(Old Cemetery)

1. In Loving Memory Of Mrs Annie Burke, Died 13th April 1967, Also Her Daughter Mrs. Nancy O'Leary,
    Died 8th August 1953.
2. In Loving Memory Of William J. Mulcahy, Ardfinan Castle, Died 22nd March 1960. His Wife, Kathleen,
    Died 23rd October 1975. R.I.P.
3. I.H.S. In Loving Memory Of Bridget Murphy, Who Died October 1936, Age 90. Also Her Daughter
    Margaret Cooke. Also Michael Roche. R.I.P.
4. In Loving Memory Of Richard Dwyer, Ardfinnan, Died 17-8-1961. His Wife Bridget, Died 7-12-1964.
    His Mother Johanna, Died 17-1-1948. R.I.P.
5. Here Lies Ye Body Of William Bourk Who Departed This Life September Ye 26th 1740,
    Aged 65 Years. Erected By His Wife.
6. Pray For Margaret Guthrie, Died 21st October 1955. Her Husband Thomas,
    Died 20th June 1962. Rest In Peace.
7. In Loving Memory Of Michael O'Mahoney, Ardfinnan, Died June 8th 1948. His Sons Terry,
    Died November 23rd 1949, Jeremiah, Died September 15th 1950. Mrs. Mary Joe Mahoney.
    Died May 31st 1960. John O'Mahoney, Died December 7th 1964. R.I.P.
8. In Loving Memory Of Hannie O'Mahoney, St Ann's Tce, Died 1st May 1976. R.I.P.
9. In Loving Memory Of John O'Mahoney, Died 24th November 1954. His Wife Johanna,
    Died 20th April 1961. Their Son Timothy, Died 15th November 1940. Their Daughter
    Margaret, Died August 1943. R.Il.P.
10. Here Lies The Body Of Robert Loney Of Caher, Who Departed Life July 1781, Aged 46 Years.
      Also His Son Joseph Loney, Of Caher Who Departed 15th October 1808, Aged 55 Years.
11. Here Lies The Body Of John Rylands, Of Ardfinnan, Who Dyed The 17th Day Of February 1744, Aged 44 Years.
12. Gloria In Excelsis Deo. I.H.S. To The Memory Of Edmund Ross And Wife Mary Ross, The Former,
      Died January 30th 1835, Aged 81 Years, The Latter, Died April 9th 1834, Aged 76 Years. Erected By
      Their Son Richard Ross. Requiescant In Peace Amen.
13. I.H.S. In Loving Memory Of John Riordan, Of Ardfinnan, Died 23rd October 1893,
     Aged 72 Years. Jack Conway, Molly Conway, Nell Conway, Joseph Conway.
14. I.H.S. Gloria In Excelsis Deo. Erected By William Flinn, Of Boherlahan, In Memory Of His Father James Flinn,
     Who Dept This Life June 25th 1830, Aged 76 Years. Also His Wife Elenor Flinn, Alias Gibbons,
     Who Died December 10th 1807, Aged 32 Yrs. May Their Souls Rest In Peace Amen.
15. I.H.S. Gloria In Excelsis Deo. Here Lies The Body Of William Bourke Of Ardfinnan,
      Who Departed This Life November 12th 1816, Aged 75 Yrs. Also John Bourke,
      Who Dept This Life April 22nd 1809 Aged 74 Yrs. Also Honora Bourke, Who Dept This Life
      Sept 10th 1813 Aged 57 Yrs. Also Wilber Prendergast, Who Dept This LIfe Sept 2nd 1813, Aged 23 Yrs.
16. William Ronayne, Ballyhickey, Died 26th October 1948, Interred In Midhurst, England, R.I.P.
17. William Murphy, Ballygeary, Cahir, Died 22nd December1978. R.I.P.
18. Michael Ronayne, Ballyhickey, Died 23rd October 1972. R.I.P.
19. Margaret Ronayne NEE Murphy, Ballyhickey, Died 23rd Jan 1971 R.I.P.
20. Ellen (Nell) Ronayne, Clonmel, Died 19th May 1967. R.I.P.
21. Annie Ronayne NEE White, Clonmel, Died 14th August 1939. R.I.P.
22. James Ronayne, Clonmel, Died 7th December 1937, R.I.P.
23. Bridie Simpson NEE Ronayne, Ballyhickey, Died 27th Jan 1962, Interred In Cotgrave, Notts, England. R.I.P.
24. John Ronayne, Ballyhickey, Died 8th December 1960. R.I.P.
25. I.H.S. Erected By Thomas Ronayne Of Reechestown, In Memory Of His Brother James, Died 1st May 1880,
      Also His Father William, Died 17th March 1887. R.I.P.
26. Here Lieth The Remains Of Judith Langly, Who Deptd This LIfe Sept The 18th 1789, Aged 50 Yrs.
      Also Her Husband Alick Wall, Who Dept. Life Feb The 8th 1797, Aged 74 Yrs. Also Their Daughter
      Catherine Wall Dept LIfe May 13th 1804, Aged 24 Yrs.
27. "Per Varios Casus, Per Tot Discrimina Rerum." Hoe Monumentum, Clade Cromeliensi Dirutum,
      Tandem Restauratum Est A B Eorum Progenie, A D M Reverend O Dermitio O'Halli, Paracho De Dungarvan,
      In Comitatu Waterfordiensi, Anno 1874. Engraved Twice More On Each Side Of Tomb.
28. I.H.S. In Mamory Of John And .......? Walsh
29. Erected By Mary Toole Of Ballybacon, In Memory Of Her Husband Con Toole, Died Feb 28th 1847,
      Aged 60 Yrs. Also Her Daughter Mary Toole, Died Feb 9th 1868, Aged 50 Yrs.
30. I.H.S. Gloria In Excelsis Deo. Here Lies The Body Of James Looby, Who Dept Sept 28th 1816,
      Aged 30 Yrs. May He Rest In Peace Amen. Erected By His Wife Bridget Looby Alias Lyons.
31. Here LIes The REmains Of James Looby Of Clonmel, Who Dept This Life June The 24th 1830,
      Aged 28 Years. Also Two Of His Children, Who Died Young. Erected By His Wife Bridget Looby.
32. In Memory Of Maurice Fitzgibbon, Of Castlegrace Esq, Who Died In A.D. 1817 And Who Is Here Interred.
      And Of Lieut Philip Fitgibbon R.N. His Next Brother, Who Died In A.D. 1826, And Is Interred In The Church
      Yard Of Maerony Near Kilworth Co. Cork, Also Of Maurice Fitzgibbon, Of Grohana Near Stoneyford Co. Kilkenny
      Esq The White Knight And Mae-An-Tsen Riddery, Eldest Son Of The Above Philip, He Died On The 25th
      Of Feb 1881, In The 63rd Yr Of His Age, And Is Buried Here. 1870, This Burial Ground Was Endosed By
      Richmond Allen (Son Of Maurice) And Maurice And Abrahan, Son Of Philip And Grandsons Of Gerald Fitzgibbon,
      Of Castlegrace, Who Was Great Grandson Of David Fitzgibbon, Governor Of Ardfinnan Castle For Charles II,
      When Besieged By The Forces Of Cromwell In February 1649. In Memory Of Their ANcestors, The Fitzgibbons
       Of Knocklong, Called The Old Knight Being An Elder Branch Of The Family Of The White Knights, And With
      Them Decended From Gibbon, Second Son Of John Fitzgerald, Surnamed Of Callan, Lord Of Decils And Desmond.
33. In Memory Of Richmond 4th Son Of Maurice Fitzgibbon, Of Grohana, Co. Kilkenny, Died September 1887, Aged 18,
34. In Memory Of Abrahan Fitzgibbon, Of Moorside Bushey Heath Herts Esq, Second Son Of Lieut Philip Fitzgibbon
     R.N. He Died On The 4th April 1887, Aged 64 And Is Interred In The Church Yard Of Great Stanmore, Middlesex.
35. In Loving Memory Of Edmond Lonergan, St. Annes, Died 26th July 1955, Aged 51 Years. R.I.P.
36. Tomb:
      Here Lies The Body Of Maurice Fitzgibbon, Of Castlegrace, Who Died Dec 19th 1793, Aged 67 Yrs.
      Also The Body Of Gerald Fitzgibbon, Of Said Castlegrace, Who Died May 16th 1794, Aged 64 Yrs.
      These Two Brothers As WEll AS Maurice Fitzgibbon, Of Castlegrace, Eldest Son Of The Above Gerald.
      As Aslo Captain Richmond Allen Fitzgibbon Eldest Son Of SAid Maurice And Who Died In London. A.D. 1871,
      Buried In Hampstsead Parishchurch Yard, Were successively White Knight And (Mac-An-Tsen Riddery.)
37. Tomb:
      Richard Sargint Jnr, Died April 26th 1790, Aged 10 Yrs. Also The Body Of John Sargint Esq, His Brother,
      Who Departed This Life On The 9th Day Of November 1798, In The 24th Year Of His AGe. He Has Left
      The Society Of Men To Gain Applause With God.
38. In Loving Memory Of Henry Sargint, Major South Tipperary Artillery, Died 30th Sept 1877, Aged 61 Yrs.
      And Of Jane Danear Sargint, His Wife, Died 27th July 1884, Aged 49 Yrs. Matthew XI.
39. In Loving Memory Of Hanoria (Nan) Ruttle, Died January 5th 1927, Aged 54. Till He Come.
      Erected By Her Brother Michael Ruttle.
40. In Loving Memory Of Jacob Ruttle, Died March 24th 1873, AGed 76. Hanora Ruttle, Died Dec 23rd 1904,
      Aged 80. William Ruttle, Died Sept 25th 1933, Aged 71. At Rest. This Stone Has Been Erected By Michael Ruttle
      To The Memory Of His Parents And Brother.
41. Thy Will Be Done. In Affectionate Remembrance. William Quin Wise Second Son Of Charles William Wise,
      Of Rochestown, Cahir, Who Died October 14th 1879, Aged 14 Years. "Blessed AreThe Pure In Heart
      For They Shall See God." Mathew V.8. And Of The Above Mentioned Charles William Wise, Who Died
      May 21st 1880, Aged 42 Years. "Blessed Are They That Mourn For They Shall Be Comforted.
      Mathew V.4. Stone Curbing.
42. In Loving Memory Of William Henry Browning, Died 2nd May 1908. "Blessed Are The Merciful For
      They Shall Obtain Mercy. And Eleen His Wife, Died 3rd January 1919. Forever With The Lord.
43. Sacred To The Memory Of Margaret Butler Brown, Who Died 26th Jan 1885, Aged 80. And Of Her Brother,
      Charles Picton Brown, Born 15th June 1815, Died 17th Feb 1887. Both Loved And Mourned By Relatives
      And Friends. Ethel Margaret Butler, Of Monroe House, Ardfinnan Who Died 30th April 1932. Daughter Of
      The Late Charles Edward Seymour C.I.R.I.C. And Sophia Brown. Fear Not I am The First And The Last,
      I Am He That Liveth And Was Dead, And Behold I Am Alive For Evermore. Rev 1.17.18.
44. In Loving Memory Of John George Brown, Who Died 19th April 1894, Aged 80. Second Brother
      Of The Family, Whose Mortal Remains Are Intered In This Enclosure.
45. Beneath Lie The Mortal Remains Of A Good Officer, Friend, Son And Brother. Colonel James Montague Brown,
      93rd Highlanders, Who Died At Monroe House 24th April 1884, Born 12th May 1809.
46. Sacred To The Memory Of Robert Keating Prendergast, Of Ardfinnan Castle, Born June 13th 1811,
      Died November 25th 1890. Blessed Are The Dead, Which Die In The Lord. Rev 14.13. I Cor 2.9.
      Also Major Frederick Prendergast R.A., Second Son Of R.K. Prendergast, Died May 7th 1903,
      Aged 37 Years. Also Julia, Wife Of The Above Robert Prendergast, Born 26th December 1826,
      Died 14th November 1913.
47. Erected By His Nieces, In Loving Memory Of John Foley, Of Gormanstown, Died 7th March 1904,
      Aged 71 Years.
48. Doctor David Trotter, Of Dublin, Died July 8th 1847, Aged 26.
49. Erected By William Lookyeb Freestun, To The Memory Of His Beloved Wife Mary Anne,
      Who Departed This Life September 18th 1844, Aged 45 Years.
50. Tomb:
      Erected By Mrs. Anne Delaney, Of Ardfinnan, In Memory Of Her Beloved Husband Patrick Delaney,
      Who Died April 12th 1863, Aged 59 Years. Requiescant In Pace Amen.
51. In Loving Memory Of Timothy Guidera, Ardfinnan, Who Died October 25th 1946.
      His Wife Bridget, Died June 16th 1949. R.I.P.
52. In Loving Memory Of Stephan Grace, Ardfinnan, Died 18th March 1956, Aged 48 Yrs. His Wife Margaret(Peg),
      Died 4th July 1983, Aged 63 Yrs. Interred In Newcastle, R.I.P. Erected By His Family. Grace.
53. Erected By Sarah Cleary, Of Clonmel, In Memory Of Her Father And Mother, Judith Gorman,
      Died 29th Sept 1843, Aged 60 Yrs. William Gorman, Died 29th Sept 1847, Aged 75 Yrs.
      May They Rest In Peace Amen.
54. Erected To The Memory Of Peter Carson, Upper Ballyneety, Died January 31st 1871,
      Aged 74 Years. Also Janet Thomson, Relict Of Peter Carson, Died November 3rd 1885,
      Aged 65 Years. And William Carson, Rathgar, Died February 17th 1894, Aged 39 Years.
55. Erected By Peter Carson, Of Upper Ballyneety, In Memory Of His Four Children, Who Died Of Scarlatena
      In 1857, Namely Peter Died 11th June, Aged 9 Years And 10 Months. Mary on 9th July, Aged 7 Years and
      9 Months. Jane On 14 July, Aged 14 Years And 11 Months And Adam Stewart On 16th July, Aged 5 Years
      and 10 Months. Barbara Carson, Died May 7th 1864, Aged 66 Years. Also To The Memory Of Peter Carson,
      Upper Ballyneety, Who Died January 31st 1871, Aged 74 Yrs.
56. In Loving Memory Of The Son And Daughters Of John And Maria Carson, Ballyneety, Sophia 1868-1905,
      Margaret 1859-1935, Wife Of Geofrey Prendergast. John Scott 1862-1941, Jane 1858-1937, Wife Of John
      Wilson F.I.B. Mary 1866-1941, Wife Of Rev. Dorrington Boyle. Samuel 1864-1941, Wife Of Rev.
      Dorrington Boyle. Samuel 1864-1941. "Oh True Brave Heart! God Bless Thee Where Soever In Gods
      Wide Universe Thou Art Today."
57. Erected To The Memory Of John Carson, Of Lower Ballyneely, Died 7th May 1878, Aged 75 Years.
      His Wife Maria Purcell Scott 1836-1906. Their Eldest Son James Frederick 1860-1946. Her Brother
      Fred Scott C.A. 1850-1924.
58. To The Memory Of Elizabeth Sloane, The Beloved Wife Of John Carson, I Lower Ballyneety,
      Who Died On The 17th Day Of October 1854, Aged 36. Also Their Infat Child.
59. Here Lies TheBody Of The Rev John Doyle D.D. He Deceased May The 27th 1773, Aged 63.
60. In Loving Memory Of James Carroll, Died 9th Jan 1957. His Wife Bridget, Died 18th July 1958,
      His Sister Kate Died 16th Dec 1963, His Son Patrick Died 13th Feb 1970. R.I.P.