenga; (FTDR)
Brink, Evert R., Father; 1864-1941; L266-G2/ Jul.1,1864 Neth - Nov.3,1941; son of Roelof; (FTDR)
Brink, Henry E.; May 8,1906-Nov.3,1974; son of Evert & Helen (Huizenga); OSSW Helena; L290-G4; (TS & FHR)
Brink, Gerrit H., Father; 1888-1951; L245-G3/ Nov.17,1888-Jun.18,1951; son of Berend & Minnie (Keddema); (HCDR)
Brink, Helena; 1912-___; OSSW Henry E.; L290-G1
Brink, Hendrikan, wife of A. Jansen; 1826-1918; L207-G6
Brink, Hendrikjen (see Hendrikjen Eppink); L100-G6
Brink, James, Baby; Nov.11,1935 (only date); L129-G1
Brink, Jantien; 1857-1877; L79-G7
Brink, Johanna, wife of Rutgert; May 3,1854 Neth - Jan.3,1925; dau of John & Hattie (Benenma (sp)) Koning; (FTDR); LU
Brink, Leonard G.; 1884-1972; OSSW Tena; L129-G5/ hus of Tena Meulenbelt; Sep.17,1884-Jan.17,1972 Holland; son of Gerrit & Katheryn
            (Thomasma); (OCDR)
Brink, Lizzie, Mother; 1892-1983; OSSW Gerrit H.; L245-G2/ Mar.18,1892 East Saugatuck - Jul.10,1983 Holland; dau of Frederick & Henrika
            (Troost) Bouwman; (FHR)
Brink, Marvin; b.& d. Jul.18,1925 age 4 hrs; son of Ralph & Mary (Hagelskamp); (FTDR) LU
Brink, Mary; Dec.20,1879-Aug.17,1883 (TS); L91-G7/ d.Aug.15,1883 age 3-7-25; dau of Teunis & Harmitje; (ACDR)
Brink, Mary, Mother; 1902-1976; OSSW Bert E.; L266-G6/ Jul.28,1902 May 12,1976 Zeeland; dau of Weitze & Anna H. (Hesselink) Beld;
Brink, Mary, Mother; 1890-1973; OSSW Ralph; L259-G5/ hus of Ralph, Feb.2,1890-Apr.30,1973 Holland; dau of John & Gertie (Harmsen)
            Hagelskamp; (OCDR)
Brink, Matthew John; Jul.17,1959-Jul.6,1975 Holland; son of Laurence & Gertrude (Schievink); Sec BB; (TS & OCDR)
Brink, Melvin; 1931-1932; L259-G4/ Sep.1,1931-May 7,1932; son of Ralph & mary (Hagelskamp); (HCDR)
Brink, Mina, Mother; nee Reddink; d.May 23,1907 age 53 yrs; L100-G5/ Aug.25,1854 Germany - May 23,1907; dau of Arent & Zwaantje
            (Teusink) Keting; age 52-8-30; (FTDR)
Brink, Ralph, Father; 1891-1974; OSSW Mary; L259-G8/ Sep.3,1891-Nov.201974 Zeeland; son of Evert & Helen (Huizenga); (OCDR)
Brink, Robert Wayne, son; (unmarried); Nov.24,1946-Jul.17,1965 in Manlius Twp.; son of Edward & Alma (DeKleine); Sec BB; (TS & ACDR) LU
Brink, Roger Lee; 1939-1961; L290-G8/ hus of Alma DeFeyter; Apr.18,1939-Jun.10,1961 Zeeland; son of Henry & Helene (Wordhuis) (ACDR)
Brink, Tena; 1890-1974; OSSW Leonard G.; L129-G4/ Oct.22,1889 Neth.-Jan.30,1974 Holland; dau of Lambert & Elizabeth (Voogt) Meulenbelt;
Brinks, Anna; 1892-1975; OSSW George R.; L78-G2/ Jan.12,1892-Nov.27,1975 Holland; dau of John & Hermina (Schrotenboer) Hulst; (OCDR)
Brinks, Benjamin; 1882-1899; L79-G1/ d.Jan.21,1899 age 17 yrs & 4 da; son of Rutger & Johanna (Konink); (ACDR)
Brinks, Berend; 1825-1905; L79-G2/ b.in Neth., d.Dec.10,1904 age 79-1-6; son of Berend & Helegina (Ottens); (FTDR)
Brinks, Geneva, Mother; 1917-1966; OSSW Gerrit; L31-G6/ wife of gerrit; Jun.7,1917-Jan.3,1966 Holland; dau of Henry & Mary (Timmerman)
              Etterbeek; (HCDR)
Brinks, George, Father; 1876-1964; OSSW Grace ; L114-G5
Brinks, George R.; 1891-1972; OSSW Anna; L78-G3/ hus of Anna Hulst; Dec.16,1890-Aug.26,1972 Holland; son of Rutger & Johanna (Koning)
Brinks, Gerrit; 1915-1983; OSSW Geneva; L31-G7/ Nov.2,1915 Fillmore Twp.-Feb.17,1983 Holland; son of George & Grace (Woltz); (FHR)
Brinks, Gerrit; 1907 (only date); OLW Harmje Wolts; L115-G8/ b.& d.Feb.19,1907; son of George & Gracie (Wolts); (FTDR)
Brinks, Grace, Mother; 1881-1948; OSSW George; L114-G4/ Aug.18,1881 East Saugatuck-Feb.13,1948; dau of Gerrit & Hindreka (Hilbrands)
             Wolts; (FTDR)
Brinks, Hilliggina; 1826-1901; L79-G3/ b.in Neth, d.Oct.13,1901 age 75-5-26; dau of Talbe & Geertje (Brouwer) Brinks; (FTDR)
Brinks, Jennie, Mother; 1886-1940; L79-G5/ wife of John; Jun.3,1886 Jul.2,1940; dau of Harm Hagelskamp; (FTDR)
Brinks, Johanna, Mother; 1854-1925; L78-G6/ b.in Neth., d.Jan.3,1925 in Fillmore Twp., age 70 yrs. & 8 mo.; dau of John H. & Hattie (Benenma)
             Koning; (ACDR)
Brinks, John, Father; 1883-1953; L79-G8/ John Henry Brinks, hus of Jennie; Jun.14,1883-Jun.11,1953; son of Rutger & Johanna (Koning). d.in
              Fillmore Twp., (ACDR)
Brinks, Rutgert, Father; 1852-1930; L78-G7/ hus of Johanna; b.in the Neth. Sep.17,1852-d.Jul.13,1930 in Fillmore Twp.; son of Benjamin & Helen
              (Ottens); (FTDR)
Brinks, Zwaantje (see Zwaantje Hoving); L14-G6
Broene, Baby; Oct.28-Nov.13,1880; L160-G8
Broene, Dena; Apr.1,1879-Feb.12,1880; L160-G4
Broene, Gertie; Nov.13,1887-Oct.30,1889; L160-G5
Broene, Jan Hendrik; Jun.18,1849-Nov.8,1904; L160-G1
Broene, Johnnie; Oct.15,1885-May 27,1890; L160-G1
Broene, Sara, Mother; 1859-1945; L160-G3
Brouwer, Betsy, nee VanLoo; d.Dec.10,1874 age 67 yrs.; L110-G7/ age 58 yrs. & 4 da., dau of Cornelius & Fannigje (__) VanLoo; (ACDR)
Brouwer, Fanny; Mar.20,1887-Aug.27,1910; L112-G1/ unmarried, dau of Gerrit J. & Johanna (Bos); (HCDR)
Brouwer, Gerrit; d.Aug.9,1890 age 77 yrs; L110-G6/ age 77 yrs 8 mo 3 da; (ACDR)
Brouwer, Gerrit, son of Gerrit J. & Geertie; Aug.17,1890-Nov.7,1894/ d.Nov.4,1894 age 4 yrs 3 mo 15 da; son of Gerrit & Geertje; (ACDR)
                Gerrit Brouwer, son of Gerrit J. & Geertie; interred in Lot 110-G8
Brouwer, Gerrit, Sr; 1856-1929; L110-G2;/ Gerrit Brower, Sr., Jun.25,1856-Dec.25,1929; son of Gerrit; (HCDR)
Brouwer, Mother; 1849-1923; L112-G4
Brown, John J.; Jul.16,1892-Jun.7,1963; son of John C. & Kate (Builema); Sec BB; (TS & HCDR)
Bultman, Anna; Jan.28,1858-Jun.7,1881; OSSW Gerrit; L156-G4/ d.in Manlius Twp., Allegan Co.; dau of Berm & Henrietta; (ACDR)
Bultman, Benjamin C.; hus of Margaret; Mich. Pvt. Co E, 5 Development BN WWI; Dec.7,1890-Jul.30,1960; son of John & Fannie (Mast);
                L213-G3; (TS & ACDR)
Bultman, Fannie, Mother; 1866-1945; OSSW John; L213-G6/ Sep.29,1866 Sep.29,1945; dau of Ralph & Henrietta (Johnson) Mast; (HCDR)
Bultman, Geesje, wife of PH Philipse; d.Feb.11,1882 (age unreadable) L166-G7
Bultman, Gerrit, son of B. & H. Bultman; d.Jun.29,1880 age 18 yrs 10 mo 7 da; OSSW Anna; L156-G1/ d. in Manllius Twp., son of Bermis &
                Henrietta; (ACDR)
Bultman, Henry; Sep.20,1893-Feb.23,1912; son of Henry & Jennie (Schakelaar); (FTDR) LU
Bultman, John, Father; 1865-1931; OSSW Fannie; L213-G7/ d.in Manlius Twp. Dec.5,1931 age 66 yrs 8 mo 14 da; son of Benjamin & Henrietta;
Bultman, Margaret, wife of Benjamin C.; Dec.4,1897-Mar.25,1975; L213-G2/ b.in the Neth., dau of Jacob DeJong; (OCDR)
Bultman, Richard; 1896-1977; L213-G4/ Richard Henry Bultman, hus of Janet Knoll; Apr.5,1896-Mar.9,1977 Holland; son of John & Fannie
                 (Mast); (OCDR)
Bush, Jacob; 1905-___; OSSW Janet; L272-G4
Bush, Janet, nee Siebelink; 1903-1977; OSSW Jacob; L272-G1
Bush, John, Father; 1873-1926; L272-G6/ b.in the Neth., d.Jan.21,1926 in Fillmore Twp., age 53-1-16; son of Jan & Janna (Egberts); (ACDR)
Bush, John; 1899-1976; L225-G2/ hus of Matilda Veltman; Jun.27,1899 Apr.16,1976 Holland; son of John & Gezina (Hulst); (OCDR)
Bush, Mary; 1902-1943; L225-G3/ wife of John; Sep.26,1902 East Saugatuck - Aug.10,1943 Holland; dau of Bert & Reka (Vos) VanDis; (HCDR)
Bush, Matilda; 1899-___; L225-G6
Bush, Sena, Mother; 1878-1936; OSSW John; L272-G3/ wife of John Sr.; May 25,1878 East Saugatuck - Jul.1,1936; dau of John & Hermina
           (Schrotenboer) Hulst; (FTDR)
Bussies, Ruth, wife of John; Jul.14,1910 Holland - Mar.7,1986 Holland; dau of Henry & Lucy (Thomas) Bouwman; (FHR)
Calvert, Tony M., "Son & Father"; 1942-1969; Sec BB
Capel, Baby (no name or dates); L63-G1
Capel, Cornelius; 1855-1919; OSSW Gertrude; L63-G2
Capel, gertrude; 1851-1926; OSSW Cornelius; L63-G3/ b.in the Neth. d.Jan.25,1926 in Manlius Twp., age 75 yrs & 3 da.; dau of Gerrit & Grace
            (Vanderkork) Alofs; (ACDR)
Capel, Harry, hus of Florence VanOmmen; Oct.28,1923 in East Saugatuck- Jan.18,1984 Holland; son of Samuel & Hattie (Bergman); (OCDR) & (FHR)
Capel, Hattie, married May 6,1920; 1900-1982; OSSW Samuel; L60-G6/ wife of Samuel; Oct.24,1900 East Saugatuck - Mar.28,1982 Zeeland; dau of
            Bernend & Anna (Prins) Bergman; (OCDR)
Capel, Samuel, married May 6,1920; 1892-1942; OSSW Hattie; L60-G7/ hus of Hattie Bergman; Jun.20,1892 East Saugatuck- Jun.5,1942 in Allegan,
            MI.; son of Cornelius & Gertrude (Alofs); (ACDR)
Chipman, Myrtle C., "Mother"; wife of Ray; Sep.9,1916 in Arkansas- Sep.29,1976 Holland; dau of James & Janie (Wallace) Soderfield; Sec BB;
                 (TS & OCDR)
Commer, Gerrietdiena (see Gerrietdiena Frerids); L85-G2
Cook, Antoinette, "Mother"; wife of Arie; Oct.20,1901-Dec.20,1965 in Laketown Twp.; dau of Gerrit & Kate (Huyser) Northouse; OLW Arie; Sec BB;
           (ACDR & TS)
Cook, Arie, "Father"; 1904-___; OLW Antoinette; Sec BB
Cross, Jeffrey Lynn; Nov.5,1955 Holland-Feb.15,1982 Grand Rapids; son of Lebard Ercell & Ella Mae (Lawson); Sec BB; (TS & FHR)
Davis, Mayne (no dates); L15-G6
DeBoer, Annie, nee Swan; 1897-1918; L276-G8
DeBoer, Baby; 1886 (only date in center); L35-G8
DeBoer, Irene, Mother; wife of Raymond; Dec.24,1904 in the Neth.- Mar.26,1971 Holland; dau of Anne & Anna (Hoekema)Smits; (TS & OCDR)
DeBoer, Jeningje; 1860-1919; L35-G1; wife of John, b.in the Neth. d.Nov.14,1919 in Manlius Twp., age 59-1-20; dau of Henry & Gertie May (Baer)
               Decker; (ACDR)
DeBoer, John, Father; 1839-1924; L35-G4; b.in the Neth.-d.Dec.29,1924 in Manlius Twp., age 85-11-20; son of Walter; (ACDR)
DeBoer, Raymond, Father; hus of Irene Smits; b.Dec.291900 in the Neth.-d.May 26,1977 in Holland; Sec BB (OCDR)
DeBoer, Walter; 1885-1886; L35-G7; d.Aug.30,1886; in Manlius Twp., age 1 yrs & 7 mo., son of John & Jane
DeBoer, Walter; has an American Legion marker; 1887-1929; L276= G5; b.in the Neth.-d.Dec.4,1929 in Manlius Twp., age 43-9-28; son of John &
                Jennie (Decker); (ACDR)
DeFouw, Anna; 1892-1938; OSSW Gerrit; L281-G3/ wife of Gerrit, d.Mar.29,1938 in Kalamazoo, MI/ (ACDR)
DeFouw, Rev.Arthur J.; 1918-1986; OSSW Myrtle E.; L281-G4/ hus of Myrtle Bolks; b.Nov.25,1918 in East Saug.-d.Sep.14,1986 in Holland; son of
               Gerrit & Anna (Kroeze); (FHR)
DeFouw, Effie; 1914-__; OSSW Marinus; L281-G5; b.Sep.11,1914 dau of Peter & Winnie (VanKampen) Terpsma; (PR)
DeFouw, Gerrit; 1890-1954; OSSW Anna; L281-g6/ b.Aug.6,1888-d.Feb.25,1954; son of Marinus & Gertie(Raterink); (ACDR)
DeFouw, Marinus; 1912-___; OSSW Effie; L281-G8/hus of Effie Terpsma; b.Mar.10,1912 son of Gerrit & Anna(Kreuze); (PR)
DeFouw, Marjorie; 1927-1937; L281-G2/ b.Jul.21,1928 in Zutphen,MI.-d.Mar.13,1937; dau of Gerrit & Anna(Krueze); (FTDR)
DeFouw, Myrtle E.; 1915-___; OSSW Reverend Arthur J.; L281-G1
Deckker, Cornelius; b.Sep.5,1834-d.Dec.21,1903; son of Dengeman & Lena (Lubbers); (FTDR) LU
Dekker, Barbara Ann; b.& d. Apr.14,1947; dau of Lester & Beatrice (Achterhof); (HCDR) LU
Dekker, Bonnie Ann; 1947 (only date in center); L3-G1
Dekker, Chester G., son; Sep.3,1920-Jan.11,1921; L179-G1/ son of Gerrit & Hellena (VerBurg); (FTDR)
Dekker, Gerrit, Father; 1887-1945; OSSW Helena; L179-G3/ hus of Helena; b.Apr.3,1887 in East Saugatuck - d.Nov.25,1945; son of Cornelius &
              Fannie (Hemmeke); (FTDR)
Dekker, Gerritje, nee Meeboer; Aug.25,1830-May.8,1905; L35-G2
Dekker, Helena, Mother; 1891-1973; L179-G6/ b.Mar.31,1891-d.Mar.20,1973 Holland; dau of Simon & Josephine (Hovenga)VerBurg; (HCDR)
Dekker, Lester; hus of Valeria "Vicky" Rentfro; Mar.4,1924 East Saugatuck - Sep.9,1985 Holland; son of Gerrit & Helena (VerBurg); (FHR)
Dekker, Margaret, dau.; 1921-1941; L179-G2/ Dec.15,1921 East Saugatuck - Jul.25,1941 Ann Arbor, MI.; dau of Gerrit & Helena (VerBurg);
Dekker, Peter, son; 1892-1893; L125-G1
Dekkers, Cornelius, Father; 1834-1903; L125-G6/ d.Dec.21,1903 age 69-3-16; son of Dengeman & Lena (Sulkers); (ACDR)
Dekkers, Fannie, Mother; 1868-1934; L125-G7/ b.in Germany d.Jun.10,1934 in Manlius Twp.age 66-3-12; wife of Cornelius; dau. of Gerrit & Jennie
               (Rigterink) Hemmeke; (ACDR)
Dekkers, Helena (See Helena Sulkers); L125-G2
Dekkers, Leonard, son; 1885-1949; L125-G8/ Jul.17,1885-Jun.29,1949 in Kalamazoo,MI.; son of Cornelius & Fannie (Hemmeke); (ACDR)
Dekkers, Minnie, dau. 1897-1915; L125-G5/  d.Nov.1,1915 age 18-8-13; dau. of Cornelius & Fannie (Hemmeke); (ACDR)
DeMaat, Henderika; wife of Henry; Mar.4,1867-Jul.7,1940 Holland; dau.of John & Tena (Koenes) Meulenbelt; (HCDR) LU
Deneff, Cornelia; b.in MI. - d.Jan.31,1904 age 18-10-7; dau of Franklin & Nellie (TenHaaf) Deneff; (FTDR) LU
Deneff, Franklin; b.in MI.,d.Nov.20,1905 Holland; age 23-1-11 son of Frank & Nella (TenHaaf); (HCDR) LU
Deneff, Harry; b.in MI., d.Feb.20,1903 age 11 months; son of Frank & Nellie (TenHaaf); (FTDR) LU
DenNeff, Johnny; b.& d.Oct.24,1897; son of Frank & Nellie (FTDR) LU
DenNeff, Nancy; b.in MI., d.Jan.6,1898; age 10-11-13; dau of Frank & Nellie (TenHaaf); (FTDR) LU
DeNeff, Nellie; b.in MI., d.Aprp.9,1903; age 42 yrs. & 26 da. dau. of J.W. & Nellie (Denneve) TenHave; (FTDR) LU
DePree, Adrian; hus. of Anna; Sep.19,1848 Neth. - Apr.21,1930; son of Peter; (LTDR) LU
DeRidder, Robert Lee "Red"; b.Nov.26,1941 in Kankakee, Ill., d.Sep.8,1984 Holland; son of Frank & Alice (Christenson); (FHR)
Deters, Baby Boy; 1923 (only date in center); L73-G5
Deters, Baby Girl; 1921 (only date in center); L73-G8
Deters, Bertha, Mother; 1886-1934; OSSW Gerrit; L254-G2/ d.Apr.27,1934 in Manlius Twp. age 47-7-9; wife of Gerrit; dau. of Taal & Rolina (Ensing)
              Brinks; (ACDR)
Deters, Gerold; Oct.18,1922-Jan.10,1923; son of Herman & Jennie (Bonzelaar); (FTDR) LU (could be same person as Baby boy Deters)
Deters, Gerrit, Father; 1882-1957; OSSW Bertha; L254-G3/ hus of Bertha Brinks; Sep.23,1882-Sep.1,1957 Manlius Twp.; son of Stephen & Gertie
              (Brinks); (ACDR)
Deters, Gertrude, Mother; 1853-1925; OSSW Stephen; L164-G3/ wife of Steven; Feb.12,1852-Mar.28,1925; nee Brink; (FTDR)
Deters, Helena; Oct.4,1921-Nov.26,1921; dau. of Herman & Jennie (Bonzelaar); (FTDR), could be same person as Baby girl Deters
Deters, Herman; 1884-1971; OSSW Jennie; L73-G3/ Oct.30,1884-Nov.4,1971 Holland; son of Steven & Geertje (Brinks); (OCDR)
Deters, Jennie; 1887-1936; OSSW Herman; L73-G2/ wife of Herman Mar.21,1887-Jun.1,1936; dau. of Herman & Helen (Jansen) Bonzelaar (ACDR)
Deters, Stephen, Father; 1846-1929; OSSW Gertrude; L164-G6/ hus of Gertie Brink; Sep.23,1846 Neth.- Jun.10,1929; son of John; (FTDR)
Deters, Thelma B.; 1924-___; L254-G6
Deur, Augusta, daughter; OSSW Dena & Augusta; L118-G6
Deur, Augusta, Mother; d.1883; OSSW Dena & augusta; L118-G7
Deur, Dena, Stepmother; OSSW Augusta & Augusta; L118-G3
DeVries, Elsje; Dec.10,1835-Nov.14,1913; dau. of Geert & Fennie (Feyen) Haverman; (FTDR) LU
DeVries, Hattie; 1893-1980; L10-G3/ wife of Peter; Jan.3,1893-May.17,1980; dau. of Klaus & Mary (Kamper) Fik; (FHR)
DeVries, Lucy, Mother; 1891-1944; L10-G6;/ wife of Peter DeVries Dec.14,1891 MI. - Jan.3,1944; dau. of Frank & Winnie (Terpstra)
                VanDyke; (FTDR)
DeVries, Peter, Father; 1892-1969; L10-G7/ hus. of Hattie Fik; May.15,1892 MI. - Apr.17,1969 Holland; son of Age & Niesge (Kamp) (OCDR)
DeWeerd, Alyda; Jul.8,1883-Oct.1,1912 Overisel Twp.; dau. of Klaas & Tryntje (Prins) Sluyter; (OTDR)
DeWeerd, Gerriet; d.Mar.2,1884 age 12 yrs. & 11 mo.; L170-G6
DeZwaan, Gertrude, Mother; 1896-1981; OSSW Herman; L106-G6/ wife of Herman; Jan.26,1896 Neth. - Mar.29,1981 Holland; dau. of gerrit
                  John & Susan (   ) Kempker; (ACDR)
DeZwaan, Herman, Father; 1886-1957; OSSW Gertrude; L106-G7/ hus of Gertie Kempker; Sep.23,1886 Allegan Co. - Jun.22,1957 Manlilus Twp.
                  son of John; (ACDR)
DeZwaan, Jennie, Mother; 1899-1984; OSSW William; L276-G6/ wife of William; Mar.15,1899 East Saugatuck - Oct.22,1984 Holland; dau. of
                  William & Alice (Slenk) Haverdink; (FHR)
DeZwaan, Joe, brother; 1882-1948; L108-G3/ Johannes DeZwaan, hus. of Lydia; Feb.23,1882-Mar.29,1948 Manlius Twp.; son of John & Mary
                  (Kool); (ACDR)
DeZwaan, Johanna, Mother; 1874-1956; OSSW William; L276-G2/ Oct.22,1872-Dec.23,1956 Manlius Twp.; dau. of John Hazelaar; (ACDR)
DeZwaan, John, Father; 1845-1921; L108-G1/ b.in the Neth. - d.May.12,1921 Manlius Twp., age 76 yrs.; son of William; (ACDR)
DeZwaan, Mary, wife of John; 1850-1888; L108-G4/ d.Apr.3,1888 age 28 yrs.; (ACDR)
DeZwaan, Milton; hus. of Joyce H. Kool; Dec.11,1919 East Saugatuck - Nov.1,1983 East Saugatuck; son of Herman & Gertrude (Kempker); (FHR)
DeZwaan, William, Father; 1898-1960; OSSW Jennie; L276-G7/ hus. of Jennie Haverdink; Nov.25,1898-Dec.9,1960 Manlius Twp.; son of William &
                  Johanna (Hazelar); (ACDR)
DeZwaan, William, Father; 1871-1955; OSSW Johanna; L276-G3/ Apr.3,1871 Allegan Co. - Apr.16,1955 Holland; son of John; hus. of Johanna
                  Hazelar; (HCDR)
Diekevers, Geertje (see Geertje Eisen); L83-G1
Dobbin, H.H., Father; b.Oct.7,1842 in the Neth., d.Aug.30,1901 L75-G7/ Harm H. Dobben; b.in Germany - d.Aug.31,1901 in Fillmore Twp.; son of
              Jan & Geertje (Essink); age 59-10-22; (FTDR)
Dobbin, J., Mother; Mar.3,1842-Mar.26,1935; L75-G6/ Janna Dobben, wife of Herman; b.in Germany; dau. of John H. Hinken; (HCDR)
Doolaard, Cornelis, hus of Pietje Troost, b.Feb.3,1924 in the Neth. d.Feb.23,1987 Holland, son of Teunis & Cornelia (Van'tHoff)
Driesenga, Dena, Mother; 1870-1946; L57-G4
Dykhuis, Baby girl; d.Mar.22,1899 age 1 day; dau. of Jan & Annie (DeFrel); (FTDR) LU
Dykman, Charles, Father; 1872-1910; L57-G1/ d.Jan.30,1910 in Saugatuck Twp., age 37-4-6; son of John; (ACDR)
Dykman, John, son; 1897-1938; L57-G5/ Feb.12,1897-Mar.28,1938 son of Charles & Dena (Hemmeke); (ACDR)
Dykman, Sarah, dau. of sister; 1908-1973; L57-G2/ (single); Oct.8,1908 MI. - Sep.27,1973 Hudsonville,MI.; dau. of Charles & Dena (Hemmeke);
Dykstra, Robert Dale; Dec.9,1955 Holland-Nov.25,1978 Allegan Co.,MI. son of Clifford & Myra (Hulst); Sec BB; (TS & PR)
Dykstra, Susie, Mother; 1887-1964; OSSW Teunis; L11-G2/ wife of Teunis L.; Oct.29,1887 Neth.-Mar.22,1964; dau. of Tieje & Reentje (Kuiper)
                DeJong; (HCDR)
Dykstra, Teunis; 1877-1966; OSSW susie; L11-G3
Edwards, Ida; wife of H.E.Edwards; Jun.23,1878 Neth.-Jun.29,1927 dau. of Menno & Jennie (Henstra) Botma; (FTDR) LU
Eisen, Geertje, nee Diekevers; d.Oct.18,1898 (no other info on stone); L83-G1/ age 56 years; b.in Germany; dau. of Jan & Geylina (Schipppers) Heyer;
Eisen, Jan; b.at Schoonebeek, Neth. on Jan.25,1840-d.Sep.23,1907 in East Saugatuck; L83-G4/ John Eisen; Aug.21,1840-Sep.21,1907 son of
            Hendrik & Geesje; (LTDR)
Eizenga, Aafke, wife of Jakop; 1844-1921; L248-G3/ Feb.26,1844 Neth. Nov.19,1921; dau. of Benjamin & Tryntje (Douma) Zuidema; (FTDR)
Eizenga, Jakop; 1850-1922; OSSW Aafke; L248-G2/ hus. of Effie; Apr.5,1850 Neth. - May.15,1922; son of Rein & Tressie (Douma); (FTDR)
Ellen, Martin C.; d.May 15,1891 age 18-4-5; L1170G8
Elshuis, Harm; 1840-1915; L10-G5/ b.in Germany-d.Mar.28,1915 in Manlius Twp., age 75-2-8; son of Herman; (ACDR)
Elshuis, Hattie; 1887-1966; OSSW Herman; L19-G5
Elshuis, Hendrieka, 1842-1917; L10-G8/ nee Smit, b.in Germany-d.Jun.28,1917 in Manlius Twp., age 75 yrs.; (ACDR)
Elshuis, Herman; 1875-1954; OSSW Hattie; L19-G4/ Sep.1,1875-Apr.14,1954 Manlius Twp.; son of Harm & Hattie (Smit); (ACDR)
Ensing, Everat, Father; 1831-1891; OSSW Jennie; L47-G1
Ensing, Fennegien; Nov.22,1835 in Germany - Nov.21,1903; dau.of Berend & Fennegien (Wortel) Seggelhoorn; (FTDR) LU
Ensing, Henry John; (no dates); "A Shoe maker"; L54-G2
Ensing, Hendrik Jan; b.in Germany - d.Feb.11,1901 age 77-4-4 (FTDR) LU
Ensing, Jennis; 1835-1903; OSSW Everat; L47-G4/ b.in Germany - d.Nov.21,1903 age 67-11-29; dau. of Berend & Fennegine (Workel)
              Seggelhoone; (ACDR); (could be the same person as Fennegien Ensing)
Eppink, Mrs. Albert; L205-G5 (no dates)
Eppink, Hendrikjen; wife of Berend Brink; d. Apr.11,1882 age 74 yrs. L100-G6
Eshink, Geert; Mar.9,1824-Jul.20,1892; L43-G7/ Geert Essing, son of Berend & Janna; (ACDR)
Essink, Fenna, wife of Geert Essink, nee Strovenjans; d.Apr.29,1904 age 68-6-26; L43-G6/ dau. of Geert & Harmtje (Logerts) Strowenjans;
Essink, Hanna; Jan.29,1871-Feb.2,1897; L43-G5
Essink, Jan, (see Jane Jaarda), the wife of Germ Jaarda, (no dates) age 50 yrs. and 4 days; L265-G1
Fabber, Wiebe; 1874-1930; L250-G6
Faber, Clara; Sep.17,1891-Jun.12,1972 Holland; dau. of Jan & Willempje (Vis) Hoeve; (OCDR) LU
Faber, Lyda, dau. of W. & E.; 1897-1923; L250-G8/ unmarried, b.in the Neth., d.Dec.10,1922; dau. of Wiebe & Ilkje (Bock); d.in Manlius Twp.;
Faber, Kenneth J., son; 1927-1943; L250-G4/ Feb.12,1927-Nov.3,1943 son of Wiebe & Clara (Hoeve); (HCDR)
Filius, Jakobus, Vader; d.Aug.17,1905 aged 78 yrs.; L184-G2
Fisher, Mrs.B., Mother; Grandmother; and Great Grandmother; 1837-1924; L244-G1/ Hermiena Fisher, b.in Germany - d.Oct.12,1924 in Manlius Twp.
             age 86-9-18; dau. of Geert & Fenna (Elberts) Kamrhuis; (ACDR)
Fredricks, Anna (no dates on stone); L174-G6
Fredricks, Cornelia, Mother; 1856-1938; L174-G5/ wife of William; May.23,1856 MI.-Apr.9,1938; dau. of Herman & Nellie (Kools) Lucas; (HCDR)
Fredricks, Hermanus; d.Oct.6,1902 age 52 yrs. 8 mo. 23 days; OSSW Sarah A.; L157-G1/ d.in Manlius Twp.; son of Egbert & Hanna (Kniper);
Fredricks, Sarah A., wife of Hermanus; 1854-1913; OSSW Hermanus; L157-G4
Fredricks, Sarah Hermina (no dates); L174-G3
Fredricks, William, Father; 1851-1919; L174-G8
Freriks, Alice, sister; 1874-1938; L85-G7/ unmarried; Jan.2,1874 Apr.21,1938; dau. of Geert & Dena (Gommers); (FTDR)
Freeriks, Diena; Dec.15,1832-Jun.13,1904; dau. of Jan Gommer; (FTDR) LU
Freriks, Geert, Father; Jan.27,1827-Apr.19,1907; L85-G3/ b.in Germany; son of Geert & Alle; (FTDR)
Freriks, George, brother; 1869-1935; L85-G6/ unmarried; Dec.9,1869 Feb.13,1935; son of George & Dena (Gommer); (FTDR)
Freriks, Gerrietdiena, Mother; nee Commer; Dec.27,1832-Jun.13,1904; L85-G2
Freriks, John; 1871-1956; L85-G8
Freriks, Mrs. J.; 1876-1927; L85-G5
Funcke, Mary; 1881-1952; OSSW Tonnis; L236-G8/ Mary Pikaart Funcke; May.18,1881 Neth.-Nov.13,1952 Spring Lake, MI.; dau. of Phillip &
              Jocoba (    ) Pikaart; (OCDR)
Funcke, Tonnis; 1886-1966; OSSW Mary; L236-G5/ May 26,1886 in Neth. Jan.10,1966 Holland; son of Tonnis, Sr. & Henricka (Meulenbelt);
Gebben, Father; 1844-1926; L70-G6/ Gerrit Gebben, hus. of Lyda Kliftman; Sep.6,1844 Neth. - Nov.24,1926, son of Albert; (FTDR)
Gebben, Jennie; 1877-1885; L70-G4/ Jennegje, d.Oct.22,1885 age 9 yrs. & 6 days; dau. of Gerrit & Lyda; (ACDR)
Gebben, John; 1879-1886; L70-G1/ d.Apr.22,1886; son of Gerrit & Alyda (Kleefman); (ACDR)
Gebben, Lambertus; 1881-1882; L70-G5/ d.May.3,1882 age 8 mo & 14 days; son of Gerrit & Lida; (ACDR)
Gebben, Mother; 1850-1916; L70-G7/ Aleida Gebben; Mar.24,1849 Neth. Nov.5,1916; dau. of Jan & Siena (Langejans) Klipman; (FTDR)
Geurink, Alice; 1869-1934; OSSW Lambertus; L56-G3/ Feb.4,1869 Neth. Jul.30,1934; dau. of Henry & Rena (Boeskool) Kooiker; (FTDR)
Geurink, Baby; 1904 (only date in center); L56-G6
Geurink, Henry; married Apr.15,1931; 1902-1976; OSSW Janet; L56-G1/ hus. of Janet Meinema; May.2,1902-Oct.10,1976 Holland; son of
                Lamertus & Alice (Kooiker); (OCDR)
Geurink, Infant boy; b.& d. Mar.14,1905; son of Lambertus & Allis (Kooiker); (FTDR) LU
Geurink, Janet; married Apr.15,1931; 1909-___; OSSW Henry; L56-G4
Geurink, Lambertus; 1854-1929; OSSW Alice; L56-G2/ Feb.2,1854 MI. Sep.14,1929; son of Henry & Anna (Garvelink); (FTDR)
Glupker, Baby of Mr. & Mrs. H.G. Glupker; (no dates); L130-G2
Glupker, Geert H., Vader; Jan.13,1823-Jul.23,1901; L130-G1
Glupker, Gerard, Father; 1888-1956; OSSW Reka; L130-G7/ hus of Reka Zoerhof; Aug.12,1888 Allegan Co.-Mar.19,1956; son of Gerrit H.&
                Jane (Fronemeyer); (HCDR)
Glupker, Gerrit H.; b.in Germany; d.Jul.25,1901 age 76-5-26 son of Hendrik & Fenna (Albers); (FTDR) same person as Geert H. ??
Glupker, Henry G.; hus. of Sena; Aug.30,1866-Jan.31,1952; L130-G8/ b.Aug.20,1866-d.Jan.31,1952 in Leighton Twp., Allegan Co., son of G.H. &
               Jana; (ACDR)
Glupker, Jane; wife of Gerrit H.; b.May 3,1845 in the Neth.-d.Aug.22,1928 in Fillmore Twp.; dau. of Henry Kronemeyer; (FTDR) LU
Glupker, Moeder, (footstone), no vital information on stone; L130-G4
Glupker, Reda, Mother; 1887-1961; OSSW Gerard; L130-G6/ Dec.18,1887 Mar.2,1961; dau. of John & Jennie (Hoskamp) Zoerhof; (HCDR)
Glupker, Siena; Sep.13,1872-Jun.3,1960; L130-G5
Graves, Jewel Marion, Sr.; "Husband and Father"; hus. of Loretta M. Lambert; Apr.20,1908-Jul.14,1972 Holland; son of George & Emma (Walker);
              OLW Morris W.; Sec BB; (OCDR)
Graves, Morris W., "Brother and Uncle"; Mar.1,1900-Sep.8,1978; OLW Jewel M. Sr.; Sec BB
Greving, Judith Ann, Baby; Jan.1,1954-Jan.14,1954; L2-G8/ dau. of Bernard J. & Shirley (Bush); (HCDR)
Groote, Berend H.; Apr.1,1879-May 26,1892; L192-G1
Grote, Geertje, wife of Jan Hendrik; 1846-1922; OSSW Jan Hendrik; L192-G3/ b.in Germany - d.Jan.17,1922 in Fillmore Twp. age 76 yrs. & 11 mo.,
            nee Laarman; (ACDR)/ b.Feb.19,1845; (FTDR)
Grote, Geziena, Mother; 1853-1926; L37-G2/ b.in Germany- d.Apr.28,1926 age 73-2-26 in Fillmore Twp.; dau. of K.& Janna (Klaver) Lammer;
Grote, Jan Harm, Father; 1859-1951; L37-G3/ b.May 13,1859 in Hanover, Germany - d.Oct.8,1951 in Manlius Twp.; son of Jan; (ACDR)
Grote, Jan Hendrik; 1835-1915; OSSW Geertje; L192-G2/ b.Mar.10,1835 in Europe - d.Dec.4,1915; son of Berend; (FTDR)
Grover, Amelia, wife of Samuel; d.Nov.14,1879 age 58 yrs. & 5 mo.; L165-G8
Haamberg, Harm H., Father; Jun.12,1832-Aug.4,1908; L221-G2; Harm Hendrik Haamberg, b.in Germany, son of Derk (ACDR)
Haamberg, Mrs. H.H., Mother; nee Kempkers; Sep.17,1846-May 31,1921; L221-G3; See Jennigien Hamberg, below. Appears to be same person.
Haan, Fannie, wife of Bert Haan; b.in Hanover, Germany; d.Mar.13,1937 in Fillmore Twp., age 63 yrs. & 20 da; dau. of Geert & Jana (Kronemeyer)
           Glupker; (FTDR)
Haller, Anna; 1838-1971; L138-G3; Anna E. Haller; b.Jun.4,1838 in Germany, d.Jul.10,1917 in Holland, MI.; dau of Anthony & Alida (Ryerks)
            Koster; (HCDR)
Hamberg, Jennigien; b.Sep.of 1845 in Europe, d.May 31,1921 in Fillmore Twp., age 75 yrs. & 8 mo.; dau. of Gerrit H. & Geziena (     ) Kempker;
                  (FTDR) See Mrs. H.H. Haamberg, above
Hamberg, Gerrit Jan; unmarried; b.in the Neth., d.Feb.28,1901 in Fillmore Twp., age 72 yrs.; son of Derk & Andiena (Koster); (FTDR)
Harmsen, Geertje, wife of Lambert; 1847-1922; OSSW Lambert; L64-G8
Harmsen, Mrs. Gerrit Brouwer; 1861-1919; L110-G3
Hagelskamp, Sena, daughter; 1904-1963; L230-G3
Harmsen, Lambert; 1843-1919; OSSW Geertje; L64-G5/ b.in Germany, d.Aug.20,1919 in Manlius Twp., age 76 yrs. & 7 mo; son of Jan & Gertie
                 (Brest); (ACDR)
Harper, Lewis Allen; b.Sep.18,1963 in Holland; d.Apr.2,1984 in Park Twp., Ottawa Co.; son of Orville & Doris (Perkins); (FHR)
Hartger, John, Father; Jan.24,1852-Feb.4,1919; OSSW Mrs. J.; L153-G7
Hartger, Mrs. J., Mother; Geboren Mepjans; Oct.6,1849-Jan.8,1888; OSSW John; L153-G6
Havedink, Geesje; b.in the Neth., d.Jun.16,1899 in Fillmore Twp. age 78 yrs. 11 mo. 3 da., dau. of Henry & Zwenna (Havedink) Vulink (sp) (FTDR)
Havedink, Wasse; b.in Europe, d.Feb.21,1900 in Fillmore Twp.; age 88 yrs. & 21 da.; son of Hendrik; (FTDR)
Haverding, Gordon M.; Feb.10,1917 MI.- Mar.10,1918 in Fillmore Twp. son of William & Trude (Nykerk); (FTDR)
Haverdink, Alice; 1881-1961; OSSW William; L159-G6/ b.May 13,1881 d.Dec.30,1962 in Fillmore Twp., dau. of Henry & Johanna (Meppelink)
                    Slenk; (ACDR)
Haverdink, Anna, wife of Wm. Woertink; d.Sep.17,1898 age 75 yrs.; OSSW Wm. Woertink; L189-G3
Haverdink, Baby; (no name or dates); L177-G2
Haverdink, Bertha, Mother; 1860-1943; L154-G4/ wife of Henry, b.in MI., d.Nov.10,1943 age 83 yrs. 8 mo. 18 da; dau. of Andries & Stientje
                   (Pluim) Brummel; (FTDR)
Haverdink, Bertha, Mother; 1891-1965; OSSW Gerrit; L131-G2/ wife of Gerrit; b.Jul.3,1891 in Hamilton, MI., d.Feb.17,1965; dau. of John & Fannie
                    (Menken) Lugten; (HCDR)
Haverdink, Dena, Mother; 1888-1979; OSSW Henry; L177-G6
Haverdink, Baby Etta; 1918-1920; L177-G3/ b.Jul.21,1918 - d.May 6,1920; dau. of Henry & Dena (Menken); (FTDR)
Haverdink, Evert; Jun.21,1881-Jan.13,1908; L177-G1/ son of H.J.& Jennie (Lugies); (ACDR)
Haverdink, Gerrit, Father; 1884-1971; OSSW Bertha; L131-G3/ b.Apr.18,1884 in MI., d.Dec.28,1971 in Holland; son of Henry John & Jennie
                     (Lucies); (OCDR)
Haverdink, Gertrude, Mother; 1887-1953; L154-G8/ wife of Wm. H.; b.Apr.4,1887 in Allegan Co., d.Nov.26,1953; dau. of Gerrit H.
                    & ___ (Hulsman) Nykerk; (HCDR)
Haverdink, Henrietta, daughter; 1909 - 1911; L159-G8/ d.Feb.21,1911 in Manlius Twp. age 1mo. & 5 da.; dau. of Wm. H.J.& Alice (Slenk);
Haverdink, Henry, Father; 1844-1912; L154-G1/ b.Jul.20,1844 in Germany, d.Mar.6,1912; son of Wassa & Gersjin; (FTDR)
Haverdink, Henry, Father; 1892-1966; OSSW Dena; L177-G7/ hus of Dena; b.Oct.17,1892 in MI., d.Sep.30,1966 in Holland; son of Henry J.
                    & Jennie (Luchies); (HCDR)
Haverdink, Henry J., Father; 1850-1927; L177-G5/ Henry John Haverdink b.Dec.19,1850 in the Neth., d.Nov.8,1927; son of Wasse & Grace;
Haverdink, Jennie, Mother; 1856-1926; L177-G8/ b.in the Neth., d.Sep.1,1926 age 70 yrs. 2 mo. 8 da.; dau. of Edd & Helen (Snoeink) Luchies;
                    (FTDR) also (ACDR)
Haverdink, Julius, unmarried, b.Feb.12,1925 East Saugatuck, d.Jan.3,1987 in Fillmore Twp., son of Henry & Dena (Menken)
Haverdink, William; 1879-1963; OSSW Alice; L159-G7/ hus of Alice Slenk; b.Nov.19,1879 in MI., d.Jan.27,1963; son of Henry John & Jennie
                     (Luchies); (HCDR)
Haverdink, William H., Father; 1880-1961; L154-G5/ b.Aug.26,1880 in Allegan Co., d.Feb.8,1961 in Fillmore Twp.; son of Henry & Bertha
                     (Brummel); (ACDR)
Hazelaar, Antonie; Aug.5,1870-Jul.31,1908; OSSW Martina & Willem; L152-G8/ b.in the Neth., son of William & Martha (Plante); (ACDR)
Hazelaar, Martina, Moeder; geboren Plante; Feb.13,1840-Dec.25,1902; OSSW Willem & Antonie; L152-G1/ dau. of Jan & Reintje (Fransier)
                 Plante; (ACDR)
Hazelaar, Willem, Vader; Nov.19,1836-Jan.10,1907; OSSW Martina & Antonie; L152-G4/ son of T.& L. (Paantet); (ACDR)
Heetderks, Jennie, unmarried; b.Nov.18,1875 MI., d.Mar.25,1916 in Fillmore Twp., dau. of William & Janna (Borgman); (FTDR)
Heetebry, Henry R.; 1867-1888; L158-G1/ d.Mar.3,1888 age 20 yrs. 11 mo. 3 da.; son of Arend; (ACDR)
Heeterbry, Arend, Vader; 1836-1910; L158-G3/ Aarend Heetebry, b.Sep.12,1836 in Europe, d.Jul.3,1910 in Fillmore Twp., son of Jan & Geesje
                   (Visscher); (FTDR)
Heetebry, Tella, Moeder; 1837-1904; L158-G2/ b.Feb.14,1837 in Europe; d.Jun.24,1904 in Fillmore Twp.; dau. of Gerrit & Janna (Visscher)
                   TenBrink; (FTDR)
Heetebry, Gesena; 1874-1926; L158-G8
Hekman, Albert, Vader; overleden 12 Aug.1907 age 74 yrs.; OSSW Geesje; L127-G5/ ? albert Heckman; b.Oct.14,1832 in Germany,
                  d.Aug.14,1907 in Fillmore Twp.; Could be the same person.
Hekman, Geesje, Moeder; Geboren Blok; overleden 4 Apr.1892 age 42 yrs.; L127-G8
Hekman, Grace Marie, unmarried; b.Mar. of 1893 in MI., d.Jun.29,1910 in Fillmore Twp., age 17 yrs.& 3mo.; dau. of Albert & Grace (Blok);
Helms, Fanna; (no dates on stone); OSSW Geertien & Geert; L167-G5
Helms, Geert; (no dates on stone:; OSSW Fanna & Geertien; L167-G5
Helms, Geertien; (no dates on stone); OSSW fanna & Geert; L167-G5
Helms, Geertje, Mother; 1848-1898; L167-G7
Helms, Henry, Father; 1844-1929; L167-G6
Helms, Herman, son; 1875-1915; L166-G1
Hemmeke, Albert; 1859-1929; L88-G2/ b.in Germany, d.Mar.26,1929 age 69 yrs. 9 mo. 4 da.; son of J.H. & Fanny (Tibbe); (ACDR)
Hemmeke, Evert; 1865-1940; L88-G3/ unmarried, b.in the County of Bentheim, Germany; d.Mar.14,1940 in Holland, MI., age 74 yrs.; son of John
                   Henry & Fenna (Tibbe); (HCDR)
Hemmeke, Fenne, Mother; 1835-1916; L88-G6/ b.in Germany; d.May 15,1916 in Manlius Twp., age 80 yrs. 6mo. 8da., dau. of Albert(Arent) &
                    Gertjen (Reuhle/Reulink) Tibbe; (ACDR)
Hemmeke, Fred, 1881-1938; OSSW Hattie; L198-G3/ See Gerrit Hemmeke
Hemmeke, George; 1839-1917; L198-G6
Hemmeke, Gerrit; hus. of Hattie Reimink; b.May 2,1881; d.Mar.30,1938 son of Gerrit; (HCDR)/ Probably the same person as Fred Hemmeke
Hemmeke, Hattie; 1883-1949; OSSW Fred; L198-G2/ wife of Fred, b.May 16,1883 in MI., d.Dec.8,1949 in Holland, MI., dau. of Fred &
                    Dena (Walters) Reimink; (HCDR)
Hemmeke, Jan. H., Father; 1834-1912; L88-G7/ d.Dec.15,1912 in Manlius Twp., age 78 yrs. 1mo. 8da.; son of Everet; (ACDR)
Hemmeke, Jennie; 1838-1898; L198-G7/ b.in Yelterbeek, Holland; d.Aug.27,1898 in Manllius Twp., age 60 yrs.; (ACDR)
Hemmeke, Minnie; 1874-1898; L198-G1
Hensen, Friedriech; b.Jul.29,1864 Osterwald, County of Bentheim, Germany; d.in 1881 in Chicago, accident on a R.R. crossing; son of Jan & Janna
               (Dobben) Hensen; He is buried on the Dobben lot. (The preceeding information is according to Swenna Harger's records)
Hilbink, Mrs. Henry, Mother; b.Egberdina VanFaasen; 1866-1925; L230-G6/ Diena Hilbink; b.Jan.8,1866 in the Neth., d.Apr.17,1925; dau. of
               Hermannes & Jennje (Altmman) VanFaasen; (FTDR)
Hilbink, Gerrit; 1899-1901; L147-G5 & 1/2 / d.Apr.19,1901 age 2 yrs. 1 mo. 1 da.; son of Harm & Zwaantje (Lohuis); (FTDR)
Hilbink, Gerrit; d.Sep.19,1897 age 8 mo.; son of H. & Susan (Lahuis); (FTDR)
Hilbink, Gesiena; 1905-1905; L147-G5/ Gezina Hilbrink, b.Apr.21,1905 d.Aug.3,1905; dau of Harm & Zwaantyn (Lohuis); (FTDR)
Hilbink, Harm; 1868-1942; OSSW Susan; L147-G7/ hus of Susan, b.Feb.9,1868 in the Neth., d.Jul.24,1942 in Holland; son of John & Sena (Zel);
Hilbink, Henry, Father; 1868-1951; L230-G7/ b.Feb.9,1868 in Germany, d.Sep.11,1951 in Fillmore Twp.; son of John; (FTDR)
Hilbink, Susan; Geboren Lohuis; Jan.6,1876-Oct.9,1923; OSSW Harm; L147-G6/ wife of Harm, b.Jan.6,1876 in Mich., d.Oct.9,1923; dau of
               Gerrit & Geisje (Derkson) Lohuis; (FTDR)
Hofmeyer, Berend, Grandfather  (no dates); L182-G7
Hofmeyer, Hilligyen, Grandmother; (no dates); L182-G6
Hokse, Baby Girl; b.& d. Dec.7,1967; dau. of Kenneth & Wanda Lou (VanWieren); (OCDR)
Hokse, Bernard, Father; married Apr.29,1932; 1908-___; OSSW Tryfena; Sec BB
Hokse, Bernard, hus of Tryfena Woudwyk, b.Aug.10,1908 Oakland, Allegan Co. d.Nov.14,1986 Holland, son of John & Gracie (Petters);
             OSSW Tryfena
Hokse, Tryfena, Mother; wife of Bernard; b.Apr.15,1914 in East Saugatuck, d.Jul.11,1984 in Holland; dau. of Tony & Tena (Elzinga) Woudwyk:
              OSSW Bernard; Sec BB; (FHR)
Holboer, Ani (see Ani Kotman); L82-G7
Holt, Elaine L.; 1879-1975; L50-G2/ b.Mar.22,1879 Mich., d.Feb.7,1975 in Holland; dau. of William & Mary (Stolp) VandenBerg; (OCDR)
Holtvluwer, John Henry; 1862-1929; OSSW Everdena; L167-G2
Holtvluwer, Everdena; 1871-1953; OSSW John Henry; L167-G3
Horn, John W.; 1888-1960; Sec BB
Hovenga, Arend, hus of Rosella Brink, b.Jul.24,1913 North Holland d.Jan.5,1987 Holland, son of Henry & Ruth (Raak)
Hoving, Henry; Jan.22,1882-Feb.12,1898 (stone is broken into 3 pieces, one is missing); OSSW Pieter & Zwaantje; L14-G8/ b.in Fillmore, Mich.,
              son of Piet & Zwaantje (Brinks); age 15 yrs. 1 mo. 12 days; (FTDR)
Hoving, Pieter; May 9, 1844-Jan.of 1894 (stone is broken into 3 pieces, one is missing); OSSW Zwaantje & Henry; L14-G7
Hoving, Zwaantje, nee Brinks; Jul.9,1854-May 9,19??; OSSW Henry & Pieter; L14-G6
Huddleston, Pamela Diane; "Our Loving Daughter"; Nov.17,1959-Nov.17,1976 Sec BB
Huls, Hanna, dau. of J.& H. Huls; Oct.15,1886-Aug.18,1889; L273-G7/ dau of Jan and Mina; (ACDR)
Hulsman, Harold James; 1910-1980; OSSW Susan Fanny; L199-G8/ hus. of Susan Wolters; b.Oct.29,1910 in Overisel, Allegan Co.,
                 d.Apr.3,1980 in Grand Rapids, Mich.; son of Henry & Nancy (Jaarda); (FHR)
Hulsman, Susan Fanny; 1910-1980; OSSW Harold James; L199-G5/ b.Nov.4,1910; d.Aug.16,1980; dau of Gerrit & Gertie (Kleinheksel)
                  Wolters; (FHR)
Hulst, Alice; 1895-___; L224-G6
Hulst, Benjamin, Father; 1890-1962; L16-G3/ hus of Hattie; b.Oct.29,1890 Mich., d.Nov.10,1962 in Holland; son of John & Hermina
           (Schrotenboer); (HCDR)
Hulst, Diane and Donna (twins); b.& d. Sep.28,1964; children of Kenneth Jay & Selma Evonne (Hofmeyer); Sec BB; (HCDR)
Hulst, Gertie, Mother; 1880-1974; OSSW Henry; L8-G6/ b.Jan.29,1880 in Mich., died Sep.11,1974 in Zeeland; dau of Harm Balder; (OCDR)
Hulst, Gertie, Mother; 1893-1967; L271-G2/ wife of Jake; b.May 27,1893 in Mich., d.Nov.14,1967 in Holland; dau of Benjamin & Katie (Oosting)
           Scholten; (OCDR)
Hulst, Hattie, Mother; 1893-1963; L16-G2/ wife of Benjamin; b.Jun.7,1893; d.Jan.14,1963 in Fillmore Twp.; dau of Harm & Maggie (Brinks)
           Becksvoort; (ACDR)
Hulst, Hattie, Mother; 1907-___; OSSW John; L8-G5
Hulst, Henry, Father; 1880-1966; OSSW Gertie; L8-G7/ b.Apr.11,1880 in Mich., d.Sep.27,1966 in Holland; son of John & Hermina (Schrotenboer);
Hulst, Henry, Father; 1880-1966; OSSW Gertie; L8-G7/ b.Apr.11,1880 in Mich., d.Sep.27,1966 in Holland; son of John & Hermina (Schrotenboer);
Hulst, Herman; 1896-1919; Co.E.18 Inf.; L273-G8
Hulst, Hermina, Mother; 1857-1929; L273-G6/ wife of John, b.Nov.15,1857 in Mich., d.Apr.28,1929; dau of Henry & Sena (Bonzelaar) Schrotenboer;
Hulst, Jacob, Father; 1888-1944; L271-G3/ hus of Gertie, b.Oct.19,1888 in Mich., d.Dec.17,1944; son of John & Hermina (Schrotenboer); (FTDR)
Hulst, Jennie; 1901-___; OSSW thomas; L226-G6
Hulst, Jerry; 1913-1958; L16-G7/ hus of Nancy; b.Jul.25,1913 in Mich., d.Sep.25,1958; son of Benjamin & Hattie (Becksvoort); (HCDR)
Hulst, John, Father; 1906-1980; OSSW Hattie; L8-G8/ hus of Hattie Jager; b.Aug.19,1906 d.May 18,1980; son of Henry & Gertie (Balder); (FHR)
Hulst, John; 1894-1937; L224-G7/hus of Alice; b.Apr.15,1894 in East Saugatuck, d.Jun.10,1937; son of John & Hermina (Schrotenboer); (HCDR)
Hulst, John, Father; 1852-1928; L273-G3/ hus of Hermina; b.Oct.14,1852 d.Sep.8,1928 in Holland; son of Henry & Jennie (Stegeman); (HCDR)
Hulst, Nancy; 1912-___; L16-G6
Hulst, Thomas; 1899-1983; OSSW Jennie; L226-G7/ hus of Jennie Tubergen; b.Feb.18,1899 in East Saugatuck, d.May 20,1983 in Holland; son of
           John & Hermina (Schrotenboer; (FHR)
Idema, Minnie; 1872-1946; OSSW Tidde; L47-G7
Idema, Tidde; 1874-1951; OSSW Minnie; L47-G6
Inderbitzen, Leo Dwain, Husband; 1915-1977; L242-G3/ hus of Johanna Lubbers; b.Jul.9,1915 Mich., d.Sep.20,1977 Holland; son of Daniel & Mary
                    (VanDis); (OCDR)
Inman, Alice, Mother; Feb.22,1905-Sep.27,1966; L120-G4/ wife of George L. Inman; b.in Illinois, d.in Holland; dau of George Christiansen; (OCDR)
Inman, Baby boy; b.& d. Jul.31,1949 in Holland; son of George & Alice (Christiansen); (HCDR)
Jaarda, Andrew; 1916-1982; OSSW Evelyn; L219-G8/ hus of Evelyn VerBurg; b.May 23,1916 Fillmore Twp., d.Arp.20,1982 Holland; son of Frank &
              Jennie (Pollakker); (FHR)
Jaarda, Evelyn; 1919-___; OSSW Andrew; L219-G5
Jaarda, Frank; 1871-1936; OSSW Jennie; L219-G7/ b.Nov.4,1871 in Zeeland, d.Oct.18,1936; son of Lolke & Nancy (Baaeytena); (FTDR)
Jaarda, Germ; Jun.4,1863 Zeeland,Mich., d.Mar.24,1935; son of Lolke & Nancy (Baetema); (FTDR)
Jaarda, Gertie, unmarried; Mar.5,1877-Sep.30,1946; L219-G1/ b.in Ottawa Co., d.in Gaines Twp., Kent Co., Mich.; dau of Lolke & Nierske; (ACDR)
Jaarda, Jane (see Jane Essink); L265-G1
Jaarda, Jane; b.Nov.19,1865 Mich., d.Nov.24,1916; dau of Geert & Fenne (Strovenjans) Essink; (FTDR)
Jaarda, Jennie; 1871-1951; OSSW Frank; L219-G6/ b.apr.19,1871 Mich. d.Dec.14,1951; dau of Gerrit & Janita (Kroeze) Pollaker; (FTDR)
Jaarda, John, Father; 1859-1933; OSSW Lena; L224-G3
Jaarda, John; d.Sep.20,1905 age 6 mo. & 2 da.; son of Jan & Jennie (Schrotenboer); (FTDR)
Jaarda, Lena, Mother; 1865-1901; OSSW John; L224-G2/ b.in Mich.; d.Apr.10,1901 age 36 yrs.; dau of Gerrit & Betje (   ) Brouwer; (FTDR)
Jaarda, Lolke; b.Nov.3,1827 Neth., d.Feb.23,1915; son of Fred & Nancy (Betema); (FTDR)
Jaarda, Nancy; b.in the Neth., d.Jul.5,1899 age 64 yrs. & 10 mo.; dau of Gerrit Benteim; (FTDR)
Jaarda, William; Feb.17,1874-Apr.18,1945 (TS); L219-G4/ b.Feb.7,1878 d.Apr.18,1945 in allegan Twp., age 67 yrs. 2 mo. 11 da.; son of Louka &
              Nancy (Poetema); (ACDR)
Jager, Derk, Father; 1880-1970; OSSW Jennie; L58-G3/ b.Sep.29,1880 in Germany, d.Sep.13,1970; son of Gerrit John & Jennie (Volkers); (ACDR)
Jager, Evelyn Marie; May 26-Jul.25,1941; OSSW Jerry Lee; L58-G8
Jager, Gerret John, baby; Mar.7-8,1914; L58-G7
Jager, Gerrit, John, Father; 1850-1928; L181-G3/ hus of Tiemke; b.May 26,1850 d.Aug.26,1928; son of Henry & Dena (Klinkenberg); (LTDR)
Jager, Gerrit, John, son; 1915-1930; L58-G6/ b.Jun.9,1915 d.Jan.20,1930; son of Dick & Jennie (Volkers); (HCDR)
Jager, Helen, Mother; nee Wolters; 1852-1890; L181-G2/ b.in Prussia, d.Jun.21,1890 age 66 yrs.; (ACDR)
Jager, Jennie, Mother; 1883-1917; OSSW Derk; L58-G2/ b.Jul.22,1883 d.Sep.5,1917; dau of John & Hattie (Shoe) Volkers; (LTDR)
Jager, Jerry Lee; Mar.27-Apr.3,1940; OSSW Evelyn Marie; L58--G8/ son of John & Louisa (Dams); (ACDR)
Jager, John, Father; 190601972; OSSW Louisa; L58-G4
Jager, Loiusa, Mother; 1906-1961; OSSW John; L58-G1/ b.Jan.17,1906 d.Jun.30,1961 in Gaines Twp., Kent Co., MI.; dau of Dick & Hattie
            (Schamper) Dams; (ACDR)
Jager, Tiemke DeBoer, Mother; 1848-1927; L181-G6/ b.in the Neth. d.Jun.23,1927 age 77 yrs. 11 mo. 6 da.; dau of Lamber & Hinreka (Koevt)
            Koenes; (ACDR)
Jansen, Albert; d.Jul.8,1899 aged 60 yrs.; L207-G2/ b.in the Neth., d.in Fillmore Twp., son of Harm; (FTDR)
Jansen, Hendrikan (see Hendrikan Brink); 1826-1918; L207-G6 wife of A.Jansen
Johnson, Darthea, Mother; Jun.28,1943-Jan.1,1969; Sec BB
Johnson, James; hus. of Jennie Kars; b.Jul.25,1915 hamilton, Allegan Co.; Jul.7,1986 Holland; son of John & Dena (Dubbink); (FHR)
John, Jennie; 1904-1981; OSSW Oscar W.; L218-G4/ wife of Oscar; b.Mar.14,1904 Holland, d.Jun.8,1981 Holland; dau of Ralplh & Hattie
           (Zuverink) Vos; (FHR)
Johnson, Oscar W.; 1893-1944; OSSW Jennie; L218-G1
Jones, Lois Ann, wife of Troy, b.Aug.28,1946 Sandusky, Ohio. d.Jan.8,1987 Holland, dau of Mont B. & Addie Lee (Fife) Robinette
Jurris, Albert; 1901-1965; L214-G2
Jurris, Dena; 1878-1922; L214-G3
Jurris, Helen; 1908-1908; L214-G8
Jurris, John H.; 1871-1936; L214-G6
Jurris, Katherine; 1874-1960; L214-G7
Kallewaart, Maria, Our Beloved Mother; Apr.10,1814-Dec.26,1892; L184-G6
Kalmink, Alice Vos, Mother; 1899-___; OSSW Harry L.; L34-G6
Kalmink, Harry J., Father; 1898-1968; OSSW Alice; L34-G7/ hus of Alice; b.May 22,1898 Mich., d.Oct.22,1968 Holland; son of Henry & Jennie
                (Bouwkamp); (OCDR)
Kalmink, Baby Hendrik; 1894-1895; L211-G2/ d.Jan.1,1895 age 9 mo. & 2 da.; son of Geert & Jennie; (ACDR)
Kalmink, Henry, Father; 1845-1930; OSSW Jennie; L211-G6/ b.in Germany, d.Mar.21,1930 age 84 yrs. 10 mo. 24 da.; son of Steven & Dena
                (Slughuis); (ACDR)
Kalmink, Jennie, Mother; 1854-1938; OSSW Henry; L211-G3/ b.Apr.10,1854 in the Neth., d.Apr.6,1938 Holland; dau of George Bouwkamp;
Kalmink, Stephen H.; 1881-1945; L211-G7/ unmarried, b.Jun.20,1881 in East Saug., d.Apr.20,1945; son of Henry & Jennie (Bouwkamp);
Karel, Jennie; 1884-1968; OSSW Johannes; L51-G5/ b.Sep.18,1884 in Mich., d.Jan.11,1968 Grand Haven, Mich.; dau of Thomas & Deina
            (VandenBosch) VandenBosch; (OCDR)
Karel, Johannes; 1882-1959; OSSW Jennie; L51-G8/ hus of Jennie VandenBosch; b.Jun.18,1882 Muskegon, Mich., d.Jan.30,1959; son of Herman
            & Charlotte (Vis); (HCDR)
Kars, Fenne; b.May 12, 1817 Europe, d.Dec.1,1902; dau of Egbert Klink; (FTDR)
Kas, Geert; b.May 10, 1826 Germany, d.Aug.4,1902; son of Galls Kas; (FTDR)
Keen, Baby Girl; 1902 (only date in center); L182-G5/ d.Sep.29,1902 in Saugatuck Twp., dau of Jan & Geziena (Hofmeijer); (ACDR)
Keen, Gezina, Mother; 1857-1928-G3
Keen, Jake; 1895-1916; L182-G4
Keen, Jan, Father; 1857-1921; L182-G2
Keen, Jantje; 1890 (date in center); L182-G8
Keen, John; May 15,1857-Jun.13,1929; son of Geert & Jennie. Is this the same person as Jan Keen? (HCDR)
Kempker, Fyje; nee Hilbink; wife of G. Kempker; Feb.18,1845-Jan.20,1906 L169-G2/ b.in Europe, d.Jan.20,1906 age 60 yrs. 11 mo. 2 da. dau of
                  Hendrik & Aaltje (Hons) Hilbink; (FTDR)
Kempker, Geert, hus of Harriet; Jun.4,1850 Neth. - Sep.18,1945; son of Henry. L169-G3; (TS & FTDR)
Kempker, Henry; 1875-1942; L169-G7
Kempker, Mother; (no dates or name on stone); L169-G2
Kempker, Vader; (no name or dates on stone); L169-G3
Kleinheksel, Baby; 1905 (only date); L231-G1/ d.Jun.12,1905 son of Harm H.& Jennie (Deters); (ACDR)
Kleinheksel, George; Sep.16,1897-Dec.1,1969; OSSW Lila; L43-G1/ b.in Mich., d.in Holland. son of William & Dena (Essink); (OCDR)
Kleinheksel, Gerrit J.; d.Sep.11,1977 age 68 yrs. 9 mo. 23 da.; L231-G3/ b.Nov.18,1908 d.Sep.11,1977 Holland; son of Hiram Hendrick &
                      Jennie (Deters); (FHR)
Kleinheksel, Gerrit Jan; d.Jan.23,1934 age 88 yrs. 3 mo. 4 da.; L220-G6/ b.Oct.19,1844 in the Neth., son of Herman; hus of Hendrika; (FTDR)
Kleinheksel, Hendriken Bos; 1854-1946; L28-G3/ wife of Gerrit J.; b.Mar.24,1854 in the Neth., d.Jun.18,1946; dau of William Haverdink; (FTDR)
Kleinheksel, Hendrikje; d.Mar.18,1900 in Fillmore Twp., age 61 yrs. 10 mo. 19 da.; dau of Geert & Harmtjen (Lohgeerts) Strovenjans; (FTDR)
Kleinheksel, Herman; 1876-1946; L220-G2/ unmarried; b.Feb.27,1876 d.Oct.23,1946; son of Gerrit J.& Hendereka (Strovenjans); (HCDR)
Kleinheksel, Hiram H.; 1872-1940; L231-G7/ hus of Jennie; Oct.26,1872-Jul.13,1940 Ann Arbor, Mich.; son of Gerrit John & Hattie (Stroven);
Kleinheksel, Jean; wife of Ted; b.Nov.2,1923 d.Jul.5,1980 in Grand Rapids, Mich.; dau of Albert & Henrietta (Poest) VanFarowe; Sec BB; (FHR)
Kleinheksel, Jennie; 1880-1963; OSSW Hiram H.; L231-G6/ Jul.13,1880 Mich. d.Mar.5,1963; dau of Stephen & Gertie (Brink) Deters; (HCDR)
Kleinheksel, Lila, nee Prillwitz; b.Apr.8,1894 in Sodus, Mich. d.Sep.1,1985 in Holland; dau of Theodore C.& Anna (Rhinehart) Prillwitz; OSSW
                      George; L43-G4
Klifman, Gezina; 1817-1897; L70-G3
Klifman, John; 1822-1892; L70-G2
Klinkenberg, Fredrick; b.& d.Mar.20,1918; son of Henry J. & Dena (Hazelaar); (FTDR)
Kolenbrander, Harm; 1877-1957; L66-G4/ hus of Mary Hemmes; b.Jan.3,1877 in the Neth., d.Sep.15,1957; son of John & Hermina (Keen); (HCDR)
Kolenbrander, Hermina; Nov.15,1852-May 8,1927; L66-G3
Kolenbrander, Jan; Mar.10,1842-Nov.30,1911; L66-G2/ John Kolenbrander b.Mar.10,1841 Neth., d.Nov.30,1910; son of Harm; (FTDR)
Kolenbrander, Mary, Mother, wife of H.; 1885-1929; L66-G1/ wife of Harmon; b.May 20,1875 Neth., d.Jan.4,1929; dau of Emmet Hemmer; (FTDR)
Kolvoord, Cornelia (see Cornelia Sprik); L84-G8
Koning, Christine, Mother; 1882-1949; L274-G2/ b.Sep.19,1882 in Allegan Co., d.Aug.25,1949 in Manlius Twp.; dau of Henry & Bertha (Brummel)
              Haverdink; (ACDR)
Koning, Fred, Father; 1880-1961; L274-G3/ hus of Christine Haverdink b.Nov.29,1880 Germany, d.Apr.23,1961 Holland; son of Gerrit & Anna
              (Bower); (HCDR)
Koning, Harry; unmarried; b.Apr.9,1904 Holland, d.Apr.15,1985 Holland son of Fred & Christine (Haverdink); (FHR)
Kool, Alvin D.; 1915-1935; L126-G7/ b.May 25,1915 in East Saugatuck d.Apr.24,1935 in Douglas, Mich.; son of Henry & Dena (Kalmink); (ACDR)
Kool, Arthur, Father; 1900-1975; L122-G6/ hus of Katie Bos; May 3,1900-Jul.26,1975; son of Morris & Dena (Elshuis); (ACDR)
Kool, Arthur; Father; 1841-1920; L126-G6/ d.Sep.17,1920 age 79 yrs. 7 mo. 3 da.; (FHR)
Kool, Baby (no name or dates); L122-G1
Kool, Brother; 1873-1904; L126-G4
Kool, Mother, (Coba Gronewold), First wife of Arthur; 1846-1875 L126-G2
Kool, Dena, Mother; 1875-1921; L122-G3/ b.in Mich., d.Jan.14,1921 in Manlius Twp., age 46 yrs. & 6 mo.; dau of Harm & Hattie (Smith) Elshuis;
Kool, Dena, Mother; 1888-1966; OSSW Henry; L126-G5/ wife of Henry b.Feb.15,1888 Mich., d.Feb.3,1966 Holland; dau of Henry & Jennie
          (Bouwkamp) Kalmink; (HCDR)
Kool, Grandmother; 1810-1875; L126-G1
Kool, Henry, Father; 1883-1984; OSSW Dena; L126-G8/ hus of Dena Kalmink; b.May 20,1883 East Saugatuck, d.Jun.21,1984 Allegan, Mich.;
          son of Arthur & Jane (Smith); (FHR)
Kool, Mother; second wife of Arthur; 1859-1890; L126-G3
Kool, Katie, Mother; 1893-1979; L122-G7/ wife of Arthur; b.Jul.3,1893 d.Aug.16,1979; dau of Libbe & Buija (Wierda) Bos; (FHR)
Kool, Morris; 1871-1937; L122-G2/ hus of Dena; b.Nov.of 1871 in Allegan Co., d.Oct.18,1937 in Ann Arbor, Mich., age 65 yrs.; son of Arthur;
Koops, Annie, Mother; 1879-1965; L197-G2/ wife of John H. Koops b.Feb.6,1879 Mich., d.Feb.4,1965; dau of Gradus & Trijntje (DenBleyker)
             Geurink; (HCDR)
Koops, Baby girl; b. & d. Sep.10,1925; dau of George & Effie (DeFrell); (FTDR)
Koops, Baby Cradus; 1904-1905; L197-G8 (see Gradus Koops)
Koops, Della, Mother; wife of Marvin; b.Feb.29,1916 Oakland, Allegan Co. d.Jun.26,1985 Zeeland; dau of Albert & Cora (Kruithof) Winkels; OLW
             Marvin G.; Sec BB; (FHR)
Koops, Dena, Grandmother; 1835-1903; L197-G7/ d.Apr.28,1903 in Fillmore Twp.; b.in Germany; age 69 yrs.; (ACDR)
Koops, George, Grandfather; 1825-1898; L197-G6
Koops, Gradus; b.Feb.25, 1904 d.Mar.27,1905; son of Henry & Annie (Geurink); (FTDR) same person as Baby Gradus above
Koops, Gradus; 1906-1969; OLW Jennie; Sec BB
Koops, Jennie; 1905-___; OLW Gradus; Sec BB
Koops, Jennie, wife of Gradus, b.Apr.2,1905 Muskegon, Mich., d.Dec.23,1986 Holland, dau of Henry & Jennie (VanderStelp) Noor
Koops, John H., Father; 1873-1949; L197-G3/ John Henry Koops, hus of Anna; b.Mar.12,1873 in Germany, d.Apr.28,1949; son of Geroge &
             Egberdina (Klompmaker); (HCDR)
Koops, Marvin G., Father; Jul.16,1916-___; Olw Della; Sec BB
Kosters, Diena; 1851-1900; L138-G2
Kotman, Ani, nee Holboer, wife of H. Kotman; 1832-1905; L82-G7/ d.Dec.6,1905 in Manlius Twp., age 73 yrs. 3 mo. 6 da.; dau of Harm & Janna
                (Varnim) Holboer; (ACDR)
Kotman, Baby (no name or dates); L82-G8
Kotman, Dora, Mother; 1905-1958; OSSW Harm; L59-G5/ b.Dec.3,1905 d.Jun.3,1958 in Fillmore Twp.; dau of Herman & Gertie (Snyders)
               TenCate; (ACDR)
Kotman, Grace, Mother; 1874-1951; OSSW Herman; L82-G2/ b.Sep.10,1874 d.Sep.20,1951 in Fillmore Twp.; dau of Gerrit Bosch; (ACDR)
Kotman, Harm; 1831-1916; L82-G6
Kotman, Harm, Father; 1901-___; OSSW Dora; L59-G8
Kotman, Herman, Father; 1870-1947; OSSW Grace; L82-G3/ hus of Grace b.Aug.16,1870 d.Mar.16,1947 in Manlius Twp.; son of Herman &
                Anna (Holkeboer); (ACDR)
Kotman, Howard J.; 1938 (only date in center); L59-G1/ Howard James b.Mar.16,1937 Douglas, Mich., d.Mar.26,1938; son of Herman & Dora
                (TenCate); (FTDR)
Kruiskamp, Henry J.; 1855-1941; L44-G2/ b.in the Neth. d.Sep.28,1941 age 86 yrs. 4 mo. 17 da.; (FTDR)
Kunen, Katherine, Mother; 1893-1964; OSSW Martin; L205-G4/ b.Jun.7,1893 Neth., d.Mar.28,1964; dau of Leonard & Pieternella (Jobson)
             VanRoosendaal; (HCDR)
Kunen, Martin, Father; 1888-1968; OSSW Katherine; L205-G1/ b.Mar.22,1888 Mich. d.May 7,1968 Holland; son of Johannes & Johannah
             (VanDornick); (OCDR)
Kurtz, Sena; 1905-1976; L240-G5/ b.Feb.27,1905 d.Jun.24,1976 dau of Evert & Grace (Brinks) VanLiere; (ACDR)
Laaksonen, Deborah Jean; b.May 18,1958 Douglas, Allegan Co., d.Feb.23,1985 in Kalamazoo, Mich.; dau of Eugene & Ethel (Thompson); (FHR)
Laaksonen, Ethel Raydene; Jun.20,1941-___; OLW Eugene Rudy; Sec BB
Laaksonen, Eugene Rudy, hus of Ethel R.; b.Jan.31,1935 Mich. d.Jun.3,1976 Holland; son of Uno & Alena (Rautanen); OLW Ethel Raydene; Sec BB;
Laarman, Mrs. H. (no dates); L114-G7
Lambert, Lela Jean; 1943-1976; Sec BB
Langejans, Infant girl; b.Jul.19,1905 d.Jul.21,1905; dau of H.G. & A. (Bruisman); (FTDR)
Langejans, Infant boy; b.& d. Sep.15,1899; son of Hendrik & Martha (Bruizeman); (FTDR)
Langejans, Henry J., Father; 1872-1952; L223-G7
Langejans, Kenith Eugene; b.Mar.30,1924 d.Apr.9,1924; son of Henry J.& Martha (Bruizerman); (LTDR)
Langejans, Martha, Mother; 1880-1959; L223-G6/ b.Sep.1,1880 Neth. d.Mar.10,1959; dau of James & Grace (Woltje) Bruizeman; (HCDR)
Latham, Tony Lee; b.& d.Jun.7,1963 Holland; son of Ronald Lee & Patricia Louise (Daugherty); (HCDR)
Lawson, Marion Eugene; hus. of Opal Hively; b.Feb.21,1916 Kentucky d.Jan.13,1970 Holland; son of William C.& Grace C.(Lee); Sec BB (OCDR)
Lemmen, Alice, Sister; 1885-1942; L8-G5/ unmarried; b.Sep.10,1884 d.Jun.9,1942 Holland; dau of Roelof & Henriette (Lanting); (HCDR)
Lemmen, Hendereka, Mother; 1867-1940; L236-G3
Lemmen, Hendrickje; 1845-1920; L8-G4/ Hendrikje, wife of Roelof; b.Feb.16,1845 Neth., d.Sep.5,1920; dau of Albert & Albertje (Zwiers) Manting;
Lemmen, Ida, Sister; 1879-1953; L8-G8
Lemmen, Jannette; b.Aug.18,1905 d.Sep.8,192; dau of Leonard & Jennie (Genzink); (FTDR)
Lemmen, Jennie; 1881-1947; OSSW Leonard; L264-G2/ b.Apr.11,1881 in Mich., d.Oct.31,1947; dau of Albert & Janet (Loeks) Genzink; (HCDR)
Lemmen, Leonard; 1872-1940; OSSW Jennie; L264-G3/ b.Oct.7,1872 d.Dec.25,1940; son of John & Johanna (Vredevelt); (FTDR)
Lemmen, Roelof; 1844-1917; L8-G1
Lemmen, Stillborn boy; d.Feb.13,1917; son of Leonard & Jennie (Genzink); (FTDR)
Lemmen, Stillborn girl; d.Dec.27,1918; dau of Leonard & Jennie (Genzink); (FTDR)
Lenters, Derk; b.Mar.2,1833 Neth., d.Oct.26,1904; son of Harmanus & Geziena (Schrotenboer); (FTDR)
Lenters, Dirk, "Dad"; Oct.18,1885-Oct.15,1956; ;45-G6/ hus of Minnie Bergman; son of Gerrit J.& Grace (Kars); (HCDR)
Lenters, Geesje, Mother; May 30,1852-Jan.15,1935; L45-G3
Lenters, George, Father; 1882-1952; OSSW Jennie; L258-G2/ Nov.2,1882 in East Saugatuck, d.Apr.13,1952 Holland; son of Gerrit & Grace (Kars);
Lenters, Gerrit, Husband; 1880-1965; OSSW Sena; L283-G7/ hus of Sena Hamburg; b.Feb.23,1880 Mich., d.Feb.5,1965 Holland; son of Gerrit J.&
               Grace (Kars); (HCDR)
Lenters, Gerrit Jan, Father; Jul.25,1830-Jan.5,1911; L45-G2/ b.in the Neth.; son of Hermanes; (FTDR)
Lenters, Gerrit Jan; b.Feb.19,1896 Allegan Co.; d.Jun.28,1951 Holland; son of Gerrit J.& Grace (Kars); (HCDR)
Lenters, Grace, Mother; 1899-___; OSSW John; L283-G2
Lenters, Grace; wife of Gerrit J.; b.Jun.1,1852 Germany, d.Jan.15,1935 Holland; dau of Gerrit Kars; (HCDR), (same person as Geesje)
Lenters, Hermina "Minnie", "Mom"; Jun.21,1903-Jun.1,1980; L45-G7/ wife of Derk; dau of Berend & Hannah (Prins) Bergman; (FHR)
Lenters, Jennie, Mother; 1885-1947; OSSW George; L258-G3/ wife of George; b.Jan.8,1885 East Saugatuck, d.May 1,1947 Holland; dau of John &
               Hermina (Molenaar) Kolenbrander; (HCDR)
Lenters, John, Father; 1896-1951; OSSW Grace; L283-G3
Lenters, Sena, wife; 1879-1952; OSSW Gerrit; L283-G6/ wife of Gerrit b.Oct.25,1879 Neth., d.Oct.22,1952 Holland; dau of Harm H. & Jennie
               (Kempker) Hamberg; (HCDR)
Lohuis, Berendina, child of G.& G. Lohuis; Jan.8,1871-Jan.1,1876; OSSW Fenna & Zwaanye; L98-G8/ age 3 yrs. & 6 mo.; dau of Gerrit & Geesje;
Lohuis, Fenna, child of G.& G. Lohuis; Aug.1,1869-Jan.3,1876; OSSW Zwaanye & Berendina; L98-G5
Lohuis, Geesje, Mother; wife of G.Lohuis; Mar.17,1840-Feb.2,1909; L98-G2/ b.Mar.18,1839 Neth., d.Feb.2,1909; dau of Berend Derksen; (FTDR)
Lohuis, Gerrit, Father; CO. B. 19 Mich. Inf.; Dec.28,1839-May 31,1909; L98-G3/ b.Jan.28,1839 Neth., d.May 31,1909 age 70 yrs. 5 mo. 3 da.;
Lohuis, Henry, (no dates); L98-G6/ d.Mar.10,1875 age 4 mo. & 20 da.; son of Gerrit & Geesje Lohuis; (ACDR)
Lohuis, Zwaanye, child of G.& G. Lohuis; Arp.15,1867-Jan.1,1876; OSSW Fenna & Berendina; L98-G5 & 1/2
Lubbers, Adriaan; 1884-1885; L76-G6/ d.Aug.19,1885 in Manlius Twp. age 1 yr., son of John & Luhnde (sp?); (ACDR)
Lubbers, Albert; 1880-1958; L242-G7
Lubbers, Alice; 1885-1969; L242-G6/ b.Jan.14,1885 Mich., d.Jan.15,1969 Holland; dau of Berend & Jennie (Koops) Vos; (OCDR)
Lubbers, Fannie, Mother; 1876-1951; OSSW Gerrit H.; L237-G6/ wife of Gerrit; b.Mar.21,1876 Mich., d.Dec.25,1951; dau of Arthur & Fanny
                (Schuitema) Vliem; (FTDR)
Lubbers, George, Son; 1881-1932; L76-G8/ d.Feb.23,1932 in Manlius Twp., age 50 yrs. 10 mo. 21 da.; son of John & Gertrude (Sprick); (ACDR)
Lubbers, Gerrit H., Father; 1877-1955; OSSW Fannie; L237-G7/ hus of Fannie; b.Dec.1,1877 d.Dec.29,1955 Gaines Twp., Kent Co.; son of Henry
                & Susan (Schrotenboer); (ACDR)
Lubbers, Gerrit John, Father; 1878-1962; L239-G2
Lubbers, Gertrude, Mother; 1856-1928; L76-G2/ d.Jan.15,1928 in Manlius Twp., Allegan Co., age 72 yrs. 5 mo. 19 da.; dau of G.J. & Adrianna
                (Lepeltak) Sprick; (ACDR)
Lubbers, Infant Children of G.J.& Nellie Lubbers; L239-G1
Lubbers, John, Father; 1849-1928; L76-G3/ b.in Mich., d.Mar.15,1928 in Manlius Twp., age 78 yrs. 10 mo. 9 da.; son of George & Mary (Kolvoord);
Lubbers, Maria; 1876-1878; L76-G7/ d.Sep.4,1878 in Manlius Twp. age 1 yr. 9 mo. 12 da.; dau of John & Gertrude; (ACDR)
Lubbers, Mary; b.Sep.26,1882 d.Jul.19,1969 Holland; dau of John & Gertrude (Sprick) Lubbers; (OCDR)
Lubbers, Nellie, Mother; 1878-1939; L239-G3/ wife of John; b.Feb.3,1878 Mich., d.Apr.26,1939; dau of William & Cornelia (Lucas) Fredericks;
Lubbers, Susan, daughter of Mr.& Mrs. Ed Lubbers; 1904 (only date); L237-G8
Lubbers, Vernon; b.& d. Nov.9,1931 in Zeeland Twp., Ottawa Co., MI. son of Henry & Nellie (Veurink)
Lucas, Benjamin; (no dates); L201-G5/ d.Jan.19,1898 in Saugatuck Twp., age 5 mo. & 10 da.; son of Thomas & Jane (Schrotenboer); (ACDR)
Lucas, Jane, Mother; 1861-1917; OSSW Thomas; L201-G6
Lucas, Nellie; (no dates); L201-G8
Lucas, Thomas, Father; 1860-1901; L201-G7
Lummen, Gertrude; 1869-1943; L140-G2
Lummen, Hendrika; 1874-1952; L138-G4/ b.Feb.23,1874 d.Jun.11,1952 in Heath Twp.; dau of Gerrit John & Anna (Kosters) Haller; (ACDR)
Lummen, Henry; 1864-1955; L23-G8
Lummen, Ida, Mother; 1841-1929; L23-G3
Lummen, Jan, Father; 1836-1923; L23-G2
Lummen, Jan H.; b. at Frenstorf, Nordhorn on Dec. 15,1825; d.Mar.13,1898; L140-G5/ Jan Harm, son of Frederik & Zwaantje (Lugten); (FTDR)
Lummen, John & Grace; 1904-1904; L138-G6/ John, twin; b.Jun.30,1904 d.Jul.1,1904 son of Wm. & Henrietta (Haller);/ Grace d.Jun.30,1904; also
                 a twin; dau of Wm. & Henrietta (Haller); (FTDR)
Lummen, John H.; 1906-1930; L138-G7/ unmarried; b.Mar.3,1906 d.Sep.6,1930 Holland; son of Wm. & Reka (Haller); (HCDR)
Lummen, Truida; 1873-1957; L23-G1/ wife of Henry; b.Sep.7,1873 d.Feb.16,1957 in Grand Rapids, Mich., dau of John & Ida (Juring) Tucker;
Lummen, William; 1871-1931; L138-G8
Maat, Beerntje, wife of J.H.Prins; 1844-1915; L95-G2
Maat, Bessie (no dates on stone); L175-G4
Maat, Henry; (no dates on stone); L175-G1
Maat, J.H.; May 15,1847-Mar.16,1909; OSSW Jenigje; L175-G3
Maat, Jenigje, Mother; wife of J.H. Maat; Dec.24,1854-Feb.10,1892 OSSW J.H. Maat; L175-G2/ d.Feb.7,1892 in Manlius., age 38 yrs. dau of
           Henry & Styntje Brummel; (ACDR)
Maat, John Henry; May 15, 1846-Mar.16,1909; son of Hendrik; (FTDR)
Maatman, Mrs. G.; 1846-1923; L183-G6
Maatman, Geert; 1836-1914; L183-G7
Maatman, Gezina; born in Europe, died Apr.23,1900 age 59 yrs. 3 mo. 29 da. dau of Esse Helms; (FTDR)
Mannes, Baby; b.& d. Oct.23,1916; child of Henry & Johannes (Pauls); (FTDR)
Mannes, Gertrude; b.Jan.30,1910 d.May 6,1910 Fillmore Twp.; dau of Henry & Johanna (Paul); (FTDR)
Mannes, Henry; 1872-1937; L217-G4/ hus of Johanna; b.Oct.15,1872 in the Neth., d.Dec.11,1937 Fillmore Twp.; son of Geert & Lammie (Brink);
Mannes, Johanna; wife of Henry; 1874-1946; L217-G1/ b.Feb.7,1874 d.Feb.12,1946 in Gaines Twp., Kent Co., Mich.; dau of John Henry &
                Grace (Jager) Paul; (ACDR)
Marcusse, Hendrika, b.VanDenBerg, wife of Dr.M.J.Marcusse; 1866-1913; OSSW Dr.M.J.Marcusse; L184-G7
Marcusse, Dr.M.J.; 1862-1913; OSSW Hendrika; L184-G3
Markvluwer, Albert, son; 1894-1897; L6-G5/ d.Jul.5,1897 Manlius Twp.; age 2 yrs. & 8 mo.; son of Jan W. & Fenna; (ACDR)
Markvluwer, Fanny, Mother; 1865-1933; L6-G3/ b.in the Neth. d.Jul.23,1933 Manlius Twp.; dau of Albert & Fannie (Kameallivis) Brink; (ACDR)
Markvluwer, Fanny, Mother; 1856-1889; L6-G7
Markvluwer, Henry; Michigan Pvt. 1st Class, 310 Engrs., 85 Div.; Jul.18,1940 (only date); L6-G1
Markvluwer, Henry, son; 1886-1892; L6-G8/ d.Feb.3,1892 Manlius Twp., age 6 yrs. & 4 mo.; son of Jan W. & Fannie; (ACDR)
Markvluwer, Henry, son; 1892-1940; L6-G2/ b.Jun.20,1892 d.Jul.18,1940 Manlius Twp.; son of John W. & Fannie (Brink); (ACDR)
Markvluwer, John W., Father; 1852-1934; L6-G6/ b.Jul.15,1852 in Graafschap, Germany; d.Dec.26,1934 Manlius Twp.; son of Henry; (ACDR)
McCorkhill, Minnie; 1875-1945; L50-G3
Meeboer, Gerritje (see Gerritje Dekker); L35-G2
Meiste, Alice, Mother; 1859-1940; L168-G3/ wife of Fred Meiste b.Sep.9,1859 Mich., d.Dec.24,1940; dau of Johannes & Sena (   ) Dykema;
Meiste, Alice, Mother; 1879-1949; L25-G6/ wife of Gerrit Meiste b.Jun.2,1879 Mich., d.May 16,1949; dau of John H. & Lyda (Bakker) Pieper;
Meiste, Anna, Mother; 1862-1947; L145-G3/ wife of John H. Meiste b.in Germany, d.Apr.9,1947 age 84 yrs. 4 mo. 23 da., dau of Lucass &
              Sena (Ensing) Schipper; (FTDR)
Meiste, baby; b.& d. Oct.3,1908; child of Gerret & Allje (Pieper); (FTDR)
Meiste, baby boy; b.& d. Nov.26,1913; son of Gerrit J. & Johanna (Pieper); (FTDR)
Meiste, baby; b.& d.Feb.7,1915; child of Gerrit G.H.& Alice (Pieper); (FTDR)
Meiste, baby boy; b.& d. Mar.5,1918; son of Gerrit J.H. & Alice (Pieper); (FTDR)
Meiste, baby; b.& d. Sep.9,1919; child of Gerrit J.H. & Alice (Pieper); (FTDR)
Meiste, Dick, son; 1882-1911; OSSW George; L145-G4/ unmarried b.Feb.12,1882 Mich., d.May 16,1911; son of Jan Harm & Jennie (Piers);
Meiste, Evert; 1891-1976; OSSW Sena; L139-G2/ hus of Sena Schrotenboer b.Oct.8,1891 Mich., d.Nov.25,1976 Holland; son of Henry & Henrietta
              (Shoemaker); (OCDR)
Meiste, Fredrick, Father; 1848-1924; L168-G2/ b.Jun.13,1848 in Germany, d.Apr.13,1924; son of Gerrit & Alice (Banger); (FTDR)
Meiste, George,son; 1875-1886; OSSW Dick; L145-G5/ Geert Meiste d.Dec.16,1886 age 11 yrs. 5 mo. 19 da.; sonof Jan H. & Jennie (Piers)
              Meystee; (ACDR)
Meiste, Gerrit F., Husband; 1879-1965; L168-G6/ hus of Johanna Zoerhof; b.Nov.7,1879 Mich., d.May 29,1965 Fillmore Twp.; son of Fred &
              Alice (Overbeek); (ACDR)
Meiste, Gerrit J., Father; 1876-1961; L25-G7/ hus of Alice Pieper b.Dec.23,1876 Mich., d.Aug.3,1961 Holland; son of John Harm & Jennie (Piers);
Meiste, Hattie, Mother; 1899-1973; OSSW John; L279-G2/ b.Feb.8,1899 Mich., d.Feb.1,1973 Holland; dau of Herman & Minnie (Hoving) Lugten;
Meiste, Henry, Father; 1884-1971; OSSW Sena; L227-G3/ b.Apr.20,1884 Mich., d.Apr.12,1971 Zeeland; son of John H.& Jennie (Piers); (OCDR)
Meiste, Jeanette; wife of  #1 John G. Meiste, #2 Raymond Roelofs b.Jul.16,1911 Holland, d.Sep.24,1985 Holland, dau of Herman & Fannie (Breuker)
              Jacobs; (FHR)
Meiste, Jennie, Mother; 1855-1887; L145-G8/ Jennigien, d.Mar.27,1887 age 32 yrs. 6 mo. 8 da.; dau of Geert Piers; (ACDR)
Meiste, Joan; b.& d. Dec.9,1943 Holland; dau of Jerry & Laura (Veen); (HCDR)
Meiste, Johanna; b.Sep.27,1911 d.Oct.28,1911; dau of J.H. & Alice (Pieper); (FTDR)
Meiste, Johanna, wife of G.f. Meiste; 1881-1949; L168-G7/ wife of Gerrit; b.May 20,1881 Allegan Co., d.Nov.22,1949 Holland; dau of John &
              Jennie (Hoskamp) Zoerhof; (HCDR)
Meiste, John (same person as grave 3), Mich. Pvt. Co. C. 125 Inf. WWI Jan.19,1895-Apr.5,1953; L279-G4
Meiste, John, Father (same person as grave 4); 1895-1953; OSSW Hattie; L279-G3/ b.Jan.19,1895 Mich., d.Apr.5,1953 Holland; son of John &
              Anna (Schipper); (HCDR)
Meiste, John G., Father; Apr.25,1908-Dec.12,1958; L168-G1/ hus of Jeanette Jacobs; b.Apr.25,1908 Allegan Co., d.Dec.12,1958 Holland; son of
              Gerrit F. & Hanna (Zoerhof); (HCDR)
Meiste, John H., Father; 1843-1929; L145-G2/ John Harm Meistee; hus of Anna; b.Oct.27,1843 Neth., d.Dec.4,1929; son of Gerrit & Alice (Banger)
               Meistee; (FTDR)
Meiste, Karen Jane; Jun.6-7, 1945 Holland; dau of Jerry & Laura (Veen); (HCDR)
Meiste, Sena; 1894-1977; OSSW Evert; L139-G3/ b.Apr.15,1894 Mich. d.Aug.9,1977 Holland; dau of Johannes & Cornelia (Sprick) Schrotenboer;
Meiste, Sena, Mother; 1890-1932; L227-G6/ wife of Henry b.Jan.24,1890 d.Jul.28,1932 Holland; dau of Gerrit J.& Grace (Kars) Lenters; (HCDR)
Meistee, Hendrik; b.1841 at Graafschap, Prussia; d.Dec.23,1899; L139-G1/ son of Geert & Altje (Banger); (ACDR)
Melhorn, Alberta D., Mother, nee Barton; 1937-1966; Sec BB
Meppelink, Baby (no dates); L152-G3 & 1/2
Meppelink, Gordon Melvin; Feb.10,1917-Mar.10,1918; L154-G3
Meppelink, Harm; 1883-1961; L161-G5/ unmarried; b.Jun.30,1883 d.Oct.23,1961 Douglas, Allegan Co.; son of John & Hattie (Kalmink); (ACDR)
Meppelink, Harm, Grandfather; 1817-1880; L161-G7
Meppelink, Hattie, Mother; 1857-1924; L161-G3/ b.in Germany d.Jan.13,1924 in Manlius Twp., age 67 yrs. 5 mo. 3 da.; dau of Stephen Kalmink;
Meppelink, John, Father; 1847-1932; L161-G2/ b.in Neth. d.Apr.22,1932 in Manlius Twp., age 85 yrs. 5 mo. 1 da.; son of Harm & Sena (Brunnink);
Meppelink, Martha (infant grave, no dates of last name); L152-G2
Meppelink, Sena; 1887-1978; L161-G8
Meppelink, Sena, Grandmother; 1817-1914; L161-G6/ b.in the Neth. d.Sep.28,1914 in Manlius Twp., age 97 yrs. 2 mo. 24 da.; dau of John Bruveeck
Meppelink, Steven; 1885-1946; L161-G1/ unmarried; b.Apr.17,1885 in Mich., d.Jul.24,1946 Holland; son of John & Hattie (Kalmink); (HCDR)
Meppelink, Willemina; (infant grave, no dates); L152-G3
Meulenbelt, Dena; 1904-1980; OSSW Jean; L51-G4/ wife of Jean; b.May 31,1904 d.Apr.10,1980; dau of Joe & Jennie (VandenBosch) Karel; (FHR)
Meulenbelt, Jean; 1900-1976; OSSW Dena; L51-G1/ hus of Dena Karel b.Feb.13,1900 Mich., d.Oct.7,1976 Holland; son of Bert & Elizabeth (Vost);
Meyering, Catherine Irene; b.Apr.11,1928 d.Oct.8,1930; dau of Ralph & Irene (VanDerPloeg); (FTDR)
Miles, Herbert (appears to be an infant, no dates); L21-G1
Montez, Innis; hus of Tranquilina; b.in Texas? d.May 24,1942 in Holland, age about 40 years.; son of John & Concha (Urabsinsa); (OCDR)
Moore, Abraham; hus of Lorraine Graves; b.Nov.21,1932 Corbin Kentucky d.Feb.11,1985 Holland; son of William E. & Cordelia A. (Carlton); OLW
              William H.; Sec BB; (FHR)
Moore, Garry Abraham; b.Feb.8,1958 Holland, d.Oct.7,1984 Holland; son of Abraham & Lorraine (Graves); Sec BB; (FHR)
Moore, William H.; Pvt. U.S. Army WWII, b.Feb.25,1921 Jun.26,1977; OLW Abraham; Sec BB
Morejon, Juana; b.Oct.20,1885 Cuba, d.Nov.4,1970 Holland; dau of Roman Santana & Belen Armas (Y Reyes) Y Acuna; Sec BB; (OCDR)
Mosley, Wallace, Jr.; jan.18-19, 1964 Holland; son of Wallace & Phyllis (Thompson); Sec BB Babyland; (HCDR)
Mulling, Calvin Dale, unmarried, b.Mar.8,1959 Tampa, Fla., d.Jan.3,1987 in Grand Rapids, Mich., son of William R. & Ruthie Mae (Thompson)
Nagel, Rev. Bareld; 1862-1929; OSSW Jennie; L47-G2
Nagel, Jennie; 1870-1952; OSSW Rev. Bareld; L47-G3
Newcomb, Robert; b.& d. Sep.1,1929; son of Chas.& Gertrude (Kettler); (FTDR)
Nieto, Enedina Mendoza, Mother; wife of Jose; b.May 14,1917 in Mexico d.May 20,1972 Holland; dau of Emilio & Domililice (Gudinis) Mendoza;
           Sec BB; (OCDR)
Nyhof, Hanna, Mother; 1873-1930; L253-G3/ b.in Mich., d.Jan.30, 1930 in Manlius Twp., age 56 yrs. 5 mo. 4 da.; dau of John H. & Borntje (Maat)
            Prins; (ACDR)
Nyhof, Jan, Father; 1869-1934; L253-G6/ hus of Hannah; b.Oct.3,1869 in Neth., d.Aug.3,1934 Manlius Twp.; son of Johan & Hannah (Sprik); (ACDR)
Nyhof, John H., Husband; 1898-1952/ L253-G8/ hus of Winnie b.Jan.13,1898 Mich., d.Sep.15,1952 Holland; son of John & Hanna (Prins); (HCDR)
Nyhof, Winnie, wife; 1908-1972; L253-G1/ b.Feb.1,1908 Indiana d.Jan.25,1972 Holland; dau of Peter & Alida (Botma) VanderWall; (OCDR)
Nyland, Bert; 1883-1965; OSSW Gertie; L234-G7/ b.Mar.20,1883 Mich. d.Nov.22,1965 Holland; son of Dick & Henrietta (Streur); (HCDR)
Nyland, Dennis, husband; 1902-1978; L89-G3/hus of Jeanette Veldhoff b.Aug.12,1902 d.Oct.9,1978 Holland; son of Gerrit & Grace (Lemmen) (ACDR)
Nyland, Gerrit, Father; 1875-1942; L89-G7
Nyland, Gertie; 1886-1982; OSSW Bert; L234-G6/ b.Sep.18,1886 in Fillmore Twp., d.Feb.13,1982 Holland; dau of John & Jane (VerLee) Slenk;
Nyland, Pearl; wife of Russell; Dec.11,1920-Oct.1,1983; dau of John & Bessie (Weurding) Bredeweg; L234-G5 (TS & FHR)
Oetman, Albert; 1909-1981; OSSW Lillian; L101-G7/ b.Dec.25,1909 in Fillmore Twp., d.Jan.11,1981 Zeeland; son of Gerrit & Nellie (DeJonge) (FHR)
Oetman, Alice, Mother; 1878-1951; L188-G6/ b.Apr.10,1878 East Saugatuck, d.Feb.16,1951 Holland; dau of Arend & Jennie (Snyder) Veldhof; (HCDR)
Oetman, Gerrit John; hus of Rhea Dykstra; b.Sep.24,1907 East Saugatuck; d.May 21,1985 Zeeland; son of Henry & Alice (Veldhoff); (FHR)
Oetman, Hnery, Father; 1870-1949; L188-G7/ hus of Alice Veldhoff; b.Jan.30,1870 Fillmore Twp., d.Feb.15,1949 Holland; son of Gerrit & Helena
               (Kramer); (HCDR)
Oetman, Lillian; 1910-___; OSSW Albert; L101-G6
Oonk, Eberdina; b.Apr.17,1877 Mich., d.Jun.25,1905; dau of Hendrik & Hillije (Klinkers) Driesenga; (FTDR)
Oonk, Hendrika; b.Nov.13,1840 Neth., d.Apr.11,1918; dau of George Deur; (FTDR)
Ortman, Alice, daughter; 1915-1932; L247-G2/ b.in Mich., d.Aug.14,1932 Manlius Twp., age 17 yrs. 11 mo. 16 da.; dau of Gerrit & Carrie (DeBoer);
Ortman, Carrie, Mother; 1890-1971; OSSW Gerrit; L247-G3/ b.Oct.20,1890 Mich., d.Feb.18,1971 Zeeland; dau of John & Jennie (   ) DeBoer;
Ortman, Gerrit, Father; 1884-1955; OSSW Carrie; L247-G6/ b.May 29,1884 Allegan Co., d.Nov.12,1955; son of John & Alice (Langejans); (HCDR)
Ortman, Hattie, Mother; 1905-1958; OSSW John; L109-G6/ wife of John Herman Ortman; b.May 23,1905 Allegan Co., d.Apr.14,1958; dau of Gerrit
               & Susan (Wansheer) Kempker; (HCDR)
Ortman, John; hus of Anna Laarman; b.Aug.11,1919 East Saugatuck; d.Oct.12,1986 Holland; son of Gerrit & Carrie (DeBoer); (FHR)
Ortman, John H., Father; 1893-1981; OSSW Hattie; L109-G7/ John Herman Ortman; hus of Hattie Kempker; b.Oct.16,1893 East Saugatuck;
               d.Apr.3,1981 Holland; son of Jan Harm & Altje (Langjans); (FHR)
Ortman, Carollyn; 1943-1944; L109-G4
Overbeek, Andrew James; 1925 (only date); L7-G4/ d.Feb.9,1925 in Manlius Twp., age 9 days; son of Henry & Hanna (Deters); (ACDR)
Overbeek, Annie, wife of James; 1890-1933; L135-G7
Overbeek, Aselena, Grandmother; 1835-1911; L135-G3/ Helena Overbeek d.Mar.26,1911 Manlius Twp., age 76 yrs. 1 mo. 28 da.; dau of Peter
                   Dykema; (ACDR)
Overbeek, Baby; 1922 (only date); L7-G1/ James Andrew Overbeek; d.Feb.8,1922 Manlius Twp., age 0-0-0; son of Henry & Hanna (Deters) (ACDR)
Overbeek, Clara; 1913-1985; OSSW Susan; L67-G2/ unmarried; b.Oct.5,1912 South Olive, Ottawa Co., d.Dec.1,1985 Zeeland; dau of William &
                   Susan (DeHaan); (FHR)
Overbeek, Clara, Mother; wife of William; 1869-1908; OSSW William; L67-G7/ b.Oct.10,1869 Neth., d.Dec.3,1908; dau of Jacobus & Grietje
                    (Woltjer) Bruizeman; (FTDR)
Overbeek, Clarissa; wife of Alvin J. Overbeek; b.Nov.3,1924 Holland; d.Jul.30,1984 Holland; dau of Henry & Lammie (Lemmen Beuker;(FHR)
Overbeek, Edward, Father; 1897-1978; OLW Grace; Sec BB/ b.Sep.18,1897 d.Dec.12,1978 Zeeland; son of Peter & Johanna (Groters); (FHR)
Overbeek, Grace, Mother; wife of Edward; b.Oct.5,1900 Mich., d.May 21,1970 Holland; dau of John & Hanna (Sale) Lohman; Sec BB; (TS & OCDR)
Overbeek, Hana, wife of James; 1863-1887; L135-G8/ d.Mar.8,1887 age 24 yrs. & 28 da.; dau of Lambert & Hinderkien (Wolteman) Tien; (ACDR)
Overbeek, Mrs. Hanna Bergman; 1875-1937; L123-G8/ wife of James; b.Apr.26,1875 Germany, d.Feb.9,1937 Holland; dau of H. Prins; (HCDR)
Overbeek, Hannah; 1895-1976; OSSW Henry; L7-G2/ b.Feb.15,1895 Mich. d.Oct.28,1976 Holland; dau of Steven & Gertie (Brink) Deters: (OCDR)
Overbeek, Henrietta; 1907-___; OSSW James; L6-G6
Overbeek, Henry; 1888-1982; OSSW Hannah; L7-G3/ hus of Hannah Deters b.Nov.10,1888 Fillmore Twp., d.Sep.18,1982 Holland; son of James &
                   Anna (Wedeven); (FHR)
Overbeek, Son; 1887 (only date); L135-G5/ Herman Overbeek d.Apr.4,1887 age 1 mo. & 5 da.; son of James & Hanna (Tien); (ACDR)
Overbeek, James; 1901-1978; L6-G7/ hus of Henrietta Nyland; b.Oct.13,1901 d.May 2,1978 Holland; son of James & Anna (Wedeven); (ACDR)
Overbeek, James, Sr.; Father; 1875-1951; L135-G6/ b.feb.18,1875 d.Jan.2,1951 Allegan, Mich.; son of Johannes & Alana (Dykema); (ACDR)
Overbeek, Jennie; 1895-1983; OSSW John H.; L3-G6/ wife of John Henry; b.Jan.14,1895 Hamilton, Mich., d.Nov.3,1983 Holland; dau of John Balder;
Overbeek, Jerry G.; 1921-1976; OSSW Joan M.; L3-G8/ hus of Joan VanDyke; b.Dec.2,1921 Mich., d.Oct.26,1976 Holland; son of John Henry &
                   Jennie (Balder); (OCDR)
Overbeek, Joan M.; 1926-___; OSSW Jerry G.; L3-G5
Overbeek, Johanna G., Mother; 1904-1955; L13-G3/ wife of Johannes b.Aug.28,1904 Allegan Co., d.May 22,1955 Holland; dau of Johannes &
                   Gertie (Tucker) Lankheet; (HCDR)
Overbeek, Johannes, Father; 1899-1974; L13-G2/ hus of Johanna Haverdink; b.Mar.18,1899 Mich., d.Sep.29,1974 Zeeland; son of James & Anna
                   (Wedeven); (OCDR)
Overbeek, Johannes, Grandfather; 1824-1893; L135-G2
Overbeek, John H.; 1892-1982; OSSW Jennie; L3-G7/ John Henry Overbeek hus of Jennie Balder; b.Nov.10,1892 Fillmore Twp., d.Jan.28,1982
                   Holland; son of James & Anne (Wedeven); (FHR)
Overbeek, Susan; 1884-1967; OSSW Clara; L67-G3/ wife of William b.Apr.18,1884 Neth., d.Feb.15,1967 Hudsonville, Mich.; dau of Siebrandt &
                   Ann (DeHaan) DeHaan; (OCDR)
Overbeek, William, Father; 1869-1924; OSSW Clara; L67-G6/ hus of Susie DeHaan; b.Aug.12,1869 Mich., d.Dec.19,1924 Olive Twp., Ottawa Co.;
                   son fo John & Lena (Dykema); (OCDR)
Perkins, Katherine, Mother; Dec.13,1908-Jan.11,1974; L292-G5/ dau of Louis & Edith (    ) Lulofs; (OCDR)
Perkins, William Lee; Michigan Pfc. U.S. marine Corps.; Apr.21,1934-Jul.17,1953; L292-G1
Peterson, John; hus of Opal Turnbow; b.Jul.7,1906 Ark., d.Jan.18,1976 Holland; son of Rasmon; Sec BB; (TS & OCDR)
Pieper, Alvin; 1927-1938; L282-G2/ Alvin Junior Pieper, b.Sep.4,1927 Mich., d.Jan.24,1938; son of Harry & Gertrude (Wolbert); (FTDR)
Pieper, Alyda; wife of J.H. Pieper; b.Sep.13,1854 Mich., d.Nov.28,1923 dau of Henry Bakker; (FTDR)
Pieper, Bernard, Husband & Father; 1907-1972; L5-G7/ hus of Ida BAkker; b.Jul.13,1907 Mich., d.Nov.8,1972 Holland; son of Henry & Gertrude
             (Vos); (OCDR)
Pieper, Father; 1849-1909; L210-G2
Pieper, George; 1883-1942; OSSW Susan; L211-G8/ hus of Susan Kalmink b.Jul.17,1882 d.Apr.10,1942 Holland; son of John H.& Alice (Bakker)
Pieper, Gertie, Mother; 1877-G1/ b.Nov.29,1877 Mich., d.Oct.19,1975 Holland; dau of Ben & Jennie (Koops) Vos; (OCDR)
Pieper, Gertrude, Mother; 1898-___; OSSW Harry; L282-G3
Pieper, Harry; 1899-1970; OSSW Gertrude; L282-G6
Pieper, Henry, Father; 1876-1916; L5-G8/ hus of Gertie; b.Mar.16,1876 Mich., d.Mar.7,1946; son of John Harm & Lyda (Baker); (FTDR)
Pieper, Jan H.; Apr.28,1849-Nov.21,1909; L210-G5/ John H. Pieper d.Nov.21,1909 age 60 yrs. & 7 mo.; son of George; (FTDR)
Pieper, Jennie; 1890-1946; L210-G6/ wife of John; b.Aug.8,1890 Ottawa Co., d.Sep.5,1946; dau of John & Alice (Kooiker) Dams; (FTDR)
Pieper, John H., Father; 1902-1980; OSSW Susan; L5-G3/ b.Nov.5,1902 Fillmore Twp., d.Nov.18,1980; son of Henry & Gertrude (Vos); (FHR)
Pieper, John J.; 1885-1959; L210-G7/ hus of Dina; b.Jul.3,1885 Mich. d.Oct.31,1959 Holland; son of J.H.& Lyda (Baker); (HCDR)
Pieper, Mother; 1854-1923; L210-G3
Pieper, Susan; 1884-1944; OSSW George; L211-G5/ wife of George b.Jun.23,1884 d.Dec.22,1944 Holland; dau of Henry & Jennie (Bouwkamp)
             Kalmink; (HCDR)
Pieper, Susan, Mother; 1906-___; OSSW John H.; L5-G2
Philipse, Geesje (see Gessje Bultman); L166-G7
Philipse, Jacob, son of G. and PH Philipse; d.Sep.10,1879 age 18 yrs. 2 mo. 2 da.; OSSW Geesje Bultman; L166-G6/ son of Philip & Geerje; (ACDR)
Plasman, D.W.; d.Jan.21,1904 age 38 yrs.; L235-G2/ Derk W. Plasman b.Jan.4,1865 Mich., d.Jan.21,1904; son of William & Mary (Smith); (FTDR)
Plasman, Frank; (unmarried); b.in Mich., d.Nov.22,1897 age 31 yrs. 1 mo. 20 da.; son of Willem & Mary (Smith); (FTDR)
Postma, Anne; Mar.30,1836-Apr.2,1909; L80-G1/ Ame Postma (male); b.mar.31,1836 Neth., d.Apr.2,1909; son of Abel & Jeksek (DeBoer); (FTDR)
Postma, Baby (no name or dates); L80-G6
Postma, Baby (no name or dates); L80-G8
Postma, Baby (no name or dates); L80-G8
Postma, Baby (no name or dates); L80-G7
Postma, Fannie; wife of John; b.Jun.12,1843 Neth., d.Jun.26,1927; dau of Henry Driesenga; (FTDR)
Postma, Grace, Mother; 1880-1956; OSSW Jacob; L80-G2/ b.Aug.23,1880 Allegan Co., d.Dec.20,1956 Holland; dau of John & Ida (Lemmen)
               Laarman; (HCDR)
Postma, Henry; 1879-1946; OSSW Winnie; L48-G7/ hus of Winnie b.May 2,1879 East Saugatuck, d.Dec.30,1946 Holland; son of John & Fannie
               (Dreasing); (HCDR)
Postma, Jacob, Father; 1880-1921; OSSW Grace; L80-G3/ hus of Grace Laarman; b.jan.11,1880 Mich., d.Apr.30,1921 Holland; son of Anne &
               Jantje (DeWeerd); (HCDR)
Postma, Jan; b.in Europe, d.Feb.13,1899 age 60 yrs. 1 mo. 10 da. son of Abel & Jitske (Boer); (FTDR)
Postma, Jantje, wife of A. Postma; b.Jun.30,1846 no date of death; L80-G4
Postma, Jennie, Mother; 1882-1964; OLW William; Sec BB
Postma, Jessie (unmarried); b.Sep.7,1886 Mich., d.May 22,1903; dau of Jan & Fannie (Driesenga) Postma; (FTDR)
Postma, William, Father; b.May 17,1886 East Saugatuck, d.Jan.4,1979; son of Anne & Jennie (DeWeerd); OLW Jennie; Sec BB
Postma, Winnie; 1904-1955; OSSW Henry; L48-G6/ b.Aug.4,1904 Mich. d.jan.2,1955 Holland; dau of John & Renske (Waltman) Krol; (HCDR)
Prins, Andrew; hus of Muriel Essink; b.Mar.29,1912 Fillmore Twp.; d.Jul.2,1986 Zeeland; son of Henry & Minnie (Hemmeke); (FHR)
Prins, Beerntje (see Berntje Maat); L95-G2
Prins, Geziena; 1902-___; OSSW John H.; L29-G6
Prins, Harriet; married Mar.8,1933; Oct.17,1911-Jun.13,1978; OSSW John H.; L33-G4/ dau of Albert & Anna (Brinks) Bonzelaar; (ACDR)
Prins, Henry, Father; 1875-1937; L21-G2/ b.Nov.1,1875 d.Feb.28,1937 in Zeeland, Mich.; son of John & Jennie (Maat); (ACDR)
Prins, Jennie, wife of Toon Prins; 1880-1964; L95-G1/ b.Feb.9,1880 in Germany, d.Sep.11,1964 in Zeeland; dau of John & Hermina (Kamerhuis)
           Jurries; (ACDR)
Prins, J.H., Father; 1839-1923; L95-G3/ John Harm Prins; b.Dec.31,1839 Germany, d.Nov.26,1923; son of Henry & Tella (Koning); (FTDR)
Prins, John H.; married Mar.8,1933; 1907-___; L33-G5
Prins, John Henry; 1900-1975; OSSW Geziena; L29-G7/ b.Jul.4,1900 d.Jun.13,1975; son of Henry & Minnie (Hemmeke); (ACDR)
Prins, Minnie, Mother; wife of Henry; 1874-1927; L21-G3/ b.Dec.1,1874 in Germany, d.Jul.7,1927; dau of John H. & Fannie (Tibbe) Hemmeke;
Prins, Thressa Ann; 1938 (only date); L33-G1
Prins, Toon; 1882-1953; L95-G5/ b.Nov.6,1882 d.Sep.10,1953; son of John Harm & Burtha (Maat); (ACDR)
Pugh, Roy; 1916-1964; L99-G3/ Roy Dee Pugh, hus of Lester Blanton; b.Dec.18,1916 Mississippi; d.Jun.24,1964 Holland; (HCDR)
Pyper, Harry; 1897-1959; L150-G8
Ramaker, Baby (no name or dates); L62-G4
Ramaker, Baby (no name or dates); L62-G1 & 1/2
Ramaker, Baby (no name or dates); L62-G1
Ramaker, Gerrit, Father; 1878-1940; OSSW Gertie; L62-G7/ Gerrit J., b.Jul.29,1869 Neth., d.Dec.4,1940 Holland; son fo Herman; (HCDR)
Ramaker, Gertie, Mother; 1878-1958; OSSW Gerrit; L62-G6
Ramaker, Harry; b.Aug.23,1913 Mich., d.Sep.9,1913; son of Gerrit & Gertie (Wiegerink); (FTDR)
Ramaker, Herman; 1898-1923; L62-G8
Resseguie, Paul Marvin, Sr.; d.Jul.20,1978 age 54 yrs. 5 mo. 6 da. Sec BB; Stone now says, 1924-1978
Resseguie, Vickie Ann; b.Mar.27,1951 Mich., d.Aug.22,1971; dau of Paul M. & Louise (Frost) Resseguie; Sec BB; (TS & OCDR)
Rice, Billy Dean, Jr.; b.& d. Apr.3,1965 Holland; son of Billy & Edna (Robbins) Rice, Sr.; (HCDR)
Rice, Jeffrey Michael; b.& d. Mar.20,1967 Holland; son of Billy Dean & Edna Jean (Robbins); (OCDR)
Ridlington, Norman Jay; Oct.19,1950-Jan.28,1951; L62-G2
Rigterink, Sarah A.; b.in Holland, d.mar.6,1913 Holland; age 59 yrs. 1 mo. 10 da.; dau of Harm & Nellie (Kools) Lucas; (HCDR)
Roelofs, Dina; (stone is broken, bottom half is missing); OSSW jan Hendrik L149-G3
Roelofs, Henry; 1884-1961; OSSW Susie; L149-G7/ b.May 3,1884 Mich. d.Nov.1,1961 Holland; His mother was Alberdena Bekken; (HCDR)
Roelofs, Jan Hendrik; (stone is broken, bottom half is missing);
Roelofs, Jeanette (see Jeanette Meiste)
Roelofs, Susie; 1889-1977; OSSW Henry; L149-G6/ b.Mar.25,1889 Mich. d.Jun.5,1977 Holland; dau of John Harm & Gezina (    ); Grote; (ACDR)
Ruiz, Daniel Beato; married Nov.6,1976; hus of Veronica G.Rodriguez b.Jun.20,1954 Cuba, d.apr.21,1985 Holland Twp.; son of Gabino & Antonia
          (Morejon); Sec BB; (TS & OCDR)
Rutgers, Rosella H.; 1918-___; OSSW Steven L.; L254-G1
Rutgers, Steven L.; 1918-1977; OSSW Rosella H.; L254-G4/ Steven Leonard Rutgers; hus of Rosella Deters; b.Apr.21,1918 Mich. d.Nov.11,1977
                Zeeland; son of John Henry & Helen (Speet); (OCDR)
Rysenga, Herman; hus of Hattie; b.May 27,1894 Fillmore Twp., d.Sep.6,1930 son of Harm & Catherine (Zumbrum); (FTDR)
Ryzenga, Anna, daughter; d.1891 age 11 months; OSSW Gertie, Tryntje & Johannes; L195-G2/ d.Aug.16,1891 age 11 mo. & 3 da.; dau of Johannes
                 and Tryntje; (ACDR)
Ryzenga, Edward, Father; 1888-1968; L136-G8/ b.Apr.20,1888 d.Jan.20,1968; son of Johannes; (ACDR)
Ryzenga, Gertie, daughter; b.Jun.29,1884 East Saugatuck, d.Dec.22,1978 Zeeland; dau of Johannes & Tryntje (Zuidema); OSSW Anna, Tryntje &
                 Johannes; L195-G3; (fHR & OCDR)
Ryzenga, Harm; Mar.10,1854-Dec.24,1909; OSSW Jannie Zumbrunn & Lusanna K. Ryzenga; L196-G6
Ryzenga, Johanna, Mother; 1900-1962; L136-G5/ wife of Edward, b.Oct.28,1900 d.Dec.17,1962 Fillmore Twp.; dau of Gerrit & Gertie (Kleinheksel)
                 Wolters; (ACDR)
Ryzenga, Johannes, Father; 1832-1910; OSSW Anna, Gertie & Tryntje; L195-G7/ Johanes Ryzenga; b.Dec.28,1832 Neth., d.Oct.24,1910 son of
                 Hearn; (FTDR)
Ryzenga, Lusanna K., wife of H. Ryzenga; Dec.4,1865-Mar.3,1895; OSSW Jannie Zumbrunn & Harm Ryzenga; L196-G7
Ryzenga, Tryntje, Mother; 1849-1939; OSSW Anna, Gertie & Johannes; L195-G6/ b.Sep.15,1852 Neth., d.Feb.23,1939; dau of Ebke & Grietje
                 (DeVries) Zuidema; (FTDR)
Schipper, Aaltje, Mother; 1827-1920; OSSW Gerrit; L203-G6/ b.Apr. of 1827 Neth., d.May 3,1920 age 93 yrs.; (FTDR)
Schipper, Gerrit, Father; 1826-1897; OSSW Aaltje; L203-G8/ Garrit, b.in the Neth., d.Sep.17,1897 age 71 yrs. 4 mo. 29 da.; son of Peter; (FTDR)
Schipper, Infant girl; d.Apr.5,1899 age 2 da.; dau of wiebe & Janna (Kotman); (FTDR)
Schipper, Jennie, Mother; 1873-1969; OSSW Weaber; L203-G2/ b.Sep.3,1872 Mich., d.Aug.4,1969 Holland; dau of Harm Kotman; (OCDR)
Schipper, Weaber, father; 1869-1957; OSSW Jennie; L203-G3/ b.Mar.18,1869 Neth., d.Aug.1,1957 Hamilton, Allegan Co.; son of Gerrit & Alice;
Scholte, Ewert; 1826-1916; L36-G1/ b.in Germany, d.Feb.8,1916 in Manlius Twp., age 89 yrs. 8 mo. 1 da.; (ACDR)
Schrotenboer, Baby; 1907 (only date); L202-G5
Schrotenboer, Baby boy; 1930 (only date); L84-G1/ d.Dec.27,1930 in Manlius Twp., age 0-0-0; son of Edward & Edith (Schutt); (ACDR)
Schrotenboer, Dena, Mother; 1878-1955; L202-G6/ wife of Henry b.Jun.16,1878 d.Jul.28,1955; dau of Arthur & ___ (Smith) Kool; (ACDR)
Schrotenboer, Edith, Mother; 1891-1958; OSSW Edward; L84-G2
Schrotenboer, Edward, Father; 1887-1966; OSSW Edith; L84-G3/ b.Nov.17,1887 d.Jan.31,1966; son of Johannes & Catherine (S[rik); (OCDR)
Schrotenboer, Henry H., Father; 1876-1952; L202-G7/ hus of Dena Kool b.Jun.23,1876 d.Jul.2,1952 Fillmore Twp.; son of Henry & Sena (Bonzelaar);
Schrotenboer, Infant boy; b.Nov.2,1902 Mich., d.Nov.19,1902; son of John H. & Cornelia (Sprik); (FTDR)
Schrotenboer, Jeanette Anna, Baby; 1928-1932; L84-G1 & 1/2/ b.in Mich. d.Dec.15,1932 in Manlius Twp., age 4 yrs. 7 mo. 1 da.; dau of Edd &
                         Edith (Schutt); (ACDR)
Schrotenboer, Sena, Baby; 1900 (only date); L202-G8
Schrotenboer, Siena; b.in Mich., d.Mar.28,1899; dau of Hendrik & Dina (Kool); age 1 mo. & 12 da.; (FTDR)
Schrotenboer, Stillborn boy; d.Aug.10,1913; son of Henry & Dena (Kool) (FTDR)
Schurman, John H.; hus of Margaret Forde; b.Jul.26,1908 Mich., d.Nov.14,1977 Holland; son of Gerrit & Jeanette (Koeman); Sec BB; (TS & OCDR)
Schurman, Margaret Patricia; wife of John H.; b.Nov.25,1918 New Jersey d.Mar.31,1977 Holland; dau of James Edward & Catherine (Lynch) Forde;
                   Sec BB; (TS & OCDR)
Schuurman, Fannie Veldhoff, Mother; 1891-1961; OLW Frederick John; Sec BB/ wife of F. John Schuurman; b.May 29,1891 Mich., d.Nov.7,1961;
                     dau of George & Dena (Bouwman) Boerigter; (OCDR)
Schuurman, Frederick John, Father; 1887-1977; OLW Fannie Veldhoff; Sec BB
Siebelink, Bert, Father; Nov.11,1871-Sep.20,1953; L111-G3/ Albertus, hus of Lydia; son of John & Geziena (Schrotenboer); (HCDR)
Siebelink, Bessie, Mother; Apr.15,1880-Aug.13,1909; L111-G2/ b.in Mich., d.in Fillmore Twp.; dau of G.J.& Johanna (Bush) Brouwer; (FTDR)
Siebelink, Infant girl; b.& d.Mar.4,1941 Holland; dau of John & Katie (DeKoster); (HCDR)
Siebelink, Johanna C., Mother; 1868-1936; L212-G2/ wife of John; b.in Saugatuck, Mich., d.May 1,1936 Manlius Twp., age 67 yrs. 5 mo. 21 da. dau
                  of Jacob & Ida (Allen) Heeringa; (ACDR)
Siebelink, John, Father; 1864-1948; L212-G3
Siebelink, Julius; Jun.1,1905-Jun.2,1916; L111-G1
Siebelink, Julius; 1923 (only date in center); OSSW Sharon Kay; L111-G8
Siebelink, Lydia, Mother; Oct.22,1877-Jan.2,1948; L111-G6
Siebelink, Margaret, Sister; 1895-1905; L212-G8/ d.Feb.19,1905 in Manlius Twp., age 9 yrs. 5 mo. 12 da.; dau of john & Johanna (Heeringa); (ACDR)
Siebelink, Sharon Kay; 1940 (only date in center); OSSW Julius; L111-G8
Siebelink, Juliius; b.May 1,1905 Mich., d.Jun.2,1916; son of Bert & Bessie (Brouwer); L111-G1; (TS & FTDR)
Simmons, Lawrence Jay; 1887-1979; OLW Myra; Sec BB
Simmons, Myra; wife of Lawrence J.; b.Oct.2,1889 Mich., d.Jul.19,1968 Holland; dau of Girt & Janet (Maxfield) VanNett; OLW Lawrence Jay;
                 Sec BB; (TS & OCDR)
Simpson, Delma; 1911-___; OSSW Tommie; L15-G5
Simpson, Fritz; 1954 (only date in center); L15-G7
Simpson, Glenda; 1978 (only date in center); L15-G4
Simpson, Harold Langtry "Bob"; 1894-1966; (Masonic Emblem on stone) L183-G3
Simpson, Tommie; 1911-1967; OSSW Delma; L15-G8/ hus of Delma Barker; b.Mar.14,1911 Kentucky, d.Oct.4,1967 Holland; son of Joseph A.
                 & Sarah (Lowery); (OCDR)
Slagh, Janice Kay; b.& d. Oct.15,1953 Holland; dau of Allen & Arlene (Meiste); (HCDR)
Slenk, Aaltje, nee Hartger; Jun.30,1833-Sep.8,1904 Manlius Twp.; dau of Jan Hartger; L81-G3; (TS & ACDR)
Slenk, Albertus Johannes; Dec.30,1891-Dec.6,1906; L81-G5
Slenk, Anna; 1910-___; OSSW George; L228-G2
Slenk, Baby; 4 months, 1921 (only information); L105-G5
Slenk, Baby; 1902; L142-G5/ b.& d. Sep.21,1902 Manlius Twp.; dau of Henry & Hanna (Meppelink); (ACDR)
Slenk, Baby; 1917 (only information on stone); L105-G8/ d.Apr.8,1917 Manllius Twp.; child of John H.J. & Grace (Bowers); (ACDR)
Slenk, Baby; 1900; (only date); L142-G8/ d.Jul.26,1900 age 2 da. son of Henry & Hannah (Meppelink); (ACDR)
Slenk, Bert; 1908-___; OSSW Jennie; L32-G3
Slenk, Eddie, son of H.J. & G.; 1900-1901; L81-G8/ b.Jan.18,1900 d.May 4,1901 Manlius Twp.; son of Henry J. & Geertje (Walters)/ (ACDR)
Slenk, Elmer; 1901-1974; L166-G3/ hus of Lyda Piers; b.Feb.13,1901 Mich., d.Aug.19,1974 Holland; son of John & Sena (Deters); (OCDR)
Slenk, Geertje, Mother; 1866-1922; L81-G4/ b.in the Neth. d.May 26,1922 Manlilus Twp., age 55 yrs. 8 mo. 20 da.; dau of Evert & Jennie
            (Gibbs/or Tibbe) Wolters; (ACDR)
Slenk, George; 1908-1983; OSSW Anna; L228-G3/ hus of Anna Kotman; b.Jan.21,1908 East Saugatuck; d.Feb.9,1983 Holland; son of John
            & Gezina (Deters); (FHR)
Slenk, Grace, Mother; nee Bouws; 1892-1953; L105-G2/ b.Jan.12,1892 d.Apr.11,1953 Manlius Twp.; dau of Herman & Fanny (Lubbers) Bouws;
Slenk, Hannah, Mother; 1861-1934; L142-G6
Slenk, Harold J.; S/Sgt. 22nd Inf., 4th Div., WWII; b.May 16,1915 d.Nov.29,1944; L258-G4
Slenk, Hendrik, Father; 1848-1919; L142-G7/ b.in the Neth. d.Jul.24,1919 Manlius Twp., age 69 yrs. 9 mo. 26 da.; son of John H. & Hendereka (     );
Slenk, Henry J., Father; 1857-1938; L81-G1/ b.in Germany d.Aug.5,1938 Manllius Twp., age 81 yrs. 7 mo. 13 da.; son of John H. & Alice (Hartger);
Slenk, Jan Hendrik; Mar.15,1815-Jan.16,1899; L81-G6/ sonof Jan & Hattie (Porter); (ACDR)
Slenk, Jennie; 1912-___; OSSW Bert; L32-G2
Slenk, Johanna; Nov.23,1866-May 23,1877; L81-G7/ d.in Manlius Twp. age 11 yrs. 2 mo. 10 da.; dau of John H. & Johanna; (ACDR)
Slenk, Johanna, nee Lenters; 1913-1940; L258-G1/ wife of Harold; b.Aug.14,1913 East Saugatuck, d.Nov.12,1940 Heath Twp.; dau of George
            & Jennie (Kolenbrander) Lenters; (ACDR)
Slenk, John, Father; 1862-1931; L228-G7/ John Slenk, Sr.; hus of Sena Deters; b.Jun.12,1862 Neth., d.Dec.21,1931 Fillmore Twp.; son of John Henry
            & Alice (Hartger); (FTDR)
Slenk, John, Son; 1885-1952; L142-G2/ unmarried; b.Oct.14,1885 Mich. d.Jan.18,1952 Holland; son of Henry & Johanna (Meppelink); (HCDR)
Slenk, John H.J., Father; 1886-1969; L105-G3/ hus of Grace b.May 1,1886 d.Dec.26,1969; son of Henry J. & Gertie (Wolters); (ACDR)
Slenk, Lyda; wife of Elmer; b.Sep.21,1906 Fillmore Twp., d.Sep.5,1984 Holland; dau of Johannas & Gertrude A. (Veldhuis) Piers; (FHR)
Slenk, Mrs. J., Mother; (probably Sena); 1869-1925; L228-G6/ Sena Slink; wife of John; b.Nov.24,1868 Mich., d.Aug.11,1925 Fillmore Twp.
            dau of John & Grace (Block) Deters; (FTDR)
Sluis, David W.; May 21,1960-Jun.20,1976; Sec BB
Smit, Cornelia, Vrouw of Hendrik; 1813-1882; L148-G7
Snoeink, H., Father; 1834-1914; L53-G3/ Henry John Snoeink, b.Oct.1,1834 in Bentheim, Germany; d.Oct.9,1914 Polkton Twp., Ottawa Co.
                son of Henry; (OCDR)
Snoeink, Herman; 1886-1917; L53-G1/ unmarried, b.in Mich., d.Mar.2,1917 Manlius Twp., age 31 yrs. 10 mo. 24 da.; son of Henry J.& Jennie
                (Berends); (ACDR)
Snoeink, Jeanette; d.May 15,1967; L53-G5
Snoeink, Jennijge, Mother; 1849-1913; L53-G2/ d.Jan.5,1913 Manlius Twp., age 63 yrs. 9 mo. 14 da.; dau of Harm & Marsgze (Klaasen) Berends;
Snoeink, John; 1883-1936; L53-G8/ b.apr.29,1883 East Saugatuck, d.Jan.21,1936 in Polkton Twp., Ottawa Co.; hus of Jeanette; son of Henry
                John & Jenevieve (Berens); (OCDR)
Snoeink, Minnie; 1881-1885; L53-G7
Souder, Harold Jl; Mar.21,1911-Feb.2,1984, OLW Janet L. & Maxine E.; Sec BB/ hus of Maxine E. Fuller; b.in Pierceton, Ind., d.Feb.3,1984 Holland;
              son of Harry & Iley (Snyder); (FHR)
Souder, Janet R.; Jan.31,1939-Dec.3,1971; OLW Maxine E.; Sec BB/ Janet Louise Souder; b.in Indiana; dau of Harold J.& Maxine (Fuller) Souder;
Souder, Maxine E.; Nov.16,1910-May 19,1974; OLW Janet R.; Sec BB/ wife of Harold J.; b.in Indiana; dau of Harry R. & Bessie F. (Baker) Fuller;
Sprik, Cornelia, nee Kolvoord; Sep.15,1822-Mar.16,1899; L84-G8/ dau of Jan & Graada (Hartgerink) Kolvoord; (FTDR)
Sprik, Evert; Mar.23,1826-May 14,1907; L84-G5
Stad, Jan; d.Aug.8,1900 Fillmore Twp., age 76 yrs. 6 mo. 1 da.; son of Hendrik & Catrina (Bouwkamp); (FTDR)
Stadt, Allie; 1904-1979; OSSW John; L206-G3/ wife of John; b.Jul.26,1904 Laketown Twp., d.Jan.6,1979; dau of Herman & Gertie (Sneider) TenCate
Stadt, Hendrikje; Jun.21,1832 Neth., d.Apr.2,1909 Fillmore Twp.; dau of Johannes Jonker; (FTDR)
Stadt, Henry; 1862-1926; OSSW Minnie; L26-G1/ hus of Minnie Hoving Lugten Stadt; b.Mar.12,1862 Neth., d.Mar.11,1926; son of John & Henrika
Stadt, John; d.Jun.14,1978 age 74 yrs. 3 mo. 8 da.; OSSW Allie; L206-G2/ b.Mar.6,1904 d.Jun.14,1978; son of Hendrink & Minnie (Hoving); (ACDR)
Stadt, Minnie; 1875-1940; OSSW Henry; L26-G4/ b.Dec.31,1874 d.Aug.27,1940 Holland; dau of Peter & Swantje (Brinks) Hoving; (HCDR)
Stang, Emil C.; hus of Pansy wright; b.Nov.15,1885 Norway, d.mar.7,1957 Holland; OSSW Pansy; Sec BB; (TS & HCDR)
Stang, Pansy R.; 1871?-___? OSSW Emil C.; Sec BB
Stat, Infant boy; b.& d. Nov.14,1902 Fillmore Twp.; son of Henry & Minnie (Hovink); (FTDR)
Steffens, Benjamin, Brother; 1876-1938; L97-G1/ unmarried; b.Dec.25,1875 Mich., d.Jun.5,1938; son of Jan & Jamie (Brink); (FTDR)
Steffens, Benjamin Egbert; (no dates); L97-G7
Steffens, Effie, Sister; 1881-1977; OSSW Hattie; L97-G5/ unmarried b.Oct.31,1881 d.Jun.17,1977 Holland; dau of John & Janna (Brinks) Steffens;
Steffens, Hattie, Sister; 1885-1973; OSSW Effie; L97-G8/ unmarried b.May 12,1885 Mich. d.Aug.18,1973 Marne, Mich.; dau of Jan & Janna (Brinks)
                Steffens; (OCDR)
Steffens, Jan, Father; 1841-1917; L97-G2/ b.Jan.4,1831 Germany d.Dec.25,1917 Fillmore Twp.; son of Edward & Fannie (Kipt); (FTDR)
Steffens, Janna, Mother; 1844-1928; L97-G3/ b.Mar.19,1844 Neth. d.Sep.10,1928 Fillmore Twp., age 84 yrs. 5 mo. 22 da.; dau of Ben & Henriette
                 (Eppink) Brink; (ACDR)
Steketee, Jno.; Co. I 25th Mich. Inf.; L136-G3
Sternberg, Anna D., married on Aug.20,1918; 1898-1971; OSSW Ben J.; L140-G6/ b.Mar.2,1898 Mich., d.Jul.7,1971 Holland; dau of William &
                  Hendrika (Haller) Lummen; (OCDR)
Sternberg, Ben J.; married Aug.20,1918; 1891-1976; OSSW Anna D.; L140-G7; On the back of the stone, Ben J. Sternberg, Pvt US Army WWI;
                   Dec.10,1891-Aug.15,1976/ Bernard J., also known as Ben J.; son of John & Maggie (Vos); (TS & ACDR)
Stevens, Edward Lee; Jan.18,1926-Mar.6,1980; Sec BB
Strouenjans, Hendrikje, wife of G.J. Kleinhexzel; d.Mar.18,1900 age 61 yrs. 10 mo. 19 da.; L220-G7
Strowenjans, Harmtje; Apr.23,1809-Feb.17,1886; L43-G8/ Harmtien Strowenjans, d.Feb.15,1886; (ACDR)
Sulkers, Helena, widown of D. Dekkers; overleden 19 Mar.1882; oud 71 yrs. 10 manden 2 dayen; L125-G2/ age 73 yrs. 10 mo. 2 da.; dau of Peter
               Sulkers; (ACDR)
Sulkers, James; 1869-1911; L150-G1/ unmarried; d.Oct.17,1911 in Ganges Twp., age 41 yrs. 10 mo. 18 da.; son of Gerret & Anna (Dekker); (ACDR)
Talsma, Jeijkje; Jun.28,181?-Jun.7,1891; L12-G8
TenBrink, Berend; 1812-1891; L183-G8/ d.apr.20,1891 age 78 yrs. 1 mo. 2 da.; (ACDR)
TenBrink, Gerrit; b.in Mich., d.Nov.22,1898 in Holland; age 21 yrs. & 11 mo.; son of Hendrick & Mena (Brouwer); (HCDR)
TenCate, Anna, wife of Henry; 1860-1937; OSSW Henry; L204-G6/ b.in Mich., d.Aug.11,1937 Manlius Twp.; age 77 yrs. 6 mo. 14 da; dau of
                 Hilbert & Pruncena (Fisher) ___; (ACDR)
TenCate, Arie; 1862-1942; L96-G3/ b.Aug.17,1862 East Saugatuck d.Sep.1,1942 Holland; son of Johannes & Lamberdina (Lemmen); (HCDR)
TenCate, "Our Baby" (no name or dates); L96-G8
TenCate, Baby; 1895 (only date in center); L187-G2/ d.May 19,1895 son of Fred & Hanna; (ACDR)
TenCate, Bertha; Mar.5,1907-Oct.19,1914; dau of Henry & Anna (VanOss) TenCate; (LTDR)
TenCate, Fannie, wife; 1875-1966; L187-G5
TenCate, Frankie; 1882-1901; L204-G2
TenCate, Fred, Father; 1857-1914; L187-G1
TenCate, Fred; b.Sep.19,1854 Mich., d.Dec.18,1914 Fillmore Twp.; son of Johannes & Lambertdiena (Lemmen); (FTDR)/ could be same person as
                the above.
TenCate, Fred Jr., husband; 1887-1967; L187-G8
TenCate, Geert; 1860-1879; L96-G6/ d.Jun.17,1879 Fillmore Twp., age 19 yrs. & 4 mo.; son of John & Linda; (ACDR)
TenCate, Gertie; Apr.6,1901-Feb.17,1916 Laketown Twp.; dau of Henry & Dena (VanOss); (Ltdr)
TenCate, Gertie, Mother; 1866-1947; OSSW Herman; L206-G6/ wife of Herman; b.Dec.12,1866 Mich., d.Nov.30,1947 Saugatuck Twp.; dau of
                 John & Altje (Beerink) Sneders; (ACDR)
TenCate, Henry; 1855-1931; OSSW Anna; L204-G3/ b.in Mich. d.Aug.11,1931 Manlius Twp., age 75 yrs. 10 mo. 17 da.; son of Johanas & Dina
                 (Lemmen); (ACDR)
TenCate, Herman; Apr.4,1899-Apr.19,1901; son of H.D.& Anna (VanOss) TenCate; (LTDR)
TenCate, Herman; 1865-1927; L96-G5
TenCate, Herman, Father; 1866-1940; L206-G7/ b.Aug.17,1866 in Mich. d.Jan.21,1940 Laketown Twp.; son of Derk & Dena (Oonk); (ACDR)
TenCate, Janteen; 1873-1875; L96-G7/ d.Dec.28,1875 Fillmore Twp. age 2 yrs. & 8 mo.; dau of Johannes & Lamberdina; (ACDR)
TenCate, Joe F.; 1895-1972; OLW Tena; Sec BB
TenCate, Joe H.; 1889-1952; L204-G7
TenCate, Johanna, Mother; 1865-1926; L187-G4/ wife of Fred b.Oct.12,1865 Neth., d.Sep.7,1926 Fillmore Twp.; dau of Berand & Alice (Mulder)
                 Visscher; (FTDR)
TenCate, Johannes; 1827-1906; OSSW Lamberdena; L96-G4
TenCate, John Henry; Jan.5,1906-Apr.5,1906 Laketown Twp.; son of Henry & Annie (VanOss); (LTDR)
TenCate, Lamberdena; 1833-1908; OSSW Johannes; L96-G1
TenCate, Lambertdina; b.Nov.22,1822 Germany, d.Jan.26,1908 Fillmore Twp. dau of Geert Lemmen; (FTDR); could be same person as above?
TenCate, Tena; 1900-___; OLW Joe F.; Sec BB
Thompson, Evelyn Lena; b.Jan.9,1919 Arkansas, d.Jun.3,1977 Holland; dau of Claude Purdue; Sec BB; (TS & OCDR)
Tien, Alyda, Mother; 1902-1977; L22-G5/ wife of George; b.Jan.5,1902 Mich., d.Feb.4,1977 Holland; dau of Peter & Nellie (Brower) VandenBerg
Tien, Fannie, Mother; 1874-1937; L22-G4
Tien, George, Father; 1898-1954; L22-G8/ hus of Alyda VandenBerg b.Feb.10,1898 Allegan Co., d.Mar.6,1954 Holland; son of Herman & Fannie
          (Glupker); (HCDR)
Tien, Gertrude, Mother; 1906-___; L5-G3
Tien, Hendrika; b.in the Neth., d.May 10,1899 Fillmore Twp., age 69 yrs. 9 mo. 23 da.; dau of Harm & Stina (Holderink(sp?)) Wolters; (FTDR)
Tien, Herman, Father; 1870-1906; L22-G1/ b.Nov.10,1870 Mich. d.Jun.4,1906 Fillmore Twp.; son of Lambert & Hendrikjen (Wolters); (FTDR)
Tien, Hindrkje; 1829-1899; L22-G7/ d.May 10,1899 age 69 yrs. 9 mo. 23 da.; dau of Harm & Stina (Helderink) Wolters; (ACDR) could be same
          person as Hendrika above.
Tien, Lambert, Grandfaterh; 1839-1925; L22-G6/ hus of Bertha Broekhuis; b.Sep.___, 1838 Germany, d.Feb.5,1925 age 86 yrs.; (FTDR)
Tien, Baby Lambert; 1928 (only date in center); L5-G1/ b.& d. Jun.14,1928 Manlius Twp.; son of Lambert & Gertrude (Lubbers); (ACDR)
Tien, Lambertus, Father; 1901-1967; OSSW Gertrude; L5-G2
Ties, Hendrik; b.in Europe; d.Jan.25,1905 Fillmore Twp.; son of Jannes & Effie (Kleinenberg); (FTDR)
Troost, Hendrieka (see Hendrieka Bouwman); L9-G6
Tucker, Baby; Apr.14,1900 (only date in center); L38-G8/ Infant boy; b.& d.Apr.14,1900 son of John H.& Fannie (Steffens) Tuckker; (FTDR)
Tucker, Ben H.; 1876-1959; OSSW Coba; L24-G7/ Benjamin H., hus of Coba Kool; b.Nov.11, 1876 Allegan Co., d.Jul.22,1959 Holland; son of
              John H. & Harriet (Jurrink); (HCDR)
Tucker, Ben J.; 1878-1972; OSSW Minnie; L23-G7/ b.Aug.15,1878 Mich. d.Jan.21,1972 Zeeland; son of Jan & Ida (Jurink); (OCDR)
Tucker, Coba; 1880-1970; OSSW Ben H.; L24-G6/ b.Nov.8,1880 Mich. d.Dec.29,1970 Zeeland; dau of Arthur & Johanna (Smit) Kool; (OCDR)
Tucker, Dena, Mother; 1890-1946; L262-G6/ wife of Herman b.Apr.29,1890 Mich., d.Oct.20,1946 Fillmore Twp.; dau of Jan & Fannie (Breuker)
              Piers: (FTDR)
Tucker, Fannie, Mother; 1871-1931; OSSW John H.; L38-G4/ b.in Mich., d.Oct.3,1931 in Grand Rapids, Mich.; age 59 yrs. 10 mo. 24 da. dau of
              John & Janna (Brink) Steffens; (ACDR)
Tucker, Gerrit; 1885-1961; OSSW Jennie; L229-G7/ b.Aug.19,1885 Mich. d.Jun.5,1961 Holland; son of Jan & Ida (Jurink); (HCDR)
Tucker, Harvey, Son; 1922-1924; L262-G8/ Harvey Donald Tucker b.Sep.19,1922 Mich., d.Mar.22,1924; son of Herman & Dena (Piers); (FTDR)
Tucker, Henry; Jan.5,1921 (could be birth date); L229-G5
Tucker, Herman, Faterh; 1880-1960; L262-G7/ hus of Dena; b.Oct.4,1880 d.Apr.19,1960 Zeeland; son of Jan & Ida (Jurink); (ACDR)
Tucker, Ida, wife of Jan; b.Dec.9,1841 Germany, d.Apr.27,1929 Overisel Twp.; dau of Berend & Grace (Maring) Jeurink; L23-G3; (TS & OTDR)
Tucker, Irene; Jan.11,1915-Oct.7,1973; L229-G3/ dau of Gerrit & Jennie (Hilbink) Tucker; unmarried; (OCDR)
Tucker, Jan; b.Aug.24,1836 Germany, d.Nov.5,1923 Overisel Twp.; hus of Ida; son of Jan Harm & Tilla (Lugten); L23-G2; (Overisel TDR & TS)
Tucker, Jennie; 1892-1981; OSSW Gerrit; L229-G6/ b.Mar.7,1892 Neth. d.Dec.12,1981; dau of Henry & Egberdena (VanFaasen) Hilbink; (FHR)
Tucker, John H., Father; 1871-1944; OSSW Fannie; L38-G1/ b.Apr.18,1871 East Saugatuck, d.Aug.23,1944 Allegan, Mich.; son of Jan & Ida
               (Jurrink) Tukker; (ACDR)
Tucker, J. Henry; 1901-1908; L24-G8/ John Henry; b.Sep.27,1901 Mich. d.Dec.7,1908 Fillmore Twp.; son of Ben & Coba (Kools); (FTDR)
Tucker, Junior; Jan.19,1926 (could be birth date); L229-G8
Tucker, Minnie; 1882-1959; OSSW Ben J.; L23-G6/ b.May 10,1882 d.Aug.24,1959 Zeeland; dau of John & Fannie (Menken) Lugten; (ACDR)
VandenBerg, Alice; Jun.19,1882-Mar.1,1954; L185-G3
VanDenBerg, Alida; d.Dec.30,1920 aged 78 yrs. 4 mo. 27 da.; L184-G4/ b.Aug.3,1847 Neth., d.Dec.30,1920 Holland Twp.; dau of Peter & Mary
                        (Filbins) Kalaward; (HTDR)
VandenBerg, Anna; 1878-1970; L163-G2/ b.Jan.28,1878 Mich., d.Jul.30,1970 Holland; dau of John & Johanna (    ) Belt; (OCDR)
Vandenberg, B., Father; Jun.27,1851-Oct.20,1897; L41-G7/ Bert d.Oct.20,1896 age 45 yrs. 3 mo. 23 da.; son of Egbert VandenBert; (ACDR)
VandenBerg, Baby; 1896 (only date); L185-G8/ b.& d. Jul.19,1896 dau of Peter & Nella; (ACDR)
VandenBerg, E.G.; 1877-1936; L163-G3/ Edward G.; b.Jan.28,1877 in East Saugatuck, d.Aug.21,1936 Fillmore Twp.; son of Gerrit & Alida
                       (Kalawaard); (FTDR)
VanDenBerg, Emma, Mother; 1842-1921; L103-G3
VanDenBerg, Gerrit; d.Aug.20,1919 aged 79 yrs. & 4 da.; L184-G1
VandenBerg, Gerrit; single; b.Jul.4,1892 Mich., d.Jan.11,1917 Holland; son of Gerrit E. & Alida (Kalewaart); (HCDR)
VanDenBerg, Gerrit, Sr.; (no dates); L184-G5
VanDenBerg, Gerrit Joseph; b.Feb.15,1906 Mich., d.Jun.15,1915 Fillmore Twp.; son of Peter & Nella (Brouwer); (FTDR)
VandenBerg, Hattie; (no dates), age 13 months; L41-G4
VandenBerg, Hattie (no dates); L50-G1
VanDenBerg, Hendrik; b.Jan.1,1837 Europe, d.Jul.2,1905; son of Egbert & Henreyetje; (FTDR)
VanDenBerg, Henrietta; 1884 (only date); L103-G5/ d.Jun.10,1884 age 2 mo. & 26 da.; dau of Hendrik & Lammigje; (ACDR)
VandenBerg, Henry (no dates); L50-G8
VandenBerg, Henry (no dates) age 5 months; L41-G5
VandenBerg, Henry (no dates); L41-G8
VanDenBerg, Henry, FAther; 1836-1905; L103-G2/ same person as Hendrik?
Vandenberg, Jane, Mother; Jun.4,1857-Mar.10,1932; OSSW B.; L41-G6
VandenBerg, Jeffrey Lee; b.Jan.1,1972 Holland, d.Jul.7,1982 Grand Rapids Mich.; son of Raymond & Bonnie (Reusink); OLW Jennie & Theodore;
                       Sec BB; (TS 7 FHR)
VanDenBerg, Jennie; 1871-1875; L103-G8/ d.Dec.19,1875 Fillmore Twp., age 4 yrs. & 21 da.; dau of Henry & Lamigien; (ACDR)
VandenBerg, Jennie; wife of Theodore; b.Nov.24,1912 Mich., d.Dec.11,1964 Holland; dau of Henry & Anna (VanOss) TenCate; OLW Theodore &
                       Jeffrey Lee; Sec BB; (TS & ACDR)
VandenBerg, Joseph; 1906-1915; L185-G5
VandenBerg, Joseph; 1880-1937; L50-G6
VandenBerg, Maria, Mother; 1847-1895; L50-G7/ d.Apr.6,1895 age 43 yrs.; dau of Joseph & Williammiena Storp; (ACDR)
VandenBerg, Nellie; Feb.15,1878-May 9,1908; L185-G7/ b.Feb.___, 1878 Mich., d.May 9,1908 age 30 yrs. 2 mo. 24 da.; dau of Gerret J. &
                        Johana (Bosch) Brouwewr; (FTDR)
VanDenBerg, Noom; (no dates); L184-G8
VandenBerg, Peter; Nov.19,1872-Feb.2,1940; L185-G6/ b.in East Saugatuck; hus of Alice; son of Gerrit & Lyda (Kallewaard); (FTDR)
VandenBerg, Theodore; hus of Jeanette Walma; b.Nov.21,1911 Mich. d.Oct.9,1974 Holland; son of Peter & Alice (VandenBrink); OLW Jennie &
                        Jeffrey Lee; Sec BB; (OCDR)
Vanderhill, Anna, Mother; 1837-1928; OSSW Henry; L150-G3/ b.Dec.19,1837 d.Dec.12,1928; dau of Dinkerman & Helena Dekker; (HCDR)
Vanderhill, Henry, Father; 1832-1913; OSSW Anna; L150-G2
VanDerWall, Alida, Mother; 1875-1957; OSSW Peter; L261-G6/ b.Sep.5,1875 d.Nov.12,1957 Fillmore Twp.; dau of Menno & Wietske (Henstra)
                       Botma; (ACDR)
VanDerWall, Andrew, Father; 1903-1973; OSSW Carrie; L261-G3/ hus of Carrie Fik; b.Nov.20,1903 Indiana; d.Nov.3,1973 Holland; son of Peter &
                       Alida (Botma); (OCDR)
VanDerWall, Carrie, Mother; 1901-1977; OSSW Andrew; L261-G2/ b.Oct.1,1901 Mich., d.Dec.29,1977 Zeeland; dau of Klaus & Mary (Kamper)
                        Fik; (OCDR)
VanDerWall, Infant; b.& d.Jun.16,1911; child of Albert & Alice (VanPutten); (FTDR)
VanDerWall, Peter; 1870-1943; OSSW Alida; L261-G7/ b.in Neth. d.Apr.9,1943 age 72 yrs. 10 mo. 16 da.; son of Andrew & Edeltje (Datema);
VanderWall, Reinder, Brother & Uncle; 1864-1950; L278-G1/ b.Dec.21,1864 d.Feb.15,1950 Manlius Twp.; son of Andries & Abeltje (Zuidema);
VanHuis, Jacob; 1866-1951; L277-G3/ b.Dec.13,1866 d.Sep.22,1951 Manlius Twp.; son of Johannes; (ACDR)
VanHuis, Jantje, wife of J. VanHuis; 1875-1919; L277-G2/ wife of Jacob; b.Feb.4,1875 Mich., d.Jun.30,1919 Holland; dau of Bernard & Hermina
                 (Bouwance) TenBrink; (HCDR)
VanHuis, John J.; 1896-1960; OSSW Marie; L277-G7/ hus of Marie b.Jan.26,1896 Mich. d.May 31,1960 Holland; son of Jacob & Jennie (TenBrink);
VanHuis, Marie; 1902-1983; OSSW John J.; L277-G6/ b.Aug.6,1902 d.jan.14,1983; dau of H.L. & Jennie (Pree) VerWys; (ACDR)
VanKampen, Jennie, MOther; 1882-1944; L273-G1/ wife of Henry E. b.Jun.19,1882 Mich., d.Dec.27,1944; dau of John & Hermina (Schrotenboer)
                       Hulst; (FTDR)
VanLiere, Adrian J.; 1884-1935; OSSW Jennie; L105-G2
VanLiere, Alline, b.Apr.8,1843 Europe, d.Jul.30,1914; dau of Marines & Cornelia (DeRechter) VanDerBie; (FTDR)/ Could be same as Lena?
VanLiere, Anne; 1911-1978; L240-G4/ b.Aug.1,1911 Fillmore Twp.; d.Dec.14,1978; dau of Evert & Grace (Brinks) VanLiere; (FHR)
VanLiere, Edward Adrian; b.Nov.1,1910 Fillmore Twp., d.Nov.8,1910 son of Adrian & Jennie (Brinks); (FTDR)
VanLiere, Evert P., Father; 1879-1950; OSSW Grace; L240-G3/ b.Aug.18,1879 Allegan Co., d.Mar.29,1950 Holland; son of Christian & Lena
                  (VanderBie); (HCDR)
VanLiere, Grace, Mother; 1881-1964; OSSW Evert P.; L240-G1
VanLiere, Henry Adrian; b.Jul.13,1909 East Saugatuck, d.Jul.29,1909 son of Adrian & Jennie (Brinks); (FTDR)
VanLiere, Jennie; b.Oct.24,1885 Mich. d.Aug.8,1965 Holland; dau of Henry Brinks; (HCDR)
VanLiere, Lena; 1842-1914; L117-G4/ Is she the same person as Alline?
VanLiere, Lena; Aug.5,1910-Feb.16,1930; L240-G8/ dau of Edd & Grace (Brinks) VanLiere; (FTDR)
VanLiere, Lena Cornelia; Feb.10,1904-Aug.29,1909; L240-G6/ d.Aug.30,1909; dau of Evert P.& Grace (Brinks); (FTDR)
VanLiere, Martha; May 2,1906-Aug.18,1906; L240-G7/ d.Aug.19,1906 dau of Evert & Grace (Brinks); (FTDR)
VanMaastright, Peter; 1827-1914; L150-G4
VanOss, Bert; b.Jul.21,1843 Neth., d.Feb.22,1919 Fillmore Twp., son of Henry & Frances (Brantzen); (FTDR)
VanOss, Henry B.; 1891-1964; L193-G8
VanTubbergen, Albertus; 1869-1951; L132-G4/ b.Mar.2,1869 d.Dec.17,1951 Fillmore Twp.; son of Geert & Jennie (Bouwman); (ACDR)
VanTubbergen, Alla; 1897-1979; L293-G2/ wife of George; b.May 14,1897 d.Aug.1,1979; dau of Henry John & Gertie (Wolters) Slenk; (FHR)
VanTubbergen, Fannie; 1899-1905; L132-G7
VanTubbergen, Geert; Feb.1,1826-Apr.27,1900; L132-G8/ b.in Neth. son of Gerrit; (FTDR)
VanTubbergen, George; 1899-1956; L293-G3/ hus of Alla Slenk b.Feb.1,1899 allegan Co., d.Mar.20,1956; son of Gerrit & Johanna (Lugies); (HCDR)
VanTubbergen, Hannah; 1875-1959; L132-G1/ Hannah VanTubergen, wife of Bert; b.Jan.23,1875 Mich., d.Jul.2,1959 Holland; dau of John & Fannie
                           (Menken) Lugten; (HCDR)
VanTubbergen, Jentje; 1827-1918; L132-G5/ b.Jul.15,1827 in Drenthe, Neth., d.Mar.4,1918; dau of Jan Jans & Grietje (Bennink) Bouwman; (FTDR)
VanTubbergen, John; b.Mar.6,1906 Mich., d.Apr.24,1909; son of Gerrit & Johanna (Lugies); (FTDR)
VanTubbergen, Lambertus; b.Mar.2,1868 Mich., d.Dec.17,1951; son of Geert & Jennie (Bouwman); (FTDR)
VanTubergen, Fannie; b.Jun.26,1899 Mich., d.Jul.20,1905; dau of Bert G. & Hanna (Lugten) VanTubergen; (FTDR)
VanTubergen, Gerrit, Father; 1862-1925; OSSW Johanna; L232-G6
VanTubergen, Johanna, Mother; 1873-1948; OSSW Gerrit; L232-G7/ b.Apr.13,1873 Fillmore Twp., d.May 10,1948 Holland; dau of Evert & Helen
                         (Snuink) Lugies; (HCDR)
VanTubergen, Baby John; 1904-1905; L232-G8/ d.Jun.18,1905 age 1 yr. 2 mo. 10 da.; son of Gerret & Johana (Lugies); (FTDR)
VanTubergen, John; 1906-1909; L232-G5
Velasquez, Fernando Chapa, Jr.; b.& d. Jun.1,1960 Holland; son of Fernando Chapa & Manuela (Quinones); (HCDR)
Veldhof, Baby; 1920-1921; L246-G4/ b.in Mich., d.Jan.9,1921 in Allegan, Mich., age 2 mo. & 2 da.; child of John & Martha (Capel); (ACDR)
Veldhof, Baby; 1919-1919; L246-G4/ b.& d. Sep.19,1919 Manlius Twp.; child of John & Martha (Capel); (ACDR)
Veldhof, Baby; 1917-1917; L246-G8/ John Jr., b.Jan.17,1917 d.Jan.18,1917 Manlius Twp.; son of John & Martha (Capel); (ACDR)
Veldhof, Clara; 1915-1918; L246-G1/ b.in Mich., d.Oct.31,1918 Manlius Twp., age 2 yrs. 10 mo. 8 da.; dau of John & Martha (Capel); (ACDR)
Veldhof, Evelyn Doris; 1928-1928; L246-G5/ b.in Mich., d.Nov.14,1928 Manlius Twp., age 7 mo. & 30 da.; dau of John & Martha (Capel); (ACDR)
Veldhof, John; 1881-1944; OSSW Martha; L246-G3/ b.in the Neth. d.Sep.26,1944 Manlius Twp., age 62 yrs. 10 mo. 18 da.; son of Erand & Jennie
                (Snyder); (ACDR)
Veldhof, Martha; 1883-1955; OSSW John; L246-G2/ b.Oct.11,1883 in Allegan co., d.Feb.4,1955 Holland; dau of Cornelius & Gertrude (Alofs) Capel;
Veldhoff, Andrew; unmarried; b.Sep.27,1912 Hamilton, Mich., d.Dec.18,1985 son of Dick & Fannie (Boerigter); Sec BB; (TS & FHR)
Veldhoff, Anna; (no dates) age 4 yrs. & 5 mo.; L52-G7
Veldhoff, Arend, Father; d.Feb.2,1903 age 56 yrs.; L52-G1/ d.in Manlius Twp., age 55 yrs.; son of Harm & Aaltje; (ACDR)
Veldhoff, Baby; Nov.6,1917 (only date); L233-G5/ d.in Manlius Twp., age 0-0-0; child of Herman & Gerty (Capel); (ACDR)
Veldhoff, Baby boy; b.Jan.31,1943 d.Feb.1,1943 Holland; son of Richard & Norma (DeVries); (HCDR)
Veldhoff, Caroline; 1913-1915; L233-G4/ b.in Mich., d.Apr.21,1915 Manlius Twp., age 2 yrs. & 26 da.; dau of Harm & Gertie (Capel); (ACDR)
Veldhoff, Dick; 1889-1922; L52-G8/ b.inMich., d.Oct.7,1922 age 33 yrs. 1 mo. 18 da.; son of Aren & Jennie (Snyder); (ACDR)
Veldhoff, Eddie (no dates); age 1 yr. & 2 mo.; L52-G3
Veldhoff, Eddie (no dates) age 3 yrs.; L52-G6
Veldhoff, Gertie, Mother; 1880-1958; OSSW Herman; L233-G2/ b.Dec.17,1880 Neth., d.Jan.31,1958 Holland; dau of Cornelius & Gertrude (Alofs)
                Capell; (HCDR)
Veldhoff, Herman, Father; 1873-1951; OSSW Gertie; L233-G3/ b.Nov.18,1873 d.May 13,1951 allegan Co.; son of Erand & Jennie (Snider) (ACDR)
Veldhoff, Ira; b.Feb.3,1885 Mich., d.Apr.29,1959; son of Erand & Jennie (Snyder); (FTDR) same person as Ira Velthoff
Veldhoff, Jennie; 1901-1905; L233-G1/ d.Aug.1,1905 Manlius Twp. age 3 yrs. 6 mo. 16 da.; dau of Harm & Gertie (Capel); (ACDR)
Veldhoff, Jennie, Mother; 1851-1931; L52-G4
Veldhoff, Robert Allen; Jan.31-Feb.1,1943; L263-G1
Velthoff, Bertha, Mother; Jun.4,1895- Apr.27,1923/ d.in Manlius Twp.; wife of Ira; dau of Jan Hanse & Gegieve (Laarman) Grate; (ACDR) L263-G3
Velthoff, Ira, Father; Feb.3,1885-Apr.29,1959; L263-G2/ son of Erand & jennie (Snyder); (FTDR)
Velthoff, Raymond; 1921-1937; L263-G6/ b.in Hamilton, Mich. d.Sep.5,1937 Manllius Twp., age 15 yrs. 9 mo. 14 da.; son of Ira & Bertha (Grott);
Visscher, Berend; b.Dec.5,1832 Europe, d.Jun.15,1904 Fillmore Twp. son of Albert & Rieka (Slerentengel) sp?; (FTDR)
Vogt, Delia; 1879-1963; OSSW George A.; L204-G8/ b.Oct.29,1879 Mich. d.May 4, 1963 Holland; dau of Henry & Anna (Habing) TenCate;
Vogt, George A.; 1873-1943; OSSW Delia; L204-G5/ b.Aug.3,1873 in Chicago, Ill., d.Dec.29,1943 Holland; son of Theodore & Frances (Bell);
Volkers, Albertina, Moeder, wife of J. Volkers; 1852-1923; L151-G3
Volkers, Grace; 1909-___; OLW Joe; Sec BB
Volkers, Henrietta, Mother; 1918-___; OLW Linda Lou & Henry; Sec BB
Volkers, Henry, father; hus of Henrietta VanDis; b.Apr.21,1919 in East Saugatuck, d.Apr.1,1982 Holland; son of Herman  & Sena (Slenk); OLW
                Linda Lou & Henrietta; Sec BB; (TS & FHR)
Volkers, Herman, Father; 1892-1967; OLW Sena; Sec BB
Volkers, Hilda, Mother; 1923-1972; OLW Justin H.; Sec BB
Volkers, Joe; hus of Grace Kempkers; b.Feb.26,1908 east Saugatuck, d.Jun.6,1984 Douglas, Mich.; son of John Henry & Levina (Tripp); Sec BB;
                (TS & FHR)
Volkers, John Henry, Father; 1873-1952; OSSW Levina Martha; L251-G7/ b.Jul.2,1873 Nieth., d.Jul.12,1951 Holland; (HCDR)
Volkers, Justin H., Father; 1922-___; OLW Hilda; Sec BB
Volkers, Levina Martha, Mother; 1888-1949; OSSW John Henry; L251-G6/ b.Dec.4,1880 d.Aug.24,1949 Fillmore Twp., age 60 yrs. 8 mo. 20 da.;
                dau of John & Martha (Swier) Tripp; (ACDR)
Volkers, Linda Lou; b.Jan.29,1950 Mich., d.Jan.22,1964 Holland; dau of Henry & Henrietta (VanDis) Volkers; OLW Henry & Henrietta; Sec BB;
                (TS & HCDR)
Volkers, Milton Herbert; b.Sep.16,1929 d.Dec.4,1929 Laketown Twp.; son of John Henry & Lavina M. (Tripp); (LTDR)
Volkers, Sena, Mother; nee Slenk; 1895-1957; OLW Herman; Sec BB
Vork, Baby; 1923 (no other information); L105-G8
Vos, Aaltje; b.Sep.18,1835 Germany d.Jul.6,1919 Fillmore Twp.; (FTDR)
Vos, Albert; 1838-1910; L4-G2/ b.Jan.18,1839 Neth., d.Sep.25,1910 Fillmore Twp.; son of Roelof; (FTDR)
Vos, Altitje; 1834-1919; L4-G3/ same person as Aaltje, above
Vos, Annie, wife of Gerrit A.; 1872-1912; L34-G2/ d.Nov.11,1912 age 40 yrs. & 9 mo.; dau of Berend & Hellen (Jeamiol) Kamps; (ACDR)
Vos, B.J., Father; 1841-1923; L176-G2/ Berend J., b.in the Neth. d.Apr.25,1923 Fillmore Twp., age 82 yrs. & 21 da.; son of Roe; (ACDR)
Vos, Baby George; b.Mar.28,1918 d.no date given, in Park Twp., Ottawa Co. age 1 yr. 4 mo. 21 da.; sonof Ralph & Hattie (Zuverink);
Vos, Baby girl; b.in Mich., d.Jul.13,1900 age 5 mo.; dau of Ralph & Hattie (Zuverink) Vos; (FTDR)
Vos, Elmer; b.Feb.28,1900 Mich., d.Mar.3,1903 Fillmore Twp.; son of Reinard & Mary (VandenBerg) Vos; (FTDR)
Vos, Gerrit A.; 1875-1964; L34-G3/ hus of Anna; b.May 24,1875 Mich. d.Oct.14,1964 Holland; sonof Albert & Altje (Peters); (HCDR)
Vos, Grace, Mother; 1872-1941; L4-G6/ wife of Herman; b.May 7,1872 d.Sep.9,1941 Holland; dau of John & Sena (Zagers) Ortman; (HCDR)
Vos, Hannah; b.Mar.11,1871 Mich., d.Nov.11,1912 Fillmore Twp.; dau of Berenk & Hellen (Jeavrink) Kamps; (FTDR)
Vos, Hattie, Mother; 1879-1953; OSSW Ralph; L218-G6
Vos, Herman, Father; 1871-1936; L4-G7/ hus of Grace; b.Jan.5,1871 d.Oct.10,1936 Holland; son of Albert; (HCDR)
Vos, J., Mother; 1838-1925; L176-G3/ Jennie, wife of B.J. Vos b.May 29,1838 Neth., d.Apr.6,1925 Fillmore Twp.; dau of Lambert & Anna
         (DeWarmer) Koops; (FTDR)
Vos, Mary; 1868-1935; OSSW Reinderd; L27-G2/ wife of Reinard; b.Jan.3,1868 Saugatuck, Mich., d.Apr.24,1935 Holland; dau of Gerrit & Alice
          (Kalawaard) VanDenBerg; (HCDR)
Vos, Ralplh, Father; 1875-1934; L218-G7/ hus of Hattie; b.Sep.20,1874 in Germany, d.May 3,1934 Holland; son of Berend & Jennie (Koops); (HCDR)
Vos, Reinderd; 1867-1945; OSSW Mary; L27-G3
Walcot, Geesje, geboren Haverdink; Jun.28,1820-Jun.16,1899; OSSW Wasze; L154-G7
Walcot, Wasze; Jan.28,1812-Feb.21,1900; OSSW Geesje; L154-G6
Wassink, Alice (no dates); L162-G1
Wassink, Alice; 1895-1920; L162-G8/ b.in Mich., d.Feb.8,1920 in Fillmore Twp., age 25 yrs. & 7 mo.; dau of Henry & Fenna (Bennink) Wassink;
Wassink, Ben, Son; 1876-1958; L162-G5/ unmarried; b.Jan.9,1876 Mich. d.Dec.18,1958 Holland; son of Henry & Fannie (Bennink); (HCDR)
Wassink, Fannie; (see Fannie Bennink); L162-G7/ Fenna; b.in Germany d.Dec.31,1913 Fillmore Twp., age 65 yrs.; dau of Jan H. Bennink; (FTDR)
Wassink, Henry, vader; Oct.29,1841-Dec.26,1928; L162-G6/ hus of Fannie b.Oct.29,1841 Neth., d.Dec.21,1928; son of Benjamin; (FTDR)
Wassink, John (no dates); L162-G2
Wassink, Susan; 1881-1964; L162-G4/ unmaried; b.Feb.27,1881 Mich. d.Oct.26,1964 Holland; dau of Henry & Fannie (Bennink); (HCDR)
Weaver, Annigje; b.in the Neth., d.Jan.19,1901 Fillmore Twp., age 75 yrs. 5 mo. 5 da.; (FTDR)
Weaver, G.J.; d.Nov.28,1906 aged 84 yrs. 9 mo. 14 da.; L131-G6/ Gerret J. Weaver; b.Feb.14,1822 Europe, d.Nov.28,1906 Fillmore Twp.;
Weaver, Grace, wife of G.J.; d.Jan.29,1877 aged 47 yrs.; L131-G7/ d.in Fillmore Twp., age 47 yrs. 4 mo. 12 da.; (ACDR)
Webb, Sue, Mother; 1926-1974; Sec BB
Weening, Johnnie; b.in Mich., d.Feb.26,1905 Holland; age 15 yrs. 9 mo. 11 da.; son of J.H. & Grietje (Grotenhuis); (HCDR)
Weenink, Gertrude; b.in Mich., d.Jun.19,1905 Holland; age 7 yrs. & 11 da. dau of J.H. & Gertrude (Grotenhuis); (HCDR)
West, Robert Sr.; hus of Bertha Deridder; b.Jul.24,1932 Kalamazoo, Mich., d.Feb.28,1985 Grand Haven, Mich.; son of William G. & Hazel
            (DeFeyter); Sec BB; (TS & FHR)
Wiegerink, Baby (no name or dates); L90-G6
Wiegerink, Baby (no name or dates); L90-G6
Wiegerink, Baby (no name or dates); L90-G7
Wiegerink, Geestjen, wife of Jan; 1851-1936; OSSW Jan; L90-G1/ Grace, wife of John; b.in Hanover, Germany; d.Oct.17,1936 Manlius Twp., age
                    85 yrs. 10 mo. 6 da.; nee Scholten; (ACDR)
Wiegerink, George, Brother; 1874-1945; L90-G2/ b.Sep.15,1874 Neth. d.Jan.2,1945 Holland; son of John & Grace (Scholten); (HCDR)
Wiegerink, Henrrietta, Mother; 1897-1972; L90-G5/ b.Jan.4,1897 Mich. d.Jan.6,1972 Holland; dau of Lambert & Grace (Nyland) Vos; (OCDR)
Wiegerink, Jan; 1843-1911; OSSW Geestjen; L90-G4
Wiegerink, Lavern G., Son; 1932-___; L90-G3
Wiegerink, Simon, Father; 1892-1971; L90-G8/ hus of Henrietta Vos b.Dec.31,1892 Mich., d.Mar.6,1971 Zeeland; son of John & Grace (Scholten);
Woertink, Anna (see Anna Haverdink); L189-G3
Woertink, Wm.; d.Nov.8,1896 age 87 yrs.; OSSW Anna Haverdink; L189-G2/ age 86 yrs. & 11 mo.; son of Hendrik; (ACDR)
Wolters, Dena, Daughter; 1908-___; OSSW Harvin; L269-G7
Wolters, Geert, Father; 1866-1925; L269-G3/ hus of Dena; b.Feb.22,1866 Neth., d.Nov.26,1925 Fillmore Twp.; son of John & Jennie (Witte);
Wolters, Gertie, Mother; 1871-1958; L269-G2/ wife of Gerrit b.Aug.30,1871 d.Jan.23,1958 Zeeland; dau of Gerrit J. & Henrietta (Strovenjans)
                Kleinheksel; (ACDR)
Wolters, Harvin, Son; May 6,1915-Jul.31,1978; OSSW Dena; L269-G6/ unmarried; d.in Holland; son of Gerrit & Gertie (Kleinheksel); (ACDR)
Wolters, Henry; 1856-1942; OSSW Victoria; L124-G6
Wolters, Lorena; Aug.21,1892-Mar.16,1893; L124-G5/ d.Mar.10,1893 in Manlius Twp.; dau of Henry & Victoria; (ACDR)
Wolters, Voctoria; 1863-1905; OSSW Henry; L124-G3
Wolters, William; Mar.25,1881-Aug.15,1881; L124-G8
Wolts, Dina; 1876-1877; L115-G5/ d.May 25,1877 Fillmore Twp., age 1 yr. & 2 mo.; dau of Gerrit & Geesje; (ACDR)
Wolts, Dina; 1874 (only date); L115-G6/ d.Feb.29,1875 in Fillmore, age 5 months; dau of Gerrit & Geesje; (ACDR)
Wolts, Geesje; 1880-1881; L115-G7
Wolts, Geesje, Mother; nee Laarman; Jul.22,1849-May 16,1877; L115-G2/ b.in Hanover, Europe; d.May 13,1877 age 27 yrs. & 8 mo.; (ACDR)
Wolts, Gerrit, Father; Apr.8,1833-Jun.28,1906; L115-G1/ b.in Germany; son of John; (FTDR)
Wolts, Harmje; 1872-1877; OLW Gerrit Brinks; L115-G8/ d.May 23,1877 in Fillmore Twp., age 5 yrs. & 18 da.; dau of Gerrit & Geesje; (ACDR)
Wolts, Henderika; 1870-1877; L115-G3/ d.May 5,1877 Fillmore Twp. age 8 yrs. & 9 mo.; dau of Gerrit & Geesje; (ACDR)
Wolts, Hendrika, Mother; Feb.12,1858-Dec.28,1926; L115-G4/ b.Feb.12,1856 Neth. d.Dec.28,1926; dau of Henry & Roelje (Blomink) Hilbrans;
Woudwyk, Alvin Carl; b.Jun.17,1934 Mich., d.Aug.17,1945; son of Cornelius & Gertrude (Smith); OLW Gertrude & Cornelius; Sec BB;
                   (TS & FTDR)
Woudwyk, Arthur; hus of Cornelia Vogel; b.Nov.14,1907 Neth., d.Aug.26,1984 in Holland; son of Tony & Tena (Elzenga); (FHR)
Woudwyk, Baby boy; b.& d. Jul.11,1934 in East Saugatuck; son of Arthur & Cornelia (Vogel); (FTDR)
Woudwyk, Cornellius, Father; 1905-1986; OLW Alvin C. & Gertrude; Sec BB/ Cornelius "Case" Woodwyk; b.Apr.15,1905 Neth., d.Mar.26,1986
                   Holland; son of Theunis & Trijntje (Elzenga) Woudwijk; (TS & FHR)
Woudwyk, Gertrude, Mother; 1905-1964; OLW Alvin C. & Cornelius; Sec BB/ Gertrude Woodwyk; wife of Cornelius; b.Feb.13,1905 Mich.,
                   d.Jul.7,1964 in Holland; dau of Gerrit & Kate (Vos) Smith; (HCDR)
Woudwyk, Hattie, Mother; wife of Martin; b.Oct.19,1896 Mich., d.Apr.2,1975 in Holland; dau of Gerrit & Elizabeth (Wygraaf) Laarman; OLW
                   Martin; Sec BB; (TS & OCDR)
Woudwyk, Martin, father; hus of Hattie Laarman; b.May 14,1901 Neth. d.Jun.18,1970 Holland; son of Tony & Trientje (Iyzenga); OLW Hattie;
                    Sec BB; (TS & OCDR)
Woudwyk, Theunis, Father; 1877-1949; OSSW Tryntje; L249-G3/ hus of Tena; b.Jun.29,1877 Neth., d.Apr.13,1949; son of Martin & Trientje
                   (DeJonge); (FTDR)
Woudwyk, Baby; b.& d. Aug.12,1927; child of Martin & Hattie (Laarman); (ACDR)
Yonker, Gerrit J.; 1901-1969; OSSW Jannetje D.; L235-G7/ hus of Jannette VanDyke; b.Jul.29,1901 Neth., d.Jan.31,1969 Holland; son of Klaas
               & Lyntje (Troost); (OCDR)
Yonker, Jannetje D.; 1903-___; OSSW Gerrit J.; L235-G6
Zeldenrust, Grace, Mother; 1881-1954; L89-G6/ wife of Peter; b.Sep.26,1871 Mich., d.Jul.20,1954 Holland; dau of Hermanes & Susan (Lummen)
                    Lemmen; (HCDR)
Zoerhof, Anna Koning, Mother; 1840-1917; L274-G1/ wife of Geert; b.in the Neth., d.Apr.28,1917 Fillmore Twp., age 77 yrs. 5 mo. 15 da. dau
                of Gerrit Brower; (ACDR)/ b.Nov.14,1839 Neth., d.Apr.29,1917; (FTDR)
Zoerhof, Baby; 1923 (only date); L215-G8/ Baby boy, b.& d. Aug.22,1923; son of Herman & Hattie (Balder); (FTDR)
Zoerhof, Hattie, Mother; 1891-1980; OSSW Herman; L215-G2
Zoerhof, Herman, Father; 1887-1956; OSSW Hattie; L215-G3/ hus of Hattie Balder; b.Feb.11,1887 d.Jan.9,1956; son of George & jane (Hoskamp);
Zoerhof, Jacob, Father; 1885-1952; OSSW Sena; L267-G3/ b.Jun.21,1885 d.Aug.30,1952 Allegan Co.; son of John & Jennie (Hoskamp); (ACDR)
Zoerhof, John; b.Dec.1,1834 Germany, d.Dec.16,1925 Fillmore Twp.; age 90 yrs. & 16 da.; (FTDR)/ could be same person as John Zoerhoff
Zoerhof, Sena, Mother; 1893-1979; OSSW Jacob; L267-G2/ b.Mar.24,1891 d.Dec.4,1979 Holland; dau of Johannes & Anna (Schipper) Meiste;
Zoerhof, Zyaantjn; Jan.21,1871-Jan.9,1881; L94-G6/ d.Jun.9,1881 age 9 yrs. 4 mo. 11 da.; dau of Geert & Janna; (ACDR)
Zoerhoff, Gerrit; b.Dec.20,1833 Neth., d.Jun.15,1911 Fillmore Twp. age 77 yrs. 6 mo. 15 da.; (FTDR)
Zoerhoff, Henry, Father; 1890-1975; OSSW Johanna; L116-G4/ hus of Johanna Balder; b.Jun.24,1890 Mich., d.Apr.24,1975 Holland; son of
                 John & Jennie (Hoskamp); (OCDR)
Zoerhoff, Jennie, wife of John; 1850-1924; OSSW John; L116-G2/ b.Feb.20,1850 Germany d.Jul.24,1924; dau of John Haskamp; (FTDR)
Zoerhoff, Johanna, Mother; 1892-___; OSSW Henry; L116-G1
Zoerhoff, John, Father; 1877-1946; L243-G3/ hus of Lena Balder b.Mar.12,1877 Allegan Co., d.Nov.6,1946 Fillmore Twp.; son of John &
                Jennie (Hoskamp); (FTDR)
Zoerhoff, John; 1835-1925; OSSW Jennie; L116-G3 (see John Zoerhof)
Zoerhoff, Lena, Mother; 1878-1952; L243-G2/ wife of John b.Oct.10,1878 d.Sep.13,1952 Manlius Twp.; dau of Harm & Hattie (Brinks) Balder;
Zoerhoff, Sena; wife of Jake; b.Mar.24,1891 d.Dec.4,1979; dau of Johannes & Anna (Schipper) Meiste; (FHR)
Zumbrunn, Jannie; Jul.7,1888-Sep.21,1895; OSSW Harm & Lusanna K. Ryzenga; L196-G3
Zuverink, Fanny, Zyn Vrouw; Geboren 25 Dec.1847, Overleden 6 Feb.1930; OSSW John; L144-G8/ b.Dec.25,1846 Neth., d.Feb.6,1930
                 Heath Twp.; dau of Steve Kalmink; (ACDR) & Heath Twp. death record.
Zuverink, John; Geboren 10 Mei 1842-Overleden 26 Aug.1898; OSSW Fanny/ Jan Zuverink, son of Harmes; (ACDR)
Zwaferink, Jennie, Mother; 1849-1886; L39-G7
Zwemer, Baby (no name or dates); L72-G7
Zwemer, Cornelius, Father; 1855-1952; L72-G3
Zwemer, J., age 4 months; L72-G6 (no dates)
Zwemer, Joseph; Michigan Pvt. 160 Depot Brig.; d.Aug.24,1943; L72-G8
Zwemer, Mary, Mother; 1858-1945; L72-G2/ wife of Cornelius b.Nov.15,1858 d.May 5,1945 Holland; dau of Geert & Jennie (Bouwman)
                VanTubbergen; (HCDR)


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