Early IRISH settlers in Ottawa County:

Many of those who are the early Irish settlers in Berlin, and Dennison came as a group from the North of County Mayo in Ireland.  From the small parish of Kilfyan, which is near the Bay of Killala.  That old parish church now is in ruins, as it was destroyed by the French forces in the Rising of 1798 when they came ashore.   Cubnore Killcoleman, Rathiskin, all within a few minutes drive now days of each other.  After my travels to Ireland and the various parishes in north Mayo, I have searched the parish records of Kilfyan/Kilfian which is now in the care of the Parish Priest of Killala.  Many of these familes from the different "townlands" and Parish's intermarried with each other as you will see.  I was told by a elderly relative in Ireland that you would "Court" and "marry" someone you could walk to, ride a bike to, or ride a horse to.

The following pages you will find information from Cemetery listings, birth and death records, and family history, most my own who intermarried with many of the below families.  If you have more information to add for any individual or families listed below please feel free to send it to me or I will add a link to your page.

Hughes: Patrick, (My Great, Great Grandfather)
                        Was a native of County Mayo.  I am asuming he came from the townland Keerglen,
                        Kilfyan(also found spelled Kilfian) parish, as did many of the 'family friends' and
                        those they intermarried with in the early days of settlement.
                  Bridget, wife of Patrick.
                  John, married Catherine/Mary Hoban
                  Bridget Hughes b.1810 was a domestic for William Loftus in 1860.

Loftus: William, b.1829, was from the Parish of Kilfyan in County Mayo also, like many others
                               who settled in Berlin and Dennison.  William married Bridget b.1832.
                 Bridget, b. 1833 Ireland, wife of William.

Hoban: John, from Kilfyan Parish, County Mayo.
                Catherine b.1820, married to John Hughes b.1811/1812
                Martin, from Rathiskan, County Mayo as was Anthony.  Rathiskan is near Kilfyan.
                           Some Hoban's intermarried with the Hughes family.
                Anthony, wife from Cubnore, Killcoleman, Mayo.

O'Hearns:  From King's County (now Offally)
                       Thomas O'Hearn married Margaret Gorman
                       Maria, daughter of Thomas O'Hearn & Margaret Gorman.  Maria married Patrick Molloy
                                1839. Patrick b.1817 King's County(Offally), son of Thomas Molloy & Mary Shea.
                                Patrick immigrated 1834.

Walsh: Michael, from Castlebar, County Mayo
                Margaret, b.1854, married James Higgins, b.1845, Ballina, County Mayo,

Healy: Patrick, b.1780 in Kilfyan, Mayo. Father of John b. 1820 in Ireland.
               Stephen, b.1801, son of above Patrick.
               Thomas,  married Catherine Walsh Loftus
               John, b.1820 in Ireland, married Bridget b. 1830 Ireland.

Golden: Michael, b.1780 in Kilfyan Parish, County Mayo, married Mary Walsh.
                            When she died - the family immegrated in 1845.  First to Pittsburg
                            where they all worked in the mines.  Two of the children were
                            killed in the mines.  They then decided to move to Ottawa County
                            where many other families from Kilfyan Parish had settled already.
                            His children were:
                  Dennis, he worked at Spoonerville in the sawmill.
                  Mary, married Patrick Malone, both of Ireland
                  Catherine, married Patrick Malone, both of Ireland
                  Patrick, married Catherine Hughes, had daughter Nora who married Joseph William Stapleton.

Golden: Patrick, married Anna Golden of the above Michael's family but are
                             not realted, however they came from the same Parish of Kilfyan,
                             in County Mayo.

Higgins:  James, b.1845, Ballina, County Mayo, married Margaret Walsh b.1854
                                James & Margaret immigrated in 1872, first to N.Y. State.
                                There they could not find the other Higgins who came earlier,
                                so they went on to where the Walsh's had settled first in Nunica
                                then to Coopersville.
                    John, son of James and Margaret Walsh.
                    Lee, son of James and Margaret Walsh.

Carroll: Richard, b. 1802; King's County Ireland, was a Blacksmith.
                  Mary, b. 1812 in Ireland, wife of Richard,
                  Patrick, b. 1836 in Vermont.

Griffin: Patrick from Killamar Parish, County cork.

King: Patrick from Dannatia, County Clare.

O'Brien: John

Lillis: Timothy

Mulvihill:  Michael, from County Louth in 1844.
                      Lawrence, brother of Michael, from County Louth in 1844.

McCann: Orlando, was in the Civil War.

Burns: Patrick, from Killybegs County Donegal, married Gallagher from Donegal.

Molloy: Patrick b.1817 in Kings County, son of Thomas Molloy & Mary Shea.  He immigrated in 1834
                              married Maria O'Hearn in 1839.  Maria O'Hearn is daughter of Thomas O'Hearn &
                              Margaret Gorman.

Gavin: Patrick b. 1825 Ireland,
                Hanora, b.1834 Ireland, wife of Patrick

Farrell (Also found spelled Farrow):
               Kiaran, b. 1834 Ireland
               Mary J. wife of Kiaran, b. 1838 Michigan
               Joseph, b. 1857 Michigan, son of Kiaran & Mary J.
               Mary A. b. 1858 Michigan, daughter of Kiaran & Mary J.

Prendergast: Patrick, from Kilkenny. Left Ireland in 1826 for Prince Edward Island,
                                          then Maryland, in 1840 to Ann Arbor then Berlin.  He was a "Shipbuilder" by trade.

Egan: James

Powers: William

Donahue: John

Murphy: John

Lillis:  Benjamin

Glynn: James

McCue: Michael

Malone: Thomas

McCarthy: Thomas

Friar: Roger, b. June 15,1818; d. Feb.5,1901, from County Roscommon, Ireland.

Stapleton: Michael