ALLEGAN COUNTY MICHIGAN
                                   "Michigan Soldiers & Sailors in the Civil War"

41:15 BRANDT,CHARLES: Enlisted in Co.D.11 Cav.September 12,1863 for 3 years, age 24. Mustered September 23,1863, Corporal. Taken Prisoner at Levi Gap, Virginia October 4,1864, Sergent. Returned to Regt. June 12,1865, Discharged at Pulaski, Tenn. July 13,1865

44:40 GLEASON,OBEDIAH: Saugatuck, Enlisted in Co.D. 1st Sharpshooters March 12,1863 at Saugatuck for 3 years, age 45. Mustered March 3,1863. Discharged on Surgeonís certificate of disability.

33:69 GLEASON,EPHRAIN: Enlisted in Co.(H?) Dec.6,1863 at Saugatuck for 3 years age 25. Mustered Jan.6,1864. Joined regt. At Huntersville, Ark. May 30,1864. Mustered out at San Antonio, Texas Feb.12,1866. Then resided at Geneva, Michigan.

35:35 COLLIER,THOMAS: Saugatuck Enlisted in Co.I. 5 Cav. Aug.22,1862 at Allegan for 3 years age 22. Mustered Sept.5,1862. Mustered out at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas June 23,1865

13:32 CLAFFY,JOHN: Enlisted in Co.B. 13 Inf. Jan.4,1864 at Ganges for 3 years age 33. Mustered Jan.4,1864. Mustered out at Louisville Kentucky July 25,1865

34:119 PRENTICE,WARREN: Drafted for 3 years from Ganges, Allegan Co. age 35. Mustered Oct.31,1863 assigned to Co.A. 4 Cav. Joined regt. At Nashville, Tenn. Feb.28,1864. Discharged on Surgeonís certificate of disability at Jeffersonville, Ind. Aug.12,1865

34:87 LANE,EDWARD J.: Arlington. Enlisted in Co.C. 4th Cav. Aug.1862 at Arlington for 3 years age 31. Mustered Aug.28,1862. Mustered out at Nashville, Tenn. July 1,1865

6:152 WHIPPLE,FRANK: (Veteran), Allegan Co. Enlisted in Co. G. 6th Inf. Aug.6,1861 at Ganges for 3 years age 18. Mustered Aug.20,1861. Re-enlisted Feb.1,1864 at Fort Huron La. Mustered Feb.25,1864. Corporal Jan.27,1865. Mustered out at New Orleans, La. Aug.20,1865