1) O God Be Mercyfull To The Soul Of MARGARET HALPIN, Who Departed This Life April 19th 1764 70 Years.

2) Here Lieth The Body Of JAMES MEAGHERr,  Bootmaker, Clonmel Who Died April 7th 1835 Aged 30yrs. Also His Son JANIE, Died January 1835 Aged 3 Months. Erected By His Wife MARY.

3) Here Lieth The Body Of JOHANNA WALL (Alias) MEAGHER, Who Died Jan 5th 1795 Aged 86yrs. And May Her Soul Rest In Peace Amen.

4) O God Be Merciful To The Soul Of JOHANNA WALL (Alias) CONDON Of Nicholastown, Who Died May 27th Age 33 1701.

5) Here LIes The Body Of MARY NOROSEY Wife To WALTER WALL Of Derrygrath, Who Departed This Life February 16th 1811 Aged 23yrs.

6) Here Lieth The Body Of JOHN CROWLEY, Who Died April 3rd 1823 Aged 72yrs. Also His Wife MARGARET CROWLEY (Alias) CLEARY, Died June 10th 1810 Aged 58yrs. And Their Daughter EALNOR, Died March 9th Aged 36.

7) Here Lies The Remains Of JOHN CALLANAN of Moorstown, Departed Life Sept 5th 1774 Aged 63yrs. Grandson JOHN CALLANAN, Who Dept Life August 22nd 1796 Aged 19yrs. 

8) Here Lies The Remains Of MICHAEL LARKEN Of Ballycornnme, Who Departed This Life On The 30th Of March 1826, Aged 68yrs. Also His Wife MARY LARKEN (Alias) BATES, Who Departed This Life Jan 18th 1829 Aged 74 Years.

9) In Loving Memory Of NORAH O'HALLORHAN, GRADWN, FETHARD, Died 6th Sept 1984 Aged 70. Her Father, JOHN NAGLE Carriconeen, Died 3rd Dec 1942 Aged 75. And His Wife CATHERINE, Died 17th Aug 1948 Aged 60. Their Grandson JOHN, Infant, Died 1st Jan 1951. Rest In Peace. "On Whose Souls Sweet Jesus Have Mercy". Erected By Their Family.

10) In Loving Memory Of MARY DOHENY (nee) O'CONNOR Of Derrygrath, Died March 7th 1928 Aged 77yrs. Also Her Husband JOHN DOHENY, Died Jan 19th 1932 Aged 88yrs. Also Of PATRICK DEMPSEY, Died July 15th 1929 Aged 22yrs. Also SARAH BRIDGE DOHENY, Who Died July 12th 1935 Aged 42yrs. R.I.P.

11) In Memory Of MRS ELLEN GUIDERA (nee) COTTER Ballilndorey Grange, Clonmel, Also Her Grandson TIMOTHY MANNING, Died 11th Dec 1956 Aged 11. R.I.P.

12) Cross, No Name.

13) Cross, No Name.

14) Cross, No Name.

15) Cross, No Name.

16) In Memory Of PIERCE BUCKLEY, Derrygrath, Died 3rd Feb 1982 Aged 64. And His Aunt BRIDGET CAHILL (nee) BUCKLEY Died 7th Dec 1953 Aged 77. Rest In Peace.

17) Erected To The Memory Of MRS MARGARET BURKE, Who Died 24th Dec 1944. Also Her Father and Mother. R.I.P.

18) Erected By MICHAEL O'CARIGAN In Memory Of His Wife ELLEN O'CARRIGAN (Alias) MALLY, Who Died 6th March 1866. Aged 55yrs. Also 5 Of Their Children, Who Died Young. May They Rest In Peace.

19) Small White/ Stone No Name.

20) Erected By JOHN PRENDERGAST, Cuckoomill, In Memory Of His Mother MARY PRENDERGAST, Who Died 20th Dec 1888. Also His Father JOHN PRENDERGAST, Who Died 15th Dec 1848. And His Sister MARY, Who Died 11th Jan 1892.

21) Erected By JOHN DALTON of Kilmaloque In Memroy Of His Mother ELLEN DALTON (Nee) CLEARY, Died 2nd June 1848 Aged 32 Yrs. His Wife MARY DALTON (Nee) POWER, Died 12th March 1878 Aged 35Yrs. His Father JAMES DALTON, Died 7th April 1892. Aged 45 Yrs. His Sister KATE DALTON, Died 7th Jan 1896 Aged 25 Yrs. And His Borther PATRICK DALTON, Died 12th July 1899 Aged 50 Yrs. R.I.P.

22) Erected By JAMES HENEBERY Of Chancellorstown, In Memory Of His Beloved Wife MARY HENEBERY (Alias) HALPIN, Who Died May 13th 1840 Aged 47 Yrs. 

23) In Loving Memroy Of JOHN O'ROURKE, Grubogue, Died 11th Nov 1951. And His Wife CATHERINE, Died 24th Jan 1954. Their Daughter MARY JEFFERY, Died 23rd May 1970 Interred In Cork. Also Their Three Grandchildren. R.I.P.

24) Here Lie The Body Of JAMES ROURKE Of Newchapel, Who Died May 26th 1833 Aged 82yrs. Also His Son PATRICK ROURKE, Died Jan 21st 1845 Aged 48Yrs.

25) Erected By MARGARET KEATING Of Nicholastown In Memory Of Her Husband JOHN KEATING, Who Died June 15th 1897 Aged 80 Years. R.I.P.

26) Erected By SARA JACKSON In Memory Of Her Husband JOSEPH JACKSON, Died April 25th 1897 Aged 48 Years. 

27) In Loving Memory Of CAROLINE DILLON, Loughloher, Died 17th Dec 1971 Aged 3 Months. Her Gran Mother MARY DILLON, Died 29th Nov 1954. And Her Grand Parents WILLIAM And CATHERINE O'SULLIVAN. 

28) In Loving Memory Of OUr Dear Mother MARY ANNE MAXEY Of Clonmel, Died 29th Of Dec 1914 Aged 57Yrs Our Father JOSEPH, Died 6th May 1913 Aged 70 Yrs. OUr Brother JAMES, Died 19th Sept 1901 Aged 23 Yrs. And Our Aunt MARYANNE, Died 23rd Feb 1894 Aged 44 Years. Erected By MOLLY, ELLIE, KATE And MAGGIE MAXEY. R.I.P. 

29) Here Lieth The Body Of JAMES KELLY, Son Of PETER KELLY Of Darling Hill, Who Departed This LIfe August The 15th 1791 Aged 32yrs. 

30) TOMB/ Unreadable.

31) Erected To The Memroy Of MRS MARGARET BURKE, Who Died 24th Dec 1944. Also Her Father And Mother.

32) In Loving Memory Of JAMES O'REGAN, 16 ALBERT ST. CLONALL Died April 15th 1956. His Wife BRIDGET, Died June 20 1973.

33) In Loving Memory Of JAMES O'ROURKE, Chancellerstown, Died 30th May 1971. Also His Brother PATRICK, Died 25th March 1951.

34) Erected By JAMES KEATING To The Memory Of His Father, Who Died Nov 10th 1810 Aged 89yrs. 

35) Here Lie The Body Of PATRICK WHITE Of Newchapel, Who Died April 9th 1835 Aged 77. His Son EDMOND, Died August 3rd 1886 Aged 40yrs. Also His Daughter MARY, Died May 22nd 1833 Aged 33yrs. 
36) In Loving Memory Of JOHN HALPIN, Derrygrath, His Wife ANN. Their Sons JOHN And MARTIN And Their Grandson MICHAEL. R.I.P.

37) Here Lieth The Body Of WILLIAM LALWORTH, Died March 2nd 1781 Aged 69Yrs.

38) In Loving Memory Of MARY MURPHY, Springmount, Died 16th Dec 1959. Her Husband PATRICK, Died 8th July 1983. Her Brothers JOHN LAFFORD, Died 26th July 1934. PATRICK LAFFORD, Died 24th Jan 1938. And WILLIAM LAFFORD, Died 9th Aug 1965.

39) Erected By JOHN And MICHAEL O'DONNELL Of Graigue In Memory Of Their Father EDMOND O'DONNELL, Died 12th April 1902 Aged 76years. And Their Mother MARY O'DONNELL, Died 19th Nov 1920 Age 84yrs. Their Sister CATHERINE, Died 19th May 1901 Aged 26th Years.

40) Erected By Alderman BYRNE Of Clonmel, To The Memory Of His Beloved Daughter MARY ANNE, Who Departed This Life The 17th Day Of June 1851 In The 17th Year Of Her AGe. Also To His Infant Children JOHN and KATE.

41) Erected To The Memory Of CATHERINE BUTLER Alisa BRIEN, Wife Of JOHN BUTLER, Who Departed This Life 10th Nov 1810 Aged 34 Years.

42) Sacred To The Memory of KATE, The Amiable And Beloved Wife Of DAVID CLANCY Of Clonmel, Merchant And Daughter Of The Late BUTLER, Who Departed This Life On The 17th Day Of May 1849 Aged 33 Years. To The Inenpressible Regret Of All Who Knew Her And Of The Poor To WHom She Was A Kind Benefactress.

43) O God Be Mercifull To The Soul Of JOHN FOLEY Of (Hul?)seytown, Who Departed This LIfe May 6th 1790 Aged 72 Years. Also To His Daughter MARGARET PRENDERGAST FOLEY, Who Departed This Life Jan 1st 1789 AGed 27yrs. 

44) Here Lies The Remains Of MARY KEATING (Alias) FOLEY Wife Of JOHN KEATING Of Clonmel, Who Departed This Life May 20th 1823 AGed 74 Years.

45) Here Lies The Body Of CATHERINE RYAN Alias MAXEY FURTHWELL, Who Departed This Life Sept 12th 1813 Aged 65 Years. Also Her Son JAMES RYAN, Who Departed This LIfe April 15th 1817 AGed 22yrs. May Their Souls Rest In Peace Amen.

End of Derrygrath

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