Two Ships both called “America” came into New York harbor about the same time. One was listed in the 1887 Zeeland, Michigan celebration as a Michigan colony settlers’ ship arriving May 24, 1847. The other is listed as arriving June 24, 1847, whereas the archives show that another ship did arrive in early May. It is likely that the earliest one is the colony ship. Both lists are shown in this grouping.

This original list was done by Ed Prins, Retyped and put on  to the internet by Luann DeVries.

NAME                       SEX         AGE             OCCUPATION                 FROM

Ger. Retzby?                (M)            31                     Farmer                         Germany
 Fred Bossut                (M)            37                     Farmer                         Germany
 George Prigins            (M)            34                     Farmer                         Germany
 Mich. Eisert                (M)            42                     Farmer                         Germany
 Jean Linz                    (M)            35                     Farmer                         Germany
 Barbara Linz               (F)              5                                                          Germany
 Elizabeth Linz              (F)              3                                                          Germany
 Bernhard Stoltz?         (M)           35                     Farmer                          Germany
 Elizabeth Stoltz            (F)           30                                                           Germany
 Marie Stoltz                (F)           10                                                           Germany
 Pierre Stoltz               (M)             7                                                           Germany
 Jean Stoltz                 (M)             5                                                           Germany
 Adam Stoltz               (M)             2                                                           Germany
 Elizabeth Hubert         (F)            52                                                           Germany
 Pierre Harz                (M)           28                     Farmer                           Germany
 Adam Harz                (M)           40                    Farmer                            Germany
 Barbara Harz              (F)           35                                                           Germany
 Bernhard Harz            (M)            2                                                           Germany
 Joh. Hartmann            (M)          25                   Farmer                               Prussia
 Cath. Hartmann          (F)           24                                                             Prussia
 Barbara Hartmann      (F)         3mos.,                                                         Prussia
 Marje Hartmann         (F)         3mos.,                                                        Prussia
 Marie Huoir?              (F)           58                                                            Germany
 Barbara Huoir            (F)           16                                                             Germany
 Marie Deuch?            (F)            23                                                            Germany
 Pierre Hartmann        (M)           29                  Farmer                               Germany
 Marg. Hartmann        (F)            29                                                            Germany
 Aart? Wirk               (M)           48                  Farmer                                Germany
 Regina Wirk[Wife]    (F)            48                                                             Germany
 Genevieve Wirk        (F)            20                                                             Germany
 Agnes Wirk              (F)            19                                                             Germany
 Lorenz Wirk            (M)            18                 Farmer                                 Germany
 Mert Wirk               (M)            13                                                             Germany
 Barnabus Wirk        (M)              8                                                             Germany
 Jean Wirk                (M)            25                Farmer                                  Germany
 Mich. A. Wirk         (M)            24                Farmer                                  Germany
 Sophia Huth?           (F)             24                                                             Germany
 ? Wager?                (M)             19               Farmer                                   Germany
 Jean Wager             (M)             13                                                             Germany
 Jean C. Conie?        (M)             30                                                             Germany
 Jac. Adam               (M)             21              Farmer                                    Germany
 Jac. Luft                  (M)             24              Farmer                                     Germany
 Fred Hieb                (M)             19             Farmer                                     Germany
 Jos. Richardt            (M)             22             Farmer                                     Germany
 Jos.Stoltz                 (M)             31             Farmer                                     Germany
 Johs. C. Lequilter?   (M)             19             Farmer                                     Germany
 Louis Lanerly?         (M)             24             Farmer                                      Germany
 Bern. Mannemacher (M)            24              Farmer                                       Germany
 Jean P. Simon          (M)            17              Farmer                                       Germany
 Jean Kuher              (M)             37              Farmer                                       Germany
 Jean C. Migat?        (M)             49              Farmer                                       Germany
 Pierre Hindslang      (M)             28              Farmer                                        Germany
 Andreas Streicher    (M)            18              Farmer                                         Germany
 Jac. Loiex?              (M)            18                                                                 Germany
 Jean Stoltz               (M)             21                                                                Germany
 Elizabeth Stoltz         (F)             29                                                                 Germany
 D. E. Schinatzhauer  (M)            44             Minister                                        Austria
 Christian Ligel          (M)            34             Farmer                                          Germany
 Jean Rusler              (M)            33             Farmer                                           Switzerland
 Joseph Saye?          (M)            24              Farmer                                           France
 Pierre Fillaree?        (M)            24              Farmer                                           France
 M. G. Bengen         (M)            21              Farmer                                           Switzerland
 Casper Bengen       (M)            19              Farmer                                           Switzerland
 Casper Bakler        (M)            24              Farmer                                           Switzerland
 George A. Hungar  (M)            37              Farmer                                            Germany
 Jac. Traut               (M)            25              Farmer                                            Germany
 Chr. Brily?              (M)            39              Farmer                                            France
 Vin.Jelminu             (M)            26               Farmer                                           Switzerland
 Pierre Jianine          (M)            20               Farmer                                           Switzerland
 Aniture Jianine        (M)            24               Farmer                                           Switzerland
 Antoin Gahssi         (M)            21               Farmer                                           Switzerland
 G.Erminzila             (M)            20               Farmer                                           Switzerland
 Geo. Lambert         (M)            22               Farmer                                           Germany
 Jean Lurpler            (M)            22               Farmer                                           Germany
 Marg. Gotzinger       (F)            25                                                                      Germany
 Bart Heeter              (F)            32                                                                      Germany
 W.F.Oehle              (M)           25               Farmer                                             Germany
 L.Hugog                  (M)           22              Farmer                                              Germany
 Amt. Bauer              (M)           23              Farmer                                              Germany
 Bern. Vollman          (M)           24              Farmer                                              Germany
 Daniel Schwarz         (M)          31              Farmer                                              Germany
 Jean C. Conte           (M)          36              Farmer                                              France
 ? Bienter?                  (M)         33               Farmer                                              Germany
 Fried. Hese Mars       (M)         29               Farmer                                              Germany
 Marie Mars                (F)          23                                                                        Germany
 Hortenze Mars           (F)          14                                                                        Germany
 Phil. Schlezel              (M)         21               Farmer                                             Germany
 Chris Heier                (M)         19               Farmer                                             Germany
 Law. Stequel             (M)         33               Farmer                                              France
 Colaste? Stequel        (F)          32                                                                        France
 Pierre J. Jobert          (M)         28                                                                        France
 Fred Fingbeiner         (M)         32              Farmer                                               France
 Anna Fingbeiner         (F)          35                                                                        France
 Fred Fingbeiner         (M)                                                                                      France
 Johan Fingbeiner        (M)           3                                                                        France
 Christian Fingbeiner    (M)       9mos.,                                                                   France
 Joseph Rotts               (M)          26            Farmer                                              Germany
 Elizabethy Wierda        (F)          27                                                                     Germany
 Paul Meyer                 (M)          22                                                                    Germany
 Fred Meyer                (M)          22                                                                     Germany
 Jos. Staudt                  (M)          22                                                                    Germany
 Franz Schick               (M)          32                                                                    Germany
 Fried. Schumacher       (M)         34                                                                    Germany
 Louis Meisacher           (M)        22                                                                     Germany
 Jos. ? Aircke                (M)        21                                                                     Germany
 Marie Mendell              (F)         24                                                                     Germany
 Marie Mendell              (F)       6mos.,                                                                Germany
 Adolph Lang                (M)         28                                                                   Germany
 Joh. Jac. Voltz              (M)         44                                                                   Germany
 Jacq. Voltz                    (F)          20                                                                   Germany
 Fried. Voltz                   (M)         17                                                                   Germany
 Barbara Voltz                (F)          14                                                                   Germany
 Gens. Voltz                   (M)         10                                                                   Germany
 Jean G. Geisert              (M)         42                        Farmer                                Germany
 Barbara Geisert              (F)          41                                                                   Germany
 Fried. Geisert                 (M)         17                                                                   Germany
 George Geisert               (M)         14                                                                   Germany
 Cath. Geisert                   (F)         10                                                                   Germany
 Freida Geisert                  (F)           9                                                                  Germany
 Cau. Geisert                     (F)           6                                                                  Germany
 Carl Geisert                     (M)           2                                                                  Germany
 Rosina Geisert                  (F)        3mos.,                                                             Germany
 Jos. Wachenheim             (M)          25                    Farmer                                 Germany
 Marie Wachenheim           (F)          25                                                                Germany
 Wendalin Wachenheim      (M)         21                                                                Germany
 Ler. Bogelwaidt                 (M)         46                                                                France
 Geo. Eichenlaut                  (M)        18                                                                 France
 Anat. Baumann                   (M)        25                                                                Germany
 Geil Stande                         (M)        28                                                               Germany
 Regina Stande                     (F)         22                                                               Germany
 Loi Sahl                              (M)        40                                                               Germany
 Pierre Leurbret?                  (M)        28                                                               Germany
 Fried. Ernst                         (M)        27                                                               Germany
 Bafis? Umerhofer                (M)        21                                                               Germany
 Jean Pfau                            (M)        21                                                               Germany
 Jac. Reiss                            (M)       23                                                               Germany
 Gett Munamann                   (M)       25                                                               Germany
 Chris Buhler                         (M)       25                                                               Germany

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